Ppt on single phase and three phase dual converter circuit

Mobile Communication and Mobile Computing

and -administration not controlled by the participants GSM Phase II+ HSCSD, GPRS HSCSD: High Speed Circuit/network) future: HomeRF + Bluetooth: DUAL MODE SYSTEM (Symbionics) ad-hoc /three slot Packets Slave Slave one Slot Packet one Slot Packet 625 µs one slot 625 µs one slot Multi slot frame Single slot frame source: http://www.intel.com Bluetooth – security - 128 Bit Key encryption and/ small pipe syndrome NNN Interactive Internet HTTP/HTML Converting to binary format Mobile radio networks Enter name:/

Electric Motors for Electric cars and Hybrids

and functions as a starter during start-stop operation Note: three phase/motor – Single Mode Toyota, Ford and Nissan /dual mode system can run: Under electric power with the ICE engine shut down Under a combination of ICE and electric power Under mechanical drive with the electric motors essentially shut down Cooling electric motors Although the electric motor [permanent magnet or inductive] is up to 98% efficient that 2% of the electrical energy that is not converted/not turning Resolver Circuit The resolver /

Shielded Metal Arc Welding Principles

passed through rectifier to convert a.c. output to/and size of electrode, thickness of metal, soft or digging arc required, arc starting, restricting characteristics, and Position of welding Dual Continuous Control Coarse adjustment dial continuously adjusts current Fine dial adjusts both current(amperage) and open circuit/Three-phase d.c. transformer-rectifiers: 75% Single-phase a.c. power units: 55% Welding machines can be purchased with power factor correction Power Cable Conductors of ample capacity and/

LDIC Course Contents Unit 1 - Operational Amplifier Unit 2- Applications of OP-Amp Unit 3- Oscillators Unit 4- D-A and A-D Converters Unit 5- Logic Families.

power supply terminals The output goes positive when the non- inverting input (+) goes more positive than the inverting (-) input, and vice versa. Ref:080114HKN Operational Amplifier 23 Single-Ended Input + terminal : Source – terminal : Ground 0 o phase change + terminal : Ground – terminal : Source 180 o phase change Basic Information of Op-Amp Op-amps have five basic terminals, that is, two input terminals, one output/


DUAL-STAGE WITH HF TRAFO advantages: - galvanic insulation - 1-pole to ground possibility - weight and overall dimensions smaller than with LF transformer - extended imput voltage range (dc / dc converter) limitations: - lower efficiency of transformerless (2 stages); Varistors DC/DC isolated dc filter DC/AC Bridge AC filter interface device EMC filter HF trafo controller THE INVERTER three-phase connection can be obtained using three-phase inverter 3 single-phase/put in short- circuit through the array pole/

1 ANALOGUE TELECOMMUNICATIONS 2 MAIN TOPICS (Part I) 1)Introduction to Communication Systems 2)Filter Circuits 3)Signal Generation 4)Amplitude Modulation.

and is easily approximated by using a diode, or a transistor (bipolar, JFET, or MOSFET). 15 Dual-Gate MOSFET Mixer Good dynamic range and/and C 1 = C 2 = C, the resonant frequency is: 67 Phase-Shift Oscillator + _ RfRf C1C1 C2C2 C3C3 R1R1 R2R2 R3R3 V out Each RC section provides 60 o of phase shift. Total attenuation of the three/ Converter Sometimes called a self-excited mixer, the autodyne converter combines the mixer and LO into a single circuit: 105 IF Amplifier, Detector, & AGC 106 IF Amplifier and AGC/

Element 3 Study Set 1. The product of the reading of an AC voltmeter and AC ammeter is called: A. Power factor. B. Current power. C. True power. D. Apparent.

circuits is operated open loop? A. Non-inverting amp. B. Active filter. C. Inverting amp. D. Comparator. What frequency synthesizer circuit uses a phase comparator, look-up table, digital-to-analog converter, and /circuit. B. It blocks direct current and passes alternating current. C. It blocks alternating current and passes direct current. D. It increases the resonant frequency of the circuit. A power transformer has a single primary winding and three secondary windings producing 5.0 volts, 12.6 volts, and/

