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The Political Economy of Ecosystem Services: Sustainability, Justice and Efficiency Joshua Farley Community Development and Applied Economics Gund Institute.

sustained and contained by global ecosystem Economy is sustained and contained by global ecosystem Relative scarcity has changed dramatically Relative scarcity has changed dramatically Economy must adapt Economy must adapt Laws of Physics Can’t /quote The Biophysical Demand Curve for local CNC: Rich vs. Poor Market demand curves in an unequal world ~50% of income ~1% of income Price = opportunity costs Real World Outcomes from Market Allocation Food in 2007 Food in 2007 Eflornithine Eflornithine Water Water/

Industrial Revolution Using only the picture make A list of predictions regarding the Industrial Revolution.

wealth What circumstances allowed for England to lead the Industrial Revolution? How does scarcity play a role? Why do the English always have limited resources? a. / and a quarter on my back; have to stoop much and creep through water, which is frequently up to the calves of my legs. When first down /Goal- to raise wages and better working conditions Adam Smith Create a Quote Jeremy Bentham Create a Quote Karl Marx Create a Quote Capitalism vs. Communism Capitalism (Free Market Economy) Directions: You will/

Message in a Bottle Capturing Economic Rent from Excess Revenue.

is the crucial component necessary to create opportunity for an open dialogue on the subject of economic rent… [3][3] Quoting Ron Colton, president of Pristine Mountain Springs in Stockbridge (who currently has contracts to sell a [3] minimum of 333/one hydro-geologist to study the health of that ecosystem each year and present findings Energy: Water, The New Oil? A scarcity index Ω Energy: Water, The New Oil? A scarcity index By 2030 global energy consumption is expected to grow by 50 %. New England’s /

Chapter 4 The Growing Colonies Section 1 Did You Know. Tobacco was the first major export from America. By 1617 fifty thousand pounds of Virginias.

hard currency (gold and silver). Quick Review 1: Using the economic concept of scarcity, explain why Britain, through the Navigation Acts, prohibited the colonies from shipping certain resources/difficult, long journeys were made by boat on rivers, lakes and coastal Atlantic waters. Most colonists did not travel very far from home. Only traders and /colonists because they were fighting two wars-one with the French and the other with the Native Americans who were allies of the French. Did You /

Energy Security and Natural Resources

electricity (%): Gas: 77.31, Diesel:10.45, Furnace oil: 5.03, Coal: 3.76, Water: 3.45. (GOB 2011, Bangladesh Arthanoitik Shameekkha) Present Reserve and Production Levels of Natural Gas /set up a compressor in Muchai, a CNN-IBN report said on Friday quoting US diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks. http://www.bdinn.com/news/conoco-/ Possible to reach remote places. Speculation and plunder, war and conflict, crisis and scarcity not likely from within. Part of nature, part of Environment. Nothing to worry about/

The Economy of Care An Economic Approach for a Sustainable Future Thera van Osch (Foundation for the Economy of Care)

.g. family, friendship), virtual global exchange systems, participative (gender) budgeting Value linked to ecological footprint and PUW quote Scarcity is a relative concept: The perspective of human sustainable development (contributing to quality of life for present and future generations/ plunder economy; it plunders the planet and its natural resources, leaving future generations with pollution, poisoned waters and dangerous waste Peak-oil crisis is result of neo-liberal model; you cannot cure a crisis /

Economics for Leaders Lesson 2: Opportunity Cost & Incentives.

Water productivity in food production Economics for Leaders Copenhagen Consensus List of global challenges identified by U.N. 8 top economists in world three Nobel Laureates in Economic Science Task: rank order in terms of benefits & costs where should world spend $ most productively? Economics for Leaders Why not do all? Scarcity/demand square circles if they want. But that doesnt mean that they will get them. Quote From Thomas Sowell Opportunity Cost! Economics for Leaders Because costs lie in the future, /

 Drill: What is desalination?  HW: Review sheet due Feb 11  Obj: Identify and describe issues that can arise in the Middle East when resources, like.

