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® Speech Technology Opportunities and Challenges David Nahamoo Speech CTO, IBM Research Dec 12, 2006.

satisfaction) will have a commanding position in the marketplace –Self-service is clearly a huge cost-savings opportunity 11 Customers prefer the convenience and control aspect of self-service, and have high expectations / Transcription, biometrics, … 34 S2S Translation call for innovation  Speech Recognition Challenges –Needs to work in noisy environments, with spontaneous, conversational speech in multiple languages, could be emotional speech when under stress.  Translation has to handle output of ASR/

Industrial Markets Outlook: The Search for the New Normal Speech to AMT GLOBAL FORECASTING and MARKETING CONFERENCE Eli S. Lustgarten Senior Vice-President,

automation ) used to reduce costs –Structural measures will continue to offset the return of temporary costs savings (about 60% of costs). –Employee compensation (base wages, healthcare) likely outpaces inflation, hiring will/%44% Source: CNH, CAT, DE, LBR OUTLOOK FOR 2H10 AND 2011 IS IMPROVING The environment for construction activity for the rest of 2010 and 2011 will improve over 2009, but be /New Normal 84 Speech to the AMT GLOBAL FORECASTING AND MARKETING CONFERENCE Eli S. Lustgarten Senior Vice-President,/

PSY 369: Psycholinguistics Language Production: Experimentally elicited speech errors.

Syllable VC or CV Cluster Phoneme Feature Phrase Word Morpheme From this we can infer that – Speech is planned in advance. – Accommodation to the phonological environment takes place (plural pronounced /z/ instead of /s/). – Order of processing is – Selection of morpheme/ the “discrete two-step” account of Levelt et al. Evidence for interactivity Can the two-stage account be saved? Evidence for interaction is hard to reconcile with the Levelt account However, most attempts are likely to revolve around/

PSY 369: Psycholinguistics Language Production: Speech errors cont.

Syllable VC or CV Cluster Phoneme Feature Phrase Word Morpheme From this we can infer that – Speech is planned in advance. – Accommodation to the phonological environment takes place (plural pronounced /z/ instead of /s/). – Order of processing is – Selection of /s explanation: Could be erroneous selection of two lemmas? Evidence for interactivity Can the two-stage account be saved? Evidence for interaction is hard to reconcile with the Levelt account However, most attempts are likely to revolve/

Student Conduct & Free Speech Trent Grundmeyer Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership Drake University, School of Education.

An application that allows users to remain anonymous. The application allows the user to anonymously see how their contacts have saved them as a contact name. It also has an anonymous chat application. What is social Media? Established 1926 Your students/ The case is one in a growing trend of courts recognizing these realities in the current school environment. General Trend Students’ off-campus, online speech needs to create a substantial disruption in the school before school officials can act. (Tinker v./

Adapting Your Research to a Persuasive Speech. Step One Your introduction needs to state your stance on the issue and interest your audience. The hook.

you cannot go without: evidence and citation and refutation. Evidence You are more likely to persuade when the body of your speech contains LOGICAL REASONS AND GOOD EVIDENCE to support your proposition/goal. ◦Facts—verifiable and proven ◦Expert Opinion—verifiable and proven ◦/ not have to cost us any money. We can visit, daily, sites like threrainforestsite.com and click your mouse to save the environment. We can reduce, reuse, and recycle. We can compost. On a broader scale we can become involved at the/

Multimodal corpora and speech technology Kristiina Jokinen University of Art and Design Helsinki

Spoken Language Corpora" Terminology  Maybury and Wahlster (1998)  Medium = material object used for presenting or saving information, physical carriers (sounds, movements, NL)  Code = system of symbols used for communication  Modality /speech  Animated interface agents 22 August 2002 NordTalk NorFA Course "Using Spoken Language Corpora" Advantages of MM interfaces  Redundant and/or complementary modalities can increase interpretation accuracy –E.g. combine ASR and lipreading in noisy environments/

Feature vs. Model Based Vocal Tract Length Normalization for a Speech Recognition-based Interactive Toy Jacky CHAU Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

