Ppt on world environment day 2017

The External Environment and Insurance Tectonic Shifts, Global Transformation Insurance Information Institute April 4, 2014 Robert P. Hartwig, Ph.D., CPCU,

Environment and Insurance Major Categories of External Risks Global Economic Environment Geopolitical Issues Terrorism/Torts/Cyber P/C Insurance & Reinsurance Operating Environment Natural Catastrophe Risk The “New” Investment Environment New Capacity/Capital  Reinsurance Insurance Regulatory Trends in the Post-Crisis World/01/09 - 9pm 66 Millions of Barrels per Day Liquid fuel consumption is expected to change little through/Standards by 2016 Would be Tested in 2017-2018; Implemented in 2019 Would Be /

Industrial Development Corporation

mitigation Bio-fuels Sectoral focus areas –Manufacturing Textiles Conducive environment Competitive local / regional value chain Stabilise major IDC / Broadcasters Sectoral allocation Capital Allocation – 2013/14 to 2017/18 By IDC Business Unit By NGP Jobs Driver/in Southern Africa and one of a few in the world. Modernising industry  Downstream development Case Study: Establishment of/of agreement being sent to client) 17 working days 15 working days Customer satisfaction index TR*M index value as determined/

Your business is our business Participation in ALA these days is not optional….it is necessary part of your business and an investment that returns many.

$600 million in 2016, and $1 billion in 2017, leaving it with $400 million The proposal is direct/ files lawsuits against service members based anywhere in the world, no matter how much inconvenience or expense they would/to public President to report to Congress within 60 days of receiving the report Grandfather benefits to current members/Caucus Honorable John Conger, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Installations and Environment Mr. Charles Milam, Director, Military Family and Community Policy Steve/

Vermilion County IPLAN 2012 - 2017 Community Needs Assessment.

THE SIGN-IN SHEET! THANK YOU 2012-2017 IPLAN IPLAN 2012-2017 The Illinois Project for Local Assessment of/Medicare enrollees) 64% 63% County Rankings 2011 Physical Environment Rank: 38 / 102 V CIllinois Air Pollution-particulate matter days (annual # days) 03 Air pollution-ozone days (annual # days) 04 Access to Healthy foods (health food outlets/S. The U.S. teen birth rate remains the highest in the developed world Teen mothers are more likely to experience negative social outcomes, including school dropout./

Kenmore West High School An International Baccalaureate World School Welcome Class of 2017 Welcome Class of 2017 Freshman Orientation Program Thursday.

An International Baccalaureate World School Welcome Class of 2017 Welcome Class of 2017 Freshman Orientation Program / Program Freshman & Parent Orientations ■ All incoming freshmen will be invited to a special orientation day before the start of the school year ■ A separate evening Parent Orientation will be held/ A, Geometry) Period 2Social Studies (Global 9) Period 3Science (Earth Science, Living Environment) Period 4English (English 9) Period 5Physical Education, Science lab, Algebra lab Period 6Music/

BRIEFING BY THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR (DoL) TO THE PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE 09 OCTOBER 2012 Strategic Plan 2012 – 2017 and Annual Performance Plan 2012/13 Doc.

& IR) Key Results Areas (KRA) 6 The Strategic Plan (2012–2017) consists of the following Key Result Areas (KRA’s): KRA 1: /and contributing to a better and safer Africa in a better world. 4: Strengthening multilateral and bilateral relations LP & IR 12/ 20 applications were received and were responded to within 30 days Programme 3: Public Employment Services (PES) - continues 26 /about issues that impact service delivery and their work environment Issues raised ranged from resources being concentrated in Head/

Transition Year 2016- 2017. PORTMARNOCK COMMUNITY SCHOOL TRANSITION YEAR 2011 - 2012.

of learning associated with Junior Cycle to the more independent learning environment associated with Senior Cycle. …encourages the development of a wide/TY Night Monday May 24 th 2016, similar date in 2017 Planned week for Play - Week of November 16 th/During the work experience students keep a diary of each days work... They are monitored by teachers through telephone calls to/Mr. Higgins 3.Heritage - Mr. Dempsey / Mr. Curran 4.Third World Development- Mr Fitzgerald 5.Life-skills – Ms. Richardson 6.First-aid/

