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© 2009 IBM Corporation IBM DCN Tomasz Snopek IBM Business Line OTR - CEE IBM System Storage, 11 June 2009 Praha.

© 2009 IBM Corporation IBM DCN Tomasz Snopek IBM Business Line OTR - CEE IBM System Storage, 11 June 2009 Praha. © 2009 IBM Corporation IBM System Storage, 11 June/Corporation IBM System Storage, 11 June 2009 Praha. 15  Superior performance: -Two 4 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel ports and two GigE FCIP ports -Up to 50Mbps per FCIP tunnel optimized for high-latency, low-bandwidth WANs -Open Systems Extension with Fast Write over FCIP  Efficiency: -Storage Optimized TCP -Hardware-based compression, trunking and /

T305: DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS Arab Open University-Lebanon Tutorial 21 T305: Digital Communications Block I – Part I - Communication Networks.

). It constructs its forwarding table by analyzing source address in each packet it receives, and recording which port the packet arrived on. From this data, it is able to list the addresses of all the computers on the LAN/details of conversion between the MAC sub-layer and the physical medium will be different (for example, line coding). T305: DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS 29 Arab Open University-Lebanon Tutorial 2 Topic 6: Switched Ethernet One approach applicable to increase the data transmission rates to/

Open Multi-Core Router - H3C SR66. Development Trends of High-end Routers H3C SR66 Open Multi-Core Router Technical Features of H3C SR66 Router (5S) Typical.

to DS0 (each port with 512 DS0s maximally) High-Speed HIM Sub-Card of SR66 www.h3c.com 14 2/4/8 SAE8 E1 1 POS2 GBE Compatible MIM Sub-Card of SR66 Development Trends of High-End Routers H3C SR66 Open Multi-Core Router Technical/ design of the architecture and future orientation of software features to save user investment substantively. AR/MSR compatible MIM card Command line switching POS 155M/622M rate No need to add investment in implementing IPv6 smooth upgrade No need to add boards to implement/

Cisco Router 기본 사용법. Hardware Feature 라우터의 Console 연결을 위한 설정 PC 는 RJ-45-to-DB-9 또는 RJ-45-to-DB-25 adapter 가 필요. PC 의 COM port 설정은 9600 bps, 8 data.

show Show running system information slip Start Serial-line IP (SLIP) systat Display information about terminal lines telnet Open a telnet connection terminal Set terminal line parameters tn3270 Open a tn3270 connection trace Trace route to destination where/ RouterB Entry address(es): IP address: Platform: cisco 2522, Capabilities: Router Interface: Serial0, Port ID (outgoing port): Serial1 Holdtime : 168 sec Version : Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) 2500 Software (C2500-JS-L/

EHX Advanced Programming. Objective Introduce key advanced features of EHX configuration Topics covered ► Matrix port settings ► Creating Fixed.

are used to working in the studio VOICE OF GOD: PARTY LINE VS. GROUPS Party lines: The Director has a Party Line button to talk and to listen to all the ports in the PL ► All the panels can be forced to listen/Guest. ►Only EHX users with network administrator rights (Network-Admin) can access the user management facility. ►To access user management open the File menu and select User Management. EHX - ADVANCED PROGRAMMING USER MANAGEMENT - System access System accessNetwork- Admin Local- Admin UserGuest/

Seaport, IN, 1638.

a society, such as roads, water supply, wastewater, power grids, flood management systems, communications (internet, phone lines, broadcasting), and so forth. In the past, these systems have typically been owned and managed by local or central governments / distant future, the opening of an undersea railway tunnel between port and Tallinn by around 2025 may impact on port activities as well. The interventions outlined above suggest that port is about to say a dramatic farewell to its port. These measures are /

Logistics in a Changing Europe The New European Ports Policy: Challenges for Southern Europe ( The EU Regulation on Market Access and Financial Transparency)

line up to join the European Union. Countries and ports are not different when they claim funding (e.g. TEN-T; CEF), but, all of a sudden, they become ‘different’ when they have to comply, open up markets, and be transparent. Ports and/to make it “affordable” to “certain” users. Determination of tariffs of port services The Regulation leaves this matter quite open, stating that these should be determined by conditions of open markets, and they should be proportionate to the value of the service. Neither/

