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World Continence Week Dr Vasan S S UroAndrologist Director- Manipal Andrology & Reproductive Services (MARS) Director- Ankur, Bangalore Head – Dept of.

coordinate events worldwide World continence week Activities – to be planned World Continence day celebration – do /Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression June 5 - World Environment Day, recognized by the UNJune 5World Environment Day June 8 - World Brain Tumour DayJune 8World Brain Tumour Day June 8 - World Ocean DayJune 8World Ocean Day June 12 - World Day against Child LabourJune 12World Day against Child Labour June 14 - World Blood Donation DayJune 14World Blood Donation Day June 17 - World Day/

Company Confidential CSR Report Celebration of World Environment Day on all SEZs On the occasion of World Environment Day, 20 saplings were planted on.

Company Confidential CSR Report Celebration of World Environment Day on all SEZs On the occasion of World Environment Day, 20 saplings were planted on Coimbatore SEZ with Synefra, Sodexo and G4 Security staff./too, 25 saplings were planted and an awareness session was conducted. Forest Department officers were also invited for the function organized to celebrate the World Environment Day. Company Confidential PADUBIDRI SEZ Synefra E&C Ltd 24 SHG women visited SECL to explore the job work of blade kit making /

Conrad Hilton …. Conrad Hilton, at a gala celebrating his career, was called to the podium and asked, His answer … Conrad Hilton, at a gala celebrating.

His answer … Conrad Hilton, at a gala celebrating his career, was called to the podium and /” from “their world” to your group. (Useful. Mark of respect.) 5. PROACTIVELY SEEK EXAMPLES OF “TINY” ACTS OF “XFX” TO ACKNOWLEDGE—PRIVATELY AND PUBLICALLY. (Bosses: ONCE A DAY … make a /customers’ productivity and profitability. Enterprise Solutions helps customers compete and win in a changing global environment by combining the power of GE’s intelligent technologies with its multi-industry experience and expertise/

Earth Day 2014 Current Events Charity Ray. 10 Facts about Earth Day us/2014/04/10-facts-about-earth-day

.html http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2014/04/22/eart h_day_2014_a_few_fun_facts_about_our_planet.html  Today is earth day a world wide celebration about our earth.  Our planet moves about 940 million from the sun.  The surface / 21/earth-day-environment/7905743 http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/04/ 21/earth-day-environment/7905743  Congress created EPA before the first earth day  "The real problem of pollution of our environment is being distorted/

We celebrated the year of ecology. WHAT ECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS DO YOU KNOW ? pollution of riverspollution of oceans cutting the forestspollution of air.

it necessary to do not to take drugs? What is the name of the world organization which protects the environment? 1)Green planet 2)Green peace 3)Green world What is the name of the of the international organization which deals with breaking human/ responsible? 4)Do you believe in happier future of our world? 5)Will you be more socially active? CELEBRATE EARTH DAY EVERY DAY! JOHN DENVER Celebrate earth day, every day Celebrate earth day, every day Celebrate land, celebrate sea Celebrate you, celebrate me

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day and Festival.

festival city, each group is entertained by families of their Turkish peers in a warm and affectionate environment. In this way, children of the world recount positive traits of the Turkish nation to their own families and friends when they return to /Ataturk reportedly dedicated the Turkish Republic to children in Turkey. Turkey officially celebrated Grand National Assembly Day on April 23 and held a children’s week starting on that day, from 1923–1934. The Turkish government then combined the two events /


used. The drill was very informative and the students got to know subtle details about fire safety. WORLD HEALTH DAY World Health Day was celebrated in Jay Jyoti School on 7 th April. Inter House Collage making competition was held. All the / st position with 84.8% marks overall. ENVIRONMENT DAY A painting and slogan writing competition was held in the school to mark the celebration of Environment Day. Students showed the impact of pollution on our environment and the ways to protect it through their /

South African National Biodiversity Institute Portfolio Committee: Water and Environment 10 th November 2010 Dr Tanya Abrahamse and Mr. Moeketsi Khoahli.

for the Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development (BCSD) project, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through the World Bank was held with the theme of ‘Celebrating Conservation’. GEF final report highly congratulatory  Working for Wetlands received a Star Award/Society’s Chelsea Flower Show in London, UK, was awarded a Silver Medal..  International Biodiversity Day (22 May 2010) was celebrated across SANBI, with free entrance into Gardens given to all members of the public.  A new/

