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Michael Alles Rutgers Business School Glen Gray California State University, Northridge THE PROS AND CONS OF USING BIG DATA IN AUDITING: A SYNTHESIS OF.

rather than its intensity, which is why the analysts turned to social media data. We could also have responded that the original study was conducted by a team of computer science researchers and practitioners with likely far better Big Data skills than most accounting researchers or auditors in an engagement. 8 The pros and cons of using Big Data in auditing Would our arguments have made/

 Good evening and welcome my name is Sunny Vilkhu and I am a FDK (Full day Kindergarten) DECE (Designated Early Childhood Educator) with the peel board.

development, psychically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively Finally I feel the most predominant / recent study by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding and educating families about media and technology”  “There is /and-science-at-connect-2013/ *Pros and Cons Technology in the Classroom ( http://www.ehow.com/about_5384898_pros-cons-technology-classroom.html) http://www.ehow.com/about_5384898_pros-cons-technology-classroom.html *Technology In Schools: Weighing The Pros And Cons/



New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages NYS TESOL 45 th Annual Conference Emerging Global Literacies in Language and Technology.

collaborative online learning project between Nassau Community College and ITK in Lebanon that uses Facebook for learning English and expanding global awareness. Attendees will learn about the presenters’ cultural experience in Lebanon and pros and cons of Facebook as such a tool in any/ grief when my aunt passed away. Technology helped me to communicate with my family and con-nect with them when they were far away. Though social media I was able to constantly message them. It helped me build a stronger bond/

©John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2008 Carpenter/Huffman: Visualizing Psychology Note to Instructor: Internet connection is required to access media assets. No.

is required to access media assets. No connection? Request a CD/DVD for Wiley owned CyberPsych assets. The following Media-Enriched PowerPoint slides include the core concepts and key terms of Chapter /and Observations  Pro: insights  Con: time consuming and expensive Projective Tests  Pro: insights  Con: low reliability and validity Objective Tests  Pro: standardized information  Con: possible deliberate deception, social desirability bias, diagnostic difficulties, possible cultural bias, and/

London Borough of Brent Using social media effectively 7pm – 9pm (Brent Civic Centre) 24 th March 2016 Seltzer Cole Cllr Theo Blackwell LGA Associate Consultant.

Associate Consultant Member Peer (Labour) LGA Todays session Social media snapshot Social media audit Social networks in action Social media stats Pros & cons of popular networks Social media tips & wisdom How to engage local people Confessions of a Cyber Councillor How *not* to do social media How to *do* social media Social media tips & tricks Managing your reputation Creating your social media HQ Review and questions Social media snapshot “Social interactions using content (words, images, audio & video/

October 6, 2011 Law Blogs Some Whys, Wheres and Hows Nate Russell and Rebecca Slaven May 15, 2014 Note: The audio on this webinar is live streamed to your.

ping Pros: Many unexpected sources Email or RSS alerts Cons: /Social media and social networking policy”Social media and social networking policy Margolis, Ellie. "Its Time to Embrace the New-Untangling the Uses of Electronic Sources in Legal Writing." Alb. LJ Sci. & Tech. 23 (2013): 191-221. LINK Blog Ethics Model Blogging Policy Highlights of LSBC’s model “Social media and social networking policy”Social media and social networking policy Your identity: Social media blurs the line between personal and/

Social Media for the Social Organization. What is Social Media? It is any internet site that allows social interaction of its member: sharing comments,

(such as the Masons) that allows your fans or prospective members to follow and interact with you. Group Pros and Cons Pros You have a forum setting where members have a lot more say and interaction in the group’s content: – Any group member can interact with the/promote or remind our audience of an upcoming event. Scheduling a Post Link your Page to Twitter One post updates two social media sites! By linking your page to Twitter, whatever you post on your Facebook Page will also get posted on your Twitter/

ACHRA - Employment Law Update August 23, 2011 Presented By: Sarah H. Roane and William B. Warihay Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart (Greensboro)

. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics – FLSA retaliation Recent 4th Circuit Decision EEOC v. Cromer Food Services ADA Amendments Act Social Media Legal Issues in Employment EMPLOYERS & LAWYERS, WORKING TOGETHER FIRST CLASS SERVICE, COAST TO COAST TOPIC #1: GINA /Use of Employee Cyberspace Activity 1.Informed Decision on Use of Internet Searches for Applicants/Employees  Know the pros and cons  Make an effort to minimize the use of impermissible information  Make every effort to verify factual information /

