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of lots of Social Networking platforms, building brands right now does not have to be hectic or tedious. It really is much easier or easier to perform but the work has to be done. Capture your name Utilize almost all the Social Media platforms to /obtaining your name with all these types of platforms. These are generally your own assets and it is really worth securing. You safe your name by going on these Social Media platforms for example Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube or producing profiles. Be the/

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dynamic profiles SOCIAL NETWORKS: ADVERTISING ASSETS Social Graph Real/media buyers are ready to target so granularly, but some are To simplify buying, we have grouped our users into 20 affinity groups. SUMMARY Social networks are evolving into platforms for the internet, just as Windows is a platform for personal computers Social graphs, communications, and data must be leveraged to make advertising on social networks effective Facebook leads among social networks; OkCupid among dating sites Social networks/

Twitter hashtag: #onzroadshow. Effective social media strategies Jaya Gibson Communications & Projects Manager.

: #onzroadshow Thank you Skills Active Twitter hashtag: #onzroadshow Introductions Name, Org & Position What networks your org is on Why you are here and what you hope to get out of this session Twitter hashtag: #onzroadshow Social Media Handles: Jaya Gibson Twitter: @jaya_gibson ONZ Twitter:@outdoorsnz_nz You can find ONZ & myself on these networks: 13 Twitter hashtag: #onzroadshow 13 14 Twitter hashtag: #onzroadshow 14 =$174 USD/

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Study 2012  Social Networks Have Reached Critical Mass Members of Social Networking Site 61% Source: TVB Media Comparisons Study 2012  Social Networks are Not Primary Drivers of Consumer Purchases Source: TVB Media Comparisons Study 2012  Mobile Phone Content Impact Nearly half of mobile phone owners 18+ have smart phones and access Internet content. Teens are reaching adult penetration levels. 86% of adults 18+ own a mobile phone 46% have/

Keeping digital advertising within the law EFCCE Conference 16-17 May, Paris LHC Building Blocks - Media Law Training.

Privacy issues UK Home Office guidelines: – recommend measures to block child sex offenders from having access to social networking sites – providers of social networking services should ensure that advertising on their sites is appropriate for the likely audience and legal LHC Building Blocks - Media Law Training Children’s privacy protection Social networking sites (MySpace, Youtube) – Are adopting voluntary measures to block access to known paedophiles – Not allow younger/

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subscribe to the “feed” to get real-time updates delivered to their desktop The Social Media Toolbox: Social Networks Facebook - a peer-to- peer social network LinkedIn - A business social network  Gives your company a ‘human’ voice  Allows ‘fans’ to easily share / three Google results  Frequently the next place consumers look for information after a Google search and visiting the company website The Social Media Toolbox: Video-Sharing YouTube is the #1 online video site –Allows you to broadcast relevant/

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getting involved is like burying our head in the sand, and can cause irreparable damage to our brands Social Media Landscape SAHAR CONSULTING 14 It is very noisy Social Media landscape SAHAR CONSULTING 15 I- Communications: Blogs, Micro-blogs & Social Networking, Google, Yahoo Social Media landscape II- Collaboration: Social Bookmarking & discussion forums sites SAHAR CONSULTING 16 Social Media landscape III: Multi-Media sites: Multi-media sites to share Photos& Videos- In real-time as/

How to Use Social Media for Business Part One: What is Social Media and Why Should I Care.

Use Social Media for Business Part One: What is Social Media and Why Should I Care What is Social Media? “Social media is people having conversations online.” What is Social Media? Social Media vs Social Networking? Key Social Platforms Blogging Photo sharing Micro blogging RSSWidgets Social Networking Chat Rooms Message Boards Podcasts Video Sharing Shift in the Way We Think About Marketing Watch Socialnomics: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypmfs3z8esI www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypmfs3z8esI Social Media & Commercial/

Social Media Linkbait. Get Links Branding Reach Social Media Linkbait Overview of Linkbait Categories Crafting a Linkbait.

Interact and Share Crafting a Social Linkbait Research RSS Feeds Search Engines Communities Title & Description Simple, Strong, Focused Point Capitalize Use Numeric #s Interact & Share Comment Networks & Friends Relate to Community Use Images Limit Ads Offer a Summary NO Spelling Errors, Jargon Mistakes, or Bad Information. Is It Duplicate? Check What Worked Before Digg Effect Be Link Worthy Submit at the Right Time Social Media/

How can businesses improve their companies through social networking? Maddie Schneeman, Chris Samuelson, & Jordan Lange.

