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.61.29 Sugar149.7194.90.49 Fertiliser56.473.50.18 Others241.3314.20.78 Total30729.240012.0100.0 Water use in Indian Industry © Confederation of Indian Industry Water Saving Potential Manufacturing Industry : 20 to 40% Buildings : 20 to 50% © Confederation of Indian Industry Paper Industry in India  Average Specific Water Consumption Figures  1994 – 95 : 300 cubic meter/ ton  2008 – 09: 100 cubic meter/ ton Nearly 66 % Reduction/

*Talent 21 Project* By: Maddie Gillespie Water Conservations.

21 Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation by... Madison Gillespie<3 Remember to save water, and not to take advantage of it ~Information Links~ http://edugreen.teri.res.in/explore/water/conser.htm http://www.kcc.cc.il.us/hss/pstickney/India%20life-- ancient.htm http://www.kcc.cc.il.us/hss/pstickney/India%20life-- ancient.htm http://water.epa.gov/learn/kids/drinkingwater/index.cfm http://www.chillibreeze.com/

Linkages between Water, Sanitation and Hygiene with Food Safety and Nutrition Prof. Indira Chakravarty, PhD, DSC Chief Advisor Public Health Engineering.

878.979.8 Source- NFHS Survey Indira Chakravarty 4 STATE DRINKING WATER (TOTAL) SANITATION (TOTAL) WATER BORNE DISEASES % WOMENS LITERACY % UNDER WEIGHT WASTEDSTUNTEDANEMIA INDIA (MEAN) 87.944.610.065.4640.422.944.9 PREGNANT/intake. Health parameters. Water collection, usage, quality, etc. Time spent for water collection. Energy spent for water collection. Adverse effects of carrying water in hilly and mountainous zones. Housing / sanitation, etc. Socio-economic status. Utilization of saved time - Social, /


de Fraiture/RPS Malik/Shilp Verma 7. Future of irrigation/Agriculture  Anik Bhaduri/Upali Amarasinghe/Tushaar Shah 8. Potential of rainfed agriculture in India  Bharat Sharma/ K.P.R.VIttal/K.J.Rao Phase I Research Activities 9.Spread of Water saving technologies/ Water productivity improvements/ Rainwater harvesting  Dinesh Kumar/Madar Samad/OP Singh/K Palanisamy/ 10. Intensification of groundwater irrigation- Environmental impacts and implications/

Embassy of India, Berlin 1 Indian Water Resources – An Overview Dr. K.V. Devi Prasad Embassy of India, Berlin.

can save upto 50% Embassy of India, Berlin 15 The way forward ….  Conservation and reuse of waste water  Most of non-agricultural use degrades the quality of water Poses the double problems of waste and pollution  Conservation is key success  Another area would be augmenting sources Embassy of India, Berlin 16 Ground water recharge  Rain water harvesting and ground water recharge are now recognised as important  Mandatory in some/

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($9bn), Highways ($78bn), Power ($150bn), Rail ($62bn), Seaports ($18bn), Telcom ($65bn) and Water ($100bn) All sectors intertwined Projects will go through: only 22% India GDP related to exports vs. 65% for PRC  Aviation Cooperation Program (2007)  Indo-US Aviation/land permits  Include Focus on Infrastructure Utilization ATC: reducing 1 minute off ea. of India’s 2mm domestic flights = 200K ton decrease in CO2 and savings of $67mm  Relaxation of ECB Policy: Gov’t fixated on Dabhol  Transparency:/

Jain Irrigation- Inclusive Business is in the DNA of the Company.

and R. Lall, Status, “Potential and Government Efforts for Promoting Micro Irrigation in India”, National Seminar on Advances in Micro Irrigation, Februrary 15-16, 2011 Feasible Irrigated Area 62 Mn Ha Area Covered under Micro Irrigation about 6.0 Mn Ha Immediate Potential for Micro Irrigation 56.0 Mn Ha Farmer Specific Saving in Water, Fertilizer, Energy (~50%) Reduce Labour Cost Increased Productivity (30-200%) Improved/

1. OVER VIEW  Introduction.  Importance of Green Building.  Materials Used In Green Constructions.  Merits & Demerits.  Green Building Concept In.

