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Seattle Home Garage Doors Seattle Home Garage Doors is one of the finest resource Companies, whose main focus is offering satisfactory services to their.

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2 Seattle Home Garage Doors Seattle Home Garage Doors is one of the finest resource Companies, whose main focus is offering satisfactory services to their customers and building a good brand name in garage door repair and maintenance industry. Our company is performance oriented and focuses on providing quality products and services. Therefore, customers are highly appreciated in our company and we reward them with excellent and satisfactory services. Seattle Home Garage doors play a significant role in offering maintenance and repair services at your homes today. However, if you’re looking for a reputable company that offers timely and affordable services, then feel free to call Seattle Home Garage Doors repair Company, who will respond to your call immediately. Some of the services offered related to Garage Door Repair are; garage door installation services, repair of garage door parts, inspection and maintenance. It’s also crucial to note that our company has highly-skilled team of professionals with over 30 year experience delivering exceptional services to customers. There are several reasons you ought to think about employing Seattle Home Garage Doors to install new garage door. The administration they give will be justified regardless of the cost, and they can even verify your cautions are working legitimately. Seattle Home Garage Doors Company has helped many property owners get that nice looking and ideal garage door many have wished to have. Right from the reliable and quality services, to an experienced, professional and friendly team, the company has all it takes to protect you, your family and property. Call Now! (206) 745-4606 (425) 324-3499 (253) 336-7409 (844) 326-5537

3 Garage Door Service offered By Seattle Home Garage Doors: Here are some of the extra-ordinary garage door services we offer:  24/7 Availability: Seattle Home Garage Doors operates 24 hours and can be contact at any time of your need. However, knowing that a garage door be damaged on holiday, our specialists go an extra mile to provide the company’s services on weekends and during holidays. Therefore, customers are advice to contact the company’s customer-care representatives at any time of the day.  Highly skilled and experienced professionals At Seattle Home Garage Doors, customers are in high demand for the company’s services and products, because of the highly skilled and friendly professionals providing their services. These professionals have over 30 year experience offering installation, repairs and maintenance services.  Top brands Seattle Home Garage Doors offers first-rated brands that are not comparable to the brands available in other garage door repair companies. Therefore, if you’re looking for quality products, then buy from our company.  Warranties Our company believes in services we offer and products we sell and use. Therefore, nearly all our products have life time warranty stamps, and for our services, we refund payment to customers who are dissatisfied with our services.  Friendly customer-care Representatives Seattle Home Garage Doors Company boast of having a highly amiable and diligent customer-care staff who answers to calls and give immediate feedback to customer’s complaints. However, if you have an opportunity to visit them at the offices, you will be amazed to find friendly, patient and understanding individuals who are eager to attend to your queries in immediately.  Best offers The company offers affordable and quality services to customers. However, in some situation the repair and installation may be expensive, but the company has lucrative offers during some seasons. Therefore, customers need to visit our websites to get updates and avoid missing on some of these exciting offers. Call Now! (206) 745-4606 (425) 324-3499 (253) 336-7409 (844) 326-5537

