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IAP Vision 2010 deepak ugra President IAP 2010. Aims To take IAP ahead Globally To make self sufficient, self sponsored programs as far as possible To.

Gupta Dr. Harish Pemde, Dr. Subhash S. Slathia Dr. Bakulesh Chauhan, Dr. Bakul Parekh Dr. N.S. Mahantshetti, Dr. S. Yamuna Dr. Gautam Ghosh, Dr. J.N. Sharma (Guwahati) Literature Surfing Team Dr. George F. Moolayil, Dr. D. Narayanappa Dr. Vineet /, Dr. Rafiq Ahmed, Dr. Sunit Singhi, Dr. Ashwin Mohanty, Dr. Narendra Rathi Program Coordinator Dr. Tanmay Amladi Plan of action For Cops, Fire Brigade personnel, Adolescents, House wives Will be done by IAP PALS Courses, through IAP Branches Branch Secretary/

Water Bodies in NCT Delhi Delhi Parks & Gardens Society, Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

and/or as biodiversity habitats Delhi Parks & Gardens Society, Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT of Delhi Components of Action Plan for Each Waterbody i) Desiltation ii) Water Augmentation by linkage to canals, storm water drain or recycled water supply from /buildings discharging over 10,000 Ltrs. per day. 5. Stop misuse of storm water drains for emptying sewage draining to Yamuna River or water bodies. making them polluted. 6.Providing sewage facilities to all 189 Rural Villages. 7.Rescue the water/

R.M.Bhardwaj Senior Scientist Central Pollution Control Board (Ministry of Environment & Forests) ‘Parivesh Bhawan, East Arjun Nagar Delhi – 110 032 E-mail.

violation of desired water quality criteria for designated uses.  Water quality data formed the basis for Formulation of River Action Plan (38 rivers) and Identification of Pollution Sources in 167 cities for interception and diversion of municipal wastewater and stricter / standard for industries are required to be prescribed. 3.In some polluted river stretches, e.g. Delhi stretches of Yamuna, dilution water is required to meet the desired water quality criteria. 4.Seven States which are using 90% of /

PRESENTATION BEFORE SECRETARY (Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation)

4.Farakka Barrage Project, Farakka 5.Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee, Vadodara 6.Bansagar Control Board, Rewa 7.Upper Yamuna River Board, Delhi 8.Polavaram Project Authority Organizations Under Ministry Statutory Bodies 1. Brahmaputra Board, Guwahati 2. Narmada/with Industries ( 19th September/ 8 th October 2014) Strategy Formulation Constitution of Group of Secretaries to finalize the action plan for Ganga Rejuvenation- 6 th June 2014, Submission of the report (28 th of August 2014) Review by/


Gambhir near tehsil Bayana. Gambhir River starts from Pachana Dam of Karoli dist., passing from Bharatpur meets River Yamuna in UP. Rooparel River starts from hills of dist. Alwar enters Bharatpur from tehsil Kaman. The water of/other District experiences 10) Chalking out and implementing the third phase (long –term strategy based) of a time-bound Field Action Plan. 11) Transfer of responsibilities to locally identified and trained personnel/ volunteers, gradual withdrawal, and hand holding to the extent/


Yamuna in the reach between Tajewala to Okhla Barrage.  Monitoring of the implementation of selected flood control schemes particularly those receiving Central Assistance / executed under the Central Sector.  Performance Evaluation of selected Flood Control Schemes  Preparation and updating of Comprehensive Plans/ of river Ganga. Ganga Flood Control Commission 29 Sl. No. Recommendation of Comprehensive Plan Action Taken 4 The existing flood control and drainage works should be looked after adequately and/

The Ganga is mentioned in the Rig-Veda, the earliest of the Hindu scriptures. The Ganga is mentioned in the nadistuti (Rig Veda 10.75), which lists the.