Chapter 19 - Safe for Democracy: The United States and World War I, 1916–1920 Europe – WWI 1914 – 1918 US – WWI 1917 - 1918 America’s increasing economic.

in retreat. On November 9, the German Kaiser abdicated the throne, and two days later, Germany sued for peace. Over 100,000 Americans died, only 1 /Employers - create more disciplined labor force - Urban Reformers - create more orderly city environment & undermine political machines that used saloons as places to organize - Women - reduce/3rd Edition Copyright © 2011 W.W. Norton & Company A 1918 poster celebrates black soldiers in World War I Give Me Liberty!: An American history, 3rd Edition Copyright © 2011/

Revisiting Earth Day: Environmental Policy and Politics in 2016 Michael Kraft Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Public and Environmental Affairs.

environment. Can see it every year on Earth Day. What is the image that is used to cover the event? Green Bay Press-Gazette for Earth Day Story Last Year: 2015 Official Earth Day Image 2016: Trees Some Emphasize Energy/Efficiency: WPS Email This Morning for Earth Day Celebrate Earth Day/And the ideological issue framing that goes with it? Much of the explanation lies in different world views and values. Similar Divisions in Wisconsin Over Environmental Policies Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program Support for /

The Five Themes Through World Religions. How does religion connect and separate societies? What do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common?

Day” Yom Kippur Day of Atonement Holiest day in entire Jewish calendar No work; must fast Considered a “High Holy Day” Passover Honors the deliverance of Jews from Egyptian slavery Major Holiday (seven days long) Chanukah (Hanukkah) Festival of Lights (8 days long) Celebrates/of Nazareth Scriptures—Old and New Testament (66 books) World’s largest religion (2 billion adherents) Click here for/ include Varanasi Hinduism and the Five Themes: Human/Environment Interaction Holy Site: Ganges River Read the article /

Holidays in Slovenia Pina Špegel. There are two kinds of holidays in Slovenia - national holidays and work-free days.holidaysSlovenia National holidays.

holiday on April 22nd 1945. In 1949, it became a two days holiday, in 1973 its name was changed into Labours Day and as such it has remained until now. After the Second World War until the middle of the fifties, huge military parades were characteristic for celebration the 1st May. These parades had also its civil part with /. It was meant for the departed, it means the rest of belief in the cult of predecessors which was very much present in our family environments in the nights of the winter bonfires.

Work in A Socially Diverse Environment

Daycelebrates? Different Work Ethics Some cultures attach a high degree of importance and commitment to their work, while others see work as a necessity to provide for their families. Others see it as presenting career and advancement opportunities Work in a Socially Diverse Environment/ Diverse Environment Work in a Socially Diverse Environment WORLD RELIGIONS CHRISTIANITY JUDAISM HINDUISM ISLAM BUDDHISM Sikhism Work in a Socially Diverse Environment Work in a Socially Diverse Environment CHRISTIANITY /

Remember - “you and I can decide the future”

E-Newsletter for the cause of Environment, Peace, Harmony and Justice Remember - “you and I can decide the future” G E M HAPPY GREEN DIWALI DIWALI or DEEPAWALI , THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHT is celebrated by Indians throughout the world in a joyous mood, with / etc What about cows, sheep, buffalos, pigs etc? These innocent animals contribute so much for human beings. During the Diwali days, these animals suffer silently without even able to express their fear and pain. There are even instances of death of cows, /

Looking at its patterns and processes

and activities that are created to help humans celebrate and understand their place in the world Religions help define right and wrong within a culture Can have profound impact on human interaction with the environment through architecture, ideas about land, etc /to develop as offshoot of Judaism when Jesus Christ was seen as expected Messiah by disciples Hearth: near modern day Israel Diffusion Route: used both expansion and relocation diffusion from Palestine, has nearly 2 billion adherents 312 CE Roman/

Top Tea Retail Trends Dan Bolton Editor and Publisher

that certifications are important to investors and essential in obtaining celebrity endorsements that contribute to sales. Source: Fair Trade USA/The Alliance currently certifies 3.2 percent of the world’s tea from producers in 11 countries. Volume /its important growth and further ensures the protection of our fragile environment and the livelihoods of farmers around the globe.” Add countries / 66% of population drinks tea daily, 165 million cups a day, or 60.2 billion per year, Ireland drinks more, consumed/

Masks are all around you. Each day masks are used in ways that provide the wearer with protection from their environment. Masks provide warmth from.