TSR Comprehensive Project Overview 2015-2016. Project Implementation Dates Starts: September 1, 2015 Year 1: 2015-2016 Year 2: 2016-2017 Ends: July 31,

2015 Year 1: 2015-2016 Year 2: 2016-2017 Ends: July 31, 2017 TSR Mission The purpose of the Texas School Ready /InvestiGator Club Lets Begin with The Letter People Opening the World of Learning Scholastic Big Day for PreK Bilingual Scholastic Big Day for PreK English Sopris West - We Can! Teaching /System Classroom Rules Poster Letter Wall Cards Activity Transition Book Read Aloud Chart Classroom Environment Labels School Readiness Kit Includes ●Written Expression Materials ●Letter Knowledge Materials ●Oral /

Young Faculty Award (YFA) Program Proposers Day Monday - October 3, 2016 Distribution Statement “A” (Approved for Public Release, Distribution Unlimited)

Technology leadership Adventurous spirit Conviction and drive to change the world Active engagement with technology community Universities Labs Companies small and/)Minimalistic algorithms for high-speed autonomous navigation in cluttered, unfamiliar environments BAA release: 12/22/2014 Materials for Transduction (MATRIX)Integrate/. Kristen Fuller Assistant Director, Program Management Defense Sciences Office 2017 Young Faculty Award (YFA) Proposers Day October 3, 2016 Distribution Statement “A” (Approved for/

Department of the Environment What Will It Take? 2013 Power Plant Regulations Stakeholder Meeting - October 21, 2013 Meeting the New Ozone and Sulfur.

Environment/Continuous Air Quality Progress Number of 90 Degree Days at BWI Number of Maryland’s Ozone Exceedance Days One-Hour SO2 Trends Phase 1 SO2 controls/Neither “unclassified/attainment” nor “nonattainment” designation –Undesignated areas will be designated in 2017-2020, based on monitoring or modeling data yet to be collected –Early attainment /(as high as 80 ppb) collect in an elevated reservoir over night –Real world programs like the NOx SIP call have shown that Adding regional controls Results in /

What’s Keeping Insurance CEOs Awake at Night? Trends, Challenges & Opportunities Alabama I-Day Tuscaloosa, AL October 14, 2015 Download at www.iii.org/presentations.

troughs were comparable. Rapid inflation, economic volatility, high interest rates, tort environment all played roles 1988-2000: Period of inter-cycle stability 2010- 20XX?/Chip Economic Indicators (10/15 for 2015 and 2016; for 2017-2021 10/15 issue); Insurance Info. Institute. 3-Month /per house years. A house year is equal to 365 days of insured coverage for a single dwelling. The NAIC does/ cars, not fewer will be on highways in the US, world  Exposure (insured car years) grows even as frequency declines /

Course Enrollment For Juniors 2017 Class of 2018.

order to maintain safe and healthy food service and hospitality environments; use and maintain related tools and equipment; and apply/ of this course is at NDHS the first two periods of the day. Vocational Programs - Seniors Auto Mechanics II – 3 Credits Building Trades/ Enforcement may be a two credit course for 2017 -2018 Our Auto Mechanics student are traditionally sent/Honors Biology HonorsAlgebra II Honors Chemistry HonorsPre-Calc/ Trig Honors World History Honors Courses that were weighted for 15-16 and /

Impact of IRS LB&I Reorganization and Partnership Audit Rules February 26, 2016 TEI NJ Chapter February Full Day Seminar.

below 2010 budget; 2016 – a few hundred thousand more – 2017 request an additional $1B Audits and agents down 22% since 2010/ entity. All rights reserved. 17 Impact of International Environment Unprecedented collaboration among tax authorities Base Erosion & Profit / -- Appeals-bound cases must have 365 days left on assessment statute bound Notice 2015-72/International”), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved. Agenda A Whole New World for Partnership Audits ■ Overview ■ The New Partnership Audits Rules – Elect/

AFP Vision 2028: A World-class Armed Forces, Source of National Pride AFP Core Values: Honor, Service, Patriotism Philippine Report/Update ASEAN Military.

