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Landing Pages – Inspire Action with your Prospects.

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1 Landing Pages – Inspire Action with your Prospects

2 Agenda Use the drag and drop landing page builder Implement SEO strategies Promote your landing pages Optimize your landing pages Use follow-up strategies

3 What is a Landing Page A landing page where we send our customers and prospects when they have expressed an interest in a product or service that we offer. It is sometimes referred to as a squeeze page.

4 Meta What? It’s important that we position ourselves on the web. We do this through the use of Meta Data. By using the right key words, we can improve our Search Engine Optimization.

5 Getting it out there Our landing page doesn’t help us if we aren’t getting it out there. We need to find ways to push it out to the public. We can: Use social media Advertise on Facebook Publish it to our websites Place it in emails

6 Then what? Those are our key words for today. Once people express an interest, what are we going to do? Send an email Make a phone call Assign a task

7 Let’s jump into the application! We’ll be looking at: The Landing Page builder How to create follow up Optimizing our content Pushing out our pages to the internet

8 Questions? @infusedfrancis

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