Masks are all around you. Each day masks are used in ways that provide the wearer with protection from their environment. Masks provide warmth from the cold and protection to keep us healthy. What is a mask ? They/the crops in years before. This mask is made from wood with a fiber hat and feathers. FESTIVAL MASKS Celebrations around the world are often enhanced with masks. Well known celebrations include the Carnival in Venice, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and Halloween. Click picture for video Carnival in /

Origin of Holidays By: Tara Stevens. Table of Contents New Year’s Day Martin Luther King Jr. Day Valentine’s Day President’s Day Black History Month St.

eggs and bunnies Easter marks the end of lent, (a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance There are Easter customs that vary across the Christian world, but decorating eggs is a common motif. In the west,/environment. Mother’s Day-When was the first Mother’s day and who started it President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed May 9, 1914, the first Mothers Day. He asked Americans on that day to give a public "thank you" to their mothers and all mothers. Memorial Day-Why do we celebrate it in May? Memorial Day/

Masks are all around you. Each day masks are used in ways that provide the wearer with protection from their environment. Masks provide warmth from the.

Masks are all around you. Each day masks are used in ways that provide the wearer with protection from their environment. Masks provide warmth from the cold and protection to keep us healthy. What is a mask ? They / in years before. This mask is made from wood with a fiber hat and feathers. Main Menu FESTIVAL MASKS Celebrations around the world are often enhanced with masks. Well known celebrations include the Carnival in Venice, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and Halloween. Carnival in Rio Main Menu Masks are/

JudaismJudaism RELS 110: World Religions. Slide 2. Possible exam questions List as many of Moses Maimonides’ 13 principles as you can remember, and explain.

Prophets are intermediary figures, conveying to ordinary people messages from deity / spiritual world / supernatural world that aren’t accessible to ordinary people. Prophecy is a form of /in molding Judaism to some extent to help it flourish in its new environment became Conservative Jews. Marriage between Jews and non-Jews has driven the various/day, celebrated with sweet foods like apples and honey. Yom Kippur Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the most solemn day of the Jewish year, falls ten days /

Integrating Skills Unit 14 Xie Jianlin. 2.Why is it very important? 1 When is Earth Day? 3.What should we do? Earth Day is celebrated on March 21,the.

do a lot of things or organize some activities that improve or protect the environment, for example cleaning up the school yard, picking up trash, planting trees etc. 1. Earth Day is a celebration of life and our planet. It is a reminder that we need to care about the world we live in and that we should learn to respect life and nature/

Earth Day 22 nd April TEAM IGCA & PWS-GCA The theme of World Earth Day 2015 “Water Wonderful World”.

took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to- coast rallies.  The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of/programs, rekindles public commitment and builds community activism around the world through a broad range of events and activities.  Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, /

Saint Patricks Day Homework By Emma O’Carroll Saint Patrick Who was Saint Patrick and why is he so important to Ireland? Saint Patrick was a Christian.

environment around them is green and lush. I personally think that having a colour that is of an importance to you is a good thing. I think this because it shows that you take pride in your country as it represents you as a person and you as a country. Saint Patricks Day Celebrations All over the world Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated/ with parades and festivals. Saint Patricks Day is especially celebrated in America, /

Environment Awareness… Introduction – Definition, Scope & Importance Presented By: Mrs. Vaibhavi Apte Visiting Faculty Environment Science.

, Architectural Paints, Cosmetics, Solution…. Eco Clubs  The MoEF has set eco-clubs in schools for involving school children in Environmental Awareness like Tree Plantation, etc.  Active participation in celebrate and campaigns on Earth Day, World Environment Day. Eco-Task Force  Army men are involved in various activities  Eco Task Forces raised by MoEF of Defence, to work on challenging assignments in the ecologically fragile and/

Year 9 Geography Readings. Year 9 Geog - Australia’s Environment Lesson 1 - Intro to Year 9 Geography 1.Write down the heading. ____________________________________________________________________.

Lakes Region.. Unique landforms providing an outstanding record of earth! history.. Outstanding Aboriginal site.. Worlds oldest cremation site. Year 9 Geog – Australia’s Environment Lesson 13 Reading Activity –– Willandra Lakes (15 mins) Read and do the following activities / had closed down on the 24th December and Christmas Eve was being celebrated everywhere. Parties, last minute shopping and all the usual preparations for next day went on. When the cyclone struck just after midnight, the local /

PRESENTATION SUMMARY I.Who is Planet X – Alterna’TV II.“Exclusive Coverage for Dish Network World Cup FIFA” III.Introduction to the World Cup in South.

