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really done much to hide the fact. Thus by capitalizing on the name “Tata”, it has been it’s own identity as an Indian brand offering high quality watches at prices significantly below those of comparable foreign brands. About Titan Titan, a joint venture /though highly regarded in Indian industry are associated more with heavy industries such as steel and truck building, than with watch making. Chances are that no one would buy a Tata watch (it’s name invoking the same, if not greater reaction than an HMT)./

APAC - OTM FY10 Q2 Ops Review 4 th Feb 2010. CONFIDENTIAL – ORACLE HIGHLY RESTRICTED2 Agenda FY10 Q2 Highlights FY10 H2 Highlights Q3 Budget and Status.

with 8 logistics centers. It has its own truck fleet and partners with more than 75 trucking companies for regional distribution. Agility acquired Baisui in/industry segments. DIESL provides following End to End Services to TATA Group and Non-TATA Group customers. Domestic Transportation Import, Export and Freight Brokerage /Infosys and other Partners) – This is critical for success in China Market being very price sensitive as well as big Market Potential  Expand into CPG, Retail,Natural Resources,/

The way forward for GT CONFIDENTIAL Summary of review December 5, 2006.

type of equipment Potential partners Global agricultural equipment / automotive manufacturer seeking exposure to developing markets, e.g., Tata Motors Local players in developing countries, e.g., partnership enabled through NORADs MatchMaking Program Export/import agencies / with moderate scale Competition New trucks, tractors and agricultural equipment from well-known brands – Possibility to compete on price, but need to convince user of product qualities Third hand trucks/combi-vans Possible go-to-market/

Company Confidential Psion Teklogix Employee Communications Meeting May 2006.

position in the Automotive Vertical in India with additional orders from TATA motors First TekConsole installation in China at SuNing, the largest white/-Miami Speedway during the 2005 season finale of the Craftsman Truck Series, when Goodyear tires equipped with RFID were raced for/0 $1708 $600 + $ 75 + $375 + $200 + $120 + $110 + $350 + $324 + $ 50 $2204 Symbol price estimated based on product class. Client License 3% more spares PV $600 5yr. 10% rate PTX Connect vs. WT Usability features 3 year maintenance/

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Agent Synchronizes PDA wirelessly Automatically the PDA gets updated along with any price changes, new customers, promotions, discounts etc for the day. Checks /and Indian Conglomerates like Coke India, SSA Global,Aurther Anderson (Former), KPMG Tata Refractories, Tata Indicom, Siam Motor Group Thailand, Bureau of Budget, Ministry of Finanace /to streamline the business process of their truck sale.  Avon provided a solution on hand held devices for the truck sale team by automating the entire process/

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Portion of LTD t - Δ Accumulated depreciation and amortization t Total Assets t TATA for manipulators: .031 TATA for non manipulators: .018 Source: M.D. Beneish, “The Detection of/Industry Pizza Restaurants. Retail Gift Shops. Scrap Metal. Taxicabs. Trucking Industry. Wine Industry. Inconsistent Judges In one dispute a district/value. Adjusted book value. Guideline Company Data Price/earnings. Price/gross cash flow. Price/dividends. Price/book value. Price/revenues. Price/net asset value Source: J.E. Fishman,/

Indian Auto Industry Facts Second Largest two wheeler manufacturer in the world Largest tractor and three wheeler manufacturers in the world Fourth largest.

duty for imported cars including hybrid cars. Excise duty cut only for petrol driven trucks 1-5 Years Existing Complex labor laws( 45 Central acts and 16 associated rules)/ 16km per day against the target of 32 km per day) Increase in crude oil price($ 35/barrel to $ 70/ barrel in 14 months). Can Stunt Growth Social Factors Rapid/forward ‘Upgradeable’ green cars : Plug and play style engines to replace old ones: the Tata Nano model Downsize the cars without losing out on interior space. Lower cost, low fuel /

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independent as LDV Limited|LDV in 1993, as did Trucks as Leyland Trucks. Leyland Trucks was taken over by US giant PACCAR in 1998 / completes the sale of Jaguar Cars|Jaguar, Rover Company |Rover and Land Rover to Tata Motors, of India https://store.theartofservice.com/the-divestment-toolkit.html Royal Bank of Scotland/of motor lodges 1 Wyndham operated the Howard Johnson brand under many tiers based on price, level of amenities, and services offered https://store.theartofservice.com/the-divestment-toolkit./