1 China’s New Monuments of Superpower Status Mammoth Ports, Bridges, Dams, Express Ways, Airports and Aqueducts in the 21 st Century Visit Minister of.

use, tripling the length to 158,000 kilometers from 45,000 kilometers a decade ago. The worlds last big “communist” country has opened the way for public companies to finance the modern highways that more and more of its motorists are paying to use, tripling the/ will increase airport capacity fivefold by 2010; roll out the same length of railway lines in the next four years as it has built in the last 50; and spend Rmb15bn on new ports. By the end of the decade, he adds, Chongqing will have built 1,600/

3-1 Peripherals & I/O lines All the on-chip peripherals are configured and controlled through Special Function Registers (SFR) Many of the SFR’s are bit.

mode Selectable input thresholds (not on all pins) Push/pull or open drain output mode Programmable port driver control 3-3 M167CS Functional Block Diagram 3-4 Digital I/O Ports Port is where data enters/leaves the system Digital I/O lines are normally grouped into 8-bit ports or possibly 16-bit ports Ports must be configured for input or output before they are used Most/

Chapter 4 I/O Port Programming

CPU bus M1 P0.X pin P1.X TB1 TB2 P1.x 8051 IC Port 0(pins 32-39) P0 is an open drain. Open drain is a term used for MOS chips in the same way that open collector is used for TTL chips. When P0 is used for simple data I//8031 to an external memory, the 8051 uses ports to send addresses and read instructions. 8031 is capable of accessing 64K bytes of external memory. 16-bit address:P0 provides both address A0-A7, P2 provides address A8-A15. Also, P0 provides data lines D0-D7. When P0 is used for address//

Welcome to Oostende: your next destination. The city of Oostende is a port town and a holiday resort with nine kilometres beaches. Oostende obtained its.

250 meter and a water-depth of 8.5m. at all states of the tide. The quay is situated in the outer-port, 500 meters from the open sea and the relevant shipping-lanes. The quay is located next to city centre of Oostende, so that cruise-ships berth /Kriegsmarine in 1941. The task of this battery was to protect and to defend the port of Oostende. At the end of 1942, the battery was incorporated in the Atlantic Wall, a coastal defence line of nearly 5300 km, developed by the German army. The centre of the battery/

Input/Output (I/O) Ports and Interfacing

is one (assuming pull-ups are enabled) and when it is closed, the logic level is zero. When all keys are open, the reading will be 0xFF, and when a key is closed, the reading will be less than 0xFF. Therefore, any/No Carry’ and counting the rotations Interfacing LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Problem statement Interface a 2-line x 20 character LCD module with the built-in HD44780 controller to I/O ports of the PIC18 microcontroller Multi-LCDs refer to LCDs with different interfaces Converting to ASCII The LCD /

Prepared by Robert Gadsby Crossing the Line International Deployment of Wildlands Fire Resources Department of Homeland Security United States Customs.

Ahead If Possible, and Communicate with Border Officials Speak Directly to the Port Director at the Location Where Resources Will Cross and Keep That Line of Communication Open The More Information CBP Has in Advance, the Faster We Can Process Resources/Airport of Entry Before You Proceed to the Incident Speak Directly to the Port Director at the Location Where Resources will Arrive and Keep That Line of Communication Open. Especially If You Are Transporting Ground Crews or Bulk Supplies Prepared by Robert/

Objectives Understand the Open Systems Interconnection network reference model, often used to characterize network protocols and services, and how it relates.

PPP is protocol neutral, and may be used to simultaneously ferry a range of protocols across a single serial line connection TCP/IP Network Access Layer Protocols The Windows implementation of PPP supports all the major Windows protocols—namely, /and services, each represented by one or more well-known port numbers, operate)—outgoing data is packaged and identified for delivery to the layer underneath Thus, each PDU has its own particular opening component called a header (or packet header) that identifies/

Technical presentation EVOLUTION line UPS

Analogue part supply section IGBT drivers supply section Relays and BUS supply section Serial ports supply section DC voltage measure section PS-HV card (PB001) Microprocessor supply This / IGBTs in parallel, but such option is not provided for the actual production line For the control of parallel IGBTs in the high power range UPS (>200kVA)/ stop by EPO is not enabled BO_BUS When active, the switch BCB (battery) is open BYP_SW (FUSE) When active, the bypass switch (commutation test) is active TERMO_SW When /

Alokes Chattopadhyay.  Email Basics  What Makes Up An Email  How Email Works  What Are TCP/IP Ports  Security  Mail Messaging system at IIT- Kharagpur.