lead to? (think political or social)  If you had to choose one line or quote from your article that makes it relevant or important, what would you pick?  What is one question you want to ask other groups about water scarcity based on our conversation so far? Let’s Move  What are some alternatives to Desalination in the Middle East?  Create a law/

Linda McQuaig Linda McQuaig is a Canadian journalist, columnist and non-fiction author.Long a business reporter at the Globe and Mail, she subsequently.

people to get clean water to drink. If /scarcity-free world, but in a sense, you could say that capitalism invented scarcity/scarcity/ coast guard services, snow removal, water purification, schools, hospitals, libraries, etc/chewing gum or hair gel, water [according to the World Bank /of the "health benefits" of drinkable water. Its amazing, isnt it, how people/deadly contamination of the Ontario towns water supply, which killed seven people in/water. #Negotiation#Negotiation Related Authors on iWise About iWise Building the /

© BIPE 2010 December 2, 2010 Challenges from the environment and their effect on clusters Élisabeth Waelbroeck-Rocha Partner & Vice President, BIPE.

at the TCI Annual Conference in Delhi, in December 2010. It cannot be quoted. 3 © BIPE 2010 - December 2, 2010 Four main drivers will impact /materials, energy Food Space Time Silence / quietness Darkness in urban areas (clean) Water Privacy Comfort Demography EnvironmentTechnology Economy People will accept to pay higher prices to have /companies Location of clusters Ressouce efficiency of clusters Scarcity niches develop before scarcity spreads throughout the economy New borders of clusters New stakeholders /

American Government and Economic Systems (AGES) American Government and Economic Systems (AGES) is an 18 week course designed to inform you of the basic.

worth and is born with natural rights. 2.The first lesson in economics is scarcity, there is never enough of anything to satisfy all of those who want it./relation to other.” - Isaiah Berlin 20 th century British political theorist Compare... the two quotes with the comments made by President Obama regarding surveillance. What seem to be the common /. Think about it... What is more valuable, a diamond or a bottle of water? Explain your answer. According to those who believe in the subjective theory of value/

WARNINGS FROM THE BIOSPHERE John Cairns, Jr. University Distinguished Professor of Environmental Biology Emeritus Department of Biological Sciences Virginia.

org/indicators/C54/grain/2012).  The FAO 8 describes the results of food scarcity and insecurity: “Under-nourishment is not merely a symptom of poverty but also / “The world is running out of time to make sure there is enough food, water and energy to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population and to avoid sending/2012. Senior scientist at The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and the Department of Energy as quoted in Spinner, K. 2012. Feds ask: can U.S. withstand extreme weather? Herald /

BIOSPHERIC CHANGES ARE THREAT MULTIPLIERS John Cairns, Jr. University Distinguished Professor of Environmental Biology Emeritus Department of Biological.

EFFECT THROUGHOUT THE SYSTEM.  A major biospheric change is the shift of marine waters from slightly alkaline to slightly acidic.  This change affects calcium utilization by marine / the scarcest resource at the time of the year of greatest scarcity. The time of greatest scarcity for many resources will be determined by climate change. “THE / 5Feb http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6145M520100205. 4 Goodstein, B. 2010. As quoted in Gardner, T. 2010. Arctic melt to cost up to $24 trillion by 2050; /

The Energy Revolution PREPARED FOR Iseo Summer School PREPARED BY Robert F. Wescott, Ph.D. President, Keybridge Research LLC PRESENTED Iseo 20 June 2013.

Types: Oil sands (tar sands) – Sediments composed of sand, clay minerals, water, and bitumen (ex: Canada) Oil shale – Fine-grained sedimentary rocks that /OPEC unable to agree on production cuts 1986: OPEC introduces production quotes Is oil a competitively priced commodity? 32 Inelastic demand Lack of / 5 minerals dropped. Malthusians: Supplies fixed as population increases Resulting scarcity drives up prices Cornucopians: Scarcity drives up prices, Demand falls, supply increases Technology advances to /

After 20 Years – and 10 Years More Development of Global Aquaculture Seen from a Danish Perspective By Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen Vicepresident of the Danish.

is <4 tons N Eel production Median Growth: 3.500 High Growth: 6.000; Low Growth: 0 Quote on Eels l It is hardly likely that the market will limit production growth! l Oops, the Chinese started exporting cheap eels to /Thermal Energy Conversion l Plenty of space, food and nutrients http://www.nrel.gov/otec/apps.html Will There be Scarcity of Fish? l Fish Culture without water: Recirculation l Animal Culture without animals: an infinitely long fishfillet cell culture l The technical options are present l We/

Please write an answer these three questions, without talking at all!