How can businesses improve their companies through social networking? Maddie Schneeman, Chris Samuelson, & Jordan Lange Why are companies using social media? 1.Trying to sell a product (what are they doing?) 2.Trying to build the brand name (how are they doing it?) 3.Engage with customers and manage issues. Successful Social Media Campaigns Ford Fiesta Built brand awareness by giving consumers cars prior to the release date/

Manshi, Rohit, Samandeep, Navpreet. Introduction Why Social Network Marketing? Various Social Networks Issues SWOT Analysis Discussion Questions

for outsourcing Ever changing environment Making up for mistakes Opportunities Being present where stuff happens Talent comes effortless Reach out to certain groups that traditional media cannot Threats More Competition Scope for error Presence of bigger players Less scope for revision 1)Is social media blurring the line between the public and private life? 2) What do you think would be the future of social networking?

Social Media Tools for Citizen Interaction Reach for the Gold NCARD 2011 Boone, NC September 13,2011 Terry Bledsoe, Chief Information Officer, Catawba.

, Target Marketing Inc. “ ” N=134 Is Using Social Media? Have a reason to use social media Try to create interesting and valuable content Be honest and respectful in online postings Think before posting/ think before replying Successful Think Before You Tweet! Social Media ? How Are You Social Social Networks Empower the People BLOGS #Hashtags Social Networks Tools for Citizen Interaction Yes BUT what you doing? Social Media Tools for Citizen Interaction Reach for the Gold/

Social Networking. What is social networking? What networks are out there?

Social Networking What is social networking? What networks are out there? Does social networking help communication in business? How can social networking generate business contacts? Do social networks help businesses grow? Social networking in business Social networking and the older generation. Social networking for dummies. What are some disadvantages of social networking? $2.25 Billion 40 minutes a day Site collage: http://themetoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/social-network-icons-300x252.png Social/

Global Television Formats in Africa: The Case of Big Brother Africa Martin Nkosi Ndlela Associate Professor, Media Studies.

TOPP-/BUNNTEKST Production Networks Endemol subsidiaries Format Distribution networks Endemol Distribution Enabling factors «increased demand for content made in Africa for Africa» South African corporate strategies Big Brother Africa: A decade in Africa Transcending boundaries of Time and Space Across boundaries/borders  Participants from different nationalities  Audience from 47 countries  Audience in the diaspora  Neither local nor national  Multimedia platform (social media) REDIGERES I TOPP/

Getting Social Online Matt McGee Local University Philadelphia May 9, 2013.

Customers @mattmcgee@mattmcgee © Matt McGee, 2013 © Matt McGee, 2010. Social Media: Finding Customers @mattmcgee@mattmcgee © Matt McGee, 2013 © Matt McGee, 2010. Social Media: Finding Customers @mattmcgee@mattmcgee © Matt McGee, 2013 Wrapping Up © Matt McGee, 2010. Getting Social Online Takeaways @mattmcgee@mattmcgee © Matt McGee, 2013 1)Consumers expect social visibility 2)Your Blog: SEO/Social powerhouse 3)Social networks are secondary assets 4)Be where your customers are © Matt McGee/

Meg Swecker  Evaluate Social Media Sites  Develop CRM Strategies ◦ Inbound Marketing  Create an online presence ◦ Content creation.

email ◦ Letterhead  Keep it personal ◦ Be accessible  Take advantage of local social networks  Learn globally  Use multi-media in every way possible  Create a social media timeline ◦ Business goals ◦ Audience ◦ Strategy ◦ Tools ◦ Measures Social Media Comparisons How do different social medias compare? compare  Blogs  Wikis  Podcasts  Videos  Photos  Blogs  Wikis  Podcasts  Facebook  Twitter  Google  Everything and AnythingAnything  A Web 2.0 collectioncollection  Page Title  Meta Data/

Friday, 3/21 Get out independent reading material and read silently.

independent reading material and read silently. Write a ‘Y’ for yes, or ‘N’ for no. 1. I spend more than seven hours a day using social media – using a computer, listening to an MP3 player, watching TV, texting, or playing electronic games. 2. I would rather talk to my friends using social media than in person. 3. My parents are friends on my social networking site. 4/

The Humanitarian Social Network It’sOneHumanity Elliott Verreault, CEO.

