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Agenda 1 Session 1Technology Trends Session 2Broadband as a New Standard Quality of Connection Services Session 3Market and Regulation Direct and Indirect.

display/Industry led (NGNuK) versus Authority-led /segmenting channels ttowards a still more fragmented market hat, apart from digital TV/TV program platforms. 84INFINITY Training Partners 2011 6 Convergence 5.2Fixed Mobile Convergence Fixed Mobile Convergence or Integration, FMC or FMI is a broad concept that covers various ways of integration of mobile and fixed (wired/wireless) technologies and services. FMC is not a new development and several FMC services have been on the market for the last five to seven/

St Andrews High School, Higher Computing 1 Higher Computing – Unit 3 Topics 5-8, 2, 9 Networking.

because of the networked banking systems. On-line purchasing has led to fears about security of credit card details and the/their segment. Since a Network Interface Card (NIC) receives every packet on its segment and can be can be set to display their/ – ADSL St Andrews High School, Higher Computing 119 Transmitting TV over a cable connection is common due to the spread of/High School, Higher Computing 140 The OSI model divides networks into seven layers All People Seem To Need Domino’s Pizza Layers are/

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. At the time they were used as replacemants for incandesent indicators, and in seven segments displays. Copyright (c) 2011 Presentation Point ( DEVELOPMENT OF COLOR LED’S IN 1970’S: Throughout the 1970’s.the development in LED technology led to appearance of additional colors and wave lengths. The reliability of LEDs was still a pretty major issue, mainly due to the fact that/

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from 2010 to 2015. SaaS is the largest segment of the cloud computing services market, accounting / third party web service which searches and displays available health services on a Google Map./care for and receive care from. These technologies will include TV, mobile phone, games consoles, computers and tablets. The/ Healthbox Europe, which invested £50,000 in seven selected healthcare start-ups who moved from across / Art is an example of how novel design-led approaches help the NHS “think differently” about/

Embedded Systems Authors: Gvozden Marinkovic Nikola Milanovic Goran Timotic Ivan Sokic

Crystals AD Converters DA Converters LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Operational Amplifier Sensors and Transducers 35/175 /: CPU There are eleven addressing modes: –seven for data –four for program sequence control/routines in fixed memory locations use segments named ?function_name?BYTE and ?function_name/ The device will have: – 8 driver outputs (ie. LEDs, relays) – a speaker output – a light sensor input/- 0.4 inch pitch unpolarised component (eg resistor) TV-06A - Push button switch, zippy brand S2020SMT - /

Post War America 1945-1960’s Domestic Policy and Popular Culture for the 1950’s and early 1960’s.

nine years old in 1951, because she was black led to the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka/seven hours daily by July 1, 1954! A home entertainment center --- 1950’s Style! A July 1,1952 photo of CBS-TV Washington newsman, Walter Cronkite. TV dinner innovator Gerry Thomas displays/TV program! Harriet Nelson, flanked by the three men in her life, from left, Ricky, Ozzie and David prepare to celebrate the 12th anniversary of "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" on the air on Sept. 23, 1955. Watch a segment/

المملكة العربية السعودية جامعة جازان كلية الآداب والعلوم الإنسانية قسم الصحافة والإعلام عرض بوربوينت لمادة النصوص الإعلامية باللغة الإنجليزية نصوص إعلامية.

display Assignment A story which a journalist has assigned to cover: a briefing نصوص إعلامية باللغة الإنجليزية 10 Barter deal In TV /form that has eventual meaning for the receiver. Demographic Segmentation A method of segmenting a market based on the demographic characteristics of consumers/ week-long study were polled via BlackBerry smart phones seven times per day and asked to report when they / 10-12 consumers from the target market are led through a discussion regarding a particular topic such as/

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display (LCD) devices over other types of display devices? They consume less power They can display changes instantly They are visible in all light conditions They can be easily interchanged with other display devices Display Devices Cathode-Ray Tubes Vacuum tube display. TV’s. Computer monitors. Oscilloscopes. Radar displays. Display/ pulse for every ten input pulses It decodes a decimal number for display on a seven-segment LED display It produces ten output pulses for every input pulse It adds two decimal/

in its turn in the troubleshooting process has led a lot of guys to chase their tails for/ from the nearest pedestal, and the subscriber needs seven lines, the Phone Company has two choices, bury/second) per segment between routers on the Internet (it may take quite a few segments to get to/ you use electronic VoIP telephones with buttons and a display connected to your office Ethernet network. These phones /these things work before you drop the Phone Company... TV Set-Top Boxes Some cable or satellite set-top/

