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POPULATION HEALTH: Health Determinants, Prevention & Health Promotion, 2013 Ian McDowell Epidemiology & Community Medicine

78-1 As defined by Health Canada and the World Health Organization: 1.Discuss alternative definitions of health,/ patient complains of; Sickness = society’s definition (what is allowable: ‘sick days’; the ‘sick role’) March 20135 Clinician Objective 2: DeterminantsDeterminants Determinants seen as underlying/ diabetes over 10 years Population burden: new cases 2007 - 2017 X Source of statistics: ICES Investigative Report, June 2010: “How many Canadians will be diagnosed with diabetes between 2007 and 2017?“/

POPULATION HEALTH: Health Determinants, Prevention & Health Promotion, 2014 Ian McDowell Epidemiology & Community Medicine

conceptions of the condition (e.g. menopause). What is allowable: ‘sick days’ etc. Cultural beliefs and reactions (fear or rejection) influence how the patient/Individual risk of diabetes over 10 years Population burden: new cases 2007 - 2017 X Source of statistics: ICES Investigative Report, June 2010: “How many Canadians will be diagnosed with diabetes between 2007 and 2017?“ = 13/ globalization on health and how changes in one part of the world (e.g. increased rates of drug-resistant Tuberculosis in one /

March 20121 POPULATION HEALTH: Health determinants, Prevention & Health promotion Ian McDowell Epidemiology & Community Medicine

what the patient complains of; sickness = society’s definition (what is allowable: ‘sick days’; the ‘sick role’) March 20126 Disease onset signs & symptoms consequences (loss or abnormality of/ risk of diabetes over 10 years Population burden: new cases of diabetes 2007–2017 X Data source: ICES report, June 2010: How many Canadians will be diagnosed with diabetes between 2007 and 2017? = 13/ on health and how changes in one part of the world (e.g. increased rates of drug-resistant Tuberculosis in one/

Health and Environmental Consequences of Genetically- Modified Foods Martin Donohoe.

Over 3 million child deaths/yr worldwide One Hiroshima every 8 days One Hiroshima every 8 days Hunger and food insecurity affect 20-25% of Americans Hunger/./world, approved for continued use in E.U. through end of 2017 Widely used in U.S./world, approved for continued use in E.U. through end of 2017 / Autism Autism Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s Disease Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s disease Diabetes Diabetes Obesity (with prenatal exposure) Obesity (with prenatal exposure) Depression Depression ADHD ADHD/

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of Phentermine and Topiramate Neuropsychiatric Safety QNEXA_Core_06-16-10_v03_NO_HIDDEN.ppt 4/8/2017 Summary of Phentermine and Topiramate Neuropsychiatric Safety No serious AEs related to /) receptor agonist approved in 2010 for treatment of type 2 diabetes (1.8 mg/day) Appetite effect mediated by both the activation of GLP-1/and Emerging Treatment Paradigms Case Based Learning, Front-Line Practice Strategies, and Real World Implementation of Obesity Management in the Primary Care Setting When, In Whom, /

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students 2017 will host 5,500 students Conference Oral presentations Poster presentations Proceedings All fields CUR – Council on Undergraduate Research - CUR – Council on Undergraduate Research - http://www.cur.org/SummitPosition.html Project Kaleidoscope - Project Kaleidoscope - http://www.pkal.org/ http://www.pkal.org/ National Collegiate Honors Council - National Collegiate Honors Council - http://www.nchchonors.org/ http://www.nchchonors.org/ Oklahoma Research Day/

Global Pharmaceutical Industry

AMEX Pharmaceutical Index increased by 2.74% the day after the election Issue of importing cheaper drugs from/118 184 250 2000 Serzone 98 221 234 Reyataz 88 2017 Buspar 35 53 Erbitux Selected Product Sales Pharmaceutical Product /                                                    Mission Statement Mission Purpose We will become the worlds most valued company to patients, customers, colleagues, /anti-inflammatory agent distinct from existing treatments Diabetes Exubera an inhaled insulin system capravirine a/

基礎醫學概論 新陳代謝概論 義大醫院 新陳代謝科 盧永川 2006-10-20.

