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9 Television Broadcast and Beyond. Television: Broadcast and Cable/Satellite The Invention of Television  Philo T. Farnsworth: developed the central.

watching TV (over 50 percent in winter) children spend four hours per day watching television or videos How Do Viewers Use Television?  Reasons identified in the “Television in the Lives of Our Children” study: to be entertained to learn / physical barriers that separate people.  TV provides a view into formerly separate worlds.  People everywhere in the world have access to information simultaneously. Standards for Television  Set by each network’s own standards and practices department: to ensure the/

Media Research Document Client: Movie World Product: Movie World’s Fright Nights Alex Farrelly - n7216149.

media budgets between Movie World and Dreamworld. Movie World achieves similar attendance with less media presence indicating strong brand loyalty towards Movie World. –The two brands have comparable TV expenditure. –Roy Morgan indicates that television spending will reach large / fresh to digest - they really placate his boredom. 9.30pm – Aaron does prep for his classes the following day or works on assignments, usually with Facebook/Twitter/Reddit open in the background. 11:30pm – Prepares for bed –/

Who invented radio? Who invented television? HISTORY OF TELEVISION.

was introduced to the public at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, but development stalled during WWII. David Sarnoff, the head of RCA, and William Paley, the head of CBS, became instrumental in the growth of the television industry.  TV sets went on sale in 1946. /have 2 or more TV sets. 81% of children ages 2 – 7 watch TV alone and unsupervised 70% of day care centers use TV during a typical day TELEVISION STATISTICS  54% of 4-6 year olds would choose to watch TV rather than spend time with their father. /

Unit Four The Virtual World Text A A Virtual Life.

world" and "virtual life"; (real world, real life) -- synonyms for "virtual world"; (cyberspace, cyberia, etherworld, virtual reality, Internet world, net world, etc.) -- synonyms for "virtual world"; (cyberspace, cyberia, etherworld, virtual reality, Internet world, net world/when power-driven machines began producing more in a day than men could turn out in nearly a year./(the American Broadcasting Company): one of the original three major television networks in America. It began in 1943 as the Blue Network/

Chapter 5 Language. World of Tongues Earth’s heterogeneous collection of languages is one of its most obvious examples of cultural diversity. Earth’s.

are found in high and low elevations within present-day Germany. West Germanic is further divided into High Germanic and Low Germanic subgroups/sounds. Khoisan language use clicking sounds. Austronesian Language Family  About 6 percent of the world’s people speak an Austronesian language, once known as the Malay-Polynesian family.  /did. Spanglish has become especially widespread in popular culture, such as song lyrics, television, and magazines aimed at young Hispanic women, but it has also been adopted/


committed by age 30. ADAPTED FROM HUESSMANN, 1986. THE EFFECTS OF TELEVISION ON CHILD DEVELOPMENT Other effects of televised violence? Mean-world beliefs Tendency to view world as a violent place by people who rely on aggression Desensitize children Less/, and can be based on Strengthening curricula Tightening standards for teacher certification Raising standards for graduation Spending more days in school Involving parents as partners with teachers PEERS AS AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATION Who or What is a Peer/


1942 Adolf Hitler began to carry out his “final solution,” the extermination of Jewish people. This became known as A. D-Day. B. Kristallnacht. C. Mein Kampf. D. the Holocaust. In 1942 Adolf Hitler began to carry out his “final solution/ B. the Soviet Union deployed nuclear missiles to Cuba. C. the Soviet Union launched the world’s first satellite. D. Japanese scientists developed the first color television set. U.S. technological superiority was challenged in 1957 when A. German scientists announced that /

Professional Team Sports In The Age Of Television.

enjoyed a larger national audience than the Kentucky Derby or the World Series. Within 6 years of its founding, the Super Bowl enjoyed a larger national audience than the Kentucky Derby or the World Series. Super Bowl on TV Super Bowl on TV Network /for it, when the Supreme Court ruled that the NCAAs restrictive television policies were a violation of antitrust law. That is why there is no such package called "NCAA College Football." Early Days of Pro Football Cradle for infant football- Tough mine and mill /

“Research Showcase -1” Attributes of Likeable Television Commercials in Asia PhD Seminar.