Social Media Smackdown Presenters Roy Hickman, Moderator David Palme, Con Stance Jeff Trudell, Pro Stance.

lower grades. In addition, many young Facebook users show more tendencies to be narcissistic. http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2011/08/06/kids-and-social-networking-pros-and-cons/ Have and Have Nots Social media helps low-income kids become more familiar with computers and related technology. One study showed that nearly three quarters of children from poor households have profiles on MySpace or Facebook. By using these websites/

Media & Learning Design (M&LD) Research & Evaluation Presentation to M&LD Steering Committee By Christos Anagiotos & Phil Tietjen (

Pros: Data connected to the user PSU ID Cons: Very limited amount of data, tough to use Google Analytics (Outside ANGEL): Pros: Large amount of data & Great detail Cons: Data not connected to the individual users’ PSU ID Flash Media Server (Outside ANGEL): Pros: Decent amount of data Cons/Social Network Analysis (Student networks) 2. Record student screens 1. Social Network Analysis (Student Networks)  Students’ social/ regular meetings with IDs to discuss and analyze results  Develop internal visualization/

FamiLync: Facilitating Participatory Parental Mediation of Adolescents’ Smartphone Use UbiComp 2015: Social Life Minsam Ko, Seungwoo Choi, Subin Yang,

Active mediation (e.g., discuss pros. & cons.) Co-viewing/Co-playing TV & Video Games Methods Media Active co-use PC & Internet Smart Devices (e.g., Smartphone) Collaborative [Participatory] parental mediation [Austin93, Valkenburg99][Livingstone08, Nikken11] [Haddon13, Clark12, Yardi11, Ito10] Helpful in balancing “parental control” and “child autonomy” ESPECIALLY, “Collaborative approach” have been effective in diverse domains Collaborative Parental Mediation on Media Use in HCI Along with/

+ Discover/Explore Phase Dani Masi, Mike Lucci, Bridget Naughton and Andrew Feldt.

yelp reviews There are no pictures, videos, comments, information or interaction with The Barbary Social Media sites are updated infrequently + User Segments Students Post-grads Creative Young Professionals All of these segments are interested in/in the online shopping experience Redirection to social networks Design Clean, simple layout The copy and visuals speak to the target Many interactive elements, such as a blog and “Shopping Cart” feature + Urban Outfitters Pros and Cons Pros Website reflects the ton of the /

Questions 38 66 69 National Picture What social networking sites is your child a member of? Vote – 74 81 01.

sharing network. Pros: -Can share hobbies and interests with others. -Access to tutorials and guides for various activities. Cons: -Very easy to circumvent the security measures. -Unpleasant or offensive language in video comments. Questions 38 66 69 Twitter Pros Generally fairly pleasant Cons Everything is public No privacy settings No content filtering Mostly pointless babble Questions 38 66 69 Instagram What is Instagram? Media Dependant Social Network (Photos/

PACKAGE AND LABELLING Meaning and Definition  According to Philip Kotler, Packaging is an activity of designing and producing the container for a product.

-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor”. MEDIAS OR METHODS OF ADVERTISEMENTS Media of Advertisement Broadcast Media Television Radio Non-Broadcast Media Cinema Cable TV Discs Outdoor Media Hoardings Boards Posters Direct Response Mailers Pamphlets Telemarketing Internet Social Networks Search Engines Youtube PROS AND CONS OF VARIOUS METHODS OF ADVERTISEMENTS Pros  TV is extremely creative and flexible.  Network TV is the most cost-effective way to reach/

Social Media and Communications Keeping it Classy in the Modern Workplace Written by Dallas Duncan and Dr. Frank B. Flanders Foundation Skills, Unit 3.9,

sites? Why do you not use social networking? The Good and the Bad What are some pros and cons of social networking? Additional examples can be found on the next slide… ProsCons The Good and the Bad What are some pros and cons of social networking? ProsCons Keep up with friendsYour/post anything in anger: “Post in haste, repent in leisure” DO be careful about how you joke onlineDON’T put social media accounts on your resume unless they’re directly related DO post photos that won’t get you in troubleDON’T put /

6 Factors that drive consumer purchase Income and price – ex. Ikea (affordable) Status – ex. BMW or Rolex watch Current Trends – ex. skateboarding Customs.

to home/flyers Billboard Radio Television Transit Magazine Newspaper Online (Facebook or other social media sites) Direct to home/flyer Pros Reach your targeted area easily Cons Many just throw away and think it’s “junk mail” Expensive to do mail-outs Billboard Pros Reach your targeted region easily Relatively cheap Cons Distracting/dangerous to drivers Vandalism Ad is up for a long period of time – may/

Public Relations Society of America 2015 International Conference PoweRful Connections: Shaping Our Future “The Immigration Crisis and Public Relations.