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with the Werkglocken (work clock)  Has also led to “McDonaldization” of the world:  Organizational /and romance novels (e.g., Harlequin)  Advertisements, TV shows, movies, and music* Copyright © 2011 by /different desires and needs of audience segments and their need for culturally-specific/ Terri Petkau, Mohawk College CHAPTER SEVEN Gender Inequality: Economic and Political Aspects/representation in politics by:  Having political parties display good intentions  Reducing economic barriers to winning /

Amateur Extra License Class Chapter 5 Components and Building Blocks.

in all light conditions D. They can be easily interchanged with other display devices Display Devices Cathode-Ray Tubes Vacuum tube display. TV’s. Computer monitors. Oscilloscopes. Radar displays. Display Devices Cathode-Ray Tubes An electron beam is accelerated by a high voltage/. It produces one output pulse for every ten input pulses B. It decodes a decimal number for display on a seven-segment LED display C. It produces ten output pulses for every input pulse D. It adds two decimal numbers together E7F04/

Top Embedded Projects Ideas for Engineering Students.

Engineering Students  Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote  Display of Dialed Telephone Numbers on Seven Segment Displays  Distance Measurement by Ultrasonic Sensor  DTMF Based / Top Embedded Projects Ideas for Engineering Students  Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control  Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving/ Touch Screen Based Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management  TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control  Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit /

Marketing Buzzwords of confusion Sales versus Marketing Market Research & Marketing Research Event Marketing SWOT, PEST, KPI’s, USP’s, DINKY’s etc ?

market segments New international markets Loosening of regulations Removal of international trade barriers Market is led by/Face to Face Communication) Brand Building Events Product Displays Brand Awareness Merchandising Promotions PR Driver Entertainment Brand Building/of the audience. Brown Goods Electrical goods such as TVs, videos, stereo systems etc, used for home /consultant and university professor born 1909 Sales versus Marketing The seven main elements in the Selling Process are; The opening/

Smart Materials. Thermochromic Inks Inks that change colour with temperature Useful on marketing materials Interesting gimmicks ! Has your egg been hot.

display numbers using a seven-segment display. The numbers are made to appear on the LCD by applying a voltage to certain segments, which go dark in contrast to the silvered background. As very small amounts of current are needed to power them, LCD displays are ideal for portable electronic devices such as mobile phones. Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) The rapid advance of LCD technology led/ LCD televisions and computer screens. LCD displays: are thinner, so the TV, computer screen or laptop casing can /

History of GIS The Commercial Era: 1980 to 2010

.” 1981 IBM releases the Personal Computer (model 5150) Development led by Don Estridge; he realized that cost effectiveness required 3rd /displayed IM THE CREEPER : CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. E 1983 ETAK digital mapping company was formed by Stanley Honey and seven//INFO 6.0 Major reengineering Redesigned menu-interface Dynamic segmentation Enhanced cartographic tools GRID extension for raster modeling M/ network TV on election night CBS Evening News and ESRI staff ArcGIS Desktop used to display current results/

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what is permitted or denied access to a network segment.  Internet appliance – web TV, game consoles, Blu-ray players etc.  / cable, activity should be verified by looking at the LEDs.  Set the network location.  Log into the/reserved.Cisco Confidential Testing Connectivity  Using Windows CLI Ipconfig – displays basic configuration for all network adapters. Ping – tests basic /is used to divide the functions of networking into seven distinct layers. These layers include Application, Presentation, /

Chapter 6: Networks. Chapter 6 Objectives 6.1 Explain the principles of networking 6.2 Describe types of networks 6.3 Describe basic networking concepts.

is permitted or denied access to a network segment. Internet appliance – web TV, game consoles, Blu-ray players etc./ activity should be verified by looking at the LEDs. Set the network location. Log into the /Testing Connectivity Use Windows GUI Testing Connectivity Using Windows CLI Ipconfig – displays basic configuration for all network adapters. Ping – tests basic connectivity / is used to divide the functions of networking into seven distinct layers. These layers include Application, Presentation, Session/