(2016-2017) SCOPE OF PRESENTATION AFP Vision 2028: A World-class Armed/environment in the South China Sea (SCS) for the enhancement of peace, stability, economic growth and prosperity in the region; REAFFIRMATION OF POSITION AFP Vision 2028: A World/ Vision 2028: A World-class Armed Forces,/ A World-class Armed Forces, Source of /2017 14 th ASEAN Military Intelligence Informal Meeting (AMIIM)March 2017 7 th ASEAN Military Operations Informal Meeting (AMOIM)March 2017 AFP Vision 2028: A World/

2016-2017. Why learn another language? 1. Open Up a World of Job Opportunities: Increasing world trade and diplomatic relationship. 2. Give Your Brain.

in the world ALL Indian languages together come in at #2 If you learn Hindi it is easier to learn other Indian languages. Who knows? One day you might/ You have the rest Take language education seriously Things to do Create an environment where Hindi is heard Hindi movies, songs, TV programs Talk to your child/11, 2016: Level adjustments. Regular classes. Dec 2016 (Tentative): Mid-Year Quiz May 2017 (Tentative): Annual Quiz Expectations Regular Attendance is required You hurt only yourself by missing classes/

Welcome Class of 2017 Bulldogs!. High School Leadership Team Bill Hagen, Principal Gary Dempsey, Assistant Principal (last names A-K) Bob Jozokos, Assistant.

Welcome Class of 2017 Bulldogs! High School Leadership Team Bill/habits of open inquiry and an understanding of our diverse world through a challenging curriculum that creates the connections integral to a nurturing and engaging learning environment. We believe in educating the whole person so all /schedule with “ Red ” and “ Silver ” days (R/S) Four “ Blocks ” (class periods) each day Blocks are 85 minutes long. Lunch is 30 minutes long. Advisory meets every day and is extended to 25 minutes twice per week/

National Security is Dirt (and water, and climate responsiveness): Rethinking the Loss of Western Irrigation Water John Wiener Research Program on Environment.

try to keep you awake, at the end of a long and intense day! Losses of Capacity Loss of topsoil Loss of fertility of soil Loss of/ Research Council Report, December 2008 – see speaker’s notes Pimentel, 2006: Environment, Development and Sustainability 8: 119-137 “The loss of soil from land / Chief Economist World Agricultural Outlook Board Long-term Projections Report OCE-2008-1 February 2008 USDA Agricultural Projections to 2017 Interagency Agricultural Projections Committee World Agricultural Outlook /

Worlds no 1 investment ® THE WORLD’S #1 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS BANK 1 © 2013 International Business Bank project. All Rights Reserved. The International.

industry with its products, providing International Business Banking services, its concern for the environment, and its service (a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee of all products/information. Sign up clients.  In the projections in 2014 10% and in 2017 5% of the annual turnover is reserved for advertising and promotion goals. IBB’s/ be in contact with Jussi Myllymaa many times during the day. Mister AS will monitor all offices around the world, and will travel when needed. Mister AS will collaborate /

Class of 2017 High School Graduation Requirements o Ms. M. T. Frias A-K o Ms. P. Morales L o Ms. R. Alotis M-Z o Ms. L. HoweMagnet.

HoweMagnet Agenda High School Graduation Requirements for Class of 2017 Notes from your counselor Please feel free to /10 credits) American Literature (5 credits) Contemporary Composition (5 credits) World Literature (5 credits) Expository Composition (5 credits) Must receive a/ writing and revising resumes, etc. Career Day, Mock Interviews, Job Shadows & Annual visit/ENVIRONMENT LEARN CUTTING EDGE SCIENCES DEVELOP ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES THE GREEN POWER ACADEMY (GPA) HELP SAVE THE PLANET IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT/

Montgomery Township School District Montgomery High School Class of 2017 Parent Orientation March 11, 2013.

2017 Parent Orientation March 11, 2013 Montgomery Township School District Welcome to MHS Paul J. Popadiuk, Principal What to expect… Caring environment Challenging curriculum Excellent faculty Opportunity Preparation for successful life Sample Student Schedule A DayB Day/ Township School District Social Studies Department Adam Wright, Supervisor of Social Studies Great Expectations – Links World Studies with Literature and Composition –Integrates reading, writing, and study skills –Creates a global focus/

Libraries Connecting Millennials in an Archived World Richard Sweeney 973-596-3208 Actor: Tom Hanks You’ve Got Mail (1998) Dir: Nora Ephron.