gathering on earth, is held every 12 years on the banks of the Triveni Sangam - the confluence of the holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. The Mela alternates between Nasik, Allahabad, Ujjain and Haridwar every three years. The one celebrated at the Holy Sangam in / in the river along its stretch from upper reaches in Hardwar to Ganga Sagar in the Bay of Bengal After two Ganga Action Plans failed to deliver the goods, seven major IITs of the country have joined hands to find ways to clean up the national/


qtl./hect. ( Area 72000 ha.) Hisar - 42.73 qtl./hect. ( Area 232000 ha.) Ambala - 42.06 qtl./hect. ( Area 87000 ha.) Yamuna Nagar - 43.39 qtl./hect. ( Area 85000 ha.) Jind - 42.70 qtl./hect. ( Area 216000 ha.) State Average - 44.52 qtl./hect./ Global Gap Certified by accredited agency of Govt. of India. Action Plan 2013-14 NHM Action Plan outlay increased from Rs. 107 crore to 120 crore. MI Action Plan increased from Rs. 72 crore to 90 crore. State Plan outlay increased from Rs. 54 crore to 95 crore. To /


 “Most Outstanding Bridge National Awards 2000” : 1)First prize for Second Narmada Bridge at Gujarat. 2) First prize for Yamuna Bridge in New Delhi. 3) Third prize for Kune Viaduct on Mumbai – Pune Expressway.  “Superstructures in pre-stressed concrete”/ to measure the quality level achieved in a completed project. Benefits : Timely corrective action and to Measure improvement Resources Planning   Resources Planning Department at HQ takes care of allocation, distribution and movement of Staff and Plant /

Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Current Focus and Future Directions.

(Subordinate Office) Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee, Vadodara Bansagar Control Board, Rewa (Subordinate Office) Upper Yamuna River Board, Delhi (Subordinate Office) Narmada Control Authority, Indore (Statutory Body) National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee/ Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun requested for the plan Aquatic species restoration plan including Dolphin Action Plan and Conservation plan for fisheries through CIFRI Plan for conservation of medicinal plants in the upper reaches of/

Water Management https://store.theartofservice.com/the-water-management-toolkit.html.

.theartofservice.com/the-water-management-toolkit.html Stormwater - Stormwater management 1 * planning and construction of stormwater systems so contaminants are removed before they pollute surface waters/ is obtained from Agra Canal originating from Okhla barrage on River Yamuna in Delhi. At Delhi Agra road, the Agra Canal water is/ 1 Weather extremes dramatically affect South Floridas water supply and flood protection actions. In response, the District actively operates and maintains the water management /

BY ABHAY KUMAR SINGH(Y10UC009) & SAURABH SRIVASTAVA(Y10UC287) Ganga : Past Present & Future.

guidance and supervision of the CGA. The Government renamed the GPD as the NRCD (National River Conservation Directorate)in June 1994. Ganga Action Plan The GAP-I envisaged to intercept, divert and treat 882 mld (Million litres per day) out of 1340 mld of wastewater, /February 1991 to take up the GAP-II, covering the following pollution abatement works: (a) On the tributaries of river Ganga, viz. Yamuna, Damodar and Gomati. (b) In 25 class-I towns left out in Phase-I. (c) In the other polluting towns along /

Trade and Investment Partnership Summit (TIPS) What EU Business need to know about cleantech in India by Poul V. Jensen, Director, EBTC www.ebtc.eu Brussels,

smart meter by 2014, install 130 million smart meters by 2021 Environment  Water and Waste Water Management – Ministry of Water Resources plans to invest over EUR 40B in the water sector  Ganga Action PlanPlan to clean 2500km of The Ganges river  The Yamuna Action Plan Phase III project for Delhi is approved at an estimated cost of EUR 200 million  Sanitation – Swacha Bharat Mission by 2019/

Srimad Bhagavtam Summary 1.10 Invocation prayers SB 1.10 Summary.

energy as products of matter, and thus they are very busy in making plans in the material world for becoming happy [SB 1.10.23 ] Here is/ Lord then proceeded towards Kurujangala, Pancala, Surasena, the land on the bank of the River Yamuna, Brahmavarta, Kuruksetra, Matsya, Sarasvata, the province of the desert and the land of scanty /10 All the Vedic literatures are glorifying the greatness of Lord Sri Krsna. In all actions, the experienced guide, the spiritual master, who is the manifested mercy of the /

Strategies for Performance Improvement for Distribution Utilities Role of Technology and Operational Practices Vivek Singla North Delhi Power Limited 1.