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what is permitted or denied access to a network segment.  Internet appliance – web TV, game consoles, Blu-ray players etc.  / cable, activity should be verified by looking at the LEDs.  Set the network location.  Log into the/reserved.Cisco Confidential Testing Connectivity  Using Windows CLI Ipconfig – displays basic configuration for all network adapters. Ping – tests basic /is used to divide the functions of networking into seven distinct layers. These layers include Application, Presentation, /

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-driven Environment-supported Services-backed Strategy-led Requirements for Promotion Infrastructure, Products and/to Audience Value to Agency TOTAL Audience Segmentation Differing perspectives Different characteristics Different experiences Different/ Nike HP Evian bottled water Seven Behavior Change Stages-Which is /“places” (materials, signs, banners, etc.) where we could display this logo? Will this help promote our effort? How? Why?/ and stops cassette/DVD player, TV as needed Remains quiet throughout the/


-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html Epix (TV channel) - History 1 EPIX also provided / - Technology components 1 One specific technology segment is AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture/ the iLiad made use of an electronic paper display. In 2010, sales of the iLiad ended when/06/419-guardian- news-and-media-laying-off-seven-employees-in-u- s/ Guardian News And/ndmViewId=news_viewnewsId=200904 20006039newsLang=en SurveyMonkey Announces Group Led by Spectrum Equity to Become Majority Investor] /


or pre-recorded instructions, and illuminated message displays or using strict access control regimes to segment the network – policy appliances are required to/potential for very large-scale incidents has led to more fire services utilising or increasing/soup. This nickname comes from a childrens TV series called The Clangers. https://store./Around 30 fire appliances are deployed across the seven stations, consisting mainly of water tender ladders,/

The Litigation Side of Forensic Accounting Copyrighted 2001 D

and technology necessary to unearth digital secrets has led to the birth of a small but growing/patients traveling great distances to a provider open seven days a week for disproportionate number of non/. A forensic accountant hired as an expert must segment a broad legal question (e.g., has fraud/Dr. Park Dietz’s erroneous testimony about a nonexistent TV episode on Law & Order. His photo was /screen panels on the bench. One displays evidence. The other displays testimony translated from the court reporter/

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delay the onset of Alzheimers. 17. Group of Seven nations should indicate steps they can take to achieve /in front of us. (j) INCORRECT: While watching TV last night, the phone rang. CHANGING TIME CLAUSES TO /the United States transfer authority from the American-led occupation to Iraq itself. Not once could /. Nowhere has this newfound confidence been on display more than in China’s rapidly improving international/have the complications of a refining and marketing segment, nor is it of a scale that forces/


led by Dr. Joseph Bates and Carnegie-Mellon University, the Software Agents group at MIT, the Improv Project led by Ken Perlin at New York University, and the Virtual Theater group at Stanford, led/ 2010.Cornell University. [ 706 Jameson, Daphne A Professor]. Retrieved /is the News on the March segment. Its stilted dialogue and portentous/ going to leap over a seven-meters-wide canyon will be /Company|ABC television series Lost (TV series)|Lost made extensive use of/

Goals Identify common media connectors Identify common network components Identify features of 802 project network standards (hardware protocols) – 802.2.

Allows development of new technologies without restructuring the entire network Seven-Layer OSI Model 4 Application Layer (7) Topmost layer/off logic –Speed is direct corollary of the pulse rate –LED is slower MHz –LD GHz Pulse width modulation –Streaming / fixed physical address burned into the network interface by the manufacturer –Displayed in 6 part hexadecimal notation 00:60:B6:A1:78:17 –First/ 10BASE-2 200 meters (185) maximum segment Thinnet, –easy to manipulate –not TV coax (75 OHM cable RG58U) RG-/

1 Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company. Confidential and proprietary. U.S. Consumer Trends April 27, 2012 Todd Hale SVP, Consumer & Shopper Insights Version.

of Mexican heritage represent the single most influential segment of the Hispanic market w/ $616 billion/ “Eco-friendly" shelf tags with small LCD displays Source: /special online version of the scavenger hunt for seven days U.S. Consumer Trends 143 Copyright/ watermarks & others “Almost all codes in Q4 led to product demonstrations, branding videos, sweepstakes, e/Nielsen Company. Confidential and proprietary. Nestlé launches TV ad – only dogs can hear * Xavier /

Fundraising does not determine the health of an organization. The health of an organization determines its fundraising success. Joan Flanagan.

