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extraction from existing wells Hydraulic fracturing for oil and shale gas Offshore drilling in increasingly deep waters Moving into ice-free waters of the Arctic Exploiting “unconventional” fossil fuel sources These efforts reduce the EROI of fuels,/ economies of nations The United States is also working to provide its own energy The government has enacted conservation measures and funded research into renewable energy sources Companies are doing secondary extraction at wells Dependence on foreign energy/

DNR Office of Conservation 1 Ground Water Resources Commission Meeting Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto Wilcox Aquifer Well Sampling and Testing Activity i.1,100 Wells in 2 years ii.Water Quality DNR Office of Conservation Louisiana Ground Water Monitoring Network Other Resources 1.LSU – Shreveport Monitoring Wells 2.St. Tammany Parish Requirements 3.Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission Conservation Water Well Location & Use Evaluation Order of the Commissioner – Require Additional Information As Needed, Case by Case DNR/

Southwest Florida Water Management District Rule Development Workshop Water Use Permitting August 22, 2013.

programs. Applicant’s Handbook Part B Specific Changes Public Water Supply Water Conservation Plan Requirements (Standard Water Conservation Plan) Consist of five elements: 1.Water Conservation Public Education Program 2.Outdoor water use reduction program 3.Rate Structure which promotes efficient use 4.Water loss reduction program 5.Indoor water conservation program Applicant’s Handbook Part B Specific Changes Public Water Supply Water Conservation Plan Requirements (Goal-Based) Allows the selection of/


natural condition Surface use except for purposes that permit the land or water area to remain predominantly in its natural condition Section 704.06 Prohibits: Activities detrimental to drainage, flood control, water conservation, erosion control, soil conservation, or fish and wildlife habitat preservation Activities detrimental to drainage, flood control, water conservation, erosion control, soil conservation, or fish and wildlife habitat preservation Acts or uses detrimental to such/

Southwest Florida Water Management District Rule Development Workshop Water Use Permitting May 2013.

WMDs. Updated definitions and acronyms. Clarified existing rule language. Revised Public Water Supply Water Conservation language to be consistent with other WMDs. Included Reuse Language (substitution Credits/Water Supply Water Conservation Plan Requirements Goal-Based Water Conservation Plan A public water supply Applicant may, propose a goal-based water conservation plan in lieu of a standard water conservation plan. The elements and implementation schedule for a goal- based water conservation/

Photo Courtesy of the Vermont Land Trust The Berlin Pond Watershed Conservation Project.

plant begins operation. 2001 - Source Protection Plan for Berlin Pond written. 2001 - Source Protection Plan for Berlin Pond written. 2002 – Water Conservation Study and Plan written. 2002 – Water Conservation Study and Plan written. 2004 – Heindel and Noyes Water Supply Evaluation 2004 – Heindel and Noyes Water Supply Evaluation Impact of Further Development on Berlin Pond Sediment Sediment Petroleum products Petroleum products Salt Salt Bacteria Bacteria Toxic chemical/

C ONSERVATION D ISTRICT P ARTNERS. Conservation Districts partner with many local and statewide groups and organizations. (The Building Partnership module.

and disburse any funds that may be made available to the state board of assisting conservation districts in the conservation of soil and water resources of the state of Colorado and to defray expenses of the state board and its/ to undertake development of watershed flood prevention and underground water storage projects, both on its own initiative and in response to requests submitted to the board by one or more soil or water conservation districts, flood prevention or control districts, boards of/

HANDLING CONSERVATION DISTRICT FUNDS OVERVIEW  KRS Statutes  County Funds  State Funds  Other Funds  5 things to remember.

for any other use without written request and approval. Direct Aid requires a quarterly report to the Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Personnel Support- MUST be utilized for employment support of district personnel that the funds were approved for, / for any other use without written request and approval. Direct Aid requires a quarterly report to the Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Office Support May only be used for rent, lease, mortgage payments, utilities, office supplies and maintenance./

Pasadena Water and Power 1 Water Supply Update and Water Conservation Plan Open Space Commission June 8, 2009.

development offsets, ordinances (e.g., ROR) Indoor/Outdoor Use reductions from combination of cash incentives, landscape ordinance, audits, education, etc. Pasadena Water and Power 29 Comprehensive Water Conservation Plan Questions? Pasadena Water and Power 30 Backup Slides Follow Pasadena Water and Power 31 Reclaim Water Project Status At Risk Due to Budget Constraints Commencing Long-Term Initiatives:  Supply Contract Negotiations: Complete 7/10  Policies & Codes: Adopt/

The State of Water Conservation in the State’s Capitol Sacramento Regional Issues October 7, 2010October 7, 2010 Tom Gohring, Water ForumTom Gohring, Water.

