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1 MIKE NET SCADA SCADA Integration Real-time and on-line analysis helps you to understand the system behavior and optimize its operational costs Forecasting.

26 MIKE NET - SCADA SCADA SERVER MIKE NET ONLINE SCADA WORKSTATION MIKE NET OFF-LINE MIKE VIEW SCADA WORKSTATION MIKE NET OFF-LINE MIKE VIEW SCVK, Regional Water Supply System 27 MIKE NET - SCADA SCVK, Regional Water Supply System 28 MIKE NET - SCADA SCVK, Regional Water Supply System OnLine analysis of hydraulic and water quality parameters Fast decision making Learning tool for operators Analysis of historical system breakdowns/

Department of Water Resources, Ministry of Water Resources of PRC June 2016 Disclaimer: The views expressed in this document are those of the author, and.

red line for regulating efficiency of water use, to strictly control wasting of water; Establish the red line for pollutant load control in water function zones, to strictly control the total pollutants discharged into water bodies. 1.3 Core Three Red Lines: the red lines for water development and utilization control, for water use efficiency control, for pollutant load control in water function zones; Four Regulations: total water use quantity control, water use/

Burkina Faso Water Implementation Project (Phase II)

of holding enough water to provide 100 people with daily water needs and enough water for daily irrigation of agricultural gardens To manage over-flow so water is not wasted To reduce amount of time spent in line to draw water Basic Design Concepts /Overview Splash Pad (To prevent erosion) Base of tank Dimensions Spigot Details Nipple Valve 1½" Tee Outtake Pipe View Structural Integrity of the Tank Mechanical Failures Foundation Cracking Load testing for the foundation is being conducted through simulations/

Water Rescue Awareness” for First Responders

away Never count on the victim to assist in the rescue Never tie a rope around a rescuer Never tie a line across the water at a right angle When working from shore, always stand on the upstream side of the rope Upon contact with/the United States by driving their vehicles into the water A few examples Successful rescues are based on: Training Practice Experience Judgment Don’t count on Luck! Be Safe Submit Your Information Click here when finished viewing the presentation. Once you enter the information that/

Emergency Services, LLC/ Copyright 2006 / Volume 06-4 1 Working Fire Training 06-4 Training Materials TRAINING Click here to view show in its entirety.

water supply problems – responders hand-stretched a line to a secondary hydrant 200 ft. beyond the initial 800- foot line. But the initial quint was having problems supplying a ladder pipe; handlines and blitz lines were encountering hydrant pressure problems. A third water supply was brought on line/ Emergency Services, LLC/ Copyright 2006 / Volume 06-4 65 06-4 Training Materials Thanks so much for viewing Working Fire Training! See you next month – stay safe! Answers: Hands-On Fire Attack Basics, Pt./

Natural Cover Fires. view from the west View looking west at the Head of the Fire.

Natural Cover Fires view from the west View looking west at the Head of the Fire TOPICS - Wildland PPE - Apparatus - Wildland Tools - Topography and Fuels - Scene Size-Up - Fire Attack /Nozzles Flares Flares Thermal Imaging Camera Thermal Imaging Camera Tool Care  Clean all tools and hose lines after each use  Check for cracks and splits  Use Linn seed oil on wooden handles  Keep tools sharp  Refill all water, foam, and fuel tanks after use Apparatus BRUSH TRUCKS Light Weight Four Wheel Drive Designed /

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teacher’s notes wherever this icon is displayed - To access these notes go to ‘Notes Page View’ (PowerPoint 97) or ‘Normal View’ (PowerPoint 2000). Normal ViewNotes Page View Teacher’s Notes Flash Files A flash file has been embedded into the PowerPoint slide wherever this icon/ ruler has been diffracted, but light from the other end has travelled in a straight line.  Would the ruler appear more or less bent if the water was replaced with glass? © Boardworks Ltd 2003 Refraction : Apparent Depth The rays of /


earthquake emergency plan. (1) _______________________________________ (2)________________________________________ PLATE BOUNDARY, FAULT LINE, RING OF FIRE. 400 N 1100 W ESCAPE ROUTE, MEETING PLACE, FIRST AID SUPPLIES, FOOD & WATER, ETC…. *Base your answers to questions 27-30 on the information/ what the student observed on the slide at a magnification of 100×. 51. The diagram below shows views of the same cells observed under a compound microscope before and after a laboratory procedure. 54. Identify the/