in economic development a potentially large market since more than 60% of the world population live in Asia Attributes of Likeable Television Commercials in Asia Research Objectives 1.to identify what attributes contribute to ad likeability /one child. Tension and pressure: financial; commuting time; sheer heat in Bombay; competition; choices. Less socialisation than in past. Day to day routine is very boring / structured. Hearts and Minds Marriage incredibly important (more, even, than marrying the right person. 96/

History of Television Who invented the telegraph? Who invented the telephone? Who invented radio? Who invented television?

a regular basis. Radio continued to thrive during the ’30s and ’40s and especially during World War II. History of Television Television had been in development since the ’20s and there were experimental broadcasts in the ’30s. TV/began televising his press conferences. History of Television – the Sixties – The “space race” heated up and networks routinely covered each launch. – In 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Networks suspended their regular programming and commercials for four days. /

Watching television is a very popular activity all over the world because 1) it provides information and entertainment to billions of people. Some people.

that children can learn a lot about the world by watching educational television programs. 8) For example, the American television program Sesame Street teaches children how to spell and do simple maths. 9) Consequently, children who watch Sesame Street for a few hours each day may do better at school. 10) In addition, children who are watching television are usually quiet and well behaved. 11/

The Age of Affluence 1945–1960. Explain the record of American prosperity during the two decades following World War II. What were the changing roles.

General Motors implacably resisted this "opening wedge" into the rights of man­agement. The company took a 1l3-day strike, rebuffed the governments intervention, and soundly defeated the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. Having made its /life and society fit with the social expectations of many Americans. What Americans saw on television, besides the omnipresent commercials, was an overwhelmingly white, Anglo-Saxon world of nuclear families, suburban homes, and middle-class life. "Father Knows Best""Father /

Amusing Ourselves to Death Part II. The Age of Show Business “What is television? What kinds of conversations does it permit? What are the intellectual.

Therefore – and this is the critical point – how television stages the world becomes the model for how the world is properly to be staged. It is not merely that on the television screen entertainment is the metaphor for all discourse. It is/-day America” (99). “Now…This” What creates a “now…this” mode of discourse? –Television’s relentless demand for imagery. –The television commercial. “Now…This” What are the consequences of the “Now…this” consciousness promoted by television? “Now…This” Because television /

Day 1: 1. OVERVIEW OF ICT 1.1. Definition of ICT I.C.T. stands for Information and Communications Technology. It replaces the term I.T. (Information Technology)

or receive information electronically in a digital form. For example, personal computers, digital television, email, robots. So ICT is concerned with the storage, retrieval, manipulation, transmission/ the foreseeable future, the laser is the standard for high end, day in, day out office printing. COLOR PRINTING There have been two revolutions in computer/means of communication between networks and as a way to connect to the world beyond the local network. Computers cannot simply be connected to each other/

Traditional Actors and Other Actors Lsn 7. Agenda Classical International System (1648- 1789) Transitional International System (1789- 1945) Post- World.

contraction had worldwide impact –Germany and Japan were especially hard hit Toronto Stock Market after the day after the New York Stock Market crashes Economic Nationalism The Great Depression destroyed international economic cooperation and/phenomenon, but its impact has been magnified in a globalized world distinguished by rapid technological advances in transportation, communications, and weapons development –Worldwide television coverage has transformed terrorism by expanding its visibility and impact /

QUALITY TELEVISION FOR CHILDREN IN 2015 Dr. Sandra M. Dingli Dr. Jennifer Harper Mr. Sergio Azzopardi.

the imagination and opening up a world of the family, friends, school, street, city, society, earth and universe Quality television for children …  not the same as regular television  breaks the established rules of television and displays creativity and innovation  / relationships or glamour such as America’s Top Model August 2005 Pilot – some emerging issues …  Integration of present day technology (eg. video games) with TV  More personalized TV with greater choice  TV not as giver of information/

Television-a necessity?. The history of television is both complex and far-reaching, involving the work of many inventors and engineers in several countries.

Evolution of Television Before...? Early 1900s: TVs werent totally electric back in the day. They were semi-mechanical, had huge bodies, but the screens were tiny: As the years passed, the screen stayed small, but the size of the whole TV was more compact. Pre World-War II: In the few years before WW2, the fully electric TV was perfected, and with this/

Aligning RUSD Assessments to the Rigor of the Common Core State Standards Articulation Day September 23, 2013.

