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Resource Mobilization and Financial Reporting under the CBD Assessing biodiversity-related expenditures Sub-regional workshop on financial reporting and.

protection activities Group II: Resource management (RM) 10 Management of mineral and energy resources 11 Management of timber resources 12 Management of aquatic resources 13 Management of other biological resources (excluding timber and aquatic resources) 14 Management of water resources 15 Research and development activities for resource management 16 Other resource management activities 12/14/201523 Classification of Environmental Activities: overview of groups and classes 6 Protection of biodiversity/

1 Center for Research in Water Resources The University of Texas at Austin Water Management Information System for the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Basin Carlos.

: 34.916667 Latitude_Of_Origin: 31.166667 GCS_North_American_1983 Datum: D_North_American_1983 Prime Meridian: 0 10 Center for Research in Water Resources The University of Texas at Austin Rio Grande basin including HUC’S for /Water Resources The University of Texas at Austin Geodatabase components The Feature class can be represented as points, lines or polygons 22 Center for Research in Water Resources The University of Texas at Austin Geodatabase structure 23 Center for Research in Water Resources/

Resourceful. naturally. Protecting Non-Impaired Resources West Metro Water Alliance September 21, 2011 Greg Wilson, Barr Engineering Company.

will allow maintenance of beneficial uses Use is a function or activity in a water that is supported by level of water quality/numeric criteria –By default, all surface waters are protected as Class 2B (aquatic life and recreation) –Other uses include drinking water (Class 1), trout waters Class 2A) and outstanding resource value waters (ORVWs) These criteria are regulatory basis for management actions, including attainment decisions, TMDLs and NPDES/

Ecological Wetlands Streams & Rivers Other Surface Waters Terrestrial Habitat Threatened & Endangered Species Agency Coordination Categorical Exclusion.

or Recreational Rivers  Ohio Department Natural Resources (ODNR) o Navigable Rivers  U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Section 9 (Commercial)  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Section 10 (Commercial & Recreational) Categorical Exclusion Training Class 15 Online CE – Ecological Tab Streams/mitigation measures for the necessary in stream work within the scenic Stillwater River. ODNR Division of Soil & Water inquired if there would be impacts to other streams within the corridor. Other than the bridges carrying I-/

PRESENTATION TITLE Presented by: Name Surname Directorate Date Classification, Reserve & RQO determination of water resources in the Mvoti to Umzimkulu.

Medium to long term scenarios and evaluation are used to identify the implications of the TEC and Class for future development and use of the resource. 1. 5 WATER RESOURCE CLASS AND CATCHMENT CONFIGURATION NORTHERN CLUSTERS PES RE C TEC Nonoti Mhlali Mvoti Zinkwazi Mdlotane Seteni Bob’s Stream/met at 6 estuaries.  TEC is an improvement of the PES at 4 i.e. the REC is partially met.  TEC for 10 estuaries are an improvement of the PES.  TEC = PES but not REC at 4 estuaries.  TEC falls within the EF zone /

Stochastic Processes and Transition Probabilities D Nagesh Kumar, IISc Water Resources Planning and Management: M6L5 Stochastic Optimization.

the inflow in the period t belongs to class i and the inflow in period t + 1 goes to class j, divided by the number of times the inflow belongs to class i in period t. Example D Nagesh Kumar, IISc Water Resources Planning and Management: M6L5 7 A sequence of/ 20.330.50.17 Transition probability Matrix Steady State Probabilities D Nagesh Kumar, IISc Water Resources Planning and Management: M6L5 10 One can compute the probability of observing a flow in any interval at any period in the future given/


to protect of surface and ground water resources including coastal water resources with a participatory approach. The /water quality Short Term COD (3 years) Conductivity Water Quality Class 3 Colour Medium Term COD (5 years) Conductivity Water Quality Class 2 Colour Long Term All Parameters Water Quality Class 2 (10 years) Short Term COD (3 years) Conductivity Water Quality Class 3 Colour Medium Term COD (5 years) Conductivity Water Quality Class 2 Colour Long Term All Parameters Water Quality Class 2 (10/