; $ computations depend on whether at build-out Marginal Cost ComponentsMarginal Cost Components Water Conservation CostsWater Conservation Costs Surface Water Build-Out Groundwater Water Conservation CostsWater Conservation Costs Build-Out Groundwater Water Conservation CostsWater Conservation Costs Surface Water Build-Out Water Conservation CostsWater Conservation Costs Surface Water Groundwater Water Conservation EconomicsWater Conservation Economics Add Supply or Reduce Demand (20 %) by 2020 Don’t need/

Agricultural Water Use

designing/implementing the practice. Electronic field office technical guide (eFOTG) http://efotg.sc.egov.usda.gov/efotg_locator.aspx. www.nrcs.usda.gov USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Water Conservation Practices Irrigation systems – Micro, sprinkler & flood Replace inefficient system with new system Pipeline Replace leaky ditch or old concrete pipe with PVC Lined ditch Concrete or plastic lined Particularly effective/

The value and challenges of quantitatively assessing water conservation programs: an example from lawn water restrictions in southeast Florida Dr. Tara.

165 households in this 16 week study Recommendations/needs Need for continued research into effectiveness of various water conservation strategies Increased use of scientific research in design of water conservation programs Importance of quantifiable targets for water conservation programs Importance of easily understandable metrics to assess the effectiveness of water conservation programs Role of CER Recommendations/needs Benefits of approach like CER Flexible target Can be tied to/

Annual Conference October 2011 Water Services Training Group 15 th Annual Conference Water Services in Ireland – Organisational modernisation and new.

3 Mains Rehabilitation Phased Mains Rehabilitation Annual Conference October 2011 In 1996 Waterford City was one of the locations chosen to pilot a water conservation programme. In 1996 Waterford City was one of the locations chosen to pilot a water conservation programme. The first demonstration in Ireland of trenchless technology took place in the City on 800m of main. The first demonstration in Ireland/


(WVG) - PUB works with the community and grassroots organisations to form VWGs, which conduct house visits to educate homeowners on water conservation practices and assist in the installation of water saving devices. http://www.pub.gov.sg/conserve/Households/Pages/WaterVolunteerGroup.aspx    ∙ Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (MWELS) - MWELS was introduced in 2009 to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions and encourage suppliers to/

Pasadena Water and Power Workshop on Implementation of Level 2 Water Supply Shortage Plan City Council May 18, 2015 Item 24.

Water and Power Current Water Conservation Rebates 32 Blank Pasadena Water and Power Current Water Education Programs 33 Pasadena Water and Power City Fountain Shut Off & Signage 34 City Hall & Glenarm Fountains Pasadena Water and Power New Water Conservation Campaign 35 Pasadena Water and Power New Water Conservation Campaign 36 Pasadena Water/Pasadena Full program will be launched in July 44 Water Conservation Programs in Development Pasadena Water and Power Streamlined Turf Removal for City Facilities /

The DuPage Water Commission Water Journey to your Tap February 24, 2015 Technical Presentation by: Terry McGhee & Jenessa Rodriguez Jenessa Rodriguez DuPage.

education programs were developed, combining conservation measures (hardware) with educational materials (incentive) Conservation Education Program 1 – Water Pledge Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility. There are two groups asked to make a water conservation pledge: Your Water Utility You How can you /a simple, easy way to check your toilet for leaks! Packets that can be found at the Water Conservation table. Dye tablets (or food coloring) helps determine if Dye tablets (or food coloring) helps /

Mass and Energy Analysis of Control Volumes. 2 Conservation of Energy for Control volumes The conservation of mass and the conservation of energy principles.