肺炎 自殺 其他 糖尿病 惡性腫瘤 心臟疾病 事故傷害 腦血管疾病 高血壓性疾病 慢性肝病及肝硬化 腎炎、腎徵候群及腎變性病 DOH data (2002) What Causes the Rising Incidence of Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome in the World? Is It Gluttony(暴食) or Sloth(懶散)?? Jack in the Box Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger 1020 Calories 71 grams of Fat Average American/and exercise Management of DM Diet: 30 Kcal/Kg /day (IBW) Overweight: 25Kcal/Kg/day Underweight: 31-32Kcal/Kg/day 長期臥床: 25Kcal/Kg/day, 輕度工作: 30Kcal/Kg/day, 中度工作: 35Kcal/Kg/day, 重度工作: 40Kcal/Kg/day [M: IBW= (BH-80)x0.7, F: /

Preventing Chronic Disease:

e.g., cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, and chronic respiratory diseases) account for nearly two-thirds of deaths globally. Noncommunicable diseases Other causes Source: World Health Organization. Global status/adults—close to 1 of every 5—said they currently smoked cigarettes. Each day: More than 3,200 youth younger than 18 years smoke their first / seeks to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes from 2012 to 2017 by empowering Americans to make heart-healthy lifestyle choices and by improving/

Modeling Reimbursement in the Changing Payment Environment David Hammer – Principal Healthcare Performance Management Consultants, LLC HFMA – Kentucky.

is needed Expert resources providing a “road-map” for navigating the new world Resources for the development of organizational competencies around value-based reimbursement Transitioning to/ Sense Applied” Reinvention Through Technology Clinical Alignment $210M (2016) $280M (2017) $350M (2018) Phase I Medicare Break-Even What is Required to Close/Disease, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, and Diabetes. (defined by ICD-9 diagnosis) Prior Period Trigger must be preceded by 30 day all cause clean period Not required/

11-1 Current Liabilities and Payroll Accounting 11 Learning Objectives Explain how to account for current liabilities. Discuss how current liabilities.

: How Big Are They? Contingent liabilities abound in the real world. Consider Manville Corp., which fi led for bankruptcy when it /insurance companies and their stockholders, the cost of diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and AIDS is like an iceberg: Everyone wonders/ and that warranty repair costs will average $80 per unit. In 2017, the company honors warranty contracts on 300 units, at a total / to one day’s vacation for each month worked. If 30 employees earn an average of $110 per day in a given/

1 Amman January 12, 2016 Presentation Health Education and Advocacy Experiences from Jordan This document is confidential and is intended solely for the.

channels, methods and techniques that are familiar to their world view. Health Education Health education is a social science / and physicians Group health education on such topics as diabetes and prenatal care are also provided Community primary care setting/ identified and specific in Ministry of Health strategic plan 2014-2017  Jordan 2025 indicates accreditation as a requirements for hospitals /over Doing it willingly – embedding behavioral change in day to day life 55 JBCP is a bottom up participatory /


tumors IFNα-Kinoid in Diabetes Type 1 Study design under evaluation phI/II study /SLEDAI ≥ 6  Moderate to severe  IFN gene signature positive  Corticosteroid ≤ 20mg/day Population  Double-blind, placebo controlled, 1:1 (IFN-K/Placebo)  166 pts/submit for registration without Phase III, directly after Phase IIb results early 2017, aiming at a market entry early 2018 - Non-dilutive funding /SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE IN NEW-YORK Composed of leading world experts in immune therapy, chronical inflammatory and /

1. 2 LACK OF AWARENESS LACK OF APPROPRIATE ACTION Expand Quantitative Landscape Study – Oct 2013 [Gilead Sciences] 1.35-50% of PCP believe HCV can be.