4 Common Garage Door Problems and their solutions: Many robberies at home happen either through the garage door or in the garage. A broken garage door can be a very big welcome sign to crime. It is therefore very important to keep the garage door in good working condition. This involves attending to all garage door repairs service as soon as possible. Some of the common garage door problems and there solutions are discussed below.  If your garage door does not open or close, you need check the keypad and find out if the opener is in good condition or not. You may need to get the keypad reprogrammed  Does your garage door stick when closing or opening? Check out the metal rollers or hinges. They may need lubrication. The tracks may also be clogged, dirty or out of alignment. Seattle home garage door repair company offer you the services to help restore your garage door perfect working conditions. Problems related to springs  Rust on the spring: rusts on springs may lead to failure. Rust on spring leads to increase in friction on the coil. It also weakens the coil spring and corrodes the coil. Fortunately you can prevent rusting by regularly spraying the coil with lubricant. This will help lubricate the spring and also prevent rust from accumulating.  Incorrect Springs: every garage door has specific spring engineered to operate the door. If your door uses a spring that was not designed for the door model, it is likely to break and fail sooner than its lifespan. For more info go ahead with Seattle home garage door once.  General Wear and Tear: Wear and tear is the most common reason in failure of garage door torsion springs. The torsion lasts for only a given period of time. Generally, they are rated for approximately 10,000 life cycles, which is one up and down cycle. So, homeowners go through at least two life cycles each day. One in the morning when moving out, and the other in the evening when coming in. However, many homeowners go through more than two life cycles daily. This makes it possible to easily use the ten thousand life cycles in merely, a few years.  Poor Maintenance: Poor maintenance of your torsion springs could also pose a very significant problem to your garage door. If you maintain your door, you lengthen the lifespan of your torsion spring. Make sure the door is balanced and lubricate. To test the balance of your door, lift it up to the halfway point, then release. If the door is still, then the springs are balanced. Should you notice problems with balancing, then have the springs inspected by qualified Garage Door Repair Service technicians, just to make sure that you don’t end up with a car stuck inside the garage. Call Now! (206) 745-4606 (425) 324-3499 (253) 336-7409 (844) 326-5537

5 Garage door springs helps in supporting the weight of the door in order to make it easy to open and close. Replacing garage door springs can be really hectic and dangerous because of the torque found in wound torsion springs or the stretch in an extended spring extension. Garage door spring repairs and replacementGarage door spring repairs and replacement involves replacing the door parts that are tied into the spring system. Many accidents and even deaths have occurred. This happens because some people underestimates the forces involved. A clear and cautious understanding of garage door springs, the weight of the garage door and the interconnected parts is very important for safe repairs. They are few reason as to why the garage door springs may be damaged. This include · Extreme changes in temperature · A spring that has not been maintained well or adjusted · Wear and tear Whatever the case, it is wise to keep on checking your garage door springs to ensure that they are in god sure that; when your garage door springs are damaged you will definitely know. This is because a broken garage door spring makes a very loud disgusting noise. Be warned it can be dangerous to you and bystanders if it happens to snap. At Seattle home garage door we are committed to your safety. All our repairs includes thorough check up to ensure that all parts are functioning properly. Please don’t forget that garage door springs are under extreme pressure and can lead to serious damage and injury. For this reason, ensure that you get the necessary assistance from an expert. ULTIMATE REASONS TO HAVING A GARAGE DOOR: The garage door is the largest and the most prominent working part in a house. So when installing a garage door into your house make sure you choose carefully especially in houses where the garage door is located in front and center of the house.  A good garage door adds value to your property. Potential buyers will put gravity into such matters.  The garage door can sometime be used as the main entry point into your house Call Now! (206) 745-4606 (425) 324-3499 (253) 336-7409 (844) 326-5537 Identifying and fixing Garage Door Spring Issues

6  Residential garage door provides security and safety of your home. They will help prevent burglars from entering into your home or making off with your valuable property. COMMON GARAGE DOOR PROBLEMS AND REPAIR SOLUTIONS: Many home owners rely on their garage door to open and close smoothly. This heavy door can prove to be a nuisance if they fail at their job. The common problems are  THE GARAGE DOOR STICKS; CLOSED OR OPEN: a few issues can cause a garage door to stick. If you have a remote garage opener please ensure you check the batteries, switches and sensors first. If you manually open your garage door ensure you check for any obstructions in the wheel track Call Now! (206) 745-4606 (425) 324-3499 (253) 336-7409 (844) 326-5537

7 Seattle Home Garage Doors Contact Us: Address: 701 Fifth Avenue, 42nd Floor Seattle, WA 98104 Phone: (206) 745-4606 (425) 324-3499 (253) 336-7409 (844) 326-5537 Email: Web: Call Now! (206) 745-4606 (425) 324-3499 (253) 336-7409 (844) 326-5537

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