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Smartphone Operating Systems Hwajung Lee Key Reference: Prof. Jong-Moon Chung’s Lecture Notes at Yonsei University.

first iPhone Core iOS user interface -Capacitive touchscreen -Pinch-to-Zoom -Inertial Scrolling Mobile Safari web browser Visual Voicemail Google Maps iOS Evolution iOS 1.1 Released/ to save current status for easy reuse when returning to app after multitasking Retina Display support iOS Evolution iOS 4 (2/2) FaceTime video chat using Wi-Fi/OS X 10.10 Yosemite for enhanced interactivity between iPhone or iPad and Mac computer -Send and receive text messages from a Mac -Take phone calls from a Mac iOS /

Chapter 4: Mobile User Interface Design. Mobile User Interface Design: Design falls into the category of craftsmanship mobile devices are portable enough.

When there is suffi cient delay, you can display advertising on the Loading screen. Advertising Project / product name. ➤ Correct unnecessarily mean or passive-aggressive error messages and task prompts. ➤ Avoid redundant content. UNDERSTANDING MOBILE PLATFORMS/ not use carets to indicate deeper content. ➤ Parallax scrolling is common in Android applications. ➤ Android development can extend/ the top to reveal the Notification Center. ➤ Larger iPad screens are great for custom multi-finger gestures, but/

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to Cellular Desktop Video Flare PC / one-X Communicator Mac Microsoft Lync Desktop Integration w/ACA NA Flare iPad Avaya Aura Messaging SBCE & Remote Access Avaya Aura Conferencing Scopia Desktop & Mobile Analog License Available for $40/user Office /for participant management Access to stored docs AAC 7.2 Playback Control Hover for playback controls Slide sorter scrolling view Display area for active speaker Selectable playback activities Download content to local PC Recording Attributes – End User /

ARIN IU 28 Jayna Greenfield Training and Consultation Team Assistive Technology January 23, 2013.

of AT specified in the IEP. Check it out… iPad (With Retina Display) iPad Mini Some Differences Between iPads and Laptops: iPad Laptop Touchscreen keyboard Uses “apps” (applications) Battery is /Software…Using Apps Open… tap it’s icon on the home screen Scroll through home screen pages by swiping finger Return to the home screen/ AAC. Students who use AAC are often provided with insufficient opportunities and messages. There are no prerequisites. AAC supports development of : Expressive language Receptive/

Computer Education Semester Review. Tech Terms Vocabulary Words.

connects each device from power surges. A. Surge protector B. Flash drive C. IPad D. Mouse #17 An _____ on your computer screen represents an object or a / phone that includes advance functionality beyond making phone calls and sending text messages. Most of these have the capability to display photos, play videos, check and send e-mail, and surf the/letters at the TOP of the worksheet. A. Cell B. Boundary C. Gridline D. Scroll Bar #11 The arrows in the illustration points to what part of an Excel window? A/

60 Tips in 75 Minutes Presented by Ivan Hemmans. Mobile: Attend web conferences Attend GoToMeeting, WebEx, or other web conferences from a mobile device.

keys available while your presentation is running. Mobile: Sync Exchange data iPhones, iPads, and Androids can sync Exchange data. In environments that require hardware-level encryption/ that brings this functionality to your mobile device. Windows 7: Scroll to zoom Press and hold CTRL, then scroll the mouse wheel to change the zoom of the active program./message. Press * on BlackBerry smartphones with a SureType keyboard. Windows 7: Connect a projector Press and hold the Windows key, then press P to display/

Life Impact | The University of Adelaide IT Matters: Mobile Devices An introduction to mobile devices and how they can be used to increase office productivity.

install apps Increased functionality Touchscreen Take high resolution Photo/Video Display on TV, monitor, projector Good battery life Lighter than / shared iPads Life Impact | The University of Adelaide Slide 16 Tips & Tricks… Tap the top of screen just below the time to scroll to /messages across 3G or WiFi to any iPhone, iPad, or iPod (running iOS5) or Mac (OSX 10.7.3 and above) Find My iPad – uses GPS services to locate your lost iPad Life Impact | The University of Adelaide Slide 24 Useful Apps for iPads/