Continuous Insulation (ci) & Water Vapor Control Applications of Building Science For Moisture Resistance & Energy Efficiency.

use of 1 perm or less vapor retarder on inside (warm-in-winter side) of assembly. – Same as Class I or Class II vapor retarder in U.S. codes – Polyethylene VR and AB commonly used Recognizes special design needed for buildings/ properties (e.g., actual water vapor permeance of a given product/material) Design is much more than just crunching numbers! Additional resources: – Moisture Control in Buildings, 2 nd Edition, Chapter 10, www.astm.orgwww.astm.org – Assessment of Water Vapor Control Methods for Modern/

This work is supported by a National Science Foundation (NSF) collaboration between the Directorates for Education and Human Resources (EHR) and Geosciences.

generation of engineering professionals – those responsible for planning, designing, managing, and operating water resources systems – a broader sensibility about the cultural climate in which they will operate/ discussion about other issues in the story Sense of camaraderie in class following this short story discussion Post-Pilot Reflections: Lessons learned from/ Walker (Mt. San Antonio College), Kirsten Menking (Vassar College)Wednesday, March 23 10:00 am Pacific | 11:00 am Mountain | 12:00 pm Central | 1/

Today’s class workLearning Target Do Now: Have your new Interactive Notebook and Your History book out on your desk. Voice Level (1) Make sure to write.

cascades. The eastern side is very dry because the clouds have already dumped their water. The Ring of Fire is a 30,000 mile long belt that most of/ even though Tacoma is technically positioned in a better location with more resources? April 17 th 2014 Today’s class workLearning Target Do Now: What led to labor riots and labor union/improving society?” 9.Why did women Advocate for prohibition? Why was it repealed in 1933? 10.Describe the 3 major reforms put in place by the Municipal League. 11.What are /

Battling the Bottle Battling exploitation by trans-national bottling corporations: a field guide for water activists on legal challenges to the bottled.

for the poor – reducing middle class and elite support for public water systems Elsewhere: beware the trap being set for the poor – reducing middle class and elite support for public water systems Taste: acquired, largely indistinguishable, tap water generally preferred Taste: acquired, largely indistinguishable, tap water generally preferred The Case Against Bottled Water: Water Resources Impacts Local water resources impacts/competition with other users Local water resources impacts/competition with other/

Science Delivery Opportunities Levels 7 – 10 Victorian Curriculum F–10 Online professional learning session Maria James Science Curriculum Manager.

framework Australian Curriculum and AusVELS Science Victorian Curriculum F - 10 Science StrandSub-strandStrandSub-strand Science Understanding Biological sciences Science Understanding /activity Efficiency of resource use Some of Earth’s resources are renewable, but others are non- renewable Water is an important resource that cycles through/of ideas and proposals, including the qualities of viability and workability Group/class discussion: So…...which nations contribute most to climate change?.... …and /

Water Resources Go, Katrina Lee, Rominick Yap, Jan Benedict.

Yap, Jan Benedict Water Resources in the Philippines The Philippines has – River basins 18 major river basins and 421 principal rivers – Lakes 79 lakes in the country utilized for fish production – 10 are the major host for aquaculture production – Groundwater total area of about 50,000 sq km recharged by rain and seepage from rivers and lakes. – Coastal and Marine Waters covers an area/

Rev. Control: 11/10/2014 HSD – OSP and Susan Richmond Teacher Directions Quarter 3 Pre-Assessment Grade Reading 12 Selected Response Items 1 Constructed.

it is permissible to pause and ask students if they have any questions. Resources needed: Chart paper, whiteboard, or chalkboard Markers or chalk One piece of /workers, as there were long hours, little pay, few bathrooms, and poor drinking water. He dedicated his life to improving the treatment, pay and working conditions for / Task, 2014; Arcema Tovar Rev. Control: 11/10/2014 HSD – OSP and Susan Richmond Narrative Writing Pre-Assessment Student and Class Scoring: School Year:Grade: Teachers Name: School: /