0.2 MPa. What are the required steam and cold water flow rates? Steam 1 Cold water 2 Saturated water 3 Control surface Mixing chamber Control Volume: The mixing chamber Property Relation: Steam tables Process: Assume steady-flow, adiabatic mixing, with no work Conservation Principles: Conservation of mass: 36 Conservation of energy: According to the sketched control volume, mass crosses the control surface. Neglecting kinetic and/

Partners in Conservation Training Module 3. Partners in Conservation Purpose of Partnerships: Skills and resources needed for natural resource conservation.

.dec.ny.gov/about/661.html NYS Dept. of Health (DOH)www.health.ny.gov NYS Dept. of State (DOS)www.dos.ny.gov NYS Soil & Water Conservation Committee (SWCC)www.nys-soilandwater.org Resource Conservation & Development Area Councils (RC&D)www.nyrcd.org State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)www.nysparks.com/shpo SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry (ESF)www.esf.edu/


energy savings can quickly pay back your investment. Make sure you have a faucet aerator on each faucet. These inexpensive appliances conserve heat and water, while keeping water pressure high. Plant drought-tolerant native plants in your garden. Many plants need minimal watering. Find out which occur naturally in your area. 3.)  Keep electronics out of the trash. Keep your cell phones, computers, and/

Water for 2060— Oklahoma Planning Perspective February 20, 2015 JULIE CUNNINGHAM, CHIEF Planning & Management Division Oklahoma Water Resources Board OML.

and > population growth Seasonal rate structure, plumbing codes, leak reduction Per-capita consumption dropped by 20% EPA Case Studies in Water Conservation Source: EPA Cases in Water Conservation 2002 Drought management plans (with specific tier triggers for water restrictions, including banning all outdoor water use) (e,g OKC, Duncan, and many others) Emergency water supply plans (e.g., Palo Alto, CA, Central Lake County, IL) Enforcement of/

NRCS Farm Irrigation Rating Index

and procedures originated as a result of a west wide water conservation emphasis program during the 1980’s The Results Farm Irrigation Rating Index (FIRI) Assist Offices Plan water management improvements Estimate water conserved by improved management Estimate the runoff and deep percolation /x .99 x 1 x 1.08 = 1.069 FIRI = 75 x 0.737 x 1.069 = 59.1 Compute the water conserved Water conserved with seasonal net irrigation of 2 ac-feet/ac Present Ac-ft / ac Future Ac-ft / ac Guide lines for deep percolation/

Opinion Writing in Grades 1-3: Conserving Water Adapted by Angel Peavler and Jean Wolph from NWP i3 College Ready Writers Program materials KWP RSPDI.

makes me think) Partner Talks Scaffolded writing: First I Thought, Then I Learned, Now I Think) SHOULD WE CONSERVE WATER? 3 shared readings (image, podcast, article) Mini-Unit Overview Writing Standards Emphasized in the Mini-Unit Write opinion/ about water conservation? Mini-Unit Sequence Starting Our Flip Book Should we conserve water? Write this on the flap. This is our research question. Should we conserve water? What do you think? Think-Pair-Share Page 1 of Our Flip Book Should we conserve water? First/

Growth Management-oriented Water Conservation and Reuse: Operationalizing Integrated Watershed and Water Resources Management Policy in Oregon Presented.

development patterns through comprehensive planning and zoning codes that encourage more dense development patterns. Using design review codes that encourage native plantings and water conserving landscaping will result in less outdoor watering per acre inside (Metro’s) Urban Growth Boundary. (Stickel, 2004). …modernizing the building code is the tip of the iceberg! Operationalizing IWWRM Policy in Oregon Due, in part, to the /


grazing area and marginal lands 1.Wetland e.g Hadejia – Nguru. Wet land have marshy soil with permanent or seasonal water, its conservation is essential for survival of plants and animals including man. USES OF WET LAND 1.In Alluvia soil - Fadama is / extent of an adequate buffer zone. The need for the buffer zone to serve other protective functions, such as soil and water conservation or fire-break protection. The need to contain wildlife species likely to move out of the reserve. The reasonable needs of /

Conserving Water: How to Plan and Implement Cost-Effective Programs Mary Ann Dickinson Executive Director Alliance for Water Efficiency.

