Ppt on wildlife conservation


levels. 70% of funds raised by the Oklahoma Station are used in Oklahoma for hunting education, wildlife conservation and humanitarian services programs. FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO OTHER CHAPTERS NATIONALLY FIGHTING ANTI HUNTING REFERENDUMS IN THEIR STATES /PRAIRIE CHICKEN - Financial support towards research and restoration of habitat. NUISANCE BEAVER CONTROL - Assisted the Okla. Dept of Wildlife Conservation. Conservation, cont’d.  INTRODUCED EIGHT (8) COW AND BULL ELK INTO THE EXISTING HERD IN SE OKLA. - /

Module 21: Wild Animal Welfare: Management of Wildlife Concepts in Animal Welfare © World Animal Protection 2014. Unless stated otherwise, image credits.

, 501-513. Young, R. J. (2003). Environmental enrichment for captive animals. Oxford. Blackwell Science. Austen, M., & Richards, T. (2000). Basic legal documents on international animal welfare and wildlife conservation. London. Kluwer Law International. Inglis, I. (2007). Wildlife management and welfare. Oxford. Blackwell Science. Kleiman, D. G., Allen, M. E., Thompson, K. V., & Lumpkin, S. (Eds.) (1997). Wild mammals in captivity: Principles and techniques/

History of Wildlife Management

spring waterfowl hunting. 1915, first funds for predator control. State game and fish departments developed. Teddy Roosevelt Major contributor to wildlife management. Believed that wise use of resources would continue the existence of wildlife. Personal philosophy of conservation Outdoor resources as important systems Conservation as public responsibility Private resource ownership as a public trust science used for resource management 1903- Pelican Island (Vero Beach/

New Opportunities for State Fish and Wildlife Agency Funding Matt Hogan, Executive Director Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies.

50,795 jobs $279,800,000 in tax revenues Only about 2% of those revenues go back into fish & wildlife 6 Seeking Broader Agency Funding For too long, sportsmen have paid all the bills for wildlife conservation actions that benefit all Americans  The Teaming with Wildlife Coalition of nearly 5,000 organizations and businesses nationwide  Seeking federal and state funding from all Americans to/

State Wildlife Grants Program and the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy Jenny A. Landry.

program work? Congress makes an annual appropriation The funds are apportioned to each state based on a formula States had to commit to write a Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy by Oct. 2005 Targeted toward “species of greatest conservation need” How does the program work? (cont’d) The individual states apply for their apportionment annually from USFWS The program pays for both species investigations/


the management of a natural resource so that it can be sustained over the long-term. Conservation programs usually require some type of active management to achieve long-term sustainability. Wildlife Conservation Programmes Law enforcement Establishment and management of protected areas Research Conservation awareness Other initiatives Law Enforcement Patrolling to detect illegal hunters Road block to prevent illegal hunting and arrest illegal hunters Regulated/

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources Briefing on Proposed Amendments to Endangered Species Regulations.

and netting... and all lesser acts such as disturbing, harrying or worrying....” NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources Current Implementing Regulations 6 NYCRR Part 182 –Defines few terms but leaves many / feeding, sheltering, migration, movement and overwintering. NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources Key Definitions: “Net conservation benefit” means a successful enhancement of the species’ overall population or contribution/

Webinar Series on State Wildlife Action Plan Revision 4.17.14 1-2:30pm For audio: Dial: 712-432-1500 Passcode: 882578#

and Aquatic Habitat Classifications Incorporates fields from the Northeast Lexicon Basic table designs for required elements and for the relationships between tables SPECIES CONSERVATION ANALYSIS TOOL A national look at Species of Greatest Conservation Need reported in the State Wildlife Action Plans Abby Benson, Biologist, US Geological Survey Painter? Catamount? Integrated Taxonomic Information System Authoritative taxonomic information Taxonomic serial numbers Marginaria polypodiodes = 15/