Experience will celebrate the meeting of nations under one roof where each country will be given the opportunity to showcase their country to the world. All common areas at the CTICC will be transformed into the colors, sounds and tastes of the day’s specific country where fans can experience the traditional food, music and live performances in a rich interactive environment. Location: Cape/

Parents, we need your help! Students today are faced with many societal issues and challenges that can possibly trickle over into our school environment.

that this very important message strongly resonates to all of our students. This will ensure a safe and orderly learning environment for ALL. Atlanta Public Schools M. Agnes Jones Elementary School “Continuing the Pursuit of Excellence” Fall EditionOctober 12, 2011/a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the Links, people all over the world are able to see our art work in the 2011-2012 calendar as we celebrate healthy living. “buddies” each day with assignments in hand for extra help. Our buddies come prepared/


full of love and immense joy I welcome you all to this 20th annual day celebrations…. With gratitude towards God and each one of you I present a brief report/economic justice, dignity of individuals and appreciation of our culture, heritage and concern for environment. Re-Opening:- The academic year 2012 -2013 commenced on Monday 4th June, with/academic year we have also inaugurated a play park,” Children’s world “which is really a dream world for our little kids. Through the effort of the management and /

Our Firm This is a milestone year for RLF as we celebrate 75 years of providing architectural, engineering and interior design services. Founded in 1935.

celebrate 75 years of providing architectural, engineering and interior design services. Founded in 1935 by renowned architect James Gamble Rogers II, RLF has grown from a proprietorship of 18 to a multi-disciplined firm of 132 providing integrated, world/ a guideline for implementing sustainable practices into our own working environment - practicing what we preach. RLF encourages client and employee/the City of Winter Park by providing volunteers on Earth Day to give trees to residents. We have also been a/


job. A strong jobs program with a chance at success can mean the world to certain homeless people. Other programs that can address the mental issues,/ to reducing traffic congestion, increased use of public transportation promotes a cleaner environment through reduced vehicle emissions. By identifying efficiencies in the budget and growing /. (Small Business Week) Yes because I feel celebrating small business is important. (National Sanctity of Human Life Day) Though I do acknowledge the sanctity of human/

LET’S CELEBRATE Celebrating Young People’s Achievements Winter 2010.

‘what would you do to improve your community/centre if you were ruler for the day?’, green = money ‘what would you do for money?’, colour, red = turn /common around the world when people celebrate events such as Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. My Henna Tattoo Celebrate Sports CREATE A/id=64 Young Achievers Awards http://youngachieversawards.org/ celebrating inspirational young achievers and volunteers in Arts, Community, Environment & Sporthttp://youngachieversawards.org/ Sport Leaders UK http:///

Hinduism (1500 BCE-1900 CE) The World’s Third Largest Religion

the holy books, many characters had weapons similar to modern day war weapons. These included aircrafts that could surpass the speed /celebrations, the establishment of Hindu temples and the practice of Hindu ‘bamboo’ marriage. Since Indians were allowed to practice their religion in their new environment/Harris, By Angela. "Hindu Beliefs." HubPages. Web. 04 Oct. 2010. . "Hinduism, Third Largest Religion in World, Hindus." Buddha Statues, Hindu Statue, Hindu Gods, Shiva Ganesh, God Statue, Om. Web. 04 Oct. /

Do Now – EARTH DAY! 1.What percentage of BeCl 2 is chlorine? 2.Why do you think people celebrate Earth Day?

dropped, so the user will not face a litter fine and the environment will avoid the damaging effects of littered cigarette butts and chewing gum. Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 nd each year in 175 countries around the world Designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earths environment Some Important (and Perhaps Shocking) Statistics Bubble Gum Cigarette Butts Junk mail/

TODAY - 5 th June “ THE WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY” C……I am getting into ashes...Pay some attention…..