Principles of Landscaping

Condition of lawn areas Types and condition of existing plants Site Analysis Location of utility lines, meters, and utility easements Good and bad views from the site Architectural style of the neighborhood Site Analysis Environmental setting of the site and/ Proper landscape maintenance Xeriscaping Xeriscaping Necessary to group plants in relation to their water needs Allows growth of high water use plants and still conserve water Use mass plantings with borders of lower plants in front and taller plants /

Water Infrastructure Security Enhancement (WISE) Workshop

work. Require signed confidentiality agreements. Provide only centralized, secure access to plans. Compartmentalize projects to limit view of any one vendor, or limit selection to one company (such as construction design-build or a/ Source: Steve Allgeier, Water Security Division, U.S. EPA 169 Selection of Candidate Monitoring Locations Numerous potential locations source water, raw water conveyance, treatment plant, finished water reservoirs, distribution system, service lines Each has advantages and /

Village of Alden Stormwater Pictorial view. Here is a view of rainfall and notice how the water carry’s away from the center of the road to the sides.

upper left to the lower right in the early stages of this retention pond. This retention pond has collected water to keep away from these apartment buildings. This is another view of the same pond. Here we see a main line emptying into a creek. Here you see two outfalls dumping into the creek. They are flowing over rip rap stone to prevent/

District Surface Water Model (DSWM) Project Training Webinar SWFWMD December 19, 2013.

line  Experience with HSPF and access to User’s Manual are “necessary”  XXX.wdm – time series input and output data for watershed  Binary file; access/maintain with BASINS or WDMUtil  Multiple datasets  XXX_MET.wdm - WDM file containing meteorological time series input data for watershed  XXX_IRR.wdm – WDM file containing irrigation and surface water/ Desired Locations and Constituents to see the matching data  You can view more attributes of Data by Clicking on Attributes  Add and then selecting/

Archimedes’ Principle Bernoulli’s Principle Pascal’s Principle Properties of Fluids - Lucas Kraschnewski Howard, WI ECOMP 5016 Click here to view additional.

Start: Section 2 As the speed of a fluid increases, the pressure decreases Airplanes Start: Section 2 Click on airplane to see side-views of the wings Given the same size plane, which wing design would allow a plane to get off the ground the fastest? INCORRECT!!! / 20 Pascal. At the supermarket 1 block away or your house 1 mile away? Both Places The pressure is passed through the water line equally in all directions and all the way along it.  Hydraulic Brakes Start: Section 3 How do they work? Brake Pedal/


The diagram at right is a view from above (map view) such as you would see from an airplane flying over the island. The shape of the island is shown by the shoreline on the map. Remember this shoreline is a contour line. It separates areas that are / 10 ft. above sea level remains out of the water. The new shoreline of the island is a contour line because all of the points along this line have the same elevation, but the elevation of this contour line is 10 ft above the elevation of the original shoreline/

TUTORIAL Ethernet PLCs Improve Oxygen Consumption ISA Expo/2001Houston, Texas Water & Wastewater Industry DivisionTuesday, September 11, 2001 1 Brad.

the figure below. Nitrates are returned to the anoxic cells from the oxic cells via the mixed liquor recycle line. Train Picture Use of BacteriaThe biological treatment of wastewater is performed by means of different cultures of bacteria that/ with the Human Machine Interface (HMI) process computer. ISA Expo/2001Houston, Texas Water & Wastewater Industry DivisionTuesday, September 11, 2001 14 The HMI allows the operators to view the process in real-time and via past, archived process trends and, when /

Copyright 2013-2017 Area II Plumbers JATC. All Rights Reserved. Repairs, Maintenance, and Installation of Electric Residential Water Heaters 8 Hours of.

Continuing (IMPORTANT) Locate the following button at the top of the screen and click it. This will allow you to view each full slide—without having to scroll up and down. Alternatively, you can press the Page Down button on your / and will allow the current to flow through the element. When water temperature is cold DIAGRAM M Copyright 2013-2017 Area II Plumbers JATC. All Rights Reserved. Understanding Functions of Components Electricity (line voltage) is applied across terminal L1 and terminal L3 of the /

With pristine waters, Waikoropupu Springs, near Nelson at the top of the South Island, are reputedly the clearest fresh water springs in the world, with.

range from accommodation to shops and restaurants Located 15 minutes south of Hamilton, Cambridge is well known for it’s beautiful tree-lined streets and horse breeding in its surrounding farmland. Located 20 minutes north of Hamilton en route to Auckland. The Huntly power/ track is said to be one of the most stunning tramps in the world with native bush, golden beaches, turquoise waters and great views of the Tasman Bay. It takes 3-5 days to complete Sea kayaking is also available to do at the National/

