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Reading Academy 2-5 Day 3 April 16, 2014 Presented by: Lori Bailey.

identify significant and minor details in text (Grades 4-5) Materials Expository text Highlighter Determining Important Details tent card Pencils Florida Center for Reading Research, fcrr.org Expository – In My Own Words Benchmarks The student will /and roles Use consistently – part of the classroom culture Carefully match partners Close teacher monitoring Student accountability Effective Peer/Group Practice On Day 1 we discussed providing immediate feedback within various response formats, as well as /

Human Resources: Teacher Evaluation Presentation at U of M Dearborn May 30, 2013 BY GLENN MALEYKO, Ph.D Executive Director Staff and Student Services May.

/ Please take an index card and write down your definition. / Pass the definition throughout the table, and circle or underline the important terms. Circulate the cards until you receive your original card. / Next, as a/days after a claim vs. 90 days. / Tenured Teachers rated minimally effective or ineffective have 180 days to improve via an IDP / Tenured teachers rated minimally effective or ineffective on three most recent year end evaluations must be dismissed. / Probationary Teachers are notified 15 days/

MIDWEST NETWORK PBIS Tier 2 Team Training 2 day Training DAY ONE Midwest PBIS Network.

(optional) MIDWEST NETWORK PBIS CICO Daily Cycle continued… 2. At each class: * Teacher provides positive and/or corrective behavioral feedback * Teacher completes DPR or * Student completes self-monitoring DPR/teacher checks and initials card (self-monitoring normally happens as students begin to successfully exit the intervention) 3. Check-out at end of day: * Review points & goals * Reinforce youth for checking-out (token/recognition optional, think/

Teachers-As- Advisors : From Zero to Implementation in Three Years Douglas County School System Created by: Dawn Ashmore, Ed.S. BRIDGES SLC Grant College.

Develop/Update Lessons Review Survey Data Reviews and Communicates State Updates and Current Research Douglas County School System Teachers-As-Advisors 2011-2012 District Committee Members Dawn Ashmore, FacilitatorBRIDGES College and Career CoachChapel Hill HS Abbie / - 4:00-8:00pm Advisement Conferences Night 3 rd – High School ½ Day; 12:00- 4:00pm Advisement Conferences 22 nd – 8:30-9:00: Distribute Report Cards, Volunteering in Your Community Activity, Updating Student HS Resume 24 th – ALL ADVISEMENT/

1 Welcome to the 1 st Grade at Hansen Elementary Teachers are Mrs. Bingham and Mrs. Kelly.

. Spelling Hide and Seek - put the words on heavy paper to make cards. Then hide the cards around the room. When your child finds a card they give it to you. They can keep the card if they can spell (or write) it correctly. Bingo- Draw a 4/the children to three parties during the school year. The parties are Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. If you can be a classroom volunteer, please contact your classroom teacher. Mrs. Bingham 423-5475 ext. 1002 or jbingham@hansen.k12.id.us Mrs. Kelly 423-5475 ext/

Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Supports (BP-PBS): Training of Trainers Day One Christine Russell Melissa Nantais Anna Harms www.miblsi.cenmi.org.

Track of the Response Cards Flip your response card over to the back side Use the PINK page on your table to record your name and response card number. Use this same response card throughout the entire day. 1.0 Structuring/ EXTERNAL Peer Attention Adult Attention Choice Objects/$ Praise INTERNAL Failure Embarrassment Boredom Anxiety EXTERNAL Task Sensory Input Peers/Teacher Homework Chores Adapted in part from Addressing Student Problem Behavior—Part III: Creating Positive Behavioral Intervention Plans and /

Classroom Management Techniques. “The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline; it is the lack of procedures and routines”. The First Days.

are done. Discipline: Has penalties and rewards. Procedures: Have no penalties and rewards. The First Days of School by Harry Wong “Every time the teacher wants something done, there must be a procedure or set of procedures. For instance, have procedures for/ other students responses. Keep track to ensure that all students are called on with the same frequency. Student name cards are a handy method. Students Obtaining Help When students need help with seatwork, they should ask one another before seeking/

Positive Behavior Modification System.

you are working hard to let a kid see success on a day and then someone else has them turn a card and it wrecks what the teacher is working on. Also this allows the teacher to know why you feel the card is needing to be turned. Need help You have some great teachers both in your school and district using this system Talk to/

Automated Election System: AES Watch STAR Card Updated as of Feb 28, 2010.