Moderate and high consumption were defined as 1-19 g/day and ≥30 g/day, respectively. 2 b Lifetime consumption of ≥20 pack/ Liver Dis. 2014;18:147-156; 8. Hung CH, et al. World J Gastroenterol. 2010;16:2265-2271; 9. El Ray A, et al/ cirrhosis, HCC, or death 6 Combined obesity and diabetes mellitus Associated with 100-fold increase in risk of/June 2016 ABT-493(NS3/4A) + ABT- 530 (NS5A) (AbbVie) – expected late 2017 Hep B tenofovir alafenamide (Gilead) Therapeutic Vaccines – in Phase I and II clinical trials (/

MASI Fall Conference Mississippi Insurance Department September, 2016.

will be giving current enrollees a minimum of 180 days’ notice. 4 The Potential Effects of Uniteds Withdrawal/ policy beyond the currently defined date of December 31, 2017, is critical and necessary to ensuring stable, affordable healthcare/for up to 129 million Americans with conditions like asthma, diabetes, or heart disease. But because the individual market previously/Long Term Care (LTC) Rates Increasing? According to the Omaha World Herald: – “The pricing problem began when companies calculated rates /

ENDO -NEPHRO GRANDROUNDS Joy Duenas, M.D. Edgar M. Lim, M.D. October 4, 2007.

changes present. Second Biopsy: Urinary oxalate excretion returned to low levels 11 days after the second collection Approximately 2 weeks after the second biopsy - Creatinine/body size (BMI) which is closely correlated with body fatness. OBESITY World Health Organization, the International Association for the Study of Obesity and /Diabetes Care 2002; 25: 1033-1041; 3 Miles et al. Diabetes Care 2002; 25: 1123-1128; 4 Sharma & Golay. J Hypertens 2002; 20: 1873-1878; 5 Zavoral. J Hypertens 1998; 16: 2013-2017/


care providers and diabetic walks by(Diabetic Management and Information Centre (DMC) and Ministry of Health(MOH) School health policy and the recent Nutrition Action Plan 2012-2017 Screening of adults/entry and analysis Project defence Project correction Project submission 47 ItemQuantityUnit costNo. of days Total cost 1.0personnel 1.1 Researcher110 1.2 UON supervisor13 1.3 /Report of a WHO consultation. World Health Organ Tech Rep Ser 894:1 253[http://whqlibdoc.who.int/trs/WHO_TRS_894. pdf], (accessed /

The Case for Vitamin D John J Cannell, MD Executive Director, Vitamin D Council.

Suggested in 1974 and 1992 that vitamin D is implicated in MS. Was supported by looking at incidence of MS around the world. Further away from equator, the higher the incidence of MS. Further away from equator, equals less sun exposure, less /2017 The Case for Vitamin D What kind of evidence are others waiting for? – FIND study out of Finland: 18,000 men and women over age of 60 RCT administering: – 3,200 IU vitamin D/day – 1,600 IU vitamin D/day – placebo Outcomes: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes/

Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Behavioral Health March, 2014.

2015 - 2017 Innovation Waivers – Beginning 2015, states may consider developing proposals to waive portions of the ACA beginning in 2017. –/– 1% point decrease in HbA1c yields: 21% decrease in Diabetes related deaths 14% decrease in Heart Attacks 37% decrease in micro/you change the future. Deepak Chopra Status of our world… Moving from special silo status to equality; from/ 3458 admissions, 2791 patients, 84% had 1 admission – Ave LOS = 7 days, 84% discharged home – Ave per diem $911 – Way under budget – half/

Leading the Change Solutions for Today’s Healthcare Challenges Melinda S. Hancock, FHFMA, CPA Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP and 2014-15 Chair-Elect,

Reimbursement at risk each program year –Measured Populations 30 days from DISCHARGE AMI, HF, PN, COPD, THA & TKA CABG is added in FY 2017 which is in play now Performance Periods: 3 /their chronic medical condition, promote wellness and prevent complications. Disease Managers/Coordinators Diabetes Asthma CAD Obesity/Sleep Apnea Heart Failure COPD Pharmacy Focus on medication /they are out to make things better—to do good and to change the world on whatever scale they can. They work hard, they have an end /

Rhino DNA Indexing System (RhODIS) a DNA-based forensic tool The RhODIS, used to investigate and prosecute suspects in cases of rhino poaching. The tool.

more of the energy contained in the fuel is extracted. Syngascarbon monoxidehydrogenoxygenpyrolysed World wide Efforts There are international organizations such as IEA Bioenergy, established in /of butanol. The January 2013 notification by GoI said that by 2017, every litre of petrol should be blended with 20% of ethanol/day. Blood glucose levels that vary widely may means a problem. This test is also called a casual blood glucose test. Oral glucose tolerance test is used to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes/

