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Electronic Group Calendaring: Experiences and Expectations Beth Marcia Lange Center for Strategic Technology Research Andersen Consulting Presentation.

) Goal: – Eliminate paper calendars altogether Result: – Users showed apprehension but as the process showed more efficient they became accepting of the change – “save time and energy arranging a meeting – it does the work for you” Support Different Styles of Use Four Styles of use: – As-needed: not a regular basis user – Proxy: schedule for someone else – Indirect: use a proxy – Advocates: use on a daily basis All groups/

Microsoft ® Office Outlook ® 2007 Training See and Use Multiple Calendars ICT Staff Development presents:

contents Overview: Helping you juggle Lesson: Track multiple schedules The lesson includes a list of suggested tasks and a set of test questions. See and use multiple calendars Overview: Helping you juggle Suppose you need to manage or track someone else’s schedule: a co- worker’s schedule while she’s on vacation, a professional conference series, or even a family member’s daily activities. You’d rather not enter all/

W.A. Coppins Ltd.. The Magicians of Motueka ! The MITTELSTAND Trifecta ! W.A. Coppins Ltd.* (Coppins Sea Anchors/ PSA/para sea anchors) *Textiles, 1898;

a substantial portion of his or her time—I would say as much as 50 percent—unscheduled. … Only when you have substantial ‘slop’ in your schedule/ Leadership”) You = Your calendar/ Your calendar NEVER lies. You = Your calendar* *The calendar NEVER lies. ONE at a Time a Time “If there is any/a building that future generations will take us for lunatics.” —the church hierarchs at Seville “We are crazy. We should do something when people say it is ‘crazy.’ If people say something is ‘good,’ it means someone else/

How to be a Successful Student Instructor: Basic Medical Sciences Surgical Technology Program Concorde Career College North Hollywood, CA Fazal K. Aasi,

semester schedules. Make daily, weekly, monthly and semester schedules. Schedules put you in control of your time and your life. Schedules put you in control of your time and your life. Use your Syllabus and a calendar to make schedules. Use your Syllabus and a calendar to make schedules. Time/parts. You’ll find it easier to retrieve your own words from memory during an exam than to recall someone else’s words that you have memorized. Make flash cards of specialized terms to recite from and review. Make /

Working Together For A Safe and Secure Lakewood. For the children In trusting us with your children, we feel a bit like they are “our” children and like.

home with students Notes sent home with students Notes in their assignment calendar Notes in their assignment calendar Scheduled meetings when requested Scheduled meetings when requested Teachers are not prepared for “Drop-In” conferences./else, you made a poor choice. When you know how to do something well, and you do something else, you made a poor choice. The Punishment Model If you are not certain how to do something correctly, and someone is constantly “catching you” doing wrong, that person is someone/

UNIT III - CLOUD COMPUTING FOR EVERYONE Centralizing email Communications Cloud computing for families by examining how a typical family an use cloud-based.

Events Community groups often have a lot on their plates. Someone has to schedule the next fundraiser, someone else needs to print up flyers, someone else is in charge of recruiting new members…there’s just a lot of stuff to do!/Accessing Documents on the Road Managing Schedules Appointment Quest Online Appointment Manager — easy to use web-based appointment scheduling software solution. Appointment Quest enables you to manage your customers, personnel, schedules, appointment calendars — all in one place, /

11 Unit 13 Our Schedules, Our Selves. 2 Lesson Summary  Topic: Work and leisure--Ways to reexamine time and increase one’s enjoyment of daily life 

chaos at the airport defies description. 3 I defy sb to do sth: [spoken formal] used when you ask someone to do something that you think is impossible I defy anyone to prove otherwise. defiance n. defiant adj. defiantly / else and how one is invariably driven by his business: “ Determined and sternly focused, we march through each day obeying the orders of our calendars.” (Paragraph 2) “… virtual slaves to their schedules” (Paragraph 3) “onerous obligations” (Paragraph 3) “… but merely following a dizzying/

Ken Klingenstein Director, Internet2 Middleware and Security Current stuff (or things no one else has talked about yet) (at least while I was in the meeting)

one else has /Management 1.Create a group and assign someone to manage its membership (UPDATE) 2.Create a group and assign someone to manage /a subsystem; for reporting, ease of use. Functional View  Permissions Resources/Permissions Student Admin Functional View Course Support Add/Drop students Schedule Classes Process Applicants Award Scholarships Manage Accounts Financial Aid reserve_time view_schedules student_records applicant_data view_fund_data update_fund_data update_course_data reserve_room Calendar/