(as suggested by Cong. Rufus Rodriguez). Rating: DANGER B. Internal Security 12. Secured Transmission of Results Will the BEI teachers themselves individually generate their PIN codes, hold it for safekeeping, and use it for digitally signing the transmission of election results/to assure stakeholders that there are no votes or ballot images pre-stored in the machine memory (CF card) prior to voting on election day? COMELEC requires all AES machines to be cleared or zeroed out to show that there are no /

K-2 ELA Common Core State Standards Overview of Standards for Literature, Informational Text & Language Revised CCSS K-2 Report Card Job Alike #4 3:00.

“Reads and understands grade level narrative and informational text.” CCSS K-2 Report Card Committee of teachers representing all regions of the district aligned K-2 report card to the Common Core State Standards in spring of 2012 Format, grading and effort/ made up of sounds (phonemic awareness) DIBELS PSF PPS Phonological Awareness Assessment SF Phonemic Awareness (Monitor Progress Day 1 & 4) SF Daily Phonemic Awareness Instruction SF Quick Checkouts Identifies by name all uppercase and lower case letters/

Most Promising Targeted Interventions

to End of day Total Points = ________________ Points Possible = 24 (18 Fridays) Today _________________% Goal _________________% Successes: ______________________________________________________________________ Parent Signature__________________________________________________________________ Name _____________________________________________________ KENNEDY CARD Name _____________________________________________________ Materials To Class Work And Let Other Follow Directions the First Time Teacher Parent 2/

Reading Academy K-1 Day 2 December 11, 2013 Presented by: Lori Bailey.

and Curriculum Development Moats, L. (2005). Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling, Module 4 & 7. Longmont, CO: Sopris West Scope and Sequence of the Reading Academy Series Day 1 Explicit Instruction Introduction to all elements Content Elements Focus on /one-syllable words Ability to blend spoken phonemes to form one-syllable words Resources Elkonin Card Materials Copies of Elkonin Card Crayons or markers Self-stick notes Partner Work Choose one of the phonemic activities from /

5/21/20151 Hopkins Public Schools Playing our cards….to win with VIKES.

. 5/21/201514 The Drivers’ Wall of Fame Driver Picture Bus Number “Ride” Cards earned by students 5/21/201515 Winner takes all….. Three Tiered Positive Behavior Supports Strategic – teacher implemented plans Tier 2 5/21/201516 A Unique Opportunity A Captive Audience Gender Specific / behavior. A “red light/green light” form can be kept on the desk so that student can easily see how his/her day is going. Sample of plan currently in use with a first grade student… 5/21/201529 5/21/201530 Winner takes all…../

Kelsie Berg, SIOP Coach Revae Bostwick, ESL Lead Teacher Nadja Trez, DPI Consultant

data to make adjustments to district or school LIEP plan Day 3 Collaboration with content area teachers and getting WIDA buy-in -- why we all have to be language teachers Sharing with colleagues in our districts Rank your WIDA knowledge /many layers to consider! WIDA’s Guiding Principles of Language Development Cards with one guiding principle each are on each table. Participant 1 reads the card. Participant 2 responds to the card. Participant 3 adds an additional response. Participant 4 summarizes what/

Macro cue card by Sally Dickson, Austin, TX.,

responds to misunderstandings and common errors and suggests that study groups share problems. No grade is taken. 5. On test day, the teacher allows students to use their Cue Cards to answer a similar, but different, FRQ question. Do not allow Cue Card use on the multiple-choice portion. Grades for FRQ’s and multiple-choice questions should be separate, just as they are/