University of Hong Kong ckchau@viewtech.org Outline Introduction to Interactive Toy Storytelling Engine Authoring Environment Speech Recognition Engine Background of Vocal Track Length Normalization (VTLN) used in Speech Recognition Engine, especially suitable for children utterance Results Conclusion What is Interactive Toy? Not like/approach at the same warping factor. The model-based approach can save the computational cost and development time, with same recognition accuracy of feature-based approach

Potential and pitfalls of speech-based CMC Eurocall 2005 Cracow Sake Jager University of Groningen.

not removed from each other (even NS on campus) Organisational and logistical advantages Not always teaching innovation Time-saving for teachers Ease of recording Types of interaction used Student-teacher and student-student interaction to elicit feedback /; likely to have occurred in offline (classroom or on campus) Uses of speech-based CMC are different in classroom-based vs distance-based environment Qualitative differences between sound and written text also important: Status spoken vs written /

1 Cultural Input in Oral English Teaching in Call Environments Zhihong Lu ( 卢志鸿 ), Shenghua Huang, Xiaoyan Li Zhihong Lu (

Easy access to the Internet, which opens a large knowledge pool for students. ● R esources can be saved either in disks or shown on the computer screen. 16 Learning English Through Culture: Viewing, Listening, Speaking / with different speakers. Conducting Cultural Input in AVSC 31 Integrate cultural learning and the language practice into CALL environments Build up a virtual speech community, in which learners can easily locate themselves. Conducting Cultural Input in AVSC In-Class Activities 32 Table/

Walden 3-D, Inc. Designing Responsive Environments Copyright © 1991 090591 The Network: Walden 3-D is encouraging the growth of a multi-dimensional network.

single ordinary telephone line can be used to transmit both speech and visual command signals at enormous cost savings over video transmission. 026 Walden 3-D, Inc. Designing Responsive Environments Copyright © 1991 090591 Who participated in the first Lynk/words, Integrating information to simulate, demonstrate, and document living within the available cosmic-energy savings account. Walden 3-D, Inc. Designing Responsive Environments Copyright © 1991 090591 Walden 3-D s Mission To lead a revolution in urban /

Speaker Authentication Qi Li and Biing-Hwang Juang, Pattern Recognition in Speech and Language Processing, Chap 7 Reporter : Chang Chih Hao.

Speaker may make a mistake –Acoustic mismatch between the training and testing environments 9 Introduction Verbal Information Verification The VIV method is the process of/ Stochastic Models for Stationary Process Gaussian mixture model (GMM) –Characterize a speech probability density functions (pdfs) 15 Pattern Recognition Stochastic Models for Stationary Process/ is prompted to repeat. –Verified utterances of the pass-phrase are then saved, and used to train a SD model for SV. –The authentication system/

BY: Kiana L My Presidential Minute. The Issues I Believe Are Important: The Environment Pollution Global Warming Child Labor For your own benefit: A Poem.

For your own benefit: A Poem from the Heart Pictures of Barack Obama References THE ENVIRONMENT Our Environment is in danger. It is being destroyed everyday. You have a choice to either save the environment or help destroy it. The choice is completely up to you. All of our beautiful/ and unjust. This is not how children are suppose to live. A Poem from the Heart Freedom of Speech Is bravery what compels us to accomplish our goals? Is fear what undermines our self~confidence? Is freedom what we use to escape/

Communication Apps for Supporting Non-Verbal/Low-Verbal Students Melissa Dumoulin, GEDSB Speech-Language Pathologist Educational Technology Initiative.

for a particular student in your class, you should consider consulting with the Speech-Language Pathologist at your school Individual students can be referred to the Technology /hard enough! The student will have access to his/her personal system in many different environments (i.e., at home, in the community and in the classroom) where as the/girl) Create custom two button pages with user defined text, picture, colour and audio Save up to 30 custom button pairs Gives non- or low-verbal students a voice by/

