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IPod Touch/iPads for Students with Special Needs iPod Touch/iPads for Students with Special Needs Judi Cumley, CESA 5 Becoming.

5 only) Bluetooth Keyboard Accessibility Features….. 8/16/2015 Personalize Features in Settings>Accessibility (iPod Touch 32/64 GB, 4G & iPad 1 & 2) VoiceOver Touch the screen to hear a description of the item with the VoiceOver screen reader. (Requires different touch/ to navigate & activate apps) Rotor- can manage rate and how VoiceOver reads. Flick up or down to change direction, rate Zoom Magnify the entire screen of any application up to five times /

IPad Apps Presented by: Josh and Alicia. iPads in your School 30+ iPads from CDJH Please give us feedback about the apps so we can make changes before.

Say the sounds of the alphabet, including consonants and vowels. iPad app: Phonics Lite K.RF.3c Read common high frequency words. iPad app: Sight Cards K.L.1a Print many upper and lowercase letters iPad app: iWW Lite K.L.1b Use frequently occurring nouns and/K.L.6 Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, reading and being read to, and responding to texts. Focus Standards for Assessment: K.RL.1 Ask and answer questions about key details in a text. iPad app: Any Books and Readers for all RL K.RL./

iPad & Other Tablet Devices for Litigation Attorneys.

Use It?  Keep an “Electronic” File  Ease of use, sharing, continue to add to it, ready on the go  Laptop v. iPad or other device?  Email / Internet / Company Email  Stay Connected – WiFi v. Subscription  Investigations / Interviews / Statements – this is / $15, or $25  Remember …  You get what you pay for & sometime you don’t!  Read reviews and ask friends A Day in the Life of the Savvy iPad Subro Attorney  Imagine the Possibilities – What would your day be like?  New report/new loss notice  Star/

IPads as Multi-Device Assistive Technology: Implementation, IEP, and ECC Yue-Ting Siu, TVI Bay Area Unified School Districts.

/out) Teaser: Zoom and Voiceover Zoom: -3 Finger Tap/slide - On screen magnifier -Hide/Show controller -Focus while reading text VoiceOver: -Auditory preferences -Screen reader is different than “speak text” -Caution: information overload Other VoiceOver Features Rotor: Gesture/Messages Focus on meeting instructional goals Maintain flexible uses Mainstream tech = Inclusive, lower cost, tech support iPads do not replace real objects or tactile symbols for students who are using pre- symbolic or early-symbolic/

What Executives Need to Know About the iPad Josh Penzell Material in this webinar is for reference purposes only. This webinar is sold with the understanding.

A robust document viewer (Word, Excel, PDF’s, etc.) Import files wirelessly from your computer, from websites, and through Dropbox Read PDF’s like a book Offline Viewing Search within documents and add bookmarks $0.99 in the iTunes store iPad Tips, Tricks and Apps for Executives Josh Penzell © SpeedBriefs, Inc. Apps for Executives Slide 16 iAnnotate PDF Highlight/

A Virtual Dogfight: Piloting an iPad 1:1 Ed DeHoratius Wayland High School Wayland, MA

teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.” [from the website] eClicker Promethean ActivEngage Socrative eClicker eBooks and iBooks iPad vs. non-iPad Reading Trends Dropbox Content Sharing Nearpod Idea Flight Other Issues - Distraction - Cost - Flexibility Stats from the Blog ( First Post:September 24, 2011 Total Views: 6,496/

The Paradigm Is Shifting— Digital Natives and iPads Tri-City Tech Camp June 5-7, 2012 Molly J. Bestge 6 th ELA Teacher and NBCT STEM Center West Fargo,

Today’s Meet AND THERE ARE MANY MORE!!!! How We Use the iPads to Enhance Student Learning Math Remediation  Math Remediation  selected apps to help with measurement, math facts, and problem-solving. Reading Fluency  Reading Fluency  Several apps have been developed to help student increase reading fluency. They are timed as they read. Word Work  Word Work  Students who work with words are more aware/

ONE-TO-ONE IPAD CLASSROOM Melanie Turner ITEC 7445 Dr. Julie Fuller Emerging Technology.

instruction, providing a framework for broadcasting, journalism, peer editing, group collaboration, reading, commentary, and analysis. Proposed Device  The Instructional Technology Department recommends iPads for this classroom use based on recent experience in elementary schools.  Ninth / with this implementation based on that experience.  During my research for this presentation, I enjoyed reading about the iPad case study in Kent, UK. I also found the start-up cost startling. References  http/

Using the iPad and Apps Effectively in Speech and Language Therapy Speech Language Neighborhood Amanda Backof, M.S. CCC-SLP Is it a Toy or a Tool?