Frank R. Leslie, B. S. E. E., M. S. Space Technology, LS IEEE 1/21/2010, Rev. 2.0.3 (321) 674-7377; Link Bldg. Rm. 104

and solar energy Deregulating coal to increase production 1/11/07 Greatly increased car and truck production demands more gasoline and diesel; they, too, compete on World market Tata Motors selling a US$2500 car that attracts more first-time car owners India’s/to get us off foreign oil  Build windfarms through the Great Plains (pulled back when oil price fell)  Use natural gas to power 350,000 18-wheeler trucks with compressed natural gas in three years  Has met with the chief politicians to push his plan/

Regulatory Challenges in Reforming Indian Power System by Vijay L Sonavane Member, MERC Mumbai NPTI Nagpur, Date: 25 th FEB 2011.

or meters Which cannot be put into container with forwarding address, on a particular truck taking a particular route, but flows as per laws of Physics Which cannot be/ Haryana Uttarakhand Himachal Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan Tamil Nadu Volume on Power Exchanges Price on Power Exchange BENEFITS OF OPEN ACCESS Maharashtra is facing peak & energy /upon holding that under the Terms & Conditions of the licenses held by it ‘Tata Power Co. Ltd. Is entitled to effect supply of electrical energy in retail /

WESTPORT INNOVATIONS INC. Presented by: Simon Fraser University March 5, 2011.

by the Global Investment Research Challenge. Global Engine Producers Global Truck Producers 1.Weichai 2.Volvo 3.Daimler 4.Cummins 5.CNHTC 1.Daimler 2.Volvo 3.Dongfeng 4.Tata 5.FAW Weichai Westport Inc. Simon Fraser University | March/Global Investment Research Challenge. 68 Original Program Purchasing program One amortization period based on base truck chassis Upfront capital cost New Program Leasing program Price components with different amortization periods Payment over the life of lease on per mile basis/

Tutor2u Toyota Motor Corporation also known as “Toyota” Author: Mark Tottman.

Canada, Western Europe and Japan –China and India are key drivers of growth in this sector, as low price, light vehicles (such as Tata Motors’ Nano) become attainable for an increasing percentage of these countries huge consumer populations tutor2u World’s Top/ mass market producer whose products cater for all segments of the market Toyota’s product range includes cars, coupes, vans, trucks, hybrids, & crossovers/SUVs. Passenger cars range from the subcompact Toyota Yaris, to the compact Corolla, to the mid-/


MARKETING MIX Which products? Which channels of distribution? What promotions? What price structures? SYSTEMS AND TRANSACTIONS What types of transactions? –Purchase order, internet, verbal, … –By each, or case, or pallet, or truck, … What terms of sale? –Cash, check, credit card, /have the code included on the commercial invoice. FOR CLASSIFICATIONS AND RATES GO TO http://www.usitc.gov/tata/hts/ http://www.usitc.gov/tata/hts/ DETERMINING AN HS CODE: 1 Liter Frozen Orange Juice in a Container 20 Chapter 20 - /

February 28 th 2013. Common Cents Investment Group February, 2013 Agenda  T-shirts!  Survey discussion  Today in the Market  Stock Pitches.

do research Common Cents Investment Group February, 2013 Today in the Market Common Cents Investment Group February, 2013 P/E Ratio  Price per Earnings or “price multiple”  A P/E ratio of 20 means: Investor pays $20  For $1 in earnings  Ratio that / They are known for producing the cheapest car on the market.  Called the Tata Nano  Gets about 60 mpg  Top speed 65 mph Common Cents Investment Group February, 2013 Other cars/trucks  Indica  Second best selling car in India  Prima  Higher class car /

SORL Auto Parts, Inc. NASDAQ: SORL Investor Presentation April 2006.

truck sales ahead of 2007 Source: Citigroup Equity Research, CAAM, Frost & Sullivan Research - Sept 2005, Feb, 2006, Credit Suisse Research, Jan 2006 Competition Landscape Highly fragmented market with over 4,700 registered auto component companies in China Customer relationship is the key; Price / in ‘05 27% of rev in 2004 to 36% of rev in 2005 Mostly replacement but begin to explore OEM opportunities: TATA Motors 3 authorized sales centers (Australia, UAE and USA) 0 500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 2/