(2015, Oct 2). BBC Monitoring International Reports. Pros/Cons of accepting immigrants: Security Heffer, S. (2015, Sep 30). Refugees and migrants are not the same thing. Daily Telegraph/Know as much as you can about the audience -Integrate all communications media (invent if necessary) -POLICIES / PERFOMANCE / COMMUNICATIONS /63 PROLOGUE / Global Compact 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Multilateral partnerships addressing major social problems, building international good will /70 OPPORTUNITIES FOR GREATER/

Korean Chaebol : Global or Globalized? By Jasper Kim, JD Associate Professor and Department Chair, Ewha GSIS.

Samsung Electronics  focuses on 4 areas: Digital Media, Semiconductors, Telecommunication Networks, and LCD Digital Appliances.  Worlds largest memory chip and second largest semiconductor manufacturer Hynix (formerly Hyundai Electronics)/strategic policies Pros Cons ♦ Corruption, Social injustice ♦ Moral hazard of Chaebols Pros & Cons 6. Size Pros Cons  Market monopoly: Monopoly in an individual market  General monopoly: Monopoly in the whole Korean economy  Can influence economic and political issues/

Technology Tips and Safety for Teens. Social Networks Social Networks are internet applications which are used to facilitate communication between users.

communicating with online? CCGMS Student Survey Have to ever been a victim of cyber-bullying? Have you ever participated in cyber-bullying someone else? Cyber-bullying Bullying through Internet applications and technologies such as instant messaging (IM), social networking sites, and cell phones. Cyber-bullying 1 Social Media Pros and Cons View the link below and discuss the pros and cons of social media. Create a class list on the next page. Social Media Pros and Cons Pros and Cons of Social Media ProsCons

Unit 4 – Active Citizenship Objective 1 Explain the process of naturalization, as well as the rights and responsibilities of American citizens. Objective.

in the state gets all of the state’s electoral votes Why do we use this system? Pros/cons? www.270towin.com fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com Reform In the early 1900s, reforms were passed to deal with election fraud – Political/but it can also influence them Example? How is has the internet and social media affected politics? How can you be on your guard for media bias? Polls – Public opinion polls are taken regularly to monitor and track changes – Exit polls are taken as people leave the voting precincts/

Web Collaboration Tools WWG 2010 A presentation and discussion of what tools staff use to collaborate with external partners. Where do EPAs enterprise.

Pros Free to use Complete suite of team resources: calendar, tasks, discussion, library etc Customize look, feel, layout Create custom forms, work flow, etc Create and run autoscripts Unique URL (separate site management) Managers process external user accounts Cons /Blogs most used feature New collaborative projects o E.g. Radon T social media campaign GreenGov Collaborative E.O. 13514 signed October 2009 GreenGov Challenge o 5,000 ideas and 165,000 votes from 14,000 federal employees. How to connect this/

Chapter 14 Using Electronic Media: Television and Radio

pros and cons of TV advertising? The Medium of Television Pros Cons Mass coverage High production cost Relatively low cost High airtime cost Some selectivity Limited selectivity Impact Brevity Creativity Clutter Prestige Zipping and zapping Social dominance Q. 3. What are the pros and cons of Cable TV advertising? Cable TV Pros and Cons Pros Cons/Target demographic group Stretch media dollars Most Popular Program Formats Q. 6. What are the pros and cons of Radio advertising? Pros and Cons of Radio Ads Reach /

McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2011 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Chapter 14 Using Electronic Media: Television and Radio.

selectivity High production cost High airtime cost Limited selectivity Impact Creativity Prestige Brevity Clutter Zipping and zapping Social dominance 14-7 Cable TV Pros and Cons ProsCons Selectivity Audience demographics Low cost Limited reach Fragmentation Quality Flexibility Testability Zipping and zapping 14-8 The Medium of Television How adult viewers rate various media 14-9 Types of TV Advertising Sponsorship Participation basis Spot ads Syndication Infomercials 14/

McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2011 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Chapter 14 Using Electronic Media: Television and Radio.

