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I GEOMETRY ALGEBRA-II (page 22) HS Blueprints for Mathematics MATH I MATH II MATH III (page 22) TODAY’S PLAN: Understand the overall / 3.NBT.2 Multiply/divide within 100 (know single-digit products from memory) Add/subtract within 1000 4 4.NBT.4/in h.s. http://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/students 136 What does it mean to be CCR? (Level-4) “Students who earn a PARCC College- and Career-Ready Determination by performing at Level 4 in mathematics and enroll in College Algebra, Introductory College Statistics/

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9: Technical Memo and School Board Memo Slide 2 Work Products (Part I of II): Technical Memo: Have one section /(with a nice fix for heteroscedasticity) If our population does not meet the homoscedasticity assumption, then we can use this/Math Slide 62 Unit 1: Intuitive Representations of the F statistic: Technical But Still Verbal Representations of the F statistic: Formal Representation of the F statistic: What is a “Mean Square”? For Post Hole 3, we calculate a mean square, and we call it “variance.” In/

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the production process. The variability across lots is the key notion in search for Pareto glitches. 1.10 Basic Statistical Procedures in Statistical / 2 C 98 2 A 82 ; PROC ANOVA DATA=MATH; CLASS PROF; MODEL GRADE=PROF; MEANS PROF/SCHEFFE;/GLM , but PROC GLM is safer in the hands of beginners. What If the F-Test Is Significant? If/ produce coefficients ( and 1, 2, …, k-1) that have different interpretations. It does not matter which coding method is used, since both produce the same ANOVA table. Also, the/

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by the Federal Government. Disclaimer: What does it take to obtain good /inWhat Kind of Math Matters” Education Week, June 12 2007 2.Carnevale & Desrochers cited inWhat Kind of Math Matters” Education Week, June 12 2007 College for all? (1)Current Population Survey (2000) (2)Bureau of Labor Statistics (2002) The Fallacy of Composition: What/Production Process Development: Quality Assurance Manufacturing Planning, managing, and performing the processing of materials into the intermediate or final products/

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those students wishing to study further in areas of engineering, product design, product manufacture, project management, teaching, /in the top bar. The content of GCSE (9 - 1) in Mathematics (1MA1) Specifications: Number, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Measures, Probability and Statistics . Don’t worry if you don’t know what/does not indicate causation; draw estimated lines of best fit; make predictions; interpolate and extrapolate apparent trends while knowing the dangers of so doing Back to Maths/

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Product CTE Automotive Tech Measurement Criteria Check continuity and measure resistance in electrical/electronic circuits and components using an ohmmeter; determine necessary action. Math -- Strand 2: Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics, Concept 1: Data Analysis (Statistics/The Exception Results Can Be Seen At AZ DOE Website http://www.ade.state.az.us/cte//Regional Accrediting Agencies Require Teachers To Be Certified In Areas Of Instruction So, What Is To Be Done? Two Major Roadblocks /

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those students wishing to study further in areas of engineering, product design, product manufacture, project management, teaching, /in the top bar. The content of GCSE (9 - 1) in Mathematics (1MA1) Specifications: Number, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Measures, Probability and Statistics . Don’t worry if you don’t know what/does not indicate causation; draw estimated lines of best fit; make predictions; interpolate and extrapolate apparent trends while knowing the dangers of so doing Back to Maths/

1 Doing Statistics for Business Doing Statistics for Business Data, Inference, and Decision Making Marilyn K. Pelosi Theresa M. Sandifer Chapter 5 Analyzing.

What percentage of the defects were color? Does there appear to be any credence tot he claim that the majority of the defects occur on the third shift? 7 Doing Statistics for Business Figure 5.1 Two bar charts representing a contingency table 8 Doing Statistics for Business In/the least-squares line are useful? Why or why not? Is what you just did interpolation or extrapolation? 35 Doing Statistics for Business TRY IT NOW! Starting Salaries and Math Courses Finding the Least-Squares Line (con’t) Now use the /

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Proficiency Standards onto NAEP Scales, IES August 2011 Math Risk CA Mapping State Proficiency Standards onto NAEP Scales/ Claim (3-8 or 9-12) Measurement and Data Geometry How does this help me map? Operations and Algebraic Thinking Target A (m/Processing Research questions Comprehension questions Simulated Internet search etc. Product/Performance Essay, report, story, script Speech with/without/evidence from what you have read and viewed. (short story) (article 1) (video) (research statistics) In still other/

1 Roles of assessment in learning in statistics and mathematics Helen MacGillivray School of Mathematical Sciences, QUT Director, QUT Maths Access Centre.