Purchase Holding Company (DPCL ) GENCO Indraprastha Power Generation Company Ltd. TRANSCO Delhi Transco Limited DISCOM-I BSES Yamuna Power Limited DISCOM-II BSES Rajdhani Power Limited DISCOM-III North Delhi Power Limited GoNCTD Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB/ Collection Efficiency through increased Employee participation Sankalp Other Schemes Contribution from Zone/District Zones develop and suggest their action plan, by including, but not limited to, the following into their strategy for reducing the AT&C losses/


River CatchmentUnitsDischarging Land disposal/ to RiverBio-Composting Ghagra 06 05 01 Gomti 03 01 02 Ganga 20 18 02 Yamuna 06 06 - (Including 2 Grain Based distilleries) 47 3. Locational Comparison of Environmental Performance LocationNo. of /RATING PROCESS COMPLETE COOPERATION OF SPCB IS MUST. 61 CHARTER FOR CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY 2003 BANK GUARANTEE AND ACTION PLAN TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH ANY OR COMBINATION OF FOLLOWING MEASURES COMPOST MAKING WITH PRESS MUD/AGRICULTURAL RESIDUE/MUNICIPAL/

February 8, 2006 Bethlehem Lutheran Church 1 Dr. Sneh Kalia Professor of Physics Professor of Physics Saint Cloud State University Saint Cloud State University.

ideas in order to suit individual needs “Unity in the diverse plan of Nature” is recognized. Hinduism is flexible and provide many ways to develop/ 2006 19Bethlehem Lutheran Church  Devi Annapuurnaa –is presiding deity of Foodgrains  Ganga Devi, Yamuna Devi, and so on have been manifested as rivers to feed mankind.  Forests that provide/ is in direct proportion to good thoughts and actions. Misery in life is a direct result of evil thoughts and actions. February 8, 2006 45Bethlehem Lutheran Church Kindness /

Department of Education Government of NCT of Delhi.

CBSE toppers among Government Schools, 124 are from Delhi Government Schools LOGO Plan of presentation 6 parts Core functions Performance Review Physical Infrastructure Human Resources Right/ (2 from kitchen + 2 from schools) for each 17 service providers Strict action (FIR, penalty, cancellation of contract for any., 5 firms contract cancelled). MID/3. PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE Matter of allotment letter and demarcation of 06 sites in Trans Yamuna area: Letter dated 24.09.2012 had been sent to DDA with the /

Effect of Submergence on Groundwater Recharge: An Experimental Study Dr. Javed Alam Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Z. H. College.

plan for up-coming buildings. It will be applicable to all building projects where the plot size is 20,000 sq feet and above. INFILTRATION  Infiltration is governed by two forces: gravity and capillary action. While smaller pores offer greater resistance to gravity, very small pores pull water through capillary action/AND CLIMATE  Aligarh district is situated on the western part of UP, occupying a small part of Ganga - Yamuna doab.  It lies between latitudes 27 0 35’ and 28 0 10’N and longitudes 77 0 29’/


9810514696 Public Transport Metro Rail: Breather for Dwarkites, Rohini, Shadhara, Trans-yamuna Areas and West Delhi. E mail- chetna_regd@rediffmail.com, Cell. 9810514696 E/ 9810514696 E mail- chetna_regd@rediffmail.com, Cell. 9810514696 Public Transport Action Taken-Fatal Accidents- Traffic Police- Recommendations 1st April 2002 to 15-/ Cycle Tracks MRTS Integrated Transport System Integrated multimodal Public Transport System Planning E mail- chetna_regd@rediffmail.com, Cell. 9810514696 Suggestions - Public/

Gurgaon First Challenges in Water and Sewerage October 2013 www.pwc.com.