Works  What Are TCP/IP Ports  Security  Mail Messaging system at IIT- Kharagpur  What is an Email – an electronic message transmitted over a network from one user to another.  Can be as simple as a few lines of text, or include attachments/ and password  LOGOUT Logout the current user  SELECT Select the desired mailbox to access  EXAMINE Same as SELECT except opens mailbox for read-only  CREATE Create a mailbox with the name  DELETE Delete selected mailbox  RENAME Rename mailbox  SUBSCRIBE/

Communication. References r On-line tutorials m Beej’s Guide to Network programming m The Java.

disk location, file status etc; r Read/write operations need this info 0123401234 File Descriptor table stdin stdout stderr in_file Open Files/Socket Representation r An entry can also point to a socket r Socket information is information needed for communication m /at different times. Services may be moved from one host to another. m Could pass host name and port by reading a file or through the command line. You do not need to recompile Client still needs to know the location of the server ahead of/

1 Computer Networks An Open Source Approach Chapter 6: Internet Services Chapter 6: Application Layer.

Type set to I. COMMAND:>PORT 140,113,189,29,10,31 200 PORT command successful. COMMAND:>RETR test  retrieve the file “test” 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for test (5112 bytes). Chapter 6: Application Layer 97 Open Source: wu-ftpd Introduction to /values of various network- related information retrieved from a remote system using the SNMP protocol Chapter 6: Application Layer 120 Command Line Examples $ /usr/local/bin/snmpbulkwalk -v 3 -u ynlin -l authNoPriv –a MD5 -A ynlinpasswd localhost system /

Scanning and Spoofing Lesson 7. Scanning Ping Sweeps Port Scanners Vulnerability Scanning tools.

perform a port scan. Port Scanning Attacker Web server 80 79 82 81 80 Services List HTTP Types of Port Scanning TCP SYN Scanning – “half open” scanning. Sends a SYN packet to each remote port. Open ports respond with a SYN/ACK packet. Closed ports usually respond /user5 /etc/hosts.equiv file example /etc/hosts.equiv are essentially equivalent to a system-wide.rhosts file and contain lines with hostnames. If system1 contained the /etc/hosts.equiv file: system2 system4 system5 It would indicate that any user/

Computer Networks An Open Source Approach Chapter 1: Fundamentals 1.

equipment needs to figure out  Where to route packets (to which links or ports)  Which usually requires exchange of control packets  Complex route computation The control plane/in  Software, and partial IC components Chapter 1: Fundamentals 69 Open vs. Closed There exist three ways to implement the Internet architecture into/super network daemon), invokes various programs for network-related services. As the arrowed lines show, packets at the control plane are processed in the protocol driver by ICMP/

Korea Port Governance System And New Challenge Issues Prof. Hee Seok Bang Assistant. Jung Ho Na Dong Joon Kang Chung Ang University ICHCA Conference.

Malacca-Max 18,15440021.060- Source : Lloyd List Note : Han-Jin Shipping Line ordered 13,000TEU Ship Note : Han-Jin Shipping Line ordered 13,000TEU Ship (5 Ships operation in 2010, 4 Ships operation in / economic growth Facilitating foreign investment Northeast Asian Business Hub Korea Port Governance System & New Challenge Issues Northeast Asian Business Hub Strategy Openness Foreign Investment Regional Economic Cooperation Korea Port Governance System & New Challenge Issues Why Incheon, Busan-Jinhae/

SG-System I. The System I is a Dual Line Receiver ideal for smaller central stations looking to monitor accounts over a land line or PRI/phone system.

line card One parallel printer port, one serial printer port, one serial automation port, one USB console port and 10/100BaseT automation output Continuous verification of computer/receiver links Integrated scheduled receiver line card testing Remote acknowledgement and sounder capability Front Display 1Telephone line/ Cable ………………….USB 2 Cable Input Voltage100-240VAC, 50-60Hz Power Consumption25W Outputs24VDC (Open Collector) Battery BackupExternal UPS (Not Supplied) Operating Environment32 0 to 122 0 /

1 Computer Networks An Open Source Approach Chapter 6: Internet Services Ying-Dar Lin, Ren-Hung Hwang, Fred Baker Chapter 6: Application Layer.

