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Creating a Google Site For a Digital Portfolio Purpose.

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1 Creating a Google Site For a Digital Portfolio Purpose

2 Name Your Site Be Sure to name your site as you want it to appear on your web page and as you want it to be seen by perspective employers as this will be the name that appears at the top of the page. If you need to change your name you can select  More actions  manage site  Site settings  General

3 Describe Your Site and Get a URL  It is optional to give a description.  From this point Google Sites will assign you a url. Your url can only contain A-Z, a-z, and 0-9 characters.

4 Create Your Site  Type in the code to create your site.  Decide if you want to share with everyone

5 Pick a Template  You can pick a template from a variety of themes Choose a Theme and any additional options

6 Attach a Logo  Changing your site's logo  To change the logo of your site, do the following:  Click on the More Actions button.  Choose Manage Sites.  Select Site Layout.  In the Header section, click on the change logo link.  Select Custom Logo and browse for the logo file on your hard drive (or select No logo to exclude an image).  Once you have the image selected, click the Ok button.  Make sure to click Save changes before returning to your site.  Tip: The logo will be uploaded in the dimensions provided, so scale it to the desired size first.

7 Create Additional Pages  Webpage  Dashboard page  Announcement page  File cabinet page  List page

8 A New Dialogue Page Appears  Select the type of page you want to create  Click create new page Repeat this until you have created all the pages you need. ( add the content later)

9 Edit Side Bar Navigation  Left Side Navigation Bar Click edit sidebar (at the bottom of your left side navigation bar) Click edit in the navigation element box Add all pages to the list.  Click add page to sidebar navigation (at the bottom of the box)  Select a page-click ok-repeat for each additional page  To move a page up or down the list select the page and click the arrows.  To delete a page select the page and click the boxed x on the right.  Click ok when finished.

10 Deleting Sidebar Items  Click Edit Side Bar  Click Delete (below the box labeled “recent site activity” If you change your mind and want it back  Click Edit sidebar  Click Add a sidebar item

11 Page Editing  Adding Text to a Page on Your Site Click Edit Page Click on the text box and start typing  Select the text to change font, color, background etc.

12 Additional Edits  Creating a Table Click the Table menu Point to Create Table  Edit for Two column Click the layout menu and choose two column

13 Inserting a Horizontal Rule  Position the cursor on the line where you want the horizontal rule  Click Horizontal Rule  The line will be positioned above the cursor  To delete the horizontal rule click below the rule and use your back button.

14 Inserting Images  Upload image in its final form. You can delete an image from the page, but not from the storage. Begin by clicking the insert menu, and clicking image. In the dialogue box, click choose file. The image will be uploaded Put the cursor where you want the image to appear Click insert menu Click image Select the image Click add image

15 Delete Image Click Edit Select Photo Click Remove

16 Adding Links  Type the text for the hyperlink  click the link menu  Click web address on the left  Enter the url in the text box  Check open this link in a new window  Click ok

17 To Create an email

18 To Create an Email link  Type: mailto: mailto:<email_address

19 Attaching Documents and Files  Upload the document to

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