HORIZON 2020 SUPPORT TO INNOVATION PROCUREMENT. Public sector is faced with important challenges. To tackle these challenges often public sector transformations.

proposal (differences in funding rates & proposal template) Material Info day: Practical info how to find partners, how to prepare a /exchange of digital health records (€ 8,26M; 14 Ma 2017) Research infrastructure Work Program Research infrastructure Work Program EINFRA-21:/ at the same time such as heart failure, diabetes, etc. Project Timing: April 2014 (36 months/ vision is globally increasing as a result of the ageing world population. The PRO4VIP network brings together healthcare procurers that aim/

Student Presentations SSRCA - 2014 Summer Student Research and Clinical Assistantship Program University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

TLFB (Timeline Feedback) – Measures drug-use for the previous 14-days ASI (Addiction Severity Index) – Accesses drug use, SES, legal /MM, Narayn KMV. Effectiveness of self-management training in type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Care 2001, 24(3): 561- 587. 5.Chen EH, /a community health center Gregory Lines, MPH MD candidate 2017 University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health /, BS Background/Significance US healthcare system most expensive in world – Yet lags in quality/efficiency Chronic low back pain/

Ask the AOA Coding Experts: Top Ten Questions Harvey Richman, O.D. Rebecca Wartman, OD Doug Morrow, OD.

Cataract Post Op  Surgeon -54 modifier indicating surgical care only  Post-op period = 90 days2017 and beyond?  Surgery day = Day 0  Transfer of care  Transfer date  Surgical Procedure  Surgical Diagnosis Post Op / diabetes should have an initial dilated and comprehensive eye examination within 5 years after the onset of diabetes Patients with type 2 diabetes should/ information https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/index.html X World Health X but Use for general training only http://apps.who./

Bending the Cost Curve: The Role of Employers Karen Bray, PhD, RN VP, Clinical Care Services, Optima Health November 4, 2011.

2017 Employers are looking for fast and effective cost-reduction alternatives relative to health care premiums. Chronic care costs are exploding. –The numbers of people with diabetes/Hilga calls when notes James’ weight is up MyHealth Champion recommends same day appointment Arrives in office and is found 20 lbs over his target weight/Through Effective Outpatient Care After MyHealth Champion Today’s World – Bob Bob is a 56 year old construction worker Diabetes for 10 years, on medications but is asymptomatic /

Alcohol in Development and in Health and Social Policy David Jernigan PhD Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth Georgetown University Washington, D.C.

world’s population Adult per capita consumption estimates for countries totaling 90% of world’s population Survey data from 69 countries, covering 80% of world’s population Survey data from 69 countries, covering 80% of world/Malignant neoplasm3,1801,0214,2017% Neuro-psychiatric conditions18,0903,81421,90438% Cardiovascular diseases4,411-4283,9837% Other non-communicable diseases (diabetes, liver cirrhosis) 3/ at as low as one drink every other day Protection not found at the aggregate levelProtection not /

Site Initiation Meeting – May 23, 2013 Montreal General Hospital, McGill CRP Nadine Ezer Clinical Trial Monitor  Roche.

5040302010 20304050 60 Eastern Asia Central and Eastern Europe Less developed regions World South America More developed regions Central America Southern Europe South-Eastern Asia /837 2.9 months Enrollment*, months38 Expected availability of OS data †, months55 ~ Q4 2017 * Assuming a 5% withdrawal rate within 55 months † Clinical cut-off from EAST / illness (e.g., active infection, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus) 27.Previous major surgery within 30 days before the first dose of study treatment, unless /

‘What do you mean it’s not standard!’ Wendy Kirby – Underwriting Manager VIC & SA/NT.

their lifetime  Depression alone is predicted to be one of the world’s largest health problems by 2020 Source: 2007 National Survey of /Diabetes  Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease  The sixth leading cause of death  280 Australians develop diabetes every day  Almost 1 in 7 people have diabetes or pre-diabetes Source: 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing & Diabetes/80% 70% 60% From: 1 January 2016 1 January 2017 1 January 2018 21 Retail life insurance reform proposal Quality of /

Health Information Technology & Quality: A Lesson from the Past, Promise for the Future Health Care Industry: When Consumer Expectations Collide With Cost.