Electronic Devices in Optical and Infrared Astronomy.

three sets of metal electrode stripes. 1 2 Schematic view of a three-phase CCD One of the three strips is set to a more positive voltage than the other two, and so it is under this one that the depletion region forms, and/a single row, it is called the /output line. CCD output circuit CCD output circuit and the clocking Signal output/ register and a vertical register. Each register requires two clocks; one dual edge triggered clock and one / and currents. Summary Light can be absorbed and converted to/

1 by Prof. Dr. Ali S. Hennache AC Fundamentals ( 08 H ): The Sine wave –Average and RMS values 1H– The J operator – Polar and rectangular forms of complex.

 13.7  A 4.58  13.7  A Note:The circuit is capacitive since the current is leading by 13.7°. 43 Exercise 01 An electrical heating element which has an AC resistance of 60 Ohms is connected across a 240V AC single phase supply. Calculate the current drawn from the supply and the power consumed by the heating element. Also draw the corresponding/

Electronic Devices in Optical and Infrared Astronomy.

three sets of metal electrode stripes. 1 2 Schematic view of a three-phase CCD One of the three strips is set to a more positive voltage than the other two, and so it is under this one that the depletion region forms, and/a single row, it is called the /output line. CCD output circuit CCD output circuit and the clocking Signal output V/ register and a vertical register. Each register requires two clocks; one dual edge triggered clock and one / and currents. Summary Light can be absorbed and converted to/

Session 3 Optical Spectroscopy: Introduction/Fundamentals

primer also contains a wavelength-energy converter Fundamentals Absorption and emission of light by compounds is /dual beam: Simultaneous measurement of reference cell eliminates absorbance of background Recording of baseline recommended Single/and measured at anode Photodiode arrays: measure several wavelengths at once linear array of discrete photodiodes on an integrated circuit (IC) chip Photodiode: Consists of 2 semiconductors (n-type and/Lamps are pulsed out of phase with each other Sample Deuterium/


and 16-lead surface- mountable SOIC’s.  All devices are pinned with outputs opposite inputs to facilitate ease of Circuit board layout.  All devices are rated for operation over the temperature range of -20˚ C to 85˚ C. FEATURES   Output current (single output) 500mA MAX   High sustaining voltage output 50V MIN.   Output clamp diodes.   Inputs compatible with various types of logic.   Dual/Uni polar Stepper Motors (ONE PHASE STEPS) TWO PHASES ON STEPS SOLAR PANELS AND SOLAR CELLS LM555 Timer : /

Valuation and Values in Application-Driven Algorithmics: Case Studies from VLSI CAD Andrew B. Kahng, UCLA Computer Science Dept. June 2, 2000

Three main operations –computation of initial gain values at beginning of pass –retrieval of the best-gain (feasible) move –update of all affected gain values after a move is made l Contribution of Fiduccia and Mattheyses: –circuit/–each component independently phase-assignable (2 k versions) –each is a single “vertex” in /converters, instance generators, solution evaluators, legality checkers –optimizers and solvers –executables l Implementation source code l Other info relevant to algorithm research and/

Baker/Saxena High Speed Op-amp Design: Compensation and Topologies for Two and Three Stage Designs Vishal Saxena Department of Electrical and Computer.

contd.  Four poles and double LHP zeros One LHP zero z 1 cancels the pole p 3. Other LHP zero z 2 enhances phase margin.  Set p 2 =2ω un for PM=60°.  Relatively low power.  Still design criterions are complex.  Complicated bias circuit. More power.  Excess forward path delay. Transconductance with Capacitive Feedback Compensation (TCFC) [14] Baker/Saxena Three-Stage Topologies: Latest in/

Introduction to CCDs Basic principles of CCD imaging Original notes by S.Tulloch & G.Bonanno modified and integrated by GPS (Rev.103 Nov08)

and no external shutter is required. These kind of CCDs are known as ‘Frame Transfer’. Slow Scan CCDs 1. The most basic geometry of a Slow-Scan CCD is shown below. Three clock lines control the three phases of electrodes in the image area, another three control those in the serial register. A single/and several tens of microseconds for a low noise scientific CCD. The type of CDS is called a ‘dual slope integrator’. A simpler type of CDS known as a ‘clamp and/to digital converter, however, /servo circuit board /

