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social distance” to you Knowledge Network puts People Search on steriods Making Serious Sites Vragen? Making Serious Sites Knowledge Network Knowledge Network Overview Client Profile Creation SharePoint Server Integration Privacy and Anonymous Brokering Deployment and Administration Extensibility Knowledge Network is software for enterprise social networking/control do I have? Striking the Right Balance Privacy Concerns The Simple Privacy Model Notification –Communicate steps of the profile creation and /

 The ECP is a network of business consultants working together in a partnership and co-operative business structure, similar to that operated by John.

have very limited knowledge. The website should try to avoid using complex content that users will struggle to understand. “A simple mnemonic for web copywriting is CRABS: aim for chunking, relevance, accuracy, brevity and scannability” (Chaffey, 2013) / customers discounts on future bookings.  A specific member of staff will be employed to monitor and run the social networking sites and to monitor different forums where our services could be appreciated to help reach out to customers, build links /

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> Stop your ads at any time Facebook > 1 billion users Social Networking > Connect with more than 1 billion potential customers > Choose you audience by location, age, and interests > Test simple image and text- based ads and use what works YouTube 2 /to educate audience – Typically demonstrates the business or its services Conversion video – Placed on the home page – Engages site visitors to concentrate more time on websites, which in turn provides more favorable circumstances to sell – Proven medium for /

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dynamics associated with our interactions. As users begin to amass more and more contacts and connections on social networking sites, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate friends and family from acquaintances and professional contacts. It’s/navigating the web. For many social network users, the majority of their online communication and web surfing happen from within a social network. But one simple fact remains: users can generally only access their social networks through a Web browser such as/

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feed readers…………………..14 Open source tools………………………………..27 Google Docs………………………………………..33 Google Sites………………………………………..39 Survey tools………………………………………..44 Large file sharing……………………….………..56 Wikis………………………………………………….64 Social Networking……………………………….72 2 Blogs and Podcasts 3 What is a Blog? A/it as "the simplest online database that could possibly work“ Wiki means “quick” in Hawaiian 60 Wikis Simple to use Highly collaborative History of edits is public Little to no hierarchical structure ▫Use groups of pages/

September 6, 2015Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques 1 Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques — Chapter 6 — Network Mining (Social Networks) Jianlin Cheng.

the interests of Occam’s Razor, we would like to find a single, simple model of network generation… … that simultaneously captures many properties Watt’s small world: small diameter /site Citation: predicting the number of citations of a particular author in a specific journal September 6, 2015Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques 90 Social Network Analysis Social Network Introduction Statistics and Probability Theory Models of Social Network Generation Networks in Biological System Mining on Social Network/

Social Network Inspired Models of NLP and Language Evolution Monojit Choudhury (Microsoft Research India) Animesh Mukherjee (IIT Kharagpur) Niloy Ganguly.

Terrorist Network Social Network Analysis is a mathematical methodology for connecting the dots -- using science to fight terrorism. Connecting multiple pairs of dots soon reveals an emergent network of organization. CNT Examples: Road and Airlines Network What Questions can be asked Does these networks display some symmetry? Are these networks creation of intelligent objects or they have emerged? How have these networks emerged What are the underlying simple rules/

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evaluate user behaviour Adapts web page content/structure accordingly A prototype site has been developed for this paradigm Web Site Architecture SociAware SociAware is ‘Socially Aware’ technology - a simple means of thinking realistically about SATs in general. It was/ raises interesting questions of privacy, sensing, avatar potential, etc. Table Manners continued We will have –2 networked tables over a dedicated research fibre for high bandwidth –2 large plasma displays for video conferencing –Palm pilot/

Information Security Awareness, Safety, and Protecting Information Jay James R. Arroyo, CEH, CCNSP Network and Security Administrator Information and Communication.

an employee. How do you protect yourself and your company? Social engineering attacks may be inevitable in the world today for the simple reason that humans are easy targets; nevertheless, that does not / without the users knowledge. Safe Social Networking Social Networking Sites - Sometimes hackers go right to the source, injecting malicious code into a social networking site, including inside advertisements, shortened URLs, and via third-party apps. Safe Social Networking Users – Its imperative that users/