Water Preservation and Auditing Instructor: Dan Duran.

after 8 hours drainage is considered poor 41 Consider Site Features Soil analysis Drainage Sunset Western Garden Climate Zone Utility lines Water meter Irrigation lines Plants to keep Window locations (views to preserve) Prevailing wind Necessary shade Natural features Existing views Screens (noise and view) Locate downspouts Slopes 42 Needs Analysis Your needs Style –House –Patio’s –Sidewalk/hardscapes Plant preferences Parking/access Outdoor living areas/

BP Alaska Environmental Management System (EMS) and General Compliance Training ( HSEENV001) Revised 12-2014, VALID UNTIL November 31, 2015* PLEASE VIEW.

mouse button, keyboard arrows, or the Enter key to “click” your way through the slide content. If viewing as a training module, click the forward arrow to advance. This slideshow does not have any narration; it/deadlines for pipeline inspections, repairs, replacements, and reporting of pipeline data. The PCD applies to all Well Lines, Flow Lines, and Produced Water Lines within the Greater Prudhoe Bay Unit which move liquid hydrocarbons between the well pads, Flow Stations, and Gathering Centers (approximately 1625/


rhythmical contraction *moves contents along SWALLOWING THE BOLUS http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=epiglottis&qs=ds&form=QBIR#view=detail&id=446EC46B6B8DAEFD7A9442B21F3225D7DD7F0 174&selectedIndex=1 THE STOMACH IT’S GOOD SIDE AND IT’S BAD SIDE WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS/ before the bursting it can cause peritonitis (infection in the abdominal lining) THE SHORT, LARGE INTESTINE 1.5 L of water enter the digestive tract daily 95% of this water is absorbed by the small intestine The remaining 5% is mostly /

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million years ago amphibians split into two main evolutionary lines. One line included ancestors of reptiles, the other line included the ancestors of modern amphibians. Copyright ©/ two important functions: Respiration - The skin is permeable to gases and water. Mucous glands secrete a lubricant that keeps the skin moist in air./ResourcesChapter menu Multiple Choice, continued The figure below shows a longitudinal section, ventral view, of a frog heart. Use the figure below to answer question 4. Standardized/

Wilf LaLonde ©2012 Comp 4501 95.4501 Water. Wilf LaLonde ©2012 Comp 4501 Four properties that engines either control or fake... Waves Reflection Refraction.

0 to 1 in y. gl_FragColor = vec4 (texFlowCoord, 0, 1); return; //0 to 1 in x, 0 to 1 in y. First 3 lines draw the 2D color; red + green; no blue 0 to 1 for red 0 to 1 for green Wilf LaLonde ©2012 Comp 4501 vec2 samplePerPixelFlowVector (/ = 0.95 - 0.6 * myangle * myangle; //Blend in the color of the plane below the water //Add in a little distortion of the colormap for the effect of a refracted view of the //image below the surface (this isnt really tested, just a last minute addition //and perhaps should /

Time Line of Events Former RAF Coltishall Eco Town Bid.

infrastructure needed and uncertainty over ability to issue discharge consents into R Bure because of water quality issues in the Broads. Relationship with Norwich water cycle strategy needs to be made. Expensive new infrastructure needed and uncertainty over ability /Heritage views from English Heritage ? Answer The fighter pen (WW2) and 1950s Blast Walls are currently being recommended for scheduling. The setting of these will need to be preserved which could in part be achieved by maintaining the line of /

CLIC Post-Collision Line and Dump Edda Gschwendtner, CERN for the Post-Collision Team Rob Appleby (CERN & Cockcroft Institute), Armen Apyan (CERN), Barbara.

 Allowing non-colliding beam to grow to acceptable size intermediate dump side view 27.5m 67m 1.5m C-shape magnets window-frame magnets carbon based absorbers ILC style water dump 4m 315m 6m A. Ferrari, R. Appleby, M.D. Salt/ 5 Nov. 2010 E. Gschwendtner, CERN 41 Many new results achieved since last year Conceptual design of the CLIC post-collision line exists: –Magnets –Intermediate dumps –Background calculations to the IP –Luminosity monitoring: First promising results –Beam dump: first results, /

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menu How to Use This Presentation To View the presentation as a slideshow with effects select “View” on the menu bar and click on/stratocumulous Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved. ResourcesChapter menu Section 1 Water in the Air Chapter 16 Clouds, continued Stratus Clouds are clouds that form in layers, /continued Reading a Weather Map Weather maps that you see on TV include lines called isobars. Isobars are lines that identify areas of equal, high, or low air pressure. Chapter /

GIS in Water Resources Midterm Review 2011 David Maidment, David Tarboton and Ayse Irmak.