Human Growth and Social Environment Lecture 4 – Developmental stage (Early Childhood) 時事追擊 兒童營養 B - YouTube.

mental activity and the functioning of the mind Stephen wants to save cookies for himself and put into a pasta box. He / needed to use language for communicative purposes. Social speech refers to speech intended to be understood by a listener. Private speech Private speech refers to talking aloud to oneself with no intent/ punishment 19 Social learning approach to morality -Focus more on how the environment in which preschoolers operate -produces prosocial behaviour, helping behaviour that benefits others/

Mad Hatters: Saving the World Or: Potential applications of strategies from an institutional mercury reduction campaign to develop a national public health.

Saving the World Or: Potential applications of strategies from an institutional mercury reduction campaign to develop a national public health initiative for reducing human exposure. Edward H. Rau Captain, USPHS, Ret. Division of Environmental Protection Office of Research Facilities National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD 20892-5746 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Adapted from: Howard Faucett Award Acceptance Speech/ campaign tools with UN Environment Programme (UNEP) mercury initiative/

MPEG for the past, present and future of television Leonardo Chiariglione Keynote Speech at ATSC Annual Meeting Washington, DC – 2012/05/08.

) 3D extensions Audio Various forms of Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) Universal Speech and Audio (USAC) 2012/05/08 4 MPEG for the past, present/coding tools proposed for MV texture and depth coding Substantial rate savings compared to capabilities of existing standards AVC and HEVC extensions standardisation / Actuators ARAF file or stream Local Real World Environment Local Real World Environment Remote Real World Environment Remote Real World Environment Augmented Reality Application Format (ARAF) MPEG for the/

Current Challenges in Financial Regulation for Emerging Markets

Research Department, Financial Studies Division, International Monetary Fund Structure of Speech Importance of financial sector development Drivers of financial sector development Current/ Regulator “Dual Banking” National Bank State Bank Federal Savings Bank Insurance Company Securities Broker/Dealer Other Financial Companies Primary/important determinant of economic performance” Financial markets depend on legal environment, but incomplete without enforcement Weak corporate governance translates into /

Craig Spooner, ACCESS Project Coordinator The ACCESS Project, Colorado State University Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment with Universal Design.

PDFs AccessibilitySearch-AbilityCopy/PasteBookmarksText to Speech Scanned PDF Scanned PDF with OCR OCR and Tags Make Your Own PDFs AccessibilitySearch-AbilityCopy/PasteBookmarksText to Speech Print to PDF Save As PDF Adobe PDF Plugin /Philosophical Changes  Benefits for all students  Disabilities are part of the range of diversity  Enabling the learning environment  Broader definition of “accessible”  Materials usable with a wide range of technologies, including assistive technologies New Approach/

1 Speech Recognition: A Simple Prescription for Offloading your Operators.

Who is ScanSoft? ScanSoft, Inc. is a leading supplier of speech and imaging solutions that are used to automate a wide range of manual processes – saving time, increasing worker productivity and improving customer service #1 in all/ own workstations) their respective directories within one SpeechAttendant server. > Page 16 Unique Speech Recognition Expertise… For the highly demanding healthcare environment Our unique pre-tuned name dictionary containing over 1M names greatly improves performance and /

The theme: Save the Nature The aims: To teach students to speak about environment, problems of Environment; to analyze and make conclusions; to understand.

The theme: Save the Nature The aims: To teach students to speak about environment, problems of Environment; to analyze and make conclusions; to understand oral speech; to develop students’ skills and habits in monologue and dialogical speech through asking (answering); to bring up the love to environment, natural work. Grammar: Present Simple Passive What do you think we ’ ll do at the lesson today? I think we/

Version 4.0. PBX Line-up and Positioning of the KX-NS700 Product Concept Product Overview System Connection Diagram Cost Saving Expandability Backwards.