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social gaming element Giant Bomb - Quests 1 Users earn experience points and level up in a social gaming element that, give users incentives to create more content, by doing things as simple/, like their other social gaming offerings, was producing acceptable profits. Yossi Vardi - Investment strategy 1 Come2Play (a social network game|social gaming site,) fring, [http://www/

Network Security Intrusion (How an Attacker Gains Control of a Network)

network administrator needs to know to protect the network. Social Engineering The first issue of intrusion is social engineering. The first issue of intrusion is social/ packets to that subnet. This prevents a network from becoming an intermediate site for a network attack such as this. Make sure this / PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) is a simple, clear-text (unencrypted) authentication method PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) is a simple, clear-text (unencrypted) authentication method CHAP /

ANALYZING THE SOCIAL WEB an introduction 1. OUTLINE 1.Introduction 2.Network Structure and Measures 3.Social Information Filtering 2.

Internet, & it has infiltrated & changed the way millions of people interact & communicate. Social networking in particular has become extremely popular, with > 1 billion users on Facebook alone & billions more accounts across thousands of social networking sites online. 3 Understanding social networks—both those explicitly formed on social networking websites & those implicitly formed in many other types of social media—has taken on new importance in light of this astounding popularity/

Libraries in a Web 2.0 World. Web 2.0 is about the more human aspects of interactivity. It’s about conversations, interpersonal networking, personalization,

social networking properly to recognize their potential ” Concerns —Jane Secker In its most basic form, a blog is a website that allows users to post information to a blog site, usually arranged by date. “Blogs can be anything their creators want them to be, from newsy to deeply personal, argumentative to poetic” (Williams, Sawyer) RSS, which can stand for “Really Simple/, Twitter communications can be imbedded in web sites including social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.” - Jacobs Twitter/

The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers with ability to share resources and to communicate. The internet is a computer network.

other, send messages, chat, etc. One of the biggest social networking websites is Facebook For many people, social networking sites are the main method of communicating with friends online. In fact social networks have surpassed e-mail as the main communication link for non-/to receive electronic mail messages over the Internet. NNTP-network news transfer protocol This lets you receive more news group messages to and from news servers. SMTP-simple mail transfer protocol This allows you to send electronic /

Lesson 3 Final considerations about SEO Lesson 3 Final considerations about SEO ► The importance of anchor text optimization When an external site displays.

Social Media for SEO Purposes  Search Engines have started viewing Social Media sites more frequently. If you post any new information on your social networking site such as Facebook, chances are that Google will be viewing the information within an hour Google trusts all the top rated Social Networking Sites/ fans. You can do it by inserting a simple text link beneath your name and website link, or you can use WiseStamp for a fancier signature including social media icons.  Twitter Tips ► Use the Official/

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support Global Edition (10 th Edition) Chapter 8: Web Analytics, Web Mining, and Social Analytics.

Social networking sites (e.g., Facebook) 5. Virtual game worlds (e.g., World of Warcraft), and 6. Virtual social worlds (e.g., Second Life) --Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) © Pearson Education Limited 2014 8-41 Social versus Industrial Media Web-based social/measure effectiveness of social media only 23% are using social media analytics tools 7% are able to integrate social media into marketing Measuring the Social Media Impact Descriptive analytics – simple counts/statistics Social network analysis Advanced /

1 Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems Institute for Software Research International Kathleen M. Carley Project Director.

Network Model  Cognitively realistic  Socially realistic – embedded in social, knowledge, and task networks  Spatio-temporally realistic  Organizational network  Communication technologies  Hybrid of many models – Modular design  Agent –Social network –Behavioral response  Disease  City –Population –Site / dynamically converted into UTM coordinates to compute distances from attack  Geometry composed of several simple classes May 2003 © Kathleen M. Carley – Carnegie Mellon – ISRI, CASOS 76 Geometry/

Safe Choices- MySpace & Other Social Networking Sites Parent Workshop November 13, 2007 By Carolyn Walsh.