Response Single Response – Multiple Choice Many experts will tell you that television is bad for you. Yet this is an exaggeration. Many television programs today are specifically geared towards improving physical fitness, making people smarter, or teaching them important things about the world. The days of limited programming with little interaction are gone. Public television and other stations have shows about science, history, and technical/

Some day, together, we may reap the harvest in a world that thinks of violence only as the last resort, not the first option,... or the best.

have been murdered at a rate of 1,000 times higher than real world victims. - “Attacking Violence” by Britt Robson Mpls / St.. Paul Magazine, November 1992 The violence on television is clean. The protracted hospitalization, suffering, rehabilitation, and long-term physical /the 1993 Annual Fifty State Survey, National Committee for the Prevention of Child abuse, Chicago, IL, 1993. 14 kids die each day as a result of a violent act. Our nation’s young people... babies to teenagers … are dying as a result of/

The Television Industry Chapter 9. THE RISE OF TELEVISION TELEVISION BROADCASTING – scanning a visual image and transmitting it, generally with accompanying.

TELEVISION INDUSTRY It is useful to think of the television world as divided into three domains: Television broadcasting Subscription cable and satellite services Online and mobile platforms TELEVISION BROADCASTING COMMERCIAL STATIONS and NONCOMMERCIAL STATIONS BILLBOARDS UNDERWRITING TELEVISION/episodes of a series are ordered DISTRIBUTION IN THE TELEVISION INDUSTRY STRIPPING – five-day-a-week placement of a television show; programmers believe that, in certain day parts, placing the same show in the same /

Television: Reflecting & Affecting Society Chapter Outline  History  Industry  Controversies.

Building, and a million dollars spent promoting the medium.  FDR became the first president to appear on television ▪ He formally opened the 1939 World’s Fair in New York.  Early TV sets did not sell because ▪ They were very expensive, /s shows on TV  “Wide World of Sports” is a classic sports program.  Classic programs are regularly scheduled, long- running prime-time entertainment programs ▪ That changed what people talked about over coffee the next day.  Television’s Economic Golden Age  By 1966/

Sports Broadcasting Chapter 17. Introduction: The Electronic Media What is electronic media? –Radio, television, and the Internet Sound and images are.

to additional sporting events. NCAA men’s basketball championship was first televised on Monday night in 1973. MLB scheduled World Series games in primetime in 1971. 1975: HBO delivers Ali-Frazier/ fight via satellite. 1977: Ted Turner beams TBS signal nationwide via satellite. 1979: ESPN opens for business: Sports 24 hours a day (Miller & Shales, 2011). History of Sport Broadcasting: ESPN 1980s: ESPN was emerging as a sport television/

Electronic Commerce Start. Chapter I : Introduction to E-commerce Chapter II : Network infrastructure for E-com Chapter III : E-com and World Wide Web.

of E-com Applications Network Service Provider computer Personal digital assistant Telephone Printer Television Consumer devices Game servers Electronic publishing Libraries * Chatlines * Software Corporate servers /times Placement of order Customer service and support (if not satisfied in X days, return product) Receipt of product Authorization of payment Pre purchase determination purchase / response time in E- com applications. back E-com and World Wide Web World Wide Web (W W W) as the architecture The E-/

TELEVISION AND HAPPINESS By: Kayla Oakley. Research Question: What are the benefits of televisions to our overall well-being and sociality? Do the pros.

Fitzpatrick Main Idea: Television is corroding the moral values of the American population. Claim 1: Heavy TV use leads to more permissive moral values. The National Cultural Values Association says that Heavy TV users (4+ hrs. of TV a day) are less likely /viewers, the exact demographic that presents the most violent behavior out of TV consumers. CLAIM 4: TELEVISION GIVES US MORE INSIGHT INTO OUR LEADERS AND WORLD HAPPENINGS, INSPIRING US AS WELL AS ALLOWING US TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS IN THE FUTURE, SAVING/

The Worlds Economic Superpower Emerges Conformity: to be like everybody else – the post-war period is seen as a time of conformity when several things.

specifically Haight-Ashbury, became the Mecca for hippies after 1965. The Kennedy Administration, 1961-1963 Kennedy-Nixon Debates: First televised presidential campaign debates, between Sen. John F. Kennedy (Democrat) and Vice-President Richard Nixon (Republican). The debate turned/ demanding that the U.S. pull its missiles out of Turkey. Kennedy refused and a six-day stand-off resulted. The world was never closer to nuclear war. Finally, Khrushchev backed down, removing the missiles. Kennedy claimed victory/