, we’ve been using worksheets. Me: Oh. Well I brought my iPad with me today, so we can work on your sound by looking at flash cards, playing matching games and reading stories. 5 th grader: Wait, so you’re saying you have all/traditional therapy activities combined with apps. Working with Older Students and the Curriculum Download the Free Kindle App – Students enjoy reading books on the iPad Purchase Kindle books from Amazon Hunger Games Trilogy, Crash (Spinelli), The Other Wes Moore, Of Mice and Men, The /

ITools for Literacy: Engaging your Students in Reading and Writing with iOS Devices Presentation By: Donna Brostek Lee, Ph.D. University of Kentucky.

Zoom is easy to master iPad tends to be a good choice due to screen size Lost in the App Store??? Help is only an App Away!!! What Works to Increase Reading Fluency: Naming Letters (vs. naming their sounds) Frequent Sight Words Guided, Oral Repeated Reading Readers’ Theater Buddy or Paired Reading Assisted Reading Closed Caption TV Choral Reading Scaffolded Silent Reading National Reading Panel, 2000 Letters & Words/

 Jan. 27, 2010 Apple CEO Steve Jobs, announced the release of the much anticipated iPad. As with most Apple products, the iPad was kept in secrecy until.

still get a fast connection for surfing the web, downloading email, or getting directions.  The iBook on the new iPad is a innovated way to read and buy books.  You can download the iBooks app free from the App Store Tap the iBooks icon and your / book you like, you tap it to see more details, even read a sample. Once you download the book it automatically appears on your bookshelf. You can start reading right away. Battery Life The ipad holds Up to 10 Hours of battery life. To maximize battery life/

IPad TALL Tuesday 11.29.2011 Modified by Roman Usatin Original content: Peggy Reimers Texas Computer Education Association.

grappling with how to successfully integrate stationary PCs and laptops with varying operating systems into their curricula? How to evaluate apps reading reviews, online reviews, youtube videos that demo the app App Selection Finding pedagogically-sound Apps What makes for a good App/Take notes Create a bookmark Look up a word Flip through pages Sift through the table of contents Reading PDF Files in iBooks 1.Connect your iPad to your computer. 2.Drag the PDF to the Books icon in your iTunes Library, and /

The Power of Ipads in the Classroom LRC 320 Alex Suarez Marlene Grayson Philip Porter Tess Donovan.

●Communication ○ With pictures and apps that speak for students they can efficiently communicate with a touch of their finger ●Reading Skills ○ Traditional books don’t have the capability to enlarge font, read words out loud, be interactive, or present sounds and pictures, but ipads do ●Timing ●For some students, the concept of time can be unclear, but many apps are available to present/

IPad Summit Sterling Public Schools Jeff Hippen. Introduction Get Comfortable with the iPad Learn some cool iPad Skills Have fun in a relaxed, hands-on.

all text. You can also double-tap a word to select it. Drag the grab points to select more or less text. In read-only documents, such as webpages, or messages you receive, touch and hold to select a word. 43 Editing Text 44 Surfing 45/for FaceTime and self- portraits. 49 Camera 50 iPad in the Classroom 51 iPad App Store Search box- upper right hand corner Type in App name Example: Read Me Stories- Children’s Books Description, sample pages, customer reviews 52 iPad vs. iPhone Updates (red number in corner of/

IPad Apps for Business Educators Dr. Gita Phelps Georgia College & State University.

– Access courses from other school Khans Academy – Educational Videos YouTube Document Scanner Faster Scan HD (FREE) Fast way to scan documents, with your iPad VIDEO: Scan and Read Documents Prizmo ($9.99) Prizmo is a universal photo-based scanner app that lets you scan and recognize text documents/

What to do & How to do it. * iPad 1 * Ipad 2 (Larger power plug; no Siri) * iPad 3 (Check plug, retina screen & Siri) * Mini (Like iPad 3, but smaller)

Categories – Purchased – Updates (you will update frequently—need password) Explore via categories Tap on one that appears interesting – Read summary info – READ REVIEWS AND RATING!!! Find a 3-5 FREE ones you would like CloudWord, Angry Birds, Install ASSIGNMENT Open: Tap PRACTICE: /Mineshaft the other day. WILL RETURN TO THIS TOPIC WHEN WE HAVE MORE INFO ABOUT THE IPAD Internet browser Book Marks Forward Arrow – Add bookmark, to reading list, o home screen – Mail link – Tweet – Print (Be careful—there may /