PBIS Implementation: Oregon City Service Learning Academy Matt Schulfer, PBIS Facilitator and Teacher, OCSLA Eryn Domeyer,

samples to complete as part of the grade. Morning check in with me Positive feedback from classroom teachers throughout the day Afternoon check out with me We started with four students on CICO CICO data showed us that / progress academically and behaviorally. Components of OCSLA: Acknowledgement System: Rewards Cards Acknowledgement System: Rewards Cards Phoenix Fire Card Acknowledgement System We will begin handing out rewards card this month. Cards have been ordered and are waiting on them to come so we/

Teachers and the Teaching Profession 1. House keeping 2. Ethics and Case Studies 3. A Short History of BC Education 4. Provincial & School District Governance.

cards cards Teachers and the Teaching Profession Ministry of Education Teacher Regulation Branch Ministry of Education Teacher Regulation Branch Ministry of Education Teacher Regulation Branch Ministry of Education Teacher Regulation Branch BCTF BCTF BCTF A Case Study: A young male beginning teacher/ unprecedented hostility between the provincial government and public school workers. Teachers and school support staff take part in a 3 day strike to protest reductions in education funding. The protest is part/

Vocabulary & Grammar in Context English Teacher’s Network Workshop David Quartermain & David Sansom March 2012.

problems do your students have learning, remembering and using vocabulary and grammar in English? British Council questionnaires to teachers in China about grammar and vocabulary in context: Help students remember Help students understand Increase student motivation Create meaningful/Context In this class, how many people….. … send e-cards? … use a computer every day? … have a birthday this month? … like to receive e-cards? … have a computer at home? … make cards? Class survey PEP Primary G5-B (Unit 3 p.33/

Aligning Academic Review and Performance Evaluation (AARPE) Session 1 Day One Virginia Department of Education Office of School Improvement.

learning while providing a safe environment. All desks are arranged in clusters of 5-6. During Explore activity, teacher distributed task cards to each cluster and had them work together to solve the Explore problem. Division Leadership Basic Components Evaluation Tool /Include the names of all participants at your table at the bottom of your list. (INSERT EMAIL HERE) Step Four: (Day Two a.m.) Facilitators share combined lists. Group discusses examples and determines a final list of sample “Look Fors” for /

WELCOME to Hickerson Elementary’s Preschool Parent Meeting “You are your child’s first and most important teacher.” Click the screen to begin.

on behavior chart Yellow card – warning Purple card – walks with teacher or teaching assistant for five minutes during recess Red card – walks with teacher or teaching assistant for ten minutes during recess NO CORPORAL PUNISHMENT USED Behavior Rewards Treasure box Right Choice Fun Day Extra Privileges Opportunity to bring toy (1 toy) that will fit in his/her backpack & boxed drink on the following Monday Homework/

+ The Practice of Statistics, 4 th edition – For AP* STARNES, YATES, MOORE Chapter 6: Random Variables Section 6.3 Day 1 Binomial and Geometric Random.

trials of this chance process. Success? the probability of a success is 0.25 on each trial. + b) Shuffle a deck of cards. Turn over the first 10 cards, one at a time. Let Y = the number of aces you observe. Let’s check the BINS: Binary? “Success” = /the class will have two homework problems. The game continues until a student correctly guesses the day on which one of your teacher’s (many) friends was born. Your teacher will assign a number of homework problems that is equal to the total number of guesses /


Level Mid level incident in class Yearhead meets with me Yearhead sends letter home MY YEARHEAD WILL.. Meet me with my teacher Phone my parents I WILL BE ON REPORT (WEEK ONE) PBL will check in with me Each day INCIDENT CARD Student _______________ Class _________ Date__________ Type of Incident: Constant Low Level____ Mid Level _____ High Level _______ step one step fourstep/