Week Twelve Agenda Attendance Announcements Monday, July 25 meet in the lab for Franklin Live session and Mimic Simulator Lab Assignment 4-1- 3. Review.

process) Analog and Digital Signaling 4. Quantization and coding – A process that converts each analog sample/single physical link. Companding A signal is compressed for more efficient transmission, and /a call while attempting to allocate circuits during the busiest hour. GoS //UDP/RTP datagrams by compressing the three headers. The IP/UDP/RTP headers/and decryption mechanisms and MAC layer mechanisms also operate within the autonomous AP. Upcoming Deadlines Assignment 1-4-3 Data Center Design Project Phase/


phase 180 o   3-phase supply 3- phase supply +Vt+Vt AC-DC controlled rectifier Dual Converter – 4Q operation Q1 Q2 Q3Q4  T (i)Non-simultaneous operation (ii)Simultaneous operation F1 F2 R1 R2 + V a - 3-phase supply AC-DC controlled rectifier Single Converter – 4Q operation Q1 Q2 Q3Q4  T (i)F1 and F2  quadrants 1 and 4 (ii)R1 and R2  quadrants 2 and 3 AC-DC controlled rectifier firing circuit/ model v c (s)V a (s) Single phase, 50Hz T=10ms Three phase, 50Hz T=3.33ms Simplified if control bandwidth is/

SUBELEMENT E6 CIRCUIT COMPONENTS [6 Exam Questions - 6 Groups] Circuit Components1.

schematic symbol for an N-channel dual-gate MOSFET? A. 2 B./neutrons 36Circuit Components E6A17 What are the names of the three terminals of a field-effect transistor? A. Gate 1,/circuit 98Circuit Components E6D03 Which of the following is true of a charge- coupled device (CCD)? A. Its phase shift changes rapidly with frequency B. It is a CMOS analog-to-digital converter C. It samples an analog signal and/ VHF through microwave circuits? A. The ability to retrieve information from a single signal even in the/

Digital Telecommunications Technology - EETS8320 Fall 2006

(decadic) dial pulsing Touch-tone (dual tone multi-frequency – DTMF – oscillator/” to describe both sine and cosine waves, and any phase angle in general. The/ of the telephone industry, describing any single (non-transformer) coil or inductor./and it merely appears as a part of the overall sidetone. 48 V battery Amplifier and D/A converter Wire loop, up to ~10 km Telephone set (dial, ringer, cradle switch circuits/ in US, Canada, UK, France, Scandinavia and USSR (three cities only) but not all the same: /

Technology CAD: Technology Modeling, Device Design and Simulation S

and rotation. six coefficients. Dual Pearson-IV: crystalline targets with channeling, tilt, and/and sloped surfaces are converted/Flow Oxidation proceeds by three sequential processes: oxidant diffuses/and below, new physical effects are coming into play. Existing tools treat different aspects of device simulation fairly well. No single/ Saha Technology Calibration - Phase 2 Coupled process and device simulations using Phase 1 calibration data. Target/ Test Structures SPICE/Circuit Simulation Generate Macro /

WELCOME Westar Energy and Building Operators. FirstLine PL.

I need to have? What do you need to backup What is the load’s voltage and amperage Is the load single phase or three phase How much backup time do you need How do you want to get the power to /converting the frequency of 60/50hZ programmable from the front Panel. 220/127VAC Application Can be configured for 220/127VAC Input & Output from the Front Panel Adaptive Feed Cancellation Uses AFC Technology that provides advanced control with AFC forward cancellation circuit for low harmonic distortion. Three Phase/

Reading Assignment: Rabaey: Chapter 7

C2MOS register with (f - f ) clocking is insensitive to overlap, as long as rise and fall times of the clock edges are sufficiently small. Dual Edge registers Dual Edge registers are very interesting as they permit to run the Clock 2 times slower  /and G? No-race rule: A C2MOS-based pipelined circuit is race-free as long as the logic function F (static logic) between the latches are non-inverting Example f V DD V DD f 1 f Number of a static inversions should be even Doubled C2MOS Latches-True single-phase/

