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1 Session 6 The Mental Lexicon Word association (WA) tests Comparing the L1 and L2 mental lexicons Pedagogic implications.

1 Session 6 The Mental Lexicon Word association (WA) tests Comparing the L1 and L2 mental lexicons Pedagogic implications 2 Word Association Test 3 Word associations (English) Prompt WordAssociative wordRelationship green water open hill butterfly truth powerful blanket inclination hockey Looking at your word associates 1. 1. Do you have the same word associates as your neighbours’? 2. 2. Compared to your neighbours’ responses, do you have similar or different ways of ogranising/

The Future of Dementia We Can Make a Difference Pairing Cognitive Training With Specific Neurocognitive Testing To Improve Memory Function.

Short term memory Sequential memory Sequential memory Delayed recall and recognition Delayed recall and recognition Three Word Three Shape Test To Be Presented To Be Presented Bedside hospital measure or in your office. Bedside hospital measure/ training therapeutic program for memory/neuropsychological deficits for dementia population, poster presentation, July 2013, Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, Boston, MA Fisher BC, Garges DM. Analysis of the efficacy of a therapeutic cognitive/

Associative Memory “Remembering”? – Associating something with sensory cues Cues in terms of text, picture or anything Modeling the process of memorization.

the associated content is stored. CAM for Routing Table Implementation CAM can be used as a search engine. We want to find matching contents in a database or Table. Example Routing Table Simplified CAM Block Diagram  The input to the system is the search word.  The search word is/i.e. weights) on the arcs that connect the node pair, and when current node values equal their initial values (from the test pattern). When pairs match correlations, w kj x j x k > 0 When current values match input values, I k x k/

BR-main Before Reading 1. The Fate of a Horse Introductory Remarks Blank Filling Questions and Answers 2. Word-web 3. Warm-up Questions 4. Discussion 5.

and reduced risk for several chronic degenerative diseases.” The American Dietetic Association ___________________________ According to, over 150,000 animals are “processed” /does it go? In the 1992 Ontario Groundwater Survey, 43 per cent of tested wells were contaminated with agricultural run-off containing fecal coliform bacteria and nitrates. /refer to______ unparalleled _________ recommendation _____________ uncovered ________ Word Completion AR- Word Completion 2 boost bow to chronic drawback exclude /

Square Pegs in Round Holes: Addressing educational challenges for culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Alaska School Psychologists Association.

via RTI/MTSS Although it has long been assumed that RTI will benefit ELLs by avoiding the types of biases associated with standardized testing, this premise does not appear to be wholly supported by research. In describing a basic three-tier RTI model/nd Grade Progress Monitoring Chart Classroom or Grade Level Aim Line 35 WRCPM 12 week standard 25 word difference 15 word difference 25 word difference 15 word difference Week 6 week standard Egberto’s progress if he makes gains comparable to English speaking /

Cache Memories February 26, 2008 Topics Generic cache memory organization Direct mapped caches Set associative caches Impact of caches on performance The.

the address If (1) and (2), then cache hit 18 15-213, S’08 Accessing Set Associative Caches Line matching and word selection Word selection is the same as in a direct mapped cache 10110 w3w3 w0w0 w1w1 w2w2 11001 selected set (/read throughput as a function of spatial and temporal locality. Compact way to characterize memory system performance. 28 15-213, S’08 Memory Mountain Test Function /* The test function */ void test(int elems, int stride) { int i, result = 0; volatile int sink; for (i = 0; i < elems; i/

General pediatric in training Examination 2008 Dr

tested The child should be referred to a psychiatrist The parents can be assured that nothing is wrong and that the child will learn to talk in time The parents should be instructed not to give the child anything unless she asks for it using more than one word/ heart failure Psychological discomfort with cosmetic appearance Progressive pulmonary deterioration Failure to thrive stinal problems Associated gastrointestinal problems 60. A 16 years old female presents with hypertension and increasing weight. /

Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (KABC-II) and

Fully normed and validated, and therefore useful for hypothesis testing (as in cross-battery assessment) KABC-II Core Battery + Supplementary Subtests—Age 3 Atlantis Word Order Triangles Conceptual Thinking Face Recognition Gestalt Closure Number Recall/Ages 5–18) CHC Learning/Glr Scale Delayed Recall Scale Broad Abilities Long-term storage & retrieval/Glr Narrow Abilities Associative Memory Associative Memory & Learning Abilities Luria Integration of Blocks 1, 2, & 3 Primary focus on Block 1- Attention /

Learning to read…  Reading route characterized by the written system (Bialystock, Majumder, & Martin, 2003)  Word reading vary across languages (Wade-

and stroke patterns from a set of misspelling and incorrect non lexical radicals Cognitive Measures Chinese Word Reading Within Language Associations  MA was uniquely associated with Chinese character recognition in both grades  VOS strongly associated with Chinese word reading across grades Results English Word Reading Cross Language Associations  PA measured in Chinese strongly associated with English word reading in both grades  Strong crossover effect of Chinese VOS on English/

Course Behavioral Economics Alessandro InnocentiAlessandro Innocenti Academic year 2013-2014 Lecture 7 The associative mechanism LECTURE 7 THE ASSOCIATIVE.

Letters, 2, 412-414. Blogs, Videos and Websites: Implicit Association Test (IAT) demo https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/demo/ 1 2 WHAT’S HAPPENED?  You saw those two words  People recoil from the word "vomit“  You actually move backward  You make a/ took to walk that short distance.  The students in the “words” group walked more slowly than those in the other group.  The unconscious association of terms commonly associated with being old affected the students’ walking pace. 5 MONEY PRIMING http/

By: Margaret, Marlo, Sarah and Branda

who are at risk for failing to acquire phonemic awareness skills. These tests and progress-monitoring measures may be useful to make decisions about what /word in text. Techniques for Building Sight Words (continued) Sentence-Word Association Technique This technique allows students to associate unknown words with familiar spoken words, phrase, or sentence. Other Helpful Techniques to learn unknown words Vowel Match Provides students with practice in decoding words that have various vowel sounds. Sight Word/


of Basic Skills Author: Albert Brigance (1991) Publisher: Curriculum Associates Description of Test: The test is presented in a plastic ring binder that is designed to/test long enough to provide enough information on the student’s performance? Informal Assessment of Reading Decoding, word recognition, fluency, and comprehension are the broad areas of reading that teachers typically assess using informal methods. Decoding--the ability to associate sounds and symbols Word Recognition—the ability to read words/

New York Association of School Psychologists Conference

School Psychologists Conference Woodcock Johnson-IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities and Tests of Achievement New York Association of School Psychologists Conference November 6, 2014 John M. Garruto,/Reading Vocab creates Reading Comp ext.) Reading Fluency (Sentence Reading Fluency and Oral Reading) Reading Rate (Sentence Reading Fluency and Word Reading Fluency) Clusters-Test of Achievement-Math Mathematics (Was Brief Math) (Calculation and Applied Problems) Broad Mathematics (Same as above but also Math Facts/

Christee Pascale, Associate Head, Metadata & Catloging Jacquie Samples, Continuing & Electronic Resources Librarian North Carolina State University Libraries.