Elements of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

and receipt of products. Order batching: method for reduction of ordering costs due to price discounts for bulk ordering, transportation expense decrease by ordering full- truck loads, etc. Limitations on order size (i.e. retailers can order products in / Port Trial operation started in April 1999 * Agreement signed for construction of a captive coal Jetty at Mumbai by Tata Electrics. Pipelines * Reliable all weather means of transport * Low energy consumption * Pipeline being under ground space occupation/

By: Pradeep K. Mittal Advocate, PKMG Law Chambers Past Central Council Member, The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi id:

of delivery and return there from, cost of transportation of return journey of empty truck/vehicle will also be allowed as deduction – CBE&C circular No.923/13//his commission during warranty period are includible. This circular has been held as invalid in Tata Motors Ltd. V. UOI (2012) 25 taxmann.com 497 = 286 ELT 161 /(SC), it was held that- “Increase in value on the basis of contemporaneous price (prevailing market price) like weekly bulletin of spices market and public ledger was accepted as importer did /

International Panorama of Electromobility R&D

the energy density of current li-ion batteries, costing less than half the price per kilowatt-hour. The researchers have confirmed that (...) the inorganic, solid state materials/: electric cars (6/6) D. Production announcements : some examples (2/2) Tata has started to assemble a batch of 1,500 Indica Vista EV supermini models in Coventry/ hybrid-electric powered big-rig and terminal tractor, which they produced. Each truck has battery packs that are continually recharged by on-board hydrogen fuel-cells./

Madhya Pradesh: Means Business

track Dry Handling Track Comfort Track Buildings General Roads Vehicle Dynamics Lab Power train lab Wet skid pad Sustainability track for trucks Phase I: August 2009 Phase II: October 2010 Exemptions- Registration Fees & Stamp Duty Sales Tax Entry Tax, Octroi,/over US$ 667 mn and is part of the US$ 14.25 bn Tata Group, Indias foremost business conglomerate TCL manufactures a wide range of high-quality and competitively priced products, including soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, salt, caustic soda and urea. It/


countries in the "Big Mac Index 2011" behind China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia and Egypt. The relative price of a Big Mac went down by 29% in South Africa. In Norway, it went up by 118%. South Africa/ 2014 Babcock Fiat Freightliner Fuso General Motors Hino Isuzu Iveco MAN Mercedes Benz Navistar International Trucks Nissan Peugeot Powerstar Renault Trucks Scania Tata Toyota UD Trucks Volkswagen Volvo Trucks GALLAGHER ESTATE MIDRAND JOHANNESBURG GAUTENG PROVINCE SOUTH AFRICA WWW.SAAW.CO.ZA 13 - 17 /

Group Newsletter Issue 10 Volume 4 April 2013 1. Group NewsPage 3 Exhibitions InformationPage 4 Exhibitions reportPage 6 SGUK NewsPage 7 HSE Information.

to all Safety Groups UK members. ACT offer an exclusive 15% discount off the list price of any product or service to all Safety Groups UK members. ACT is established as/risk when high levels of carbon monoxide were released into the former Brunner Mond plant. Tata Chemicals was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) following an investigation into the/off by a forklift truck. They were also being dragged on the end of the forks to get them closer to the doors. In addition the truck, which didn’t /

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are annualized, 12/31/06 to 12/31/09, and account for price appreciation and dividends. *** Shareholder Equity CAGR based on 2006-2009 fiscal years. Tata Group and Virgin Group removed due to lack of financial data Bloomberg Businessweek 25/CEP Bank Toyota Production System  Gillette innovated the pricing model by giving away razors and making money on the blades  Goods trucked to a distribution center from suppliers are immediately transferred to trucks bound for stores—without ever being placed into /

COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES. How to Manage Brands? 1.Market position & Role of Competition 2.PLC Market position can be; A. Market Leader B. Market Challenger.