without telephone charges using a private IP network. KX-NS700 21 Cost Saving IP Networking -Saving on Initial Investment- Features and Benefits Recommended for: Head OfficeHome Office Companies/shared between agents Companies using Outlook Companies that want to construct an efficient office environment that integrates various communication methods Voice mail/ IMAP4 server Common email application supporting / Speech Auto Attendant 4. Outbound Dialer 5. ACD Reports Communication Assistant -CA Modules as CA Family/

ALAI Congress Kyoto 2012 October 16 to 18, 2012 Copyright and Related Rights in the “Cloud” Environm ent Session 2. Keynote speech The WIPO „Internet Treaties”

Rights in the “Cloud” Environm ent Session 2. Keynote speech The WIPO „Internet Treaties” and Copyright in the „Cloud/ money) may also result in direct liability. „If… then…” ruling. RTL v. Save.tv – ProSiebenSat v. Save.tv : the „virtual video recorder” provider had infringed the broadcasters’ rights of reproduction /removal of electronic rights management information (RMI) are fully applicable in the cloud environment. Cloud computing makes the use of TPMs possible in an extremely flexible, consumer/

Unit 9 Saving the earth Period 1.

↘ Listening Pre-listening: What will the speaker talk about in the speech? While-listening 1. Listen for the question What does the speaker think the biggest problem is/2.Listen for outline From what aspects(方面) will the speaker talk about water problem? √ √ importance of saving water causes √ bad effects water and industry √ solutions √ water and agriculture Part2: Out line the/Use coal in a new and clean way Cause pollution Destroy the environment This damage isn’t repaired Only caring about making money is so /

Save our Planet. Urgency We are all toast if we dont get on another path. ~ James Hansen, Director of the Goddard Institute of Space Sciences We have.

We are so close to the red line, we may wake up tomorrow and discover there is nothing left to save. ~ Maneka Gandhi, former Indian Environment Minister We are in a planetary emergency. ~ Al Gore, former US Vice President We are at crisis point/halt deforestation of the rainforests to preserve life on this planet. More on deforestation Sources: - HRH The Prince of Wales speech to the European Parliament, 14 February 2008 http://tinyurl.com/4qaf2vhttp://tinyurl.com/4qaf2v - Livestocks Long Shadow, UN Food and/

Speech Coding EE 516 Spring 2009

of participants The test environment Explanations to listeners Analysis of results Toll quality A MOS of 4.0 or higher Quality Measurements Subjective and objective quality-testing techniques PSQM – Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement ITU-T /htm Spanias, AS, “Speech coding, a tutorial review”, 1994 Outline Quality vs Bit rate Types of speech coders Waveform Coding Speech production and vocoders Analysis by Synthesis VoIP Effects of packetization Advantages of VoIP Cost savings: Flexibility: Avoid the /

Topic: Wisdom and Thrift will Save the World, Will Save Our Planet.

in oral speech. To organize listening to comprehension and discussing it. To improve skills of reading and oral speech. Look at the beauty of Earth The sky, wild life and green trees. The energy, water and warmth Save our planet for/to compose a sinkwein. the lesson interesting enriches energy remembering thrilled water necessary inspirated warmth effective taught wind pleasant save environment cosy, rich switch off planet cool, successful change lamps (bulbs) beautiful pure, happy enjoy thrilling clean /

Clicks & Mortar Keys to managing with success in Volatile Environments Presentation prepared for the New York University’s Stern School of Business by.

business leaders must master in order to succeed in the volatile Latin American environment. Key Success Factors Recruit and develop people with adequate competencies and the right/December in the US, Spain, Portugal and the main Latin American markets. Cost savings are estimated to be $120m a year Key Success Factors Teléfonos de M/increased, which is extremely low, seen from any international standard”. Vicente Fox - Speech “Mexico Challenges for the XXI Century" Mexico’s President 25 Latin American country/

PSY 369: Psycholinguistics

get reference Early osgood and bock paper Phonemic level Articulation From thought to speech Grammatical class constraint Slots and frames Message level Grammatical class constraint Most /” account of Levelt et al. Can the two-stage account be saved? Evidence for interaction is hard to reconcile with the Levelt account However/Self-determination Self-expression Co-presence: the participants share the same physical environment Visibility: the participants can see each other Audibility: the participants can /

University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart), Chair for International Economics, Department of Economics, Recycling the World‘s Savings 1.