Starter – What might the impact of the changes shown below be on British television programming? And on society as a whole? POSITIVES? NEGATIVES?

in general -and London in particular, at the stylistic and cultural centre of the world. The 1960s got off to an unintentionally prophetic start with Prime Minster Harold McMillans/had slipped the narrow bonds of the theatre and exploded upon cinema and television screens in a multitude of differing forms. Challenges to the tired and/a sympathetic and strangely tragic icon. The decade entered its final years in a day-glo hued kaleidoscopic frenzy of rapidly diffusing, undirected energy. Even by the triumphant/

British Television history since 1945

and elitist Call to respect the taste of the audience ITV begins to actively raise the standard of both fictional and factual programming, e.g. World at War (Thames Television, 1973) Changes in the 1970s 19 January 1972 day restrictions on broadcasting hours lifted – acknowledgement of differences in people’s schedules Independent Local Radio System (ILR, 1972) strips BBC of its radio monopoly/


technology sectors. With worldwide operations and a workforce of over 8000 employees, Rupam Group is growing in strength day by day. Rupam Group is a multi-billion dollar group with strong international presence PROUD TO BE A RUPAMITE RUPAM/Limited is one of Indias leading television, media and entertainment companies. It is amongst the largest producers and aggregators of Hindi programming in the world, with an extensive library housing over 10000 hours of television content. RUPAM Media Corporation Limited/

1. Copyright 2014 The Health Coach Group All Rights Reserved Index 2 Day 1 Goals / Methods Day 2 Goals / Defining Day 3 Breathing Day 4 How to Meditate.

to you and spend 30 minutes with them, just enjoying each other. Put away your cell phone, turn off the television, be present and enjoy their company uninterrupted. Copyright 2014 The Health Coach Group All Rights Reserved Weekend Inspiration 172 Enjoy your/ your darkness into light. It is the only alchemy which transforms the raw energy into a refined world of mysteries.” -Osho Day 21 Copyright 2014 The Health Coach Group All Rights Reserved 22 229 Negative Thinking Spiritual Cleanse Copyright 2014 The/

Question 5. Attending a live performance – for example, a play, concert, or sporting event, is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television.

right there is...uhm, better than seeing it on TV. 5.De Niro Attending a live performance is really the best thing in the world. I watch concerts on television all the time, and I love them! I listen to music on CDs, and it’s a wonderful experience. But nothing ever comes / at the same time, it really depends on your comfort level, and the price or the cost of going to that event. In this day and age, things have gotten very expensive – you might pay 65 to 100 dollars a ticket to go to see a concert or a /

Topic = Television Best Invention Since 1941, Americans have spent countless hours watching television. While video games and the Internet are fun, television.

teenager doesnt say that almost every day? 8. Even though I enjoy hiking, biking, and crafts, television is the best invention for several reasons. 10. Television provides watchers with a great deal of entertainment. 6. Television can certainly be educational. 11./the history of the world exists that is better than the grand old television. Which of these CANNOT be in the INTRODUCTION paragraph 25.Entertainment is another great part of television. 26.Along with entertainment, television can be educational. /

ROUND ONE PRESIDENTS 25 - 44. 6 points I had an extraordinary rise in politics. Within 2 years and 170 days, I rose from a citizen who had never held.

years and 170 days, I rose from a citizen who had never held public office to President of the United States. 4 points The Federal Reserve Banking system was set up under my presidency. I worked to end child labor. 2 points World War I was fought/ foreign policy before the United Nations. After leaving office, I made an appearance on Edward R. Murrow’s “See It Now” television program. This was the first time a former president had spoken informally and at length before a large audience. 4 point As an/

The Media: TELEVISION Students: Ana Rita Costa nº 3 Bruna Lourenço nº 5 Pedro Teixeira nº 19 Raquel Gordinho nº 20 Vera Loureiro nº 27 ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA.

science programs, cartoons and so on. You can watch the newest informations from all the world, it helps you to be up-to-date. Watching television can be also great way to spend a free time. There are some really interesting/ and movies. They spend whole day siting in front of tv. DISADVENTAGENS Comparison of Portuguese and English channels ? A BBC is “British Broadcasting Corporation”. The corporation produces programmes and information services, broadcasting on television, radio, and the Internet. The/

PE 6 Comparing America and Britain. Introduction In many ways America is the world leader: the way its athletes are treated, the resources available and.