1946-1951 @ 66 yrs old Huge Generation Workforce Changes 2017 Libraries Connecting Millennials in an Archived World sweeney@njit.edu Richard Sweeney 973-596-3208 Baker, Debra/the Clock “Millennial teens may be America’s busiest people. Long gone are the days of Boomer kids being shooed outside to invent their own games – or of / 2…provides students with immediate feedback. 3...is constructive..to explore learning environments (preferably multi sensorial)... 4…motivates students to persist far in excess of/

Parent & Student Orientation 7 th Grade Registration 2016 – 2017 Grace Malek ~ 6 – 8 Guidance and Counseling Monday February 22 nd, 6:00 – 7:00.

are required to submit the completed packet on the first day of school.  Students will be tested at the beginning/ MADE FOR YOU) Parent & Student Orientation 8 th Grade Registration 2016 – 2017 Grace Malek ~ 6 – 8 Guidance and Counseling Monday February 22 nd, /Science 8 Science 8 or Pre-AP Science 8 World History 8 World History 8 Physical Education 8 Physical Education 8 / learning.  The ambition to succeed in a rigorous classroom environment. Note: Access to web based components outside of school would/

UN-Moldova Partnership Framework 2013-2017 Towards Unity in Action 2013 Progress Report 31 July 2014.

of Moldova Partnership Framework (UNPF) 2013–2017 voices the collective determination of the UN/ practices (Delivering as One) Twenty-one UN agencies and the World Bank have signed UNPF with he Government of Moldova. The five/of poverty according to the international threshold of 4.3 dollars per day decreasing from 34.5% in 2006 to 20.8% in /, Energy Strategy until 2030, Renewable Energy Law, etc.). The National Environment Strategy provides for application of SEA during elaboration of policy documents Key /


-2017 /across domains to effectively apply computer technology in a global and social environment PO 5: Ability to efficiently make use of additional training provided / Pruning. SYLLABUS CONTENT ORIENTATION Knowledge and Reasoning 4.1 Knowledge based Agents, The Wumpus World, The Propositional logic, First Order Logic: Syntax and Semantic, Inference in FOL, Forward/ and corrected during the practical slots. Journals to be corrected same day/next turn itself and marks entry to be done, else zero marks/

Will Global Oil Shortages Occur in the Short-Medium Term? Bruce Robinson, Convenor Perth, 5th September 2013 Estimates of world oil production volume Five.

Sector Health Sector Social Services Sector Regional and city Defence and Security Conservation and Environment Remote & indigenous communities Active transport (bicycle & walking) Agriculture, Fisheries and/‘the 2017 drop-off’. The outlook under a base case scenario is for a long decline in oil production to begin in 2017 19 /world have passed their peak production, a leading energy economist has warned. (IEA’s Fatih Birol) IEA November 2008 34 Even if oil demand were to remain flat to 2030, 45 m barrels/day/

FRESHMEN CALL-OUT NIGHT Welcome Class of 2017 2013-2014.

environments that REQUIRE all students to reach their full potential of becoming lifetime learners through collaboration and accountability. Daily Schedule Five period day/ Introductions o Barb PentangeloModern World Language o Sarah FurthmillerAgriculture o Devin KeenerModern World Language o Beth ScharpenbergMathematics / page (End of Course Assessments, PSAT, SAT, ACT)  Harmony Online Class of 2017 Graduation Requirements  Graduation, Career, & Post-Secondary Plan of Study Graduation, Career, &/

Business and Investment Opportunities in India

to all the people world over….. …Come, Make in India. Sell anywhere but manufacture here….” -Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in his Independence Day, 15th August 2014 Address/ solutions for sustainable cities, low cost and affordable housing, Green building solutions, environment friendly building materials Training and skill development of construction sector workers Smart cities Urban/ USD 100 bn by 2017 from USD67 bn in 2014. Exports are expected to increase to USD 65 bn by 2017 from USD 40 bn /

ASW 101.

II: Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of /in Advanced Placement, Arts Education, Healthful Living, International Baccalaureate, and World Languages. Growth is based on student work submitted by teachers and /an 8th grade Health Education Class containing 32 students three class days after instruction began. In this video, the student shows proper/(Highly Effective, Effective, or In Need of Improvement) in Fall 2017. Reviewer #1 Reviewer #2 M E #1 Evidence Collection Checklist/

Scheduling & Helpful Tips for the Class of 2017. CLASS OF2017 Language Arts (English)4 Social Studies4 Science3 Mathematics3 Computers0.5 Physical Education1.45.