The Humanitarian Social Network It’sOneHumanity Elliott Verreault, CEO ICT Focus Current ICT trends in Humanitarian Sector Internet – Near infinite reach, low-cost Social Media – Facebook, Twitter – Used by most organizations today to: Raise awareness for causes Communicate results Fundraise, etc Social Media & Humanitarian Orgs Doing Well Frequently updated news & results Integration of various media in the communication (blogs, photos, videos, etc) More interactive communication with supporters & donors/

Practical Applications of Social Networking Technologies.

of Social Networking Technologies “Social media is an ingredient, not an entree.” It’s no longer a bandwagon; it’s expected It’s not a fad Iran Election Tweets: New Journalism? Advantages of Available Media Unmediated access to potentially large audience Cheap, but may require significant integration Offers potential of significant audience interaction Disadvantages of Available Media Largest sites (Facebook, MySpace) frequently blocked from government networks Agency/

Using SoLoMo (Social+Location+Mobile) to Promote Business Digitally Madanmohan Rao, IndiaCom

l Not all SoLoMo media will remain the same Business and SoLoMo: Challenges l Digital media fatigue l Need to move from ‘busy’ metrics to ‘engaged’ metrics l Going beyond tactical benefits to strategic benefits l Moving from ‘social business’ to ‘better business’ Digital Media: Partnership Strategies l Presence across media l Trusted brand in the industry l Synergies between multiple media l Networked with leading digital players/

Incorporating Social Media Into Your Everyday Recruiting Activities It’s about connections not sales! Chicago NPA Meeting August 2010.

Channels Niche job boards NPA affiliate candidate referrals Social networks Virtual gaming Search engines, referral sites, SEO services Automated sourcing tools, RSS feeds Blogs, micro blogs, industry groups, associations Mobile marketing, TXT messaging, video eJobFair Expected ROI Social Media won’t deliver the same volume of candidates but it will reach a targeted and qualified candidate pool Social Media reaches passive candidates where they reside online, not/

Charting Collections of Connections in Social Media: Creating Visualizations with NodeXL Cody Dunne Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

photos/dbarefoot/1814873464/sizes/o/ Robert Scoble’s Social Media “Star Fish” Social Networks History: from the dawn of time! Jacob L. Moreno (1934) Why do can we find in Social Media? Hubs Bridges http://www.flickr.com/photos//, Danyel Fisher, and Marc Smith. 2007. Visualizing the Signatures of Social Roles in Online Discussion Groups. The Journal of Social Structure. 8(2). Visualizing the Signatures of Social Roles in Online Discussion GroupsJournal of Social Structure Experts and “Answer People”/

A project from the Social Media Research Foundation: Finding direction in a sea of connection:

Foundation: http://www.smrfoundation.orghttp://www.smrfoundation.org Finding direction in a sea of connection: Mapping networks and Social media About Me Introductions Marc A. Smith Chief Social Scientist Connected Action Consulting Group Marc@connectedaction.net http://www.connectedaction.net http://www.codeplex.com/nodexl http://www.twitter.com/marc_smith http://delicious.com/marc_smith/Paper http://www.flickr./

Social Media Workshop Danny Vanhove, Director of Marketing Azlan, EMEA Frank De Blok, Conversation & Program Manager 2.0/2011-03.

All Rights Reserved. Social Media is bigger than you think What people are doing on social networks? How we got involved in Social Media From Social Media to Social Marketing ROI of Social Media 2 © 2011 /and true value. What can you tell me that I haven’t already heard? What can you do for me that I can’t do internally or what your competitors do?” 4 © 2011 Azlan. All Rights Reserved. Azlan Social Media plan 5 2 3 4 5 7 6 8 Listen & Learn Build the Strategy Concept development Tools, apps, which networks/

How to build a social media strategy? Sean Singleton.

them Tips & Trends Summary Social Commerce Social Media on E Commerce Platforms E Commerce on Social Platforms 6 Social Media Tools Facebook commerce is selling to FANS not consumers It can be selling ON Facebook or selling WITH Facebook Use F Commerce for retail events Experiment and explore opportunities to learn from your fans This is a workshop! Building a business case Social Networks are the Most Popular Activity/

Social Media for Learning Kelly Meeker LINGOs Member Meeting October | #LINGOS.