Overview of the Vermont Wetlands Program

formulate strategies or means for addressing issues within its jurisdiction. Water Resources Panel Authority 10 VSA 6025[d] Identification & Evaluation of Significant Wetlands The water resources panel may adopt rules, regarding the identification of wetlands which are/ present: Hydrology Soils Vegetation Field Work Presence or absence of wetland Jurisdictional determination of wetland class General location of wetland Options for avoiding wetland/buffer impacts Options for minimizing wetland/buffer impacts/

Please answer these questions honestly.

class or semester 2 things you are NOT looking forward to (or are nervous about) in this class /or for other products useful to humans. Started over 10,000 years ago Had a dramatic impact on human /Resource Depletion Pollution Loss of Biodiversity Resource Depletion Natural Resources are any natural materials that are used by humans water, petroleum, minerals, forests, & animals Said to be depleted when most of the resource has been used up Either renewable or nonrenewable resources Nonrenewable resources/

Water Rates and Rate Structures in Northeastern Illinois Presented by Margaret Schneemann Water Resource Economist Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant University.

of Water Bill Pricing Characteristics Customer Class Price Differentiation Billing Frequency Rate Structure Volumetric Charge Fixed Component Water Rates and Rate Structures in Northeastern Illinois - Conclusions Regulatory Environment Regional Water Authority Future Research Cost Study Scarcity Value Land Use Connections Water Rates and Rate Structures in Northeastern Illinois - Conclusions Water Rates and Rate Structures in Northeastern Illinois Presented by Margaret Schneemann Water Resource Economist/

Water Audit Software Training Workshop Presented by the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Atlanta, GA September 5 & 6, 2006 George Kunkel.

considered to be incompatible Accuracy Bands (%) Reliability Bands ABCD [0;1]A1** [1;5]A2B2C2** [5;10]A3B3C3D3 [10;25]A4B4C4D4 [25;50]** C5D5 [50;100]** D6 General Guidelines for Setting a Target ILI Value Target ILI RangeFinancial Considerations Operational Considerations Water Resource Considerations 1.0 -3.0 Water resources are costly to develop or purchase Operating with leakage above this level would require expansion of/

AusVELS Teaching depth studies Years 7 – 18 A few ideas

to the Andean elements. Sources for the Ancient Past Years: 6–10 Key curriculum links: Time, Continuity and Change; Culture; Investigation, / has been burnt to the ground, as has the water tower and the water treatment plant. Gas is leaking from pipes underground and /Resource Material This resource for teachers provides an overview of the Viking era, information about key artefacts and contains questions for class discussions. Australian National Maritime Museum - Viking Traders An interactive resource/

Chapter 14 Water.

of population sizes and shares of the world’s freshwater among the continents. Figure 14-2 Percent of worlds water resources and population Continent 36% Asia 60.5% 10% Africa 14% 8% Europe 11.3% 15% North and Central America 7.3% Figure 14.2 Natural/ All-American Canal Gulf of California MEXICO Fig. 14-14, p. 318 How Would You Vote? To conduct an instant in-class survey using a classroom response system, access “JoinIn Clicker Content” from the PowerLecture main menu for Living in the Environment. Do/


discharge of 3400 m3/s. There is rather good data on the Finnish water resources meaning the presently available total amount of surface water and groundwater. Of the most important phases of the water circulation, some records of precipitation and runoff (discharge) began already in the /map. The quality class wasimproved in 1220 km2 of lakes, 822 km of rivers and 890 km2 of sea area. At the same time, there was a deterioration in water quality in 690 km2 of lakes, 960 km of rivers and 10 450 km2 of sea/

Pacific Northwest Section Training Coordination Committee Leveraging Limited Resources to Provide Excellence and Value.