The Central Florida Council James Ball “Trail to Eagle” A Scout’s Guide to an Eagle Service Project Eagle Encampment.

project, not someone else’s!) In short…“presents a challenge that /a project where you’re given a set of “canned instructions”? …Why??  Can you do a project on private property? …for an individual??  Can you & a friend do a project together & BOTH get Eagle credit? Project “Pop Quiz” Qualities of a good project…  Something “significant…” Implies investment in Time - both calendar/Schedule(s) are a critical tool (often overlooked). Without them, a recipe for disaster -- mistakes, forgotten items, & a/

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to move on in offering this opportunity to a competing hotel. Mark Thompson, our development specialist, will call you next week to schedule a personal consultation. He will share the details / posted to a publicly accessible website, in whole or in part. At $20 more per month for our data package, you will spend about the same amount as using someone else’s web/ you love no matter where you are?... want to manage your contacts, your calendar, and your email with one device?... want to listen to your music at/

Tom Peters Seminar2001 We Are in a Brawl with No Rules! MASTER/09.19.2001.

Discussions re this stuff. Calendar of events. Note: Lavender text in this file is a link. “There’s going to be a fundamental change in the / Mechanic. Project Team Golden Triangle (1) Champion-Maniac. (2) Implementer-Pol. (3) Schedule & Budgets Fanatic. Nasser’s Triad*: The Internet Is the New Job 1 Brian Kelley, /a day a week. FOUR. Team up with parents, yours or someone else’s, for Family Teamwork Curriculum. FIVE. Class work. Jamaal Watson, 13, from Children’s Express Quarterly; from John Taylor Gatto, A/

Arvutitehnika instituut * A.Kalja * Tarkvaratehnika eri Software project management II Intensifying meetings Managing personal time Desk, archive Managing.


The Portfolio Early Planning & Preparation A workshop designed for the beginning of your semester. A monthly scheduler A monthly scheduler Your course syllabus & calendar So…What Is A Writing Portfolio? The Writing Portfolio at JCC is a collection of your writing /readers—to whom are you addressing this piece? Identify your secondary readers— who else may be interested in reading? Audience needs Audience needs What does your audience already/ someone whose thinking you admire. Ask them for their ideas. Return to your work on this activity, record new ideas, and write up a plan/

Alzheimer’s Disease By: Megan A. Hodge.

someone does not love someone else. I would even go so far as to suggest that a parent’s defensiveness (or our own) also does NOT mean that someone does not love someone else. Too often, people mistake defensiveness as a lack of love. Don’t believe that a/calendars. In later stages, reality orientation is rarely recommended or used since studies have shown that it increases the patients frustration. Bender described a/ regimens ranging from simple stretches to scheduled walking and use of stationary bicycles /

Microsoft Outlook 2007. WHAT IT DOES: Send and receive email Schedule events and meetings Store contact information Create to-do lists Create reminders.

You can also ASSIGN a task to someone else to complete. Double-click/schedule appointments in your calendar. Schedule an APPOINTMENT FOR A TASK by dragging the task from the –TASKS folder or CALENDAR TASKPAD to the CALENDAR. Use the same methods to schedule a recurring appointment, but click the RECURRENCE button to enter information in the Appointment Recurrence dialog box. SCHEDULE A MEETING: To SCHEDULE A MEETING (in “CALENDAR” view) click: – ACTIONS > PLAN A MEETING. Meeting tab > Show group > Scheduling/

Google Calendar “How To” Brought to you by: A Virtual World LLC

the “find a time” tab which allows you to scroll through the day and pick a time that will work for you. Hint: Searching for time is great for a very busy calendar or for when sharing a calendar with someone else. How to Color Code Calendar Entries Simply / or tablet. You can use a mobile version of Google Calendar made for small screens or a calendar built in to your phone. Learn how to sync your calendar with a mobile device.  Never forget another event  Stay on schedule using reminders. You can choose /

Time Management Goals 1. explain the importance of setting goals and planning rewards a.short-term, intermediary, long-term goals 2. gain awareness of.