24 – 55% basic guideline compliance 5 1996: A Visit to VA  65 y.o. WM to VA  PMH:  Diabetes  Htn  CAD; s/p MI 1990, CABG 1990  Habits: 35 pk-yr smoker; 1 pk/d  FHx: CAD/night before or day of care  Patient Reschedules Appointment for next day  Chart en route back to Medical Records...  Patient Appointments & Medical Records in the Paper World... VHA “/Face Cash Deficits Medicare HI cash deficit 2006 Social Security cash deficit 2017 Billions of 2006 dollars Source: GAO analysis based on data from/

People in Essex enjoy good health and wellbeing

may act quicker. Key causes of death , as elsewhere in the developed world, remain cancers and cardiovascular disease including stroke with ill health additionally being caused by/disease, stroke and type II diabetes by up to 50%, and premature death by 20-30%). On average, an inactive person spends 38% more days in hospital than an active person/ strategy Carers are a high risk group for mental health issues 2014-2017 Prevalence of mental health disorders among adults Action Lead Resource Issues addressed /

OBESITY AND THE REGULATION OF BODY WEIGHT. OBESITY: A Huge Public Health Problem Definition of obesity: BMI>30 BMI = weight (kg)/ height 2 (m) 30% of.

common in children Obesity is also increasing in other parts of the world What’s my BMI? About 30.5 (based on height of / NY,2004 % Obesity is a risk factor for: 1)Type II diabetes 2)Hypertension 3)Atheroschlerosis 4)Some types of cancer 5)Asthma 6)Gall /S. New York to Trans Fats: Youre Out! NEJM: 356:2017-2021, 2007 Consumption of trans fats increases the risk of heart /periods of time (weeks to months) but not over shorter periods (days). Suggests something that doesn’t change much acutely, for example, /

India Online BUSINESS PLAN. 2 CONFIDENTIAL & CLASSIFIED www.goodly.co.in India Online is a market place (tab application) for students, focused on aggregating.

for Procter & Gambler Ventured into animation domain Developed & Patented applications for diabetic care India Online Concept Initiated. Launching Early Dec 2013 Company Snapshot Share/level exams. Students Acquired FY 2014 Students Acquired FY 2017 Student base of ~55 lacs. Weighted Average acquisition/ connects teachers and students from all around the world. With eduFire, students have the ability to / homework and review concepts taught in class that day, play educational games, and chat with classmates /

Senior Emergency Rooms: Building a Care System for our Senior Adult Patients Debra Steveson, BSN.

of the Total Population Growth between 2012 and 2017 Slide 8 Patients age 65+ Represent 29% of/ of time Fluctuates over course of the day Sleep/awake cycle disturbance Psychomotor Mental status/world. Staying healthy is a good way to ensure a good quality of life for the long term. Retirement Time Discounts Grandchildren Financial Stability? Lack Of Urgency (not bladder related!) Normal changes of aging Vision Hearing Smell and Taste Touch Communication Vision Macular Degeneration Cataracts Glaucoma Diabetic/

CPMA April 11, 2015 Phill Ward, DPM President, APMA CPMA April 11, 2015 Phill Ward, DPM President, APMA.

– Other sclerosing 64640 – Other misc nerve 64999 What About Globals? 10 day global – 2017 90 day global – 2019 CPT Assistant March 2015 revision of global package definition/interpretation Meaningful/9 [L99] “Code First” & “Use Additional Code” An ICD sequencing example Diabetic (type I) heel ulcer Is the underlying condition “Code First” & “Use / same time as ICD-10 – Went from DOS system to a windows based claims world Questions for Consideration: – Is your EHR and billing system ICD-10 compatible – Are/


. The Weight of the World COST OF INACTIVITY 1999 Total direct healthcare cost of $2.1 billion Unsustainable health costs: By 2017, it is estimated that Education/ New England Journal of Medicine THE SOLUTION ??? Over 90% of type 2 diabetes and 80% of coronary heart disease could be avoided or postponed with good /Intramural activities for all students to participate, - 20 min. of physical activity on non-gym days (DPA), - Inter-school sport programs, - School wide events (Terry Fox Run, Living Healthy/

Its Almost All Systems go for the new financial Year – All the Best to all From the Branch 2013 Year of the Correctional Official DCS 2013- 2018 STRATEGY.