cost Some selectivity High production cost High airtime cost Limited selectivity Impact Creativity Prestige Brevity Clutter Zipping and zapping Social dominance 14-6 TV Audience Trends Demographics DVD Rental Cable households Viewing patterns TV viewing hours /day Average time is 2.5 hours per day Radio’s reach exceeds other media 14-22 Most Popular Program Formats 14-23 Pros and Cons of Radio Ads Pros Cons Reach & frequency Selectivity Cost efficiency Limitations of sound Segmented audiences Short-lived,/

Facebook The Social Networking Phenomenon. Facebook According to www.facebook.com: www.facebook.com “Facebooks mission is to give people the power to.

png (2006). The pros and cons of facebook. Retrieved April 26, 2009 from http://kapiyi.blogspot.com/2006/12/pros-and-cons-of-facebook.html http://kapiyi.blogspot.com/2006/12/pros-and-cons-of-facebook.html (2007). Social networking services. Library/guardian.co.uk/technology/2007/jul/25/media.newmedia http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2007/jul/25/media.newmedia Raacke, J. & Bonds-Raacke, J. (2008). MySpace and facebook: Applying the uses and gratifications theory exploring friend-networking sites. /

Communicating through social media

expression) when communicating I can’t really find cons in my passage... America Now : Is technology destroying social bonds? Pros Social media – provide us the opportunity to stay instantly in touch with others locally, nationally and internationally. We can make us sound meaningful and intelligent through editing before sending the text message. America Now : Is technology destroying social bonds? Cons Social networking sites serve as tools for procrastination Our lives/

Could you think of what Cons and Pros the Social Media may have? Podscats Instagram Social Media: everywhere and in everything?

relationships Exposure to new thingsNot helpful for true communication Making connectionsDistracting Quick communicationDoesn’t always reflect who you are The key of responsible social media is having a balance between the Pros and Cons Social Media: The Good and the Bad? http://www.business2community.com/social-media/how-social- media-usage-will-change-in-2013-0349418 Let’s talk about numbers  the DIGITAL continent www.wikipedia.org The population of South America/

Chapter 6 E-marketing And Information Distribution E-commerce and Information Technology in Hospitality and Tourism Copyright 2004 by Zongqing Zhou, PhD.

Registering in search engines? Banner ads? Affiliate programs? Customer communication? Traditional media? Website as Marketing Tool (cont.) Steps to increase the marketing power of/ Internet has created many virtual communities and virtual social networks. Ideas and news pass among members of these online communities and networks much faster with a click than / in tracking the use of an ad by Internet users. Pros and Cons of an Ad Network PROS PROS –One-stop shopping: You deal with only one marketing agent/

Dont Be Such a Spaz! Social Media Tips and Tricks Dr. Sheryl R. Abshire, Chief Technology Officer Kim Leblanc, Tech Training Center Coordinator Pam Nicholson,

- minute study break made lower grades. In addition, many young Facebook users show more tendencies to be narcissistic. http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2011/08/06/kids-and-social-networking-pros-and-cons/ Have and Have Nots Social media helps low-income kids become more familiar with computers and related technology. One study showed that nearly three quarters of children from poor households have profiles on Facebook or other/


and/or emotional discomfort with their assigned birth gender. Ally: A person who promotes equality and acceptance for sexuality minority Societal Responses to Homophobia Social attitudes change with exposure to topics, thus normalizing homosexuality, and integrating non- heterosexism into school curriculum, mass media and/of penis and condom to prevent it from slipping off Squeeze and remove from penis, without spilling Put in waste – DO NOT FLUSH CONDOMS! Condoms: What are the pros and cons? Pros:  /

– Multimedia Conglomerate Case Study– L9 Unit G325: Section B – Critical Perspectives in Media Wednesday 17 th April 2013.

Corporation by giving examples/statistics that demonstrate this from the lesson today. YOU MUST also discuss how Disney continue to saturate the market with their distribution strategies and ventures into the marketing through social media. FEEDBACK Global Media – “Globalisation” Pro’s & Cons – L10 Unit G325: Section B – Critical Perspectives in Media Thursday 18 th April 2013 Why? Aims & Objectives Re-cap Prior learning YOU WILL look back/

Employee Monitoring Con: Carmine Fieo Con: Samuel Heitzer Con: Robert Sagel Pro: Christina Hallock Pro: Tahmid Rashid Pro: Tynisha Snellbaker.