Agency Externally –Community newspapers and radio/TV recognition –Create an awareness in the/code that indicates a scale of financial capability or readiness. Segment – one of many “slices and dices” – selections /in specific new fields that will display and can be selected. Information Landscape Information /Antidote: Facts Skepticism: Previous experience has led to reluctance –Antidote: Third party assurance/ to serve on boards –Give more to social causes The Seven Typologies The Repayer: “Doing Good in Return” –10% /

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games) The console timeline is broken into seven generations Each generation saw an increase in /Center for Teaching and Learning™ 1976 - APF TV Fun Pong clone manufactured by APF formally a /is from the Greek numerical prefix tetra- four segments Electronic Gaming Monthlys 100th issue had Tetris in first/ Atari Lynx Worlds first with a color LCD display by Atari Advanced features and graphics, and ambidextrous / Sonic the Hedgehog as the companys mascot Led to subsequent games in Segas flagship Sonic the/

36 Zephaniah ZEPHANIAH Judah (Northern Kingdom already in Assyrian exile)

Lamb on Mount Zion when the glory is about to be displayed (Rv 14:1–5). [Ironside, H. A.: Notes /your experience today? 202 The Millennial Kingdom Unger highlights a seven-fold description: 1) An era of supreme and exhilarating/the leading empire. King Manasseh (697–642) had led the people of Judah deeper and deeper into idolatry/ crime has increased by 560%. The fastest growing segment of the criminal population is children. Between 1982 /murders and 100,000 acts of violence on TV by the time he or she leaves /

INTERACTING WITH ARCHITECTS Solomon Marcus Simion Stoilow Institute of Mathematics Romanian Academy

described the correspondence between the seven musical notes and the seven colors of the rainbow? But/is the obligatory length of codons, the segments of RNA sequences, which, through the genetic/ Foreign Languages of the University of Bucharest These led to the formation of several scientific schools For / living being its Umwelt. This operator displays some similarities with the contextual operator, which/ Global And Near - Far The internet, the TV and the mobile telephone belong, by their physical support/

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Germany and Taiwan Memory from Korea and Japan, Display panels and circuitry from Korea and Taiwan, Chipsets /the Chinese factory floors. The autocratic style has led to clashes even in China, where workers /16, 1983, Nissan has produced more than seven million vehicles in the United States. It /has an SBU structure with four product related segments GE country units usually have a matrix structure/year suspended consumer smartphone operations, stopped making plasma TVs and sold a majority stake in its health/


nm White AlGaP 550-570 nm Green SiC 430-505 nm Blue Applications ADVANTAGES LED’s are used in visual displays of calculators, watches and many other display devices. A very popular use of LED is in construction of “seven segment display”. Lighting applications. Remote controls, such as for TVs and VCRs, often use infrared LEDs. In optical fiber and Free Space Optic communications. ADVANTAGES Fast response time (nanoseconds/

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS For, III Semester BBM.  Aswathappa. K. (2012). International Business. Tata McGraw Hill  Subba Rao (2014). International Business.

markets 4.Complexity in operations 5.Diversified Markets & Segmented 6.Supremacy of Big Corporation 7.Subject to Diplomatic / USA, Eco star, Willow TV & Neo Sports are broadcasting this festival of cricket and Seven Network will run the coverage/IMAX Corporation. IMAX has the capacity to record and display images of far greater size and resolution than conventional /resolution of commercial disputes. The popularity of arbitration has led to a proliferation of arbitral centers established by countries/

8/26/20151 Creationism News -- January 2012 神创论新闻 -- 2012 年 1 月 I am indebted to David Coppedge who sacrificed his career as the Head Systems Administrator.

really believe that an unguided, impersonal, purposeless mechanism led to the diversity of life on Earth, they / over time, it’s not clear what the seven scientists from UC Berkeley and University of Pittsburgh intended/appendage, a wing serial homologue on the first thoracic segment. This innovation in the insect body plan is an/ is an unfortunate choice, too; the wondrous displays of complexity we see on gym floors like /on the verge of a BBC News special TV program about them:UK Natural History Museum The /


the Chamber of Deputies (334 seats). The Government, led by a prime-minister appointed by the president of the/s property or concession. 2. Temporary building, such as kiosks, display panels, etc. Building permits may be obtained even if the /right to purchase such assets. For a period of seven years after Romanias accession to the EU, foreign investors/ continue to develop to respond to audience segmentation using several forms: internet and social networking, digital TV, mobile telephony, radio, and print, /

