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Cutting Tools.

Drilling Reaming Boring Counter boring Countersinking Tapping Operations in drilling machine Operations in drilling machine Types of cutters Reamers :- Multi tooth cutting tool Accurate way of sizing and finishing the pre-existing hole. Accuracy of 0.005mm can be achieved Boring Tool:- Single point cutting tool. Boring tool is held in the boring bar which has the shank. Accuracy of 0.005mm can be achieved. Types of cutters/

Chapter 3 Hand Tools.

remove and replace bolts etc, but they are slow. Use only as a last resort. You should use air tools or ratchets if at all possible, because they are faster. (Remember, pull with a wrench you have better control/cutting power The number of cuts and the size of the cuts determines the coarseness of the file Files Single cut - rows of teeth run in one direction Double cut - teeth run at an angle to each other Shapes of files flat, square, round or rat tail, half round, knife edge, 3-square or triangular, point/

Sheet Metal Hand Tools and Machinery

right angle to the work. The file is then pushed and pulled across the work. Single cut files are most commonly used for draw filing. Chisels Chisels are used to cut, shear, or chip cold metal. Chisels are used with a hammer in a two /The diamond point chisel is used to cut grooves and to square corners. It is square at the point and ground at the angle across the diagonal corners, making the cutting face diamond shape Diamond-point chisel Hammer and mallet Hammers and mallets are striking tools and are /

Manufacturing Processes

Producing a Flat Surface Figure 2c. Taper Turning Figure 2e. Radius Turning Attachment Cutting Tools The tool used in a lathe is known as a single point cutting tool. It has one cutting edge or point whereas a drill has two cutting edges and a file has numerous points or teeth. The lathe tool shears the metal rather than cuts as will be seen later and it can only do so if there/

Geometric Network Analysis Tools Michael W. Mahoney Stanford University MMDS, June 2010 ( For more info, see: cs.stanford.edu/people/mmahoney/

are very different: network is a single data point---not a collection of feature vectors drawn from a distribution, and not/approximation algorithm. External/internal conductance Diameter of the cluster Conductance of bounding cut Local Spectral Connected Disconnected Lower is good Regularized and non-regularized communities /This relationship also governs (implicitly) the applicability of nearly every common data analysis tool in these applications Local structures are locally “linear” or meaningfully-Euclidean -- do/

Chapter 21: Cutting Tools for Machining

restricted to simple geometries. Cost Comparison Application Comparison 21.3 Tool Geometry Tool Geometry Terminology FIGURE 21-14 Standard terminology to describe the geometry of single-point tools: (a) three dimensional views of tool, (b) oblique view of tool from cutting edge, (c) top view of turning with single-point tool, (d) oblique view from shank end of single-point turning tool. 21.4 Tools Coating Processes CVD Process FIGURE 21-15 Chemical vapor deposition/


of Modern Manufacturing 4/e Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) metal removal rate can be related to melting point approximately by the following empirical formula, where RMR = metal removal rate, mm3/s; K = constant/single cut. Other applications include, tools and parts with intricate outline shapes lathe form tools, extrusion dies, and flat templates. ©2010 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. M P Groover, Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing 4/e Electric Discharge Wire Cutting (EDWC) FIGURE 26.11 Irregular outline cut/

Wood Saws and Sawing Practice

as panel saws, have multiple blades and can split a single panel into several finished pieces. Although this is more productive/cut. Alternating Top Bevel (ATB) The top bevel angle of the teeth alternates from approximately +15 to -15 on each consecutive tooth. The sharp points cut the material cleanly and draw chips away from the cutting/. 1980. USDA Forest Services. 31 Jan. 2005. “Machining accuracy”. BC Saw and Tooling Incorporated. Online Article. 30 Feb. 2005. “Omega.” omega incorporated. Home page. 25/

Chapter 5 Molecular Tools for Studying Genes and Gene Activity Molecular Tools for Studying Genes and Gene Activity.

gel, either agarose or polyacrylamide, depending on the sizes of the fragments. At this point the DNA bands are invisible, but their positions are indicated here with dotted lines. (a/DNA probes to detect variable sites in individual animals, including humans. As a forensic tool, DNA typing can be used to test parentage, to identify criminals, or to / by two BamHI sites, and there is a single SalI site just upstream from the start site. In step (a) we cut with BamHI to produce the BamHI fragment shown at/

Manufacturing Processes Dr. Apiwat Muttamara. Metal Cutting 1.Traditional Machine Turning Milling etc. 2. Non-traditional Machine Laser, EDM etc. Chip.