Acting CDC Strategic Management PRESENTATION ON 2013/14 – 2017/18 STRAT PLAN AND 2013/14 APP Government /Africa, a better and sfaer South African and World 12.A Development-oriented public service and inclusoive citienship/out Total sick leave days: 369, 408 Number of employees using sick leave:35462 Average sick leave days per employee: 10 Total/Indicator included communicable diseases, hypertension and diabetes. Indicator included communicabl e diseases, hypertension and diabetes 75% (432/576) Sub-Programme/

HLP Workforce Programme The role Physician Associates can play in Primary Care – A Support Pack.

of patients with CKD, Heart Failure, Hypertension and Diabetes and manages an extended service for Anticoagulation! A typical/) Sheffield Hallam University (January) 22 Courses under development: Potential 2017 start Chester University De Montford and Leicester Derby University University of / ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTARY PRESCRIBING OF 1-2 DAYS AND AT LEAST 26 DAYS PLUS 12 DAYS LEARNING IN PRACTICE WITH A SUPERVISING/an objective, accessible and informative insight into the world of the PA, in a medium which is /

Frost & Sullivan Global Growth Partnership Services Healthcare Worldwide Research Programme 2013.

Therapeutics European Diabetes Therapeutics Market, September 2011 Analysis of the Cardiovascular Drugs Market in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, July 2011 World Insulin Management Systems/June 2013 US Physician Revenue Cycle Management -Overview and Outlook, 2012-2017, June 2013 US and European Digital Pathology Systems Market, June 2013 /Vital Signs - The Romance of Image Management and the Cloud: Sunny Days Ahead?, May 2013 Picture Archiving and Communication System Market Outlook in Malaysia,/


of NCDs 2013-2017 NCDs are the leading causes of mortality globally, causing more deaths than all other causes combined, and they strike hardest at the world’s low- / more people are becoming ill and dying from NCDs. NCDs includes, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Chronic respiratory conditions, Cancer, Mental disorder, Oral diseases, Eye disease, Kidney disease/alcohol by 2020; 4. Reduce mean population intake of salt to <5 grams per day by 2020; 5. Reduce by 10% the percentage of people who are obese and/


of $30 per day per person in the world 2.7 billion world-wide people live on less than $2 per day Six out of ten of the world’s poorest people/reduction in premature mortality caused by the four leading NCDs (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease) V. A new perspective for violence and injury prevention in/Determinants of Health are key priorities in Health Agenda for the Americas 2008-2017 Addressing inequities through the approach of The social determinants of health is one/

1.  Costs of Chronic Conditions  Overview of Chronic Health Homes  State Plan Amendment Example: Missouri 2.

managing chronic conditions: What’s working in the real world?” Center for Studying Health System Change, June 2010. / Interim Report to Congress 2014 ◦ Independent Evaluation & Report to Congress 2017 17 States must:  Consult and coordinate with the Substance Abuse and/other chronic health condition. Chronic health conditions include: 1.Diabetes, 2.Cardiovascular disease, 3.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD/such as telephone or email, 24 hours per day 7 days per week; 5. Actively use MO HealthNet’/

The Family Tree of Quality Improvement Faye Nipps, MBA, BSN, CPHQ.

 Cardiovascular Health and Million Hearts  Health for Life – Everyone with Diabetes Counts  Healthcare-Associated Infections  Meaningful Use  Medication Safety  Nursing / 1 in 5 hospitalizations (20 percent) result in 30-day readmissions 20 Readmissions Network Goals  Reduce hospital readmission rates / of which are likely preventable. 12 29 Hospital VBP FY 2017 Domains Improving Medicare Beneficiary Influenza, Pneumococcal and Herpes Zoster Immunization/Disney World® Number of Americans who DIE from /