Kelsie Berg, SIOP Coach Revae Bostwick, ESL Lead Teacher Nadja Trez, DPI Consultant

data to make adjustments to district or school LIEP plan Day 3 Collaboration with content area teachers and getting WIDA buy-in -- why we all have to be language teachers Sharing with colleagues in our districts Rank your WIDA knowledge /many layers to consider! WIDA’s Guiding Principles of Language Development Cards with one guiding principle each are on each table. Participant 1 reads the card. Participant 2 responds to the card. Participant 3 adds an additional response. Participant 4 summarizes what/

New York State Teacher Certification Exam Multi-Subject Part II Mathematics.

http://www.ixl.com/math note you are allowed to do only about 20 problems a day without paying Constructed Response: 1 constructed essay – 20% of score Use the information in the/jacks are there? 4 So the chances of getting one of these out of 52 cards is 12/52 which reduces to 3/13 –> C. lets think about the chances / should begin with (here you describe a brief lesson plan). Then the teacher should ask…. Finally, the teacher would ask for … The use of ______________________would help Student A develop an /

Please record on an index card: your name teaching assignment your school years of experience (on back of card) “best hope” & “worst fear” for teaching.

involvement  Eliminates teacher bias  Quick, user-friendly  Can also be used for easy grouping Calling on Students Variations to Index CardsCards, Sticks  Clickers  Random generator  Apps  e.g., Pick Me!, Stick Pick, Teacher’s Pick /Vision (formerly known as EYA )  History & Vision  Doane College Partnership  3 hours graduate credit (fall)  5 days + projects  First Semester Sessions  October 15: Reflection, Engagement, Tech  December 5: Reflection, Vocabulary, Tech Series Goals Participants/

2015 Teacher Assistant Professional Development Day Session Title Presenters Val Pumariega and Christina Lees October 26 th, 2015.

Goal: Participants will understand protocols, expectations, and learn various strategies that they can apply as Kindergarten Teacher Assistant position. TA Professional Development Day Standards: Domain 1: Classroom Strategies and Behaviors Domain 2: Planning and Preparing Domain 4: Collegiality/ some have higher levels of phonics mastery than others. Lets practice! At your groups there are practice cards in 8 different Phonics catagories. Each person will get a turn to practice giving the directions to play/

Teacher DIAL Sessions 10/19, 11/19, 4/6 KUDO’s (know, understand, be able to do) Pre and Formative Assessments Lo-Prep Differentiation: R.A.F.T.S. Application.

athletics Vocational education Home economics Agricultural education Transportation In the 1940’s we added Business education Art Music Speech Drama Half-day kindergarten Lunch (schools provided 1/3 of children’s meals) In the 1950’s we added Additional math and /4.Class discussion 5.Small group interaction 6.Teacher – student conference 7.Assessment stations 8.Exit cards 9.Problem posing 10.Performance tasks and rubrics 93 Squaring Off Whole Group Assessment 1. Place a card in each corner of the room with /

Additional Social Thinking Strategies The Incredible 5-Point Scale Comic Strip Conversations Power Cards ppts from the following resources:

line he may feel compelled to punish that person by kicking or hitting them. Colton’s ability to control his behavior varies from day to day. Colton enjoys school despite having challenges with others who do not follow his way of thinking” (Buron & Curtis, 2003, p/to be a reader.) 3.engages in the problem behavior only once. 4.The teacher or other adults do not have a positive relationship with the child. Remember, the Power Card strategy is not a punishment. It should not be perceived as negative in any way/

Response to Intervention www.interventioncentral.org RTI and the Teacher as First Responder: Tools for Classroom Intervention Jim Wright www.interventioncentral.org.