Plate Counterweght Workpiece Face plate Dog Workpiece Lathe Center Steady rest Three Adjustable Jaws Basic Metal Cutting Theory Relief RAKE Main Features of a Single Point Cutting Tool Rake Angle The larger the rake angle, the smaller the cutting force on the tool, A large rake angle will improve cutting action, but would lead to early tool failure A compromise must therefore be made between adequate strength and good/

Hand Tools.

Planes Axes Cutters Three common principles of cutting tools. Cutting Tools-cont. Three common principles of cutting tools. Two (2) types of edges, three (3) shapes The best cutting angle is determined by the hardness of the material. The correct speed of cutting is determined by the hardness of the material. Cutting Tools-cont. Types: 2 Bevels and 3 Shapes (6 possible combinations) Single bevel: used to make fine slices or/


have a couple of old beat up ones in your tool box If holding small object in hand do not run /cut - coarse, for faster cut Bastard - real coarse The number of cuts and the size of the cuts determines the coarseness of the file PHSAUTOMOTIVESALSPHSAUTOMOTIVESALS Files Single cut - rows of teeth run in one direction Double cut - teeth run at an angle to each other PHSAUTOMOTIVESALSPHSAUTOMOTIVESALS Shapes of files flat, square, round or rat tail, half round, knife edge, 3-square or triangular, point/

Jason, Joey, Danie, Sara term4 Spring 06. Personal safety in the production lab Using hand tools Using portable power tools Using machinery The proposal.

may different sizes and are usually sold together. The box on this wrench completely surrounds the nut. They usually only have twelve points so the wrench can be reset after rotating. Each box on the wrench is a different size the wrench will fit two/to reach areas), Lineman’s(used to cut and bend wires), and Slip knot (most commonly used. Has built in wire cutters). Hand Scraper Hand scraper is used to scrap metal from a surface. Hand scrapers are a single-edge tools. There are three types of scrapers. They/

Chapter 21 Cutting-Tool Materials and Cutting Fluids.

standardized for interchangeability in toolholders. Source: Courtesy of Kyocera Engineered Ceramics, Inc. Individual cutting tools with several cutting points A square insert has 8 cutting points The holes in the inserts are standardized for interchangeability CARBIDES - Insert Attachment Figure 22./ in water, and containing no oil. Methods of application 1.Flooding Flow rates = 10L/min for single point tools to 225L/min per cutter for multiple tooth cutters. In drilling and milling, fluid pressures in the /

11 Forcible Entry. 2 Objectives Understand the association between specific tools and special forcible entry needs. Describe the basic construction of.

Forcible Entry Tools Striking Tools Prying/Spreading Tools Cutting Tools Lock/Specialty Tools 11 10 Striking Tools Used to generate an impact force directly on an object or another tool Head usually / doors Difficult to break 11 47 Frame Designs Double-Hung Window Single-Hung Window Jalousie Window Awning Window Horizontal-Sliding Window Casement Window / a minimum. Secure structure before leaving. Replace locks or board up entry point. Ensure guard is on-site or request additional police patrols. 11 73 /

Workbook 8 String Processing Tools Pace Center for Business and Technology 1.

Source Community 17 Internationalization (i18n) As this Workbook continues to discuss many tools and techniques for searching, sorting, and manipulating text, the topic of internationalization/specifications are overlapping or rearranged. 102 Extracting Fields of Text with cut -f The cut command can also be used to extract text that is structured not/ 147 Performing an Interactive Spell Check At this point, prince has a "live" keyboard, meaning that single key presses will take effect without him needing /

Forestry & Society Definitions & Tools HORT / RGSC 302 J.G. Mexal Fall 2006.