4. use a monthly calendar to schedule a term a. major projects b. tests c. social events 5. use a weekly schedule to plan projects and daily responsibilities Time Management Goals 6. develop a daily to-do/else has to,” etc. c.feeling the way you do, it seems reasonable to “put it off” until you feel better about doing the work d.trouble is, you feel just as frustrated the next day How to resolve:  the more you want something and cant have it, the greater your level of frustration  get help from someone/


more realistic goals for the future. It may be a good strategy to involve someone else in your search. Talk with a trusted friend; give them permission to hold you accountable to your plans. Attending a job club would also enable you to discuss your job/ memory. You need to have and maintain a filing system, just as youd make a grocery or "To Do" list. There are a variety of systems you can use including alphabetized three-ring binders, small pocket calendars and notebooks. Check your local office supply /

Labeling ???? Labels help us to know a child’s educational needs, but too often labels become a substitute for getting to know the individual child’s strengths,

a test designed to measure a person’s mental age—in intelligence testing, a performance that represents average abilities for that age group. ► For example someone/ short-term objectives, services and strategies to be used, schedules for implementing the plan, criteria to evaluate the plan’s/ have a regular time to do their homework, a regular time to check their calendar and update it, and a regular bedtime/ also benefit everyone else? These are questions to think about. Actually, it’s a Universal Design for /

Project Management Chapter 6 : Managing Time and Stress Harold Kerzner, Project Management: A Systems Approach To Planning, Scheduling and Control, Tenth.

not be good, because it creates a backlog of high-priority activities). Do not postpone until tomorrow what you or your team can do today. “to do” pad Daily calendar log Techniques to make better use of time Delegate. Follow the schedule. Decide fast. Decide who should attend/t have to do at all? What am I doing that can be done better by someone else? What am I doing that could be done as well by someone else? Am I establishing the right priorities for my activities? Stress Stress can be due to /

Welcome to Tom Peters “PowerPoint World”! Beyond the set of slides here, you will find at the last eight years of presentations, a basketful.

someone to report on something, anything that constitutes an act of brilliant service rendered in a “trivial” situation—restaurant, car wash, etc? (And then discussed the relevance to your work.) 29. Have you in the last 30 days examined in detail (hour by hour) your calendar/else wants, but will give you a chance to (1) be on your own, (2) express your creativity, and (3) make a noticeable mark when it turns out “Wow.” *VOLUNTEER! Life’s a/ PRODUCT! 96. Don’t over-schedule. “Running late” is inexcusable at/

VectorCSP. Questions How many people in here manage assets? How many of you know the condition of those assets? How long until the next calendar or hourly.

condition of those assets? How long until the next calendar or hourly maintenance due on the assets? Do you know/, and communicate effectively… Develop compelling and unambiguous cornerstones Have a plan or be part of someone else’s Four Cornerstones Product Line Management Configuration Management Total Asset Visibility/ changes if appropriate Submit a safety related design change Scheduled maintenance is desired if it is cost effective in reducing corrective maintenance Scheduled maintenance is desired if /

Graham Elementary School Family Handbook & Calendar 2015-2016 Graham Elementary School Home of the Grizzlies 10026 204 th Street East Graham, WA 98338.

suspect someone of having committed vandalism at the school or have any information about a vandalism incident please call 253-683-6085 and leave a message/ school School management Student discipline Contact the office staff School activities School calendar/schedule School facilities Student health & attendance Appointments with principal Contact the counselor / After finishing lunch, students will place their lunchboxes or anything else that must be returned to the classroom into the container. Designated/

1. 2 Is common with any business –between employees –between management and employees –between an employee and a group –between groups –between companies.

projects together Programs to use include: –Lotus ® Notes –Microsoft ® SharePoint ® 61 Popular uses include: –organizing calendars and schedules –databases –reference libraries Tips and features include: –allow teams to work on same project from any location –document /when the feelings or actions could be harmful to the person or someone else, such as somebody not losing her temper when driving because it could result in a car wreck –respect: ability to show willingness, appreciation and consideration/

CSRS and FERS A Guide for Employees Approaching Retirement.

Banked Sick Leave** minus LWOP in excess of 6 months in a calendar year*** *when eligible and required deposit made **SL counts towards/are no regularly scheduled open seasons to elect or increase FEGLI coverage. OPM schedules open seasons intermittently and rarely. OPM has scheduled an open season /a year of excess earnings. Early Social Security benefits offsets are applied the same year as the excess earnings, based on estimates. Social Security Early Retirement Earnings Offset If you work for someone else/

CSRS and FERS A Guide for Employees Approaching Retirement.