DEBBIE CORLETO INTRODUCTION TO IPAD. First make sure that itunes is downloaded to your ipad. The first time that you plug in your new ipad, the set-up.

releases, top items, and more. Buy or rent movies and buy TV shows to view on iPad. Download podcasts. Read reviews, or write your own reviews for your favorite store items. App Store Search the App Store for apps you can/ your devices, your other devices are automatically updated. See “Using iCloud,” below. Debbie Corleto, Oct 2012 Managing Content on the ipad Using iCloud iCloud is a service that stores your content—mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, bookmarks, notes, photos, and documents—and/

Increase the potential in learning when using iPads. This is not about the best reading book app to use but how to use the iPad as a teaching tool, an.

experience with a 1-1 class and hear about how other teachers are using them in their rooms. Creative ways to use iPads in Reading and Writing © Jacqui Sharp 2013 iPad and iPod Touch iPad only 012/05/demo-lesson-with-inspiration-reading.html iPad only http://ipadsipodsdevicesi z/2012/11/starting- younger-children- reflecting.html/

Opinion Writing in Grades K-2 Should Students Be Allowed to Bring iPads/Tablets to School? Adapted by Nikki Hunt, KWP RSPDI Team A mini-unit adapted from.

Argument MINI-UNIT Emphasis # of Lessons ARGUMENT SKILLS PRODUCT ELEMENTS OF ARGUMENT CLOSE READING STRATEGIES RESPONSE TO READINGS TOPICS Draft, Feedback, Revise, Reflect Close reading strategies Writing & talking to develop knowledge on topic or issue Forming an opinion 4/lets students watch podcasts and videos, read books, and do research. 7. Light-weight and portable The iPad is lighter than a bag of books. Students can take them anywhere. Pros and cons of iPads in the classroom, continued Cons /

IPod Touch/iPads Apps Information iPod Touch/iPads Apps Information Judi Cumley, CESA 5 11/20/2015.

5 only) Bluetooth Keyboard Accessibility Features….. 11/20/2015 Personalize Features in Settings>Accessibility (iPod Touch 32/64 GB, 4G & iPad 1 & 2) VoiceOver Touch the screen to hear a description of the item with the VoiceOver screen reader. (Requires different touch/ to navigate & activate apps) Rotor- can manage rate and how VoiceOver reads. Flick up or down to change direction, rate Zoom Magnify the entire screen of any application up to five times/

Using iPads and Software to Differentiate for Students With Complex Learning Needs Nicole Gonari, Speech-Language Pathologist/AT Consultant Andra Thorstad,

, RUH Hospital/Homebound Teacher Today’s presentation  The purpose of this presentation is to highlight and discuss specific iPad apps and accessibility features that can be used to enhance learning in students with complex learning needs.  This/Educreations  ShowMe  ScreenChomp 3. Microsoft Office Apps- free to download  Good to use with students who need additional support for reading, writing, and test taking.  The End User License Agreement specifies that a user can download and use one copy of the/

Emerging Technology: The IPad Incorporating IPads At Sunset Elementary School Jessica Webb.

. Can help organized students by consolidating calendars, notes, and memos onto one device. Many features of the iPad make it easy for students to read and write ◦ Text-to-Speech – reads the text ◦ Voice Over – allows students to hear the text ◦ Zoom – enlarges the text IPads Promote Collaboration Students could collaborate with their teacher and classmate for class discussions and assignments using Edmodo. Students/

Today we will be focusing on getting a great start to your Quarter 3 AR Reading Goal! Assemble all reading supplies before the bell. You should have your.

will call you down to conference soon When your weekly grades are filled in, add an entry to your reading log and begin AR reading. I will call you down to conference soon Tuesday, 19 January 2016 Fire up your iPad and get ready to dive into This I Believe Writing! Go to the This I Believe website, Click EXPLORE/

Optimizing the iPad - Apps that help you work smarter, and some just to have fun ! Teresa A. Fishel & Beth Hillemann DeWitt Wallace Library LibTech Conference.

you. Case in point – Beth loves to read on her Kindle, not so much on her iPad. Terri learned early, that she doesn’t like the Kindle, but loves reading on her iPad. Observation #3 Half a million apps and /Food & Cooking  Politics  Science News  Customize  You thumbs/ up thumbs down articles and it eventually focuses on what you like to read  Sources – newspapers, blogs, ejournals Recording/Notetaking  Penultimate  Evernote  Notability  TagPad – interview software -

Today we will be working on FINISHING our AR Reading Goals for the 3 rd Nine Weeks AND reading and annotating a new short story, which we will use throughout.