Type set to I. COMMAND:>PORT 140,113,189,29,10,31 200 PORT command successful. COMMAND:>RETR test  retrieve the file “test” 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for test (5112 bytes). Chapter 6: Application Layer 87 Open Source: wu-ftpd Introduction to /values of various network- related information retrieved from a remote system using the SNMP protocol Chapter 6: Application Layer 110 Command Line Examples $ /usr/local/bin/snmpbulkwalk -v 3 -u ynlin -l authNoPriv –a MD5 -A ynlinpasswd localhost system /

1 Air Conditioning Metering Devices. 2 Used in an A/C system to change the pressure of the refrigerant. Is placed between the liquid line and the evaporator.

to temperature. 44 Thermostatic Expansion Valve –Subtract the saturation temperature (boiling point temperature from your gauges) from the suction line temperature (near sensing bulb). –This is the superheat. It is VERY important to realize that it takes a few minutes/the evaporator’s pressure to prevent the compressor from overheating. –They do this by not opening fully under heavy load conditions. 48 Thermostatic Expansion Valve Dual Port TXV’s –Have two needles and seats that are in series. –Are used in /

CONCORDIA “EVENTs” are queued up. “EVENTs” are ordered in time Simulation moves from “EVENT” to “EVENT” The events queue is open ended as new events occur.

=7) then count <= 0; else count <= count + 1; end if; end process Proc2_counter; Proc3_print: process variable L: Line; begin write (L, now); write (L, string’(“count= ”)); write ( count); writeline (output,L); wait for 1ns; end/ = actual_output ) report “ actual and expected outputs don’t match ” severity Error ; CONCORDIA 49 -- Assert example, door opens when z =‘1’ entity door_open is port (key1, key2: in std_logic; z : out std_logic); end door_open; architecture top of door_open is begin if key1 = /

Hydraulic Symbols. Piping and Tubing Symbols Normal working line Flexible working line Pilot line Drain line Enclosure outline Direction of flow.

displacement, bidirectional Valves Normally closed, two-way, two port Normally closed, two-way, two position, two port Normally closed, four way, three position, four port Valves Normally open, two-way, two position, two port Normally open, two-way, three position, three port Normally open, four way, three position, four port Normally open, four way, infinite position, four port Relief Valve Represents the pilot line Pressure Side Valve normally closed Spring loaded Variable/

Service Aware Networking Technologies 1 Optical transport solutions LambdaDriver® product line.

Drop 1 Add 2 Dual Fiber Single Sided OADM WDM trunk ports ADD/DROP ports Add 1 Drop 2 In Out Drop 1 Add 2 Single /modules  Hot swappable, independent modules  SFP access interface for highest flexibility  Rate transparent mode (2R): Open to any data rate.  Performs 3R (reshape,retime,retransmit) function  Remotely selectable data rate (8Mbps/ the accumulated dispersion.  Usually DCU’s are located together with In-Line Optical Amplifiers that compensate for power loss. DCUDCU DCUDCU DCUDCU OA Service /

January 10,11 2000 Kits Workshop 1 Washington WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST LOUIS The Washington University Smart Port Card John DeHart Washington University.

this from PCI config space APIC statically assigned IRQ 5 by System FPGA For consistency, driver writes 5 to Interrupt Line Register January 10,11 2000 Kits Workshop 19 Washington WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST LOUIS PCI Configuration Space Configuration Space Header /FPGA 32-64 MB Pentium Cache North Bridge APIC Inport 1 Fiber Outport 2 Outport 1 Inport 0 Defining APIC Ports for Routing atm_ifconfig apic0 0xca open -aal5 -llc -besteffort -inport $INPORT -outports $OUTPORTs Switch INPORT OUTPORTs 0 1 0 2 1 1/