Conservation Planning Process for CNMPs

conditions, estimate changes in effects and determine if impacts are positive or negative as part of the evaluation of alternatives. CNMP Core Curriculum Conservation Planning Process 6. Evaluate Alternatives Alternative #1 for Crop Land Use Conservation Practices Conservation Cover Upland Wildlife Management Pest Management Nutrient Management Waste Utilization Irrigation Water Management Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment Positive Impacts Negative Impacts Reduce Soil Erosion 4 T/Ac/

Recent achievements and challenges in WWF’s work to protect biodiversity and reduce humanity’s footprint in priority areas of the global conservation programme.

trade route. WWF is now calling for a timetable to end the trade. © WWF-Thailand Positive start to wildlife trade meeting Conservation Highlights, May 2013 The CITES meeting cautioned 22 countries for failure to regulate the illegal ivory trade, and 8 / in a mosaic of protected areas (PAs) securing the sources of the Amur River, a WWF conservation priority. The buffer zone forms a 115 km wildlife corridor along the Russia- Mongolia border, linking several PAs, and enables the establishment of a 950,000/

NATIONAL TIGER RECOVERY PROGRAMME OF BANGLADESH Dr. Tapan Kumar Dey Conservator of Forests, Wildlife Conservation Circle, Forest Department Mrs. Jahan.

regarding trans boundary issue and system for effective cross- border collaboration with India to curb poaching, smuggling and trade in wildlife waiting for the approval of the cabinet. Endorse GTRP and Tiger Summit Declaration. Commit to global and regional tiger conservation goals. National: Policy: A national wildlife conservation policy has been developed which is under the approval of Ministry of Environment and Forests. Animal/

BEYOND IMAGINATION This is Africa LIVE THE EXPERIENCE The Wildlife Consortium PTY LTD invites investors and organizations to participate in an exceptional.

of its exponential force and that are able to overcome these negative initiatives whilst subsisting together with modern-world economic-growth based models. Wildlife Industry Furthermore, the Wildlife Consortium envisions the creation of a new- generation conservation model which allows wildlife management to secure profitability throughout the creation and maintenance of specie ecosystems. Also, through the subsequent peer-to-peer trading between agents that/

Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) Dean Krehbiel Resource Conservationist Enhancements.

resource quality criteria, but are used to further "enhance" the treatment of the resource concern(s). Applied above minimum criteria for a conservation practice to further enhance treatment of a resource concern(s). Are not typically applied through Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program. Why national enhancements? Consistency nationwide Focused on specific resource concerns Workload Timeliness Payment schedules Impact on/

1 1 Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008. 2 2 The path to the 2008 Farm Bill 1985 Food Security Act Highly Erodible Land protection (HEL) Reduction.

end the debate, roll up our sleeves, and get to work implementing the new legislation.” -Secretary Ed Schafer 7 7 Information on NRCS Conservation Programs Conservation Technical Assistance Environmental Quality Incentives Program Agricultural Water Enhancement Program Conservation Innovation Grants Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program Agricultural Management Assistance Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program Grassland Reserve Program Healthy Forests Reserve Program 8 8 Information on NRCS/

Johnny Noles, Biologist Chesapeake Bay Understanding the Effects of Light Pollution on Wildlife.

chemical pollution  Environmental agencies need to address light pollution as a regional ecosystem and wildlife conservation management approach. Examples: Chesapeake Bay Program Florida Everglades Program Great Lakes Program II. Understanding/fish migratory passage. Public Action Precedents in Wildlife Conservation Involving Light Pollution IV.Public Action Precedents in Wildlife Conservation and Light Pollution Public Action Precedents in Wildlife Conservation Involving Light Pollution  US NATIONAL PARK/


correlations of survey responses Use the molecular analysis and survey results as a baseline for comparison as ecotourism grows in the region Begin wildlife abundance studies in the area References Conservation International. Hotspots. 2007. Emerton, Lucy. 1998. Innovations for financing wildlife conservation in Kenya. Biodiversity Economist. Presented at a workshop on 1-3 May 1998. Himberg, N. 2004. Community-based ecotourism as a sustainable/

Community-based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) in Namibia – the Conservancy programme.

aims to:  promote wise and sustainable use of natural resources and encourage biodiversity conservation  devolve rights over and responsibilities for wildlife and tourism to rural communities, creating enterprise and income generation opportunities  encourage and / trophy hunting and sales of craft. Land-use planning Competing land use activities take place within conservancies (for example, farming, wildlife, settlement, mining). Consequently, land-use planning is a key need. Appropriate tools are also/