. 6/7/201630 3) Water resources index  Water resources index is the actual water consumption of a building and the general average water consumption rate.  It includes the machine of water saving, the plan of water use, rainwater reuse and primary water source.  In Green Building design, the use of water-saving applications includes: water-saving faucets, two-stage toilets, water-saving shower devices, and automatic flushing systems.  In addition, rain water storage system is the way/

CHAPTER : 2 “ pr EVENT ” Mosquito Breeding sans Chemicals by NIL Water Stagnation. Make PrEVENTion always an EVENT Straight score an innings victory.

at all By Insecticide chemical (not advisable) or biological methods “ pr EVENT ” what in the order preference of your ACTION 1. Anywhere & Everywhere Prevent Water Stagnation (Chapter 2 -prEVENT) 2. Anywhere & Everywhere Prevent Mosquito Breeding (Chapter 17- Mosquito/years to ExNoRa which is now a National Movement and is the largest Environmental Organisation of India. ExNoRa dedicates this down to earth innovative human saving concept, Must QUITo to “ pr EVENT ” EVENT MOSQUITO MENACE the best solution “/

BET India Module 4 Managing and Mitigating Impacts Main Presentation December 2012.

Equitable sharing of benefits in Sukhomajri, India Ecosystem services considered are soil preservation, afforestation ground water protection and forest management.  Sukhomajri village located in the foothills of the Himalayas was amongst the first in India to test participatory watershed / saplings and even worked out an arrangement to sell irrigation water to Ooch as and when required.  Ooch had to compromise on grazing to save the water from siltation,Kuhan, being the beneficiary, compensated for it./

1 1 Water – A Vital Input for Sustainable Irrigation & Agro industries Date : 4/3/2016.

pumps powered by electricity In India, 18-19 million irrigation pumps run on electricity India government has heavily subsidized electricity for irrigation - Farmers are financially addicted to it, but They often get electricity in the middle of night /– Appx 20% 2) Gets water when he wants ie during daytime. 3) Due to this, fixed drip irrigation, resulting in maintaining the effect of nutrients in the root zone area. 4) Good control and saving of water. Savings : Previously incurred expense of diesel/

Development of CDM Methodology for Municipal services energy efficiency By Dr. G C Datta Roy DSCL Energy Services Co Ltd India.

– The Indian experience NamePartiesAreasBriefStatusRemarks Jamnagar, Gujarat USAID ECO IOne municipality 1 st such ESCO project in India, shared savings, independent verification MOU signed Financial mechanism ready, Didn’t take-off MC reluctance to provide / interaction with manufacturers, who are now not only selling equipment but understand the need/ requirements. Water Pumping System Present systemNormal audit recommendationsESCO Street light with T12 fittings, magnetic ballast, fixed operating hours/

MONSOON, FLOOD & FLASH FLOOD IN INDIA. CONTENT Monsoon in India. Flood hazard in India. Regions of country prone to floods, flash floods. Damages caused.

in order to prevent long term damage to Indias water cycle.  The livelihood of a vast population in India depends on agriculture, forestry, wetlands and fisheries and land use in these areas is strongly influenced by water-based ecosystems that depend on monsoon rains. Will Climate Change Affect Indias Monsoon Season? Future changes in monsoon variability...  India is already vulnerable to variations in/ had saved 12,000 people from flood waters after starving for a week. 15,000 remained in Save River /


onsite Sewage T plant 67%Cost awaiting 7.4Consider Water metering NANegligible NAInclude Storm water attenuation and ground water recharge NA Minimal impact NAInclude The energy saving potential of each measure has been correlated with the cost impact and therefor the simple payback. CONCLUSION NOW is the time to act given: The extreme housing deficit in India and the predicted growth of the deficit; Retrofitting is/


[130410119100] WATER RESOURCES Table of contents Introduction. Indian scenario. Water quality problems in India. Sources of water. : 1. Surface water 2. Ground water. Uses of water. Overuse of water. Problems due to exploitation of water resources. Conclusion. INTRODUCTION Water is a vital/whole aquifer. CONCLUSION Thus we conclude that we should save water and use it judiciously. Moreover we should not unnecessarily waste water. SAVE WATER SAVE EARTH FOOD RESOURCES Table of contents Introduction Sources of/

CREATING HAPPY INDIA Through Swadeshi Industries

OF BIOGAS PLANTS Scope of 7 crores of biogas plants in urban India. It will save Rs.14,000 crores going to gas companies. Two persons can manufacture 1 biogas/in India. 2 lakh village blacksmiths and technicians can make solar cookers for Rs.3000 and community cooker for Rs.12000 and can earn Rs.1 lakh annually. Crores of tons of biomass and wood fuel can be saved and CO2 pollution can be avoided. There will be huge relief to women from smoke. WIND MILLS Home Wind Mill 150W to 500W Water/

The Rise of Solar Industry in India August 27, 2011 ITC Sonar, Kolkata.