Corporate Compliance and HIPAA 2011

Click on Aurora System Manual, click on Table of Contents and scroll down to the policy. Direct any questions, including how to determine/on our mobile devices including: Laptops BlackBerries Smartphones iPhones iPads USB drives If you know of a security risk /about the computer. A Word From Our Sponsor – Patient Information Displayed QUIZ ANSWER: c. Find someone in the department and tell/Lappin, General Counsel. Do not just leave voice mails or messages, but rather make sure you make direct contact with a/


Display of icons in Library lags behind display of Library items and behind users ability to scroll and select an item. Cached items may display faster avoiding appearance of slow Library display/Library - Download Apple app exits (crashes?) on content download with no error message until cache is cleared (logout, re-install app if needed). Clear cache / data. General Apple app display is incorrect on iPad. On iPad version of JKO Mobile App, current x2 method often displays content and menus incorrectly. /

1 Course Medical Statistics with Informatics. Office on the Internet Google Apps.

tablet For Android phones and tablets – Eclair and up (Android 2.1+) For iPhone and iPad iOS 5.0+ About Google Drive for your Mac/PC Google Drive for your Mac/PC/While working with a spreadsheet, click the Insert menu and select Form. – A message will display at the top of the page notifying you that a new form has been created./View Scrolling Through the Calendar Scroll through calendar by clicking on the “forward” and “backward” tabs The Keyboard shortcuts for this are “k” forward and “j” backward Displays /


have them during testing No student tablets allowed in testing room Ipads are allowed for TEST ADMINISTRATORS ◦ No recording ◦ No pictures /message: “Logout complete. Thank you for using TestNav.” Submit Final Answers After the Completion of the Assessment 79 Use the next 4 slides only if students are testing consecutively If Students Test Consecutively … Access the Review Screen. Scroll/ Page PearsonAccess – Home The Home tab in PearsonAccess displays links to the all the functions available to your user/

UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIED In Progress Review JKO Mobile Work for Task Order 180 05 November 2013.

Display of icons in Library lags behind display of Library items and behind users ability to scroll and select an item. Cached items may display faster avoiding appearance of slow Library display/ Download 55926406 Apple app exits (crashes?) on content download with no error message until cache is cleared (logout, re- install app if needed). Clear /data. General55926300 Apple app display is incorrect on iPad. On iPad version of JKO Mobile App, current x2 method often displays content and menus incorrectly./

A+ Guide to IT Technical Support, 9th Edition Chapter 16 Supporting Mobile Operating Systems.

9th Edition iOS by Apple 11 Figure 16-4 An iPad, an iPad mini, and an iPhone 6 Plus iPhone by Apple have /a VPN –To create a VPN connection, tap Settings, General, scroll down and tap VPN Tap Add VPN Configuration Follow directions to complete/ and email passwords (Microsoft Exchange info) Bookmarks Text and voice messages A+ Guide to IT Technical Support, 9th Edition28 © Cengage / Devices How to handle common problems (cont’d): –Dim display Use brightness slider to change brightness Make sure the Auto option/

Wyoming Assistive Technology Presents: “Who Has the App Factor?” Darcy Regan, Wendy Alameda, and J.P. Harris Wyoming Assistive Technology Resources (WATR)

View larger text in Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Messages and Notes. Invert Colors Higher contrast helps you better see what’s on your display. VoiceOver VoiceOver speaks items on the screen: Tap once to select an item Double-Tap to activate the selected item Swipe three fingers to scroll Assistive Touch Allows you to use you iPad if you have difficulty touching the screen or/

IP-CONTROL TABLE OF CONTENT INDEX 1.Product presentation 1.OverviewOverview 2.Start-up 1. Start-up Start-up 3.Editors 1.VisualisationeditorVisualisationeditor.