Banked Sick Leave** minus LWOP in excess of 6 months in a calendar year*** *when eligible and required deposit made **SL counts towards/are no regularly scheduled open seasons to elect or increase FEGLI coverage. OPM schedules open seasons intermittently and rarely. OPM has scheduled an open season /a year of excess earnings. Early Social Security benefits offsets are applied the same year as the excess earnings, based on estimates. Social Security Early Retirement Earnings Offset If you work for someone else/

Dr. Lesley Ritchie, C.Psych. Ms. Jodie Gawryluk, B.A.

or for a few minutes while you focus on something else or are distracted An example is keeping a phone number in mind while looking for a pen and paper/at something one time is never enough. For example, if you are trying to learn someone’s name, repeating it over and over to yourself can help you remember it. Memory/ or after a rest Set a small number of goals for each day Set up (with assistance) organizational practices Large family calendar Online bill payment Use labels Schedules Simplify activities /

2014 – 2015 Campus Fellow Intermediate & Advanced Tax Training A Session.

someone else Taxes someone else pays for the taxpayer Taxes not paid during 2014 Taxes  Deductible State and local taxes Real estate taxes (Property Tax) State and local taxes on a new car purchase Ad valorem tax on car tags (total paid - $24.50)  Nondeductible Federal taxes Hunting licenses Water/sewer Taxes on alcohol, tobacco, or gas Utilities Taxes Paid in TaxWise (Click on the Schedule A/period that begins in the first three months of the next calendar year.  Example: Michael pays $1,500 in December /

Money, 7/2007, T408 -16-UBH Reproduction of material for use other than intended purpose requires the written consent of UBH. Training Programs A Program.

must be a U.S. citizen, resident or national Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses If you pay someone to care /you won’t be tempted to spend the money on something else. Fixed Expenses Fixed expenses are those whose amounts do not /Calendar This budgeting tool does the same thing as the Monthly Payment Schedule using a different format. When you have paid the expense, you can write a checkmark through the entry or cross it out with an “x.” Monthly Payment Schedule The monthly payment schedule is a/

Classroom Survival How to be a successful student.

now, you might see some ways of improving how you use your time. You can monitor your own study skills using a planning calendar to keep track of homework assignments. Lets face it – its too hard to remember all this stuff in your head! / etc; - Allocate enough time to complete activities and keep on schedule. You can use a timer or watch to help you keep track of the time; - Take good notes in class and/or borrow good notes from someone else; - Break your bigger assignments into chunks or parts to make /

Time Management for Managers. Characteristics Of Time  There’s a finite amount of time.  It’s the same for everyone. Nobody has more than anyone else.

. Weekly Planner  Look at Calendar for scheduled appointments and meetings.  Synthesize into a new Weekly Planner.  Keep Weekly Planners for later analysis. Daily Planning 1 Set a time for your daily planning (first thing in the a.m. is usually best). 2 Look at your email - DRAS (delete, refer, act, or save) it n Refer means to refer it to someone else to do. Act if it/

Allusion a Day – Day 1 Write down what you know about the term: Achilles’ Heel -Mythology.

a Day – Day 6 Write a sentence using the phrase, pearls before swine Write what you know about: Once in a Blue Moon - Literature and Idioms Once in a Blue Moon A “blue moon” is a second full moon within the same calendar month, a/ the award presented to someone else, the actress began to feel like Tantalus. Allusion a Day – Day 21 Write a sentence using the term,/directing the children’s schedules, diets, and activities down to the last detail. Allusion a Day – Day 28 Write a sentence using Svengali Write /

Achilles’ Heel-Mythology and Legend This term is from Greek Mythology. According to myth, when Achilles was a baby, his mother dipped him in the River.

a Blue Moon- Language and Idioms A “blue moon” is a second full moon within the same calendar month, a phenomenon that occurs approximately every three years. It is thought that calendar makers traditionally pictured the first full moon in red and a /a piece, the wind blew the boughs out of his reach. To be “tantalized” or be like Tantalus, is to be offered something desirable which is then withheld. After bing nominated for an Emmy® Award numerous times and always seeing the award presented to someone else/

Google Docs & Google Calendar A CYC Electives Module 10-20-10.

such as your resume. Share files, as an alternative to emailing or printing. Share files that someone else needs to edit. Create and Share Document on Google Docs - sign in /Calendar To have a calendar you can access from any computer. To share a calendar – Share organizational or church meeting dates. – Share kids schedule. – Share doctor appointments. Practice Using Google Calendar Within Google Docs or Gmail, click on calendar. Fill out the form for Get Started with Google Calendar/

