Ppt on traction rolling stock wheels

TALGO PRESENTATION, PODGORICA 25.01.10. HISTORY Established in 1942 Over 65 years in business Over 3,000 vehicles built Standard and customized applications.

of 2011 and 2012. Completely manufactured by Talgo, including power units (traction). UZBEKISTAN COURSE INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE GERMANY TALGO (Deutschland) GmbH. Offices and maintenance/ Talgo trains, conventional trains, and after sales services for underfloor wheel lathes and measuring equipments. The number of members of staff amounts/– Almaty Maintenance services to TEMIR ZHOLY Integral overhauling of Talgo Rolling Stock, maintenance and repair of overhauling equipment Talgo Kazakhstan employs 51 people/

OTM TASK FORCE Draft final report Markus Hofmann OTM Task Force Chairman EFRTC General Meeting Prague, 22 nd June 2012.

in TSI. They shall not fall into any other category or unit of rolling stock as it stands in current version of TSI No road/rail-vehicles according EN/ any mode not higher than 150 km/h no electrical power supply (electrical traction system is however possible) Buffers, draw-gear and screw coupling systems for manual/– noise issues Signalling systems and ETCS requirements Structural requirements for bogie frames and wheels Event recording devices EFRTC-UNIFE OTM Task Force, General Meeting, Prague, 22nd June/

South Island IC Off-Roads South Island On-Roads South Island EP Off-Roads Brought to you for the Racers, by the Racers Club Action Hear from clubs around.

four wheel drive saloon or road car chassis. No Stockcars or Streetstocks Allowed. Only stock /Stock, Malcolm Lester in modified, and James Tacon in the Corr trucks. Sunday was another fine day, with a bit of rain scheduled, which didn’t arrive, thankfully. We had one more heat, then straight into the three rounds of finals. The finals were fiercely fought throughout the classes. In the morning the track was very damp with huge traction/ minute when I clipped a curb and rolled, then flamed out. It turned out /

Rags https://store.theartofservice.com/itil-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html.

millimeters per hour (0.0006 in/h). The rear wheels are spherical fullerene molecules, or buckyballs, composed of sixty/Art style 1 Regarding his figure work, Morales finds stock, poster-like standing poses difficult, preferring the more /humanoid rock golem that can turn into a boulder that can roll at enemies. Their cubits are grey. https://store.theartofservice.com/the outcome of the race: reaction time, torque, and traction. https://store.theartofservice.com/itil-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit/

The Foton FT824 Tractor www.foton.co.ke.

of tractors. DHL express from China available if parts are not in stock locally. Most engine, clutch and front axle parts already available elsewhere / reliability, important for transport work. Differential lock for extra traction. Alternative 16 – 8 shuttle gearbox Four Wheel Drive or 2WD 4WD Front axle made by Dana. Technologically/ optional. Safe working environment. Quiet, protected from chemical sprays, and roll-over accidents. Less stress leads to proven improvements in worker efficiency and/

 Winter is here!  Ice is about to seal the ground  Snow will be making it hard to see  The wind will be in full force  And the sun will be hiding.

your chances of freezing or getting frost bite.  Must have traction and anti slip resistant bottom.  Absolutely no high heels /keep one hand on door handle and one either on steering wheel or the handle for lifting your self up. Do not let/can greatly reduce your chances of falling.  Roll with the fall. › Try to twist and roll backwards, rather than falling forward  Relax as /car and extra batteries  Make sure you have your emergency bag stocked and sanitary  Due to our already cold climate the wind adds/

Various concepts of guided transport systems for periurban applications Claude Soulas, GRETTIA 29 09 2011.

» REGIONAL TRAM / « TRAIN-TRAM », this concept can be achieved by different systems, different rolling stocks (eg tram vehicles, sometimes light railcar) RAILCARS « AUTORAIL », »TRIEBWAGEN » – CLASSICAL RAILCARS –/in order to circulate on two different networks adaptation of wheel profiles for two types of rail electrical supply with two/. SOULAS SYSTEM CHARACTERISTICS TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE SPEED, ACCELERATION, DECELERATION (TRACTION, MASS, LONGITUDINAL STRENGTH) AESTHETIC PARAMETERS GAUGE, HEIGHT, DESIGN/

Energy and the New Reality, Volume 1: Energy Efficiency and the Demand for Energy Services Chapter 5: Transportation Energy Use L. D. Danny Harvey