in consumers mind (eg. Maruti, TCS, Marico, Taj, Lipton, Nescafe, Maggi Noodles, Amul, Google, Mercedes Benz, Tata Trucks) (ii) Flanking Defense: setting outposts to protect a weak front or handle a counter attack (eg. Wheel, Tide, Cadbury/Mysore sandal, Gharri Soap, Balaji Chips, Haldiram) COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES IN SUMMARY The attack can comprise of; Price or Discounts New products or Improved products & services Wider variety of offerings Innovative promotions Efficient channel management Breakthrough/

Contents Sr. NoTopics IConcept & Need of an International Logistics Park IIConcept of Regional Hub & Demand & Supply IIIMumbai Region - Bhiwandi Emerging.

trace consignments 5.International shipments : Ease of arranging competitively priced shipments 6.Customs : Efficiency of clearance process RankCountry 1Germany / in the coming years. Leading Corporates like Pantaloons (Big Bazaar), TATA (Westside), Reliance (Hypercity), Bharti Retails, Rahejas (Shoppers Stop), Reliance/ Sewages Netwok etc Infra & Utilities DesignBuild Plan & Design Food courts Dhaka,Truck Terminals, Dormitories Common facilities & Amenities Centrally located open space & landscaped area/

4/25/20151 Sermons From Science -- Dec 2014 科学布道 -- 2014 年 12 月 Sermons from Science is now published in both YouTube under the name “Pastor Chui” and.

the Indian market. Tata has moved onto phase 2, "completing detailed development of the compressed air engine into specific vehicle and stationary applications".Tata MotorsIndia 4/25/201521/energy, and in 2007 was introduced for certain heavy vehicle applications such as refuse trucks. 4/25/201523 Air-Powered Car 空气动力汽车 4/25/201524 Air-Powered Car /would not arrive. The resulting droughts could cause huge spikes in food prices, widespread famine and violent unrest. During the great Russian drought and heat/

Products, New Product Development Process, Branding.

capabilities- Market position - Production Capability - Product R &D Mc Kinsey/GE Business Array Industry attractiveness – Size, Market Growth, Pricing, Mkt. Diversity Competitive Structure, Industry Profitability Business strength - Size - Growth - Share - Position - Profitability - Margins - Tech/multi-brand portfolios Create Mega Brands e.g. Nestle Move away from product markets – Tata trucks to Tata Indica Dilemma for category extensions is to maintain the identity of brands while playing The rules/

Chapter 14 Emerging Global Players:

China High DIFFERENTIATED POSITIONING APPLIED TO HIGH-END SEGMENTS Price premium Low volume High costs Good technolgy Strong brands / – Pharmaceuticals Hindalco - Metals Infosys – IT services Mahindra – Automotive Reliance – Chemicals Tata Steel – Steel Tata Tea – Food and beverages Videocon – Consumer electronics Wipro - Pharmaceuticals Aluminium Corporation of / Aqua Feed Shrimp Chemical Seeds Plant Protectiony Logistics Trading Trucks Motorcycles Drill Healthy Drinks Supermarkets Frozen Foods Distrib. Real/

Francis Gouillart, ECC Partnership Infonavit Forum on Housing Economics Veracruz, September 24, 2007 The ECC Partnership 100 Main Street, Suite 130 Concord,

.  Other Logan models launched in 2006-07: 4-door sedan, wagon, pickup truck and hatchback. Dacia Logan MCV station wagon Infonavit BOP Veracruz – 2007-09-24 © 2007 /than an ordinary car, but it has to be both simple and safe.” – Tata CEO Rajan Tata A model at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show If it works for cars, can it/the farmers benefit  Farmers selling directly to ITC through an e-Choupal usually get a higher price for their crops than they would through the mandi system. About 2.5% higher (approximately /

General Body Meeting 02-15-12 1. Mutual Investment Club of Cornell Welcome 2.

Overview  India’s largest automobile company  Part of Tata Group  3 rd largest bus manufacturer in the world  4 th largest truck manufacturer in the world  3 rd largest manufacturer in passenger cars Mutual Investment Club of Cornell Original Thesis Points & Proposal  Current short-term risks outweighing long-term potential  Current price level makes investment extremely attractive  Short term play for correction  Geographic/

April 28, 2010 Team Sam Allin, Prakash Hari, Georgina Javor, Federico Ochoa, Gordon Zheng.