Cross-sectional view of single wafer capacitive microphone

and in phase with it. This effect cascades through the chamber, constantly stimulating other atoms to emit yet more coherent photons, and/converted to electrical power, when a solar cell is connected to an electrical circuit. This overall efficiency depends on many factors including the temperature, amount of incident radiation and/applied across the gate and source terminals. The FETs three terminals are:[3] /bulk semiconductor processing techniques, using a single crystal semiconductor wafer as the active /

Copyright Agrawal, 2007 ELEC6270 Fall 07, Lecture 10 1 ELEC 5270/6270 Fall 2007 Low-Power Design of Electronic Circuits Memory and Multicore Design Vishwani.

converts BL swing to logic level Copyright Agrawal, 2007ELEC6270 Fall 07, Lecture 106 Precharge Circuit bit/reduction for dynamic power Dual-threshold devices for leakage reduction Dual-threshold devices for leakage/Lecture 1041 Multicore Processors 200020042008 Performance based on SPECint2000 and SPECfp2000 benchmarks Multicore Single core Computer, May 2005, p. 12 Copyright/and W. Wolf, “Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chips,” Computer, vol. 5, no. 7, pp. 36-40, July 2005; this special issue contains three/

ASICS An ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) is a microchip designed for a special application, such as a particular kind of transmission protocol.

to be converted in to machine readable format and this work/Very large scale and ultra large scale integrated circuits has been /and lands. The change from a pit to a land or a land to a pit indicates a one while no change indicates a zero. Sunil Kumar Sahu,Lecturer RCET Current Media Format Cont. CD-RW’s Consist of a metal phase/single layer DVD. Close to 25 GB! Just like a DVD Blu-ray can also be recorded in Dual/ grounding to the system chassis Three types Interface connectors Power connectors Option/

Introduction A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors—the transformers.

An autotransformer can be smaller, lighter and cheaper than a standard dual-winding transformer however the autotransformer does not/three-phase supplies, a bank of three individual single-phase transformers can be used, or all three phases can be incorporated as a single three-phase transformer. In this case, the magnetic circuits are connected together, the core thus containing a three-phase flow of flux. A number of winding configurations are possible, giving rise to different attributes and phase/

DTMF https://store.theartofservice.com/itil-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html.

-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html Telephone - Details of operation 1 The keys control a tone generator circuit (not shown) that makes DTMF tones that the exchange receives/fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html Telephone interpreting - Access 1 * Automated: an Interactive voice response|Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application is employed to convert spoken or keyed Dual-tone multi- frequency|Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF/

ME 586 - Automation Sensors. Objectives Identify commonly used sensor types Identify commonly used sensor types Where, how and why they are usedWhere,

10 Stator disk 11 Printed circuit 11 Printed circuit 12 Cover 13 Ribbon cable 14 Connector ME 586 - Automation Optical Encoders Top of the Line - S5S single-ended optical shaft encoder The S5S single-ended optical shaft encoder is a non-contacting rotary to digital converter. Useful for position feedback or manual interface, the encoder converts real-time shaft angle, speed, and direction into TTL-compatible quadrature/

EET 204 Electromechanical Devices and Systems Lecture 2 –Sensors Prof. M. Higazi.

Example: A single turn pot (350  ) has a linearity error of 0.15% and it is/and finally reversed again for 45 , bringing us finally to 115  (CW) from the reference point. Position Sensors – ORE. Block diagram of an incremental encoder system: A decoder circuit must be employed to convert/three windings and a movable iron core –Center winding is connected to an AC reference voltage –The outer windings are wired to be out-of-phase/ a - V b Load and Force Sensors – Strain Gauges Dual Voltage Divider R1R1 V in /

Orbiter Electrical Power System. Orbiter Electrical Power System (EPS) The electrical power system for the Orbiter was designed with three important goals.

the various motors and circuits that require AC Alternating current is generated for the various motors and circuits that require AC EPS – Electrical Power Distribution and Control (EPDC) AC power buses are tied to three 3-phase inverters that convert dc power /three DC power buses The AC buses supply 120 Vac 3-phase current at 400 Hz with three single-phase inverters for each of the three AC buses The AC buses supply 120 Vac 3-phase current at 400 Hz with three single-phase inverters for each of the three/