: Educate the Public Public Information Programs  Provide speakers, advertising, and other information to promote water conservation School Education Programs  Work with school districts by providing materials for water conservation instruction The Right Consumer Messages Are Important Message: Largest indoor water use  28% of indoor water use is toilet flushing with potable water  Older toilets are 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush  Federal standard since 1992 is/

Northwest Power and Conservation Council 6 th Plan Conservation Resource Cost- Effectiveness Conservation Resource Advisory Committee March 12, 2009.

41/MWh »Residential Space Heating - $41/MWh –High End »Central AC - $78/MWh »Solar Water Heating - $74/MWh Northwest Power and Conservation Council slide 43 Impact of Bulk Transmission System T&D on Power System Value Assumed Bulk Transmission System /AC - $0.00/MWh –High end »Residential Space Heating - $1.05/MWh »Residential Water Heating - $0.52/MWh Northwest Power and Conservation Council slide 44 Local Transmission and Distribution Benefits There is value in delaying utility investments in local /

1 State Water Resources Control Board Environmental Review Process for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Program Presented by Lisa Lee, Environmental.

with documentation that the project is consistent with the state’s coastal zone management plan 53 Coastal Zone Management Act, continued State Water Board required to consult with the California Coastal Commission and/or the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, to obtain a consistency determination (if the applicant has not yet completed the process).  Local (Local Coastal Program) and/or/

Water Conservation Starts with YOU! Jed Rau, Conservation Technician Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District.

to wetness. So fix the drainage problems with grading, plant with sod- forming grass, legumes etc and harvest hay rather than getting tractor stuck or losing productive acreage Agricultural Water Conservation Practices Cropland Water Conservation Streambank stabilization – stream eroding into crop fields? Pull the bank back, shape, add appropriately sized rip-rap, plant strip of grass 35’ wide between crops and altered stream bank/

Water Conservation Planning June 3, 2008 Lee Keck Division of Water Supply.

daily demand (or meet other requirements) 1200-5-1-.17(37) – Demonstrate viability (CD Rule) SDWA Rules Related to Water Supply and Conservation Legislative Mandates focusing on drought management, water conservation and regional water development include: HB 2669 SB 3613 HB 4209 Drought Management Planning, Water Conservation and Regional Water Development are inter-related. Each plan depends on the other, or is a contingency of another. What is/

Soil Characteristics, Degradation, and Conservation.

Provides farmers with an opportunity to receive money for taking highly erodible land out of production and using water and soil conservation acts with it. Protects topsoil from erosion Protects a lot of natural resources Protects many lakes, rives,/ Program 1996 This is mainly for farmers and ranchers who are facing threats with their soil, water and natural resources. Provides a conservation program for farmers and ranchers that would like to promote agricultural production and environmental quality as a/

Module 7: Partners in Conservation Conservation District Supervisor Accreditation.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources Mission is to protect public health and the environment by providing assessment, financial assistance, and regulation. Administers water resources management, non- point source and water quality programs, environmental regulation and water rights. Funds may be available to conservation districts. Administers the EPA 319 Program that provides grants to implement non-point source projects and programs under the Clean/

Prepared for Enterprise Community Partners. Enterprise Community Partners | 2GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Energy Conservation Learning Objectives Identify.

losses increase on cold days Very susceptible to backdrafting, spilling carbon monoxide Typically poorly installed, maintained Enterprise Community Partners | 39GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING: Energy Conservation Modular Boilers/Systems Can Be Inefficient Most are one appliance, not modular Maintaining boiler water temperature probably largest system expense Confusing control equipment Most do not have night setback First cost inexpensive, lifetime expensive Enterprise Community Partners | 40GREEN/

Conserving our soil Soil Conservation Poster. Filter Strip Conservation Practices Filter strips are strips of grass, trees, or shrubs that filter or clean.

cover for small birds and animals Ground cover reduces soil erosion The vegetative strip moves rowcrop operations farther from a stream. Vegetation prevents contaminants from entering water bodies, protecting water quality Soil Erosion Water Quality WildlifeWildlife Contour Stripcropping Conservation Practices Contour stripcropping is crop rotation and contouring combined in equal- width strips of corn or soybeans planted on the contour and alternated with strips/