-styles, such as improved energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, forest conservation and eco-friendly consumption. The main international celebrations of World Environment Day 2008 will be held in New Zealand. UNEP is honored that the city of Wellington will be hosting this United Nations day. The days agenda is To give a human face to environmental issues; empower people To become active agents of sustainable and/

International Nurses Week In Collaboration with Franklin Branch of the NZ Nurses Organization Presents Nursing With A Difference “Let each day be your.

day be your masterpiece” Galatians 6:9 2 Nurses and Midwives Celebrating International Nurses Week Celebrate means to commemorate, to observe and to keep. Celebrate means to commemorate, to observe and to keep. What are we celebrating in Nursing today? What are we celebrating/ LORD. Amen 7 NCF Conference Tauranga 1957 NCF 8 Positive Practice Environments: The diversity of faith and value systems The diversity of faith/good salt and true light in the world. By putting God first and actively seeking His will in /

Presented by Janet Blair, President, Successfully Single Inc. & World Traveler A place that never leaves you! Presented by Janet Blair, President, Successfully.

University to the top entrance of the Botanic Gardens. Day 7 Wellington Next we visit Te Papa - New Zealands bold and innovative national museum and a recognized world leader in interactive and visitor-focused museum experiences. New Zealands geology and natural environment and the stories of New Zealands indigenous people, the Māori, are celebrated in Te Papas permanent exhibitions, while Te Papas Marae/

Our World Revision Guide

the slaughter during the Muslim high celebration of Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice. This day caps off the hajj, a traditional religious pilgrimage to Mecca that occurs on the 10th day of the last month of the /the world Preserve and conserve the resources of the world and environment Give thanks to God for provision Care for world & environment: We are Khalifahs and should look after the world Important to preserve Fitrah (balance) in the world All that lives or exists on the world is/

© John Mallison Today is…… BE KIND TO MOBILES DAY!! We suggest you give your mobile an easier day Please keep your mobile off during the sessions Thank.

Accountability Addictive behaviours (workaholism) Self nurture (fitness, days off, etc) Integrity Attitude Tolerance Manipulative behaviour Forgiveness / John Mallison How To Listen Actively ‘User Friendly’ Environments –Noise can hinder –Switch off your mobile phone/… 30/5 © John Mallison Difficulties discussed Successes celebrated Ideas, resources, insights shared Evaluation & planning Pastoral/world to shame the wise; -what is weak in the world to shame the strong; -what is low and despised in the world/


are they, percentage of world population) Major branches of those religions Where are the major religions and their major branches and why are they there? (ex. Historical migration patterns How did religions affect the environment Examples of religious tension/fighting/from generation to generation when using a lunar calendar(ex. Ramadan for Muslims) Not all members of URs celebrate same holidays on same day ( ex. Easter, Buddha’s birth) Why do Religions Organize Space in Different Patterns? ISSUE #3 Why/

The Limits of Biology and The Promise of Technology: Understanding and Guiding the Life Sciences in a World of Accelerating Technological Change ICISTS.

org With the advent of the transistor (June 1, 1948), the commercial digital world emerged. New problems have emerged (population, human rights, asymmetric conflict, environment), yet we see solutions for each in coming waves of technological globalization. “/ Accelerating.org We Have a Universal Purpose We Can Discover and Create It Every Day Be Kind, Help Each Other Be Brave, Travel New Ground Work Hard, Celebrate Excellence Give TURTLES (Trust, Understanding, Respect, Truthfulness, Love, Equity, Support) /

Intergenerational Community 1. Caring: Community building activities, storytelling, mentoring, social events 2. Celebrating: Sunday Worship, whole community.

total community (regardless of age), and promotes shared values and respect.  Creates a welcoming and safe environment conducive to promoting faith sharing, group participation, mutual support, and care for one another in the /Corpus Christi Reconciliation Lent, Reconciliation Services Anointing of the Sick Celebration of Sacrament, February Lectionary Readings (Cycle B) Marriage World Marriage Day, Holy Family Sunday Orders Vocations Day Liturgical Connecting Faith, Worship, and Life St. Elizabeth of /

EARTH DAY and the Environmental Movement. 1962 Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring. The best seller sounded an alarm about the potential dangers and.

tour around the U.S. to raise awareness about environmental issues; however, protecting the environment remains a low priority for most politicians and citizens.John F. Kennedy 1969 1969: /Day celebrations go global, with participants in over 140 countries. As 1990 approached, a group of environmental leaders asked Denis Hayes to organize another big campaign. This time, Earth Day went global, mobilizing 200 million people in 141 countries and lifting environmental issues onto the world stage. Earth Day/

Chapter 4: Environment, Organizational Culture & Diversity BOH4MI: Business Leadership.