Javor, Federico Ochoa, Gordon Zheng  India’s largest automobile company  World’s 4 th largest truck, 2 nd largest bus manufacturer  Cars, light to heavy commercial vehicles & engines  Tata Group  Interests in steel, autos, IT, communications, power generation  Financials - 2009  Gross / Trade Agreement - Latin America  Min. 60% indigenous manufacture  Traded duty free in the region Selling Price$3,750 Cost of Manufacturing Plant$500 million Profit per Car$172 Return on Investment17.15% (At full /

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<$300 $30K NORTH AMERICA<$1,000 $80K WESTERN EUROPE>$3,000 $130K EASTERN EUROPE<$500 $70K Typical heavy truck price in market Estimated content per vehicle based on total applicable market $ $K  Less advanced technology vs.Western Europe/market  Basic technology; advanced technology penetration under 10% of total market  3 large OEMs: FAW, DFM, CNHTC; TATA Motors, many small © 2010 WABCO Holdings Inc. All rights reserved. 7 COMPETITIVE OVERVIEW KNORRHALDEXLCC COMPETITORS  Technical capabilities similar /

NextGen Bus Coaches© for Asian Markets

and local assembly, But prices high at 300-400% of Indian Bus prices, leaving tremendous potential demand untapped. Current market in Low-end Bus is 99% dominated by Buses built on truck-type chassis supplied by Tata & Ashok Leyland. Pose /at present. Technology Leadership Buses are designed by Bus / Coach Body Builders, based on the truck-like Chassis, supplied by Ashok Leyland and Tata. Specialized expertise and experience is required to design, manufacturer and market NextGen Chassis© and NextGen Coaches/

Why did this happen? NYC trains lost electric power  Does Energy Affect our Lives?  FOXnews 8/15/2003 Happy New Yorkers out for a Stroll! 060721.

and solar energy Deregulating coal to increase production 1/11/07 Greatly increased car and truck production demands more gasoline and diesel; they, too, compete on World market Tata Motors selling a US$2500 car that attracts more first-time car owners India’s/to get us off foreign oil  Build windfarms through the Great Plains (pulled back when oil price fell)  Use natural gas to power 350,000 18- wheeler trucks with compressed natural gas in three years  Has met with the chief politicians to push his /

Ford Motor Company By: Jennifer Brown Puneet Kankaria Cody Reynolds.

prices and loss of market position Restructuring of the company Restructuring of the company Selling off unprofitable divisions (Aston Martin)Selling off unprofitable divisions (Aston Martin) Selling Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata MotorsSelling Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata/ global operations Company Update Ford is producing less SUVs and trucks due to soaring gas prices Ford is producing less SUVs and trucks due to soaring gas prices http://www.ford.com/about-ford/news-announcements/press-releases/press/

Maintenance Management Fleet Health is secret of our Strength

yrs of commissioning & annually thereafter Oil, Filter & Coolant changes Description of Lubricant LEYLAND TATA Engine Oil Long Life CH4 36,000 for Dist 24,000 for City 36,000 (/Tank 1 ½’’ MS Line 1’’ MS Line 1’’ Flexible Hose Underground HSD Oil Tank Truck with Biodesel Transfer Pump Ground Level Procedure of Blending Biodiesel with HSD Oil Blending Biodiese with/ have come forward to supply the Biodiesel in bulk quantity at a viable price It is difficult to assess the quality of the product at the user level/

HISTORY OF AUTOMOBILES  O Origin of the word  E arly transport machines  S team engine  P etroleum fuelled engine  D ifferent eras  R ecent developments.

have a manufacturing program should be allowed to operate Ashok Leyland 1948- First Vehicle in 1955 Tata Motors launches its first truck in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz 1954Mercedes-Benz 1945 : Mahindra & Mahindra a part of the /  Vikrant Tyres MRF Ltd.  Simpson Motors.  TVS Electricals  Piston India Ltd.  Carburettors India td.  Gabriel Industry Cars by Price Range Under 3 Lakhs Maruthi 800, Alto, Omni. Reva Rs. 3-5 Lakhs Ambassodor Fiat, Palio Hyundai Santro, Getz Chevrolet Opel Corsa Maruthi /

Frank R. Leslie, B. S. E. E., M. S. Space Technology, LS IEEE Adjunct Professor, Florida Tech 1/28/2010, Rev. 1.4 (321) 674-7377 my.fit.edu/~fleslie.