H2OhNo! A Draft Poster Presentation by Greg Hill-Ries, Beloit College “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water” – Benjamin Franklin Introduction:

demonstrate the scarcity of freshwater and the alarming global trend towards water scarcity: Conservation Water conservation is a popular idea with environmentalists, who want to cut our consumption of water by eliminating waste. Opposition to conservation is more complex. Most opponents of water conservation are industrial and agricultural users of water who contend that they need to use water to provide essential services. Most manufactured goods require the use of/


many families to experience nature and wildlife near their own communities. There are over 100 miles of trails in the PA Highlands. Conserving the Highlands protects the water and air and keeps wildlife healthy. Plants and animals and people need clean water from rivers and lakes to survive. 21 Highlands Coalition | www.highlandscoalition.org Bad development threatens places where people & wildlife live The/

Castle Pines North Metropolitan District Integrated Water Resources Plan Community Meeting No. 1 November 7, 2005.

Non-renewable GW Recharge to GW Storage: Chatfield, Rueter-Hess 6. Upcoming IWRP Project Activities and Community Meetings Schedule Task 1 – Future Water Demand Projections Task 2 – Water Conservation Strategies Task 3 – Groundwater Sustainability Analysis Task 4 – Prepare the Integrated Water Resources Plan Community Involvement SepOctNovDecJanFebMarApr 2 0 0 5 2 0 0 6 Community Meeting Dates Content & Objectives of Each Community Meeting u/

Board of Water and Soil Resources Senate Environment, Economic Development and Agriculture Division Sarah Strommen, Assistant Director John Jaschke, Executive.

funds: $1.11M Program / project grants to local governments Agency operations Proposed FY14-15 General Fund Resource protection, rules and laws: $7.95M Local water management: $7.66M Board administration and agency operations $7.54M Land and water conservation projects : $3.12M Resource protection, rules and laws: $7.95M Coordinate state support to local governments for implementation of state rules and laws  Natural/

IPPTA Zonal Seminar Ahmedabad 6 th & 7 th August 2015 IPPTA Zonal Seminar Ahmedabad 6 th & 7 th August 2015 Water Management and Recycling Practices ITC.

& Welfare Information system Admin Customer Service Cell Office Pillar Team Service Effectiveness Team 7 Approach for Water Conservation Idea Generation Internal/TEI PACT/AET - Kaizens Water Audits Campaigns/ Posters Training EMS/EMC Review ExternalTrainingSeminarsCompetitions Water Conservation Technique Recycle Reuse Reduce Recharge 4 R – Technique Water Conservation “Reduce” Reduce 10 Water Conservation “Reduce” The activities involved under this category are; To identify the required sizes of nozzles/

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Chapter 11 Water 11.2 Water Use and Management.

killed. If a dam bursts, the people living along the river below may be killed. Water Conservation As water sources become depleted, water becomes more expensive. As water sources become depleted, water becomes more expensive. This is because wells must be dug deeper, water must be piped greater distances, and polluted water must be cleaned up before it can be used. This is because wells must be dug/

WATER LAW Robert Hirschfeld and Sarah Painter and Sarah Painter.

an actionable tort, and a riparian owner may join several polluters as joint tort-feasors. Michigan Citizen’s for Water Conservation v. Nestle Waters North America, 479 Mich. 280 (Mich. 2007). A Water Conservation Organization and its member property owners brought an action against a spring water bottling company for an injunction against pumping groundwater. The plaintiffs alleged that by pumping groundwater, the bottling company was/

City of Indianapolis Department of Waterworks Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency as Pollution Prevention The View from a Drinking Water Utility Cultural.

?  Option A: Increase capacity and treatment methods with new systems at existing facilities.  Option B: Increase capacity and treatment with new treatment plants to meet demand  Option C: Seek out water conservation measures to maximize current system capacity.  Solution: A combination of all three, with an emphasis on Option C. City of Indianapolis Department of Waterworks 9 Strategic Plan – Needs Example of/

Water Use and Conservation Plan & Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB) Palm Springs Unified School District Board Study Session July 28, 2015.

bills will increase for the District regardless, as a result of lost revenue by the water companies. 6 Water Use and Conservation Each water district is responsible for enforcing restrictions, and each is responsible for determining its own enforcement / mower to a higher setting – Use drought tolerant plants where practical – Trying to stay within our water budget 16 Water Use and Conservation Obstacles and Challenges – Mainline breaks and stuck valves – Time needed to replace grass with xeriscape (cost/


