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True Colors Personality Test

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1 True Colors Personality Test
Kim Dhority, Dean of Instruction, Flint Hills Technical College Julie Cooper, Director of Community Outreach, Flint Hills Technical College Career & Technical Education Annual February Conference February 10, 2016

2 Why Personality Test? Identify unique personality traits
Discover strengths and developmental needs Open lines of communication Bring students together with a higher appreciation of one another Provide guidance for teaching strategies Julie

3 Other Benefits? Explore Career Pathways that match your personality color What skills or education are needed? Julie

4 Instructions Below are 11 incomplete sentences that describe people.
Each sentence has four possible endings. 4 points to the phrase that is “most like you” 3 points to the phrase that is “next most like you” 2 points to the next phrase 1 point to the phrase that is “least like you.” Julie

5 When I make decisions: A. I do it quickly and go with the first impression. B. I think about it, consider the options and then decide. C. I listen to my feelings and consider how my decisions will affect others. D. I take it seriously and always try to make the right decision. Julie

6 SCORE Transfer your answers to the score sheet. Total the columns
What is your PRIMARY color? What is your SECONDARY color? Julie

7 Are you… Gold? Loyal… Dependable…Prepared? Thorough…Sensible…Punctual? Faithful…Stable…Organized? Caring…Concerned…Helper? In work you want to maintain organization… handle details and work hard… work come before play? Julie

8 Careers - Gold Accountant Bank Officer Dentist Air Traffic Control
Teacher Telephone Operator Financial Planner Police Officer Librarian Secretary Statistical Clerk Court Reporter Kim

9 Are you… Orange? Witty…Charming…Spontaneous? Impulsive…Generous…Impactful? Optimistic…Eager…Bold? Physical…Immediate…Courageous? Restless at work…like your independence and freedom…utilize your physical coordination…like to work with tools? Julie

10 Careers - Orange Advertising Painter Marketing Sculptor Actor Mechanic
Public Speaker Carpenter Dancer Comedian P.E. Teacher Disc Jockey Pilot Kim

11 Are you… Blue? Enthusiastic…Sympathetic…Personal? Warm…Communicative…Compassionate? Idealistic…Spiritual…Sincere? Peaceful…Flexible…Imaginative? In work you like to influence others to help their lives… like to work in the arts, education, or helping professions? Julie

12 Careers - Blue Human Resources Flight Attendant Minister Receptionist
Editor Travel Agent Therapist Customer Service Journalist Teacher Social Worker Nursing Kim

13 Are you… Green? Analytical…Global…Conceptual? Cool…Calm…Collected? Inventive…Logical…Problem Solver? Abstract…Creative…Investigative? In work you are an independent thinker…work is play…enjoy challenges…find new ways to do routine? Julie

14 Careers - Green Attorney Physician Research Biologist Engineer
Embalmer Technical Writer Ecologist Chemist Anthropologist Veterinarian Kim

15 Career Pathways Gold Business Management and Administration
Business Marketing Business Finance Orange Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Hospitality and Tourism Blue Health Science Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Kim Green Architecture & Construction Information Technology Manufacturing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

16 Jobs Requiring Postsecondary Education by 2018

17 Technical Education Pay$$$

18 Now What??? Julie

19 Flint Hills Technical College
17 Associates Degrees 15 Technical Certificates 7 Licensure Programs Hands on Education Small Class Sizes Job Placement Assistance Experienced Instructors who have worked in the industry Real World Skills and Experience Kim

20 Flint Hills Technical College
Online Classes FHTC Classes at YOUR High School FHTC Classes On Site at one of the FHTC Locations FHTC Evening and Weekend Classes Kim

21 Programs and Majors Division of Technology
Division of Information Technology Automotive Business Administrative Technology Computerized Machine Tool Computer Program Design Construction Network Technology Industrial Engineering Division of Health Power Plant Welding Dental Assisting Division of Arts Dental Hygiene Emergency Services Technology Graphic Arts Technology Emergency Dispatch Hospitality and Culinary Arts Health Occupations Interactive Multi-Media Design Practical Nursing Kim

22 For More Information Kim – Julie –
Check out our website: Call Student Services at to schedule a campus visit Julie

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