652 as much fuel (a savings of 34.8%) The loads on the wheels (due to reduced rolling and aerodynamic resistance and reduced vehicle weight) drop from 429.9 kJ/km/ for the growth in the fraction of new vehicles and of total vehicle stock as fuel cell vehicles Figure 5.32b Cumulative Pt consumption for the 3 fleets/ of the German Intercity Express (ICE) high-speed trains Source: Kemp (2007, T618 – Traction Energy Metrics, Lancaster University, Lancaster, www.rssb.co.uk) Figure 5.38 Shinkansen energy use/

Safety and Sanitation Chapter 8 (c) 2014 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

tools  How steps are built  Where raw materials are stored  Wheeled carts, hand trucks, equipment that rolls  Convex mirrors to prevent hallway collisions (c) 2014 by John Wiley/for storage areas  May not be allowed in food prep areas, dish rooms for lack of traction and heat resistance  Concrete: Inexpensive, trendy  Must be “cured” – sealed correctly with/ & Sons, Inc. Safe Food Handling  Stock gloves in a variety of sizes, so they fit comfortably. Also stock a combination of latex and non-latex. /

Scientific Production Company Dneprspetsmash Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk Heavy-duty multifunctional track motor vehicle AD-01.

with multifunctional hydraulic loader crane intended for goods unloading. APPLICATION AD-01 as a traction rolling stock for shunting operations AD-01 as a traction rolling stock for shunting operations Towing capacity – max. 300 tons; Transportation up to 14 /increased safety standards; ADVANTAGES - a unique system of cab cushioning based on composite antivibration pad; -the triaxial six-wheel vehicle capable of going round sharp radius curves (80 m); -adjusted for heavy-duty lifting equipment; - load /

SIAFI, Paris, 26-04-2007 1 Infrastructure Activities Databases and Benchmarking  Franco SCHIAVI: Senior Advisor  Aleksandra PERKUSZEWSKA: Database Administrator.

MOTION FIRE IN ROLLING STOCK INVOLVING DANGEROUS GOODS ELECTROCUTION BY TRACTION POWER Individual hit by train Individual falling from a train Without dangerous goods release In which dangerous goods are released UIC Safety Database collects information on railway accidents by type It also records the number of 5 critical events: ― Track subsidence/track deformation ― Broken rail ― (Wrong-side) signalling failure ― Broken wheel or broken/

1 Address: UIC Safety Database (SDB) System and Results.

Person caused by Rolling Stock in Motion Electrocution by Traction Power Involving Dangerous Goods with an obstacle with another train individual hit by train individual falling from train without dangerous goods release in which dangerous goods are released 7.. And 5 types of critical events:  TRACK SUBSIDENCE / TRACK DEFORMATION  BROKEN RAIL  (WRONG-SIDE) SIGNALLING FAILURE  BROKEN WHEEL OR BROKEN AXLE  SIGNAL PASSED AT DANGER/

Introduction to EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) Model Flying

market. Larger 15+ lb. fiberglass/composite EDFs have also gained traction in the hobby – even rivaling turbine performance (BVM/Tamjets)./20 on 4s (Xflight A-7, HL F-5). 90mm HL stock setup on 6s (F-18, EF2000). 69mm Eflite Delta V on/ Wheel. The shaft is supported by two lubricated, pre-loaded angular ceramic ball bearings Turbine Engine Disassembly Compressor and turbine wheel /looping and rolling elements to be selected by the turbine applicant. Examples include Cuban 8, Humpty Bump with ½ roll, or similar/

A presentation by Group B. Old Technology The first ever car was built in the 1769 by Nicolas Cugnot. (fardier à vapeur) Few other cars were built after.

was converted into a joint-stock company. Between 1890 and 1899 the number of employees engaged in vehicle production increased from 50 to 430. In 1899 Benz produced a total of 572 vehicles. Top speed: 22.5 kmph Carl Benz 3. Rolls Royce Silver Ghost (1913) / rpm and 398 ft-lbs of torque at 6,500 rpm. Aiding in the Gallardos acceleration is an all-wheel-drive system that provides optimal traction and also helps make handling more neutral. Lamborghini gave the Spyder a facelift for the most recent model year,/

Towards The 2030 Railway Prof Andrew McNaughton 8 June 2007.

3 Why 2030? 25 year horizon allows assumptions that –Most current rolling stock will be replaced –Main lines will have gone through one renewal cycle/Convergence on German “train-tram” concept –Very high frequency gives capacity –Lightweight – electric traction –Very high acceleration / braking / minimum dwell time –Simplified signalling control systems (some/ modes Energy efficiency through constant speed and “steel wheel on rail” interface “A plane on wheels” Slide 31 Heavy Freight Slide 32 Heavy Freight /

New York MTA Opportunities for Rail Cars & Buses Transit Supply Chain Kick-Off Event Binghamton, New York - April 14, 2016.