 Trains: Take over some air traffic, but tracks are vulnerable to easy terrorist attack because they are accessible for miles  Trucking Industry: Expands to carry more people in posh cargo containers similar to Victorian train cars -- a specially “bus” 100125 6./2 Energy Competition by Nations China and India have large populations that will want and buy more energy, driving the price up  Tata company of India selling a $2500 car The other developing nations will do the same, but with less effect at /

AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Presented by:- Ashutosh Mandeep Singh Manpreet Singh Smriti Sharma Ravneet Singh.

sector in India is growing at around 18 per cent per annum. Major players in the automobile sector are:  Tata Mahindra Ashok Leyland Bajaj Hero Honda Daimler Chrysler Suzuki Ford Fiat Hyundai General Motors Volvo Yamaha Mazda PRE INTERNET SCENERIO  ADVERTISEMENT/with their review services  Now getting paid by advertisers.  Several websites now offer services that allow best price on a car or truck like Car Auctions Inc  Second hand market is also emerging  Spare parts at your doorstep  RECENT /

Www.time4education.com Triumphant Institute of Management Education P Ltd Nyayapati Gautam In defence of the Nation?

and vehicles in the army) alleged irregularities in the purchase of Tatra trucks. –He was posted out of the MGO. –In 2006, two private sector defence firms, L&T and Tata Power, collaborating on a DRDO project, were asked by BEML to pay/BEML had violated defence procurement rules by buying the trucks not from the original equipment manufacturer but from a UK- based agent, Ravinder Kumar Rishi. –The price of the trucks was also being inflated, with the trucks being imported at between Rs.40 and Rs.80/

Environmental impact of Gifts In Kind Tom Keffer, Phd Senior Advisor, Mercy Corps This presentation available at

-haul) (*) 6342.9 Truck (short-haul) (2) 7038.3 Truck (India) (3) 14818.2 Pickup6354.3 Air (long-haul) (1) 5704.4 (1) DEFRA Guidelines for reporting GHG emissions (2) Faiz, et al.: Mercedes 1217 (7 tonne) (3) Faiz, et al.: Tata 1201 (5 tonne) (*) See appendix Environmental Impact/ cost of shipping –About 0.6 tonnes of CO 2 / $1k –But, gets distorted Well intentioned donations Pricing set at the margin Media needs Early ownership of GIK helps –But, limits opportunity to mix and match Environmental Impact/

Chapter 8 Distribution Center, Warehouse, and Plant Location.

India (1996) 1-26 Company Facts: Service Provided: Customized solutions and services 1,000 m 2 covered warehouse space Two 407 Tata trucks, 5 low-bed trailers Handles 200+ TEUs of imports and exports per mo. Current Capability: Case 8-1 Aero Marine Logistics/needed –Expected life: 5 years 1-29 New Equipment Needed: Case 8-1 Aero Marine Logistics 40-foot containers (new) –Purchase Price: 15 lakhs (US$33,330) –Service Charge: First year free –5 containers needed –Expected life: 10 years Transportation Costs: /


for Maharashtra, the company is the preferred vendor for companies like VSNL, BHARTI AIRTEL, TATA TELESERVICES and IDEA CELLULAR among others. The main strength of the company lies in handling/work hard to make the subcontractor want to work with us. This translates into better pricing for the owner, tighter management of projects and ensures the quality that everyone demands. Lastly/ for 12 hours 5 JCB 1.00 10,000.00 (per day cost) 6 Truck driver assuming salary of 15000/pm 7 Diesel for HDD 30.00 60.00 1,/

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in residential areas. They provide limited amount of merchandise at more than average prices with a speedy checkout. This store is ideal for emergency and immediate purchases/.html Tata Global Beverages - Marketing strategy 1 In spite of a global presence, the brands are distributed differently depending on the location. As Tata tea/ but also induced on all packaging, spec sheets and brochures, and service trucks https://store.theartofservice.com/the-marketing-strategy-toolkit.html For More Information, Visit/

PIAGGIO S.p.A. Politecnico Student Research Global Investment Research Challenge 2011 Automobiles & Parts.