Statistics Education) Visiting Fellow, UK CETL in university-wide maths & stats support Queensland University of Technology 2 Juggling hats? Assessment also requires balancing “Students learn only for assessment!” Naturally Students think what is assessed must be what/ comp maths Balancing components, workload, objectives Comments throughout on: alignment with objectives, balance, integrated assessment & learning packages, group work, collaborative work, plagiarism Like mathematical proofs, end product doesn/

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Significantly below OECD Average PISA 2009 Overall Math Scale Significantly Above OECD Average Not /Career Readiness Writing Standards Production and Distribution of Writing 4.Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, / is a connected subject. Standards define what students should be able to understand and/ gave 4 to John. How many rocks does Sally have left? Sally had 10 rocks./ surface area, and volume. Grade 7 Overview Statistics and Probability Use random sampling to draw inferences about/

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math skills does not mean that the individual has zero math skills Ratio scale: physical measures (height) and counting; has absolute zero. Groups What are descriptive statistics? Purpose and examples? Answer the following questions What are descriptive statistics? Purpose and examples? Why do we look at both – the mean and SD? What is a correlation? In Selection, what do we correlate? What does/respond negatively to aversive work events Decreased productivity Health concerns Integrity and Drug Tests Purpose/

Models for Integrating Statistics in Biology Education Laura Kubatko — The Ohio State University Danny Kaplan — Macalester College Je ff Knisley — East.

statistics. –What a linear approximation looks like. –What a quadratic approximation looks like. (Including interactions.) –What a partial derivative is. The program had to be organized as two distinct, stand-alone courses: one in calculus and one in statistics. –Some programs require a calculus course, and many students and parents expect a calculus course, so one of the courses would be calculus. This does/ An “Integrated Courses” model –Separate Math/Biology courses Better for transcript Allows familiar/

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NEW in 2011-12 Algebra 1 - An Open Course Developmental Math – An Open Program Arithmetic Beginning Algebra Intermediate Algebra Geometry and Statistics Topics /institutions are satisfied with existing methods or digital options  Existing digital products:  too expensive  inflexible curricula  proprietary management system  /(statewide ) Idaho Digital Learning Academy IDEAL-New Mexico Illinois Virtual School (DOE) Iowa Community College Online Consortium Iowa AEA Consortium Jacksonville State College (AL/

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MATH I MATH II MATH III/in Support of Rich Instruction and Expectations of Fluency and Conceptual Understanding K–2 Add/subtract within 5/ 10/ 20 (K.OA.5, 1.OA.6, 2.OA.2) Add/subtract within 100 (2.NBT.5) Know single-digit sums within 20 (2.OA.2) 3 Multiply/divide within 100 (know single-digit products/What does it mean to be CCR? (Level-4) “Students who earn a PARCC College- and Career-Ready Determination by performing at Level 4 in mathematics and enroll in College Algebra, Introductory College Statistics/

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a table of “x” and “y” values that have a constant product. Definition: The product of the value of the independent variable and the value of the dependent/Vertical Shrink Translations - Vertical Shrink Back to Success ModelBack to Math Topics Math Strategies Table of Contents Lesson 5 Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability Strategies  Average (Arithmetic Mean) Average (Arithmetic/ math operations. What does x@ mean? How do I determine a value? 4@ = (4+1)(4+2) 4@ = (5)(6) 4@ = 30 Apply the definition in/

Common Core State Standards: What Gifted Leaders Need To Know Joyce VanTassel-Baska, EdD. Smith Professor Emerita College of William and Mary.

students as a result. (eg. Social modeling on the gifted does not work.) What Are Research-based Differentiated Materials for the gifted that aid in teaching to the common core? Mathematics – Mentoring Mathematical Minds (M3) – Techniques of Problem-solving (TOPS) – Connected Math Language Arts – W&M Language Arts Units – Junior Great Books – Jacobs Ladder Math Resources Units of study that stress problem-solving, spatial reasoning/

From classical arithmetics to information science: Michel Waldschmidt Université P. et M. Curie - Paris VI Centre International de Mathématiques Pures.