10 Solar water heating systems - Around 70 million sqm of collector area could be deployed in India within the next decade Solar Water Heating Systems India only has an estimated 3.5 million square meters of solar water heating collectors /back period is between 1 to 2 years.  Potential annual savings, if 50% of un-electrified households switch to solar lanterns ~ USD 1.2 Billion*  Lower network losses  Reduce network burden  Savings in fuel consumption * Note: - Number of un-electrified households –/

Presentation made at LEAD Pakistan, Islamabad on

100,000 liters – countries capture almost 98% of the rainfall. Water savings/conservation in all sub-sectors. Pollution control of fresh water bodies. Principle of 3Rs – Reduce – Recycle – Reuse can save up to 40% of water. Wastage control. Desalinization. Water Security Strategy in Pakistan Transboundary Indus Waters Treaty must be followed in letter and spirit. The complexities of issues with India, lack of political wisdom and will, position based stands, high/


Burden of Traditional Fuels in Rural India Study based on an integrated survey of 15,293 rural households from 148 villages in three states of rural North India and one state in South India. Symptoms of diseases related to air and water pollution, expenditure on health/2010 Minimum 10% by 2012 of total energy sales as R.E. REQUIRED: Trading in certified energy savings in excess of mandated savings Incentives for Energy efficiency-e.g., differential taxation on certified energy efficient appliances Financing /

T: +9111-43027344 E: aeee.in Energy Efficiency Movement India – Challenges & Opportunities for ESCOs 26 August 2011 ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY.

million sq m) LEED India, GRIHA, Star Rating of Buildings Surge in demand for Building Management Solutions 16 26 Aug’11 © 2011 Copyright Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy ESCO Opportunities: Public Sector Examples of Public Sector Programs via ESCO partnership Gujarat Urban Development Company (GUDC) to replace street lighting and water pumping systems in 150 municipalities (Program mandates energy savings of 20% for both/

M.S. Swaminathan Chairman, National Commission on Farmers, Government of India President, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs Looking Back.

Water Security System Livestock and Livelihoods Over 50 million women and 15 million men are involved in Dairy Enterprises in India Farming Systems Diversification and Value Addition 8% growth rate in horticulture and animal husbandry will be necessary to achieve 4% growth rate in agriculture as a whole India : Largest Producer of Milk in/Land to Lab, Land to Land Torch bearers of the Rural Knowledge Revolution Life saving role of VKC during Tsunami (26 December 2004)- VEERAMPATTINAM http://www.nemoc.navy./

Presented By Rain Water Harvesting System & Management System & Management Presented By By A K Kanotra A K Kanotra Siel Chemical Complex Siel Chemical.

it is necessary to save every drop of water. “Every commercial building as well as big houses in the state must install Rain water harvesting system to save water ” Introduction What is rain water harvesting ? It is the activity of direct collection of rain water Rain water can be stored for direct use or can be recharged into the ground water aquifer Rain Water in India Total annual rainfall in India: 400 million hectare- meters/

Recent Innovations in Concrete & Foundations Leading Growth

caisson was 30 m below water level. - Workers could hardly work for ½ hour. Hence Novel Idea founding caisson on piles was adopted for the first time in India (See Pic in Next Slide) Details of Caisson Resting on Piles Way Forward Determined Approach by all of us to follow “Sustainable Growth Guidelines” Saving in Piling – Minimum 25% over the present practice Saving in Concrete – Minimum 10% over the/

Madhya Pradesh: Means Business

Since, the auto industry is exports driven this linkage is critical to the development of the cluster. Further, water linkages to both sides provides better linkages to countries. 3)Proximity to Markets: Being centrally located and being well/the costs of production in India. Even a 10% of savings due to proximity to Malwa region could result in ~5% increase in operating margins. To further support your business endeavours Government of Madhya Pradesh has created specialised infrastructure in the form of /

Prehistory & the Rise of Civilization

the masses are armed w/iron (FC.19) FC.9 FARMERS, NOMADS, AND THE SPREAD OF CIVILIZATION Well watered farmlands Birth of agric. (FC.4) Domestic. of animals (FC.5) Semi-arid grasslands Nomadic herders Settled /in Buddhism Hinyana: Each person must earn nirvana Mahayana: Buddha helps save us Math: pi, decimal system & zero Literature, arch., art & astron, Hindu Brahmans win converts in countryside w/ ideas of: All gods as part of Brahma Dharma, karma, & reincarnation Hinduism becomes dominant relig. in India/