October 2011 @OpenSesameNow | #LINGOS Learning Objectives What We’re Talking About: Using Twitter Building a network Finding the conversations that matter Leading the way What We’re Not Talking About: Communications Fundraising What is Social Media? Social Learning? Social Media are communication technologies enabling social interaction and the exchange of user-generated content. Social learning is the acquisition of knowledge, skills or competencies that occurs as the result of/

22-April-2010 AAUW Texas 2010 Convention 1 Networking Through Technology Margo Johnson AAUW Texas Webmaven.

Online branch book groupbook group My favorite inspirational blog My favorite 15 December 2015 AAUW Texas 2010 Convention 7 FACEBOOK Fastest growing social networking site Future AAUW members are there Some ways to use –AAUW pageAAUW page –Abilene branch pagepage –North Carolina branch without/ files 15 December 2015 AAUW Texas 2010 Convention 12 Summary Talked about various social media and how AAUW uses them –National –Other states, branches Consider using one or more of them to further the mission of/

Presenter: Cindy Leonard Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University Social Media for Absolute Beginners.

Contacts Promote Action Consolidate or Formalize Networks Strengthen Relationships Quick Feedback to Constituents Social Media Terminology Communities & Community Building Friends Profile Online Presence Networks Groups ContentLinks Comments Tags (Bookmarking) Widgets Authenticity Collaboration Culture Types of Social Media Tools Social NetworksWikisPodcastsPhoto and video sharingTwitterBlogsRSS feedsSocial bookmarking Most Popular Social Media Tools Social Networking Facebook: http://www.facebook.comhttp/

Social media Addiction to social medias. Contents What is social media? Why social media is so addictive How to use less social media Conclusion.

Social media Addiction to social medias Contents What is social media? Why social media is so addictive How to use less social media Conclusion What is social media? «Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking» - Urban dictionary Why social media is so addictive Our hole life is on our phone Fear of missing out Ego The social network companies is making their network so addictive as possible The network effect “A network effect is/

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personality  Build a community around your brand  Mix up your updates/tweets with broadcast, questions, engagements, personal and professional  Use social network as part of your customer service  Drive people to your website or blogs. Social Media “ Dos” What your FB page will have? OR Ways to engage your customers  Breaking News  Tips  General Thoughts  Tools  Resource Links  Photos  Videos (Avg. length 1min.40sec)  Polls/

Using Social Media to Promote Your ACFE Chapter 23 rd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition Orlando, Fla. June 17, 2012.

Chapter 23 rd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition Orlando, Fla. June 17, 2012 Agenda Where Should I Be on Social Media? How Can I Get the Most Out of It? Where is the ACFE & Where Could I Be? LinkedIn Facebook/ Tone How Can I Use Social Media? o Promote events, news, photos, meetings o Network with other chapters, share ideas o Connect with people interested in your chapter o Find speakers and subject matter experts Best Post Practices o Hone Your Tone o Social Media Netiquette o Use Keywords o Give/

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http://adelaideseoservices.net.au/ Social Media Marketing by Discover SEO Adelaide What is Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media marketingSocial media marketing programs usually centre on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks. http://adelaideseoservices.net.au/ Social Media Marketing Services http://adelaideseoservices.net.au/ /

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Interact and Share Crafting a Social Linkbait Research RSS Feeds Search Engines Communities Title & Description Simple, Strong, Focused Point Capitalize Use Numeric #s Interact & Share Comment Networks & Friends Relate to Community Check What Worked Before Offer a Summary Use Images Be Link Worthy NO Spelling Errors, Jargon Mistakes, or Bad Information. Limit Ads Submit at the Right Time Dont Dupe? Digg Effect Social Media Tips/

Holding Slide. What does Social Media mean to your business? could Slide : 1 / 315.

Tech adoption is speeding up help@n3wmedia.com By 2010 GenerationY will outnumber baby boomers 96% have joined a social network Define Social Media help@n3wmedia.com LinkedIN 80% of companies are using LinkedIN as a mainstream tool for recruitment help@n3wmedia.com / Purchase An integrated digital marketing strategy. Is more than a Facebook account and the odd Tweet. help@n3wmedia.com Summary 1. Social Media is not the work of the devil 2. Social Media is not magical 3. It is just another comms. channel 4. /

Section 5: Technological Developments.. Key words: New technologies Digital broadcasting media convergence Impact Digital switchover Social media.

become more engrossed in TV programme. Expensive, more money goes to company. Smart phones – More portable access to Tv and internet. APPS. Television: Impact of new technology: The internet – People can stream TV. More opportunities for discussion. / how NEWSPAPERS are effected by new technology: The Times NEWSPAPER. SOCIAL NETWORKING: WEBSITE IS BASED ON SUBSCRIPTION: http://store.thetimes.co.uk/ APP: 1. Choosing one media industry you have studied, identify two technological developments which have had/

WKE WeetKeetEet Social Media: Hip of Handig! 11 VII 2011.