Take ALL remaining AR quizzes for Quarter 3. Turn in your completed reading log to the turn in box. Turn in your completed reading log to the turn in box. Use Renaissance and NOTES on your iPad to create a “Wish List” of books that fit into your Lexile/Activities What can I expect in English Topics? Open your folder and look at the “ticket” stapled inside. On your iPad or Chromebook, go to the Read Theory website ( Log in with the NEW account I have created for you. You will use /

PDF to EPUB Converter ▪ PDF to iPad software facilitates your reading PDF on iPad without any hassle.PDF to iPad ▪ PDF to iTouch EPUB program makes it.

to iBooks App iBooks iBooks app embed in iPad brings a lot of fun for us and certainly iPhone, iPod is also among the iBooks back up rank. iBooks uses a eBook format named Epub, which is the best format for reading freely and quickly on iBooks. Problems But /get an error that the file was too large? 4. When sync PDF to iPad, All existing songs, movies and TV shows on the iPad "The-iPad will be removed." How to enjoy pdf on iBooks To read PDF on iBooks is rather struggling and not cool at all, so just convert/

Online Exams Using iPads Dr. Christina Gitsaki Center for Educational Innovation Zayed University, Dubai, UAE.

for exam questions. Exams were designed to fit those formats rather than to fit the specific language objectives of the exam. Exam questions reduced to MCQs. Reading: excessive scrolling could potentially increase reading time and decrease reading accuracy. Exam Results iPad Initiative Evaluation 18-month project (3 semesters) Data collection at the end of each semester Self-reported data and exam results Regression Analysis/

Anoka-Hennepin ISD#11: Mobile Device Initiative Andover High School - iPad Initiative Catherine Dehn & Rob Bambery.

digital. USA Today 9 Aug. 2010: n. pag. Ebscohost. Web. 4 Oct. 2010.. - - -. Can college students learn as well on iPads, e-books? USA Today 9 Aug. 2010: n. pag. Print. Compared with traditional textbooks, the iPad and other devices for reading digital bookshave the potential to save on textbook costs in the long term, to provide students with more and better information/

The Tablet Revolution – or iPads in the Courtroom Fred Lederer, Chancellor Professor of Law & Director, CLCT, William & Mary School of Law. survey-reveals-surge-in-lawyer-iphone-ipad-use.html 2012 ABA Tech Survey Over 80% are regularly using an iPad to read e-mail and use the Internet, and almost everyone else reports doing so occasionally. Over half regularly use their iPads to work with their contacts and calendars, about another 25% do so occasionally. About/

BPS Special Education iPad Training Paula Wilson and LeRoy Wong.

click the home button Voiceover Allows those with visual impairments to hear what’s on the iPad as they point to things on the screen Will allow it to read books in iBooks, but navigation is different overall and takes some practice Other accessibility features/impaired Assistive touch allows you to do certain functions on the iPad in a different way You can read more at: vision.html vision.html Demo of other apps We can’t show/

Best Free Apps for Special Education The purpose of this session is to inform educators and parents of free iPad apps used in special education classrooms.

the world – or just family and friends – your great finished product! PLUS, you can use Scribble Press for iPad to read books created by other kids, from all around the world! “Scribble Press for iPad makes it easy to create a book on the iPad. Children, and grownups too, can write original stories or use one of over 50 story templates, draw using over/

Increasing Independence and Accessibility with the iPad Amy Motsinger Beacon Day School La Palma, California Increasing Independence and Accessibility.

what objects/activities the child is highly motivated by.  Introduce the highest preferred object/activity on the iPad first.  Practice manding throughout the day by having the child request for the preferred object/activity /G. and Milne, J. iPOD Therefore I Can: Enhancing the Learning of Children with Intellectual Disabilities Through Emerging, Readings in Education and Technology, Paper presented at ICICTE 2008: International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education, Corfu, /

IPad® Mobile App Instructions. Browse—Check Out Browse Collection. *ALL browsing and checkouts on iPad devices occur in your online browser. 1.BROWSE.