Food, Soil, & Pest Management Chapter 11 Quiz Thursday Night HW: Read the Aldo Leopold quote on p. 276 and write a few sentences about what this quote means to you. Scan all section headings, “blue” sub-headings, and illustration/captions for /342 #6-10 Chapter 13 Quiz Friday “Harvest of Water” (WOTR) Posters (40 min!) APES 11/3/10 Lecture: Water Scarcity Groundwater Removal Dams “Harvest of Water” (WOTR) Posters (40 min!) SSI Field Trip Logistics- Bring water & a raincoat! Chapter 13 Quiz Friday APES 11/4/

1. Unit V Influencing the American Political System Key Understandings: 1.Political Activity is Economic Activity. 2.There is a political invisible hand.

: Voters hate Congress but like their own member. 34 As surely as water flows downhill, money in politics flows to where the power is. Individuals /local officials carries a lot of weight. Voters should always ask, Who is quoted in the testimonial? Why should we regard this person as an expert or /with how publicly elected individuals allocate public resources by making public decisions Scarcity in markets and scarcity in government- similarities and differences Businesses have real budgets Governments do/

1 Econ 1000: Mod 1 C.L. Mattoli (C) Red Hill Capital Corp., 2008.

or below the ground provided by nature. It includes: water, air, crops, animals, minerals, the moon, the sun, trees, and water. Question: how could you make use of the moon/output Entrepreneur Risk (C) Red Hill Capital Corp., 2008 32 Economics: the study of scarcity & choice Economics is the study of how society chooses to allocate scarce resources to / if GNP falls, unemployment will rise, but in the newspaper, one might be quoted as saying that unemployment will be stable, while the other says it will fall./


wet draughts in the north and those of dry periods and water scarcity in the south. This would solve the problem of wet draughts in the north and those of dry periods and water scarcity in the south. HOW IT ALL BEGAN Advantages If the/the solution to the increasing frequency of draughts. To him, practical and smaller scale solutions such as rain water harvesting made more sense. He quoted Ms Arundhati Roy as “Big dams were gold mines politicians, beauraucrats and construction industries”. Mr panchagatti, the/

Analyzing risks The Geopolitics of Land Degradation Caux July 1st 2014 Luc GNACADJA Caux Dialogue on Land & Security 2014.

Advisory Council on Global Change, 2014 3 Conflicts Constellations Water Scarcity Loss of Land Food Insecurity 4 HotsSpots Sahel: Desertification & Drought Middle East: Hydrological Water Scarcity & Drought Central Asia: Hydrolog. Water Scarcity & Desertification South & South East Asia: Tropical /Land use expansion on already degraded areas Priorities: 1.Prevent degradation 2.Restore degraded areas Conclusion Quoting Aldo Leopold and Francis Bacon ‘We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging/

Environmental Issues in Southwest Asia

water is already a catalyst for regional conflict” WATER WARS “Indeed water is already a catalyst for regional conflict” Quote from the influential head of environmental research institute Worldwatch,Lester Brown. Places where water wars occur The worlds supply of fresh water is/Algeria Egypt Jordan Israel/ Palestine Iran THIS SHOWS THE LIST OF MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES WHICH WILL SUFFER FROM WATER SCARCITY IN THE NEXT 15 YEARS 1955 1990 2025 Bahrain Algeria Egypt Jordan Israel/ Palestine Iran Kuwait Qatar /