Have a plan Safe Choices and Safe Navigation My Space is not a fad  Billion dollar industry  Advertisement spending on social-networking sites may almost triple to $3.63 billion globally by 2011, according to EMarketer.  According to Herald Sun 11/9//working with FBI  Committee’s investigating use of internet Chat Room Blog On-Line Game Don’t feel helpless….start with simple safety choices Common Sense & Safe Choices New information to keep you afloat. Filtering Options Navigate One Step at a time Become/

What if? Incorporating uncertainty and contingency in archaeological network models Ray Rivers (Physics, ICL) Collaboration with Tim Evans (Physics, ICL):

Sites Links/edges = ‘Exchange’ between sites - physical trade of goods - soft power and hard power/social cohesion - transmission of culture Exchange controlled by physical limitations of travel Question: Why do some sites become ‘important’ and others not? (Pre-)Historic Exchange networks Theory modelling v. Data modelling NETWORK/ Page 47 Page 48 1.Generalised gravity models (GGMs): Appendix B: Most likely networks: © Imperial College London Simple gravity model (SGM): O i = outflow from i I j = inflow to/

Produced by The Risk Management Group 2012 Our simple guide to wise Social Media habits Not for resale Written by Mark Johnson I Illustrated by Corinne.

real names online is our only option. Setting up a social media account for professional networking is one example. However, if you are going to link to social contacts via a social media site then using your full name might be more of a risk/Produced by The Risk Management Group 2012 Sanity Check Number Twenty-six: Do you use different social media tools to create separate types of social media Zone? A simple but effective mechanism for operating safely online is to ‘zone’ your activities. For example, you/

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month Twitter: 4.4 billion page views/month 86% of students ages 12 to 17 who have access to the Internet use social networking sites 62% use it on a daily basis (© 2011 Cable News Network7) WHERE TO START -- MOBILE/BYOD Device consistency--It is /40 filters CyberGhost VPN 2011, all web traffic is routed through an anonymised web server – server iPhone Tracker is a simple Mac OS X application that maps the information that your iPhone is recording about your movements.application PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFO /


host names ) to IP addresses. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) SNMP is used by network management system to monitor network attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention /obtained about you. This includes license plate numbers, telephone numbers, social security numbers, the make of your automobile, the name of/organisation will have different requirements Developing a Site Security Policy Who will make the network site security policy??? joint effort by a representative/

Voifone ™ Short Code SMS Our Mission = Mobile Messaging Mobile.Local.Social With several dozen campaign tools and more than 1,100 features, Our Next-Generation.

Statistics TEXT - The BEST Direct-Marketing Program EVER! SMS Most Popular Texting usage is more than DOUBLE both App Downloads & Social Networking usage. People & Their Phone!  Over 5 Billion Texts Are Sent Daily!  100% Of Opt-In Customers WANT Your/ Bar Codes with Unique Custom Data) Text LOYALTY Include Social/ Facebook & Twitter Main Website/ Mobile Site Create Endless Redemptions Bookmark Coupons on Desktop Customers Can Also Track on Phone ALL With Simple “Text” Message! Folks Text-in from ANY Type /

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of sizes from the smallest to the largest. It applies well in poor and thinly settled farm districts with simple social organization and mainly self-contained, but not works well in manufacturing area. Highest-order center offers all the low/vicinity of the intermediate market towns. Central market towns Highest in the hierarchy. Normally situated at a strategic site in the transportation network. The functions not only as wholesaling centres for the rural markets but also offer upper-level goods and /

Social Networking & Bar Association Communication -- What You Should Know About How to Use it to Your Advantage.

another. Social Media for Bars Networking Networking MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Collaborative Tools Collaborative Tools Wikipedia, Google docs Wikipedia, Google docs RSS Feeds RSS Feeds Really Simple Syndication Really Simple Syndication Podcasts Audio broadcasts Blogs Printed journals Videos YouTube, Google videos What is LinkedIn? A worldwide online network of people A worldwide online network of people It is one of many professional networking sites It/

A centre of expertise in digital information management UKOLN is supported by: An Introduction to Web 2.0 and the Social Web MLA Marieke.