What Does It Take To Be An Effective Business Model in Conservation? 1 CITES 16 th Conference of Parties Bangkok, Thailand March 12, 2013 Keshav Varma.

is lined up 26 Country GEF and IDA Pipeline Resources Bangladesh Cabinet approved the Declaration; New Wildlife (Conservation) Act; Wildlife Victim Compensation Policy; New 5 wildlife crime control units; MOU with India IDA - $36M Bhutan Cabinet approved the Declaration; New /and intensive patrolling; Planned a scientific tiger census. IDA - $9M, GEF - $8.3M Malaysia New Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 enforced; Leading country on land use planning; National Physical Plan for the Central Forest Spine taking /

Mt Kenya University EGE 412: ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION Credit Hours: 3 Pre-requisites: EGE 122 and EGE 222 Lecturer: Odanga L.

the existing quality and value of forests resources, as well as establish the country POLICY AND LEGISLATION ON NATURAL RESOURCES Forest Act 2005 (Refer previous notes) Forest Policy 2007 The Wildlife (Conservation & Management) Act, Cap. 376 Of 1976 (Amended 1989, now Amendment Bill 2010) Antiquities & Monuments Act, Cap. 215 Of 1984 Agriculture Act, Cap. 318 Of 1980 (Revised 1986).. 10 Water Act/

Mt Kenya University EGE 412: ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION Credit Hours: 3 Pre-requisites: EGE 122 and EGE 222 Lecturer: George Eshiamwata.

the existing quality and value of forests resources, as well as establish the country POLICY AND LEGISLATION ON NATURAL RESOURCES Forest Act 2005 (Refer previous notes) Forest Policy 2007 The Wildlife (Conservation & Management) Act, Cap. 376 Of 1976 (Amended 1989, now Amendment Bill 2010) Antiquities & Monuments Act, Cap. 215 Of 1984 Agriculture Act, Cap. 318 Of 1980 (Revised 1986).. 10 Water Act/

1 Natural Resource Conservation and Preservation Natural Resource Management.

establish colleges to teach agricultural practices –The Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872: to preserve the natural resources of the area, including wildlife 14 People Who Have Impacted Wildlife Conservation n Many people have had an impact on the wildlife conservation movement over the past few centuries. Included are: –John James Audubon –John Muir –Theodore Roosevelt –Franklin Roosevelt –Aldo Leopold –Gifford Pinchot –Hugh Bennett/

A Guide to Completing the PA FFA Conservation Record Book

A Guide to Completing the PA FFA Conservation Record Book Pennsylvania Supervised Agricultural Experience Conservation Pages A Guide to Completing the PA FFA Conservation Record Book What is a conservation project SAE? In a conservation project SAE the student studies wildlife and the environment and conducts activities to improve the environment and provide habitat for wildlife. Conservation projects usually include multiple activities throughout the year. Page 1 Complete this/

Power Development and Nature Conservation-Two scenarios Gabriel Wetangula 1,2 & Joseph Ajayi 1 Faculty of Science, University of Iceland 1 Olkaria Geothermal.

park Kaffee (staff & tourists) Development of road in the park Waste management Park rehabilitation Establish watering points Wildlife pop. studies Soil erosion control Day to day consultation between the stakeholders in the area Wildlife population studies Wildlife conservation; a key environmental management component in geothermal power development Wildlife conservation; a key environmental management component in geothermal power development In an attempt to harmonize different resource use/

The Bushmeat Crisis Task Force Presented to: Forum on Forestry and Natural Resources Issues in Africa National Conservation Training Center Shepherdstown,

$1 million for actions to address the bushmeat crisis. John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation USAID US Forest Service US Fish & Wildlife Service Conservation International Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund Jane Goodall Institute World Wildlife Fund, US Wildlife Conservation Society Western lowland gorilla © M. Eaton Over 150 Bushmeat Experts from more than 20 countries established BCTF Action Plan Government, NGO, University, Industry/

MANAGING FARMLANDS FOR WILDLIFE Richard E. Warner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Jeffery W. Walk, Illinois Chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

change in agriculture has dramatically affected farmland wildlifeWildlife management is often tied to soil and water conservation efforts  A systems approach is necessary to successfully integrate wildlife conservation with agriculture Challenges to Conserving Farmland Wildlife ► Divergent goals of wildlife conservation and agriculture ► Changing farm conservation programs ► Lack of reliable knowledge ► Communicating the importance of wildlife to ecosystem functions ► Addressing positive and negative/

Development of a Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy for Georgia Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division.