 18+ years of water treatment experience  Privilege and honor to work for an organization that values education and growth  Spend close to 10% of my time training other operators…  Including teaching classes for State Drinking Water Personnel A Bit About Me/to teach their classes or teach additional sessions in their area if interest is high The Training Coordination Committee  Putting members in touch with resources…  Finding other agencies in the Section that are providing water/wastewater education /


that brings huge profits to the bottling companies and huge consumption of resources for the country, as well as high levels of pollution-induced and consumption of resources. Picture 3 – Some bottles of water 6 Diletta L. Class IV A Picture 4 – Save water for the future One of the reasons why the bottled water market has been so successful is for the alleged security of/

Online Counseling Resource YCMOU ELearning Drive… School of Architecture, Science and Technology Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik.

neutral & essentially insoluble in water. © 2007, YCMOU. All Rights Reserved.7 School of Science and Technology, Online Counseling Resource… Structure of Triacylglycerol  /spleen. © 2007, YCMOU. All Rights Reserved.10 School of Science and Technology, Online Counseling Resource… Be Aware………..  Abnormally high levels of /glycerol is linked through an ether bond.  There are three major classes of plasmologens: 1.Phosphatidalcholines 2.Phosphatidalethanolamines 3.Phosphatidalserines  These are found/

WATER QUALITY (B&C) Freshwater WATER QUALITY (B&C) Freshwater KAREN LANCOUR National Bio Rules Committee Chairman Joyce Bock Clinton River Watershed Council.

allowed. Part 1: Freshwater and Estuary Ecology Areas such as: – Freshwater Ecology – Aquatic Food Chains and Webs – Population Dynamics – Community Interactions – Nutrient Recycling – Water Cycle – Aquatic Chemistry and its implications for life – Potable Water Treatment – Waste Water Treatment – Watershed Resource Management Issues – Sedimentation Pollution – Exotic/invasive/harmful species General Principles of Freshwater and Estuary Ecology ECOLOGY ECOLOGY – how organisms interact with one another and/

World Class The Post-Macondo World 40388 James W. Noe Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer ww.herculesoffshore.com Executive.

resources  Loss of subsistence use of natural resources  Lost government revenues resulting form destruction of property or natural resource injury  Lost profits and earnings resulting form property loss or resource injury  Cost of providing extra public services during or after spill response 33 U.S.C. 2702(b) World Class 10/released September 14, 2011 – expected to generate additional regulatory changes 2 1.Deep Water, The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling, Recommendations, the /


22, 2014 – Tom Butt VAPOR RETARDER CLASSES Class I: 0.1 perm or less (sheet polyethylene, non-peforated aluminum foil) Class II: 0.1 < perm < 1.0 perm (kraft-faced fiberglass batts) Class III: 1.0 < perm < 10 perm (latex or enamel paint) D/ thermal insulation, air resistance, water resistance and vapor permeance is beyond the capability of most building professionals. I hope this helps D+D May 22, 2014 – Tom Butt Interactive Resources Questions? Tom Butt, FAIA Interactive Resources 510/236-7435 Tom.butt@/

Environmental Regulation and Hydraulic Fracturing in California

Fracking is a concern because of serious impacts on groundwater and surface water resources. At least 1000 instances of water contamination caused by fracking and drilling throughout the United States. Other/ gas production (i.e. fracking) is not regulated by the UIC as Class II well, except when diesel fuels are used in fracking fluids (exemption in/treatments Narrow definition of protected water (10,000 mg/L TDS) – should be expanded to include all federal and state waters with beneficial uses, regardless /

1 WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN TURKEY. Scope 2 Current Situation Analysis of Water Quality Management Current potential of water resources Quality of water.

between 2001 and 2011 Use of Agricultural Fertilizers Factors affecting the quality of water resources in Turkey Plant Protection Products Ergene Basin Water quality is IV. class Works of Establishing Domestic WWTPE and Improved Industrial Estate Joint WWTP are ongoing / on Fishery Products (Official Gazette dated 03.10.1995 – No. 22223) By-Law on Bathing Water Quality (OG dated 03/10/1995 – No. 22223) By-Law on Quality of Surface Water from Where Drinking Water Obtained or Planned to Be Obtained (Official /

Geo-Spatial Assessment of the Impact of Land Cover Dynamics and the Distribution of Land Resources on Soil and Water Quality in the Santa Fe River Watershed.