1 Computer Networks An Open Source Approach Chapter 6: Internet Services Chapter 6: Application Layer.

Type set to I. COMMAND:>PORT 140,113,189,29,10,31 200 PORT command successful. COMMAND:>RETR test  retrieve the file “test” 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for test (5112 bytes). Chapter 6: Application Layer 97 Open Source: wu-ftpd Introduction to /values of various network- related information retrieved from a remote system using the SNMP protocol Chapter 6: Application Layer 120 Command Line Examples $ /usr/local/bin/snmpbulkwalk -v 3 -u ynlin -l authNoPriv –a MD5 -A ynlinpasswd localhost system /

Quasar 950 & 960 Series Toxic Gas Open Path Detectors.

950 & 960 Features & Functions 6Accessories 7Part Numbers 8Installation & Commissioning 9Testing & Maintenance 10Applications 12 | 87  Fence Line monitoring of Toxic Gases  H 2 S, NH 3 and Aromatic Hydrocarbons  Coverage of low toxic concentration 0 -/ Magnet (Enclosure)  HART / RS485 Handheld terminal  HOST Software RS485 PC via  Handheld Fast Connection Port  Segregated Terminals Magnet Toxic Open Path Gas Detector SafEye 950 & 960 SafEye 950 & 960 Features & Functions 28 | 87 Function Set-Up:/

Leveraging extractive industry investments for domestic infrastructure needs: Rail and Port June 2014.

Cross-border potential to increase trade and unlock economic development along the corridor 10 (Step 3) Legal Framework 11 Open Access Regime Regulatory Body (Step 3) Infrastructure Ownership 12 Ownership Models * Government Participation Options * Government should always / 13 Liberia – Infrastructure Design The Putu Iron Ore Mine in South East Liberia will build its own railway line and port facility. The contract design lays the foundations for future expansion of rail: “The Railroad shall be designed so/

Dr. Will Schroeder, Kitware

is pressed in the render window: package require vtkinteraction iren AddObserver UserEvent {wm deiconify .vtkInteract} These 2 lines of Tcl code allow you to bring up a Tcl interpreter from a running VTK program. From the /both vtkDataSets (or a subclass of vtkDataSet.) Several connections on an input port: AddInputConnection() if allowed by the filter (ex: vtkAppendFilter) Reuse an output port: OK Open Source Software Practice Lecture 8 Role of Type-Checking FillInputPortInformation() specifies input/

Contents Location Bulgaria – economy data Burgas region Transport infrastructure Port of Burgas Burgas airport Railway Road network Transport corridors.

Access to markets European Union / EFTA Russia Turkey / Middle East Regular service of MSC and MAERSK container lines to Burgas Port www.freezonebourgas.com Burgas Free Zone Automobiles Many years of successful co-operation between our company and world famous /and transport accidents awaiting here their final destination for import or re-export. Experience in the handling of automobiles. Open and covered storage areas for storage of vehicles and spare parts at competitive prices (suitable for more than 10/

/22 1 KAIST Mobile Harbor Project 2009. 12. /22 2 Novel maritime transport solution that can connect a large containership anchored in the open sea and.

Univ. (Ulsan Univ, Pusan Natl Univ, SNU ) Research Institute(KIMM,MOERI,KMI,KR ) Public companies, Shipping lines (K-Water, Port Authority) Original tech. development, basic design, Market analysis, Tech. holding company Research collaboration Collaborative R&D Program / System Patent awarded (2) and filed (49) Participated in New Growth Engine Exhibition (5/26-5/28, KINTEX) Open House (8/13~8/14) Participated in Incheon International Logistics & Materials Handling Exhibition (9/8-9/11, Songdo Convensia/

Tablet PC In-Service. 2 Overview  Tablet PC Features & Hardware Introduction –Tablet Overview (Ports, Buttons, Pen location, Lights) –Keyboard Features.

line, up the page, down the page, to the beginning of a document, or to the end of a document. C. Fn keyPress the Fn key in combination with a colored system key (such as STATUS, STANDBY, or PAUSE) to perform a specific action. D. Windows key Press the Windows® key to open/ needs. After doing this, you can disconnect and reconnect the device at any time. F. IEEE 1394 port A. This 4-pin IEEE 1394 port (also known as Firewire® or i.Link®) is used for connecting peripheral devices such as printers, scanners,/

1 ECE 372 – Microcontroller Design Parallel IO Ports - Outputs Parallel IO Ports E.g. Port T, Port AD Used to interface with many devices Switches LEDs.

