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mature capitalism. With the development of organised investment markets “certain classes of investment are governed by the average expectation of those who deal on the Stock Exchange at an immediate profit … rather than by the genuine expectations of the professional entrepreneur” 121 Roberto Marchionatti, ECONOMIC THEORY IN THE XXth CENTURY. PART I. ECONOMICS IN THE AGE OF UNCERTAINTY, 1919-1939 JOHN M. KEYNES (1883-1946) The economics of Keynes: The General Theory Book/

The Nature and Importance of Entrepreneurs

, (2) the organizing and reorganizing of social and economic mechanisms to turn resources and situations to practical account, (3) the acceptance of risk or failure. DEFINITION OF ENTREPRENEUR TODAY To an economist, who brings resources/Also called Gazelles Role of entrepreneurship in Economic Development It involves initiating and constituting change in the structure if business and society (i-e innovation). Innovation Developing new stimulating investment products (& services) interest in the new venture/

Unit 3: The Environment for Entrepreneurship

, standardization 3) What are the options available for engaging in international business? 4) How should one assess the decision to enter into an international market? Eg. Profits, market share, competition International Versus Domestic Entrepreneurship Economical Stage of Economic Development: Relate income of people, infrastructure, banking facilities Balance of Payment: difference between import and exports Type of system Political and Legal Environment Cultural Environment Technological Environment/

Economics Chapter 2 Economic Systems.

the development and characteristics of the world’s traditional, command, and market economies. 2.3 Capitalism and Economic Freedom Objectives: Explore the characteristics of a free enterprise system. Describe the role of the entrepreneur, the consumer, and government in a free enterprise economy. 2.3 Capitalism and Economic Freedom Five Characteristics of a Free Enterprise Economy Economic Freedom Voluntary Exchange Private Property Rights Profit Motive Competition  The Role of the Entrepreneur  The Role of/

"Minorities in Europe” Session 8: Russian minority in abroad. The case of the Baltic States Denis Gruber Faculty of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University.

öörmann and Helemäe (2003) stress that the ‚Russian business’ in Estonia started to develop first in the secondary sector, where the share of Russian-speaking entrepreneurs constituted almost 50 per cent of the starting business people in 1991 Gradually their business activities shifted more into the tertiary sector and the share of Russian-speaking entrepreneurs in it reached one third by 1995- a similar proportion with those employed there/

Country Reports for Current Situation & Analysis of Needs of SMEs on Strategy 1 Authors: Semih Ceyhan, Kadir Hızıroğlu, Mehmet Barca, Mahmut Hızıroğlu,

institutions according to this criteria. However, when it comes to SME strategy priority is set to competitiveness, development and economic growth. In last decades, government realized the importance of the SMEs in economic sustainable development and effective support for the development of SMEs in the development of applications, facilitating access to finance, technology and financing non-renewal of policies in areas determined to provide support. Thus, government wants to set a strategy for SMEs/

Concept of Entrepreneurship. Evolution of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is one of the four mainstream economic factors – land, labor, capital, and.

Aloysius Schumpeter (1934) - An entrepreneur is an innovator. Schumpeter considered economic development as discrete dynamic change. J.B.Says:- entrepreneur is the most important agent of production. Simply an entrepreneur is one who combine the land of one, the labour of another and the capital of yet another and thus produce a product. David Ricardo : He didn’t assign any important role to entrepreneurship for economic development of a country. Acc to him/

EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship A N Bhattacharya Professor & Chair, Marketing Leadership Program, School of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon

one. It appears, disappears and reappears. Only the imaginative skillful few will remain in the industry for ever. Role of entrepreneur Role of entrepreneur An innovator who combines technical innovations and financial finesses. Important role in producing competitive products, processes, and services. Generation of new employments. Local and regional economic development. Improved allocation of resources and transfer of technologies. Who is manager? A manager is someone whose primary activities are a part/

Urban Entrepreneurship Al Bogdan. Importance of Entrepreneurship Major industries or businesses are located in a specific area because their founders.

is located Characteristics of the Entrepreneur March to Own Drummer Needs to be In Charge Never Fail Every Failure is Only a Learning Experience Hard Working Social Creature Knows How to Listen Knows How to Network Focus on the Vision Urban Entrepreneurism By Michael E. Porter Past Models Have Failed Based on Meeting Needs of Individual Income Assistance Housing Subsidies Food Stamps Economic Development Based on Subsidies/

University Hyper-Local Innovation Ecosystems: How to Grow & Leverage Their Strategic Potential Mike Cohen Director, Innovation Ecosystem Development UC.

economic development Thriving tech cluster near the Campus & Lab can bolster the research & edu missions History of innovation drain & squandered opportunities Dearth of office space conducive to startups & emerging growth corps Underdeveloped network of tech vets, early stage investors, & serial entrepreneurs/ Innovation Ecosystems (Hy-LIE)  Definition & segmentation  Strategic value to university  Role of accelerators in localization 5.Hy-LIE 10 Best Practices & 5 Predictions 6.Town-Gown Case Study: Berkeley/

Innovative and growth-oriented risk-takers? The entrepreneurial identity and role-expectations of finnish farmers Hannu T. Vesala.