Analysis Module 3 Objective Characterize the geographic position and distribution of land resources to understand spatial relationships between watershed characteristics and water quality data Materials Surface water and ground water quality data from SRWMD Surface Water Quality Observations Time frame of observations: 1989 to 2003 Sub-Basin Attributes Land use / land cover class (2000) Soil order (SSURGO) Geology Mean, maximum and minimum DRASTIC values Mean, maximum/

Bio & E/E Warm-Up: 8/26/10 FACT: Biology is the study of life.

ORGANISMS GOING AGAINST EACH OTHER FOR RESOURCES) What are 3 major reasons that animals compete? (FOOD/WATER, TERRITORY, MATES) E/E Warm-Up #1: 9/7/10 FACT: Atlantic Ocean hurricanes usually form near west Africa as a result of heavy water evaporation, which forms huge clouds. /“I did best with _____________.” “I most need to work on ____________.” What is your goal for the final quarter in this class? What are you going to do differently (or continue to do well) in order to reach this goal? EOQ-3 Data WSFCS/

JOINT FORCE MINNESOTA Resource Handbook Designed For

IV. Trailers V. Tracked Vehicles VI. Water Purification Units VII. Pumps VIII. Generators IX. Tentage JOINT FORCE RESOURCE HANDBOOK MINNESOTA NATIONAL GUARD ACTIVATION PROCEDURES The Governor/ J-3 = Joint Plans and Operations Officer CFC = City of the First Class SAD = State Active Duty CAMP RIPLEY Camp Ripley, located seven miles north of/gal USES: Mobile fuel station, diesel only. Excellent off-road capability. M984A1 TRUCK, WRECKER 10-TON, RECOVERY, 8X8, HEMTT, W/WINCH ENGINE: Diesel, V8, Liquid-Cooled, 2/

Site And Situation.

water on three sides. This provided both cities with excellent defences, as they only had a thin neck of land to defend. Resources The idea of resources covers a huge number of different things. For early settlers the most important resources/ a clustering of cities with a population of over 10 million people e.g. Tokyo. Hierarchy The hierarchy/)’ - has 2 sections: 1 - wholesale light manufacturing (transitional) 2 - low class residential (old inner city areas): - 19 Century terraced buildings - no gardens - /

Water: Resources and Water Pollution

the twenty-first century. By 2025, two-thirds of all humans could be living in places where water resources are inadequate. 11-13 13 The Colorado River System LAKE MEAD, Nev. — The sinuous Colorado/ reduces oxygen in water greatly Classes of Water Pollution 3. water-soluble inorganic chemicals acids, salts, compounds of toxic metals (mercury & lead) Classes of Water Pollution 4. Inorganic plant nutrients water-soluble nitrates, phosphates from where do these originate? Classes of Water Pollution 5. organic/

Implementation of the Water Resources Classification System and Determination of the Resource Quality Objectives for Significant Water Resources in the.

low flows from Scenario 6 (PES to REC) and add high flow event Scenario 10 (6 of 6) Water Resource Infrastructure: – Raising of Tzaneen Dam – Nwamitwa Dam implemented – Additional transfer to Polokwane/Water Requirements Socio-Economic Water Requirements Catchment Resource Availability Protection Management Class (Decision) Use Water Resources Network Model (example) Monthly time step All water use Groundwater use Return flows Magoebaskloof Vergelegin Hans Merensky Tzaneen Thabina Noord Canal NN Canal Water/

Wetland Ecosystem Services Protocol Paul Adamus, Ph.D. Graduate Faculty, Water Resources Graduate Program Oregon State University and Adamus Resource Assessment,

Services Protocol Paul Adamus, Ph.D. Graduate Faculty, Water Resources Graduate Program Oregon State University and Adamus Resource Assessment, Inc. adamus7@comcast.net in collaboration with: /water is present (select one): One depth class (use the classes in F12) comprises >90% of the AA’s inundated area One depth class comprises >50% of the AAs inundated area Neither of above Slope from Disturbed Lands The land slope in the area from the AA edge to the closest disturbance feature that comprises >10/