(length units, ft or meters) Key ArcGIS Software Components ArcMap ArcCatalog ArcToolbox Extensions Geoprocessing Arc Catalog View data (like Windows Explorer) Graphical previews Metadata Tables Arc Toolbox Map Projections Tools for commonly used tasks/Concepts Four key constructs –Cell to cell water movement on DEMs –Line to Line water movement on networks –Area flows to line (connect land and water systems – Reach Catchments) –Area flows to point on line (Watershed delineation from designated points) Cell/

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teacher’s notes wherever this icon is displayed - To access these notes go to ‘Notes Page View’ (PowerPoint 97) or ‘Normal View’ (PowerPoint 2000). Normal ViewNotes Page View Teacher’s Notes Flash Files A flash file has been embedded into the PowerPoint slide wherever this icon/ ruler has been diffracted, but light from the other end has travelled in a straight line.  Would the ruler appear more or less bent if the water was replaced with glass? © Boardworks Ltd 2003 Refraction : Apparent Depth The rays of /

Arc Hydro: GIS for Water Resources David R. Maidment University of Texas at Austin Arc Hydro –Culmination of a 3-yr effort –GIS in Water Resources Consortium.

HUC’s cover continental US average area ~ 1 county NWS forecast Watersheds (flooding) EPA TMDL Segments (water quality) TNRCC water availability points (water supply) Guadalupe HydroNetwork Watersheds of the Guadalupe Basin Regional Analysis HydroNetwork to provide connectivity of flow through / Original river in X,Y Profile lines and cross-sections in (x,y) created using FishNet in (m,r). Profile Lines and Cross Sections in 3D Bird’s eye view! Breaklines Profile lines are actually breaklines but they are /

Radiation Protection in J-PARC neutrino beam line Sep-9-2006 Yuichi Oyama (KEK) for T2K neutrino beam line construction group Happy birthday.

heat exchanger. ● Cooling Water Systems(2) Primary cooling water system Secondary cooling water system Third cooling water system Heat exchanger Beam dump Decay Volume To Target Station cooling water system To Beam Dump cooling water system Top view Side view After one cycle (20 /From end of 2007 to spring 2008, we must install super- conducting magnets in the downstream of proton beam line. Commission of 50GeV ring has been started. ● If we install temporal radiation shielding and possible maximum energy /



1 7th Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Wuhan, China ---------------------------------------------- Water / Freshwater Resources: Law,

(Fifth Edition - with amendments under Addendum No. 4 - Sep 2006) Year of publication : Mar 2000> You may wish to : View on- line or Download the code of practice.Singapore Standard CP 48 : Code of Practice for Water ServicesView on- line Download The Code of Practice is published by SPRING Singapore and it contains authoritative guidance on the design, installation, fixing and testing of potable/

Training Guide V 4.0. Custom Project Specific Startup View Project Overview with Basemap and Workzones.

every 2 mins On Start Inspection; Edit tools become available, map zooms to the workzone extent, the extent view control becomes available and Edit Call table control appears On Start Progressive Inspection Mode Progressive Inspection is a tool/ warp due to inadequate DEM. Correctable Issue: White pixel gap Non-correctable Issue: Elevated power lines over water Non-correctable Issue: Elevated power lines broken due to image seam Non-correctable Issue: Moving vehicle partially missing due to seamline Non-/

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teacher’s notes wherever this icon is displayed - To access these notes go to ‘Notes Page View’ (PowerPoint 97) or ‘Normal View’ (PowerPoint 2000). Normal ViewNotes Page View Teacher’s Notes Flash Files A flash file has been embedded into the PowerPoint slide wherever this icon/ ruler has been diffracted, but light from the other end has travelled in a straight line.  Would the ruler appear more or less bent if the water was replaced with glass? © Boardworks Ltd 2003 Refraction : Apparent Depth The rays of /

Refraction Lab Use ray tracing and Snell’s Law to determine the refractive index of glass and water.

more trials. 7.Remove the glass block from the paper. 8.Using a ruler, connect the pins for each trial with a straight line to trace the path the light rays took as they traveled through the block. Make sure you bend the rays only at the surface /=1.0 n 2 =? This figure shows one ray of light as it passes through the water dish, as viewed from above. When viewed through the water, the pins appear to be aligned, but when viewed from above, they clearly are not. Why does the ray not bend on the curved side /