service (c) mini-questions Facebook: –A social networking Web site –Had the largest number of registered users among college-focused sites with over 30 million members worldwide –Ranked between top 10–20 Web sites A centre of expertise in digital information management/counter-productive? A centre of expertise in digital information management Get a Facebook Page It is simple to create a Facebook group page for your museum –Popular area –Syndicate content –Engage with users But remember other/

Web 2.0 & Social Networking PJ Dillon November 2 nd, 2006.

for convenience Mobile Phone Access Other Social Networking Sites Friendster Mooble Orkut –Google’s invitation only, trusted friends site iSocialite There at 100’s –All with pretty much the same features Online Dating Websites Essentially social networking for a particular focus Users create profile –Most elaborate profiles Services –Searching –Messaging –Winking/poking Generally more static content and simple services Special Social Services Flickr Have already seen/

CHAPTER 7 Web 2.0 and Social Networks 1 Copyright John Wiley & Sons Canada.

maps)Google 10Copyright John Wiley & Sons Canada RSS Really simple syndication (RSS) allows you to receive the information you want/SITES Social Networking Sites Aggregators Mashups 20Copyright John Wiley & Sons Canada SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES Well-known social networking sites include: –Facebook –Flickr –LinkedIn –YouTube –Twitter Check out this BusinessWeek slideshowslideshow 21Copyright John Wiley & Sons Canada SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES (CONTINUED) Benefits of Social Networking include: –Newsfeeds –Networks/

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is ongoing. © Network Ltd 2006 An introduction to Social Bookmarking Web built on links between sites Web built on links between sites Problem: Web Sites Temporary Problem: Web Sites Temporary Much larger than /always available Menus allow simple classification – like tags, but possibility of sub-division and categorisation Menus allow simple classification – like tags, but possibility of sub-division and categorisation © Network Ltd 2006 Listening to/

Community-Centric Information Exploration on Social Content Sites Sihem Amer-Yahia and Cong Yu Yahoo! Research New York M3SN, Shanghai, China March 29.

Cong Yu Yahoo! Research New York 3 | M3SN, Shanghai, China, 2009 Social Networking Sites Are Popular! Sihem Amer-Yahia and Cong Yu Yahoo! Research New York 4 | M3SN, Shanghai, China, 2009 An Emerging Trend/ Generation, Explanation Generation Sihem Amer-Yahia and Cong Yu Yahoo! Research New York 40 | M3SN, Shanghai, China, 2009 A Simple (Incomplete) Example Topic Generation and Community Extraction Recommendation Generation Information Presentation generate topics for item into topics from tagging R using LDA/

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simple premise: when people have the freedom to create a new social experience online, uniquely customized for the most important people and interests in their lives with no effort, no cost, and infinite choice, the world is a better, more colorful and certainly more interesting place in which to live.” WannaNetwork is a free social networking site/ created by a Las Vegas real estate agent. Members can network with others involved in the real estate/

Network Security Part III: Security Appliances Intrusion Detection Systems.

Simple log altering may also be possibleSimple log altering may also be possible –replace IP addresses to mislead –delete key logs Logging may be disabled or interceptedLogging may be disabled or intercepted –Removing syslog from services SECURITY INNOVATION ©2003 53 Generic - Social Physical accessPhysical access Obtaining “official” accessObtaining “official” access Getting others to hack/scan site/combinations of events –Statistical methods –Neural networks –Machine learning Methods to detect activity /

Social Computing Research Sept. 5, 2013 Uichin Lee KAIST KSE.

“eating your own dogfood”-type of biased user studies in the lab setting The (Anti)Social Net “Social networking sites have focused on networks and individuals. When it comes to interacting and having relationships, people don’t think in /elegant complexity Microblogging: very simple, but has social changes User interfaces (way ahead of adoptions): may not attract much use on social networks New commenter interfaces: hard to convincing existing users to test them Social Computing Systems Research Caught/

Introduction to Internet and Social Media Tools. Introduction What is Introduction to Internet and Social Media Tools? A seminar class for basic knowledge.