VERSION 1.5 (R05) New type of visualisation for tablets (e.g. iPad or Android Tablets) Existing visualisation on IP-Control Java based visualisation in normal/ dim, blind control value transmitter, value display temperature indication and – adjustment text display time and date displays camera integration fault message diagram RSS feeds … 07.2012BERKER TRAINING /EMBEDDED FLIP PAGE CREATE A FLIP PAGE Flip pages are embeded Pages with scroll function ( flipping) on a page (like frames on websites) More /

 First time student activates their google account, they need to go to an internet browser and go to 

on left of page  If it’s not displayed, click the down arrow beside the name of the folder  The “No Content” message will appear  Click “Modify Page” to see the/bottom of the screen to add the question to the quiz  More instructions – Scroll down the page to see instructions for adding various types of questions to assessments in/Google drive  There are additional instructions for signing out of apps when an iPad is shared, checked out from cart, etc.  OpenClass Knowledge Base Explanations and/

Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through.

The uses of the iPhone are just like the iPod but you can call and text message people. You can listen to music, store data, store pictures, take pictures, play /Apple iPhone sets a new benchmark for an integrated cell phone and MP3 player iPad Features- The iPad is a mixture of the iPod and a computer. It is a large/a traditional car, but with bright LCD display panels and buttons for controlling the cars special features. The steering wheel, for instance, has scroll wheels that allow you to select music/

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Display) iPad Air iPad Air 2 SafariAIRSecureTest Mobile Secure Browser Monitor settings may need to be adjusted if test items with shaded images (e.g., pie charts) are very light or cannot be seen. Monitor Resolution should be set to 1024 x 768 or better. Students using small monitors or tablets may need to scroll/ computers are idle. 2.An installation message on the screen will appear with option to cancel. If not cancelled, we will download. 3.A secure browser restart message on the screen will appear. If /

Arcplan Enterprise ® Basic Training. Training materials for arcplan Enterprise ® 2 arcplan Enterprise ® III. arcplan Enterprise Architecture.

Object 를 서로 Link 시킴으로써 종속관계를 설정하여 Display 하게 된다. Connection Training materials for arcplan/, FULLSCREEN, HIERARCHYCONVERSION, LINK, MESSAGE, OPENLINK, PARAM, POPUPMENU, QUESTION/Training materials for arcplan Enterprise ® 100 Column / Row 를 사용하여 scroll 을 생성 할 수 있다. Example 2 – CheckBox 예제 Scroll 생성 Training materials for arcplan Enterprise ® 101 > + 마우스 테이블객체를/Smart phone Portrait Training materials for arcplan Enterprise ® 111 기본으로 제공하는 사이즈 (iPad, iPhone) 외에 추가로 사이즈를 설정을 할 수 있다 ※ Responsive Design Views/

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myCommNet, be sure to CLOSE the myCommNet window. This prevents any myCommNet timeout messages from kicking you out of the test window, and resets your Blackboard activity/ are finished, before navigating elsewhere in Blackboard. Never use mobile devices (smartphones, iPhones, iPads, etc.) to take a timed assessment such as test, quiz, or exam. Note/to change the “display until” date and select which students can see the link in order to retake the test. 72 Viewing and Grading Tests Scroll down to the /

Agenda Product Overview Device Connectivity Design-time Improvements

700-1500 supports two VNC client connections Variety of remote connection technologies “Server” Clients PVP 6 iPhone/ iPad Android device Knowledgebase Note 466394 Technology ViewPoint Browser Enabled PC The VNC Feature performance has been enhanced to reduce/can add Left and Right buttons to the Diagnostic Display to allow an operator to scroll messages left and right. Before 7.0, lengthy diagnostic messages were clipped in the pop-up display control. Agenda Product Overview Device Connectivity Design-time/

Damian Gordon.  Moodle  Jing  Adobe Captivate  Articulate  Camtasia Studio  Elgg  Lectora  Udutu.

features. It contains most features needed by technical writers (for example, scrolling page screenshots and automatic trim edges function).  Newer versions also allow /service, enabling its users to send and read other users messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the users profile page.  TweetDeck is an application/manage the contents on Apples iPod and iPhone lines, as well as the iPad.  iTunes can connect to the iTunes Store via the Internet to purchase/