US to help landowners, as well as Federal, State, Tribal and local governments and community groups. THE ROLE OF CONSERVATION DISTRICTS The purpose for the formation of the Soil and Water Conservation District is to keep decision making on natural resource conservation matters at the local level. THE LOUISIANA SOIL & WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT PROGRAM An important link in local, state, federal and private cooperation in all/



The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute Experiences with a Zero-exchange Mixed-cell Raceway for the Production of Marine Shrimp James M. Ebeling, Ph.D.

Paradigm” Zero-exchange Systems “Belize System”  Shrimp – high health, selectively bred Specific Pathogen Free stock  Feed – low protein feeds in combination with traditional high protein feeds  Water management – zero water exchange, recycling water between crops The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute “New Paradigm” Zero-exchange Systems “Belize System”  Pond design – square shapes, depth of 1.0 to 1.8 m at center, HDPE liner  Pond/

Lower Saxony Water Management, Coastal Defence and Nature Conservation Agency WAgriCo – GroPro Conference Korsör 15-17 September 2008 Hubertus Schültken,

Suitable measures (action and result-oriented) + Measure implementation Autumn/Winter 2006 4. turn ++ Measure implementation Spring 2007 Measure implementation Autumn/Winter 2007 Measure implementation Spring 2008 Lower Saxony Water Management, Coastal Defence and Nature Conservation Agency WAgriCo – GroPro Conference Korsör 15-17 September 2008 Hubertus Schültken, Hilke Prange; Groundwater Management NLWKN Nr.: 15 Active Greening Reduced tillage (maize, sugar beet/

Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative (MRBI) OVERVIEW Thomas W. Christensen Regional Conservationist USDA Natural Resources Conservation.

monitoring/modeling –State-level nutrient strategies/priorities Focus Area 9 Watershed Selection Requests for Proposals issued will target 12-digit HUCs within identified Focus Areas Leverage non-federal resources Conservation applied to improve water quality, wildlife habitat, and other natural resource concerns Ability to document results 10 Summary – What is different about the MRBI? Dedicated funding in addition to base program = acceleration/

Northwest Power and Conservation Council Slide 1 Direct Use of Natural Gas Economic Fuel Choices from the Regional Power System and Consumer’s Perspective.

FAF w/CACElectric ResistanceHeat PumpHPWH1.3% Electric ZonalElectric ResistanceElectric ZonalHPWH3.0% Electric ZonalElectric ResistanceDuctless HPHPWH5.6% Gas FAFElectric ResistanceGas FAFHPWH16.0% Northwest Power and Conservation Council Slide 27 Life Cycle Cost of Each Space Conditioning and Water Heating System Vary Across the Region slide 27 The Life Cycle Cost Heat Pumps and Gas Furnaces with Central AC Are Distributed Differently Across the/

Basin Impacts of Irrigation Water Conservation Policy In Press, Ecological Economics Hilary R. Brinegar., MS, New Mexico Department of Agriculture

producing about ten inches of precipitation annually averaged over the basin. IMPLICATIONS This research analyzed the economics of a water conservation subsidy for irrigated agriculture applied in New Mexico’s part of the Rio Grande Project. It examined a /public program that would subsidize the capital cost of drip irrigation. Our findings show that while water conservation subsidies reduce water applied to crops, crop water consumption increases, both at the per acre level and at the level of the total /

PUBLIC WORKSHOP for the 2003 Urban Water Conservation Grant & Agricultural Water Conservation Loan Application Packages October 2002.

,400 and $78,000 WUE Urban Projects 2001 WUE Agricultural Projects 2001 WUE Urban Projects 2002 WUE Agricultural Projects 2002 Introduction to the 2003 Application Packages Urban Water Conservation Urban Water Conservation Grant Application Package Agricultural Water Conservation Agricultural Water Conservation Grant Application Package The Application Part A: Desc. & Organ., Financ., & Legal Info Part A: Desc. & Organ., Financ., & Legal Info Part B: Engin. & Hydrological Feasibility Part B: Engin/

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