Energy Security and Natural Resources

war, genocide.. Saudi Arabia Somalia Iraq Afghanistan Libya India Ecuador Colombia Myanmar Nigeria Angola Sudan Indonesia Global Military expenditure goes beyond $1 trillion a year 1 per cent of this could provide safe water for 7 billion people in the earth (Source: UNDP, 2000) Oil-/ but the regime sells a steady stream of natural gas to neighbouring Thailand. Yet this export success has not saved the public finances. Current reserves are estimated at no more than US$240 million-enough to cover only the /

Industrial Revolution. Burning Coal In the century between 1750 and 1850, people increasingly used coal to burn for heat and to capture that heat to run.

the eastern edge of the Mediterranean, or from the Caribbean. It was then spun into thread using water power in factories near Manchester, England. As these became more efficient, the price dropped and England was able to compete on the world /not keep up. China and India were still using manual spinning wheels at this time. By the 1820s, steam powered looms had replaced most hand-weavers as well. By 1830, the textile industry employed 500,000 people in England. Land-saving Mechanism A better way to/

Managing India to take Dreams to Reality S L Rao February 24 2010.

0.4 –2020 Average Age: India-29; China-37; Japan-48: youngest working age population in world –Less children=more women at work; more saving; greater growth over the next 15-20 years. By 2020, India will have 270mn people (more / 15-59 = 598 (2001); 811 (2016) Urbanization: 27.8% (2001); 50%? (2030) Issues: Livelihoods, health, education, housing, water, roads, sanitation, social security, law and order India’s Population(million): Above 60 = 65 (6.3%) (2001); 113 (8.9%)(2016) Age 15-59 = 598 (2001); 811 (/

India Water Markets and Opportunities A Perspective.

Recent World Bank Projection of 8% GDP growth for India in 2010, overtaking China’s projected growth of 7.7%. 10 WHOLE OF ASIA – WATER STRESS/ SCARE AREA BY 2020 – DRIVER 11 INDIA WATER MARKET OPPORTUNITIES 12 Annual market in India is up to $6 to $ 8B, growing / 40 to 50% of Project Budget 35 to 50% of Project Budget +/-5% of Project Budget Cost Saving Opportunity Planning Cost Saving Opportunity 23 SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS Procurement –Do not invite bid if the project is not ready –Quality and fee based/

Understanding Smart Cities

35 years. Two-thirds of Indian cities are already facing water crisis. Violent crime is on the rise in most Indian cities. 10% of the world’s road accidents happen in India. GIVING QUALITY EDUCATION 58% of Indian Children do not complete/ since 1985. San Francisco aspires for zero waste by 2020. Smart Sensors Provide Cost-Saving Solutions in Finland (Source: Smart Cities Council April 07, 2014) In the summer overfilling at the local recycling stations was becoming more common, causing increased littering/


employees. No personal vehicles or motorbikes are allowed on campus. –Solar Water Heating: Across Infosys campuses, Infosys is one of Indias largest solar water heater installed capacity. In Bangalore, water in the hostel is heated by solar. –Car - Sharing: Individuals can /Delhi (2009): –65-point three-year agenda to fight climate change –Encouraging use of solar power, increase in use of energy-saving lighting, setting up of an electronic waste facility, more CNG buses and promoting the use of bio-fuel. /

Overview on ecosan 01-03-2005, IESNI 2nd workshop, Pune, India 1 General overview about ecosan Christine Werner, Heinz-Peter Mang, Florian Klingel, Patrick.

ecological sanitation  recovery of energy content (covering about 20% of cooking energy needs for a typical family in a developing country)  energy savings in fertilizer production & wastewater treatment  reuse of water source: Petter Jenssen Introduction to ecosan overview on ecosan 01-03-2005, IESNI 2nd workshop, Pune, India 23 overview of ecosan technology-components ecosan technologies overview on ecosan 01-03-2005, IESNI 2nd workshop/

4 th Annual “Coal Markets in India-2014” The Imperial New Delhi 22.08.2014.