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during a crisis  Posting of messages to selected feeds.  Alerts to the posting of new messages from other team members The bottom half of the screen provides access to a state of the video conferencing tool for the iPad-2 named FuseMeeting TM.  / other secured website.  By tapping on an item in the list, the full document is displayed in the bottom portion of the screen.  The document can be scrolled (vertically & horizontally), contain charts & images, and be zoomed in and out. Confidential 18/

Agenda  Introduction of Participants  What do you want to know? Small Group  Device distribution  Introduction to the Device and the OS  Basic Operation.

app or selects a hyperlnk  Dragging allows you to scroll vertically and horizontally  Double clicking Home allows you / : To, From, and Subject fields of all accounts (the text of messages isn’t searched)  Calendar: Event titles, invitees, and locations iPod:/Large Text, Mono Audio, Speak Auto-text, Support for braille displays  In Settings, Accessibility features can be turned on and off/will contain the photos you wish to have on your iPad  Connect iPad to computer…iTunes opens  Click on your device (/

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system is an Equal Opportunity employer and educator. D2L Version10.3 What’s New On May 30, 2014 MnSCU will.

onto Content map Tablets: swipe left to expand, swipe right to collapse (iPad or Android) Content will remember and retain the collapsed or expanded state of modules/ process Errors are clearly indicated Copy Error message displays Click Yellow Icon to access the log Details are shown in the log 30 Copy /cannot simply type a number in) Quiz Score recalculation and saving no longer requires multiple scrolling up and down on screen Submission View setting for duration of view (24 hours after/

Digital Device Bunch Access to Andrea Wallace and Jill Pfluke Pinellas County TVIs WWE 12/6/12 Digital Text Session 2.

materials by that author will be listed. Scroll through to find the specific book you want to download. Searching by Category displays the following: Selecting a category will enable you/the arrow keys again until you hear it say “Backup,” press “Enter,” after confirmation message press enter. Remove device when done. BPP must be paused or off Don’t / vision.html Thank you all for your time and attention! Theres a website/

+ Tech Tools You Can Use Tomorrow Molly Grochala- Ashley Hungerford-

- Google StoryMap JS- Google Storyboard That Screencast-O-Matic iPad Screen Chomp Show Me Pixel Press Wunderlist Adobe Post Share/discussions and surveys Leader board Format Unique Variety of Ways to Display Information. Thousands of pre-made quizzes Answers can be exported/You upload photos, send reminders, email and text real time messages. Allows the teacher to speak to one parent individually or/ or a flyer with stunning visuals that move as you scroll. Slate allows you to store your digital story on adobe/

05-773A4: Computer Science Perspectives in HCI, (CS Mini), Spring, 2015, Mini 3 Brad Myers 1. Course overview, topics, and organization; and why hard 1©

significantly novel enabling technologies such as innovative input devices, displays, new interaction techniques, or new media that extend the /HCI has Affected Everyone Our Interaction Techniques are used by everyone Scrolling, Copy-and-Paste, Window Managers, … All software is / iTunes  entire service design Apple iPhone – unique UI Apple iPad – desirable Wii controller, vs. XBox, PS3 graphics & power/ robustness No crashing, on any input Helpful error messages and recover gracefully Aborts Undo 49© 2015 -/

Wearable Tech Sample Report Specialized Spectacle Wearable Payment

Phonekerchief Stresses Polite Table Manners Samsungs Eyes on the Road App Blocks Incoming Calls & Messages The Pocket Vault Stops RFID Cards From Being Hacked or Stolen The OFF Pocket / with the Future The Google Android Wear Provides a Passive Approach to Data Display BLOCKS Smartwatch Modules Allow for Custom Device Creation The ZTE Bluewatch Gets its First/ The Peregrine Gaming Glove has Video Gamers Rejoicing Turn Your Palm into an iPad Stand with the Hand-E-Holder Thanko USB Warm Gloves Will Keep Your /


the same! Size  Devices/clients display content at different sizes, which can require scrolling or zooming in to view the content.  Horizontal scrolling is frustrating for users with motor /your engagement with accessible email Give yourself enough time: Plan ahead!  All messages should support a strategy that utilizes each channel appropriately  If you are collaborating/  Desktop/Portable/Mobile Computers : iPad, Microsoft Surface *Not a comprehensive listing of electronic & information resources

Legal and Ethical Issues in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Software Engineering Thomas R. Ioerger Texas A&M University Department of Computer.