Employee Monitoring Con: Carmine Fieo Con: Samuel Heitzer Con: Robert Sagel Pro: Christina Hallock Pro: Tahmid Rashid Pro: Tynisha Snellbaker Con: Carmine Fieo Should employers closely monitor their employees? NO WAY! Con: Carmine Fieo Employers should NOT monitor their employees because it can lead to: Invasion of privacy/ sexual harassment Violation of rights and privacy through social media and unethical communication along with increased scrutiny towards collegiate athletes Con: Carmine Fieo Of the 43/

Online Quantitative Research What works, and what doesn’t? Scott W. Spain DigitalBiz Corporation

Pros Good formatting options Deliver rich content Input validation *possible* Cons No logic (skips, pipes, rotations & randomizations) Long pages Survey Types: Dynamic Dynamic Surveys Pros Great logic controls Rich media delivery “Anything” is possible (with the right tools) Cons/. Online interviewing has all the same benefits and drawbacks as traditional SAQ methodologies. Online Research /new companies Eliminates or minimizes certain biases (interviewer, social acceptance, etc.) Data appears to “line up/

1 attributed copies permitted Rick Dove Industry Professor School of Systems and Enterprises Stevens Institute.

permitted Unit Review – Network Systems Infrastructure (framework) Resources (modules) Pro/Con Patterns Principles Tools Other Noteworthy Topology Internet Nodes, hubs, edges Security networks that enable defend and attack Network efficiency/control Decentralization Autocatalysis Decentralization Autocatalysis Rewards for agents Social network analysis tools ? Plug and Play enablers/constrainers; Rules that set behavior boundaries Drag and drop elements; The stuff that gets mobilized Forces in tension; Yin/

IContact vs. Eye Contact How Social Media is Changing a Generation and How We Relate.

text  Blocks negative emotional responses which creates illusion we’re doing no harm.  Decrease in empathy Online Relationships Social Media Contagion Effect John Cacippo, U of Chicago  Con: loneliness transmitted via social networks  Taken to online world, common courtesy and politeness is often missing; increase in social isolation  Pro: As we become increasingly networked, it becomes more vital we monitor how we behave Online Relationships  50% of/


 Text or Banner ads served up on pages, usually at the sides, top or bottom  Pros Can be extremely targeted to the content on the page Can be purchased on a CPC basis  Cons Cannot control other content on the page  Sometimes considered to be ‘traditional’ marketing, and not ‘social media marketing’ Facebook Testing  Globe Life Juvenile Insurance  Tens of Thousands of Impressions  Hundreds of/

1 Revenues, Transparency and Pro- poor Spending Sudan Consortium Meeting In Paris 9-10 March 2006 March 2006 Republic of the Sudan.

and 5% of GDP Compared to 13.7% of total exp. 3.5% of GDP in 2005) Enabling concentration of basic social services as by constitution these services are the domain of the States. Enabling concentration of basic social services as by constitution these services are the domain of the States. 17 Con. Pro/ enterprises. Avail the information on the revenue sharing through the media. Avail the information on the revenue sharing through the media. Reconciliation of revenue figures with the Government of the South /

21st Century Learning and the wiki way Charlie Roy NCEA - New Orleans - 2011.

? What is your interest in technology? 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities Information Intensity Rise of Social Media - Web 2.0 Globalization and the Economy Work and demographics Information Intensity Everything is on the web Web 2/rotation involve multiple students Pros and Cons Pros: central, absent students, linked Cons: quality, front end organization C Examples of Wiki Student Created Text Book Example (see links) Pros / Cons Pros: enriched format, authorship, pride Cons: front end organization /

By Ciara Kelly (N00120704) Caught in the Web: Does Social Media Interaction Replace Face to Face Communication?

on the internet. Pros of Social Media Social networking sites spread information faster than any other media Social media sites help employers find employees and job seekers find work Social networking sites facilitate face to face interaction Colleges and Universities use Social Media to recruit and retain students Cons of Social Media Social media enables the spread of unreliable and false information Social networking sites lack privacy Social media entices people to waste time Social media causes people/

Advocacy in the Digital Age Using digital tools to strengthen and engage your audience and expand your network. Presented by Ali Mangkang, Atlanta Bicycle.

not forget - bicycling!No substitute! Crash Course Websites - Example Pros: Controlled content, focused information // Cons: Limited to people who “know” about your site Social media sites – Facebook, Twitter Pros: Large network, interactive // Cons: Cant control all content, information is being updated constantly Blogs - Example Pros: Easier and quicker to develop & maintain than a full website // Cons: Limited mainly to stories and links, cant really have enhanced content. Third Party Email/