Social Media Marketing campagne InvolveCreateDiscussPromoteMeasure Credits to @BartHufen Games added a social layer… Create an Avatar Leave Comments Create an Album Make Friends Awards & High Scores >1000 per hour >300k per week >50 per minute >16M profiles Create a profile Social Media Hip én Handig!! Veel plezier http://www.mischacoster.com/2011- 06/social-media-and-networking/realtime- social-media-counter/http://www.mischacoster.com/2011- 06/social-media-and-networking/realtime- social-media-counter/

Social Media 2.0 Jeff Higley Editorial Director/Vice President HotelNewsNow.com/STR

and care  Bad Days  Potential customers Reputation Management  It is your reputation that is on the line every day  Past to Future  What to manage  Perceived Truth  It can be a medium to get your message out  What we are doing right  Promote Social Media 2.0 Sandee Swearingen Regional Sales Director MICROS eCommerce Services | TIG Global Sswearingen@tigglobal.com Geo Social Location Based Social Networks/

Social media threats. Warning! May contain mild peril.

Warning! May contain mild peril What is social media? Risks associated with social media How the threats work Social media spam Social media phishing Social media malware Using social media safely Contents What is social media? Social media has arrived Social networking sites are now more popular than web-based email Allows users to become a member of an online community Key features are “Profiles” and “Friend lists” The most commonly used social network is still Facebook 2009 saw the rapid/

We Are Not Alone: A Guide to Using Social Media RUC Social Media Workgroup Members: Erin Winstanley, Meg Brunner, Gloria Miele, Nancy Sutherland, Lynn.

network when you travel LinkedIn Stats LinkedIn Stats LinkedIn Example LinkedIn Example Research Tool Research Tool Social media tools are being used as a tool to recruit study participants & follow-up with study participants CTN 0044 is using social media to contact and/ County Ohio’s Opiate Epidemic: A Summit on Policy, Prevention & Treatment Connecting Virtual & Real Networks Social media can be a mechanism to: Connect with community-based organizations Maintain relationships across geographic space N=305/

SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENTATION Generation Y , Social, Micro-Blogging & More Michael Della Penna President/CEO SuiteDialog, Executive Director PMN

Ching Kaitlin Gallucci Catherine Philip Pace University Graduate Co-Manager, IDM Lab Avid user of Google and facebook (310 friends) Enjoys texting, online games Favorite gadget - iTouch Pace University Senior Co-Manager/Socialize email – ability to share content components…post to social networks Create participatory events 10 People are turning to others rather than brands. More clutter, less attention fundamentally changes the marketer/consumer dynamic SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENTATION Generation Y Email, Social/

Doukas SchoolDoukas School (Greece, Coordinator) Innovative Learning Network Ltd.Innovative Learning Network Ltd. (UK) EUROGEO European Association of.

o University Education o Vocational Education o Adult Education Who? ‘School on the Cloud’ Network http://bit.ly/SoCMembers School on the Cloud 1 st Summit 2014 http://bit.ly/SoC1stConference http://bit.ly/SoFSlideshare “State of the Art” Pedagogy Guidance Resources 4 Working Groups Online Community (Website, Social Media) What? What? http://bit.ly/SoCroadmap How? education policy curriculum choices improve STEM/

Implementing Efficient & Effective Social Marketing Strategies for YOUR Business.

are now active on social media  71% of users access social media using a mobile device  16 minutes per hour are spent by Americans on social mediaSocial media sharing site that has 1/tweets are posted per day  80% of active users are on mobile device  Business oriented networking site  330 million users  Primary demo: Ages 30 -49  60% of users /accounts by year-end 2016.  There are 3x more email accounts than Twitter and Facebook accounts combined.  When asked to opt-in to receive updates from a/

Social Networking & Business Collaboration Speakers David Christopher Senior Programme Leader, Oracle EMEA Frank.

and teams) Learning Points Social Networking & Business Collaboration www.stopthinksocial.com @StopThinkSocial Communication & Collaboration Gap Gen X Gen Y Working together Inefficient Ineffective Why is a social media strategy important? Social Networking & Business Collaboration www.stopthinksocial.com @StopThinkSocial VIDEO Why is a social media strategy important? Social Networking & Business Collaboration www.stopthinksocial.com @StopThinkSocial How to develop a social media strategy Social Networking/

Social Media for Lawyers Mary Godfrey-Rickards 2013.