Resolution File Size - keep it small as possible Tag Pictures Best Practices: Pictures Clear and Simple Not too many clicks Site Map Worst Practices Best Practices: Navigation Professional vs DIY Templates SiteBuilders Website Development DIY Advantages Ownership /are you doing?" 575,600,000 Accounts Actual users?? Twitter LinkedIn is a professional, business-oriented social networking site. Users can create a profile that is akin to a resume. LinkedIn Companies also can have profile information/

Types of websites There are 12 basic types of websites

to look for a specific person and lot more. Facebook has recently crossed 500 million users and is the most popular Social Networking site of the world. Twitter: Twitter is a very simple service that is rapidly becoming one of the most talked-about social networking service providers. When you have a Twitter account, you can use the service to post and receive messages to a/

QIM 501E/4 Instructional Design and Delivery Social Network Theory & Web 2.0 Learning Environment Lecturer: Dr. Balakrishnan Muniandy.

be “ are standing in the same room. ” Relationships can have direction such as 1 likes 2. In this simple network the relationship could be symmetrical or non- directional: 1 and 2 like one another, or their liking is mutual. Aside/collaboration among users. These concepts have led to the development and evolution of Web-based communities and hosted services, such as social networking sites, wikis, blogs, Second Life, and folksonomy. Figure 1. Theatrical metaphor for Web 2.0 learning environments. Web 2.0/

Chapter 7 –Security in Networks  Introduction to networks  Threats against network applications  Controls against network applications  Firewalls 

Campus  Wide Area Networks (WANs) Connect corporate sites orConnect corporate sites or Connect corporate sites with sites of customers and suppliersConnect corporate sites with sites of customers and suppliers Elements of a Simple LAN Hub or Switch/ procedures, making technical security worthlessOften violate security procedures, making technical security worthless Social engineering: attacker tricks user into violating security proceduresSocial engineering: attacker tricks user into violating /

Ehsan Zamiri Supervisor: Dr. Kahani Ferdowsi University of Mashad FOAF: Semantic Based NameSpace for Social Networking.

statistics is generated by A usecase: FOAF FOAF (Friend of a Friend) is a simple ontology to describe people and their social networks. See the foaf project page: CS Department of UMBC crawled the web / at most 1000 documents from any site DS-FOAF Custom crawler found 1.5M foaf documents, most from a few large blog sites (e.g., livejournal) DS-FOAF-Small Subset of ~7K non-blog foaf documents from ~1K sites defining ~37K people FOAF document Discovery/

SIMPLE ASSESSMENT Pretest Study Guide. Word Processor Essay Desktop Publishing Application Web Page Graphics Application Pamphlet Designing a Logo HTML.

as full name, home address, e-mail address, telephone number, social security number or any other information that the FTC determines "permits the/ personal information from a child. (Actual knowledge can be as simple as a child sharing their grade or age in a monitored/ file.png is a graphics file which stands for: Portable Network Graphics 37 If you were writing a report on unemployment,/the validity of information you find on the Internet? A.The site domain extension (org., gov., edu.) B.The legitimacy of /

Asset Categorization Asawin Rajakrom. Course Syllabus This course describes how the power distribution network assets are modeled and categorized into.

of a user as well as the privacy polices of a Web site  “Web of Trust” – RDF with digital signatures will be/ ingredients for a pizza relations to other objects: pizza store, customer, …  Simple and complex properties simple properties (attributes): contain primitive values (strings, numbers) complex properties: contain (or /socials factors associated with the implementation of power distribution network  The domain encompass the medium voltage (MV) distribution feeder including network components, network/

By Mohammed Al-Saleh / JUST 1 Chapter 7 Security in Networks Security in Computing, 4 th Ed, Pfleeger Part 1: Threats in Networks.

