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Global Digital Mammography X-ray Machine Industry 2016 Market Research Report Published on – 31 March, 2016 | Number of pages : 153 Single User Price:

, product picture and specification, capacity, production, price, cost, revenue and contact information. Upstream raw materials, equipment and downstream consumers analysis is also carried out. What’s more, the Digital Mammography X-ray Machine industry development trends and marketing channels are analyzed. Download Sample Brochure The report covers the following topics: Finally, the feasibility of new investment projects is assessed, and overall research conclusions/

An early x-ray by Wilhem Rontgen Wikipedia. “ X-Ray.” Wikipedia, pgs 1-17. Retrieved from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-ray.

size (looking perpendicular to the target surface) PID Engineering World Health (2015), Great X-Ray Presentation. Retrieved from library.ewh.org X-ray Machine Components Control Panel X-ray Tubehead 110, 220 lineTimer Exposure switch mA selector kVp selector Autotransformer Step-down transformer Step-up transformer X-ray Tube Wires Oil Engineering World Health (2015), Great X-Ray Presentation. Retrieved from library.ewh.org + 110, 220 - 110, 220 positive negative 0/

Analytical X-ray Safety Training

machines produce x-rays, either intentionally or inadvertently. Some devices that can produce x-rays are: x-ray diffractometers, electron microscopes, x-ray photoelectron spectrometers, and Van de Graaff accelerators. X-rays can also be produced by the attenuation of beta particles emitted from radionuclides. BREMSSTRAHLUNG OR CHARACTERISTIC X-RAYS In an x-ray tube, x-rays/supervisor shall ensure that a usage log is maintained for each x-ray producing machine. An entry shall be recorded on the usage log for /

We wish to acknowledge and thank Mr. Adam Weaver, CHP, University of South Florida for the use of this X- Ray training module. It has been modified for.

without damaging them. This discipline is called Industrial radiography. Industrial X-ray machines are used primarily to find defects in castings, structures, and welds, find foreign material in food products, and to inspect luggage at airports, building entries etc. Electron microscopy equipment generates x-rays inside the apparatus. Factory shielding prevents exposures. X-Ray Effects The effects of x-ray exposure depends upon: Duration/Exposure time - How fast the/

Inception SMX-225CT.

to aluminum die-casting for automobiles. Equipped with a wide range of useful functions, inspeXio SMX-225CT is the highest grade of CT inspection machine. Shimadzus microfocus X-ray tube provides high-power output to penetrate samples, while the collimated X-ray focus acquires clear images, even at high magnification. Improved image intensifier lenses enhance image quality, and Shimadzus continuous improvements to major system components/

A proposal for the first facility to be installed at ELI Romanian pillar: A simple, compact and very bright 1-30 MeV gamma ray source based on Compton.

R. Flaminio, C. Michel, L. Pinard, B. Sassolas, THALES : J.P. Brasile The Compton effect : its use for X,  rays sources Compton backscattering is the most efficient « frequency amplifier »   diff =4  2  laser, ThomX =>  but very/this manpower has been identified TDR phase personnel needs ThomX Planning Detailed study Machine construction Experimental Hall Assembly, test, commissioning, X ray characterisation Jan2010Jan 2013 Oct 2013 Oct 2010 Experimental R/D in ATF. /


known as an induction motor. Rotation speeds are 3,000 to 3,600 (low speed) or 9,000 to 10,000 (high speed) revolutions per minute (rpm). X-ray machines are designed so that the x-ray tube will not be energized if the anode is not up to full speed; this is the cause for the short delay (1 to 2 seconds) when the/

Radiation Physics II.

cause certain substances to fluoresce or emit radiation in longer wavelengths (e.g., visible light and ultraviolet light). Effect on film Effect on living tissues The X-ray Machine Component Control Panel Extension Arm Electrical connector (plug) Tubehead support arms tubehead control panel support arms control panel tubehead Control Panel Exposure Time exposure time adjustment 70 kVp 7 mA /

ERL & Coherent X-ray Applications

coherent area (some cases) CW operation: long pulses okay X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy Phase-contrast imaging & microscopy Coherent far-field diffraction Coherent crystallography X-ray holography Coherent x-ray lithography D1 D2 Basic Requirement: low transverse emittances long undulators (large Nu) low machine energy spread X-ray optical slope error dq << sx/D1 ~ 4mm/40m ~ 0.1mrad coherence preserving x-ray optics Phase II ERL Coherent Flux Time-averaged coherent/