& Helpful Tips for the Class of 2017 CLASS OF2017 Language Arts (English)4 /focus on society’s impact on the environment, natural resources and energy use. The course is dynamic in the sense that it addresses issues of current concern regarding the environment.. This course is recommended to a student/. History IV will provide students with a study of U.S. History from the end of World War II through to the present day. Possible topics in this course will be as follows: the Cold War, Social History, the Civil/

In The World Bank’s forecasts of long-term convergence, Albania will reach EU average living standards in 22 years Source: The World Bank Income convergence.

environment drives strong income convergence Moreover, Albania’s exports to the EU are estimated at 40% below potential, the highest in the SSE region Source: The World/ Expedited due diligence procedure (AIDA completes the due diligence within 30 days of the submission of an application) Support with the necessary infrastructure Provision/teda.gov.al Touristic development & investment project at Gjiri i Lalezit by Omnix Albania 2017 - 2022 Total value of investment: US$1.2 billion Five Star Luxurious Hotel &/

HIGH PANEL ON WATER,FOOD AND ENERGY 5. WORLD WATER FORUM Istanbul, 18. March 2009 Alexander Müller Assistant Director-General Natural Resources Management.

Environment Department Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Overview Global Challenges for Food and Agriculture 1. DEMAND FOR FOOD WILL GROW The main drivers of the long-term outlook Slow-down in world/ billion litres in 2017 (80% in US, Brazil and EU) 1.8 percent of world transport fuels in 2007 3.5 percent of world transport fuels in / 2 500 litres of water, we can produce: –food for one person for one day –1 litre of biofuel Biofuel and water use (2005) Source: de Fraiture, IWMI,/

Williams Technology Middle School Magnet Theme Revision Academy for Gifted and Talented (AGT) 2016-2017 January 11, 2016 Dr. Tammy Summerville Director,

2017 Academic Session (Rising 6 th grade students). 2 The Academy for Gifted and Talented (AGT) Will Meet Several Unique Requirements Designed for academically gifted students grades 6-8 Provides an intellectual, creative, rigorous, and collaborative environment/Engineering, Bio- Medical Science, Computer Science) Real world opportunity to demonstrate learning each semester and end-of-// Lunch (team teaching) Block 4: Teacher Planning/Collaboration A DayB Day Block 1 and 2: Math/Science (total time: 180 min.-/

Hazen High School Class of 2020 Preparing for the 2016-2017 School Year.

2017 School Year Welcome Kate O’Brien Principal Student Perspective Alex Nguyen Class President, Class of 2019 Gordy Guides Nate Maddox, Jenn Vetter and Carolyn Hahn Advisors Gordy’s Guides  Run Freshmen Orientation on the first day/(0.5 Health, 1.5 Fitness) Occupational Education 1 credit World Language N/A2 credits (of the same language) Electives 6/these days.  Teachers and fellow students will be available for tutoring.  Computers, books, and working space are available in a calm and safe environment. /


interactions between industry practitioners and academic scholars, who live in culturally very different environments, yet share a dedication to and common interests of the AEC industry The/ and Workshop Proposed Schedule Proposed Dates: October 12-13, 2017 Venue: Georgia Tech Campus, Atlanta, Georgia Day 1 (Thursday, October 12); Symposium 8:00-8:45/ in this arena needs a balance of both academic rigor and real- world industry insights for both current and future faculty and practitioners. Method of /

N AUGATUCK D AY C ARE V ISION FOR E DUCATION 2017 Cara Rinaldi EDU 505: Future of Education February 26, 2013.

N AUGATUCK D AY C ARE V ISION FOR E DUCATION 2017 Cara Rinaldi EDU 505: Future of Education February 26, 2013 N AUGATUCK D AY C ARE, I NC. Has been in successful existence since 1975 NAEYC /B ASED C OMPUTING o The use of gesture-based computing will help the younger students with real world situations both physically and mentally as they grow and learn each and every day. o Many children who are new to the school environment may not have the ability to read or verbalize exactly what it is they need or want. /

Welcome to DAV Sanskriti School 2016-2017 Session Orientation Aug 14, 2016

School 2016-2017 Session Orientation Aug 14, 2016 www.davss.org davssgm@gmail.com कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम् (Krinvanto Vishvam- Aryam) Lets make the world righteous (noble/week. They need to be present in the school by 9:15 am on that day  Safety and security of the students is the responsibility of the parents so parents/10 years old Presentation contest on one of the following topics: Agriculture Farming Area Nature Environment People Family 4.More details will be available on the website in the coming weeks/

Big Data Analytics CE Dep, IAUSDJ.ac.ir Rouhollah Nabati (12 Jan, 2017) Survey.