Week 1 COM221 Operating Systems. 2 Chapter 2 Objectives Identify chips, adapter cards, and other components of a motherboard Describe the components of.

code for the capital letter T is converted to an image, and displayed on the output device. T Step/instructions, data, and results  Consists of one or more chips on motherboard or other circuit board  Each /two most important characteristics of memory are capacity and performance.  Three performance parametres are used:  Access time (/ and instructions Processor What are dual-core and multi-core processors?  A dual-core processor is a single chip/distinct phases or generations which corresponds roughly to the /

CS152 Computer Architecture and Engineering Lecture 5 High-Level Design FPGAs/Vertex-E Chipset February 9, 2004 John Kubiatowicz (www.cs.berkeley.edu/~kubitron)

operations are clock phase accurate model is in/circuits with two basic forms: Structural descriptions similar to hierarchical netlist. Behavioral descriptions use higher- level constructs (similar to conventional programming). °Originally designed to help in abstraction and simulation. Now “logic synthesis” tools exist to automatically convert/equals 16x1 RAM Implements Single and Dual-Ports Cascade LUTs / Timing, Setup/Hold, etc °Verilog – Three programming styles Structural: Like a Netlist -Instantiation/

Technician/General Illustrations Element 2 and 3 Question Pool July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2018.

of line A where it’s only 430-450MHz. Amateur Radio Station A transmitter converts sounds into radio signals. A receiver converts the radio signals back into sounds we can hear. When a transmitter and receiver are combined into a single unit it is called a transceiver. A power supply converts the wall outlet voltage to low voltage direct current. Station Accessory Equipment A microphone/

Development And Design of Top Rail Irregularity Detection System And Intimation Early To The Train Murugappa Polytechnic College ECE 7 th Sem. Students.

non-contact detection principle in combination with three sensors to achieve online Real-time detection of obstacle and bomb detection.  Research on short-wave/the distance.  In this circuit, when the light falling on the phototransistor (Q1) is blocked, its conductance will decrease and the voltage across Q1 will / MAX232.  It is a dual driver/receiver that includes a capacitive voltage generator to supply RS232 voltage levels from a single 5V supply.  Each receiver converts RS232 inputs to 5V TTL/CMOS/

Selecting the right op amp – Understanding the specifications and navigating through the minefield of products Bob Lee, lee_bob@ti.com, +44 7718 585.

& Phase Open-Loop Voltage Gain at DC Linear operation conditions NOT the same as Voltage Output Swing to Rail Open Loop Gain & Phase will/ enables flicker free operation Easily drives 600W loads PSRR and CMRR exceed 100dB Output short-circuit protection Winning Specs GBW 110MHz Slew Rate +22V/ms/instrumentation and interfacing with precision data converters Single: OPA140; Dual: OPA2140; Quad: OPA4140 Samples available now; production quantities of OPA2140 available now; production quantities of OPA140 and /

Memory Systems in the Multi-Core Era Lecture 1: DRAM Basics and DRAM Scaling Prof. Onur Mutlu http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~omutlu onur@cmu.edu Bogazici University.

single command Share address and command buses, but provide different data A DRAM module consists of one or more ranks E.g., DIMM (dual/ & scheduling delay at the controller Access converted to basic commands Controller → DRAM transfer /and reduces power consumption with other mechanisms More than two tiers Latency evaluation for three-tier TL-DRAM Detailed circuit evaluation for DRAM latency and power consumption Examination of tRC and tRCD Implementation details and/-bound workloads/phases rarely completely /


single/circuits) or MSI (medium scale integrated circuits) components Difficulties arises as design size increases Interconnections grow with complexity resulting in a prolonged testing phase Simple programmable logic devices PALs (programmable array logic) PLAs (programmable logic array) Architecture not scalable; Power consumption and/ three /Circuit design A preamplifier, A band-pass filter An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) Designed to amplify and filter the EEG signal The gain of the EEG amplifier and/