Apple in 1980’s) spreadsheet (Visicalc, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel) iPad design scroll-bounce Amazon One-click check-out point-of-sale device 10 Reissue Patent / information" (Kevin Mitnick, Wikileaks) power, control forcing social change or pushing a message example: defacing a website whose ideology you disagree with and..."to show that they/Social security numbers are typically protected by state laws, which govern how they are displayed (e.g. last 4 digits), communicated, stored (encryption), and used SSNs/

SNG via Webinar. Where’s Webinar??  Double click Aflac 2000 folder  Highlight “SNGWebCommunicator”  Right Click and “Send To - Desktop”

Meeting Window’. This will enable the applicant to view the document as you scroll through the document. SNG WebEx – Completing Applications For applicant to view the / and close all internet browsers. Helpful Tips Computer Requirements: NO APPLE PRODUCTS (MAC, iPad, etc.) Operating Systems: XP, Windows 7 Browsers: I.E. 9, Firefox, Chrome/contact *IT Service Center to assist with any SNG/Web conference error messages displayed. Intercall Support DOES provide support for: Login Issue (reset passwords) Account/

Tools. Mac OS Text to Speech – Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Dictation & Speech, then click Text to Speech. – Select the “Speak selected.

spoken; for example, if Mail is the current window, an email message is read. If no text items are available, you hear a / original word. Using the Settings options, students select the desired display mode. Check out the “Print and Learn Activities” option. / first column that reads Popular Commands, select All Commands. – Scroll to the Speak feature and press the Add button and then / childrens books: Books download as PDFs. Can do on iPad on Computer Graphic Novels/Comic Books /

CS 2204 Fall 2007 Experiment 2 Lab 5. Experiment 2 Lab 5CS 2204 Fall 2007 Page 2 Experiment 2 Lab 5 Outline  Presentation General Design Rules  General.

Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)  Gate output Regular Xilinx warning message from the Project Manager : Multiple drivers on output y Do /-up resistor is needed Open-drain outputs are often used To drive displays and lights To implement buses a b y Open drain symbol +5/Fall 2007 Page 57 Today’s Individual Xilinx Lab Work 13.Scroll down to the mid area of schematic 5 to have / connected IBUFs, OBUFs, IPADs and OPADs  Component names start with a U Except if it is a BUF, IBUF, OBUF, IPAD or OPAD  To label/

Computers Merit Badge Brazos Valley Merit Badge College January 11 and 25, 2014.

Cards, Phone cards (cash-less society) Communication  Phones, Email, Instant Messaging Work  Auto-mechanic to Engineers, to Business Management, Time Clocks  Work/. Input – Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Sensors Output – Printer, Display Monitor, Controller, USB/Firewire – Supports input/output devices & other/Phones (Old) (New) USB Drives Digital Cameras iPads, Tablets GPS Requirement 5 (a,b,c): Program/into html for you Enables adding animation & scrolling text. Communications – email, web-browsers, terminal/

* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Chromebook* Assets in Education 1 Videos Side-by-side video of Intel (Haswell) vs ARM.

messaging or point of sale marketing collateral; approved messaging can be found in Used as pass-through messaging/* Acer* C720P Chromebook Nexus 10 Android* Tablet iPad 4* Uncompromised PC performance Yes Professional photo and / 1 3D educational games Rich web applications Scrolling Browser graphics Encryption and decryption Opening PDFs / Mali* T604 Screen Size11.6, 16:9 aspect ratio Display TechnologyLED-backlit, HD, touch optionLED-backlit, HD, touchscreenLCD /