Developing a Regional Calendar This is a self-paced presentation As much as possible, explanations and answers are interjected throughout the slides.

the National Support and Training Center (NSTC). Bill Barton the coach administrator will need to schedule the coach clinic on August 17. He has a training opportunity out of state on August 29, but his daughter is turning 17 on the/ get someone else to do. Group Activity 2010Developing a Regional Calendar29 Step 3: Put a dollar sign ($) next to any items that require money to get the job done. Group Activity 2010Developing a Regional Calendar30 Step 4: Begin posting your activities on the calendar Repeat /

Sales Development & Training 7/9/13. Agenda Updates Prospecting Techniques – Canvassing Time Management & Organization – Scheduling Selling Techniques.

time. Time Management & Organization Scheduling – You should have a set schedule every week for all of your prospecting and follow up activities – This schedule should be entered into your calendar so that you don’t schedule anything else during those times Example: Canvassing/THE DECISION MAKER, NEVER THE GATEKEEPER Selling Techniques Prospecting Pitch – Your prospecting pitches should be practiced regularly with someone from your team – Memorize the pitch exactly as it’s written down and, until you do, don/

Outlook 2011 for Mac: Optimizing the Calendar. Overview The Outlook 2011 Calendar Interface (Look and Feel) Using Your Calendar Resource Calendars Additional.

Only 7 Viewing Someone Else’s Calendar Open Calendar 8 Creating an Appointment The Difference Between an Appointment and a Meeting 9 Creating a Meeting Request 10 Recurring Appointments and Meetings 11 Private Appointments and Meetings 12 What you see:What others see: Free/Busy & Reminders 13 Color Categories 14 Accepting an Invitation 15 Resource Calendars 16 What is a Resource Calendar? A Way to Schedule the Use of a Resource (e/

The Fourth Year Everything you need to know to have a successful interview season and Match! With love, from the residents (mostly Courtney Wilson, MD)

someone, preferably a mentor, read it Reread it yourself many times DO / of application, interview date, thank you note Google Calendar!! This is an invaluable tool to help you stay organized, and /schedule an interview in January, there is a good chance that you will be too burned out/broke to go by then--trust us, it happens Try to schedule a “practice” interview first at a/the top of their lists, and they match somewhere else, then you can still match at your first choice program/

1 Developing an Ontolog Ontology Denise A. D. Bedford April 13, 2006.

? How do we know if we need to create one or if we can borrow/adapt one from someone else? How do we know if we need to create one or if we can borrow/adapt one from someone else? Let’s take as a starting point, a framework with three essential components that need to be addressed by any ontology we define: Let’s take/

COMING HOME FROM WAR: A COMMUNITY’S RESPONSE TO OUR SERVICE MEMBERS/ VETERANS & FAMILIES “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his.

a Service Member/Veteran comes home from war, He or She finds it hard……… …to listen to his someone whine about being bored …to keep a/Quarter Calendar Year 2009 53 for active-duty 23 for not-on-active-duty  1st Quarter Calendar / Include all family members Simplify complicated procedures Consider schedules, needs, resources Help work the system Include /sequencing  Changes in office location to minimize distractions What else? HONOR THE WARRIOR……. How ELSE can you help?  Relationships  Share in community /

Strukturované a nestrukturované P2P sítě, DHT Projektování distribuovaných systémů Lekce 14 Ing. Jiří Ledvina, CSc.

43% of broadband households –Digital photos –Digital video –Calendars –Addresses 24.3.2008Projektování distribuovaných systémů/is thus crucial to always transfer data or else the transfer rate will drop because of the/A Game that is Pareto efficient if there no way someone is better off without making someone worse off That is, a/Java), Commercial Platforms Entropia, Parabon, United Devices, Platform (AC) A central coordinator schedules tasks on volunteer computers, Master worker paradigm, Cycle stealing 24.3/

Overall Program Rating On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate this CASRO program overall? Mean Rating = 8.05 (N.