Apache Indian Reservation Sue Nichols Forestry & Society Silviculture/ Stocking Lincoln National Forest Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation Forestry & Society Definitions & Tools-- Things to Know –Tree, DBH, DIB, log, clinometer, conifer, annual ring, heartwood, sapwood, evergreen, deciduous, hardwood,/ a specified point in time. Clearcutting method: a method of regeneration an even-aged stand in which a new age class develops in a fully exposed microclimate after removal, in a single cutting, of all/

Chapter2 Manufacture processing Equipment. Section1 Basic knowledge in the metal cutting process.

; (b) Drilling; (c) Broaching Fig2-16 Combination of forming and generating to create shape (a) Thread cutting on lathe; (b) Slot milling 2.4.2 Engine Lathes The oldest and most common machine tool is the lathe, which removes material by rotating the workpiece against a single-point cutter. Lathes used in manufacturing can be classified as speed lathes, engine lathe, toolroom lathes, turret/

201383145 박민근 2013.04.09 Advancing Cutting Technology Advanced Precision Machining Advanced Precision Machining Paper Review Q1. Taniguchi equivalent for.

considerable degree. >Recent trend different cutting processes with a single tool customised tooling > A more detailed view of the cutting edge geometry There are no standardised instructions, how the cutting edge radius should be measured in case of different shapes. > Four new characterisation parameters are introduced: Δr, ϕ, Sγ, Sα Δr : the size of the chamfer shape ϕ : the shift of the cut point either to the rake or flank/


accuracy. Machine tool provides: work holding tool holding relative motion between tool and workpiece primary motion secondary motion between tool and workpiece Primary motion Relative motion between tool and workpiece Secondary motion Cutting motion Feed motion Cutting speed Feed rate CLASSIFICATION OF THE CHIP REMOVING METHODS ACCORDING TO THE RELATIVE MOTION CLASSIFICATION OF MACHINE TOOLS THOSE USING SINGLE POINT TOOLS THOSE USING MULTIPOINT TOOLS THOSE USING ABRASIVE TOOLS lathes shapers planers/

Intro. Presenters: You will learn… Improvement on geometry to support 3 and 5-axis cycles Analysis command to inspect model and tool path Simulation.

: Risk of collision if lollipop tool undercutting on last point Surface Swarf: Incremental Depth Single pass full depth or incremental passes along wall Upper profile is optional Surface Swarf: Tapered Tool Tapered Tool: Spherical tool end: Taper End Mill with/ 2 passes Drive Profile Offset Maximum Lateral Offset Lateral Pass Increment Contouring: Tool Orientation In-Line Cross Angles Angle Limitation Prevent Cut with Tool Center Only if Limitation=Fixed angle with Composite: Passes Definition Tangent Pass /

Metal Cutting and Cutting Tools

breaks off, cyclically Associated with difficult-to-machine metals at high cutting speeds Serrated chip 3.3.2 Chip breakers Features of a single point cutting tool. 3.4 Single Point Cutting Tools 3.4.1 The straight-edge cutting tool Section B-B at 90º to cutting edge Features of a single point cutting tool. 3.4.2 The parting-off tool Such a tool must be set on or very slightly above the center, but never/

Objectives 1 of 3 Understand ventilation as a fire service tool. Understand ventilation as a fire service tool. Know the principles, advantages, and effects.

Whether the roof is pitched or not, the procedure is the same Vertical Ventilation Tools Vertical Ventilation ToolsCutting  Pick head or flat head axe  K12 Circular Saw (All Engine /tools –Visibility –Smoke/Heat  Full PPE –Access/Egress  Multiple points –Roof Integrity  SOUND IT!!, SOUND IT!!, SOUND IT!! –Accessing the Roof  Minimum on 2 access/egress points /- IFSTA CHAPEL HILL STUDY 1300 SQ. FT. SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING 1300 SQ. FT. SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING NATURAL VENTILATION- CO LEVELS OVER 600 PPM/

Video Tools and Techniques for Educators (Rev. 5): (Including edTPA Video Preparation) 1.