(Marzano, Marzano, & Pickering, 2003). 20 5. Individual Behavior Management Response to Intervention www.interventioncentral.org 55 Behavior Report Cards. Teachers can use BRCs to help students to internalize classroom behavioral expectations, set individual behavior goals, and self- monitor behavior. 5./does not earn a reward. If ALL teams have point totals that EXCEED the cut-off level for that day, only the team with the LOWEST number of points wins. Good Behavior Game: Steps Response to Intervention www./

Kindergarten Parent Orientation School begins each day at 7:30 am. Although buses start arriving at 6:45, parents are not allowed inside the building until.

be used to trace each row. The colors begin from lightest to darkest: 1 st day-yellow, 2 nd day-orange, 3 rd day- pink, 4 th day-red, 5 th day green, 6 th day blue, 7 th day-purple. At the bottom of the page, the child should practice on his/her / the week will be allowed to wear a cap/hat on Fridays. I have visors for this purpose. Teachers reserve the right to revoke the privilege at any time. *A “red card” from related arts or the cafeteria results in the loss of the Buck Nation privilege. If your child /

Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNdapXry Z98. CLEAR TARGET: Teachers will – analyze what makes an effective SET and an effective CLOSURE.

“Theatre of the Absurd. Does anyone know what that term means?” Scenario # 9 The teacher greets the students at the door and gives them red/green cards. When the bell rings, he opens a ppt with slides that the students must react to/ practice. Can include clues to next day’s work to increase anticipation. How to Close? Verbal review by the teacher Question and answer exchange Bullet list of main points via whiteboard or document reader Red/Green cards to indicate understanding or agreement Five finger/

Rules –Ways You Behave (Not Procedures) 1.Cooperate with your teacher and classmates. 2.Respect the rights and properties of others. 3.Carry out your student.

Mrs. Yelton. Unfinished and See Me Work If your paper says “Finish,” at the top, you must finish the paper and return it the next day. If your paper says “See Me,” at the top, you need to see Mrs. Yelton at an appropriate time, and she will help you/. Come up with an answer every time you hear a question. Be prepared to respond before you hear your name called. Using Class Cards Continued The teacher may say, “Have an answer ready please.” Take a “time out” when the you don’t have the answer ready or you /

1 Developing a Program of School, Family, and Community Partnerships to Increase Student Success A Research-Based Approach One-Day Workshop for Schools’

Emotional Growth Positive Attitudes about School, Self Concept, Good Behavior, Positive Relationships with Peers, Friends, Family, Teachers Appreciation of Others OTHER RESULTS? 5 Everyone wants EXCELLENT SCHOOLS and HEALTHY and SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS. Can educators do / homework assignments for students to review report card grades with family partners and to discuss academic and behavior goals for the next grading period PTA/PTO-sponsored “Showcase the School Day” with booths and displays on school programs/

Kindergarten Parent Orientation School begins each day at 7:30 am. I will greet my students in the cafeteria at 7:15 and escort them to class each morning.

check your child’s lunch account and make payments using a debit or credit card. You must communicate to your child your wishes for him/her eating breakfast. The teachers on duty have no choice but to listen to the child! **You /in your Kindergarten folder for easy reference. Parent Communication Report Cards (every 9 weeks) Progress Reports (mid 9 weeks) Parent Conferences (twice a year/more) Newsletters Calendars BUCK Books (return each day) Notes Teacher Contact Please feel free to contact me by sending a/

NATIONAL IDENTITY CARDS IN WORLD WAR TWO A www.blitzschool.co.ukwww.blitzschool.co.uk teaching resource Teachers, purchase the UNIQUE custom ID cards for.