as long as you wish.) Updated March 2015 Single Account – Browse – Check Out – Read – Download – Keep Check Out New Issue Check Out Back Issues Search iPadRead Offline Through App Success! Keep Browsing or GET THE APP. 1.KEEP BROWSING to select additional/collection but not use any data storage. 3.Download again to read as needed. Updated March 2015 Check Out Additional Magazines All checkouts are completed in your iPad browser. 1.Minimize iPad app by clicking your home button on your device. 2.Your/

IPads in the Classroom Gayle Thieman, Melissa Lim and Dawn Guildner Roosevelt High School, Portland, OR.

folder Students can ● post links to pictures or documents to a group of students or individual student ● reply ● participate in polls and quizzes iPads support oral language and readingiPad lowers affective filters ● Practice oral language by recording into the iPad and listening ● Raz Kids ( ● Read online books or listen to a digital recording and follow along with the highlighted text/ IT Services Getting Started on your iPad Created by Michael Mackenzie.

e-mails Setting up your Outlook account IT Services Accessing Outlook on your iPad Landscape view within Outlook displaying the Reading Pane Turn your iPad to portrait view for full page view of the e-mail Optimise your viewing experience in Outlook www/The opened attachment will appear within Outlook Tap the email you want to read to see it in the viewing pane Tap on the Word attachment to open it Accessing Outlook on your iPad Open your e-mail account and open the e-mail with the /

The iPad!. Messagepad Apples first venture through the tablet device format was the messagepad. 17 years later apple tried again and got the iPad.

everything is easy to see, and a 10-HOUR battery life. Who created it? Apple inc. created the iPad. What is its purpose? The iPads purpose is to make surfing the web, playing games, reading books, and watching tv shows and movies easier. The iPad is only 9.7-inches so its easy to hold. Its smaller then a laptop but bigger then a/

IPads for Sawnee Sawnee ElementaryApple &. What is iPad? As most of you know, is a line of tablet computer created by Apple, Inc. The user interface is.

classroom, students would have the opportunity to become proficient with the operation and concept of these tools. iPads in Reading Online books and textbooks Mind Maps Graphic Organizers for Comprehension Centers Apps Vocabulary Comprehension Research iPads in Writing Study done by an Ohio English teacher showed the students did 8% better on passing the writing portion of standardized/

IPads in the Classroom Emerging Technologies Project Kris McBride ITEC7445 | Fall 2012.

many class assignments as they require java.“ "I think we were never properly taught to use the iPad to improve our learning.“ "iPad was used ineffectively due to lack of services including video, scripts, and java. It was not used for class. Just entertainment and reading." School Implementation Plan School Environment Tony Vincent’s: Classroom Do’s & Don’ts – Do sync all devices/

PLEASE BRING YOUR iPAD  We will be working with iOS 9.3.1 update  You can print out this handout on two or three slides per page leaving room to take.

iPAD  We will be working with iOS 9.3.1 update  You can print out this handout on two or three slides per page leaving room to take notes.  All of the slides after “App Share” page should probably be printed one to a page in order to read/Preschool Story Collection QR Codes (Teacher Treasure Hunter) $4.00  Mercer Mayer Storytime QR Code Stories (Teacher Treasure Hunter) FREE (stories read by the Author, Mercer Mayer!)  QR Codes 23 Fairy Tale Stories (Teacher Treasure Hunter) $4.00  QR Codes Concepts at/

iPAD Curriculum Integration Initiative Elmwood Park Public Schools January 30, 2012.

. This will give our students an edge in a global society with advancing technologies. Benefits of having iPads 24/7 Students learn 21st Century Learning Skills and become college and workplace ready Academic work is extended beyond the school day. Students engage in more writing, reading, math, science, research, and communication. Technology tools provide an efficient and opportunistic platform to employ challenge/

Using iPads in the Classroom Martin Behrman Charter School Teachers Technology Team Meeting 11/9/11.

minutes of class. LET YOUR STUDENTS TAKE THE LEAD! Allow students to utilize the iPad across the school environment. Language Arts Intuitive way to present information Provides multiple opportunities and incentives to practice phonics skills, sentence building, mind mapping Increased access to individualized literature and independent reading Flash cards Personal whiteboards Reference tool Creating and adapting written language Students can use Storykit/

E-Readers: the future of reading? Hilla Wait & Isabel Holowaty November 2011.