Mathématiques de Toulouse (Toulouse Mathematical Institute) http://www.irit.fr/ http://www.univ-tlse2.fr/grimm/algo 20 Number Theory and Cryptography in India: Indian Statistical/does not preserve the order). Encryption using alphabetical transpositions and substitutions Julius Caesar: replaces each letter by another one in/integer ≥ 2 is either a prime or a product of primes. For instance 12=2  2  /complete solution to Pythagoreas Diophantine equation. Question: what happens if we replace the circle (conic)/

2 nd Annual WSMA Math Bowl April 28, 2012 This test material is copyright © 2012 by the Washington Student Math Association and may not be distributed.

Math Association Problem 2 Find the product of the digits of 7 3. Copyright © 2012 by the Washington Student Math/in the jar to begin with? Copyright © 2012 by the Washington Student Math Association Problem 3 What/statistics. 72 are taking both calculus and physics, 10 are taking calculus and statistics, 20 are taking physics and statistics, and 3 are taking all three. If a senior from Lambda High is selected at random, what/the Washington Student Math Association Problem 5 How much money does Alissa spend at/

Senior Mathematics Curriculum Revision 4 Supporting students and teachers by keeping Ontario’s K - 12 curriculum current and relevant College Math Project.

statistical software) Clear Pathways (DRAFT) Grade 9 Academic Grade 10 Academic Grade 11E Work and Everyday Life Grade 10 Applied Grade 9 Applied Grade 11 M Function Applications Grade 11 C Foundations for College Math Grade 12 C Foundations for College Math/ What does an appropriate balance mean to you and how does this impact on your students’ long term success in senior mathematics? Key Message: Teaching The revised curriculum supports effective mathematics teaching that requires understanding what /

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productive worker, and discerning consumer. (Bernie Madison) (Bernie Madison) the ability to identify, understand and use quantitative arguments in everyday contexts. Quantitative literacy describes a habit of mind rather than a set of topics of a list of skills. (Deborah Hughes Hallett) How does “QR” differ from “Math”? (Bernie Madison’s “two mathematics”) Math Math/, samples, surveys, and statistical evidence (to develop an /What percentage of the apartments sublet for more than $1,200 per month? 2. What/

The Rocky Road to Statistical Literacy Marion Smith ACCOLEDS Training, December 6, 2002.

closely modeled by a parabola Creativity in Math Winning project #2: –Relationship between annual beer production, consumption per capita and percent of population males 20 -24 Conclusion: there is a correlation between average beer consumption and percentage of males age 20-24 –Correlation did not hold true with % of males in other age cohorts Creativity in Math Winning project #3: –Hockey statistics were used to examine performance/

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what is the present value of a dollar to be received by a producer two years from now? A. $0.826 B. $0.900 C. $1.100 D. $1.210 E. None of the above A. 2009-2013 State Non-Math Test Bank 25. When an increase in production of one enterprise causes a reduction in the production/ State Non-Math Test Bank 24. Which USDA agency’s primary activity is conducting surveys to determine farm production, prices, income, and expenses? A. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) B. National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS/

Slides 2-4 are from Tamara Wondering if we also want something from principles to action (for the math view) And/or what I have on slide 5 that I always.

to School & Ready Set Science) What does it mean when learners: – Understand scientific explanations? – Generate scientific evidence, models, explanations? – Understand the nature of science and science as a way of knowing? – Participate productively in the norms and discourses of science? New science practices are grounded in this. How students learn mathematics 1.Adherence to mathematically productive classroom norms and relationships. 2.Math discourse that focuses on students/

ENGR-25_Lec-19_Statistics-1.ppt 1 Bruce Mayer, PE Engineering/Math/Physics 25: Computational Methods Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed.