Gunther Haller Plenary: X-Ray Controls & Data LCLS FAC Meeting 29 October 2007 1 Experimental Area Controls and Data-Acquisition.

high CPU-memory bandwidth Online Processors Detector- Specific Front- End Electronics Detector Specific Experiment Common Gunther Haller Plenary: X-Ray Controls & Data Systemshaller@slac.stanford.edu LCLS FAC Meeting 29 October 2007 15 Data Acquisition/Mgmt Architecture Detector Control/ data with beam-line data information Level 1 DAQ nodes are responsible for: Control FEE parameters Receive machine timing signals Send trigger signals to FEE Acquire FEE data Merge FEE data with beam-line data information/

Evaluation of various diagnostic x-ray measuring devices MDCH Radiation Safety Section Don Parry, CHP.

.30 mm Al HVL) MoMo 30 (30 kVp, Moly target ~0.35 mm Al HVL) Evaluation of X-ray Measuring Devices Some Mammography Machines now use beams with higher energies NIST currently does not provide calibration standards for these beams Since the energy response/ in connecting probes SS1  Set up difficult when used on some machines SS2  Detector cable fixed to base SS3  Some felt it was not as simple to use Evaluation of X-ray Measuring Devices – Our Conclusions Ion chambers exhibit good energy response over /

425 F09 7:1 ©J Archibald Electronic voting machines From assigned papers: –What did you learn? –What struck you as most interesting? Most troubling? Slides.

–Therac-6: a 6 million electron volt (MeV) accelerator for X-rays. –Therac-20: a 20 MeV dual mode (X rays or electrons) accelerator. Both were based on older CGR machines; augmented with computerized control running on a DEC PDP-11 minicomputer/) Operator entered prescription data, noticed error, used cursor up key to change mode from X-ray to electron. Continued with treatment. After a few seconds, machine shut down with loud noise (intercom was working); “Malfunction 54” displayed. Operator rushed into/

ONLINE SELF-STUDY Radiation Safety for X-Ray Equipment Operators.

internal structures and diseases. UNC uses many forms of radiation for diagnosis, treatment, and research, including:  X-Ray Machines from Radiology  Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine/PET  Linear Accelerators and Sealed Radiation Sources in Radiation Oncology / a "license" by the NCRPS to possess and operate linear accelerators in Radiation Oncology. Additionally, all x-ray machines are "registered" with the NCRPS. The UNC Health Care Radiation Safety Subcommittee oversees and approves all use/

Modeling Studies of Photoionization Experiments Driven by Z-Pinch X-rays Nathan Shupe ADVISOR: Professor David Cohen.

array Gas Cell Experiments A series of gas cell shots have been conducted on the Z-machine. Gas in the cell  Photoionized plasma in x-ray binary system. Pinch  X-ray emitting inner shell of accretion disk. Face-on, top, and pinch views of the experimental/ the z-axis, and a large flux of x-rays are produced. Multi-wire system gives you the ability to increase the x-ray energy output without increasing the voltage or power of the machine. Viewfactor Simulation Output VisRad outputs the time-dependent flux/

Galloway, “X-ray data analysis” Introduction to Linux U.Melbourne February 2007.

customize your prompt; > set prompt = "%B%m [%t] [%~] >%b” then your prompt lists the machine name, current time (%t), and current path (%~) Galloway, “X-ray data analysis” The shell & customising it 2 List environment variables with > setenv SHELL=/bin/tcsh USER=duncang /to “kill” (stop) a process, if necessary: > kill [-9] 11517 Galloway, “X-ray data analysis” Compiling and running programs 4 For those running models on shared machines, please be “nice” (sorry) i.e. > nice model assigns a priority to the/

Development and application of plasma- waveguide based soft x-ray lasers Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Academia Sinica, Taiwan National Central.

measurements Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 095001 (2006) Simulation shows the pump beam diverges quickly due to ionization defocusing. As a result, the x-ray output is limited by the absorption from the weakly pumped medium at the tail. Tomography of x-ray lasing machining pulse: 30-mJ, 45-fs, 6-ns before pump pulse. width of the line focus: 20  m 6.6  10 17/

Slide 1 JLAMP Proposed 4 th Generation Soft X-ray Light Source Tom Powers, for the JLAB Team May 6, 2009.

beam breakup control in cavities Wakefield and propagating mode damping JLAMP is a path to understand many of the machine design issues at a cost that is affordable. Slide 6 CW operation gives high average brightness in both / o Fiber optic based timing system development Brookhaven National Lab o X-Ray Beam Line Design o X-Ray End Stations Sandia National Lab o X-Ray End Stations Lawrence Livermore National Lab o X-Ray End Stations Pacific Northwest National Lab o Photocathode development JLAMP FEL /

Week 2: Radiographic Equipment 1 Game Plan Identify generic components of the radiographic equipment Describe various planes of x-ray tube and table.