)” Series added entry (830 field) Tillett, Barbara B. and Judith A. Kuhagen. American Library Association Midwinter Meeting. Boston, MA. 15 January 2010. RDA Test “Train the Trainer” Module 3. Title proper of series and subseries Source for title proper of /2.12.17) unless the guidelines given under A.10-A.55 applicable to the language involved require capitalization. Capitalize other words and alphabetic devices according to the usage on the resource (A.7). Substitute a slash for a hyphen, as necessary,/

Prepared and presented by

cont’d) Visual Verbal Correspondence Factor Poor readers/spellers have difficulty with: sound – letter mapping, paired associate learning difficulty weak “word-attack” or spelling skills 6. TEST2r - phases of development and findings (cont’d) Rhyme/Memory Factor/ Phase 3 EAST (cont’d) TEST2r Early Assessment & Support for Literacy Teaching Early screening and diagnostic tests Teacher’s Guide (traditional and interactive; signposts for intervention) Online facility Local clusters of expertise Online support/

Student Learning Objectives Pilot Test

purpose and major components of the student learning objective pilot test. Describe the process involved in identifying an SLO Learning Goal/ Extended Thinking Remember - Recall, locate basic facts, details, events Understand - Select appropriate words to use when intended meaning is clearly evident - Specify, explain relationships - summarize –/ candidate SLO Learning Goals (starting with “big ideas”). Specify associated standards. Determine which represent learning needs for your students. Determine/

RDA Training: Day One Christee Pascale, Associate Head, Metadata & Cataloging Jacquie Samples, Continuing & Electronic Resources Librarian North Carolina.

numeric system -- Adapted from: Tillett, Barbara B. and Judith A. Kuhagen. American Library Association Midwinter Meeting. Boston, MA. 15 January 2010. RDA Test “Train the Trainer” Module 2. RDA Core Elements (Manifestation and Item) Title Proper Statement/Tillet, Barbara B. and Judith A. Kuhagen. “RDA Test ‘Train the Trainer’ Module 7.” 2010. Microsoft Powerpoint file. Other Designation Associated with the Corporate Body RDA 11.7: a word, phrase, or abbreviation indicating incorporation or legal status any/

OPSI – Crown Copyright User Testing Report 30 th March 2009 Rebecca Gill and Poppy James.

and Conditions” wherever these appear. Consider the continued use of “Copyright” as this is a trigger word, even if it is associated with restrictions. Video highlights provided 42 Summary of existing barriers The perception of Crown copyright is more / is strongly associated with publishing rights. The familiarity with the word “copyright “should be harnessed in naming conventions. The most significant barrier to correctly re-using material under Crown copyright identified during user testing is not being/

WELCOME TO CAHSEE Week 3. Do-Now Week 3 (write this down in your notebook-5min) 1.) Identify the prefix, root word, and suffix in the word-unkindness.

-moving your eyes quickly down the page and focusing on any titles, headings, sub-headings, and text in bold. End of Notes!!!! Test Prep Activity#1-Word Association (5 min) As a group, identify the smaller words within the larger words on the next slide. Test Prep Activity#1-Scanning (5 min) I. Superlative Proffer Differential Underlying Expertise Enthrone Egotistical Belittle Ingenious Longevity Legendary Marginal Maniacal/

Learning styles, autonomy & memory How to improve your ability to learn and retain new words.

level in your own visual memory position and say the word and the English meaning several times. 8 Now you are going to be tested on this vocabulary – sit as if you are successful! 9 As you are recalling each word, use your visual memory – look upward and to the right/left. An association is simply something that is connected to and reminds us/

Measuring Implicit Attitude of Mono-polar Concepts by A Paper-and-Pencil Test Kazuo Mori, Rika Imada, & Kosuke Fukunaka ( Shinshu University ) The SARMAC.

category members. →Capable to access mono-polar concepts. Filtering Unconscious Matching of Implicit Emotions A loyalty test “FUMIE ( 踏み絵 )” means “loyalty test” in Japanese. Bi-polar version of the FUMIE Test Mark ○ on pleasant words and “black/white” Mark × on unpleasant words and “white/black” In a half minute. IAS (Implicit Association Score) =(blackYES:whiteNO) - (blackNO:whiteYES) angelwhite hairblack hair danger vitality An example application of the/