is an important part of self defence, dates back to the days of the pioneers, when a man needed to defend himself against all/television. Billions are spent on leisure and sport. Billions are spent on leisure and sport. Most sports performers earn millions, and clubs are run as commercial companies. Most sports performers earn millions, and clubs are run as commercial companies. American Sport The interesting thing about sport in America is the fact that the sports are not played anywhere else in the world/

Communication plan 2008 World Social Forum Communication Commission WSF International Council Berlin 30/05/2007.

mobilisation in January 26, 2008 - During the 26 th of January 2008, the wsf2008.net site will have a world clock showing what is happening in the various countries, with multimedia content. Eg. short video, pictures, radio content,/the five continents, in different languages. Television The WSF day of global action 2008 should also be televised by conventional means, television/satellite, in particular. Starting with news channels and State or Public television channels, the technical facilitating team will/

Television history Development of British Broadcasting in the age of television.

TeleVision: Midlands (1968–1981) Granada NW England franchise (1968–) Harlech Television (HTV ): Wales and West of England franchise (1968–) London Weekend Television (LWT): London Weekend franchise (1968–) Thames Television: London weekday franchise (1968– 1992) Yorkshire Television: Yorkshire/Lincolnshire franchise (1968–) Changes in the 1970s 19 January 1972 day/1979- 82) Overview of British Broadcasting The ”least worst television in the world”. BBC commitment to Victorian middle class ideal of service /

Journalism 614: Cultivation Theory. The ‘ core ’ of cultivation Level of television viewing Beliefs about the world.

time ‘ living ’ in the world of television are more likely to see the ‘ real world ’ in terms of the images, values, portrayals, and ideologies that merge through the lens of the television. ” (Gerbner et al.) Measuring concepts  Television viewing: –How many hours during the average week do you watch television? The average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (or 28 hours/week, or/

DELL: Potential for New Advertising Agency Executive Briefing Report Notice: This Executive Briefing Report presentation is compiled from the World Wide.

years.  Second largest and fastest growing PC company in the world.  The world’s largest ‘Direct PC’ company.  Manufactures most of the/Direct Mail to Business Establishments  Direct Mail to Consumers  Internet Adv.  Network Television AD BUDGET Adv. Expenditures FY 2004: $473,000,000 5 Scope for New Advertising / Windows® XP Home Edition  256MB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 333MHz 2x128M)  FREE 3-5 Day Shipping Online Only!  FREE Kodak Digital Camera!  FREE 2nd Bay CDBurner - Online Only! Specification/

Video Advertising in a Multi-Screen World 1. The Marketing World is Focused on All Things Digital 1.Because new tools present new opportunities 2.And.

…Yes 2.And because the old ways no longer work…Not so fast 3 Popular Consumer Insight: In a Post-Television World, the consumer is in control and will choose what, when, where and on what to watch, creating his own personal/ Household viewing is nearing 8.5 hours, daily. Americans are exposed to nearly 72 minutes of video ads and promos per day. (Hr:Min/Day) Television Viewing Is a High-Growth Activity 10 Sources: Daily Viewing: The Nielsen Company, NTI Annual Averages. Monthly estimate: Nielsen 4Q09/


programme 11. documentary 12. music show 1) information about what’s happening in the world 2) cinema films made by photographing series of drawings 3) a popular form of humorous television or radio show 4) people try to win prizes by answering questions 5) people / 8) a group of speakers, chosen to answer the questions 9) emotional and melodramatic plays that continue their story from day to day 10) a set of separates programmes, each of which deals with the same subject 11) a programme about animals and /


Daytime – Animated – Digital Originals Broad base of partners across all platforms around the world #1 independent producer of TV content 28 shows on broadcast, cable, and syndication /) Spectacular Spider-Man Dragon Tales Syndication Newlywed Game Honey Please (presentation) Make My Day Maneater (miniseries) Georgia O’Keefe (MOW) The Wronged Man (MOW) Drop Dead/scripted format programming We are a leader in the field of international television production with over 9,000 hours of programming in 13 local /

Television University of Pitesti Dolnośląska Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Techniki w Polkowicach Dobrica Adrian Dr inż. ZDZISŁAW PÓLKOWSKI Polkowice,

of an athletic event. We can even allow ourselves to be momentarily lost in a beautiful fantasy world. http://www.cybercollege.com/frtv/frtv034.htm Television introduces new ideas and information Before the mass media, an important threat to health, a new /medicine, or improved ways of doing things could take months or even years to become commonly known. Today, that time is typically cut down to a day/

ASSESSMENT THAT SUPPORTS HIGH-QUALITY LEARNING A BALANCED APPROACH DAY 2 Getting Ready for the Next Generation of Assessment 9/19/2015 Draft 1.