, with the use of an effective Additive, 2 to 4 % savings in coal can be achieved. Bureau of Energy Efficiency – Boilers Types, Combustion in Boilers, Performance evaluation, Analysis of Losses, Feed Water Treatment, Blow down, Energy conservation opportunities Bureau of Energy Efficiency - Boilers NTPC-USAID Heat Rate Improvement Guidelines for Indian Power Plants Saving Potential All India Yearly Coal Consumption for Power Generation (Utilities) : 454 MMT/

Demand Side Management in India Jitendra Sood, Energy Economist Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India.

measures  Fuel switching, such as changing from electricity to gas for water heating  Distributed generation, such as stand by generators in office building or PV modules on rooftops; and  Pricing initiatives; /in the market. Enable India to take leadership position in designing, developing and implementing such a programme – eg. SEA D Key objectives of RMSDP Page 36 of 8 36 Type of appliance Stock in million KWh/yea r Total Billion KWh Growth Rate (%) % in HH Sector Saving potential (%) Savings in/

1 Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) ‘Good Practices’ Related to Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation May 20-21, 2010, Lisbon Consultation.

m 3 to 8 m 3 Before After 8 Case i Urban Water Supply and Sanitation in India ☺ Cover 360 slums in the city with individual/ shared metered connections ☺ Sewage connection and /water sale by volume and saving in preparation for repair 19 ACTIVITY 3 : Appropriate use of water Operation guidelines for groundwater monitoring Sensitisation on hygiene and water related diseases Water saving irrigation techniques - Improvement of hygiene and awareness of the risk of water related diseases - Use of water saving/

MyGov task 1 Identify 10 Global best practices used by countries which have made a big difference in the lives of their citizens.

reg. “No open drainage / Sewage lines”  Water generated from the STP invariably used for Gardening, saving the precious drinking water  Greenery around ….prosperity around !  STP – Israel Example  In Israel, about 50 percent of agricultural water usage (total use was 1 billion cubic metres in 2008) is provided through reclaimed sewer water. 2. STP– Positive / Negative Effects in India 12  STP is practical only in big cities / metros where sewage / drainage/

Chapter 4 Water Supply Will Our Taps Run Dry?. Think about this!

also comes with a set of Water Wally stickers that have messages on how to save water in homes 5. How can Singapore avoid water shortage? Reduce water consumption Public education Advantages Can teach many people about the importance of water in their lives Has the potential to make lasting positive changes in people’s use of water 5. How can Singapore avoid water shortage? Reduce water consumption Public education Disadvantages Takes/

S L RAO AT UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, MADISON SEPTEMBER 2010 INDIA as a Superpower? 1. Indian Polity and Economy 2. Energy & Climate Change 3. Reforms Needed.

.1611.538.492.750.11 Source: CSO & Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy, RBI online Sector-Wise Gross Domestic Savings Source: Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy, RBI Sector-wise Capital Formation Source: Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy, /new urban population will comprise of recent migrants 3.4. Impact: Urban services, sanitation, water, transport, housing 1.About 32% of India’s 1176.7 million people reside in Indian cities currently. This 2. Will increase to about 35.4% of the population/

CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre S.Padmanaban, USAID/India 23 April 2007.

Energy Auditor Award” Five successive years instituted by PCRA, Govt. of India WCEE Initiatives in Cement & Power Plants in India Water Management  15 Detailed Water audits in the Industry  10 Million m3/year of Water savings Identified  Information dissemination through Water Summits & National Awards For excellence in Water Management  Partnered by WEF & CII  Key Objectives are  Facilitating water conservation models with public-private-community partnerships  Rajasthan community business alliance/

Company LOGO NEW CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY A proposal having opportunity to generate Rs 2,10,600 Cr. (US $468 Billion) the saving part only for construction.

in 1000sof units of houses made in R.C.C which would last 100 years with electricity, sanitation and water supply in place.  It looked no surprise to me that technology to create long lasting structures in no time was in deed prevail ant in olden times in India/ of cost and time reduction)  Total consumption of cement for year 2010 is ( 3294 million Tones) PROJECTED COST SAVINGS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY WOLDWIDE  Total consumption of Steel for year 2010 world wide as 1257 million tones  Steel /

Low Income Housing in India Financing Low Income Housing: Magnitude and Economics Based on a Project for NHB with support from World Bank, IFC and MSDF.

/train linkages Typical complex would comprise 3 to 5 buildings with 4 to 8 flats/ floor and 4 floors –Regular water and electricity –No lifts and single set of staircases –Complex would be fenced by a compound wall with shared open /checks, or MFI and chit fund savings history; guarantor typically required 2 Lakhs Copyright © 2008 Monitor Company Group, L.P. — Confidential — IND 19 Context Housing Finance Market: Map of Existing Players There are 45 registered HFCs in India, and these are split almost /

INDIA POST INLAND PRODUCTS & SERVICES 1. Mail services 2. Financial services 3. Premium services 4. Tie ups with others 5. Philately.