©2009 HP Confidential template rev. 12.10.091©2009 HP Confidential TracyLocke – Katie Frye 5/31/11 MAY COMPETITIVE BRAND SNAP SHOT.

template rev. 12.10.0919 Interactive Printer Display – Installed in Clubs week of 5/15 LEXMARK PRINTER DISPLAY AT SAMS –Lexmark installed a really impressive display that includes an LCD screen that loops/–Clicking on the “See all Lids” link takes you to a page where you can scroll through all twenty designs and find the one that fits your style. Note: I tried/a gifting message for recent graduates. Subhead copy includes back to college message: “Apple iPad 2 will help your grad work, play and learn like /

1 Updated 9/8/11 Digital Sales Solutions What Do I Have To Sell? Michelle Johnson, Internet Broadcasting September 2011.

the bottom of the page while still allowing the viewer to scroll behind it. IB Hover Ad IB Hover Ad (with or/Promotions (Text to win, Text to coupon/offer) HTML5 Ads (iPhones, iPads, iPods) 29 Updated 9/8/11 The Basics: Selling Mobile Ads /the sponsor to maintain exclusive control over featured content and messaging Solutions Programs are a content-driven section allowing for advertisers/ within the ad itself Sponsorships Include both contextual and display advertising Most often run weighted or share-of-voice/

ParentVUE AN OVERVIEW. What is ParentVUE? Provides parents near real-time access to information on assignments and grades, attendance, class schedules,

clicking on the My Account tab Messages View district and school based messages. The number of unread messages displays in a red circle. Messages emailed from your child’s teachers/requirements for secondary students. Click on Graduation Status to view progress toward graduation Scroll down to view Verified Credits status Grade Book - Secondary View MP grades and/ for ParentVUE on iTunes or Google Play iOS version compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later. Android version compatible/


SCIENCE SUPPORTS AND ACCOMMODATIONS IN TIDE Non-Embedded Supports: Use the arrow to scroll down SUCCESSFULLY PREPARING ALL STUDENTS FOR THEIR FUTURES 12033 SE 256 TH STREET/setup typically display an application on one screen while another application is accessible on the other screen. Disable Built-In Accessibility Features on iPads iPads include a/running on the device. If it detects a forbidden application, it displays a message listing the offending application and prevents the student from testing. This /

Final Report Project Athithi March, 2014. SETTING THE CONTEXT.

the concierge and fleet management Concierge sends a text message to the guest with the driver, cab details, airport/Airport Executive (in some hotels) Technology Phone iPad Chauffeur and/or Airport Executive guides and accompanies/ Place 1 Description Place 4 Description Tour Option 2 Description ↓ Scroll Down ↓   Digital Assistant ? Privacy In-room Dining /language that the guest selects The app should display the sign boards and notices translated in the /

Joe Sabado / Justin Mead. Introduction Joe Sabado Assoc. Director of Information Systems and Software Development Student Information Systems and Technology.

iPhone 4.0 iPhone 3.0 iPhone 2.0 iPhone 1.0iPad 4.2 iPad 3.2 iPod 4.0 iPod 3.0 iPod 2.0 iPod 1.0 / horizontal lists can be used to create 3-4 item stylised menus. Only vertical scrolling is recommended. Midsize display 240 pixels wide Strong HTML, CSS, JavaScript support. Avoid columns at this screen size/ Web SQL Database IndexedDB Web Sockets hashchange Event History Management Drag and Drop Cross-window Messaging Touch Events Modernizr can detect support for: Mobile Web Techniques What is it? Features of/

Interface Design and Philosophy

make sense was a novel alternative to error messages Why Interface Matters… Sometimes a user interface / upholds Apple patents on iPhone industrial design, “bounceback”, H/V scrolling, translucent overlays,…iPhone design features, awards 1.2B$; Nov 21,/ UI/UX design are intertwined (e.g., iTouch, iPhone, iPad, Android phones…) Language Model for Command Line and WIMP UI’s/user Output primitives and attributes May include sound and haptic “display” Lexical Consistency Coding consistent with common usage (for a /