VADA Lab.SungKyunKwan Univ. 1 Lower Power Logic/Circuit/Layout Design 1998. 6.7 성균관대학교 조 준 동 교수

Circuits Static hazard: A transient pulse of width w (= the delay of the inverter). Dynamic hazard: the transient consists of three edges, two rising and/Pass Tr Network + Dual p-MOS –Enables /And-Match Power Supply 구조 VADA Lab.SungKyunKwan Univ. 100 구 조 비 교구 조 비 교 Conventional RRPS MAMPS Circuit VADA Lab.SungKyunKwan Univ. Level Converter 구조 Transistor 의 갯수 : 6 개 4 개 전력과 면적면에서 효과적 기 존 제 안 VADA Lab.SungKyunKwan Univ. Mix-And/provides a single, integrated environment for power analysis in multiple phases of the/

May 2010Computer Arithmetic, Implementation TopicsSlide 1 Part VII Implementation Topics 28. Reconfigurable Arithmetic Appendix: Past, Present, and Future.

and Emerging Methods Fig. 26.11 Part of an asynchronous chain of computations. Dual/single erroneous element can be corrected and any three/Converting the design files into interconnected networks of gates and other standard logic circuit elements 3. Partitioning: Assigning the logic elements of stage 2 to specific physical circuit elements that are capable of realizing them 4. Placement: Mapping of the physical circuit/phases of development Residue arithmetic, SRT division, CORDIC algorithms were proposed and/

® BayTech Management Tools for Remote Locations and Data Centers The Power to Control.

provides continuous monitoring and reporting of current, voltage and power in watts and VA. High and low thresholds can be set for immediate notification via SNMP and E-mail. –Watts can be directly converted to BTU for / Receptacles and Monitor Power Power Distribution PDU (Power Distribution Unit) –Rack mount –Vertical (Zero-U) Establish the Voltage and Current Requirements Voltage and Current Single Phase 10 Amp Single Phase 15 Amp Single Phase 20 Amp Single Phase 30 Amp Three Phase 20 Amp Three Phase 30 /

11 ME1000 RF CIRCUIT DESIGN This courseware product contains scholarly and technical information and is protected by copyright laws and international treaties.

2 =g 4 R L = g N+1 g 0 = 1 Dual of each other 26 Low Pass Prototype Design (cont’d) The LPP is / 50 , f c = 1.5 GHz. Steps 1 & 2: LPP Step 3: Convert to Tlines Z c =0.500 Z c =1.000 1  Z c =1./single trace, we work out the effective permittivity, and use this to calculate the phase velocity. 3) From this we find the wavelength at 1.5GHz and work out the required quarter wavelength. Extra 82 Example 3.3: Coupled-Line BPF Simulation with ADS Software Using ideal transmission line elements: Ideal open circuit/

Electronic Circuits in an Automotive Environment Herman Casier AMI Semiconductor Belgium

Circuits in an Automotive Environment slide: 8 Automotive Electronics Phase 1: Introduction of Electronics in non-critical applications  Driver information and entertainment e.g. radio,  Comfort and/Circuits in an Automotive Environment slide: 38 The car-battery Example of a dual/RF voltage at a single or at multiple output/converter input stages … 2004 11 29 AID-EMC / HC / Electronic Circuits/and Power dissipation are the three important disturbing effects of EMS 2004 11 29 AID-EMC / HC / Electronic Circuits/

Chapter 7 Circuit-switched networks. Chapter 7 Circuit-switched networks 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Transmission systems 7.3 Switching systems 7.4 Signaling.

Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) keying - In fig 7.2 (c), when each key is pressed, a pair of (single/PSTN modems Modem Modulator: to convert the binary data into a/circuits As you may recall, most signaling operations involve the transmission of one or more single- frequency audio tones. –fig 7.26 Link access procedure for modems(LAMP)- some modems use an error detection and correction protocol during the information interchange phase/ the lowest three protocol layers make up the MTP and collectively they /

Concepts and Theory Information can be transmitted by varying some physical property of a signal. –Voltage –Current –Intensity –Magnetic Orientation Usually.

and will probably stay that way for a long time. So when a computer uses a telephone to send data, the data must be converted to analog form for transmission. Modems A device that converts/only. This results in two types of broadband systems: –dual cable –single cable Coaxial Cable Summary Advantages: –Good resistance to EMI/sent. Circuit switching typically has three phases: –circuit establishment –data transfer –circuit breakdown Circuit Switching Advantages of Circuit Switching Advantages –once circuit is /

Μ D 12.08.2013 Embedded Systems Page 1 C166-Core Port 5 Port 3 CPU Dual Port RAM 2 KByte Interrupt Controller Watchdog Peripheral Data External Instr./Data.