UCR) Recurring Deposit Time Deposit Monthly Income Scheme Public Provident Fund Senior Citizen Savings Scheme SAVINGS BANK e-MONEY ORDERS Electronic money order (Electronically transmitted) Maximum amount Rs./ 50 grams.  Can be booked as SP/EPP/RP  Deliverable anywhere in India MEDIA POST  Advertising products and services through Postal Media Postal stationery Pass books/Payment  Acceptance of payment of  Electricity bills,  Telecom,  Gas,Water etc., Tie ups with others S. no. NAME OF SERVICE TIE UP/

9/4/2015 Lesson learnt from the Slum up-gradation under JnNURM Scheme Empirical evidences in Surat city of Western India Arjun Patel, Centre for Social.

of urban poor have been reshuffled under the slum up-gradation project in India just by adopting guide line based on State Regulations (SRs), which has/save their life from the Plague. Of course, the city administration had not accepted the defeat and decided to convert adversity into advantages. Pneumonic Plague broke out in Surat in/To demolish the illegal encroachment, regular door to door check up of potable drinking water, started regular spray of the smokes to check the mosquitoes, sending the health /

Sustainable Development and Driving Technology Advances in Future Energy A Frost & Sullivan Market Insight By Pinaki Bhadury Frost & Sullivan (I) Pvt.

next 20 years will come from China Whereas the rise in demand from India would be 48% These two countries along with the traditional user, US would consume most of the coal resources of the world They shall also continue to be the highest emitters of CO 2 and use large quantities of water for coal based power generation It is estimated that/

Empowering Rural and Tribal Women for 28 years Barli Development Institute For Rural Women Indore, MP, India.

is insulated with 30 mm of ceramic wool. Water is piped to the system from a overhead supply tank. Using this high temperature water in the cooking process, results in a saving of 10 kilos of wood per day. In August 2009 a new heat exchanger and flue/June 2008. He was awarded “for his services to social causes and the use of alternative energy in rural communities in India.“ Mr James passed away in April 2011 in a tragic car accident. On Wednesday the 18th March at a special progamme organized by Centre for /

“One of the many things I learned as president was the centrality of water in the social, political and economic affairs of the country, the continent.

with BRICs: The path to 2050; Goldman Sachs 2309 1991 1902 2001 1465 2025 1235 2050 Source : Water resources of India, Rakesh Kumar, R. D. Singh, K. D. Sharma, National Institute of Hydrology, India Per capita surface water availability In cu meters <1700 - Water Stressed <1000 - Water Scarce Less Water for Every Individual Conserve Generate Regulate Communicate Go Forward: Four Pillars ConserveGenerate Regulate Communicate More crops with fewer/



Combating Climate Change : India’s Concerns and Policies Dr. Arvind Jasrotia Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Jammu INDIA Dr. Arvind.

domestic manufacturing National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency Current initiatives are expected to yield savings of 10,000 MW by 2012. Building on the Energy Conservation Act 2001, the plan recommends inter alia, mandating specific/ Himalayan Ecosystem The plan aims to conserve biodiversity, forest cover, and other ecological values in the Himalayan region, where glaciers that are a major source of India’s water supply, are projected to recede as a result of global warming. The plan aims to/

Growth of Infrastructure in India.. Introduction Defined as a set of activities through which goods and services are provided to public. Definition keeps.

consumption is more than prescribed norms and standards shall be entitled to purchase the Energy Saving Certificate  Prescribe the value of per metric ton of oil equivalent of enrgy consumed./WATER TRANSPORT  Water transport is one of the oldest means of transport in India  Over the years, there has been a considerable improvement in the construction, design, motive power, speed, safety, etc.  Small cost is involved in the construction and maintenance of waterways. TYPES OF WATER TRANSPORT INLAND WATER/

KNOWLEDGE AND INDUSTRIAL NEW DESTINATION – TUMAKURU [a KIND CITY] Tumakuru Municipal Corporation LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd. India in association.

/ plastic, 20% water savings, 20 MW from rooftop solar, city wide LED on solar, air quality improvement] Spatial Development Goals strengthen city centre by providing integrated smart applications and mixed use development [integrated transport hub with intelligent multi-level parking, vehicle free CBD] LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi in association with Crux Consultants Pvt. Ltd., India and VBSOFT India Ltd., India SWOT ANALYSIS/

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