: LED is about 2V, 10-20mA 6 ECE 372 – Microcontroller Design Parallel IO Ports - Outputs LED – Open Collector NPN transistor is On if V b is High LED will be On is V/Open Emitter PNP transistor is On if V b is Low LED will be On is V b is Low Can support up to 250mA PNP E Micro- controller 8 ECE 372 – Microcontroller Design Parallel IO Ports - Outputs Directly Controlling LEDs We can use external IC to drive the LEDs Reduce current driven by microcontroller and protects it 74LS244IC Tri-state Buffer/Line/

Okinawa open laboratory First hand on seminar OpenDaylight edition

projects Community Contributors: 154 (as of February,2014) Commit count (Reference: OpenStack 1974, Floodlight 52) Commit count Line count (from http://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/OpenDaylight-Year1%20v4-ext.pdf ) Projects in the Hydrogen/ virtual network Refer details in Part 2 VTN! OVSDB OVS(Open vSwitch) configuration and management features via OVSDB Offers features for OVS like creation of bridge, port etc., modification of settings, deletion, information retrieval and tunnel /

7750 Service Router Overview November 2009

hot redundant switch fabric protection 1+1 external synchronization input and output ports Serial and Ethernet management ports Alarm interface input/output ports 49 7705 SAR-8 : Dense Access via Flexible Adapter Line Cards Ethernet: a8-eth 2 x GigE and 6 x 10/100/ SR IPv6 IPv4 PON Small to Medium Enterprise GigE Wireless MEF 9 – E-LINE & E-LAN UNI Services MEF 14 – QoS & Traffic Management FR ATM HQ Opening up new revenue opportunities for service providers 55 55 55 Residential Triple Play Service Delivery/


and multistage power amplifier transducer power gain to evaluate input matching and stability Power flowing from input port in view of From input admittance Output power dissipated in load operating power gain 3.1. Main/topology matching circuits in form of L-transformers: parallel microstrip open stubs represent capacitive reactances, series microstrip lines represent inductive reactances bias circuits contain quarterwave loaded and opened microstrip lines for RF signal isolation Microwave 2.5-2.7 GHz/

雲端計算 Cloud Computing Network Virtualization Open vSwitch.

network without requiring vendors to expose internal workings Basic requirements  An Ethernet switch (e.g. 128-ports of 1GE)  An open protocol to remotely add/remove flow entries Experimenter’s Dream (Vendor’s Nightmare) Standard Network Processing /a port outside of the slice FlowVisor Message Handling OpenFlow Firmware Data Path Alice Controller Bob Controller Cathy Controller FlowVisor OpenFlow Packet Exception Policy Check: Is this rule allowed? Policy Check: Who controls this packet? Full Line Rate/

PORT WINE PROCESSING LINE PROCESSING LINES CVUT Mechanical Engineer Nuno Silva Porto Portugal.

PROCESSING LINE CVUT Mechanical Engineer MAKING PORT-Technology The basic functionality of the autovinification system: - The vat is filled of full capacity; - As the fermentation begins carbon dioxide is given off and the pressure builds up inside the tank. This forces the fermenting must up an escape valve which spills into an open holding tank on top of the vat; - Once a certain/



The development strategy of the passenger ships on the maritime line between Egypt and Saudi Arabia using the HSC Authors Capt: HESHAM ELSAYAD Capt: MOHAMED.

life raft should be marine evacuation system to be controlled in the bridge to facilitate the ship evacuation Because of this marine line importance, the Saudi Arabian government gave the Egyptian government two new HSC, their names are "Cairo" and "El Riyadh"./is installed: (i.) 2 x 9m MES evacuation slide with associated 128-person Open Reversible Life raft (ORL), including HSC Emergency pack installed on the aft main deck (one port and one starboard). (ii.) 2 x 14m MES evacuation slide with associated 128/