Articulated 60Diesel190 Standard 40CNG138Total:310 Standard 40Diesel200 OTR Coach 45Diesel50 Standard 40Hybrid75 Total:1,391 Bus Fleet LIRR/MNR Rolling Stock Procurement 8 M-9 Current Contract: 92 LIRR Base Order Cars M-9 Base Order Carbuilder: Kawasaki Rail / Sampling of What We Buy Motor Controls Wheels and Trucks (Car) Car Body/Assembly Parts Air Brake Parts Wire and Cable Glass Brake Lining/Bus Undercarriage/Bus Bus Wheels Bearings Gaskets Traction Motor Parts Bus Body Parts Diesel Engine Parts/

International Panorama of R&D about Electromobility

minutes as they come in, so you won’t need to stock dozens.  » (link) 2. The BSS are a technology supported  / is proposed to pilot clients wanting to benefit from the electric traction in their business especially : - in town deliveries, - urban/increase the efficiency of EVs. (link) New tires with low rolling resistance, less weight. New glass and windows (with less solar/enthusiasts, though, environmental concerns take a back seat to cool wheels. Eighty-one percent are “really into technology and gadgets” /

The variable cost approach to pricing John Thomas Deputy Director, Economic Regulation Office of Rail Regulation, UK 9 July 2004.

operators Other non-franchised passenger operators 6 private sector freight operators 3 rolling stock leasing companies Strategic Rail Authority (Governmental body) lets franchises and / charge marginal congestion cost (revenue effect on operators) Traction electricity charge cost of electricity procurement and supply Electrification /approach vs. bottom-up lateral forces – driver of rolling contact fatigue wheel-set maintenance suspension types Geographical/route differentiation differentiation by asset/

Enduring Enterprise: Development of the Railroads in the American Century John R. Meyer, Harvard University, and Robert E. Gallamore, The Transportation.

- electric locomotive (covered wagon) demonstrations Proved advantages over steam: non-slip traction, long non-stop running, lower maintenance cost Also, advent of light-weight/effect on Safety and Innovation. Financial success allows reinvestment in better track, locomotives, rolling stock, signal systems. With investment, new technology is deployed. New technology is safer/them time after time. 2.The “inherent efficiency of the steel wheel on steel rail” can be learned in elementary physics, challenged in /

1 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL PC Printers Desktop Solution Thank you for joining. We will be starting our presentation momentarily.

printerHealthcare SMB: Manufacturing Retail All printers and accessories in stock: March 12 8 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL MessageBenefitALL New Features FLEXIBLE /on average $1.00 to $1.60 per roll RIGID Testing Criteria in World Class Lab Co-/ partners love about our new Printers? What is not gaining traction with customers & partners? What new programs & sales tools/4. Single tactic marketing activity 5. Reinventing the marketing wheel… Utilizing and customizing existing Intermec and IPC developed marketing /

Powertrain for RIT EV Team TT- Zero Race Bike R12900 Sean Harriman 5/20/2012.

and implement an electric drive system on a rolling chassis provided by the Electric Vehicle Team that/ Details  "The technical concept is for motorcycles (two wheeled) to be powered without the use of carbon based fuels/hp/82.6 lb-ft  Wet Weight: 441 lbs  Top Speed: 184.6 mph(stock) 200+ mph (race)  Course Average: 131.6 mph 17’12.3 min’sec/, controls system design ME3 ME1: CAD Drawing, Interfacing w/ Traction Controller, Physical mounting ME2: Transmission Modification/Optimization, Final Drive Design/

Michelin and Porsche A shared passion for Ultra High Performance.

range than the efficient range for standard UHP street tires and provides improved traction and cornering grip for road racing situations.  The objective is to/ steering wheel input and vehicle turn-in  Less “overshoot” at corner exit Less of a tendency to “wiggle” at corner exit (thus upsetting the car) when you roll back into/g’s  A bit more effect from rear pressure changes, but the 944 chassis (in stock form) tends to “dampen” the effect of pressure changes  Overall recommended hot pressure targets:/

Performance Ambitions & Results  Top Gun in Dry Performance  Enduring-racing-type performance in lap times and in worn aspect after hard use.  Very.