, disease Excessive predation, disease Accelerated climate change Accelerated climate change Poaching Poaching The primary threat to biological diversity? Destruction or degradation of natural habitats. Planning for Effective Wildlife Conservation Identify conservation needs Identify conservation needs Evaluate effectiveness of existing programs Evaluate effectiveness of existing programs Prioritize future efforts based on need and opportunity Prioritize future efforts based on need and opportunity Develop/


rule marginal land e.g. non-agricultural ‘rich’ land 2008 State Conservation Areas and Commercial Game Ranching – South Africa has more wildlife than past 150 years – Economic value of wildlife gained momentum SOME KEY DATA SETS The number of commercial farmers has /Dept of A, F & F & Dept of Health) Applied research to extend knowledge i.r.o. wildlife ranching and conservation Veterinary services (jointly with Dept of A, F & F) Appropriate land use Industry Transformation Charter INSTITUTIONAL, POLICY/

Trisha White, Director Habitat and Highways Campaign Defenders of Wildlife.

billion authorized for TE since 1998 ÷ 11 years = $734 million per year ÷ 12 categories = $61 million per year possible for scenic + $61 million per year possible for wildlife = $122 million /year possible for conservation GET YOUR PIECE OF THE PIE! Transportation Enhancements Program Distribution of Federal Funds by TE Activity FY 1992 through FY 2007 (Federal funds in millions) RECAP 3 most/

1 CHIPOLA RIVER WATERSHED MANAGEMENT PLAN For West Florida Resource Conservation and Development Council 2944 Penn Ave. Marianna, FL. 32446 US Fish and.

Development Council 2944 Penn Ave. Marianna, FL. 32446 US Fish and Wildlife Service – Chris Metcalf Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission – Brian Branciforte Chipola River Partnership – Grant to for Implementation - Gary Latham Program: Florida Wildlife Legacy – Action Strategies 2 Ecosystem Diversity Species Richness Caves Springs Swamps Hydric Flatwoods Unique Wildlife 1270 SQUARE MILES of WATERSHED 3 The Watershed Boundary Map by USFWS and Chris Metcalf/

Chapter 18 Land Resources and Conservation Mojave Desert.

forest to fast food companies (McDonald’s) for grazing land. 1999 Brazil set aside 10% of rainforest for conservation.1999 Brazil set aside 10% of rainforest for conservation. Sponsored by the World Bank & the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).Sponsored by the World Bank & the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Why are forests disappearing? Subsistence agriculture causes deforestation. Families produce enough to survive & that’s it/

Reminder of what we are talking about Wildlife has value for humans –Economic –Recreational –Intrinsic Influences how we interact with wildlife.

, Cambodian government and communities Local employment Donations from ecotourism –Agricultural assistance, fish ponds, rice banks –Available when commitment to not kill wildlife and to follow land use plan Conservation fieldwork grants Ecotourism in Cambodia Sam Veasna Center: alliance between Wildlife Conservation Society, Cambodian government and communities Sarus Crane, Grus antigone Ecotourism Be a responsible consumer –Choose wisely – are the places you go eco-certified/

Virginia Wildlife Action Plan David K. Whitehurst Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Federal and State Support Congressionally mandated and funded under U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program and State Wildlife Grants program since FY 2001 States/Territories had to submit Strategies to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service by October 1, 2005 to continue receiving funds; all did! Tasked by former Secretary Murphy after the 2003 Virginia/

Most Common Conservation Practices Forestry Illinois.