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operators, device vendors, healthcare providers and content/application players - by 2017. PwC, 2012 Monitoring services and applications (65%) Diagnostics (15%) / towards an Integrated Health and Care System WORLD CLASS DATA CONNECTED PEOPLE MULTI-SECTOR CONVERGENCE Open/ of the UK population access the internet every day UNLOCK YOUR GLOBAL BUSINESS POTENTIAL MULTI-SECTOR CONVERGENCE/University of Exeter/Simpleware Scottish Care Information Diabetes Collaboration Aridhia SmartCare United For Health Yarra/

© 2006 STEP Consortium Toward the Virtual Physiological Human: a primer for Policy Makers STEP CONSORTIUM.

only way we might hope to see it one day © 2006 STEP Consortium Paradigmatic Shift in Biomedical Research/ the hospitals, and in the field all over the world can be collected, catalogued, organised, shared and combined in/ VPH: Health Impact Rare diseases Systemic diseases (cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, etc.) Preventive medicine, nutrition and lifestyle Disabling diseases (whiplash, back pain, / 2006 STEP Consortium Yearly check-up: 15-05-2017 Today I went to see the doctor for my /

Presented by AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainers: Sue Roehl, RHIT, CCS Deb Selland, RHIT, CCS.

date to present ICD-11 to the World Health Organization Assembly has been pushed back to 2017 at the earliest. It would then /of antidiabetic drugs.  Assign additional codes for the type of diabetes and any associated diabetic complications ◦ Overdose of insulin due to insulin pump failure  Assign/ Persistent> 2 times per week Moderate PersistentDaily. May restrict physical activity Severe PersistentThroughout the day. Frequent severe attacks limiting ability to breathe.  Documentation Tips ◦ COPD  Acute /

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Biomarker Generator®, first to be installed anywhere in the world. Pharmacy students received one of four national awards presented/community service through OK Mission of Mercy, Kid’s Day, Good Shepherd Mission Two Allied Health faculty are /our existing strength: strategic investments Advance Cancer Center and Diabetes Center Resource constraints – Federal and State Physical facilities / Need to refresh our research strategic plan for 2012-2017 Diversity The number of African American applicants in 2010/

Payment Reform To Achieve Better Health Care Susan Dentzer Editor-in-Chief.

The Commonwealth Fund – June 2010 Health Expenditures 2010201120122013201420152016 2017 20182019 Billions % GDP $2.57 Trillion 17./) Major reductions in readmissions, inpatient days, inpatient stays of 20 or more days and ALOS Results validated by Milliman /7, 2012 National Press Club, Washington, DC Diabetes Medical Home Began 2009 Number of Practices33 Attributed/of ethical business conduct EMPLOYEES Become the employer of choice:  World-class management team  Learning and skills  Culture that prizes/

Understanding Smart Cities

. Corporation The Coming Crisis in India HEALTHCARE The number of diabetics in India is to rise from 50million in 2010 to 100million/ loses 1cm of its coastline to the sea every day due to sea vast landscape getting converted into a terrain/ initiated to develop Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Tirupati as mega cities with world class infrastructure facilities. Indore: Smart City project to get a push/ city to be awarded the European Green Capital for 2017 will be assessed on the basis of twelve environmental /

2 2 Evaluation of the TRICARE Program FY 2011 A Message from Jonathan Woodson, M.D., Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) It is an honor and.

and disaster relief: building bridges to peace around the world. A nationally recognized leader in prevention and health promotion /measures of utilization (RWPs for inpatient, RVUs for outpatient, and days supply for prescription drugs). These measures are defined on the referenced / 2017 Female MHS Beneficiaries, Projected 0.290.500.150.480.500.411.091.204.639.43 FY 2017 / 7231 Cervicalgia 7242 Lumbago 7295 Pain in limb 25000 Diabetes mellitus without mention of complication, type II or unspecified/

Protecting Health from Old and New Threats Hanoi Medical University November 14, 2012 Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH Director Centers for Disease Control and.

continues to increase… even as new cases and deaths decline UNAIDS. World AIDS Day Report 2011. Artemisinin drug resistance is growing in South-East Asia WHO/overweight than underweightMore deaths occur among adults than childrenNon- communicable diseases (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, stroke) kill more people globally than infectious diseases Higher rates of/UK Million Hearts: Prevent 1M heart attacks and strokes in US by 2017 Road Traffic Safety A winnable battle in global public health Large and growing/

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