7220 Sports Bar and Grill Brandon Hinze Carly Demple Vanessa Babli.

showing.  We can use the system to utilize social media and reach a large amount of people and hear direct feedback  The system allows us to view sales data to measure how we are doing and what customers want.  We can use the system as organizational management such as creating new records, schedule meetings, reminders, and find information Pros and Cons ProsSocial selling aspect of the CRM allows us to/

‘Effective media communications’ – PPC Media & PR Needs.

communications staff 3.Employing external communications consultancy Police Press Office Pros Most cost effective solution Existing Police knowledge, organisational structure and media contacts already in place Cons Potential conflict with Chief Constables Need to share resources Additional / Airlines – ‘The Guitar Song’ United Airlines became the victim of the rise in citizen journalism and social media when a passenger criticised the company in a song posted on the internet The airline failed to respond/

The Triumph of Conservatism, 1969–1988 Norton Media Library Chapter 26

EPA OSHA NTSB Nixon spent lavishly on social services and environmental initiatives III. President Nixon (con’t) Nixon and Welfare Perhaps Nixon’s most startling initiative was/and mother Phyllis Schlafly VI. The Rising Tide of Conservatism (con’t) The Abortion Controversy Pro-life advocates believed that life begins at conception and abortion is nothing less than murder Pro/Company Independent and Employee-Owned This concludes the Norton Media Library Slide Set for Chapter 26 Give Me Liberty! An American/

Hiring and Firing in the Digital Age by Robert B. Fitzpatrick, Esq. Robert B. Fitzpatrick, PLLC Universal Building South 1825 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.

concerted activity under the NLRA –Whether, and when, post- employment use of social media constitutes prohibited competition; –Use of the Company’s name in social media posts. Source: Jana Hrdinova, et al., “Designing Social Media Policy for Government: Eight Essential Elements”, Center for Technology in Government (May 2010) Ownership of Social Media Accounts Courts are currently grappling with issues regarding ownership of social media related information. Employees should not generally be/

 Web 2.0: Music Services April 27, 2012. Agenda  Cloud services  Online streaming services  Questions and app sharing by demand.

playlists Music aggregate site, monitor social media and other music platforms Trend based site We Are Hunted Pros  Find the popular music of the moment  Provides a graphic interactive interface  You can pick and choose which tracks you want to add to personal playlist  App for iPhone and Android Cons  Very limited music selection  Replication and finding previously found music is difficult Legality and Distribution  We Are Hunted covers/

Key terms and topics FINAL EXAM REVIEW.

; affects price Scarcity/opportunity cost Costs/benefits Supply/demand Pro/con The management of the resources of a community or country; expenditures and consumption of goods and services Budget Costs Benefits Economy Newspapers, magazines, books, pamphlets which reach a large number of people (today it would include radio, TV and the Internet) Peaceful protest Mass Media Social Interaction Social Institutions The way people/groups in society treat one/

U.S. marines in Al-Ferdaous square in Baghdad, Iraq (2003). The United States in Today’s World Advances in technology and high hopes for the global economy.

provides visual interface to unlimited audience Technology and Modern Life 3 SECTION New Tools, New Media Users access media through electronic connection— TV cable, phone / and in age. Pros and Cons 5 min group discussion and list: What are 5 pros to living in the Cities and 5 pros to living in the Suburbs? (pros /higher than whites Reservation gambling controversial - provides money for jobs, education, social services, infrastructure Native Americans get recognition of land rights through courts continued/

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

the pros and cons of this choice. Create a T-Chart with one side labeled “prosand the other labeled “cons,” and list the reasons for both side. Create an appropriate title your work. (1 point) Include at least one(1) PRO and one CON mentioned/twister/ Fake Facebook: http://www.classtools.net/FB/home-page You may NOT use an actual social media account to create this. Social media templates are available at http://www.mrakansonline.com/20132014/templates-for-fake- twitterfacebookinstagram-pages Templates: /

The Iraq war divided the Arabs, the Europeans, the Americans and caused a structural damage to Iraq’s society, state, & infrastructure Aljazeera.

Cons/Leo-Cons..The child of middle-class Orthodox Jews, Strauss converted to Zionism while still in his teens... He advocated Zionism as a kind of “honest atheism.” The neoconservatives “carry around literary or political magazines, not the Bible; they wear tweed jackets, not the petrol blue suits of Southern televangelists. Most of the time, they profess liberal ideas on social and/, all traceable to pro-Israelis and all portrayed as true by media outlets dominated by pro-Israelis. http://criminalstate.com/

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