ESL- TExES Review Minda Morren López, Ph.D

to the English language, have minimal ability to derive meaning from English text and tend to read very slowly and word by word. Intermediate-- somewhat larger English vocabulary and a basic sense of the structure of the English language, tend to interpret/given periodically to determine at a particular point in time what students know and do not know. Many associate summative assessments only with standardized tests such as state assessments, but they are also used at and are an important part of district /

Hemispheric Asymmetries In False Recognition May Depend on Associative Strength Cathy S. Robinson & Christine Chiarello University of California, Riverside.

errors occur. DRM Task Study phase: participants study a list of words all associated to a critical word that is not studied (e.g., BOOK: text, library, novel, author, etc.) Recognition test: participants make forced choice (old/new) for studied, critical, and unrelated words, with a high probability of false recognizing the unstudied critical word. During study: previous knowledge makes it more likely that people will/

Preparing for the GRE Dr. Nancy Alvarado. Understand the Test They will send you information when you register for the test: They will send you information.

” most precisely. The computer “zeroes in” on the level of difficulty where you “fit” most precisely. Strategies for Computer Testing You can’t go back and change your answers, so be careful. You can’t go back and change your answers, / help to memorize word lists? Does it help to memorize word lists? We remember by extracting the meaning of a word, then forming an association between it and our existing knowledge. We remember by extracting the meaning of a word, then forming an association between it and /

“Thumbing our noses” at the notion of only singles words being words Dr. Kathy Conklin & Gareth Carrol

binomials - cloze probability and phrase frequency  collocations - MI in for the final word and phrase frequency for the phrase  Experiment 5 tests whether the “cohesion” of these MWUs is retained when underlying formulaic frames compromised./ lists (idioms & their controls, binomials & their controls, unassociated collocations & their controls, associated collocations & their controls, semantic associates & their controls)  Participants read the sentences on a screen for comprehension while their eye/

TEACHING VOCABULARY To English Learners For Reading And Writing Mastery Margarita Calderón, Professor Emerita, JHU Elma Noyola, Lead Trainer Margarita.

) when they use them in their free-writes, in their summaries, in their discourse. How do we know if students have mastered the words by the end of the week? What is the most powerful test? Margarita Calderón & Associates, Inc. 46 EXIT PASS Name _______________________ Subject _____________________ _________________________________________________________ Students benefit by writing in all content areas. They need to learn how to/

Gaiku Generating Haiku with Word Associations Norms Yael Netzer, David Gabay, Yoav Goldberg and Michael Elhadad Department of Computer Science Ben Gurion.

takes part in the process of writing and reading poetry. Haiku, because so short - relies on lexical associations for concept progression Hypothesis: word-associations are good catalyzers for creativity, can be used as a building block in the creative process of Haiku generation. We first test this hypothesis by analyzing a corpus of existing Haiku poems. Can the creativity of text as reflected in/

CS 4705 Relationships among Words, Semantic Roles, and Word- Sense Disambiguation.

bass--> bass 1 guitar within window--> bass 2 bass player--> bass 1 –Yarowsky ‘96’s approach orders tests by individual accuracy on entire training set based on log-likelihood ratio Decision List Classifiers Bootstrapping I –Start with/C –Use high confidence classifications of C on unlabeled data as training data –Iterate Bootstrapping II –Start with sentences containing words strongly associated with each sense (e.g. sea and music for bass), either intuitively or from corpus or from dictionary entries, and/

Latent Semantic Analysis Probabilistic Topic Models & Associative Memory.