Network Views Simple View Complex View By Mohammed Al-Saleh / JUST 7 Chapter 7 Environment of Use Although some networks are located in protected spaces (for example, a local area network in a single laboratory or office), at least some portion of most networks/the attacker knows what is open. From social engineering, the attacker knows certain internal /site as possible, whether by humans or machines. By Mohammed Al-Saleh / JUST 27 Chapter 7 Threats in Transit: Eavesdropping and Wiretapping Because a network/

YEAR 9 ONLINE SAFETY AND SECURITY. Online safety Phishing Cyberbullying Grooming Viruses Cookies Social networking Worms & trojans.

about you but allows friends to see your profile. Ask your friends’ permission before adding their photos to a social networking site. Any photos you upload can be seen or copied by anyone. Watermark your photos.This will deter people from / except using specialist, expensive equipment. Secure deletion software - This involves using software to overwrite data one or more times. Simple and cheap. The media can be reused once the overwriting is complete. Restore to factory settings - Many devices offer a/

Social Media and Targeted Audience L 10 Ing. Jiří Šnajdar 2014.

engae with each other on social media sites, there are many of opportunities to network. The people you meet may be in a position to introduce you to perfect employer. Opposite is also true, employers look the social networking sites to find the people that would/ The internet is like a massive focus group with uninhibited customers offering up their thoughts for free. Tapping this resource is simple – you have to monitor what is beeing said. Just having the presence on the blogs, forums, chat rooms that /

The Internet. The Internet, also called the Net, is a world-wide collection of networks that links millions of businesses, government agencies, educational.

Social Network An online social network, also called a social networking Web site, is a Web site that encourages members in its online community to share their interests, ideas, stories, photos, music, and videos with other registered users. A media sharing Web site is a specific type of online social network/ fee. ◦ News, music, video, and pictures. RSS 2.0, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a specification that some content aggregators use to distribute content. Atom is another specification / Social Media 101 A presentation for members and friends of Access Development and the BYU Management Society Salt.

at search placement Search placement lingo: – search engine optimization – search engine marketing – inbound marketing – social media optimization Social media tools RSS (really simple syndication) Blogging and microblogging Online newsroom Social (virtual) networking Multimedia sharing Wikis Who’s your daddy? Your main Web site is no longer your home page Google Search is The Google/

CHAPTER 5 Network Applications. Chapter Outline 5.1 Network Applications 5.2 Web 2.0 5.3 E-Learning and Distance Learning 5.4 Telecommuting.

SitesSocial Networking.  Aggregators.  Mashups Social networking Web sites allow users to upload their content to the Web, in the form of text (for example, blogs), voice (for example, podcasts), images, and videos (for example, videocasts). Social networking sites provide an easy, interactive way to communicate and collaborate with others on the Web. Well-known social networking sites/four protocols:  Extensible Markup Language (XML)  Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)  Web Services Description /


social network out there, both in terms of name recognition and total number of users. With over 1.39 billion active users, Facebook is a great medium for connecting people from all over the world with your business. And Facebook is not only the biggest network, its arguably the most versatile one. In the 11 years since it launched, Facebook grew from a simple/ two, and you’re set, right? Unfortunately, not so much. Every social media site has its own style and practices, so getting good results on one won’/

Chapter 1. Social Media and Social Computing October 2012 Youn-Hee Han

indicated content or context. Some spammers use fake identifiers to obtain other user’s private information on social networking sites. –Research is needed for “secure social computing platform” it is critical in turning social media sites into a successful marketplace 25 1.5 Summary  Social media mining is a young and vibrant field with many promises.  Social media has kept surprising us with its novel forms and variety/

School of Information University of Michigan Search in networks Lada Adamic (U. Michigan) NetSci Workshop May 16 th, 2006.

geography only 7% because they “know a lot of people” Simple greedy algorithm: most similar acquaintance two-step strategy rare nodes are/Results distancehierarchygeographygeodesicorgrandom median473628 mean5.7 (4.7) hierarchy geography Expt 2 Searching a social networking website Profiles: status (UG or G) year major or department residence gender Personality (choose 3 / = 2.1, have a 25% chance # of sites linking to the site proportion of sites w/ so many links 1000 Selecting from a variety of /

ISV and Developer Relations © 2006 IBM Corporation Extending your developer network through Web 2.0 online communities Rawn Shah

-led sites Social networking sites ISV and Developer Relations © 2006 IBM Corporation 4 The three software patterns driving Web 2.0 User-driven adoption Value on demand Low cost of entry Public infrastructure Tight feedback loop between providers and consumers Software as a SERVICE Service, not software COMMUNITY mechanisms Recommendations Social networking features Tagging User comments Community rights management User-to-user communications Users add value SIMPLE/

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