X-RAY Tube 1) 2) 11 X-Ray Machine Purpose: 1.provide a specific current (mA) & voltage (kVp) to the x-ray tube 1._____ controls the energy of the x-ray photons 2._____ controls the number of x-ray photons 2.convert electrical energy to electromagnetic energy (x- ray photons) TO PRODUCE X-RAYS/Lead wrap arounds Lead aprons Lead Gloves and Glasses 85 Are x-ray machines prisoner to one room??? 86 87 Mobile X-RAY equipment 1.__________ –Take machine to patient –Still images 2.__________ –Used in interventional /


these procedures were rendered obsolete with the advent of CT and MRI. The roentgenogram with contrasting object of research with use positive contrast agent (gastrogram, irrigogram, angiogram, urogram) та Angiography X-RAY MACHINE 1 - X-ray tube on a stand. 2 - High-voltage transformer, rectifiers to change the AC current to DC, and a filament supply to control the temperature of the filament (100-150/

The Dürr XR NDT X-Ray Chemicals L E T´S T A L K A B O U T.

necessary. and If regeneration is necessary, you can use our small XR 24 NDT film processor Advantage # 8 Cleaning including silver removal The machine is considerably cleaner  80% less dirt compared to the use of conventional X-ray developers The machines are relatively soiled – time-consuming cleaning procedures within relatively short cleaning intervals are necessary Silver-removing carcinogenic cleaners are necessary Dürr XR/

THE COMPACT X-RAY SOURCE THOMX The machine Applications Some technical issues (optics)

-90keV Would provide flux closed to ESRF trial ( Jacquet et al. Phys. Med. 31(2015)596 ) X-rays produced in a cone ~10mrad  ~500kW laser average power needed for ThomX ThomX machine Producing 50keV-80keV X-rays with a bandwidth of few %  can be done with Compton machines THOMX ISSUES : BEAM DYNAMICS  Coherent rad. Synch. THOMX ISSUES : LASER/CAVITY TECHNOLOGY Chaikovska et al. submitted to PRSTAB/

ways radiation is used in medicine

focal planes which contain the structures of interest. Ct scans A computerized axial tomography scan is an x-ray procedure that combines many x-ray images with the aid of a computer to generate cross-sectional views and, if needed, three-dimensional/ assist in procedures by helping to accurately guide the placement of instruments or treatments. A large donut-shaped x-ray machine takes x-ray images at many different angles around the body. These images are processed by a computer to produce cross-sectional/

X-Rays In Medicine Noadswood Science, 2013.

that they could ionise molecules in the cells of our organs. This could lead those cells to malfunction and eventually develop into cancer cells. X-Rays Question 3 Medical staff operating the X-ray machine should wear lead lined suits and always activate the machine from behind a screen. The screen should be made of thick concrete, or lead, as those materials are good absorbers of/

Radiation Safety Office

an image intensifier (II) and displayed on a video screen. X-rays are “continuous” as long as the operating switch is on. Basics Of X-Ray Production Radiographs and Fluoroscopy both use ionizing radiation. Characteristics of X-rays A form of electromagnetic energy that is generated by an X-ray source/machine. Invisible Due to the energy of the X-rays, they can penetrate the body. They are absorbed more by/

EBS 325 – Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Introduction To X-Ray Analysis By Mr. Samayamutthirian Palaniandy School of Materials & Mineral Resources Engineering,

the crystal structure (See Figure 5). 3.  is the variable parameters, in terms of which the diffraction peaks are measured. Table 1: Monochromatic X-ray filters Basic Component Of XRD Machine Therefore any XRD machine will consist of three basic component. Monochromatic X-ray source ( ) Sample-finely powdered or polished surface-may be rotated against the center – (goniometer). Data collector- such as film, strip chart or/

ONLINE self-study Radiation Safety for UNC School of Dentistry X- Ray Equipment Operators.

