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GATES TO FREEDOM By: Mariam Yousif.

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1 GATES TO FREEDOM By: Mariam Yousif

2 Who am I I am a new citizen of the nation called Etanlovera that comes from the west nation of Aquamarine. I came here because of the contamination and the risk in our nation. We are seeking to this nation to live in a peace life and more freedom.

3 Explanation of Refugee Request
I am requesting to become a new citizen in your nation because my nation is so dangerous now, and we cannot stay anymore over there. I have lost everything in my nation such as home, job, friends, and the most important my land.

4 Policy Refugees should apply for their citizenship as soon as they arrive to the new nation. Refugees under 18 allowed to take the citizenship without applying. Refugees should be treated as equal as the origin nation in everything. Refugees should obey the law in the new nation, otherwise, they will not be allow to stay in the nation.

5 Author’s Anonymous: Beautiful City
Beautiful city I live in. Beautiful city I live in. Beautiful city I live in. Where I was born it was a small city. A simple city. Not much to do besides go to the movies. Now the city I live in, Now the city I live in, Is a big beautiful. When did all this change ? During the summer of 7th grade. At the first I was scared to move to a big city. When reality hit, I was packing my bags and on my way to a new city. Everything was different from where I was use to in the city I was born in. Here in a beautiful city I live in, Weather is warm, Most of the time, And the sun is always shinning bright...bright...bright, Looking back to the small city I was born in, I don’t think I’d be where I’m at now in this beautiful city, Better school opportunities, Along with higher goals, Now, I’m not scared, This beautiful city I live in, Is where everything changed for the better. Going to school, Working hard, To achieve my dreams, Just like everyone else in this beautiful city I live in, Beautiful city I live in ,Beautiful city I live in.

6 Author’s Anonymous: Dear Abuelita
I see you in my dreams and wonder if you are ever coming back.. I wonder if you miss me just as much as I miss you, Ever since you've been gone I ask myself why you? Why did god take? I remember the day you told me you wished you were dead, I was a little girl but those words stayed on my head I never thought that one day your wish would be with you, You have no idea of how much I need you..The last time I saw you was two days ago in my dream, You hugged me and I kissed you, But it was just a dream, I woke up and you were gone but you are always in my heart, There are many things I want to share with you abuelita, Things that I can only tell you, You were the only person who couldn’t judge me for being me, Although I am not perfect in your eyes I was, It's hard to deal with my parents expectations it's just never seems to be good enough, I cry and often ask god to take me with you but he seems to be ignoring me, or who knows they say that the teachers are always quite during the test, Every night when I go night night I wish for us to reunite, I know you are in heaven now but can you come visit me now?Te quiero y extraño abuelita, I love you and I miss you.

7 Author’s Anonymous: Dear Dad
There’s so many things I’ve been meaning to tell you, Haven’t really figured out why I haven’t done so. Maybe I’m scared You’re always there for me, I’m just never home. Where to begin, I have no clue Hahahaha Sorry pops, but you have no clue. Thanks for teaching me so much, Your hair is super curly, while mines kind of wavy. Why could that be? You’re always so honest, why must I be so shady! I lie, here and there, there and here, where could I be, I am not always near. I’ve gone out of state, you don’t even know. I almost made you a grandfather, UGHHHH she’s such a whore, that I know! I lurk in the shadows, I do so much wrong I’ve done so many bad things that you don’t even know I have 2 felonies, now that you know, your little boy so mischievous, hope that you Know. I’ll never forget the things that you taught me, you taught me so well. I hope that you forgive me, I’m still your son. I know that you won’t, because I’ll never send this, sorry again pops, you’ll never

8 Our Policy Policy will provide more freedom to the refugees and help them as much as they can to make them feel happy and safe. Also, they provide them a lot of supplies and services to make them feel they are in their homeland.

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