incorporated into forest management systems through Woodland Edge Feathering. Woodland Edge Feathering Job Sheet 645D. For additional information, review the Woodland Edge Feathering Job Sheet 645D. Upland Wildlife Management (Conservation Practice Standard 645) Upland Wildlife Management (Conservation Practice Standard 645) Continued Forestry Cropland or grassland sites differ from forestland sites, which can dictate site preparation needs and requirements. With proper site preparation, landowners can/

Problem Definition Exercise. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service General Summary Responses from ½ of those surveyed (n=14/31) Broad and narrow in scope Narrow.

and narrow in scope Narrow – related to specific goal Managing freshwater supply Recovery of listed species Broad – encompassing wider range of NRM goals Strategic conservation planning Land- and sea-scape scale conservation Achieve shared conservation objectives U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Action Statements Primary focus of resource allocation: planning Natural & social science strategic action plan Develop framework for LCD Support research efforts Need for/

Wildlife Counts in North West Namibia Jo Tagg & Greg Stuart-Hill.

aims to:  promote wise and sustainable use of natural resources and encourage biodiversity conservation  devolve rights over and responsibilities for wildlife to rural communities and create income generation opportunities  encourage and assist communities to acquire//capture quotas; estimating stocking rates to manage competition with livestock and protect veld; determining the value of wildlife in the Conservancy. 2. Produce Game Distribution maps. Where are they? For land-use planning (Zonation), it is/

The 2012 Revision of Nevada’s Wildlife Action Plan State Wildlife Action Plan Workshop – June 5, 2013  Jon C. Sjöberg Chief of Fisheries Nevada Department.

part because of its arid climate, geography and limited water resources, which has created a unique endemic biota easily subject to threats and stressors including changing climate. Plan revision The conservation partner planning team revised Nevadas Wildlife Action Plan to incorporate the potential impacts of emerging and expanding stressors including accelerated energy development, invasive species, and climate change on Nevada ‘s fish/

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives: A Place for Friends Southeast Regional Friends Conference Crystal River NWR, Crystal River, Florida Sunday, April.

.gov/southeast/LCC/# http://www.fws.gov/science/SHC/lcc.html Dan Ashe, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Cindy Dohner, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Marvin Moriarty, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Bill Knapp, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Todd Hopkins, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Credits Landscape Conservation Cooperatives - A Tribute to SAM HAMILTON’s Vision and Leadership “His forward-thinking approach to/

American Bison Restoration as a Model for the Propagation of African Wildlife Populations American Bison Restoration as a Model for the Propagation of.

–Current and future research with American bison Using these bison studies as a model for the conservation African wildlife species –Systematic collection of DNA and health/location/carcass trait information from hunter killed animals in Africa/for a full proposal in March Looking to local chapters help inform their members and for support Other wildlife conservation associations US and international funding agencies Acknowledgements College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University Dallas Safari/

Wildlife as a Public Trust Chapter 22. American Game Policy  Aldo Leopold 1930 –Public ownership of game lands –Recognize private landowners as custodians.

’s and 1960’s Legal Jurisdiction  Issues not confined to political boundaries –Whaling, air pollution, migratory birds, etc.  Constitutional clauses for federal jurisdiction over wildlife –Commerce (Article 1, Section 8) State ownership of resident species Can conserve wildlife within a state’s borders but cannot exclude use by citizens of another state –Treaty (Article 1, Section 10) Federal government jurisdiction over migratory species/

CPRM through Community Conservancies in Namibia: A case study Co-Govern Workshop Cape Town, October 2003.

Communal Areas” Policy Objectives:Redressing past discriminatory policies and practices – Amendment of Nature Conservation Ordinance in 1996; Empowering local communities by linking rural economic development with wildlife conservation and wild landscapes; Granting limited wildlife and tourism rights to rural communities. Legal requirements and experiences in implementing communal area conservancies Defined membership and registered members – ok for small, unscattered communities; flexibility of continuous/

Measuring Habitat and Biodiversity Outcomes Sara Vickerman and Frank Casey September 26, 2013 Defenders of Wildlife.