Safety Officer (RSO) or Health Physicist at 919-962- 5507 (UNC Radiation Safety can be reached after normal working hours via Campus Police at 919-962-6565).All operators of x-ray machines are responsible for following radiation safety procedures described in this manual, and for completing and submitting to EHS a Radiation Worker Registration Form. Radioactivity and Radiation All matter in our/

(Analog imaging and X-ray mapping)

65536 intensity (‘gray’) levels Image size mm in x and y (rectangular vs square; depends on machine/software) pixels in x and y Image resolution-- is it sufficient for the need? mm/pixel + total pixels + final printed size ==> will determine whether or not it is pixelated Time for acquisition: SE,BSE,CL is rapid; X-rays require much longer time EDS spectra: sometimes a picture/

Advanced Biomedical Imaging Dr. Azza Helal A. Prof. of Medical Physics Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University Lecture 5 Advanced X ray machines &Mammogram.

Helal A. Prof. of Medical Physics Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University Lecture 5 Advanced X ray machines &Mammogram is revolutionizing medicine in the same way that digital cameras changed photography. Computed Radiography (CR) Advanced X ray machines CR uses instead of ordinary cassette, an imaging plate coated with storage phosphor to capture x-rays as they pass through the patient. CR uses instead of ordinary cassette, an imaging/

1 Ray Tracing Lecture 10 Image by Eric Veach and Leonidas Guibas.

vdot(N,U=vunit(vcomb(-1.,P,l->cen))))>0&&intersect(P,U)==l)color=vcomb(e,l- >color,color);U=s->color;color.x*=U.x;color.y*=U.y;color.z*=U.z;e=1-eta* eta*(1-d*d);return vcomb(s->kt,e>0?trace(level,P/com/16441202 See Lecture Links page for more… Summary Ray Tracing provides a way to generate rich images Was too expensive for many uses Faster machines Better Data Structures and algorithms Offline processing Much work has gone into speeding up Ray Tracing Machines are fast enough for us to consider the Rendering/

Ch. 2 – Anatomy of the X-ray Machine Radiology. The X-ray Tube X-rays are produced in an x-ray tube. X-ray tube allows x-ray beam to be produced and controlled.

Ch. 2 – Anatomy of the X-ray Machine Radiology The X-ray Tube X-rays are produced in an x-ray tube. X-ray tube allows x-ray beam to be produced and controlled. Components of the x-ray tube:  Cathode (negatively charged)  Anode (positively charged) Elements necessary for x-ray production 1. Source of electrons 2. Method of accelerating the electrons 3. An obstacle-free path for the passage of high speed electrons 4. A target in/


a high energy electromagnetic radiation produced when highly energetic electrons interact with matter – Travel at speed of light – Travels in a straight line Major usage of X-Ray Medical Imaging  Diagnostic X-Ray Machine Diagnostic X-Ray Machine Diagnostic X-Ray Machine Industrial Imaging  Airport Baggage Screening HABIS Electromagnetic Spectrum Radiation Spectrum Nonionizing Radiation  Sources Ultraviolet light Visible lightMicrowaves Infrared radiation Radio & TV Ionizing Radiation WoodConcrete Alpha/

Principles of Mobile Radiography You bring imaging services to pt using transportable x-ray equipment Where are they commonly used? pt room ER ICU surgery.

- generally 0.04 to 320 mAs kVp range? -generally 40 to 130 kVp Two basic types of Mobile X-Ray Machines 1. Battery powered Sometimes uses two different sets of batteries (lead-acid, or nickel- cadmium ) –One powers driving of machine –One set provides power to x-ray tube Fully charged batteries: - can make 10 to 15 exposures - be driven reasonable distances 2. Capacitor discharge (obsolete/

 Switch on a typical X-ray machine & operate it safely  Interpret images on monitor & identify items that maybe hidden or camouflaged.  Detect prohibited.

ventilation openings.  Control the conveyor so that nobody risks to be injured by falling baggage or freight items and no baggage or freight item is damaged.  X- Ray machines generate X- ray radiation  X - Ray radiation is harmful to living things  The local dose on a HEIMANN X- Ray system is 0.0025msv/h at maximum which can be used to penetrate 15mm steel.  Typical internal dose in the/