International Economics, Department of Economics, belke@uni-hohenheim.de Recycling the World‘s Savings 50 Theories to fit the facts 3.1 Enter the savings glut hypothesis In a speech on 10 March 2005, Ben Bernanke, then FOMC Governor and now Chairman of/ downturn could be vicious and deep until conditions are restored that allow CA balances to be sustained again. In this environment, all but the safest assets would heavily lose in value, and the ageing population in industrial countries, now stripped of/

Working with Visuals Creating,Editing & Resaving Images (clip art, photos) –Practice Save this ppt for class exercise. Refer to class wiki –Tech Tips page.

Storytelling storyboarding screen~capture~Jing Copyright Educational~Fair~UseInteractive~PowerPoint animation Graphic~visual Online~Environments Distance~Learning collaborative Synchronous~asynchronous Second~Life Wikispaces Wordpress Blogger avatars Voki YouTube /Skills synonyms antonyms homonyms Parts~of~speech Tagxedo – creating word clouds in shapes. Refer to wiki, Tech Tips page. Adobe PhotoElements --advanced editing for images --resize camera images --crop images --Save for the web (reduces the/

Glencoe Digital Communication Tools Speech Recognition Tools Chapter Contents Lesson 6.1Lesson 6.1 Prepare to Use Speech Recognition (pg. 155) Lesson 6.2Lesson.

saving files, and printing  Edit and format text  Dictate numbers, symbols, and emoticons Glencoe Digital Communication Tools Speech Recognition Tools 6 6 pg. 155-159 6.1 Prepare to Use Speech Recognition Who Can Use Speech Recognition? Although everyone can use speech/collapse; someone in Anita’s position provides an environment where everyone in the organization can maintain a high level of efficient, quality service to clients Glencoe Digital Communication Tools Speech Recognition Tools 6 6 pg. 161-166 /

Future of Speech-to-text The Future is Happening Right Now…

solve a difficult problem Speaker independent –Robust to accent & dialect Mobile environment –Robust to ambient noise & line quality Street speak –Not tied to/Reliable, Accurate product Technology Solution Wait until some point in the future when Speech Recognition technology can provide perfect accuracy. Add a human element to the /Abandoned Calls - 48%  Confident they will get response Increased business performance 25% saving in staff cost 35% churn reduction  Fewer agents to handle peak calls  Customer/

Time-Domain Methods for Speech Processing 虞台文. Contents Introduction Time-Dependent Processing of Speech Short-Time Energy and Average Magnitude Short-Time.

Difference | ZnZn Lowpass Filter Distribution of Zero-Crossings Example Time-Domain Methods for Speech Processing Speech vs. Silence Discrimination Using Energy and Zero-Crossing Speech vs. Silence Discrimination Locating the beginning and end of a speech utterance in the environment with background of noise. Applications: – Segmentation of isolated word – Automatic speech recognition – Save bandwidth for speech transmission Examples: In some cases, we can locate the beginning and end/

PSY 369: Psycholinguistics Language Production: Experimentally elicited speech errors & Models of language production.

constructed Sound structure of each word is built From thought to speech Propositions to be communicated Message level Syntactic level Morphemic level Phonemic level/ you’ve got’ Flexibility: allows speaker to say something quickly, also respond to changing environment. Modularity: ‘Work only with what you’ve got’ Regulate flow of information. Models /of two lemmas? Evidence for interactivity Can the two-stage account be saved? Evidence for interaction is hard to reconcile with the Levelt account However,/

Unified Messaging Speech Recognition Voice Over IP Steve Flagg, Director of Technical Services.