range than the efficient range for standard UHP street tires and provides improved traction and cornering grip for road racing situations.  The objective is to / steering wheel input and vehicle turn-in  Less “overshoot” at corner exit Less of a tendency to “wiggle” at corner exit (thus upsetting the car) when you roll back into/g’s  A bit more effect from rear pressure changes, but the 944 chassis (in stock form) tends to “dampen” the effect of pressure changes  Overall recommended hot pressure targets:/

S We make the INVESTMENTS of our CUSTOMERS BETTER November 2003 Commercial Railway The Siemens train delivery experience AusRAIL PLUS November 2003 SYDNEY.

our CUSTOMERS BETTER November 2003 Commercial Railway The Siemens train delivery experience New Rolling Stock Supply to M>Train March 2000, Siemens awarded the contract for the delivery/ Innovative seating layout with wide aisles and rows of twin seats Four wheel-chair spaces behind each driver’s cab, fitted also with folding seats/2003 Commercial Railway The Siemens train delivery experience The Technical Solution (continued) Traction System S We make the INVESTMENTS of our CUSTOMERS BETTER November 2003 /

Variances of Catenary-Pantograph Systems in Standards of Japan and Europe 2011 - 12 - 8 Railway Technical Research Institute Railway International Standards.

method. Railway International Standards Center 9 Automatic Tensioning Method in Japan Several types of tensioners are used – Wheel type – Wheel type is the most popular. Spring type – many Spring type tensioners are also used. Singlepulls both /standards have been developed; IEC 60913 IEC 60913 Electric traction overhead contact lines (under revision) IEC 62313 IEC 62313 Technical criteria for the co-ordination between power supply and rolling stock to achieve interoperability (published) IEC 62486 IEC 62486/

Belt Conveyor K. Pathak mobile slope conveyor at Kazagistan with a capacity of 5500 m³/h and capacity to handle height differences up to 28 m.

Transfer Conveyor: Mobile Transfer Conveyors are installed between Bucket Wheel/Chain Excavators and the shiftable bench conveyor allowing multi/the conveyor belt is used to fill bins or stock piles over dumping may damage the belt. Bin level/, 23, 11, 8, 3 1.Belt bowed: Avoid telescoping belt rolls or storing them in damp locations. 2.Belt improperly spliced or wrong/the manufacturer’s instructions for storage and handling. 19.Insufficient traction between belt and pulley: Increase wrap angle with snub pulley/

GREEN MILE Smt. Ashima Singh Director/IRITM/LKO.

than Road, Shipping and Aviation Through approaches including eco-driving, use of new rolling stock, and operational measures, railways continue to improve Climate change and CO 2 emissions / of tyres every year that are tossed into land felts Trains use steel wheels that last years & years and go millions of miles Life Cycle A / years or more Alternative Fuel About 50% of Railroad is now running on Electric traction which is indigenously generated 10% bio-diesel is blended with HSD oil including jatropha/

Presented By Richard Potiker. Appraising The Motorcycle The Facts The Motorcycle First Contact The Location The Inspection The Shop Estimate The Appraisal.

Custom Parts Crash Description Repair Shop Estimate Will it roll? Is it leaking fluids? Is the any damage /Custom Parts Crash Description Repair Shop Estimate Is the bike stock? Did dealer install aftermarket parts? Do you have a / for broken stops 9) Spin front and rear wheel 10) Inspect wheel and tire for damage 11) Inspect front forks for/ Motorcycles Questions Future of Motorcycles Motorcycle manufacturers have introduced ABS and traction control, dual clutches, variable valve timing and lots of other/

Archimedes’ Principle Bernoulli’s Principle Pascal’s Principle Properties of Fluids - Lucas Kraschnewski Howard, WI ECOMP 5016 Click here to view additional.

This increased downward pressure holds the back tires on the ground for better traction. Other Examples…. Start: Section 2 Try these 3 activities on your own/ compress. It moves straight ahead and pushes the break pad against the wheel Large Piston Hydraulic Line Brake Pad Because the line is so small, /d.). Retrieved November 12, 2005, from http://www.rawlings.com/ http://www.rawlings.com/ Rolling Greens Stock Agency & Golf Photography. (1998). Retrieved November 12, 2005, from http://www.rollinggreens.com//

UIC involvement in green logistics and sustainable rail development GreenLogistics: Ideas. Practice. Prospects. 14 November 2014 Miklós KOPP.