Welcome to Class! Federal On-Scene Coordinator Representative Training

Major Coastal <10,000 ≥ 10,000 and < 100,000 >100,000 Inland <1,000 ≥ 1,000 and < 10,000 >10,000 Reportable Quantity: A discharge that causes a sheen upon or discoloration of the surface of the water or adjoining shorelines/hazardous waste operations (HAZWOPER standards). Federal On-Scene Coordinator Representative Training Federal On-Scene Coordinator Representative Training Legal Class Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Primary law governing disposal of solid and hazardous waste passed in 1976 /

The New Isolated Wetlands Regulatory Program Andrew Pelloso James Robb Liz Elverson Indiana Department of Environmental Management Office of Water Quality.

Regulatory Program - Office of Water Quality Class II Isolated Wetlands Significantly Disturbed Minimally Disturbed Low Quality Rare & Important Class III Class II Class I  Defined as:  Not a Class I or Class III wetland  Would meet the Class I definition if the wetland / where possible, no punctuation  Ten (10) point font 65-42 WQS JOHN SMITH PO BOX 999 123 S MAIN AVE GREENWOOD IN 41206 Wetlands Regulatory Program - Office of Water Quality Water Resources Worksheet Refer to the example handout  /

Pending: Major Grade Project Due Friday Due Friday: 11/02/2012 – 3:45 1.Create your own layered anatomical presentation (2D or 3D [3D + 10 overall]) 2.All.

Birth Rate > Death Rate Population Growth Graphs C: Slow-down of growth as population maxes out its resources, like food, water, or light Birth Rate > Death Rate Population Growth Graphs D: Population reaches the maximum number supported by/class If you are not helping your group, you need to be working on your major grade project due Friday. Bellwork: 10/21/2011 Collect the following data: Chlorine (Fresh water only) Salt Water Tanks Only: DO- Phosphate Turbidity- Salinity Nitrate- Calcium Nitrite- Water/

A Growth Path Towards Full Employment

considered when targeting sectors: Labour intensity Skill intensity Value-addition Export-Import orientation Redistribution Water and Energy Intensity—environmental sustainability considerations Proposed Baseline Industrial Structure Proposed Policies to Support Industrial/ordination Social Policy Proposals Education Universal free education Early Childhood Development Infrastructure and resourcing backlogs Reduce class sizes Teacher development Healthcare Focus on HIV/AIDS Community Care Workers State-led/

Raccolta di articoli in inglese scritti dalla Classe 3 A Anno scolastico 2004 – 2005 Prof. Enrica Puppo PILLS.

ARTIC FOX 8 THE KILLER WHALE LUDOVICA BRUNAMONTI 9 CLOUDS OR UFOS? 10 WHEN SCIENCE BECOMES A SHOW FRANCESCA BUTERA 11 THE LATEST LITERAY CASE / TACCONE In ancient Egypt there were various diets. People from all of the classes could choose among many tasty dishes. Edda Bresciani, the teacher of Egyptology at/Water Day”. This is a global celebration of the most important recommendations of “Fresh Water Resources” of United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The theme in 2005 is “Water/

Integrated Resource Plan Technical Conference 2 October 4, 2011.

Resource Plan (IRP) Overview IRP Charter “We will create an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) that provides clear direction for Halifax Water and its rate-payers on the resources required to develop world-class cost-effective water/ years Office equipment, transportation3 – 10 years Pumping equipment5 – 20 years Treatment works equipment10 – 20 years Water meters20 – 25 years Service connections50 – 60 years Distribution reservoirs75 years Structures, buildings50 – 100 years Water, wastewater & storm pipes60 – /


-Short Answer Questions -ONE extended response question worth 6-10 marks. NB/ In Section B questions may be stand /SUGAR Sugars are simple carbohydrates that easily dissolve in water. Functions of starches include: Sweetness Aeration Preservation Caramelisation /Assessor’s Report for Tips ..these are on Compass resources or vcaa website! Preparing to sit the exam! /Difference test -Profiling test Report findings back to the class! Class Activity 6: Internet Supermarket Walk. Using an online supermarket/