Response Single Response – Multiple Choice Many experts will tell you that television is bad for you. Yet this is an exaggeration. Many television programs today are specifically geared towards improving physical fitness, making people smarter, or teaching them important things about the world. The days of limited programming with little interaction are gone. Public television and other stations have shows about science, history, and technical/

Cultivation Theory. CULTIVATION THEORY Historical Background In the 1950s, Television became a way of life in US The widespread influence of TV made a.

the tube develop and exaggerated belief in a mean and scary world. violence is one of the major staples of the TV world Gerbner broke viewers down in to three categories Viewers Moderate Viewer Light Viewers Heavy Viewers Heavy viewer: Those who watch four or more hours a day are labeled heavy television viewers. Light viewer: Those who view less than four hours per/

Reality TV The rise of Reality Television Figure 1: MasterChef Judges (April 14, 2011)

shows). (“Reality television,” n.d.) Make celebrities out of untalented people. (“Reality television,” n.d.) Glamorize vulgarity and materialism. (“Reality television,” n.d.) Figure 11: Jersey Shore Cast – MTV Movie Awards (n.d.) “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15/] Retrieved March 29, 2014, from http://www.bbcanadainsider.com/2013/11/last-day-of-big-brother-australia-final.html http://www.bbcanadainsider.com/2013/11/last-day-of-big-brother-australia-final.html Cover punkd (n.d.) In MTV OD/

The Well-Tempurad Nation:. Japan, television food shows, and cultural nationalism.

Abstract: assertion Food is not a trifling matter on Japanese television. Aired year-round and positioned on every channel in every time period throughout the broadcast day, the lenses of food show are calibrated at a wider / production and distribution. ” (p.45). Socialization, Social Construction, Cultural Reproduction Berger and Luckmann (1967): An institutional world tends to present society members with an objectified external reality. This “ objectivated social reality ” is internalized in the course/

Media in the US. Television There are 3 basic types of TV in the US: broadcast, cable and satellite. Broadcast TV is available to anyone who owns a TV.

basic cable networks. Programming American TV programs have been very successful around the world. One type of popular program is the situation comedy, commonly called the Sitcom/television is regulated by the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission. This is a government organisation which gives the licenses to the local TV stations, and makes rules about compulsory educational and public interest programming The FCC also bans certain things from being shown on TV at certain times, like during the day/

Television and the 1960’s  Television for the first time plays a role in broadcasting important world events to an audience  1960’s A decade of change.

programs as the first plane hit the 1st tower of the world trade center  When networks began live coverage a second plane came flying into the 2nd tower and fear and panic struck everyone from the television personalities to everyone across the country  Networks stayed on live for hours and for days  Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and Tom Brokaw anchored coverage for nearly/

Television Bureau of Advertising Video Advertising in a Multi-Screen World 1.

and engage with consumers, on their terms, not the marketers’ terms. 3 Maybe so, if and when a Post-Television World arrives. 4 Television – good old “Old Media” TV – has never been more highly consumed… and it’s still growing. 5 /Household viewing is nearing 8.5 hours, daily. Americans are exposed to nearly 72 minutes of video ads and promos per day. (Hr:Min/Day) 88 Television Viewing Is a High-Growth Activity Sources: Daily Viewing: The Nielsen Company, NTI Annual Averages. Monthly estimate: Nielsen 4Q09 /

2010. Fixed Satellite ServicesAlterna’TV International Corp - USA Enlaces Integra - México Space segment leases for: Television Telcos Broadband Internet.

Television Solo Tango Mexico / National Mexico / West Mexico / National Mexico Mexico / U.S. / Worldwide Dominican Republic Ecuador / National Latin America / Caribbean South America Argentina Cable channel - professional and amateur sports programming from Mexico Cable channel - Michoacan local programming Mexico City Broadcaster - arts and entertainment VOD Channel - Mexican movies Extreme sports channel with original content from around the world/ the forties through modern days. In addition, it offers/

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