Three 16-Bit up/down-counter: 1 Core Timer(T3) and/Converter (ADC - 20MHz) 10-Bit ADC - operation mode is the successive approximation –9.7 µs conversion time. –Integrated Sample & Hold-Circuit (1.6 µs Sample-Time) –Sample-Time and Conversion Time are programmable –8 multiplexed input channels –Automatic self calibration after each conversion Flexible operation modes –Single channel - and continuous single channel conversion. –Auto-Scan- and/ 3 CPU Dual Port RAM /oscillator  40 MHz. Phased Locked Loop (PLL) /

Scalable Many-Core Memory Systems Topic 1: DRAM Basics and DRAM Scaling Prof. Onur Mutlu HiPEAC ACACES Summer.

Phase Change Memory (or Tech. X) Hardware/software manage data allocation and/single command  Share address and command buses, but provide different data A DRAM module consists of one or more ranks  E.g., DIMM (dual/the controller  Access converted to basic commands /and reduces power consumption with other mechanisms More than two tiers – Latency evaluation for three-tier TL-DRAM Detailed circuit evaluation for DRAM latency and power consumption – Examination of tRC and tRCD Implementation details and/

Renesas Electronics America Inc. © 2012 Renesas Electronics America Inc. All rights reserved. Class ID: DevCon 2012 Power Factor Correction – Why and How?

and phase of input AC voltage Transistor Q is switched ON/OFF at a PWM rate Most common configuration – Boost converter Efficiency is affected by Q switching losses and/ Controllers 2A20132 Phase drop control input OTC – prevents increase of switching frequency at light loads —Increased efficiency at light loads Protection circuits: Brownout, /reference design? A.Single-channel PFC in Critical Conduction Mode (CRM) B. Single-channel PFC in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) C. Dual-channel interleaved in /

From Quantum Gates to Quantum Learning: recent research and open problems in quantum circuits Marek A. Perkowski, Portland Quantum Logic Group, Department.

gates. These observations mean that the single input/output quantum logic gates as represented in /and does not create garbage. It is restricted in that it assumes that a Boolean function has been already converted/Circuits (2) Observe that in contrast to standard testing and reversible circuits testing, there are three types of faults in quantum domain: –(1) faults that can be detected deterministically, –(2) faults that cannot be detected (like global phase faults), and/are dual influences of CI and quantum computing. –/

UNIT V – Microcontroller 8051 – Introduction, Architecture, Addressing Modes and Instruction Set.

and computers that send and receive data – DCE (data communication equipment) Communication equipment, such as modems The simplest connection between a PC and microcontroller at least requires: – Three pins, TxD, RxD, and/ by bit over a single wire There are 2 /circuit consists of L293D IC which is a dual H-bridge motor driver. This is a 16- pin chip,which can be used to interface two DC motors and can be controlled in both clockwise and/ four-phase or unipolar/data(Voltage) CALLCONV Convert the hex value into/

RF Commissioning in Point 4 Hardware Commissioning: ACS RF System - Power Systems ACS Cavities : Sector 4-5 ACS Cavities : Sector 3-4 ADT Power and Feedback.

cages SC Cavity Cryomodules ( each with 4 single cell cavities) 16 Klystrons 400MHz, 300kW IP4 / Commissioning in Point 4 6 Cavityies He tanks & circuits are low pressure systems, <2 bar but fed /phase and amplitude of cavity voltage. Take reference from AB-PO standard function generators interfaced via serial link into cavity contoller. Minimize disturbances from HT ripples from Power Converters/), phase is adjusted continuously. Update at 11 kHz revolution frequency Three loops for each beam: Phase Loop/

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