EXPERIMENT SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATIONS SCIENTISTS EXPERIMENTS SCIENTIST EXPERIMENTAL TEST METHOD HYPOTHESES TESTED EVIDENCE BASED OBSERVATION SCIENCE FACTS DATA RESULTS EXPLANATION STUDY TEST STUDYING HOMEWORK NEED CLASS MATH TRY TEACHER /Word Association Word association modeled as prediction Given that a single word is observed, what future other words might occur? Under a single topic assumption: Response Cue Observed associates for the cue “play” Model predictions RANK 9 Median rank of first associate/

5-1 JMH Associates © 2004, All rights reserved Windows Application Development Chapter 5 Threading Models for Reliability.

outside the critical code section  A consumer thread can also lock the mutex  And test the object’s state  The state will not changer while being tested 5-13 JMH Associates © 2004, All rights reserved 4. The Condition Variable Model “Programming in the small”/exercise files  Ask the instructor for more information if interested! 5-29 JMH Associates © 2004, All rights reserved Word Tearing (2 of 2) Memory 4 16- Bit Words Thread B Value Wins; Next Time; Thread A Might Win Thread AThread B /

Words and Pictures Rahul Raguram. Motivation  Huge datasets where text and images co-occur ~ 3.6 billion photos.

sky sun, sea wavesrocks sun sea sky waves sun sea sky rocks Adjacent clusters Modeling image dataset statistics D = blobs words Each cluster is associated with a path from a leaf to the root Conditional independence of the items Nodes along the path from leaf to root/left and right eyes, tip of the nose, corners of the mouth  Use 150 hand-clicked faces to train the SVMs  For a test image, run the SVMs over the entire image  Produces 5 feature maps  Detect maximal outputs in the 5 maps, and estimate the /

An Associative Program for the MST Problem Part 2 of Associative Computing.

the index parallel and logical parallel variables –The correct type should be selected, based on usage. If you prefer to work with the words TRUE and FALSE, you can define logical constants by deflog (TRUE, 1); deflog (FALSE, 0); Constant scalars can be defined by/21 DUMP OF ASSOCIATION ACTIVE FOLLOWS: AA,C, 1 0 7 0 5 1 3 1 5 0 4 0 67 When is Conditional Tested in Loops? UNTIL loops evaluate the test condition each time the UNTIL statement is encountered. WHILE loops have the test condition reevaluated /

CS590D: Data Mining Prof. Chris Clifton January 24, 2006 Association Rules.

frequency of words in a document Potential solution: –Convert into 0/1 matrix and then apply existing algorithms lose word frequency information –Discretization does not apply as users want association among words not ranges of words CS590D134 Min-/ which have passed the rough spatial association test (no less than min_support) CS590D168 Correlations with color, spatial relationships, etc. From coarse to Fine Resolution mining Mining Multimedia Associations CS590D169 Further Evolution of PrefixSpan Closed-/

SIMD and Associative Computational Models Part II: Associative Models.

time global reduction of –Boolean values using AND/OR –Integer values using MAX/MIN Constant time associative search (see next slide) Responder processing –An IS can detect if a data test is satisfied by any of its cells in constant time (i.e., any-responders) –/processors have a 0 value for one bit, then all remain active for the next round. With the word length , this operation takes O(  ) An addition of two word length operands is normally assumed to be an O(1) operation, i.e.,  is a constant Similarly/

Can Positive Emotion Induction Reduce Negative Reactions among Adolescents Cyberbullying Victims? YeoJu Chung, Associate Professor, Korea National University.

with effective regulatory strategy use (Gillom et al., 2002) Frequent positive emotions during school were associated with higher l evels of student engagement and negative emotions with lower levels of engagement (Amy /resulted in significant findings at the 70%, 75%, and 80% agreement levels Research Method - Measures Contempt Neutral ③ Emotional words memory Emotional words memory test Emotional words memory test (Vasa, Carlino, London, & Min, 2006) (Vasa, Carlino, London, & Min, 2006) developed by Vasa /

SpiraTest® - Product Information

associated with a specific release. Each requirement is displayed with its associated test coverage. Requirements Coverage Each requirement is mapped to one or more test cases that can be used to validate that the functionality works as expected. Artifact Associations/legacy data sources: Import requirements, test cases, incidents and test runs from any software package capable of exported in MS-Excel, MS-Word or MS-Project formats Import requirements, test cases, incidents and test runs from HP ALM, HP /