circumstances arise and info becomes available ** Dimensions of Uncertainty in Organizational Environments Day 1 – Assigned Work  List 3 companies that you believe have /as a quality benchmark Businesses that want to complete on the world stage are increasingly expected to have ISO certification ISO Certification Total/members  _______________ – the ceremonies and meetings, planned and spontaneous, that celebrate important occasions and performance accomplishments  __________ – the special use of language /

Creating Positive Environments of Care Jayne Van Bramer Former Director, Office of Quality Management.

had never been refurbished and to this day my stomach turns when I remember some /all that is offered in mental health systems around the world, respect continues to stand tall among the catalysts for / everyone involved Commitments: (9) Recognize individual contribution and (10) Celebrate accomplishments Essential Leadership Kouzes, J. and Posner, B. The Leadership/of distress Improved quality of care and therapeutic experience Improved work environment 90  To decrease depression, improve mood and affect /

5 th June 2009. " Your Planet Needs You - UNite to Combat Climate Change Mexico is going to Host World Environment Day under this Theme Theme for Year.

5 th June 2009 " Your Planet Needs You - UNite to Combat Climate Change Mexico is going to Host World Environment Day under this Theme Theme for Year 2009 World Environment Day 2009 World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June in more than 100 countries. World Environment Day (WED) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972.WED is hosted every year by a different city and commemorated with an/

Celebrating 25 Years of Scholarly & Creative Activity.

Emeritus Barbara Streets Barbara Streets Celebrating 25 Years of Scholarly & Creative/Ulises Ali. Off the Network: Disrupting the Digital World. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2013. Print./ Interacting: User Experience in a Virtual Art Gallery." Virtual Environments: Developments, Applications and Challenges. Ed. Stephanie Trautman and /. 4of5 Trinacria: Poems, Translations, Essays, Reviews 9 (2013) Print. "Inauguration Day 2013." : 30-31. "Shakespearean Gnomes." :28. "Wordsworthian Gnomes." : 29/

Hunan Polytechnic of Environment & Biology Unit 4 Dream 1 2 3 4 5 Background information.

need to evaluate from time to time whether you are progressing or not. 5. A celebration. Yep, when you are done you should already have planned what you will do to celebrate. Make it big! Follow the action plan and set your sights for the top / for funNew words Hunan Polytechnic of Environment & Biology Monica: Hay, Jack, did you see Smith? It seems that he is always traveling. Jack: Yeah his dream is traveling around the world one day. Monica: Wonderful, I want to be a dancer on day. What’s your dream, Jack/

ICTC - Celebrating our ten year anniversary in 2014 Strategy Why comms? Building public awareness fosters an enabling environment and increases political.

an enabling environment and increases political will to invest in trachoma elimination ICTC’s communications strategy aims to guide ICTC and its members to promote the positive impact of its work on the lives of people affected by trachoma ICTC - Celebrating our ten/on – Global campaign petitioning a specific target with a call to action – Global hand washing dayWorld Sight Day Advocacy ICTC - Celebrating our ten year anniversary in 2014 Stockholm Water Week Good for: Raising ICTC’s profile Making /

Festivals Conctinued What is your favourite holiday of the year? What festivals or celebrations do you enjoy in your city or town? Do you like spending.

1 st,because your friends may play a trick on you.If you are taken in,you’ll be called”April Fool!” 4 我们庆祝 “ 世界环境日 ” 的目的是什么? 5 在 “ 和平日 ” 这一天,不允许有打斗或冲突。 6 许多人仍然相信,人死后会轮回转世。 What’s the purpose of celebrating the “World Environment Day”? On “Peace Day”,no fighting or conflicts are allowed. Many people still believe that when a person dies he will start a new cycle of life.

School Calendar 2015-2016. DateDay MiscellaneousCo-curricular ActivityExaminationsImportant Days 1-Apr-15WedWNew Session begins Orissa Day 2-Apr-15ThuHMahavira.

-15SatH Goa Statehood day 31-May-15SunH Anti-tobacco Day 1-Jun-15MonH Summer Vacation World Milk Day 2-Jun-15TueH UNESCO World Heritage Day 3-Jun-15WedH 4-Jun-15ThuH Hazraj Ali Jnm Divis/ Kabir Jayanti 5-Jun-15FriH International Environment Day 6-Jun-15SatH Hunger Day 7-Jun-15SunH Coal Miners Day 8-Jun-15MonH World Oceans Day 9-Jun-15TueH 10-Jun-15WedH Goa Independence Day/ Fathers Day 11-Jun-15ThuH/

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