600mm, most of it during the monsoon: -Conservation of water for year-round use is therefore critical 2.Currently Yamuna is a chief source of water for Gurgaon 3.HUDA supplies most of the piped water in Gurgaon (piped systems owned/: design of water conservation norms and standards iv.Evolving a roadmap for water conservation in urban sector 2.Short-term action plan: i.Project water demand and supply gap ii.Assess investment requirements iii.Build capacities and systems to address the requirements iv/

A Comparison and Contrast with US Education

also known as “Chosen One of the Palace”) It was built across the Yamuna River from the royal palace at Agra. The construction was accomplished by approximately/ for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) – states are not obligated to follow the national plan Ellis, 2009, pp 363–375 Kitagawa, 1989, pp 3-5 Sen, 1988, pp-/which Mahatma Gandhi adamantly supported 1986 The National Policy on Education 1992 The Program of Action (POA) goal of free and compulsory education for all children ages 6- 14 years/

Environmental Policy, Legislation And Implementation by Mrs Almitra H Patel Member, Supreme Court Committee for Urban Solid Waste Management

has become the last resort It has given a voice to concerned and knowledgeable citizens and a a push for action and enforcement. It is politically convenient to pass the buck to the Courts for doing what the legislature and /by industry, e.g to prevent water pollution. 7 WATER Water-sharing cases are decades old. Judgments continue to cover Ganga Action Plan, Yamuna Pollution, drinking- water for villages beside Bhima River ! National River Conservation Authority & National Water Policy won’t succeed till/

Dr. Prof. L H GHOTEKAR M.D, M.N.A.M.S, F.I.A.C.M Professor of Medicine.

by 2020. High Prevalence of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors among Young Physicians in India. A Ramachandran, C Snehalatha, A Yamuna, N Murugesan Doctors had significantly higher (p<0.001) prevalence of all abnormalities except diabetes, compared with the general/management. 23 23 US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A Public Health Action Plan to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke. Atlanta, Ga: US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease /

UNIT 1 The Delhi sultanate is a noble example for the glory of ancient India.Its culture, art and architecture that exists even today is praiseworthy.

rate of taxes in the Doab—a very fertile area located between the Ganga and Yamuna rivers. The taxes were increased on account of the following reasons: (1) The/on the other hand needed money. Coins of Tughlaq Dynasty Copper Coins 4. Plan to conquer Khurasan Expedition: The unstable political conditions in Central Asia encouraged the/and death can be attained by three different methods viz. Gyan(Knowledge) Karma (Action) Bhakti(Devotion) Some western writers hold that the Bhakti Movement in India originated /

CONTROL OF AQUATIC WEEDS IN PONDS Physical or mechanical control methods a) Mechanical Control of aquatic weeds: Mechanical control of aquatic weeds primarily.

falls on it. Fig.8. Lining of canals helps in reducing weed vegetation (Yamuna Canal Haryana, India). k) Burning/Fire/Heat treatment: Aquatic weeds especially emergent /Biological control is more complex than chemical control because it requires (a) long term planning (b) multiple tactics and (c) manipulation of cropping system to interact with / completely eaten but its growth and flowering were greatly retarded by root pruning action of the snail. The snail Marisa cornuarietis feeds on a number of aquatic/

NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGRICULTURE FOR RABI CAMPAIGN 2014 Ministry of Agriculture Govt. of India on 17th & 18th September, 2014 at N.A.S.C. Pusa Complex,

of Villages : 112 Nos. No. of Farming Families : 20,000 No. of Small & Marginal Farmers : 20,000 Gross Cropped Area : 30,000 ha. Yamuna River Bed Area : 5,000 ha. As per Agri. Census 2010-11 1 PRODUCTION (2013-14) (Estimated) Food-Grains : 1.15 Lakh M.T./ is being popularise among the farmers of Delhi to check the bad effect of chemical fertilizer. Soil Health Card Mission: An action plan has been prepared to provide Soil Health Cart to remaining farmers of Delhi by 2016-17. Group-II Crop Insurance The Crop /

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Control PANELISATION with Panel-editor –Planning will be done as per customer requirement (or) Boards will be repeated as per customer planning –Placing panel entities (Tooling, /Checklist Quality Evolution Process If an error Feedback (Changes) Customer Preventive Action Report Analyze Feedback Update Spec. Update Checklist Updated spec sent to/Bharathidasan Nagar Coimbatore 641045 India Telephone:91-422-309 5171 Email:yamuna@pcbcam.com Europe TIM GmbH Ruhlsdorfer Strasse 95 14532 Stahnsdorf Germany/


its fate in treatment processes”, J Mater Cycles Waste Manag (2003) 5:77–82. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2010, “Bisphenol A Action Plan”, CASRN 80-05-7. Virmani, S.M., Sivakumar, M.V.K. and Reddy, S.J., 1982, “Rainfall Probability Estimates for Selected Locations/M.and Alappat, B.J., 2004, “Landfill Surface Runoff and Its Effect on Water Quality on River Yamuna”, Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A—Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering Vol. A39, No. 2, pp. 375–384.