Bundling Trials Multi-media PCs and Wireless Phones Competitive Business Environment Added Functionality Practical Applications Message Notification/Response Real Time Priority Connection Saving and Copying Documents Digital Trail of Information Desktop Faxing Personal/in conjunction with touch- tone. Accuracy is relatively high Text-to-speech is becoming more natural sounding Intensive implementation process Cost savings versus investment Many more improvements to come Voice Interfaces Best Situations /

EPortfolios in Speech and Language Sciences Creating a Managed Environment for Portfolio-based Reflective learning Anne Whitworth* Simon Cotterill+ Julie.

a Managed Environment for Portfolio-based Reflective learning Anne Whitworth* Simon Cotterill+ Julie Bradford* Tony McDonald+ *School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences +School of Medical Education Development a.b.whitworth@ncl.ac.uk Speech and /setting Flexibility for additional sections to be added e.g. IPE Integrated numerous existing paper systems – trees saved! Thoughts for the future… Facilitating more extensive student engagement with the ePortfolio - participation and learning styles -/

Tia Chung Stefan Schmidlin Michael Perez. Purpose of the System Voxboxe is: za personal speech-activated unified messaging system za natural interface.

speech/ to e-mail messages (via text-to-speech) zsend e-mail messages (via file attachment/ “Voice messages please” zhears message and saves it y“End of message…” – “Save” Usage Scenario 2 zfrom the main menu/hint (cont’d)… Technical problems: znumbers and addresses – speech is not everything! zrandom recognition at startup …but sometimes/short-term memory load Concluding Summary “Speech has a number of properties that /listen to speech. This is good for input, bad for retrieval.” - Bill Buxton: Speech, Language/

Deep Generative & Discriminative Models for Speech Recognition Li Deng Deep Learning Technology Center Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA Machine Learning.

and then to SWBD tasks – Motivated initially by saving huge MSFT investment in the speech decoder software infrastructure – CD-DNN-HMM also /speech recognition tasks,” ICLR, 2013. - Yan, Huo, Xu. “A scalable approach to using DNN-derived in GMM-HMM based acoustic modeling in LVCSR,” Interspeech, 2013. - Deng, Chen. “Sequence classification using high-level features extracted from deep neural networks,” ICASSP, 2014. Innovation: Transfer/Multitask Learning & Adaptation 30 Adaptation to speakers & environments/

Unit 2 The environment Reading. Lead-in What is the environment? * The air, water and land on Earth, which can be harmed by man’s activities ---Longman.

views first, followed by a d_________. You may agree with both of them on some points as each speaker’s speech is meant to c________ you. Keep in mind that you should not make a f____ decision before you have read or/ are more important than fish and trees. C. we should save the environment. D. economic development is bad for the environment. Reading for consolidation 4. According to Mr. Qian Liwei, those factories that pollute the environment should___________. A. have to pay slightly prices. B. even /

第六届外语风采 演讲 speech 比 赛 begin 英语风采演讲大赛 比赛环节 1. 命题演讲 Prepared Speech 2. 评委提问 Questions & Answers 3. 即兴演讲 Impromptu speech ________Is My Top Concern.

accurate pronunciation);Fluent language (linking, stress, intonation and rhythm). SKILLS: Confident and humorous;Maintained eye contact Effective Body language;Appropr iate figures of speech. 奖项设置 一等奖 2 名 二等奖 3 名 三等奖 6 名 优秀奖 12 名 比赛 人员 介绍: 一号选手: 外语系 09 英本 2 班 徐孝飞 No way is/ example, don’t use disposaple chopsticks and plastic bags, save every drop of water, take public transportation and so on. As far as I am concerned, just do it, we can steer environment to a more comfortable situation. Thank you! 比赛 人员 /

Agents Transacting in Open Environments Two phases: Locating appropriate agents –through different kinds of middle agents Performing the transaction –with.

put in this form are not speech acts (e.g. “I hereby solve this equation..”) Speech Act Theory (cont) Aspects of a speech act: –Locution, the physical utterance/ the contents of the communication are meaningful statements about the agent’s environment or knowledge. This assumption differentiates agent communication from other interaction mechanisms, /MAS interoperators should be scalable MAS interoperators should present increase in savings as new agents are added to the interoperating MAs MAS interoperators/

Save the Dates! Friday – June 12 th The Olswang Symposium Friday and Sat – July th Interprofessional Workshop on EI Saturday – August 8 or 15 Annual.