NOTE: To appreciate this presentation [and ensure that it is not a mess], you need Microsoft fonts: “Showcard Gothic,” “Ravie,” “Chiller” and “Verdana”

process maps, etc. (I BLOODY HATE Generalizations!) (Think doctor’s office: Come hell & high water they start with weight, blood pressure, pulse.) supreme skills (m.i.a.) Talk. Listen. /Smile Eye contact Thank you Flowers Open pose ROIR Grant+ Respect *quote within a quote from diary of a Confederate soldier “The [Union senior] officers /Controls (shows are profit centers; partners like Disney offset costs; $100M on $500M). Scarcity builds buzz/brand (1 new show per year. “People tell me we’re leaving money/

Famine and Feast Life on the margins: the inequality of food and nutrition security THINKERS’ VIEWS ON FEEDING GROWING POPULATIONS PowerPoint presentation.

little food” –“Environmental degradation”* Neo-Malthusians predict a crisis of food, energy water and land resources. “Solving the population problem is not going to solve the //making-case/quotations/) http://www.populationmatters.org/making-case/quotations/ * Ehrlich quoted in Weeks, J R (1999) Population: An Introduction to Concepts and Issues/ the book http://fevuneraby.3 owl.com/2013/07/ download-ebook- environment- scarcity-and- violence/ Kalahandi syndrome: Famine in spite of plenty Source: http://www/

Chapter 2 The origins of the sustainability problem

is to say that dose–response relationships may involve thresholds. Pollution of a water system, for example, may have relatively small and proportional effects at low /limits to ‘economic growth’. In fact, what they said, as the conclusions quoted above indicate, is that there were limits to the growth of material throughput / price mechanism. In particular, it was argued that changing patterns of relative scarcity would alter the structure of prices, inducing behavioural changes in resource-use patterns/

Library Collaborations: Why and How David W. Lewis Living the Future 7 Transforming Libraries Through Collaboration Tucson, AZ May 2, 2008 © 2008 David.

Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations Penguin Press, 2008 Opening Quote from Shirky “New technology makes new things possible: put another way, when new/at self governing systems for managing common-pool resources (CPR) — for example, water or fishing rights Open Scholarly Commons is different – The good provided is non-/ result of some scarcity, as with librarians or television programmers, the professionals are often the last ones to see it when that scarcity goes away. It/

Climate Change Economics Brian Davey. The Stern Review (2007)‏ A range of probabilities of temperature rises is associated with successive rises of concentration.

Panel on Climate Change Assessment Reports Summary for Policy Makers Report was watered down when governments became involved in writing it. The preliminary version produced/ emit are distributed to the main emitters for free – so the companies capture the scarcity value of permits – a “pay the polluter” principle. More auctioning of permits is/Time scales for CCS “Optimism Bias” – Time Over runs are the Norm – Quotes from the UK Treasury Green Book " There is a demonstrated, systematic, tendency for /

March 16 Public Controls Felde Chapter 11 - Robert Rooks1.

A.Major Objectives Another Look Coordination of; Subdivision Plans and Planning. This includes Water Supplies -Lot Design-Street Patterns Sewer Systems-Drainage-Flood Considerations Utilities-traffic flow patterns/ sale or lease; represent that the property is not available when it is; quote different terms to different parties on the same unit; or make inquires as to/ of which of the following? a.Increasing real property taxes. b.Land scarcity. c.Comfort of the owners. d.More social life for owners. 1/

Detailed Presentation – April 2011.  Definitions: ecosystem services & biodiversity  Value of ecosystems  Ecosystem drivers & business context  Business.

& ecosystem business impacts & dependence 7  Operational (e.g. increased scarcity and cost of raw materials)  Regulatory and legal (e.g. public/for valuing other environmental externalities E.g. Carbon related greenhouse gas (GHG) externalities, water related environmental impacts  References (incl. databases) Additional notes B (available on /values into business decision making.” Andrew Mangan, Executive Director, US BCSD Quotes 50  “CEV provides managers a useful, quantitative approach for integrating/

Galileo Galilei Galileo Galilei was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution.

silver, and gold noble, and earth and dirt base? For do not these persons consider that if there were as great a scarcity of earth as there is of jewels and precious metals, there would be no king who would not gladly give a heap of /the same water remains heavy in the sea, when being set free there, does not move? #Action#Action Related Authors on iWise About iWise Building the worlds wisdom engine. Follow us to get a brilliant quote of the day. You can customize which authors you get quotes from at /