the spare parts business Data and Charts Premiumisation strategy Piaggio’s prices are higher than its competitors: customers recognize higher quality and unique/,00040% 4W10.74%350,0004% Piaggio’s Product launches (4W) QuargoApe Truck Data and Charts Electric and hybrid markets MP3 HybridElectric PorterBifuel Porter Max speed62 /and Charts Piaggios current market multiple Median Hero Honda Mahindra & Mahindra Bajaj Auto Tata Motors Yamaha Motor Harley- Davidson Ktm AG Honda Motor Suzuki Peugeot Citroen EV//

PIAGGIO S.p.A. Politecnico Student Research Global Investment Research Challenge 2011 Automobiles & Parts.

for the spare parts business Data and Charts Premiumisation strategy Piaggios prices are higher than its competitors: customers recognize higher quality and /%500,00040% 4W10.74%350,0004% Piaggios Product launches (4W) QuargoApe Truck Data and Charts Electric and hybrid markets MP3 HybridElectric PorterBifuel Porter Max speed62/and Charts Piaggios current market multiple Median Hero Honda Mahindra & Mahindra Bajaj Auto Tata Motors Yamaha Motor Harley- Davidson Ktm AG Honda Motor Suzuki Peugeot Citroen EV/

Supply Chain Management Introduction

leader IBM workstations Offer many products Dell computers Offer products for locals Tata’s Nano at $2500=100000 rupees Production at Singur, West /(work in process) Inventory? 10/minute Spend 1 minute 2. Transportation Air Truck Rail Ship Pipeline Electronic 3. Facilities Production Flexible vs. Dedicated Flexibility costs Production:/on metrics: Average safety inventory, Average incoming shipment size, Average purchase price of raw materials, Revenue Major obstacles to achieving fit Instability and /

Mission 1 Billion : The challenges ahead

Pan India Coverage Best-in-class Support Infrastructure Product Support : Facilities Dump Truck Overhaul Engine Repair Bay Crankshaft Grinding Machine Hydraulic Repair bay Dozer Overhauling Best/ executing MARC & SSA Major MARC and SSA Projects MARC Sites NCL Singraui 59 | 48 Tata,NM,JD,WB 26 | 29 SSA Sites HZL, DECO 45 | 35 HZL, DECO / & reduce cost of production Successful bidder should be determined by adjusted bid price mechanism This adjustment should be based on Technical Merit Score (which should be/

U.S. Census Bureau Foreign Trade Division Understanding Foreign Trade Data May 16, 2007.

for direct consumption Bonded warehouse and FTZ withdrawals 24 Valuation Customs Value Generally, price actually paid excluding: Duties Freight Insurance and other charges Relationship b/w parties should/ B http://www.census.gov/scheduleb HTSUSA http://www.usitc.gov/tata/hts/bychapter/index.htm 43 Internet References (con.) CSC http://www/  Other methods are available for certain publication (i.e. rail vs. truck) 114 Introduction Method of Transportation:  Entering/Departing through Canada & Mexico /

U.S. Census Bureau Foreign Trade Division Understanding Foreign Trade Data April 23, 2009.

Imports for direct consumption Bonded warehouse and FTZ withdrawals 22 Valuation Customs Value Generally, price actually paid excluding: Duties Freight Insurance and other charges Relationship b/w parties should/ B http://www.census.gov/scheduleb HTSUSA http://www.usitc.gov/tata/hts/bychapter/index.htm 43 Internet References (cont.) CSC http://www/provide.  Other methods are available for certain publications (i.e. rail vs. truck or container vs. non container for vessel). 125 Mode of Transportation Cont.  /


Cranfield; Ford at Dunton; SAIC at Longbridge; Changan at Nottingham; TATA at Warwick. Creation of UK Automotive Council – framework for collaboration with/2, & Phoenix 2 refuse trucks Ford - Transit van, Transit Minibus GM/IBC – Renault Trafic Minibus, traffic Van, Vivaro Minibus, Vivaro Van Leyland Trucks - DAF CF, XF, LF & Hybrid trucks London Taxis Int - TX4/ UK suppliers. The supply chain represents about 40% of the retail price of a passenger car. The UK automotive supply chain typically generates £4/

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