Criteria for the selection of the video tool(s) we will be using The following six criteria were used during the software selection process / the timeline between the in and out points you specified in the previous two steps)--by either pressing ctrl+x on your keyboard, or selecting Edit/Cut from the Streamclip menu bar. 70 Step/the list below: Use MPEG Streamclip to join video clips together Use MPEG Streamclip to extract a single frame (still image) from a video Use WinFF to transcode (convert) video files into a/

Review Word 2007. 2 The Word program windowThe Word program window Formatting TextFormatting Text Cut, Copy, and Paste commandsCut, Copy, and Paste commands.

cut or copied from a documentSystem Clipboard - holds one item, the last item cut or copied from a document Office Clipboard - holds up to 24 itemsOffice Clipboard - holds up to 24 items Paste text at the location of the insertion point/A document is formatted in a single section by defaultA document is formatted in a single section by default 49Microsoft Office 2007/ document itself and must be formatted separately Header & Footer Tools Design Tab Header area open with content control 57Microsoft Office 2007/

Tools Textbook –Machining Fundamentals, John R. Walker, Goodheart-Willcox Company, Tinley Park IL (2004). $60 new, $35 used from Amazon. pp. 55-182. (Remainder.

Single flute –Others Carbide drill bits for concrete Hole saws Knockout punches The Hierarchy of Wrenches Box and Socket Wrenches (At the Top of the Hierarchy) 6-point are stronger and less likely to strip the corners off the nut/bolt head. 12-point/Saw Teeth Metal: finerWood: coarser Other Cutting Tools Tubing cutter/pipe cutter De-burring tools “Tinsnips” Boltcutters Knockout punches Utility knives More Cutting Tools Routers for wood –Cut edges –Cut slots –Cut dovetails –Use guide wherever possible Chisels/

Demonstrating Measuring Devices

cutting tools: Squares – draw angles for cutting and check cuts for accuracy Levels – determine if an object has the same height at two or more points Line – thin material stretched tightly between two or more points More about squares: Used to draw angles for cutting and to check the cuts/ may be marred by water. Advantages: Dries so quickly that several coats can be applied in a single day Can be rubbed smooth with rubbing compound Provides a hard, durable finish Woodworking and Construction Careers Would/

Using Ami Pro for OS/2 Using Ami Pro 3 for OS/2. Facilities and Fire Regulations Note the location of the fire exits Note the fire assembly point.

style sheets to: –Apply formatting such as indention, tabs, or bullets using a single function key or mouse click –Assign individual paragraph styles to different paragraphs within a/you use the Cut or Copy commands again To use the Paste command: –Highlight the text –Choose Cut or Copy from the Edit menu –Place the insertion point where you /SmartIcon Sets You may Add, Move, Group and Remove SmartIcon sets From the Tools menu choose SmartIcons and customize as you wish View Preferences You can customize the /


) &(c) 29. In centre lathe machine, the gearbox or cone pulley is located in Carriage Bed Headstock Tailstock 30. Turning tool is a __________________ Multipoint cutting tool Three point cutting tool Line cutting tool Single point cutting tool 31. The drill is a ________________ Multipoint cutting tool Two point cutting tool Line cutting tool Single point cutting tool 32. In drilling machine ___________ Drill is stationary & workpiece is rotating Drill is rotating & workpiece is stationary Drill is rotating/

© 2003 Prentice Hall Business PublishingEconomics: Principles and Tools, 3/eO’Sullivan/Sheffrin Prepared by: Fernando Quijano and Yvonn Quijano CHAPTERCHAPTER.