6. Port Documentations 6.1 Related documents ie. ISD, IED , IID

operator and prepare lorry chit to deliver cargo to CFS ( Container freight station) c) Conventional - confirmation of port opening (earliest date cargo can be accepted into Port store) .Prepare integrated export document (IED), custom form K2 , K3 or K8 ,packing list , lorry/. Bills of lading (Liner) These are issued by shipping companies in respect of goods carried on regular line vessels with scheduled runs and reserved berths at destination. Such means of transport has possible advantages over tramp /

Switching Lecture 1. Switch Architecture Inter connection between N input links and N output links Switch fabric I/p lines O/p lines I/p adapters O/p.

states x, (negative drift condition) Meyn and Tweedie, Book If the system is markov with an aperiodic closed set, and other open states, and Assume that the expected arrival rates satisfy the rate constraints for the input queued switch, we will show that the negative/decision is to accept a packet for a port if the buffer has space The concavity property on the straight line x + y = B implies that the function J(x, y) has either a unique maxima on the line or two consecutive maximas. These correspond to the/

Port Tutorial Series: Coplanar Waveguide (CPW)

plane Disadvantages The primary disadvantage of CPW is that it is harder to design with: features such as open and shorted stubs are not as simple as they are with microstrip or stripline. Additionally, CPW is not well supported even by / w h 4h minimum g 3 (2g + w) w h 4h minimum g Ungrounded CPW Grounded CPW CPW Wave Ports: Impedance and Calibration Impedance Lines Optional for wave ports, but if Zpv and Zvi desired, should be drawn Extend from either side ground to proximal point on trace, colinear /

LabVIEW: Tips & Tricks Ihor Korolov March 2011.

LabVIEW: Tips & Tricks GPIB- VISA Using serial ports Serial communication uses a transmitter to send data, one bit at a time, over a single communication line to a receiver Serial (RS-232) port 4 x RS-232 to PCI RS-232 to USB/ & Tricks I. Korolov: Tips & Tricks VI hierarchy View VI Hierarchy The “VI Hierarchy” window displays a graphical representation of all open LabVIEW projects and targets, as well as the calling hierarchy for all VIs in memory, which includes type definitions, global variables, LabVIEW /

H. Huang Transparency No.7-1 The 68HC11 Microcontroller Chapter 7: Parallel I/O Ports The 68HC11 Microcontroller Han-Way Huang Minnesota State University,

human being cannot press and release a key in less than 20 ms, a debouncer will recognize that the switch is closed/open after the voltage is low/high for 10 ms. - Both hardware and software debouncing techniques are available. Hardware debouncing techniques/ into or read from a specified port. H. Huang Transparency No.7-74 The 68HC11 Microcontroller Mode 1 (Strobed Input/Output) -Port A and B use the lines of port C to generate or accept “handshake” signals required in this mode. -Port A, B, and C are /

What’s in a name? Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems Eucalyptus is a simple open architecture for implementing.

-standard Web-services software packages (Axis2, Apache, and Rampart). A Secure Cloud Eucalyptus is a Linux-­based open source software architecture that implements efficiency-­enhancing private and hybrid clouds within an enterprise’s existing IT Infrastructure. A/ 2.11.1.Final.jar org.jgroups.tests.McastSenderTest - mcast_addr -port 5555 The two applications should be able to connect and arbitrary lines entered on the sender should appear on the receiver. Configure Eucalyptus Start the CLC: /

Secure Routers 1001, 1002, 1004, and 3120. WAN Port LEDs 1-4 Typical 100X Chassis - Front Power LED 1004 Router Front Panel LINK/ACT HS DUP Ethernet 1.

configure/module/e1 1 > framing disable 1001/configure/interface/bundle wan >show int bundle wan bundle wan ---------- status down, ipcp not in open state number of links 1 total bandwidth 2048 kbps link speed bw inverted status diffdelay(msec) ---- ----- -- -------- ------ ---------------- e1 1:/loopback on the T1 to test) SR-1004/test/t1 4 (This will use port 4 for example) SR-1004/test/t1 4#loopback remote line (raises the farend line loopback) SR-1004/test/t1 4#bert interval 5 (runs bert test for /

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