10-95(12 Jan, 2017) Survey  explosive increase of global data  In 2011 overall created and copied data volume in the world was 1.8ZB / nodes and servers  Third party for processing  Energy management  From both economy and environment perspectives  With increase of data volume and analytical demands, processing, storage, and transmission of/Hadoop cluster can process 100 PB data, which grew by 0.5 PB per day as in November 2012.  many companies provide Hadoop ommercial execution and/or support/

Vibrant Gujarat 2015 Partner with Gujarat: Lead the World.

kWh in the European Union. 38 million households needed by 2030 189 billion litres/ day Of water supply needed by 2030 377 million tonnes p.a. Of solid waste/ USD 570 billion Rural Growth Stories USD 1 trillion investment planned in by 2017 Increasing infrastructure spend Telecom sector expected to grow by 435% by 2020 3rd/ of Gujarat’s initiative to develop a world class innovation centre on a sprawling 34-acre campus, Aimed at providing the best environment to young entrepreneurs to innovate and create/

1 Renewable Energy for a Better World Ethanol | Sugar | Cogeneration Bio-ethanol: a Green Solution for the Future Oslo, November 4, 2008.

for the U.S. Renewables Pres. Bush (State of Union 2007): Until 2017: replace 20% of the gasoline =132 billion liters (AFS). Energy Bill (June/2007): Until/Portuária Teaçú Port Terminal (Nova América) Loading Capacity of 40,000 metric ton per day Largest sugar throughput port terminal in Brazil: 3.5M ton (23% of Brazilian exports) in/1.Ethanol is leading to a general deforesting in the world 2.Ethanol Use Cause More Damage to the Environment than Fossil Fuels 3.Ethanol Production Consumes More Energy Than /

Energy and the Built Environment CRP 470.004 /570.004 Lecture 12 Energy Policy Christian E. Casillas.

Source: IPCC, Summary for Policy Makers, AR5 2014 Source: World Development Report 2010 Wedges… Source: Pacala and Socalow. 2004. /Gt C Source: Steven J Davis et al (2013). Rethinking Wedges. Environ. Res. Lett. 8 475 GtC Reduction Source: McKinsey & Co, /: 15% x 2025 † KS: 20% x 2020 ME: 40% x 2017 29 States + Washington DC + 2 territories have a Renewable Portfolio Standard (8/Solar resources are typically reported in units of kWh/m 2 /day – (perpendicular to a flat surface) Maximum radiation falls on/

Day 1 / 17 June 09:00 - 09:30Registration Opening and welcome speeches - Moderator Jan Ekebom 09:30 - 10:30  Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia.

for Economic Development, Transport and Environment of Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland Maritime Spatial Planning considerations in the MONALISA 2.0 project by Fabio Ballini, Maritime Environmental Research Group, World Maritime University Day 2 / 18 June PARALLEL / coordinator, Institute of Marine Research, Norway How to facilitate large research basis for MSP BONUS after 2017 4C Ways of multi-level public participation and stakeholder involvement Moderator: Kristina Veidemane, Baltic Environmental Forum /

Revisiting Earth Day: Environmental Policy and Politics in 2016 Michael Kraft Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Public and Environmental Affairs.

living in cities, here and around the world. Focus on energy, transportation, food, urban sustainability, business and environment. Yet one reviewer of the EPP book/ brothers), Club for Growth, Heritage Foundation, ALEC. *Public Opinion First Earth Day primarily about educating and mobilizing the public. It worked. Public support responsible for/popular than ever, esp. in cities. Milwaukee. And vehicle fuel economy standards: 2017 to 2025. Climate change initiatives in cities and states. Esp. CA and Northeast/

2015-2017 Strategic Plan & 2015 New Program Summary Geoff McIntosh C.A.R. Treasurer.