/ContentDisplay.cfm Benefits of Social Media  Interactive  Business networking  Current Awareness /and Donts of Developing Business as a "Young Lawyer“  Growing Social Media Use Among Employees Necessitates Employer Response  http://www.abanow.org/2010/08/growing-social-media-use-among-employees- necessitates-employer-response/ http://www.abanow.org/2010/08/growing-social-media-use-among-employees- necessitates-employer-response/  Lawyers and Social Media: The Legal Ethics of Tweeting, Facebooking and/

SocialNetworking Social Networking NCDA Winter Meeting Jan. 18, 2012 Sean Glennon Principal Planner Quincy, MA.

Social Media?What is Social Media? Overview of 8 popular Social Networking/ Social Media tools: Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; YouTube; Flickr; Skype; Constant Contact; HootSuite Tips for using “traditional” media Q&A; Peer-to-Peer suggestions 3 www.themeart.com 4 Facebook Category: Social Networking/ of CD Week events, groundbreakings, etc. Include descriptions such as titles, tags, location, people and more to give your photo context Organize the way you want Avoid web-posting; Enhanced security Example/

Unit 8 Network Fundamentals Describe a network Explain the benefits of a network Identify risks in computing Describe the roles of clients & servers.

area? ◦ WAN  Can only be viewed within a company network? ◦ Intranet  Modulate-Demodulate  Digital to analog/analog to digital  Allows data to be transmitted over a line and changed from one signal to another  Dial-Up Modem ◦/ BenefitsRisks  Enhanced Communication ◦ Email, text, social media, etc.  Share information ◦ Chat rooms, blogs, IM, wecasts, etc.  Collaborate ◦ Work together on projects  Share Hardware ◦ One printer for all to share on network  Share Software ◦ Software installed on a /

How to Use Social Media for Business Part Two: Keys to Success and How to Integrate into your Business.

How to Use Social Media for Business Part Two: Keys to Success and How to Integrate into your Business “Social media is people having conversations online.” What is Social Media? Reasons Why You Need to Use Social Media 1.The shear volume of users that are online 2.Forming Relationships 3.Speeds up Networking 4.Generates Business 5.LoopNet has Already Bought In 6.Use it for Recruiting 7.Home of/

Social Networking for Social Good Roundtable Discussion September 16, 2015.

Coalition building - bridging to other formal networks. Influencer Networking – get folks central to networks amplifying each others messages. iMission Institute Targeting Influencer Networking from Hootsuite Contacts Targeting Klout Accelerated Recruitment with Facebook Ads iMission Institute Transmitability … and Contagion iMission Institute Wrap the Campaignable Idea in Story Easily Told Ice Bucket Challenge ‘Rules’ iMission Institute Nominated via Social Media Accept the Challenge…within 24 hours … or/

March 19, 2010 Social Media: It’s Not Just for Geeks Anymore.

Does It Mean For Me…? Why Should I Care … It’s All About Networking! 33 Social Media & Your Personal Brand 34 Social media amplifies your personal brand Managing Social Media 35 Decide on which site(s) you want to have a personal profile Getting Started 36 An interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries and 200 countries What is ? 37 LinkedIn – Power of Your/

Why Publishers Care (About Social Media) Tim Ingoldsby American Institute of Physics ASIDIC Fall 2009 Meeting Alexandria, Virginia 15 September 2009.

Why Publishers Care (About Social Media) Tim Ingoldsby American Institute of Physics ASIDIC Fall 2009 Meeting Alexandria, Virginia 15 September 2009 (At Least) Two Good Reasons Young physicists will expect professional social networks to exist Should the open access movement gain widespread acceptance, publishers will have to find other revenue streams Professional social networks are a natural fit for scientific society publishers Why Did We Partner With/

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