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Chief Human Resource Officer & Mailing List Chief Human Resource Officer.

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1 Chief Human Resource Officer Email & Mailing List Chief Human Resource Officer

2 With the aim of bringing a difference to contemporary b2b multi-channel marketing, Global B2B Contacts offers marketing databases that is compatible for global multi-channel campaigning. The CHRO email lists as one of our most well researched and refined list has verified and validated data pertaining to CHROs from across the UK and Europe, US, Australia, Canada and other international countries. CHROs are critical to manpower planning and employee engagement programs and marketers, recruiters, HR analysts need the database to be able to take their marketing messages to their targeted audiences. So make sure that you are able to stay ahead of market competition by being able to impress your audiences with your products and services by being the first to connect with them! Chief Human Resource Officer Email Database Dominate international markets by staying ahead of competition with our CHRO email lists

3 As a leading database provider for C-level executives, Global B2B Contacts have an extensive client base that have partnered with us repeatedly for continued business success. The CHRO mailing lists is one of our best offering, developed with precision and segmented systematically to ensure that business goals are achieved every time it is put to use! What distinguishes our CHRO mailing address database is its top of the line data quality! Marketers who have bought from us have benefitted by: Chief Human Resource Officer Email Database 5 Benefits of Global B2B Contacts CHRO mailing lists

4  Gaining access to regularly verified (manual and automated) validated, accurate, reliable and authentic database  Getting authentic data sourced from credible sources like business cards, websites, public notices, publications, trade shows and conferences, magazine subscriptions, websites among others  Extending the reach of b2b marketing campaigns with effective multi-channel marketing through direct marketing, telemarketing, online marketing and event marketing etc.  Obtaining appropriately segmented lists with details like CHROs name, email address, mailing address, phone number, province/city/state details with zip code, company name, revenue and employee strength, industry, SIC code, website and much more  Getting FREE sample and count of the CHRO marketing lists to have a clear understanding of our level of expertise and excellence!

5 The fields covered by Global B2B Contacts include complete contact details like:  Contact name  Title  Email address  Business contact number  Company name  Physical address  Revenue  Company size  SIC code  Industry and more

6 In modern organizations, human capital is no longer considered as a liability but as assets! It therefore goes without saying that the role of the CHRO or Chief Human Resource Officer has escalated over the years and the CHRO today holds significant decision making authority in organizations. As a C-level executive, the CHRO looks into the overall management of human resources with focus on knowledge management, talent acquisition, competency mapping, succession planning, and also rolling out HRM and related software. Based on the culture and strategy followed, the CHRO also ensures that industry compliances are adhered to especially in relation to employee health and security, employee communications, compensation and benefits, diversity and inclusiveness etc. Also known as the CPO or Chief People Officer, the CHRO reports to the CEO in most cases. Marketers dealing with services and products that will be of interest to CHRO can now make effective communication with them through multiple b2b channels with our CHRO email and mailing list. Role of CHROs in organizations: Who are CHROs?

7 With market competition constantly on the rise, marketers can miss no opportunity to connect with their target audience. At Global B2B Contacts our aim is to enhance the overall customer experience so that when our customers buy from us they are able to achieve their business objectives with ease. With exclusive features that guaranteed successful deliverance, the CHRO email addresses database comes with additional features like: More features of the CHRO email and mailing lists  Pre-packaged and/or customized database according to business requirements  Competitively priced  Suitable for multi-channel b2b marketing  Details of professionals from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries  Database updated on a regular basis to keep database up-to-date and robust  Short delivery cycle between 7 business days  List output format available in.xls,

8 As a marketer you probably have designed a comprehensive marketing strategy. But without a targeted database even the best laid plans are bound to fail. So make sure that an opportunity like this does not pass. Make the right business decisions and get in touch with us today for your own copy of the CHRO e-mail address list!  Direct marketing  Telemarketing  Event marketing and other  Online marketing campaigns Our mailing lists are focused at enhancing the company’s B2B

9 Global B2B Contacts collates this mailing list through various sources including, public records, websites, business cards, publications and more. We have also partnered with some of the leading magazines and trade shows to source the contact details of leading decision makers in the industry. Individual customer consent is taken before updating their contact details in the database. Access our database of completely standardized records, updated phone and email data. The database at our end is verified regularly to ensure maximum accuracy. Global B2B Contacts offers mailing lists for titles such as that include: CEO/President, CFO, CIO/CTO, COO, Owner/Partner, Vice Presidents, Directors, IT Executives, Sales Executives, Marketing Executives, HR Executives, Operations Executives, Finance Executives, Business Development Exec, Controller, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, Managers, Purchasing /Procurement, Administration, R & D Exec, Others

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