Government passed a law called The National Registration Act which meant that everyone would have to carry an identity card containing their information. It was passed only 2 days after the start of the war. What date would this have been? 1. 7 th September 1939/of fun but this would have originally said National Registration WERE YOU RIGHT? CHECK YOUR OWN CARD Are you ready to fill in yours? Grab yourself a pen.. NUMBER: Teacher, decide on an abbreviation for your school (e.g. STJOS for St Josephs) then add/

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP)

electronic means) The cycle increments are mandated by regulation. Note that the days in the cycles are counted from the orientation committee meeting. Possible questions… *Can a resource teacher log time spent with an intern prior to training? No time can be/to get correct answer) Person 2 reads a question. Person 1 responds. (Person 2 coaches to get correct answer) Trade cards. Continue around the room until time is called. TRAINER’S NOTES: (15 minutes) Optional based upon time. Demonstrate in front/

What MCPS Administrators Need to Know

the Whole Staff Ask faculty members to write on a card something in their teaching that they would be willing to share, demonstrate, teach to, or have a beginning teacher observe. Post these cards in the teacher’s lounge in the fall on a bulletin board. / year. Ask the PTA to arrange for someone to deliver a flower or congratulatory note to each beginning teacher at the end of the first day for having gotten over the first big hurdle. Strategies That Support Induction: Enlisting the Whole Staff Before school/

School-wide PBIS: Secondary & Tertiary Interventions Day 1

.sc.edu christle@gwm.sc.edu BEP Daily Cycle Step 2: Student gives BEP form to each teacher prior to each period *teacher completes card *teacher initials card Step 3: At the end of day student checks-out with BEP coordinator *review days points & goals *receive reinforcer if goal met *take card home myell@gwm.sc.edu christle@gwm.sc.edu BEP Daily Cycle Step 4: Student takes/

BACKNEXT Caswell County Schools P-Card Training Teacher Training Caswell County Schools.

VISA. Always obtain receipts for merchandise purchased. Turn in receipts to the P-Card Coordinator within 2 days of your purchase. BACKNEXT Caswell County Schools P-Card Training P-Card Teacher Training Cardholder Responsibilities Protection of Card Cardholder must protect the security of P-Cards and the P- Card numbers at all times. If the card is lost or stolen, immediately call SunTrust Bank at: 1 (800) 836-8562/

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program: Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Career and Technical Education Session November 18, 2008 1:00 – 6:00 pm.

-Assessment (green) on page 22 of the TPA –Work with resource teacher to identify strengths and areas of professional growth What happens during the Orientation/submit the Cycle 2 progress reports to your committee 2 – 3 days prior Task E: What happens during the Cycle 2 committee meeting/card with a question. Each person will have one card with a question. Stand up and hold your card up high. Stand up and hold your card up high. Find another person with their card held up. Find another person with their card/

What REALLY Works in the Middle? Kathy Paul Extended Learning Coordinator Extended Learning Coordinator Middle Grades Teacher Middle Grades Teacher Johnston.

ed coordinator, reading, and math specialist from district. School board members invited to view the session. Bingo card (ASCD) with choices of teacher tasks: provide choice, design an anchor activity, pre-assess, use a graphic organizer, teach a lesson, /working”– BBC clip: http://www.flixxy.com/my-blackberry-is-not-working.htm Technology Clip Final sessions: April 2 days, each PLC group NAGC Webinar on leadership in differentiation– show selected sections and then discuss. Used January 2011 Tomlinson//

Advanced Organizer Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Behavior Intervention Support Teams (BIST) Overview Why is Classroom Management.

the absence of explicitly communicated expectations, students are forced to guess how each teacher wants them to behave. 1st 5 days of school: teach expectations before each new activity and give feedback. During/ based practices that promote active engagement Direct Instruction Computer Assisted Instruction Class-wide Peer Tutoring Guided notes Response Cards Specific and Contingent Praise Group Contingencies Behavior Contracts 4. Establish a continuum of strategies to acknowledge appropriate behavior/


it is wrong, I move on to the next fastest player. Once the board is up, the answer cannot be changed.   5 – INDEX CARD: The player up from EACH team will first RUN around their team’s table. THEN they will race to write the correct answer on their index./ Question 2: Run-on Sentences Which of the following sentences is a run-on sentence? Tomorrow is the first day of school we get to find out who our teachers are. I hope that my teacher is Mrs. B because I hear she is the best. Last year I had a really good/