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Hosting Email Internet-based, Google Google Apps Email, Documents Custom applications Integration Display information from internal apps on your website etc. Training, Maintenance & Support / Integration Solutions Web Services ERP Legacy Applications Mobile Application Development iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Conversion Legacy apps to new technologies /Desktop pop-up alert  Ticker A Scrolling message  HTML An HTML formatted message  SMS Unformatted text message  Audio An audio format file  /

Acknowledgements: Most of this course is based on the excellent course offered by Prof. Kellogg Booth at the British Columbia University, Vancouver, Canada.

[Xerox Star, 1981] Spreadsheet [VisiCalc, Frankston & Bricklin, 1977]... iPhone [2007] iPad [2010] Kinect ?? [2010] SIM 14/15 – T1.1 – Introduction to HCI/keyboard –High resolution displays –Multiple windows, specially designed furniture Shared work –Shared files and personal annotations –Electronic messaging –Shared displays with multiple pointers/Local processor, bit-mapped display, mouse –Modern graphical interfaces Text and drawing editing, electronic mail Windows, menus, scroll bars, mouse selection, etc/

PC Support & Repair Chapter 8 Mobile Devices. Objectives After completing this chapter, you will meet these objectives: ▫ Explain the basic features of.

to zoom out Long touch ▫ Touch & hold until options available (copy/cut/paste) Scroll Pinch to Zoom Out/Spread to Zoom In Storage Drive SSD ▫ Flash memory chips /screen orientation ▫ Other apps use it to determine motion Android: ▫ Settings >> Display >> Auto-rotate screen iPhone/iPad: ▫ Swipe bottom up >> Tap lock icon Adjust Screen Brightness Makes easier to/My iPhone- iOS Missing or stolen? ▫ Login to iCloud & locate ▫ Send a message or play a sound ▫ Remote wipe ▫ Can’t find? Device is off or disconnected/

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results. -Format matters for display. This is NOT a ranking factor but will help tremendously in the click-through rates and getting across your unique message to the potential customer. -Start/ have you ever found that you got to a website and you had to scroll and scroll and then you gave up? You only have a few seconds to capture the /. That means more people are searching for a specific keyword phrase from their smartphone, iPad, or tablet than on their desktop computer! As a result, you better make sure/

Mask Programmed Gate Arrays $7.4B Programmable Logic Share $5.8B Standard Logic $2.6B 37% 16% 47% Total 1996 Market – $9.5BTotal 2001 Market – $15.8B.

may also be pulled into IOBs Properties attached to primitives IPAD IBUF Input IOB OPAD OBUF Output IOB Use Pull-ups// allows for direct access to these files Message Window provides error and status messages Toolbar Project Flowchart provides automate d data/symbols to the schematic click on the Symbol Toolbox icon Scroll through the list to find a particular symbol, or/on Reset button moves the selector to the beginning of the simulation Displaying Buses  To group signals, click on the MSB, hold the/

MCO – Colbert MFP Staff CRM WebApp Online Documentation Updated January 2015.

10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), or Apple iPadApple iPad 6  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to work best over networks that/When you log in with this temporary password you will receive a message that your temporary password has expired. Now create your own password/ Stage Checklist It’s different for each stage. It displays the required activities in the highlighted stage. It’s / Residence 33 You will find these stage headings when you scroll down the case page. As you advance through stages, more/

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Culture Affordable Runway Retail Tech Store Apps In-Store Display Experience Design Pop-Up Shops Store Design Loyalty Programs/ The Dwnld App Cuts Out the Middle Man Professional Messaging Apps Caliber is a Business App to Connect Colleagues / Through Hums and Taps Beat-Making Apps Auxy for iPad Provides a Digital Mobile Space to Create Electronic Music /of publication Activity = The amount people interact with an article, including scrolling through pictures. Something, like a bacon cupcake, might not be /

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