Willamette Partnership and others Prairie, wetland, salmon, water temperature Focus on regulations that drive trading or mitigation programs Measuring Up report outlined framework for biodiversity metrics Defenders of Wildlife Defenders metrics Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bullitt funded Address unregulated biodiversity values in Western U.S. Oak, floodplain, sage brush / sage grouse Percent of optimal ecological functioning Site level conditions –Context –Vegetation –Species/

Wildlife Laws Alabama Hunter Education Program. Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries.

each of us must do our part to ensure that future generations will have the same opportunity to participate in wildlife recreation. Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Governor Commissioner Director Enforcement SectionFisheries SectionWildlife Section Commonly Violated Wildlife Laws and Regulations n Hunting without permission n First Offense – Minimum $250 Fine Possible 1 year revocation of hunting/

Wildlife What are wildlife? What is wildlife ecology? Management? Conservation? How have definitions & perceptions changed through time? How does knowing.

Policy GovernmentGeology Range Management Forestry Soil Science Agronomy Plant Morphology Plant Ecology Wildlife Management (W.W. Mautz/Wildlife Management Institute 1978) Wildlife Management If left alone, wildlife can often manage themselves--it’s people that need managing Wildlife conservation is primarily people management Wildlife Management The Wildlife Society –Mission (www.wildlife.org)www.wildlife.org “The Wildlife Society (TWS), founded in 1937, is an international non-profit scientific and/

NACSO and the National CBNRM Programme Background Prior to 1996, rural communities on communal land in Namibia had no rights over wildlife: All wildlife.

venture between government, non-governmental institutions, communities, community-based organisations and development partners which aims to:  promote wise and sustainable use of natural resources and encourage biodiversity conservation  devolve rights over and responsibilities for wildlife and tourism to rural communities, creating enterprise and income generation opportunities  encourage and assist communities to acquire skills to manage their area sustainably and actively pilot their/

Solutions on the Horizon: Integrated Planning in the 21 st Century Trisha White Defenders of Wildlife.

Strategic habitat Public land (April 2001) Source: Cox, J. R. Kautz, M. MacLaughlin, and T. Gilbert. 1994. Closing the gaps in Florida’s wildlife habitat conservation system. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Tallahassee. Oregon Biodiversity Project Massachusetts Statewide Plan Statewide Biodiversity Planning Status as of 2002 (Pre-SWG) Statewide Plans, October 2005 http://dnr.wi.gov/org/land/er/cwcp W /

Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches and Communities Natural Resources Conservation and Management View this quiz as a slide show from “the beginning” Each.

to reserve 6% of the total funds for each fiscal years 2009 - 2012, from the Conservation Stewardship Program, the Environmental Quality Incentives Program and the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program. over $100 million a year for special cooperative conservation projects. CCPI Supporting local and regional conservation practices through partnerships Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative Farmers and ranchers may enter into partnerships which include one or more of/



Chapter 23 Sustaining Ecosystems: Land Use, Conservation, and Management.

duck hunting licenses raising millions for waterfowl research and the purchase of lands for wildlife refuges. Soil conservation Service of 1935- established to address soil erosion Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937- raised more than 2.2 billion to buy land for wildlife conservation In 1940 US Fish and Wildlife Service was established Between 1933 and 1960 public health boards and agencies were established/


national park Udo, Edo State Kainji Lake National Park New Bussa, Niger State Old Oyo National Park Oyo, Oyo state PROBLEM OF WILDLIFE ADMINISTRATION IN NIGERIA There is a fundamental problem in the administration of wildlife under forestry division. Wildlife conservation matters are not given priority attention in allocation of foods and working equipment. These as often resulted in absences or non-repair of/

1 Division of Habitat and Species Conservation New Proactive Approach towards Wildlife Conservation within Land Use Planning and Development Activities.

Never had the staff resources to review every project associated with these types of land use activities 9 A “Two-Pronged Proactive Approach” Develop Bottom-Up, Self-Serve Products Wildlife Conservation Planning Manual Wildlife Surveyor Certification Web-Based Query Engine Develop Top-Down services for Higher-level Land Planning Processes Regional Multi-county Visioning initiatives County Comprehensive Planning Evaluation and Appraisal Reviews Rural/

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