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Unité 10-B. someone quelquun nobody ne...personne.

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1 Unité 10-B

2 someone quelquun

3 nobody ne...personne

4 something quelque chose

5 nothing ne...rien

6 often souvent

7 never ne...jamais

8 always; still toujours

9 no longer; no more

10 face la figure

11 eye loeil (m)

12 eyes les yeux

13 nose le nez

14 mouth la bouche

15 teeth les dents (f)

16 ear loreille (f)

17 a doctor/dentists office un cabinet

18 to make an appointment prendre rendez- vous

19 as soon as possible aussitôt que possible

20 Culture la Suisse

21 Where do the Red Cross and the World Health Organization have their headquarters? in Geneva (Genève)

22 What are the official languages of Switzerland? German, French, Italian, Romansch

23 In what part of Switzerland is French spoken? the western part

24 What are important goods and services of Switzerland? chocolates, watches, banking

25 Structure verb + infinitive

26 I want to ski Je veux skier.

27 Can you play soccer? Tu peux jouer au foot?

28 It is necessary to make an appointment. Il faut prendre rendez-vous.

29 Were going to listen to music. Nous allons écouter de la musique.

30 Negative expressions Answer negatively

31 Il y a une pomme? Non, il ny a pas de pomme.

32 Il y a toujours un stylo? Non, il ny a plus de stylo.

33 Tu fais toujours du volley? Non, je ne fais plus (jamais) de volley.

34 Tu aides quelquun? Non, je naide personne.

35 La santé: Culture from Mise au point What do these terms mean?

36 garder la ligne keeping in shape

37 la sécu Social security

38 une petite faim a little hunger

39 lalpinisme mountain climbing

40 la planche à voile windsurfing

41 Do French people snack a lot? Noif they eat anything between meals, its fruit

42 Do they drive everywhere? Nothey prefer walking

43 What activities do teens like? soccer, cycling, martial arts

44 What are spas? thermal baths good for treating rheumatism and respiratory illnesses

45 The French government has a monopoly for what products? tobacco products

46 Can you smoke in a French restaurant? No! All public areas and restaurants and cafés are smoke-free

47 What two things about teens worry the French? the popularity of fast- food and smoking

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