Business English CHAPTER TWELVE, BOOK FIVE. 1 Reading Activities 2 Listening Activities 3 Speaking Activity 4 Writing Activities - Homework 5 Translation.

hear. TV vs. Internet When people watch TV, they passively sit there as information is displayed across the screen. Watching TV is/a sales message to potential customers. It is one segment of a well-organized, continuous marketing plan. Effective / movement back from an impact e.g.: 3) For the first seven years of this decade, that situation bred excess and abuse; now it/ trade are devastating for Western employment and our environment have led to a backlash against imported goods, the cancellation of free/

Chapter 6 Networks. Principles of Networking Networks are systems that are formed by links. People use different types of networks every day: Mail delivery.

what is permitted or denied access to a network segment. Internet appliance – web TV, game consoles, Blu- ray players etc. / that is used to divide network communications into seven layers. Although other models exist, most network/, activity should be verified by looking at the LEDs. Set the network location. Log into the router/) Testing Connectivity Use Windows GUI Testing Connectivity Using Windows CLI Ipconfig – displays basic configuration for all network adapters. Ping – tests basic connectivity between/

Using Differentiated Instruction Connecticut Standards (CCSS):

agencies Athletes Cartoonist Editors Pen Pals Animals Historical figures TV Characters Doctors Lawyers Politicians Poets Plants Parents Historical events /addition fact. Each child was asked to display an addend with different colored stars and then the pair/ grouped her grade-level learners together into three groups of seven students. She placed one of her ELL students in each/segment of the unit with a discussion about how their “data” matched real-life current deflection. Over the next two days she led/

EECS 150 - Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems Lec 01 – Introduction 8-31-04 David Culler Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.

32 SDRAM Quad Ethernet Transceiver Xilinx Virtex 2000E Seven Segment LED Displays Prototype Area 8/31/04EECS150 Lec01 - Intro 14 F03 Final Project: Video Processor (Network Controlled Video Capture/Processing/Display System) Control Program network Video Processor Video /Lec01 - Intro 17 Not exactly a line of LEDS FPGA/SDRAM provides full game logic –Court, obstructions –Moving paddles –Moving, colliding ball –All the physics Court displayed to NTSC (TV) Video Output –Real time Sound effects ??? N64 /

SDNFV Slide 1 SDN NFV and all that Presented by: Yaakov (J) Stein CTO.

overlap between communications (telephone, radio, TV) and computation (computers) Actually communications / application-related information and statistics Display application – generates graphs and reports/, Juniper, KT, MetraTech, NEC, NSN, NTT, Oracle, PT, RadiSys, Samsung, Seven Principles, Spirent, Sprint, Swisscom, Tektronix, TI, Telefon Ericsson, Telefonica, TA, Telenor,/single flow table which led to overly limited hardware/ Segment routing solves the function chaining problem SDNFV Slide 122 Segment /


Brand Development Research Promotion Direct Database Analysis and Segmentation Program Planning and Execution Acquisition Retention CRM eStrategy / Hollywood Boulevard to Wall Street has led to an understanding of target audiences/ marketing directors as well as the local TV rep. Mary is a people person./firms in the country. Over the past seven years, UnREAL Marketing has become nationally /placement on hotel newspapers Use BlueCast posters and displays in high-traffic areas in convention center, hotels/

Now Discover your Strengths Exploring the Individual Strengths and Organizational Effectiveness Adapted from the book: Now, Discover your Strengths by.

: "I love live TV because you never know what is going to happen. One minute I might be putting together a segment on the best teenage/ must avoid this. We must look to our past, see what led to our mistakes, and then not make them again. It sounds /for all these facts is that the real Mona Lisa not on display in the Louvre. The real Mona Lisa has been stolen, / the walls. This started happening when I was very young, say seven years old." From "Now Discover Your Strengths" Chapter 445 INCLUSIVENESS "/

CEN 4500 Data Communications Instructor: S. Masoud Sadjadi sadjadi At cs Dot fiu Dot edu Chapter 6: The Transport.

