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WELCOME Senior Schooling 2017. Tonight’s Presenters Grant Richards Associate Principal Yr 9/10 Justine McNaught-Conroy Associate Principal Yr 11/12 Leonie.

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1 WELCOME Senior Schooling 2017

2 Tonight’s Presenters Grant Richards Associate Principal Yr 9/10 Justine McNaught-Conroy Associate Principal Yr 11/12 Leonie Francis Vocational Education & Training Co-ordinator Year 11 - 2017 Year 12 - 2018

3 Governing Rules and Bodies Types of Courses What Woodvale offers Identifying an Appropriate Pathway The process from here Aims

4 Young people must remain in education, training or approved employment until the end of the year in which they turn 17 ½. The options are: Full-time school TAFE Other Registered Training Organisations Apprenticeship/Traineeship Approved Employment Student Participation Requirement

5 SCSA – The School Curriculum and Standards Authority is the WA governing body for K-12 Curriculum. WACE – The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is awarded to students who have successfully completed senior secondary schooling in WACE studies and have met the WACE requirements. WASSA – The WA Statement of Student Achievement is provided to students who complete Yr12. WACE Subjects – include ATAR and General courses. ATAR – Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank – required for direct entry to public universities. VET – Vocational Education and Training encompasses qualifications linked to certificates. Certificates – equivalent to a qualification achieved through a TAFE. Managed by Training Organisations appointed by the government. OLNA – Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment. Glossary

6 Students must: complete at least four Year 12 ATAR courses or achieve a Certificate II (or higher) in a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification AND meet literacy and numeracy standards - NAPLAN/OLNA meet requirements for breadth and depth of study WACE Requirements 2017-2018

7 Breadth and Depth Students must complete a minimum of 20 units or the equivalent, including: a minimum of ten Year 12 units or the equivalent two completed Year 11 units from an English course and one pair of completed Year 12 units from an English course (English, Literature, English as an Additional Language or Dialect) one pair of Year 12 units from List A and one pair of Year 12 units from List B WACE Requirements 2017-2018

8 Achievement standard Students must achieve 14 C grades (or equivalents) in Year 11 and Year 12 units, including at least six C grades in Year 12 units (or equivalents) WACE Requirements 2017-2018

9 Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) courses Designed for students aiming to enrol in university directly from school. ATAR courses will be examined by the Authority and contribute to the achievement of an ATAR. General courses Designed for students aiming to enter further training or the workforce directly from school. These courses are not examined externally by the Authority. However, they each have an externally set task (EST) in Year 12 which is set by the Authority. WACE Subject Types

10 VET is nationally recognised and enables students to gain qualifications based on certificates for all types of employment, and specific skills to help them in the workplace or in further training. eg. Certificate II in Hospitality Kitchen Operations Vocational Education and Training

11 Students are offered three study options which they can mix and match: WACE courses – ATAR or General Vocational Education and Training - Certificates Endorsed programs incl. Workplace Learning etc. All students will be working towards achieving their WACE Not all students will be working towards achieving an ATAR Students can be ATAR students and VET students Study Choices

12 Select six courses (+ three reserve choices) At least four ATAR Courses – typically five at this level + a certificate Need to have met the prerequisites for a range of courses Students can study ATAR courses without necessarily working towards achieving an ATAR – must have achieved prerequisites ATAR Pathway

13 A percentile rank TISC (Tertiary Institutions Service Centre) ranks students because there are more applicants than places Students are numbered from 99.95 down An ATAR of 96 = top 4% or better than 96% of the Year 12 school leaver population 96 ATAR = scaled average of approx. 77.6% Can be used across Australia What is ATAR?

14 Achieve a WACE An ATAR high enough to get into a course of your choice Competence in English – different to literacy standard for WACE Meet any university prerequisites >50% course mark LOTE 10% of the individual scaled score Maths Methods & Spec 10% of the individual scaled score Public University Requirements 2019

15 ATAR Ranking School score 65 average = 80 ish ATAR School score 56 average = 70 ish ATAR ATAR Cut offs: ECU 70 UWA 80 Curtin 70 Murdoch 70 Notre Dame 70 + Interview and application The ATAR

16 17 July – ECU Joondalup 24 July – Murdoch 31 July – Curtin University 14 August – UWA and ECU Mount Lawley 21 August – Notre Dame (private uni) University Open Days

17 As part of the minimum WACE requirements a student who chooses not to complete four ATAR courses must complete a minimum of a Certificate II or higher. Studying VET certificates can provide up to eight units toward the number of course units students need to complete to achieve their WACE. Students will typically enrol in 3 - 5 ATAR/General courses along with Cert II + to meet the WACE requirement. VET Pathway

18 Two stage application process Competitive courses – Academic, Qualifications and work history. Skills calculator Most competitive : Electrical, Plumbing, Vet nursing, nursing. TAFE Entrance Requirements

19 Subjects WSC Offers

20 INSTEP: Non ATAR students Workplace experience Must choose English, Career and Enterprise and a Certificate course. Interview process Animal Studies: Interview process. ATAR and non ATAR VET for Schools: through TAFE (Profile) one day a week at TAFE Non ATAR Programs WSC Offers

21 Look at School Results –realistic options Subject Type – ATAR, General, VET Subject Prerequisites met Areas of strength and interest Listen to teachers Research alternative entry options Choosing the Best Pathway

22 Choose five ATAR courses( preferred) – must have achieved subject prerequisite for direct entry Must choose at least one List A and one list B Highly recommend the addition of a VET Certificate course University/ATAR

23 Up to five (5) Courses include List A and B Up to two (2) Certificates/qualifications Three Certificates could be negotiated with a Course Counsellor, but not considered the norm. Consider INSTEP TAFE/Employment

24 Career exploration – Health Planning Your Future workbook/Career Voyage – English Semester 1 school report, exam results - Wed. 29 th June Yr 11 Course Handbook (Moodle & College website) Draft Selection Sheet (Year 11 course prerequisite information) – End of Term to English tchr Parent/Teacher Interview Afternoon – Wed. 27 th July – Bookings will be emailed on Wed. 29 th June. On-line Course Selection – Closes 6pm Friday 5 August The Selection and Counselling Process

25 Online Course Selections

26 USI Prerequisite override (requires counselling int) High cost courses Checklist at the end e.g. List A/B, No. of courses Print out available Parent counselling interview available Indicating preferred courses only – no guarantee Important Points

27 Selection Counselling Interviews - 2 & 3 August Course Counsellor names will appear on your child’s draft paper-based selection sheet. INSTEP & Animal Studies Interviews – Week 4&5 Term 3 (students only) Timetabling occurs – students may be required to reselect The Selection and Counselling Process

28 Mr Richards - Associate Principal Year 9/10 Ms McNaught-Conroy - Associate Principal Year 11/12 Ms Francis - Vocational Education and Training Coordinator Questions

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