, grouped the measures for DLT as follows : Upper & Middle drainage line measures Upper & Middle drainage line measures Middle & Lower drainage line / water harvesting measures Middle & Lower drainage line / water harvesting measures Torrent and stream bank erosion control measures Torrent and stream bank/ 4:1 depending on the volume and velocity of runoff. Schematic – section view of Location of Loose boulder check dam showing the spacing in the drainage line /gully U/S Slope 1:1 Top Width 0.5 m. D/S/

By Kyle Lick.  About EDI ◦ Industrializing a Ford Engine  Engine Basics ◦ Identification ◦ Specifications  Cooling System ◦ Water Pump ◦ Thermostat.

speed electronic governing, throttle-by- wire or variable speed control governing.  Programmable emergency warning/shut-down feature for high water temperature, low oil pressure, etc.  Starter lockout  Programmable over speed protection  Automatic altitude compensation  Sequential port/ page comes up ◦ Can clear the fault or view the Snap Shot Data or the Flight Data Recorder  Diesel/Contaminated fuel introduced into the gasoline system ◦ Clean lines/fuel rail, replace injectors, block filter and pump /

VortexWaterConsultants “Water For Life”. Vortex Water Consultants “ Water For Life” THIS PRESENTATION DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE The information,

occurs during dehydration because the brain redirects water away from the solid excretory system. Prolonged dehydration results in constipation. Vortex Water Consultants “Water For Life” Autoimmune diseases should be viewed as conditions produced by persistent unintentional dehydration /to do specific tasks better when imprinted with specific intentions. Vortex Water Consultants “ “Water For Life” Tensor Rings (Cont’d) I have begun manufacturing my own line of tensor rings. The standard ring is made of a /

Last Updated 2013 Miss Rabatin

(bathymetry) Charts of the ocean showing contour lines connecting points of the same depth below the sea surface Physiographic Maps Color, shading, and perspective drawings may be added to simulate topography and produce visual representations or bird’s-eye views Topographic Map http://www.jesseshunting.com/images/topo-bench-saddle1.jpg Bathymetric Map Physiographic Map The Water Planet Distance from the Sun = 93/

Training Program on the Repair

is visibly clean. Immediate flushing of the biopsy/suction and air/water channels prevents drying of organic and inorganic debris on lumen surfaces and/Cause Procedure No image, power LED not illuminated, lamp not illuminated. Power line cord damaged or disconnected Connect, repair, or replace as necessary Power is /compact, low power-consumption imaging technology and wireless transmission technology. With a view to commercializing this type for use in small intestine applications, Olympus initiated /

Dong Yanfei CEWP Chinese Secretariat Ministry of Water Resources, Peoples Republic of China 9 October 2013.

security in rural areas Priorities major rivers harnessing water transfer projects soil and water conservation and water ecology protection hydropower development hydrology and water science and technology Accelerate Development of Water Resource Infrastructure Priorities First Red Line – controls water resources utilisation Second Red Line - controls water-use efficiency Third Red Line - controls water quality parameters Linked to Water Functional Zones in rivers and lakes 2011 China No1 Document Implement/

EPA Region 9 Water Quality Assessment Report Tutorial 2011 1.

[1] prepared monitoring data (scatterplot), and [2] water quality criteria (line graph) Water Quality criteria for TP (mg/L) 0.035 Monthly Means 27 DateTP monthly means (mg/L) Water Quality criteria for TP (mg/L) 4/20110.0260/ to return to the last slide you viewed Table of Contents Additional Examples Example 2: Additional Monitoring Location (SRTR-01) – Not impaired parameter – Improved water quality (includes brief discussion of outliers) – Satisfactory water quality Example 3: Restoration Project (Site /

Waves are everywhere in nature

shown below. Several points are marked and labeled with a letter. Which of the labeled points are ... a. ... on nodal lines? b. ... on antinodal lines? c. ... formed as the result of constructive interference? d. ... formed as the result of destructive interference? e. g./ two traveling waves that can result in a standing wave. Click here to view a simulation of standing waves on a string. Standing waves may be produced easily in water, string, and air columns. the maximum displacement of a particle of the /