X-ray Slicing and Compression Using Deflecting Cavities at the Advanced Photon Source: a Feasibility Study V. Sajaev, ANL.

deflecting cavity is used to cancel the kick; rest of the storage ring is unaffected V. Sajaev, ANL RuPAC 2006 6 X-ray pulse slicing using slits Δt Assuming everything is linear, the minimum achievable pulse for a long beamline is For APS, 6 MV/to 0.11 for APS) Decrease initial coupling (from 1% to 0.3% for APS) V. Sajaev, ANL RuPAC 2006 19 Machine imperfections, vertical emittance 1 Lattice errors can result in beta function errors and phase advance errors –For 1% beta function errors, emittance growth/

CS 606 Distributed Operating Systems University of Alabama Sibabrata Ray.

computer broadcasts its time information at a regular interval known systemwide. Every machine averages the broadcast information to compute its own time. CS 606 Distributed Operating Systems University of Alabama Sibabrata Ray Note that the clock of the system can not be set backwards/X)0 R(X)1 CS 606 Distributed Operating Systems University of Alabama Sibabrata Ray Only causally related writes must appear in same order to all processors. P1: W(X)1W(X)3 P2: RX(1) W(X)2 P3: R(X)1R(X)3R(X)2 P4: R(X)1R(X)2R(X)/

Safe Use of Analytical X-ray Equipment. Part 1: The Effect of Ionising Radiation on Living Organisms and Dose.

over- ride interlocks and remove and install shielding Follow Local Rules and Manufacturers Instructions Authorised users must follow licensee and manufacturers instructions Only authorised operators of X-ray equipment who are familiar with safe operation of machine use the apparatus. Authorised users must report any anomalies or any equipment malfunction to the license holder immediately Legal Obligations All irradiating equipment must have a/

X-rays. X-rays was discover in 1895. X-ray are shone through the body.

kid of tissue lets x-rays through differently. X-rays are very good at showing up bones.so if you break a bone it will probably be x-rayed. Immunisation. Immunisation is also a key to ensure global health. Immunisation saves more then 1 million lives a year. Over 1 million young children die every year from diarrhoea or from other diseases. MRI machine MRI scanners are/

The X-Ray Tube S. Guilbaud Education Director School of Radiologic Technology.

, Education Director Stationary Anode Made of tungsten target embedded in a large copper bar.Made of tungsten target embedded in a large copper bar. Usually used in dental x-ray machine.Usually used in dental x-ray machine. S. Guilbaud, Education Director Rotating anode Constructed of tungsten target (focal track).Constructed of tungsten target (focal track). –High melting point 3400 0 Celsius. MolybdenumMolybdenum –Surrounds tungsten target/

Week 2: Radiographic Equipment 1 Game Plan Identify generic components of the radiographic equipment Describe various planes of x-ray tube and table.

Week 2: Radiographic Equipment 1 Game Plan Identify generic components of the radiographic equipment Describe various planes of x-ray tube and table movement Deliverables etc DQ 1 Quiz 1 Delegate Current Event Candidates 2 X-Ray Machine Design Features X-ray tube and x-ray tube support Collimator assembly X-ray table X-ray generator and control Upright image receptor Fig. 8-3 Radiographic system with variable-height radiographic table. The table is/

Ullrich, DESY Dubna GDE 06.05.08 XFEL The European X-Ray Laser Project X-Ray Free-Electron Laser 1 Water cooling XFEL Desingn of the XFEL water cooling.

) To avoid damage caused by calcification Ullrich, DESY Dubna GDE 06.05.08 XFEL The European X-Ray Laser Project X-Ray Free-Electron Laser 8 Chiller Pump station on the DESY area Coloured: chiller machines and pipes Ullrich, DESY Dubna GDE 06.05.08 XFEL The European X-Ray Laser Project X-Ray Free-Electron Laser 9 Chiller Technical details and demands Power: ~ 3,7 (6,2) MW/

X-ray tube.

the filament current This is resulted from applying a low voltage across the filament When the x-ray machine is turned on, a low current flows through the the filament to warm it and prepare it for the big thermal jolt/Anode The anode is the positive side of the tube. X-ray tubes are classified by the type of anode: Stationary ( top) Rotating (bottom) The Stationary Anode Stationary anodes are used in dental x-ray and some portable x-ray machine where high tube current and power are not required. Tube/