Kindle, Sony, Nook, Kobo Netbooks/laptops PC’s Smartphones And now the iPad – and other tablets Kindle/ Kindle Keyboard / Kindle Fire Liquid ink: read in bright sunlight Improved, built-in PDF Reader Free 3-G wireless Support /EBL E-books ; Oxford Scholarship On-Line chapters; single chapters from other e-books  Soon:; Oxford’s Google Collection Read On-Line - iPad; PC or Laptop; Smartphone Download free content (out of copyright texts) – Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, OpenLibrary, GoogleBooks /

IPads for SSHS Math Dept. Creating your Personal Learning Environment….

Everything!! Diigo – – Bookmark, notes, pictures Flipboard – eReader app from Appstore – Professional Reading made easy! neuAnnotate – Annotator app from Appstore – Annotate Math Worksheets Skype – – Communicate / Twitter100 Ways to Teach with Twitter Add your Professional Reading to Flipad Share your ideas with a colleague! Resources Top Four Passionate Math Teacher Blogs Things to do with an ipad Things eBook Apps and website – Ibooks – freebooks /

IPad Use Among Freshmen Honors Students at The College at Brockport Pat Maxwell Priya Banerjee.

like Doceri For note taking (teach me) Students use the iPad in tandem with their laptop AND for... Music Photos & Videos Social Networking Tracking assignments Scheduling Reading Research iPads in the Classroom iPads at Home Smart phone PCLaptopiPad E- Reader Pen / paper /8%36%18% Preferred Device: Learning Activities N=39 Smart phone PCLaptopiPad E- Reader Pen / paper N/A Angel97%3% Reading Textbook54%23%18%5% Google, Wikipedia, or similar 3%77%20% Writing87%3%10% Library databases92%8% Preferred Device: /

1 Food Writing, Tarantulas and the Paperless Classroom: Yale’s iPad Experiment Brad Warren Matthew Regan November 9, 2012 Brad Warren Matthew Regan November.

, etc.) – –Production (writing, camera, annotation) Fall 2011 11 Barbara Stuart – English 121 Writing About Food – –iPad 2s (18) – –iPads checked out individually – –Consumption (readings, browsing, etc.) – –Production (writing, camera, annotation) Marta Wells – Lab for Principles of EE&B – –iPad 1s (18) – –All iPads checked out by instructor – –Consumption only (videos) – –Class set - remained in lab Spring 2012 – –Interest in expanding to 2 nd library location/

Chapter 7 Creating Complex Interactivity in an iPad Presentation.

states in the landscapes layout Five object states Using Object States for iPad Interactivity With a scrollable frame, you can finger swipe as you read and the text scrolls so that you can continue reading. Other elements of the page – like the headline or a photo/ making the movie move at the speed of your fingertips. Adding an Image Sequence Finger swiping the image sequence on the iPad Adding an Image Sequence When creating an image sequence: size matters, both the size of the images in the sequence and/

IPad Ryan Ford Prof. Challinger Ryan Ford Prof. Challinger.

instead of carrying around a large stack of books, you can save a bunch of books in the iPad and just carry around the 1.5 pound device.  Or if you want to read the paper but not the mess of sorting through the pages, you can just touch the articles you / instead of carrying around a large stack of books, you can save a bunch of books in the iPad and just carry around the 1.5 pound device.  Or if you want to read the paper but not the mess of sorting through the pages, you can just touch the articles you /

Apple iPad Presentation By: Leigh Casal. Apple iPad Video.

Watch up to 10 hours IPS Technology Easily view in wide screen or full screen Browse between chapters in movie iPad: iBooks Like reading a book, but easier Adjust backlight brightness Jump to a different part, automatically bookmarks Highlight important parts Customize reading experience View single page or two at once Change the text size and font. Touch and hold any word to/

IPads in the World Language Class Glennysha Jurado-Moran Spanish/Special Ed. Teacher Edison Public Schools Edison, New Jersey.

–Hold lock and home buttons at the same time until you see the silver apple Internet –Save on home screen-creates icon –Reading list App Store Search using key words in the target language Look at buyers also bought iPad vs iPhone apps INTERPRETIVE Stories News Recipes STORIES Your budget and instructional needs will determine which are the best ones Some are/

IPads in the Classroom a primer. Today’s Topics The cartThe cart iPad 101 iPad 101 iOS 5 – new featuresiOS 5 – new features Meaningful engagement Meaningful.

Guide -OR- you can log on to and use and walnut2020 to download a free copy and read it in iBooks even when you are offline! - Free iPad Tips & Tricks app Using iPads in Your Classroom Uses: –Standalone Apps to reinforce / explore / practice –Software Apps to research & create –Meaningful engagement –Check for understanding / exit ticket/

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