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and services fulfill our material wants. 2-4 The Central Fact of Economics: SCARCITY This definition assumes that scarcity is the fundamental economic problem: o There are never enough resources to produce all/ of the word). o Land includes natural resources like timber, oil, coal, iron ore, soil, water, as well as the ground in which these resources are found. How is land used in an /means of production scarce? The text has a quote by F.V. Meyer that says “Economics is the science of greed.” What does he /

DPS 202 FUNDAMENTALS OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT September-December 2012 By Thomas Ombati Department of Management Science School of Business University.

move through on their journey from initial suppliers to final customers (Donald Waters, 2003) SC is a network of organizations that are involved, through /and demand patterns Reviewing safety stock levels Implementing lean inventory policies Ensuring safety and scarcity of supplies Appropriate disposal of scrap, surplus and obsolete items Developing cost effective / Tennessee Williams US Playwright (1958) (1958) September 23, 201582 Some Quotes to Remember Have You Met the Devil Lately? If Not, Then You May/

Douglas William Jerrold Douglas William Jerrold was an English dramatist and writer.Jerrold was born in London. His father, Samuel Jerrold, was an actor.

William Jerrold:Certainly it is a world of scarcity. But the scarcity is not confined to iron ore and available land. The most constricting scarcities are those of character and personality. #Character/body. #Peace#Peace “ Douglas William Jerrold:He was so good he would pour rose- water on a toad. #Envy#Envy “ Douglas William Jerrold: Happiness grows at our own firesides,/ to get a brilliant quote of the day. You can customize which authors you get quotes from at www.iwise.comwww.iwise.com Jane Austen/

Ch. 1 - Exploring Social Studies. Lesson 1 – Thinking Like a Historian Bell Ringer Complete the scavenger hunt on Pg. 1 of your textbooks to familiarize.

understanding based on what you read/heard Group Activity Analyze the following quote using the APHITS method: “We have waited for more than 340 /Title. Key, Compass Rose, Scale Bar  Types of Maps  Physical – shows landforms and water features  Political – shows names and borders of places  Special Purpose – shows themes or /Goods – things that people buy  Services – things that people do for one another  Scarcity – not enough resources to produce EVERYTHING people want and need, so they must choose: /


Marcion. In book III. xxv, Tertullian writes of the Jerusalem let down from heaven. He quotes Paul, who called it "our mother" (Galatians 4:26), and he says, "the apostle/Moon. The stars. Day and Night. The Air. The earth, earthquakes. Sea and great waters, Rivers and fountains. Clouds, lightening, thunder. Great winds, hail and rainbows. Fire, smoke/a penny" ("shilling" ASV; a common days wages, Matt. 20:2) implies great scarcity; to eat bread by weight refers to a condition of economic hardship (Lev. 26:26/

Green Investing ™ Past, Present, & Future Jack Robinson Yale Club Thought Leaders in The Yale Club of New York June 28 th, 2012.

Retention Other Clean Energy Water Management Green Building Products Green Transportation Sustainable Living Environ- mental Services Resource Efficiency Fossil Fuels Water Quality Water Quantity Emissions Pollution Waste Resource Scarcity Positive Green Solutions Inefficient /to consume the worlds resources at the current pace.” -Eric Pfeiffer 2 Schnitzer Steel Image and Quote Source: Schnitzer Steel Sustainability Website http://www.schnitzersteel.com/values_sustainability_2.aspx "This program has made it/

Module 1 Leveraged Business Model & Passionately Target Market Overview 1.

right market and you deliver the right value what it does and the problem it solves or fixes. $10 water versus the water faucet – scarcity, delivery, location, name brand Cost of McDonald’s at the casino versus Mesa versus the middle of the / Massive differences in marketing plans – being able to articulate value and differences / buyer sales plan and folder / seller sales plan and folder Quote – DK “One hour of effective, hard, and precise thinking is worth a month of hard work” for every 1 min. of planning/

SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT BOOTCAMP Blue & Green Tomorrow For investment professionals only April 2014 claudia Quiroz Energy Efficiency.

of c50% by 2030 Water Increase of c30% by 2030 fOOd increase of c50% by 2030 Population growth Resource Scarcity SUSTAINABLE INVESTING 1 Macro trends Energ y FoodHealthResource s Water Security of supply & industrialisation Resource scarcity Scarcity driven security of supply / guarantee its accuracy or completeness. all expressions of opinion are subject to change without notice. The figures quoted do not include charges. investors should remember that the value of investments, and the income from them, can/

List ten (10) things you have purchased in the last month.

but there is a cost. What opportunity did you give up? In his famous quote, Milton Friedman was reminding us of the lessons we have learned today: because of scarcity we must choose and choice means that there is an opportunity cost Opportunity Costs This/the consumer Factors of Production So, what do we need to make all of this Stuff? 4 Factors of Production LAND – Natural Resources –Water, natural gas, oil, trees (all the stuff we find on, in, and under the land) LABOR – Physical and Intellectual –Labor is/

Thomas Malthus and others!. English economist - 1766 to 1834 Witnessed huge population increases in European cities (England) due to Industrial Revolution.

will invent and find a way out of the problem. Boserup calls this development “agricultural intensification” Another sentence quoted from one of her works says that “population growth causes agricultural growth” Esther Boserup will appear again when we/ conflict on every possible level. I find myself writing more and more about the environmental scarcity that is upon us everywhere -- the sobering disappearance of water in China, for instance.” (Georgie Anne Geyer Universal Features Syndicate May 22, 1998 )/


are universal --change the institution and one changes the policy Guan Zhong A TRANSELATED QUOTE Guan Zhong “INDEED, IT IS THE NATURE OF MEN THAT WHENEVER THEY SEE PROFIT/ SAILS OUT A HUNDRED LI, NEVER LEAVING THE WATER FROM MORNING TO NIGHT, IT IS BECAUSE PROFIT LIES IN THE WATER. THUS, WHEREVER PROFIT LIES, EVEN THOUGH IT / the old definition of economics ??? The study of satisfying human wants against the scarcity of resources (inputs)!!! The allocation of limited resource to unlimited wants?? Where did/

Buoyancy-Induced Columnar Vortices for Power Generation A proposal for the utilization of updraft systems to sustainably generate electrical power, reduce.

Illinois, Urbana Champaign University of Texas, Austin United Technologies Research Center National Renewable Energy Laboratory ARPA-E(funder) GATECH Quote: “Recent outdoor tests of a meter-scale prototype coupled with a simple vertical-axis turbine placed on a surface directly/by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in regions with absolute water scarcity, and two out of three people in the world could be living under conditions of water stress (UNEP 2007)....” From M.Palaniappan and P.H. Gleick in http/

Chapter 14: Postwar America 1945-1960. 22 Jun 1944 GI Bill enacted 1948195019521946 May 1947 Levittown construction begins Nov 194 Series of industrial.

” of Republicans and Southern Democrats Succeeded in watering down the bill, removing the “guarantee” of full employmentSucceeded in watering down the bill, removing the “guarantee” /s affluence was new phenomenon Historical “economy of scarcity” was now an “economy of abundance”Historical “economy of scarcity” was now an “economy of abundance” New/Adapts to the Times And yet...And yet... Sidney PoitierSidney Poitier Quoted complaining about his goody-goody rolesQuoted complaining about his goody-goody roles/

But Edison wasn’t aware of geothermal and atmospheric energy resources.

Illinois, Urbana Champaign University of Texas, Austin United Technologies Research Center National Renewable Energy Laboratory ARPA-E(funder) GATECH Quote: “Recent outdoor tests of a meter-scale prototype coupled with a simple vertical-axis turbine placed on a surface directly/by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in regions with absolute water scarcity, and two out of three people in the world could be living under conditions of water stress (UNEP 2007)....” From M.Palaniappan and P.H. Gleick in http/

1 December 13, 2010 Retrofit Strategy Meeting Opportunities for Developing the Building Retrofit Industry and Market (BRIM) John Cleveland, Innovation.