M$)00.171 Irrigated area (ha)0.2910 GWL draw-down (m)10.430 Marketing opportunities100.5 People displaced010.75 Environmental deterioration010.75 Flood security (T/ push the salinity front inwards making Bagda production profitable in more areas;  Water resources management scenario: Likely increase in the Gorai flow will push salinity front downstream making/ lengths around Dhaka and lower Atrai, all are in SW and SC regions Class-IV: The Ganges, Atrai and Old Brahmaputra (upto Mymensingh) 4.2 Navigation/


gas from the injection zone. Single-well permits are typically submitted for Class II disposal wells, but COGCC’s rules accommodate applications for multiple well/with about 30 required items of sumbitta If the total dissolved solids is below 10,000 ppm, the formation has the potential to be considered an aquifer Casing/ injected water is coming from – requires water analysis -Division of Water Resources is our expertise for evaluating that the well will not contaminate any aquifers or drinking water wells in/

2007.04.10 - SLIDE 1IS 240 – Spring 2007 Prof. Ray Larson University of California, Berkeley School of Information Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 am - 12:00.

, and libraries. Potential: Impact on state-wide environmental system (CERES ) 2007.04.10 - SLIDE 5IS 240 – Spring 2007 The Environmental Library - Users/Contributors California Resources Agency, California Environment Resources Evaluation System (CERES) California Department of Water Resources The California Department of Fish & Game SANDAG UC Water Resources Center Archives New Partners: CDL and SDSC 2007.04.10 - SLIDE 6IS 240 – Spring 2007 The Environmental Library - Contents Environmental technical/

What’s a Business Environment (and why do we have to take this class)? BA 385: What’s a Business Environment (and why do we have to take this class)? Introduction.

Review Contact information Textbook and Reading Material Assignments and Grading Readings Personal Info Form How to Succeed in This Class (next slide) Four Habits of Highly Successful Students 1.) Good psychological research continuously demonstrates that attitudes often follow/ 1908 Ford Model T 1999 World pop reaches 6 B 2200 World pop Reaches 10 B Inputs, Outputs, and Waste - U.S. example Resources Fossil fuels Water Metals Minerals Wood Other Products Wastes Gases Liquids Solids Consumed 5% 95% Annual /

Source Water Protection Best Management Practices and Other Measures for Protecting Drinking Water Supplies.

can help evaluate candidate SSAs WATER TABLE Brine - Salt Water (>10,000 TDS) DRY AQUIFER USDW BRINE Underground Source of Drinking Water <10,000 TDS What is the UIC Program and Why is it Significant? Source: GWPC Class II EOR Well Oil /, identify those that: –Address the primary contaminants and/or PCAs of concern –Can be readily implemented with the resources available Identify short-term and long-term actions Incorporate into Plan Selecting Management Measures Non-Regulatory –Good housekeeping practices –/

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

support decision making for planning and management of land use, natural resources, environment, transportation, urban facilities, and other administrative records Why /GIS Functions Sub-functions Data Acquisition Remote Sensing and GIS in Water Management © Dr. Saiful Islam, IWFM, BUET Basic Functions of/ there should be an inheritance relationship. abstraction : objects, classes and super classes are to be generated by classification, generalization, association and / 2,147,483,645,000 10 214,748,364.5 100 /

Announcements Fisheries problem is due now Fisheries problem is due now No class on Wednesday No class on Wednesday Problem set is due in your TA’s box.

erosion What is topsoil? Topsoil is a semi-renewable resource Topsoil is a semi-renewable resource A horizonA horizon Good water retentionGood water retention Easy root penetrationEasy root penetration Rich in organic /1” = 2.54 cm1” = 2.54 cm 1 m 2 = 10,000 cm 21 m 2 = 10,000 cm 2 1 acre = 4070 m 21 acre = 4070 m 2/animals that are used for food, fiber, or other purposes Resource management There are 3 different classes of resources: Renewable Renewable airair Semi-renewable: renewable if not over-harvested /

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