Special Libraries Association Connecting People and Information SLA Alignment Study & Name Change Proposal Washington DC Chapter Town Hall November 9,

, health care, consumer services and more –Included key audiences of information professionals, IT, HR, marketing and strategic planning Discovered words and concepts that work or don’t work across the board Then retested strongest concepts through a sophisticated dial testing process Special Libraries Association Connecting People and Information Key Finding 1 “Knowledge” is the bridge between information and action –Knowledge implies a deep/

© 2008 Statewide Leadership: Evaluation Writing Instructionally Relevant Reports Please complete the Pre-Test before continuing.

Listening 60 Expression 81 Oral Fluency 84 Associational 98 Naming Facility 81 © 2008 Statewide Leadership: Evaluation Qualitative Information Very quiet, did not engage in spontaneous language Used one word responses or nonverbal gestures Exhibited word finding difficulties Asked for repetition frequently on verbal questions Slow response style Did not understand the meaning of many words used in test questions Poor articulation and auditory discrimination Cooperative/

Learning My Way Lynn Ziraldo, Executive Director, LDAYR 905-884-7933, ext. 25 Reprinted with Permission from Learning Disabilities Association of York.

overcome by the following suggestions: Provide a room/cubicle/workstations with minimal physical distractions Modify a written test or training materials (provide in an alternative format) Encourage the use of tapes, CDs or videos/who have mental health disabilities: Reprinted with Permission from Learning Disabilities Association of York Region54 Reprinted with Permission from Learning Disabilities Association of York Region54 Words can influence and reinforce perceptions of people with disabilities. They /

The FIE = Data-based Problem Solving Texas Educational Diagnostician Association (TEDA) Annual Conference April 8, 2011.

test protocols Anatomy of a Paragraph Identify cluster or indexThe Basic Reading Skills cluster measures single word decoding skills. Describe taskOn the LW ID test the student reads from a list of real words; on the WA test the student is presented with a list of nonsense words/ Edition of the AAIDD Definition Manual. (2010). Washington, DC: American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. – Chapter 8 – Role of Clinical Judgment in Diagnosis, Classification, and Development of Systems /

Guided Reading. When I get stuck on a word in a book, When I get stuck on a word in a book, There are lots of things I can do. There are lots of things.

Evaluation for Placement Letter Identification Letter Identification Word Test Word Test Concepts about Print Concepts about Print Writing Vocabulary Writing Vocabulary Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words Running Record of text Reading Running Record/read. (Adams 1966). Yet, knowing the names of letters is valuable, because the names are labels for associating specific letters with their sounds. However, children do not have to know all the letters or sounds before /

CECS 323 Mimi Opkins. Introduction Basic UML & SQL Models Classes & Schemes Rows & Tables Associations Keys SQL technique Queries DDL & DML Join Multiple.

to another scheme, and we’ve made W the super key of that scheme. Design Pattern: Subkeys (the Zipcode) - Solution In other words: 1. Remove all of the attributes that are dependent on the subkey. Put them into a new scheme. 2. Duplicate the subkey attribute /of interest into those you want and those you don’t want, then you have a simple query with a test for inequality.  The multiplicity of an association can help you determine how to build the query. Since each product has one and only one supplier, we /

 2001 Deitel & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. 1 Chapter 29 – Perl 5 and CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Outline 29.1Introduction 29.2Perl 29.3String.

beginning of the line. Word found ending in ’ow’: Now Repeated words found: is is Words beginning with ’t’ found: the time 33@matches = ( $search =~ / ( t w+ ) /gx ); 34print "Words beginning with t found: @matches ";  2001 Deitel & Associates, Inc. All rights /statements, needs escape character “ ” to appear as part of search test string  2001 Deitel & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. Outline 1. form.pl 1.1 Declare variables 1.2 test validity of phone number 1.3 Generate HTML for valid phone number 1/