for the first 4 units sold, but then decreases for the 5 th and 6 th units.As the firm cuts its price to sell more output, its total revenue rises for the first 4 units sold, but then decreases /single firm serves the entire market. © 2003 Prentice Hall Business PublishingEconomics: Principles and Tools, 3/e O’Sullivan/Sheffrin Natural Monopolist Uses the Marginal Principle to Pick a Price and Quantity The monopolist chooses point n (where marginal revenue equals marginal cost).The monopolist chooses point/

Unit 6 Manufacturing Processes: Machining and Joining CUTTING, SHAPING METALS MACHINE TOOL OPERATIONS.

cylindrical and conical shapes  Accomplished in a “turning” operation using a single-point tool  Range in size from small jeweler’s lathes to machines that turn massive forgings Basic Machine Tools 3. Turning Machines and Equipment  Engine Lathes  Turning Operations on Lathes  Turning Cuts  Facing  Boring / Reaming  Shaping  Internal / External Grooves and Threads Basic Machine Tools 3. Turning Machines and Equipment  Turret Lathes  Similar to engine/

AUTOMATIC LATHES These are machine tools in which components are machined automatically. The working cycle is fully automatic that is repeated to produce.

cycle is fully automatic that is repeated to produce duplicate parts with out participation of operator. All movements of cutting tools, their sequence of operations, applications, feeding of raw material, parting off, un loading of finished parts all /which moves entire head stock as unit. Rotating bar stock is fed through hard bushing in centre of tool head. Tool head consists of 5 single point tools is placed radially around bushing. Mostly diameter turning is done by 2 horizontal slides, other 3 slides /

Response to Intervention www.interventioncentral.org RTI: Giving the Classroom Teacher the Necessary Tools to Serve as an Intervention ‘First Responder’

Both teams won the Game, as both teams’ point totals fell BELOW the cut-off of 5 points. Response to Intervention www.interventioncentral.org Promoting Student /of content while the summarized text itself can be a useful study tool. 29 Response to Intervention www.interventioncentral.org Reading Comprehension ‘Fix-Up/ to Intervention www.interventioncentral.org CBM Math Computation Description: Worksheet contains either single-skill or multiple-skill problems. 100 Administration: Can be administered to groups/

Cutting action involves shear deformation of work material to form a chip  As chip is removed, new surface is exposed Figure 21.2 (a) A cross ‑ sectional.

irons  Speeds higher than those for tungsten carbide  Individual cutting tool with severed cutting points  Clamped on tool shanks with locking mechanisms  Inserts also brazed to the tools  Clamping is preferred method for securing an insert  /machining cast iron and nickel based super alloys at intermediate cutting speeds  Hardest known substance  Low friction, high wear resistance  Ability to maintain sharp cutting edge  Single crystal diamond of various carats used for special applications /

Tools ManufacturingProcesses. Outline Types of Tools Tool Geometry Cutting Fluids EffectsTypes Tool Wear FormsCauses Failure Modes Critical Parameters.

Wear FormsCauses Failure Modes Critical Parameters Horsepower Used Operating Temperature Feed and Speed Tool Life Types of Tools Tool Geometry Single Point Tools Multiple Point Tools Chip Breakers Effects of Material on Design Single Point Tools Multiple Point Tools Chip Breakers Important Tool Properties -High hardness -Resistance to abrasion, wear and chipping of the cutting edge -High toughness/impact strength -High hardness at high temperatures -Resistance to bulk deformation -Chemical stability (does/

Chapter 21: Cutting Tools for Machining DeGarmo’s Materials and Processes in Manufacturing.

21-14 Standard terminology to describe the geometry of single- point tools: (a) three dimensional views of tool, (b) oblique view of tool from cutting edge, (c) top view of turning with single- point tool, (d) oblique view from shank end of single- point turning tool. 21.5 Tool Failure and Tool Life Tool Failure FIGURE 21-17 Tools can fail in many ways. Tool wear during oblique cutting can occur on the flank or the rake face/

© 2003 Prentice Hall Business PublishingEconomics: Principles and Tools, 3/eO’Sullivan/Sheffrin Prepared by: Fernando Quijano and Yvonn Quijano CHAPTERCHAPTER.