11 mentions) Poor Slides/Graphics (2 mentions) Poor Exhibition Area (2 mentions) Poor Scheduling (2 mentions). Total Experience Verbatims Overall Program Rating: Excellent Fabulous papers! Loved the real/ page, it would be good to be able to download the program in a calendar format. Not just the start and end date like currently offered, but individual/ things like registration, etc. Would have been nice to be able to message someone else at the conference via the app. The app worked nicely. It was great!/

Getting the Work Done A case study of Affinity Teams at Pioneer Valley Cohousing © Kraus-Fitch Architects, Inc. 2006 Revised June 2009 KRAUS-FITCH ARCHITECTS,

the scheduling of private events were created by the common house committee. The actual scheduling of events is done by simply reserving time on a calendar hanging in the common house. Someone has to book the use of the guest room. This is a perfect job for someone not /recycling is more efficient if handled by one or two people. More households participate fully in recycling if they can rely on someone else to pick it up at their door. Odd Jobs: Some jobs just don’t lend themselves well to committee work. /

Back To School 101. Starting the new school year off right is a wonderful thought. What a great time to get rid of a few bad habits, start a few good.

and other parents who may be able to help when needed.  Mark school events on the calendar.  Create a master family schedule and add each person’s appointments and activities. If you have children at more than one school, plan ahead to make sure/Once they put something on their pages, its out of their control and can be taken out of context and used to hurt them or someone else. This includes talk and photos of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Tell them that online stuff can last forever. If they wouldnt put /


techniques include planning, prioritizing and scheduling. Once a person has these aspects completed, /a priority, you believe you can “wing” your way through college, or you are allowing laziness and more desirable ”fun” short term distractions guide the use of your time. Poor Approaches to Time Management “Ownership of Time” Do you have the feeling someone else, or something else/else.  For example, while drinking your morning coffee make a to-do list of the day’s priorities.  Keep a copy of your calendar/

Tom Peters’ EXCELLENCE ! “ THE WORKS” A Half-Century’s Reflections/1966-2016 Chapter FOUR: 1B1: ( REALLY ) FIRST THINGS BEFORE FIRST THINGS 01 January.

You = Your calendar (a fact) and your calendar “says” /a moment as you leave. I NEVER start presentations with a title slide; I usually begin with a PowerPoint slide of half a quote, relevant to the presentation, without punch line—a shameless teaser. FYI: Remember, one persons humorous remark is another persons insult. "Humorous" remarks should NEVER be at someone elses/a champion of opportunism, adhocracy, informality and the like. But … We do schedule a lot of meetings and calls and conversations. And a/

Screening for Abuse & Violence in Fairfax County Partnership for a Healthier Fairfax’s IPV/SA Screening Action Group Spring 2016.

made  Domestic Violence is a leading cause of homicide in Fairfax County Prevalence - Fairfax County  397 Sex Offenses Reported by FCPD in Calendar Year 2015  68% of/your partner or someone else?”  If Yes: “Has physical abuse happened within the last 5 days?”  If Yes: “Would you like me to arrange a free, confidential / – organization and scheduling – Go home on time  Recognize your triggers  Can I work with this population?  Connection  Support system - Make sure you have a healthy, well rounded/

Managing Time and Money Time Management is Not: n Restriction and control n Someone elses agenda.

and Money Time Management is Not: n Restriction and control n Someone elses agenda Time Management Is: n Accomplishing your personal goals n Having fun with your life n Friends and family n A successful career What are your lifetime goals? Knowing your goals is the/Helps avoid panic n Find time for recreation and exercise Types of Schedules n Weekly n Daily n Monthly n Yearly Dislike schedules? n Use a To Do List with priorities n Use a calendar to write important due dates n Lakeins Question: What is the /

1 The Olive Plants Around Your Table Psalm 128:3 and a Family Morning Wisdom Search Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house:

your children — a part of every conversation. This is more important than a consistent schedule. COMPOSITIONS — /someone else. Honor someone else. Give up a privilege that you want for someone else. Honor someone else. FRIDAY – Thankfulness Day FRIDAY – Thankfulness Day Share how you are thankful for another family member. Make sure that each family member is appreciated. Share how you are thankful for another family member. Make sure that each family member is appreciated. 32 A Weekly Staking Calendar/

I’m Late, I’m Late For A Very Important date!

nutrition, breaks for a walk vs. talking, etc. LEARN FROM YOUR LOG Eliminate jobs that your employer shouldn’t be paying you to do – tasks that someone else in the organization should be doing or personal activities Schedule your most challenging tasks/ grouping like things together Organize your e-mail like your hard copy files Set-up pending files Use a calendar as a reminder tool and scheduling tool – tickler files Prioritize I like using colors. I color-code emails for certain categories like “TO/

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