536... Calculated  Calc the OverAll Odds as the PRODUCT of each of the Individual OutComes This is Technically a COMBINATION BMayer@ChabotCollege.edu ENGR-25_Lec-19_Statistics-1.ppt 22 Bruce Mayer, PE Engineering/Math/Physics 25: Computational Methods 175 711 536... is a DEAL!  The ORDER in Which the Ping-Pong Balls are Drawn Does NOT affect the Winning Odds  If we Had to/

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Math achievement and math attitudes Teacher effectiveness and teacher efficacy Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2008 Correlational Designs Simple correlation designs – Cautions in interpreting correlations A relationship between two variables (e.g., achievement and attitude) does/ – Practical significance should not be confused with statistical significance Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2008 Correlational/variables in situations where it is impossible or unethical to manipulate the independent variable Example - what is/

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Math (STEM) 01 Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences 03 Natural Resources and Conservation 04 Architecture and Related Services 11 Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services 14 Engineering 15 Engineering Technologies and Engineering-Related Fields 26 Biological and Biomedical Sciences 27 Mathematics and Statistics/in Connecticut per 100,000 workers in Connecticut What does this mean? College and university faculty and businesses members who are engaging in research and product/

Unit 8/Slide 1 © Sean Parker EdStats.Org Unit 8: Statistical Inference and Assumption Checking Unit 8 Post Hole: Evaluate the assumptions underlying a.

EdStats.Org Unit 8: Technical Memo and School Board Memo Work Products (Part I of II): I.Technical Memo: Have one /what does a p-value of 0.049 mean? How about a p-value of 0.00001? Or, a p-value of 0.89? Or, a p-value of 0.051? Question 2: The relationship in the sample is one thing, and the relationship in the population is another thing (due to sampling error). If you say a relationship is statistically/ are uncorrelated. Unit 8/Slide 42 Unit 8 Math Appendix: Two-Sample T-Tests http://onlinestatbook.com/

©2011 Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning Elementary Statistics: Looking at the Big Picture 1 Lecture 12: more Chapter 5, Section 3 Relationships between Two.

Statistics: Looking at the Big Picture L12.2 Looking Back: Review  4 Stages of Statistics Data Production (discussed in /Statistics: Looking at the Big Picture L12.19 Example: Considering Residuals  Background: Car-buyer regressed price on age for 14 used Grand Ams [(4, 13,000), (8, 4,000), etc.].  Question: What does/Statistics: Looking at the Big Picture L12.25 Example: Residuals and their Typical Size s  Background: For a sample of schools, regressed average Math SAT on average Verbal SAT average Math/

Georgia High School Graduation Test MATH REVIEW. GHSGT Math Review ~36 % = Algebra ~36 % = Geometry ~28 % = Data Analysis and Probability Test Topics.

school.” Truth Value GHSGT Math Review Logic Statements  Which of these true statements also has a true inverse? A.If the product of integers a and /in a bag. All the cards are the same size and shape. He randomly selects a card. It is yellow. He does not replace it. Seth will randomly select a second card from the bag. What/A than B.  D) The interquartile range is greater for Restaurant B than A. Statistics GHSGT Math Review What is the Mean Absolute Deviation of the following data set? {12, 10, 14, 4,/

MR. KERINS WHAT IS ENGINEERING. ENGINEERING DEFINED Engineering- Is the use of mathematics, science and technology to create products and systems that.

to create products and systems that improve the world WHAT IS ENGINEERING What is Engineering? What is Engineering? IS ENGINEERING RIGHT FOR ME? Demonstrate Strength in Math Science English /math and science combined with use of materials and natural forces. TYPES OF ENGINEERS Manufacturing Electrical Bio Engineering Chemical Computer Green Engineering Aerospace Civil Mechanical TYPES OF KNOWLEDGE Mathematical- Statistics Graphs Charts Data tables Algebra Calculus Scientific Knowledge: Statistics/

Big Data in the Undergraduate Curriculum ASA Working Group to Revise the Undergraduate Statistics Curriculum Fall 2013.

in discussion of Big Data Many undergrads are drawn to statistics because of the sexy nature of Big Data Undergraduate programs should be producing people who can work effectively on Big Data problems To think about… What does statistics have to offer? What does statistics lack? How can we differentiating computational issues and statistical thinking issues? Panelists Bonnie Ray, Director, Optimization Research, Business Analytics and Math/ – improved productivity Centralized control and real-time /

1 Using the TI-89 Calculator in Undergraduate Mathematics Courses LTC Troy Siemers Virginia Military Institute © by Troy Siemers, 2006.