6 5$30-2 $ 4 6$24-6 © 2003 Prentice Hall Business PublishingEconomics: Principles and Tools, 3/e O’Sullivan/Sheffrin Total Revenue and Marginal Revenue As the firm cuts its price to sell more output, its total revenue rises for the first 4 units sold, but /second firm would make price less than average cost, so a single firm serves the entire market. The average-cost pricing policy is a regulatory policy under which the government picks the point on the demand curve at which price equals average cost.The /

High Pt Physics: from the Tevatron to LHC Tommaso Dorigo University of Padova and INFN Introduction: the Tevatron, CDF and D0 in Run II Tools for high-P.

comparisons,  -jet balancing) Calorimeter stability, MC (fragmentation, simulation of single particle resp.) Understanding of out-of-cone radiation and UE Simulation of response/jet-parton assignment One number per event Additional selection cut on resulting  2 Result Likelihood fit: Best / At the Tevatron W and Z bosons are fundamental tools for calibrations and checks - EM energy scale -/one may think of using the latter as a normalization point of integrated luminosity of a given dataset HEP-PH/0405130/

1 Component Workload Emulator (CoWorkEr) Utilization Test Suite (CUTS) Augmenting the Fighting Spirit of the Warrior Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt & James Hill.

–Capture elements & dependencies visually Example DSL is the “Platform-Independent Component Modeling Language” (PICML) tool 4 MDD Application Development with GME Application developers use modeling environments created w/MetaGME to build applications –/systems 3.Non-intrusive benchmarking & evaluation 4.Simplifying component behavior specification Single-point of data collection Define behavior declaratively Summary of CUTS Challenges 32 PICML Model of SLICE Scenario Customizing generic components? 1./

OR-OSHA 204 Machine Safeguarding 1 This material is for training use only Goals ãDescribe the basic hazards involving machinery including point of operation.

require safeguarding : 1. The point of operation That point where work is performed Cutting ShapingBoringFormingGrinding TurningShearingPunchingBendingDrilling 2. Power /Single- and Multiple-Spindle Automatic Screw/Bar and Chucking Machines ANSI B11.14 Coil Slitting Machines/Equipment ANSI B11.15 Pipe, Tube, and Shape Bending Machines ANSI B11.17 Horizontal Hydraulic Extrusion Presses ANSI B11.18 Machinery and Machine Systems for the Processing of Coiled Strip, Sheet, & Plate ANSI B11.19 Machine Tools/

THE LASER FLEXIBILITY. AT A GLANCEMAIN OPTIONSAUTOMATIONHIGHLIGHTS FLEXIBLE: 2D and 3D cutting – bevel – tube - welding. FAST: The fastest 5-axis machine.

-20L AT A GLANCEMAIN OPTIONSAUTOMATIONHIGHLIGHTS Web-based interface Windows HMI with graphical tools (preview and tracing) PC-based CNC with Linux, integrated with machine /BOARD (TOB) Parameters can be simply changed directly on machine CNC A single cutting program for all materials, thicknesses and machines Official PRIMA INDUSTRIE and customizable /be adapted to the real position. Thanks to this software, by measuring 3 points on the sheet, the values for the rototranslation of the part-program are/

Use a single click command only on text and video.text To EXIT click ESC on your keyboard Begin Please allow each page to autoload Exit.

use a single click command only on text and /already machine dressed Marking out 3 Involving steel rule or tape measure, try square, marking knife or biro Cutting operations 4 Involving tools such as a saw, chisel, plane, drill, router etc. Cleaning up 5 Cleaning up involves planing /freehand sketching by Jeremy Broun which have been created quickly using a soft pencil, felt tip pen or ball point pen. The Digital jukebox was designed from evolving sketches. See Designing in wood and About Jeremy Broun to /