Save the Dates! Friday – June 12 th The Olswang Symposium Friday and Sat – July10 - 11th Interprofessional Workshop on EI Saturday – August 8 or 15 Annual “Summer Institute on Supervision” Critical Thinking: How Can We Make It Happen in a Clinical Rotation? April 7, 2015 University of Washington Seattle, WA Nancy Alarcon, MS, CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS University of Washington - Dept of Speech/ in closing the gap  Teacher – providing a learning environment  Role Model – emulating and demonstrating  Facilitator – /

Analyzing Famous Speeches as Arguments

– the desire to be a good citizen, good student, good parent, etc… Humanitarianism – secular appeal to help others, save the environment, help the helpless, etc. Pathos --emotional resonance (tone, significance) . Pathos refers to appeals that get us worked up--/ dissuade from certain action? To praise or blame? To teach, to delight, or to persuade? Analysis of Speech Color coded looking for examples of rhetorical devices and annotate for argumentative structure. Determine the purpose behind the rhetorical /

Persuasive Speech.

Speech Topic? Broad: Social problem – Abandoned newborn babies Informative: To inform my audience the reasons/causes for the increasing rate of newborn babies being abandoned. CI: lack of parental guidance, lack of spiritual guidance and peer influence. Persuasive: To persuade my audience that The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry should set up baby hatches nationwide. CI: Baby hatches save/ would lead to devastating effects on the environment. II. There are several factors responsible for/

AGENDA Review: The Speech to InformReview: The Speech to Inform Persuasive/Sales SpeechPersuasive/Sales Speech (Topics are due next week) Review assignmentReview.

need Applicable today? –Yes! REQUIRED Class Discussion: –In what types of contexts/environments does the skill of persuasion work best, or is most valuable? –What topics are persuasive by nature? The Speech to Inform Your primary goal or purpose when speaking to inform is to share knowledge/ Create persuasive thesis/preview statement. Main Street Construction National Insurance Co. Telecom Inc. YMCA Carmel Savings & Loan The HR Solution Pixel Wireless Communications The Atrium Health Spa END OF PRESENTATION

Xkl: A Tool For Speech Analysis Eric Truslow Adviser: Helen Hanson.

Outline Introduction to speech analysis – Production mechanism – Models of speech production Background about Xkl Design – Pitch Detection – Labeling – Portability Future Work Labeling Support for reading and saving TextGrid files,/Models of speech production Background about Xkl Design – Requirements – Alternatives – Final Design Future Work Deploy to users for feedback Finalize – Labeling – Pitch Contour Fix bugs and add small features Software Used  Eclipse – Integrated Development Environment.  Doxygen/

Speech and Music Retrieval LBSC 796/CMSC828o Session 12, April 19, 2004 Douglas W. Oard.

identification, speaker segmentation Language –Language, dialect, accent Other measurable parameters –Time, duration, channel, environment How Speech Recognition Works Three stages –What sounds were made? Convert from waveform to subword units (phonemes)/ dachau jewish kapo kindertransport ghetto life fort ontario refugee camp jewish partisan poland jew shanghai bulgaria save jew Title queries, adjudicated judgments, Inquery ASR % of Metadata Correcting Relevant Segments Title+Description+Narrative/

LYU0103 Speech Recognition Techniques for Digital Video Library Supervisor : Prof Michael R. Lyu Students: Gao Zheng Hong Lei Mo.

We decided to store these audio data in monotonic, 22 kHz wave format Microsoft DirectShow  Under Win32 environment, Microsoft DirectShow provides a convenient multimedia library  The basic building block of DirectShow is a software component /alignment)  Finally, use the correct words to train the engine Why Speech Segmentation  First, remove the silence part from speech, so that save storage  Second, facilitate speech interpretation by play media files sentence by sentence  Third, make it easier/

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