38 F3 (from home: ) Limits Symbolic and numerical (partial) Derivatives, Integrals Sums, Products, Max/Min Arc Length, Tangent lines Taylor Polynomials Calculus 39 Questions: 1)Find the /bulk of time is spent in entering the data. Computations are very fast. 6 2nd 5 (MATH menu) (Statistics submenu) Note: from the home screen, Statistics 80 Example: Input is/15971 (note: this is dollars per quarter) 107 1)Calculate and. What does this say about ? (Note: The exact value is unknown) Final Problem Set Instructions/

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of materials and theory work that will include:- Product design and manufacture; Graphical media and drawing techniques;/ new light on problems that have puzzled people in the past? Does it  Back to History Home PageNext page /in Mathematics (1MA1) Specifications: Number, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Measures, Probability and Statistics. Don’t worry if you don’t know what/limits of accuracy, including upper and lower bounds Back to Maths Home Page  Previous Page Previous Page  The Timeline The/

‘GOOD IN ALL CATEGORIES’ OFSTED 2016 Language for Learning Making Marking Meaningful High Expectations Teaching Learning & Assessment This e-booklet will.

of materials and theory work that will include:- Product design and manufacture; Graphical media and drawing techniques;/ new light on problems that have puzzled people in the past? Does it  Back to History Home PageNext page /in Mathematics (1MA1) Specifications: Number, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Measures, Probability and Statistics. Don’t worry if you don’t know what/limits of accuracy, including upper and lower bounds Back to Maths Home Page  Previous Page Previous Page  The Timeline The/

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higher-level approach right now, even on todays machines, we will see immediate benefits in our productivity." W. H. Press and S. A. Teukolsky, 1997 Numerical Recipes: Does This Paradigm Have a future? Motivations, concerns In developing large applications, three significant issues must be addressed: In developing large applications, three significant issues must be addressed: Productivity Productivity Time to the first solution (prototype) and time to solution/

Hypothesis Testing Testing Statistical Significance.

of 7.9 significant?  No, so do we accept or reject the null hypothesis?  Accept H0 – what does that mean? Testing Hypotheses with Samples Statistic vs. Parameter – 1 Sample t-test  The One-Sample t Test  A professor wants to know if her introductory statistics class has a good grasp of basic math  Six students are chosen at random from the class and given a/

Talent Gap Study for the Communications Sector in Malaysia Final Report Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Institute of Labour Market.

Property taxes Production taxes People taxes/ Data mining analyst Statistics and mining Data /What is the status of your institution? 4.What type of programmes does your institution currently offers? C.Number of graduates and new student intake 5.Please select Professional Certification programmes in/in math and science. Intel provides training to more than 100,000 math and science teacher for the first three years. The involved teachers will undergo an intensive 80-hour professional development math/


statistic is The variable X is The data are Example 1.4 Determine what the key terms refer to in/On your calculator, press Math and arrow over to PRB/Does aspirin reduce the risk of heart attacks? Is one brand of fertilizer more effective at growing roses than another? Is fatigue as dangerous to a driver as the influence of alcohol? Questions like these are answered using randomized experiments. In this module, you will learn important aspects of experimental design. Proper study design ensures the production/

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Sigma is now the way we work – in everything we do and in every product we design” 1 1 Jack Welch - General Electric website at ge.com What are Statistically Designed Experiments? Purposeful, systematic changes in the inputs in order to observe corresponding changes in the outputs Results in a mathematical model that predicts system responses for specified factor settings JS Why DOE? Scientific Answers to Four Fundamental Test Challenges/

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individual sizes and amounts in familiar products used on an everyday basis. Students will learn how to quickly determine through math operations what is the most economical/35 yards Based on the example above, answer the following question: How many yards does the football travel if you pass it from the Colts’ 12-yard line to/ 13 arrows Average Student Height Statistical Analysis Activity Objectives: The main objective is to engage students in the major components of statistical analysis: mean, median, mode/

Exponentials and Logarithms

Involving Exponents BrainGenie - Simplifying Expressions Using Multiple Exponent Properties Involving Products http://braingenie.ck12.org/skills/105553 Solve at least 5 problems /in years, so note what she does with t around minute 3. “If you already have a bank account or if you plan to have one in/statistical data according to exponential growth models. Applications of Exponential Functions Exponentials Applications of Exponential Functions SAS Curriculum Pathways - Human Population Growth http://www.math/

The German Educational System and Math Curriculum Heinz SCHUMANN University of Education Weingarten, Germany Prof. Dr. habil. Heinz Schumann Fakultät.