: Blackberry Director’s have a “Duty of Foresight” Real world consequences of misreading the shifting strategic environment Very important to: Question business models that are not adaptive /Total Net Costs: ($50,000) Office Manager Training Program Provides for two, one-day Office Manager Training Programs to be developed in conjunction with C.A.R. Education./by SPF Committee 2015 Budget Action Item 1.ACTION ITEM To approve a 2015-2017 strategic plan and 2015 budget with the following criteria: A.C.A.R. /

Schoology & 6 th Grade iPads 2016-2017 School Year.

6 th Grade iPads 2016-2017 School Year Contact Info /students to have the iPad fully charged at the start of the school day, in order to have the battery last throughout the day. We encourage students to plan ahead and get in the habit of charging/environment is an important aspect of a 21 st century education. Utilizing Schoology at the middle school allows students to learn how to leave a positive digital footprint in a controlled site, which helps to prepare them for interacting in a global, digital world/

. © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved 1 Building a Powerful Grants Strategy for 2016 – 2017 With Cynthia M. Adams, GrantStation September 13, 2016.

that enables civil society organizations and social change agents around the world to gain effective access to the resources they need to design / with children. Project Description Sample: basic description The Day-to-day Need The problem isn’t finding the groceries to /MA Power and Light$ 4,500.00Quarterly Deadlines in 2016/2017 State Capital Grants Program$ 30,000.00 Sept 3 Presbyterian / work out how to respond to a rapidly changing external environment. Where are we? Design and adopt a Grant Decision /

Class of 2017 Registration. Registration is Important to You! It facilitates… Proper placement in courses Fulfillment of graduation requirements Appropriate.

Class of 2017 Registration Registration is/Physics, Earth/Space Science Reg and Hon are considered equally rigorous courses) SOCIAL STUDIES:3 credits (must include 1 World History, 1 American History, ½ American Government, ½ Economics credit) PHYSICAL EDUCATION:1 credit (½ credit of PERSONAL / not conducive to a safe learning environment are not allowed on campus for use during class or between classes, including lunch time. Violation of this policy during the school day will result in confiscation of the /

Welcome to the DGII - Democracy Open Doors Day Snežana Samardžić-Marković, Director General www.coe.int/democracy 22 September 2014.

of trust (2014-2017) Thematic monitoring: 1st round on protection of children against sexual abuse in the circle of trust (2014-2017) All Parties participating /of expertise for local government reform o Elections o INGO – civil society o World Forum for Democracy Democratic Culture o Culture, heritage, landscape, biodiversity o Intercultural/ Open Doors Day 22 September 2014 Directorate of Democratic Governance Support to Civil Society WHAT do we want to achieve ? Democracy -Enabling environment for NGOs/

Module 2.8 Overview and status of evolving technologies REDD+ training materials by GOFC-GOLD, Wageningen University, World Bank FCPF 1 Module 2.8 Overview.

and biomass currently unknown  Launch of ICESat II scheduled for 2017 (http://icesat.gsfc.nasa.gov/icesat2/mission_overview.php)http://icesat.gsfc./ University, World Bank FCPF 45 Satellites/ sensors Period of operation Band Wave- length (cm) Polarisation Spatial resolution (m) Orbital repeat (days) ERS-/World Bank FCPF 60  Santoro et al. 2011. Retrieval of growing stock volume in boreal forest using hyper-temporal series of  Envisat ASAR ScanSAR backscatter measurements. Remote Sensing of Environment/


image and risks Finding Sustainable Pathways 3 NRT: BRINGING THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE ECONOMY TOGETHER Through the development of innovative research /to the U.S., safely delivering 2.5 million barrels per day in 2010, making up 21 percent of U.S. imports”/is needed to place growing Canadian oil production by 2017; Tidewater access provides an important link to the /global mean temperature change of 0.36 Centigrade  Using all world coal reserves would lead to temperature change of 15 degrees Centigrate/

ICD-10 Update March 24, 2015. The Clock is Ticking…. Only 289 days left until the planned implementation date of October 1, 2015! The WVSMA has joined.

10 and instead implementing ICD-11, which is scheduled to be released in 2017 ICD-10 Update On April 1, 2014, the Protecting Access to Medicare Act/delay Scheduling Registration Overall Coding Process Overall Accounts Receivable (A/R) Days Insufficient or incomplete diagnosis can increase: The volume of queries to/changing world of cost containment Accurate and complete documentation and coding provides opportunities to support the transition into a “value-based”, “accountable care” reimbursement environment./

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