Radiation Safety and Production of X-Rays

the cathode Focusing Cup: part of the cathode, keeps electrons suspended in the cloud at the cathode Anode: (+) target for electrons, composed of tungsten target embedded into larger copper stem X-Ray Machine Filter: aluminum disk located at the port of the tube head, removes low-energy, long wave lengths which maybe absorbed Fig. 15-15, pg. 230 PID: lead lined, placed against/

Mrs Harrison’s X-ray Machine

X-ray Machine 1 We are going to use the x-ray machine to see if some animals are vertebrates or invertebrates A BACKBONE Vertebrates are animals that have: NO BACKBONE 2 Click on the cat to x-ray it! Our first animal is a cat. Do you think a cat is a vertebrate? Click on the cat to x-ray it! 3 Click on the fish to x-ray/ to x-ray it! 5 Click on the dinosaur to x-ray it! What about this dinosaur? Do you think dinosaurs were vertebrates? Click on the dinosaur to x-ray it! 6 Click on the jellyfish to x-ray it!/

Chapter 3 The Generation of X-Rays: The X-Ray Machine.

Chapter 3 The Generation of X-Rays: The X-Ray Machine The X-ray Machine n The x-ray machine is divided into three separate circuits, each having a specific function but collectively having one goal - the production of a controlled x-ray beam. n The three / or Tube Kilovoltage regulating Circuit n This functions to accomplish the second & third essentials for the generation of x-rays: èThe means of accelerating the electrons èStopping them with great impact The Secondary or Tube Kilovoltage regulating Circuit/

Chemistry 125: Lecture 5 Sept. 10, 2010 X-Ray Diffraction In the last 25 years various manifestations of Scanning Probe Microscopy, such as AFM, STM, and.

by the charged particles with the smallest mass, the electron distribution in molecules can be determined by x-ray diffraction. The roles of molecular pattern and crystal lattice repetition can be illustrated by shining a visible /nm (250 Å) >100,000 atoms + hydrogens! What can X-ray diffraction show? How does diffraction work? Like all light, X-rays are waves. Atoms?Molecules?Bonds? Wave Machines by permission, Konstantin Lukin Bragg Machine http://www.eserc.stonybrook.edu/ProjectJava/Bragg/ Breaks? in & /

Rapid-prototyping of rapid-prototyping machines Volume scanning Prof Phil Withers Manchester X-ray imaging Facility University of Manchester.

of rapid-prototyping machines Volume scanning Prof Phil Withers Manchester X-ray imaging Facility University of Manchester From 3D object to 3D copy 3D scanning The first thing is to acquire a 3D virtual model of the item to be reproduced. There are many different ways of scanning the object: Contacting scanners Non contact scanners 3D scanning (Contacting) Coordinate measurement machines Very accurate Can/

1 Information Extraction (Several slides based on those by Ray Mooney, Cohen/McCallum (via Dan Weld’s class) Make-up Class: Tomorrow (Wed) 10:30—11:45AM.

regex patterns to identify proper portion of the final CharacterData node. 21 Sample DOM Tree Extraction HTML BODY FONTB Age of Spiritual Machines Ray Kurzweil Element Character-Data HEADER by A Title: HTML  BODY  B  CharacterData Author: HTML  BODY  FONT / Hits used for assessing PMI as well as conditional probabilities Discriminator phrases f i : “x is a city” “x has a population of” “x is the capital of y” “x’s baseball team…” Keep the probablities with the extracted facts 87 Assessment In Action 1./

Experience in machining precision accelerator components

the Sentinel 5 Spectrometer Plans for the future - Strengthening our capabilities Parts manufacturing Industrializing machining process Integrating quality control Assembly & test Strengthening our capabilities on E-beam welding Etching// TEM (existing market) Fundamental research (niche market) Generating radiation Collision with target to generate X-Ray (existing and large market) X-ray imaging Tumor treatment Sterilization Security (proof of concept) Free Electron Laser wide range of wavelengths Materials/

Medical Imaging.

fluoroscopy Chiropractic examinations Digital Radiography MATRIX X-Ray Imaging X-Ray Imaging X-rays are waves that have a relatively high frequency along the electromagnetic spectrum. They are absorbed or transmitted by different body tissues in varying amounts, producing different shades of black and white on an x-ray image. X-Ray Imaging The basic type of x-ray imaging is plain radiography. This involves an x-ray machine aimed at the patients body with/

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