2014 3 UIC STRUCTURE PASSENGER Stations Commercial & Services High Speed & Conventional FREIGHT RAIL SYSTEM Signaling Rolling Stock Infrastructure FUNDAMENTAL VALUES Safety Security Environment Communication, Institutional Relations, Legal, Technical Language, Documents IT, Finance/ ferry % Load Factor % Empty Trip distance Traction type Consumptions x Distance x  Energy, CO 2, eCO 2, Well To Wheel, Well To Tank  SO 2, NOx, PM, CONVM Well To Wheel, Well To Tank = Total Emissions Environmental Results/

20/06/051 Technology Challenges for 350 km/h EurailSpeed 7-9 November 2005 Session E1 Louis-Marie CLEON I&R Technical Director.

350 km/h ? A real business need (journey time determines market share) Market for greater distances by rail The wheel-rail contact has not reached its limits (2000 km run at V > 400 km/h, record of 515 km// parameters affected by the speed increase How SNCF proceeded with the analysis Power supply & electric traction Braking Aerodynamics Dynamics Signalling Comfort (ride) Environment Rolling stock maintenance Infrastructure Operation Elements of the analysis  Some major elements taken into account in all /

Fire Department Cold Weather Ops Disclaimer: The content in this slide show has not been reviewed by the Department of Labor and Industries for accuracy.

being used should be left partially open or drained and rolled on scene. RESPONSE TIPS Turn off retarders during slippery road/maintenance is crucial! Make sure that tire chains or other traction devices are available for all first-in units Have potassium / personal bag that contains extra cold-weather gear. include a stocking cap, some type of balaclava made from polar fleece or/Make sure you turn the wheels into the curb when you park. Don’t forget to chock the wheels. During heavy snowfalls, apparatus/

Www.prtm.com Management Consultants Leading thinking for lasting results Capturing Profit and Market Share in the Automotive Industry Platforming Capturing.

$156 MILLION US ORDER FROM CBRAIL FOR 35 TRAXX LOCOMOTIVES TO PROVIDE MORE ROLLING STOCK IN EUROPE …."This order is another important step in the development of our / new Traxx DE is convincing proof that we were right to make diesel traction part of our platform strategy." ……The strategy applied to all locomotives in /the global benchmark Engineering Organized by Families of Common Architecture Center II Unibody–Front Wheel Drive Center III Body-on-Frame Σ= 3 Executive Shusa Celsior Executive Shusa Corolla /

Long Term Care Resident

Resources Hospitals & Hospice IRS information Long Term Care ombudsman Meals on Wheels Medicare & Social Security Office Mental Health Dept National Alliance for the / weeks Use fracture bedpan Maintain proper hip alignment – trochanter rolls, abduction pillows Related subjects Fibromyalgia, traction, CPM machine, back injuries, amputation, Lyme disease Aging changes/ of irritation Toenails to be cut by nurse or podiatrist ONLY Shoes & stockings worn at all times when out of bed (no barefoot) Check for /

Corporate Health and Safety ArcelorMittal RS# 6 Emergencies and Incidents Draft date: Oct 5, 2011 Rev 1.

and/or death. Can be caused by poor housekeeping, weather conditions, poor track maintenance, worn train car wheels, damaged switch, going too fast or careless train operation. Poor Housekeeping Frozen Switch Definitions and terms (/ recovery work and should take necessary precautions against: –Unstable rolling stock, infrastructure and other structures –Dangerous goods and fire –Moving machinery including other trains –Overhead traction and other electrical wires –Compressed air –Wreckage including sharp or/

Unit 8: Personal Hygiene. Key Terms  AM care  Aspiration  Denture  Diaphoresis  Early morning care  Evening care  Morning care  Oral hygiene 

cannot bathe themselves.  Unconscious  Paralyzed  In casts or traction  Weak from illness or surgery A bed bath is new to/transport the person to and from the shower. Lock the wheels during the shower to prevent the chair from moving. Some /possible after the shampoo. Check with the nurse before curling or rolling up hair. Slide 93 Shaving Many men shave for comfort /feet are easily infected and injured. Dirty feet, socks, or stockings harbor microbes and cause odors.  Poor circulation prolongs healing. /

Frost & Sullivan Europe Growth Partnership Services Automotive & Transportation Group Research Programme 2013.

improving energy efficiency (AC/DC Traction motors, Transformer, Inverter, rectifier, Pantograph and brake energy recovery technologies ) Opportunity Analysis of Eastern European Rail Market - 360 Review of Rolling Stock, Infrastructure & Signalling Chassis Powertrain / and North American Automotive Human Machine Interface Market - Part 1 Voice Control Interface, Steering Wheel Controls and Multifunctional Knobs Mobility Overview of European Microcars Market Chassis Powertrain Steering Systems Telematics &/

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