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Welcome to Global B2B Contacts. Radiologists & Mailing List Get optimal business returns with the Radiologists list through improved market.

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1 Welcome to Global B2B Contacts

2 Radiologists Email & Mailing List Get optimal business returns with the Radiologists email list through improved market visibility and brand dominance Marketers wanting to optimize returns from their healthcare marketing campaigns can now rely on the result-driven Radiologists email list from Global B2B Contacts for being able to make the right connection with targeted audience at an affordable cost! With details of over 25,000 verified and validated radiologists, the extensive database leaves little chance for undelivered mails or bounced emails. Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic industries and expanding its limits regularly. With new additions to medical infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, supplies among others, it provides a vast market for marketers to explore and expand their business in. Backed with a powerful marketing tool, the business opportunities are enormous! So engage in b2b multi-channel marketing and bring your brand to prominence for improved business returns!

3 Who are Radiologists? Customized and fine tuned to suit business needs the Radiologist email database with its personalized marketing messages, guarantees prompt success for regional, national and global b2b campaigns? Prominently seen in hospitals and clinics, radiologists are trained medical doctors and specialists who assist doctors in treating their patients, by identifying and diagnosing the problem through medical imaging such as X-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound to name a few. There are several sub-specialties the most sought-after of which are interventional radiology (treatment of abnormalities of the brain, spinal cord and blood vessels), diagnostic radiology and therapeutic radiology, also known as radiation oncology. Features and Benefits of Global B2B Contacts' Radiologists Mailing Addresses Our radiologists mailing addresses is one of the most detailed and accurate database available in the market with a count exceeding 25,000 radiologists and verified frequently. It has often been the case that, despite having the right products and services marketers has failed to achieve their targeted business goals due to the inability to make the right connection at the right time. Our top quality database comes with the promise that campaigns will be able to communicate effectively with intended recipients paving the path to a profitable business relationship!

4 Our Radiologist email database is sourced from the most trusted global sources to keep the database vast and expanding. Our regular sources include:  Medical trade shows, seminars and conferences  Medical journals and publications and magazine subscriptions  Healthcare directories  Hospital records  Medical surveys and feedback forms  Proprietary sources and more... It is further verified and validated regularly through manual and automated procedures to guarantee deliverables. All duplicate and inaccurate data is removed, to keep the database cleansed for marketers to get their marketing message across to their targeted Radiologists.

5 Radiologists Mailing Addresses Database  Practitioner's name and title  Email and mailing address with city/state and zip code  Phone and fax numbers  Hospital affiliation  Specialty and years of experience  Licensing state and registration number, and more... The Radiologists mailing addresses database is also segmented into different professionally relevant fields and can even be customized to suit business requirements. Fields included in the database are:

6 Radiologists Mailing Addresses Database  Promoting and selling medical supplies and equipment and pharmaceuticals  Inviting healthcare professionals for conferences, seminars, tradeshows  Educating medical practitioners on newly invented drugs and treatment  Sending newsletter subscriptions  Contacting medical specialists for higher medical studies, CME or with employment opportunities, and more... This facilitates extensive b2b marketing through direct marketing, tele-marketing, event marketing and online marketing campaigns. With its' widespread reach and ability to deliver beyond client expectations, our database has assisted marketers in taking their healthcare products and services beyond geographical barriers. Marketers have used the Radiologist mailing addresses list for:

7 Contact us Global B2B Contacts LLC 9030 Charlotte Street, Kansas City Missouri 64131, USA Email ID:   Contact No: +1-816-286-4114 So make sure that the next time you are designing your b2b campaigns, it is powered by data-driven marketing! Reach us for the most recent count for the Radiology physicians email and mailing list and achieve your business objectives effectively!

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