HFOV – Equipment Required (Filtered circuit)

water trap Code (Ref 16390-102) Long and short circuit tubing. Connect pt. end directly to ET tube DO NOT USE A CATHETER MOUNT Code (Ref 11438) Colour coded lines – Place the shortest line to the closest cap Conventional chamber wire and double split heater wire Side view/standard chamber will crack) and attach to the sterile water bag. Ensure the chamber fills to its preset filling level. Spike the sterile water with an air inlet. Side view of connection Place slightly angled upwards TURN BELLOWS SCREWS /

How to Use This Presentation

How to Use This Presentation To View the presentation as a slideshow with effects select “View” on the menu bar and click on “Slide Show.” To advance through the presentation, click the right-arrow key/type of feature. Constructed features, such as buildings, are shown in black. Highways are shown in red. Bodies of water are colored blue, and forested areas are colored green. Contour lines are brown or black. Index Contour, Contour Interval, and Relief Chapter 3 Section 3 Types of Maps Index Contour, Contour/

1 Press spacebar to continue. Copyright © 1972, 1983, 2002, 2008 FRE-FLO WATER SYSTEMS, INC. All rights reserved.

Results..................................... 102  Thank you for Viewing This Presentation.............................. 107 7 Press spacebar to continue. Copyright © 1972, 1983, 2002, 2008 FRE-FLO WATER SYSTEMS, INC. All rights reserved./ FRE-FLO WATER SYSTEMS, INC. All rights reserved. Other Applications FRE-FLO™ water conditioning eliminates difficulties associated with hard water deposits, contributing to solutions for key problems including: Other Applications  Water shortages  Water lines clogging  /

Swiftwater Rescue II The focus on Swiftwater Rescue II is to provide practical applications for search and rescue techniques, information on managing.

be searched using: A. A tethered rescuer B. A net C. A probe pole D. A diving harness Line searching may be effective where water is shallow and predictable A canal or flood control ditch is a good location to implement this tactic. Using this / C. A good witness interview D. A flock of birds Far view A body in moving water may be difficult to see, especially from a distance Due to white water and other disturbances to the water surface, victims of river drowning are often hard to see. Unique aspects/

Railroad Commission of Texas Commercial Recycling Rules - Overview Sean Avitt Environmental Permits & Support Unit Main Line: 512.463.3840.

220. Facility Design and Construction. – Typical Layout – Storage liners w/ thicknesses, cross-sections, plan view – Storage must be above high water table and surrounded by berms – Storm water plan for a 25-year 24-hour rainfall event – No discharge, No pollution §4.215. &/ §4.233. Minimum Real Property Information. – Lease agreement with surface owner and plats with section/survey lines, facility boundary, adjoining tracts with surface owners indicated, and distance to receptors within 500 feet 39 Off-/

Viewing and Depicting the Atmosphere MODIS 03 FEB 2008 1830 UTC

27 August 2011. Under the clouds, the sky is dark and dismal but viewed from above in Space, clouds appear bright white because they reflect sunlight. Most ground and water appear dark from Space because they reflect poorly. Infrared (IR) Satellite Image/H’s). c. Regions and types of Precipitation (various colors). 2. Variables such as a. Temperature (color filled or dashed lines) b. Pressure (solid lines called isobars) c. Wind (arrows or flags) d. Humidity (using Dew Point Temperature, T d *) * Dew Point /

○○○○○○○ High quality recycled aggregate One approach to its production technology from the view points of Development concept & Performance analysis 1.

5-8% ・ Its original property 2.55-2.65g/cm 3 0.8-2% =Density is in reverse proportion to water absorption as shown on the above blue single direct line.= 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Density (g/cm 3/thanks to “Dry system” 4. Low running and maintenance costs thanks to VSI & Air screen 5. Less space requirement, non dust and low noise. 2424 Outer view of RC7 BM 7 Air Screen Dust collector Product stock pile ・ All the equipment are in vertically integrated flow and in compact style. ・ Low noise, no /

Fluidyn FLOWCOAST FLOOIL 3D Fluid Dynamics Model to Simulate Oil slick movement in coastal waters or rivers FLOOIL.

parameters ( Velocities in X, Y, and Z directions) at start of Simulation. FLOOIL Landscape View FLOOIL Velocity Vectors View FLOOIL Contours filled mode View FLOOIL Contours line mode View FLOOIL Grid ( 1D, 2D or 3D) View FLOOIL Grid out ( Outer boundary of mesh ) View FLOOIL Graphs View FLOOIL INPUT DATA REQUIRED FLOOIL  Topography of Water body.  Fluid Properties.  Flow Boundary Conditions.  Chemical and Physical Characteristic of Oil Spill.  Type/

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