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2 A child’s birthday only comes around once a year so it is important to mark the occasion with a fun-filled celebration.

3 And, while every youngster wants their party to be the best, trying to top last year’s bash can become a bit of a challenge as your kid gets older.

4 Whether you are celebrating your child’s third or thirteenth birthday …

5 … here are some ideas to help you throw an awesome party that will have all of their friends excited to share in your kid’s special occasion.


7 Some people thrive on living moment-to-moment, however, a party will require some planning to make sure it goes smoothly.

8 This is especially important if you plan to be using a venue that may be booked by the time your youngster’s birthday rolls around.

9 Make those arrangements now, and be sure to send out your invitations two to four weeks before the big event so everyone has time to plan to attend.


11 Creating beautiful memories with family and friends is one of the best parts of a birthday party, and it is important that no one is left out.

12 Talk to him/her about who they would like to invite, and remember to add any special guests of your own.

13 Once you have your guest list, you can use it to decide upon your venue and activities.

14 For example, a group of 20 kids or more will have more fun in an outdoor setting where they have room to run around.

15 A multiage group may also require some strategic planning to ensure there are activities available for everyone to enjoy.


17 A birthday cake is often all that is required for a child’s party since the guests will usually be too busy having fun to eat.

18 However, you may prefer to set out a few finger foods in case your guests’ stomachs begin to growl.

19 Veggie and fruit platters, dips and mini sandwiches are all great options for appetizers.

20 Just remember to keep potential allergies in mind as you plan your menu, and include kid-friendly drinks such as juice and non-caffeinated soft drinks.


22 Birthday parties at day camp offer stress-free planning and a guarantee every child will have fun.

23 As a parent, you will love having birthday counselors who can help set up the party and transition your guests through each activity.

24 Children will love being able to select activities that go above and beyond the typical party games.

25 For example, your guests will be excited to play laser tag, ride on bumper boats and test their skills on a rock-climbing wall.

26 The younger ones can enjoy a moonwalk and make a cool craft to keep as a memento.

27 This year, you can go all out to make your child feel special on their birthday without feeling stressed by the details.

28 By taking a few moments to plan ahead, you can easily make arrangements for a party venue …

29 … that will not only accommodate all of your guests but will also provide tons of options for entertainment.

30 Whether your kid prefers laser tag or pedal carts, their party will be talked about for years to come.

31 Let your kids enjoy the rock birthday experience at Maplewood Summer Day Camp.

32 Experienced staff will keep your child both safe and busy with arts and crafts, games, water sports, gymnastics and more.

33 Visit the site at

34 MAPLEWOOD COUNTRY DAY CAMP AND ENRICHMENT CENTER 150 Foundry St. (Route 106) PO Box 88 (Mailing) South Easton, MA 02375 Email: Telephone: (508) 238-2387 FAX: (508) 238-1154


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