Cells & Hydrogen Green Architecture, Building Design, & Construction Other Energy Efficient Products Water Efficient Products Energy From Renewable Sources Biofuels/Biomass Geothermal Energy Hydropower Energy Solar PV/ to cost of sales Difficult to aggregate demand Some labor scarcity Requires new business models High owner transaction costs Difficult to assess/ investments. 93 December 13, 2010 Retrofit Strategy Meeting Selected Interview Quotes on Market Building Lack of Performance Data. “A major barrier /

TEL 319 World Media Systems. The two main questions of this course: What makes countries and their media different? What makes them different along the.

and correct each other (“self-righting” process) –See quote from Becker on page 44 and Milton’s argument summarized on/Columbia Pictures / CBS records (Electronics, Music, Film) 7. Vivendi Universal – “French” Water, energy utility company buys Universal Media & Studios, joins whiskey smuggler company Seagram to form a/ century – satellite slot allocation –Major issue, spectrum and geostationary orbit scarcity International organizations ITU and its role in administering the international radio spectrum /

Cronon: Chapter 6, Taking the Forest ISS 310 People and Environment Prof. Alan Rudy 1-29-02 1. Main Points?

and Caribbean Islands n INTRACOLONIAL TRADE DRIVES DEFORESTATION n Deforestation leads to a price/value increase due to socially produced “scarcity” n Ever greater transport costs as big trees recede from shoreline and rivers-edges Consequences II n ALSO: u Cedars/ undermined wood and grain mills!!! u Too much water, flooding in the spring u Not enough water, drought the rest of the time. n NOT seen as deforestation but as civilization, progress Concluding Quote n “Reducing the forest was an essential first /

Museums for the Future: Developing museums as centres for sustainable communities An introduction to make this happen in your organisation! This is a legacy.

values, and diversity is good. We also need to find motives in common to aid action together. Which quote (in your handout) resonates with you? Personally, what drives you to think or act in this way?/ HUMAN ACTIVITY Land use changes: e.g. Deforestation Extraction & fossil fuels Population + consumerism RESOURCE SCARCITY Oil Water Food Biodiversity = More conflict RESOURCE SCARCITY Oil Water Food Biodiversity = More conflict GREENHOUSE EFFECT Sea level rise Climate disruption GREENHOUSE EFFECT Sea level rise/

1 December 13, 2010 Retrofit Strategy Meeting Opportunities for Developing the Building Retrofit Industry and Market (BRIM) John Cleveland, Innovation.

Cells & Hydrogen Green Architecture, Building Design, & Construction Other Energy Efficient Products Water Efficient Products Energy From Renewable Sources Biofuels/Biomass Geothermal Energy Hydropower Energy Solar PV/ to cost of sales Difficult to aggregate demand Some labor scarcity Requires new business models High owner transaction costs Difficult to assess/ investments. 93 December 13, 2010 Retrofit Strategy Meeting Selected Interview Quotes on Market Building Lack of Performance Data. “A major barrier /

Management plans for Natura 2000 sites - an area for combined ecological/economic advice? Ralf Döring University of Greifswald.

tool for nature conservation –Economic perspective –Network in Germany’s coastal waters and EEZ Fisheries economics and the ecosystem approach –Background –Experiences /individual projects (sand and gravel removal, fishing, wind parks) => ‚relative scarcity‘, ‚efficient investments‘ Ralf Döring, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald 550 Years/8 2007 Fisheries economics and the ecosystem-based- approach - Experiences Typical Quote - Economist „Why we should care about the environment? We care about/

Address of Mr. Marwan Abdel Hamid Advisor of the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas.

Water Authority (also the previous water negotiator) which prevent him/her from solving urgent Palestinian water problems. Chapter Nine Conclusions and Proposed Solutions Before presenting a summary of the conclusions of the current situation and the proposed solutions, a quote/ jointly divide the water in both terms of availability and scarcity. Thus, if water is available, then it must be available for all based on fair and equitable principles. Alternatively, if there is water scarcity or drought, then/

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