Reschly RTI1 Response to Intervention in General, Remedial, and Special Education Daniel J. Reschly 615-708-7910 Kansas Association.

sensitive to growth Highly correlated with performance on standardized tests and tests of comprehension Provides information that may be used to evaluate effects of instruction  Word Calling Myth Reschly RTI59 Administering Oral Reading Passages  /Grimes (Eds.) Best practices in school psychology IV (4th Ed.) (pp. 3-20). Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists. Reschly RTI124 Correlational to Experimental Science  Cronbach’s Two Disciplines Correlational: Promote human welfare through/

Pilot for End-to-End Testing of Compliance with Administrative Simplification Presented By: National Government Services January 3, 2013 10:00 am to 11:00.

date. Otherwise, it can mean you can be ready anytime. George Agnes - referencing to Stanleys comment, should the word “Compliance” be removed? Suggested to maybe remove Compliance and talk about preparation for Readiness. Robin Isgett - likes the / revised definition is as follows: A Provider is considered ready when they or their business associates have completed internal testing and tested with a (%) of mission critical external trading partners including vendors, clearinghouses and payers. Additionally/

Modeling Music with Words a multi-class naïve Bayes approach Douglas Turnbull Luke Barrington Gert Lanckriet Computer Audition Laboratory UC San Diego.

1.Annotation: annotate each test song with 10 words 2.Retrieval: rank order all test songs given a query word Metrics: We adopt evaluation metrics developed for image annotation and retrieval [CV05]. 1.Annotation: mean per-word precision and recall 2./ closely related to our work [Whi05, WE04, WR05]. Uses web documents associated with artists, not songs Focus on vocabulary selection learn a binary classifier for each word a word is ‘grounded’ if the classifier can separate the audio data. Produces some/

Learning Disability Learning Disabilities Association of America If you have a learning disability you are not alone. Typical learning.

Resources (by clicking on these once should be directed to the site) International Dyslexia Association http://www.interdys.org/ Learning Disabilities Association of America http://www.ldanatl.org/ National Center for Learning Disabilities http://www.ld.org/Allow student to tape record important assignments and/or take oral tests. Prioritize certain task components during a complex activity. For example, students can focus on using descriptive words in one assignment, and in another, focus on using /

PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT AND MEASUREMENT. History of Psychological Testing circa 1000 BC. Chinese introduced written tests to help fill civil service.

the previous five weights the examiner has removed. 24. Produces rhymes, e.g., “What rhymes with ‘school’?” 25. A word completion test based on those proposed by Ebbinghaus. 26. Puts three nouns, e.g., “Paris, river, fortune” (or three verbs/ Philippine Psychological Corporation is founded. The corporation offers psychological services and is the main retailer of psychological tests. The Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) is founded. 1963 The PAP holds its first annual convention, leading to/

Writing Research Papers American Psychological Association (APA) Style.

familiar terms (MMPI). Explain what an abbreviation means the first time it occurs: American Psychological Association (APA). If an abbreviation is commonly used as a word, it does not require explanation (IQ, LSD, REM, ESP). Do not use the old/-letter postal codes for U.S. state names (GA). Capitalization Capitalize formal names of tests (Stroop Color-Word Interference Test). Capitalize major words and all other words of four letters or more, in headings, titles, and subtitles outside reference lists, for/

When do which sounds tell you who says what? A phonetic investigation of the familiar talker advantage in word recognition. University of Calgary Linguistics.

, aspirated) 3.Vowel categories (front, central, back) Trained listeners were then tested on stimuli without these talker-cue associations. Associated cue salience hierarchy: Tones > VOT, Vowel However… Voice quality seemed to be/language- independent information in speech. Exemplar-based prediction: Learning to identify talkers in German will not facilitate word recognition in English. (Listeners do not develop integrated representations.) Property-based prediction: Listeners filter same talker properties/

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