郑小玲 郑裕彤中学. 李国杰 What does she do? 李国杰 My Favorite Teacher  Her lessons are always well- prepared and clearly delivered.  She is really concerned about.

for the first time and now is his job (C)Graham thought of his school days in general Para.1_____ para.2____ para.3___ Task1 Skim for main ideas Task2 Information card My Student (A) The difficulties in teaching nowadays (B) Graham’s reasons for being a teacher (C) Mr. Jenkins’ impression of Graham Para.1_______ para.2_______ para.3_____ My Student Name/

All: Sign In on the sheet at the door. Teacher: Mrs. Hepner Classroom: P-12 Period 1: Floriculture I & II Period 2: Floriculture II Period 3: Environmental.

of Grade  27-30 th – Rush Week  September – 30 days (start on backside of sheet)  2nd - Labor Day – Monday No School  9th – Mini Day for District Teacher Welcome  13 th – Fall Food Faire  FFA Meeting –18 /@ 3:15 in P-12 for 10% of Grade  19-21 st – Plant Sale  23 rd -27 th Spirit Week and Rally  Assignment Calendar: Due 10-4-13 (35 points)  All – Sign in – Favorite Song  All – Name Card/

Southeast Region 4 Middle College High School Compstat Report First 20 Day Period for 2010-11 Academic Year.

types of days absent. Monitor teachers’ illness days as they approach 9 days and follow Labor Relations process. Monitor teachers’ illness days as they approach 9 days and follow Labor Relations process. Celebrate teachers with good attendance! Celebrate teachers with good /students’ progress. Guidance counselor, records clerk, and administrative team will monitor seniors’ progress during each report card period One hundred per cent (100%) of Middle Colleges current seniors will graduate on time. Summary//

© Solution Selling, Inc. 2009 Office Depot 2 Day Workshop for Major/Global/Public.

Challenges complying with state teaching standards  Difficulty providing the right resources to teachers  Challenges meeting requirement s of federal grants / programs (i.e. / of approved corporate items, competitively priced and available for next day delivery? © Solution Selling, Inc. 2009  PAGE 104/ Criteria  Negotiating Worksheet  Get-Give List  Resolving Customer Concerns (PSS ® Skill Guide Card)  Implementation Plan  Success Criteria  Reference Stories Yield Percentages 25%75%100% © Solution/

Monday. 1. Find the seat with the index card with your name 2. Fill out your index card with the information on the card below 3. On the back of your.

your name Share with us the 3 facts about you that you wrote on your card What does AVID stand for? Advancement Via Individual Determination [L. avidus]: eager for /absent for Binder Check, due to illness, you may request a Binder Check on the day you return. Additional binder checks by mentors occur throughout the year so binders must be / by completing a tutorial by visiting one of the learning centers and having a teacher present help and sign off on their tutorial paper. Tutors will assist students on/

To Think About “An effective teacher enhances student learning more than any other aspect of schooling that can be controlled.” – James Strong, Qualities.

Question 1 Tools for Activating Prior Knowledge – Associations – Four Thought – Card Sorts – Point of view Four Thought What is it? – A pre-reading and post-reading organizer Directions – The teacher introduces the topic and asks students to generate any thoughts and feelings they / on the two most important ideas. Join another pair—share and then decide on the most important point of the day. Take 2 minutes to write about everything you know and understand about this point. If we teach only for facts/

Welcome to class. My name is Charlie Arbuiso and I will be your chemistry teacher. Copy the objective, and get ready to learn… Put the other papers away.

your measure is from accurate. What was your “error” in measuring the mass of the teacher? _______________________________________________________________________ It’s always a positive number (no need for a sign) 30. Error is/ _______ 2.0 seconds _______ 98,754,123.00 g _______ 0.0040 days _______ RULE 5. Zeros at the end of a decimal number are significant/you know that there are 52 cards in the deck of cards. A deck of cards has 52 cards. 77. A deck of cards EQUALS 52 cards. If your brother ripped the /

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