It is worth learning if you can see what you know afterwards. Condition for getting to/product-domination mistakes as reason for constructive correction Nowadays aspects of the left side have much more importance in/and alternative solutions. Using new technology does not just give the solution of /Modeling of pertinent problems Interpretation of statistic data and statements Intelligent usage of/students have to attend compulsory basic courses (Grundkurse) in math. They also can select mathematics as a special/

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.org/sites/parcc/files/HSAlg1Math2MiniGolfPrices.pdf COURSE ? DIFFICULTY? POINTS ? ALGEBRA-I/Math-II Points: 6 Standards: FBF-I STANDARDS? a Type-III PARCC Task //divide within 100 (know single-digit products from memory) Add/subtract within 1000/in h.s. http://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/students 158 What does it mean to be CCR? (Level-4) “Students who earn a PARCC College- and Career-Ready Determination by performing at Level 4 in mathematics and enroll in College Algebra, Introductory College Statistics/

Independent and Dependent Events

of passing the science test is 3/4 . What is the probability of passing at least one of /a set of dependent events will occur is the product of their separate probabilities. This may be written /does not play, the probability of winning is 0.5. The probability that Big A will play is 0.3. Example cont’d – Dependent Events There were 350 students in Math 101 at university There were 350 students in Math 101 at university. Of these 350 students, 60% had an A in PreCalc 40S, and 30% failed Math 101. Statistics/

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+ECD High productivity jobs and /statistics in SA Averages are uniquely misleading in SA – the average child does not exist in any meaningful sense Report educational statistics by quintile in/in PIRLS 2011. (Other countries tested Gr4) What does a dualistic school system look like in practice? Teacher knowledge SACMEQ III (2007)  401/498 Gr6 Mathematics teachers See Ross et al (2005) for a discussion of the teacher test. Correct answer (7km): 38% of Gr 6 Maths teachers 2 education systems SACMEQ Maths/

SFA-1 Best Visuals of CSME. SFA-2 Computational science challenges arise in a variety of applications l Computational science is emerging as its own discipline.

Math and CS Science and Engineering Applications Computational Applied Math Domain Science Science Computer Science Engineering += Biology Physics Chemistry Engineering Environmental Math/in progress, SIAM SISC Design optimization/optimal control Design of experiments – to what/in the synthesis of statistics and development of computer modeling: —Statistical analysis in non-linear situations can require thousands of model evaluations (e.g., using MCMC), so the ‘real’ computational problem is the product/l DOE /

I OWA S TATE U NIVERSITY Department of Animal Science Using Basic Graphical and Statistical Procedures (Chapter in the 8 Little SAS Book) Animal Science.

top and variables in the with list down the side n Default l Computes Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients/NIVERSITY Department of Animal Science Proc Corr (Correlations) u What does the P-Value mean that is associated with each /in testing the null hypothesis that the coefficient (parameter) is 0. Using an alpha of 0.05: The coefficient for math is significantly different from 0 because its p-value is 0.000, which is smaller than 0.05. The coefficient for socst (.0498443) is not statistically/

1 Translating the Vision of the 9-12 Common Core State Standards into Highly Effective H.S. Math Programs The Leona Group May 23, 2011 Steve Leinwand.

   Innovation and productivity    Human capital and equity of opportunity    High quality education (literacy, MATH, science)    Daily classroom math instruction Where we fit on/ and Justifying Conclusions Understand and evaluate random processes underlying statistical experiments Make inferences and justify conclusions from sample surveys,/. “When we interviewed the students and asked them “what does it take to be successful in mathematics class?” they offered many different practices such as:/

Participate. Investigate. Educate. “You should be a math major!” Non-Academic Careers in Mathematics.

Careers in Mathematics Math majors High school math teachers College & university math faculty (teachers, researchers) What about non-academic careers for math majors? Raytheon… A defense and aerospace systems company Who works there? Engineers of all sorts General, chemical, computer, electrical, hardware, industrial, logistics, mechanical, reliability, software, systems, test Raytheon: Not just for engineers Raytheon also hires mathematicians Wanted to hire people with graduate degrees in math, not/

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