and the northwest-ward flowing streams associated with Asan river that drain into River Yamuna. Climate and Rainfall The climate of Dehradun is generally temperate. Extreme temperature /present, and after seeing the alarming figures and photographs, a follow-up action was immediately executed by her, wherein all leakages on pipelines were plugged/II, a Kachhwaha Rajput, who ruled from 1699-1744. * Jaipur is the first planned city of India and the King took great interest while designing this city of victory/

Bawana Resettlement Colony Public Hearing on Security September 7, 2007.

Resettlement Colony Public Hearing on Security September 7, 2007 In January 2004, the Tourism Ministry of the Government of India announced its plan of developing a 100 acre strip of land on the banks of Yamuna into a riverside promenade, to be marketed as a major tourist attraction in the lead up to the commonwealth Games. In February / checks on the behaviour of the police and whether women are safe in Bawana. If any breach, Jagori members along with the local people take effective actions against it.

Every year, upwards of 135,000 music fans camp among stages in the fields of Glastonbury, a small town in Somerset, England. The influx of people who come.

an estimated 370,000 visitors flocked to South Africa to catch their teams in action. Under the reign of Saddam Hussein, openly celebrating Arba’een was illegal. Since /continued tensions between Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iraq have resulted in terrorist cells planning bombings during the religious pilgrimage in recent years. In 2009, this 10-day /2001 drew an astounding 70 million pilgrims to the Sangam (where the Ganges and Yamuna rivers meet). The Chunyun period, or Spring Festival Rush, refers to the time/

1 William P. Cunningham University of Minnesota Mary Ann Cunningham Vassar College Copyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Permission required for.

industries from countries where laws are strict to where they are lax. The Yamuna River and 2/3 of the other surface waters in India are so polluted/ conflict, oil drilling in risky locations such as the North Sea  There are plans to drill in seismically active California and Alaskan coasts. 35 Source Reduction Can Reduce Water/Development of septic fields which clean water by aeration and remove excess nutrients through bacterial action. Solids are pumped out and taken to a treatment plant. 40 Septic Tank /

 Dr. Richard Gautheir  B.Sc. M.I.T. in 1967 in physics  M.Sc. University of Illinois 1971 in physics  Ph.D. Stanford University 1977 in psychology.

In 1896, Ernest Hanbury Hankin reported that something in the waters of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers in India had marked antibacterial action against cholera and could pass through a very fine porcelain filter.Ernest Hanbury HankinGanges YamunaIndia /Creating a stone-tipped spear would have required  attaching stone to wood  handling multiple types of material at once  planning  goal-oriented behavior.  The stone tips were found at an archaeological site called Kathu Pan 1 in the 1980s./

Vulnerability and adaptation to climate variability and water stress in Uttaranchal state, India Ulka Kelkar, TERI International workshop on climate change.

of people who suffer from hunger Halve proportion of people without safe drinking water by 2015  X Plan goals 4% pa growth of agricultural GDP [3.2% in 1980-96, 2.6% in 1996/ due to climate change? Research questions Study region Digitized streams Subbasins Streams Outlets # Linking stream added Outlet Upper Yamuna sub-basin Lakhwar watershed A journey to Lakhwar Agriculture in Uttaranchal hills  Fragmented terraces - “ Equitable, if / for Motivational Training and Action) People of Lakhwar and Chhotau

1 Unit 10 – Water Pollution. 2 Water Pollution 3 Outline Types and Effects of Water Pollution  Point vs. Non-Point Sources Water Quality Today  Surface.

industries from countries where laws are strict to where they are lax. The Yamuna River and 2/3 of the other surface waters in India are so polluted/ conflict, oil drilling in risky locations such as the North Sea  There are plans to drill in seismically active California and Alaskan coasts. 35 Source Reduction Can Reduce Water/Development of septic fields which clean water by aeration and remove excess nutrients through bacterial action. Solids are pumped out and taken to a treatment plant. 40 Septic Tank /

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