Firefighter Tools And Equipment

Single Jack Spring - Loaded Center Punch Tools Used For Cutting Axe Bolt Cutters Wire Cutters Knife Chain Saw Hack Saw Hydraulic Shears Reciprocating Saw Rotary Saw Seatbelt Cutter Special Use Tools BRUSH TOOLS PULASKI The Pulaski Axe is a special forest fighting tool. Along with the standard single/time from Point of entry till Mop Up is complete Type of tools used to enter (other than hose) Is it for Fire attack Rescue Ventilation Search & Rescue Pike Poles Axes Webbing Review Rescue Tools Rapid /


curve up out of the way the whole snip, except lower jaw will be above the material being cut this will mean that you do need both red and green depending on the direction that you are cutting through the material Metal Cutting Tools Metal Cutting Tools Aviation Shears Tin Snips Maintaining Pliers Pliers are not made to withstand pressures greater than normal hand pressure Never/

OSHA Part 1926 Safety and Health Regulations for Construction

Machinery 1926.304 Woodworking Tools (g) "Radial saws.“ (g)(1) The upper hood shall completely enclose the upper portion of the blade down to a point that will include the end/round belts 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) or less in diameter; and (a)(1)(iv) single strand V-belts, the width of which is thirteen thirty-seconds (13/32) inches or less / operator. Where belt shifter are not directly located over a machine or bench, the handles shall be cut off 6 ft. 6 in. (1.976 m) above floor level (l) "Belt shifters, /


. This is to make the cutting out of round shapes slightly easier. CHISELS WHAT IS IT ? WHAT IS IT USED FOR ? A chisel is a woodworking tool used to shape wood. It has a wooden or plastic handle and a metal body with a point which has been hardened and ground/ used. ENGINEERS SQUARE SCRIBER WHAT IS IT ? WHAT IS IT USED FOR ? A scriber – this one is double ended although they can be single ended. WHAT IS IT USED FOR ? It is basically used as a pencil when marking out in metalwork. If a pencil or pen was used/

Primer 9.3 RC1.

Panel Impactor positioning Automatic assembly enhancements Copy & translate (Also available for Rotate) Cut Sections The capability and menu is very similar to D3PLOT 9.2. Start the cut section menu (or shortcut X). Pick a node to create the section / Tools=>Connections=>Create: Selection of shells/parts to connect. Bolt creation method: X, Y, Z coords – type in coordinate of bolt. Pick screen point – click on the screen to create bolt. Pick connection – pick an existing Primer connection point. Pick single /

Global Studies Regents Review Mr. Giesler Global Studies.

made it difficult to unite all people into a single nation Known as the “Cradle of Civilization” Mesopotamia /squash) New technologies to increase manufacturing production Porcelain, tools, and paper thrived Repaired the neglected canal system New/fleet at Lepanto Even though the empire spread, it was cut out of global trade European commercial and military advancements European/ disease Scientific and Technological Advancements Antibiotics – Another turning point in the field of medicine 1928 – A mold called/

CIM-Plus Real Shape Parts Auto-Nesting & integrated CAM Program for flame cutting machines I-Steel Co., Ltd. Product Oriented SI company H.Q : 4 th Floor,

management of automated or manual storage and retrieval systems CIM-Plus contains; CIM-Plus Unique Features Inputting multiple single DXF part files as well as multiple parts on a DXF file Recognizing the real shape of parts by/inner contour, marking line and hole automatically. Also sequences tool path according to the cutting direction. Geometry Input Selected parts are defined the manufacturing information together such as kerf diameter, lead in point/length/angle and so on.. machining set up Lead/

BRADAWL WHAT IS IT ? WHAT IS IT USED FOR ? click here for main menu

small nut. Instead of a point and a pencil, Dividers have two points. Both points are hardened to stay sharp for longer. marking out tools WHAT ARE THEY USED FOR ?/scratched line can be seen easily. The material is then cut down to this straight line. Look closely at an engineers` square, you /points on the calipers is measured with a rule. design & technology @ boclair academy SCRIBER WHAT IS IT ? WHAT IS IT USED FOR ? click here for main menu A scriber – this one is double ended although they can be single/

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