Sadjadi67 The Example Transport Entity Each connection is in one of seven states: –Idle – Connection not established yet. –Waiting –/ back some results. –The observation has led people to arrange request- reply interactions on/ each other. For example, a digital tv program supporting multiple languages. CEN 4500,/g., in ASCII text This information can be displayed on the receiver’s screen to indicate who /CEN 4500, S. Masoud Sadjadi118 The TCP Segment Header Every segment begins with a fixed-format, 20-byte /

1 Confidential - for classroom use only Richard Rumelt Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters (Crown Business: 2011)

necessary to distinguish between formal leaders and those who led by personal charisma. The latter, he wrote, seemed/ Confidential - for classroom use only Chapter Seven: Proximate Objectives One of a leader’s/ eventually have one and that “free” TV entertainment would provide strong competition to motion/profit or gain to individual products, outlets, areas, segments, or any other portion of the total, you can/ home prices never decline— does not necessarily display the flaw until it collapses. The collapse /

Top List Of Electronics And Electrical Projects For Diploma Students.

Protection  Wireless Power Transfer In 3D Space  Self-switching Power Supply  LED Based Automatic Emergency Light  Electronic Soft Start For 3-phase Induction Motor http://www/Cell Phone Based DTMF Controlled Garage Door Opening System  Display Of Dialed Telephone Numbers On Seven Segment Display  Vehicle Tracking By GPS-GSM  Flash Flood Intimation/User Programmable Number To Owner Who Can Stop The Engine Remotely.  Using Tv Remote As A Cordless Mouse For The Computer Using Pic Controller  Wireless /

Chapter One Modern Network Security Threats

documented and researched. This research has led to greater understanding of network attacks and/throughout the software lifecycle. It centers around seven common bodies of knowledge (CBK). Secure Software/ Broken.” He has also made numerous TV appearances. Trends Driving Network Security Increase/designed to: Monitor a users web browsing. Display unsolicited advertisements. Redirect affiliate marketing revenues to / that are already affected. Compartmentalize and segment the network to slow down or stop/

Diodes 1.

voltage v holds good over many decades of current (seven decades, a factor of 107 Forward Biased Region Forward/ of the curve is approximated as almost linear segment of the diode characteristics. The Small – Signal/TV signals Opto-storage are CD ROM computer disks Wide bandwidth & low signal attenuation. Solar Cell – light energy into Electrical energy Light Emitting Diode (LED) Inverse of Photodiode Converts a forward biased current into light GaAs used for manufacturing LEDs Used as electronics displays/

Knowledge and perception of European Union action and the European funds among the French population In partnership with the Ministry for the economy,

emitting the message through, for example, a bigger display of the European funds; clarify the role and the/to 42% among those with higher education certificates). TV is mentioned more often in overseas départements than/ 91% in La Réunion. In total, seven regions have an awareness score of more than 85/ is far higher than the national average among certain segments and managers, in particular (40% compared to 25/ most tangible actions. This survey was led by DIACT under the inter-ministerial communication/

STScI HST Servicing Mission 4 Delta Readiness Review April 21, 2009 Space Telescope Science Institute John N. Bahcall Auditorium.

agree to refuse any public discussion or display of these data and/or any scientific/ file for each exposure. 61334 - CALCOS should copy segment-specific keywords. 61394 - CALCOS should update wavelengths in /on SMOV; non-critical for GO science):  Seven WFC3 telemetry mnemonics have multiple raw-to-physical conversion/very similar to ACS) WFC3 support for Multidrizzle led by Linda Dressel with Platais, McLean, Dulude/ well versed in processing WFC3 data from TV experience  Launch delay permitted training of /

1 CS294-3: Distributed Service Architectures in Converged Networks Randy H. Katz Computer Science Division Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Networking” Course All about protocols and the OSI seven layers –Protocol details: link-state vs. distance/ traditional lecture-oriented course –More student-led presentations, discussions –Project will be the/ Application Services Web Site Caching Comparison Shopping Interactive TV Guide Local Ad Insertion Streaming Media A New /18.2% ISP connection down LAN segment overloaded Service Reliability is Critical Systems / devices –Cell Phone + Wall Camera & Display 67 Outline What is this Course About? Technology/

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