and entrepreneur identity combined, 2006 data, number and percentage of respondents. (Vesala & Vesala, 2009) Identity Theory (IT) Developed by Burke/role of an entrepreneur? -How must one act, in order to be an entrepreneur? Defining entrpreneurship Entrepreneurship: no single definition Schools in research on entrepreneurship (Cunningham & Licheron, 1991): great person school, psychological characteristics school, classic school, management school, leadership school and intrapreneur school. Economical/

TSE Entre – Leading Entrepreneurship Research Seminar 4.2.2010 Entrepreneurship as a Work Prospect for Unemployed Tallinn University of Technology Entrepreneurship,

and roles Betrayal Sabbatical Trigger Need to analyse entrepreneurship as a process embedded in the historical, social and contextual environments in which the decision is taken By categorizing entrepreneurship as a career phase and analyzing the decision in the light of the personal career history and/or career ambitions helpful in terms of theory development within entrepreneurship research Conclusions & After thought For some (or even many?), becoming an entrepreneur/

Why Entrepreneurship: Economic Development & Entrepreneurship 9818 99 8787.

the product for an uncertain price.  Joseph Schumpeter - an innovator playing the role of a dynamic businessman adding material growth to economic development  Timmons - Entrepreneurship is the process of creating or seizing an opportunity and pursuing it regardless of the resources currently controlled What is Entrepreneurship?  Common Themes in Definitions of Entrepreneurship  The role of the entrepreneur  Innovation  Organization creation  Creating value  Profit or Not-for-Profit  Growth/

Why Economists Disagree: The Austrians Professor Steve Keen Head of Economics, History & Politics Kingston University London IDEAeconomics Minsky Open.

to predict the consequences of discontinuous changes in the traditional way of doing things; it can neither explain the occurrence of such productive revolutions nor the phenomena which accompany them. It can only investigate the new equilibrium position after the changes have occurred.” (62-63) Disequilibrium & the Entrepreneur Schumpeter builds model of economic development that –Uses neoclassical model as a description of equilibrium –Adds process of qualitative change –Explains profit/


THE ROLE OF GENDER IN THE PERFORMANCE OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES IN KILIBWONI DIVISION,NANDI COUNTY Background information The role of women in economic development cannot be understated. Jiggins (1989) notes that about 30% of rural households in the world are headed by women, and that women contribute about 80% of agricultural labor, produce almost 60% of the food that is consumed by rural households and generate more than one third of all households’ incomes/

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at any time to exit the presentation. 4 Chapter Introduction 1 Economics and You The study of economics will help you become a better decision maker–it helps you develop a way of thinking about how to make the best choices for you. Click/ on page 11 of your textbook. Learn why Democracy in America is still relevant today. The Role of the Entrepreneur This feature is found on page 11 of your textbook. Click the Speaker button to listen to an audio introduction. The Role of the Entrepreneur BW Newsclip 2 /

1. Unit III: The Individual, The Government, and Mix Markets Key Understandings: 1.Both economic relation and political relation represent cooperation.

your logic 44 Freedom of Enterprise and choice: Entrepreneurs transform innovations into new economic goods and/or growth. Sometimes entrepreneurs develop their own ideas but often they will finance the ideas of others or improve upon existing ideas. Additionally, entrepreneurship can also refer to those who create new methods of production that reduce cost, increase efficiency, and lower prices. In short, entrepreneurs change entire industries. Entrepreneurs perceive opportunities and fulfill/

Chapter 2.3 Capitalism and Economic Freedom Objective: To explore the characteristics of a free enterprise system Objective: To explore the characteristics.

Economic Freedom Objective: To explore the characteristics of a free enterprise system Objective: To explore the characteristics of a free enterprise system Describe the role of the entrepreneur, the consumer and government in a free enterprise economy Describe the role of the entrepreneur, the consumer and government in a free enterprise economy Introduction A market economy is normally based on system of capitalism, where private citizens, many of whom are entrepreneurs, own the factors of/

Austrian Economics in Transition Harald Hagemann University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart Università degli studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale March 4,

financing of innovational activities and thus development in competitive capitalism. Moreover, “the credit system is no very active factor in the mechanism of cycles. It adapts itself to the demand which comes from entrepreneurs and submits to contraction by their repayment of loans. In both cases its role is rather a passive one” (Schumpeter 1931, p. 17).  idea of endogeneity March 4, 2016 2. b.) Schumpeter‘s ‘Triad’ Austrian Economics in Transition/

H.M. Bwisa (2006)1 SCHOOL FOR HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (SHRD) Department of Entrepreneurship and Procurement HR 3112: TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION BY Prof.

INNOVATION CREATES ENTREPRENEURIAL FIRMS 6/7/2016 Bwisa’s characteristics of entrepreneurs? H.M. Bwisa (2006)426/7/2016 H/of the informal economy Average size of the informal economy, in % of official GDP Source: Schneider, Friedrich. 2005. "Size and Measurement of the Informal Economy in 100 Countries around the world. " Working Paper. 2005-13. Center for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts, Johannes Kepler University of Linz. Informality is a matter of degree In developing countries, the size of/

SCHOOL FOR HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (SHRD) Department of Entrepreneurship and Procurement HEE 2101 PHILOSOPHY OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP Prof. Henry M. Bwisa.

. There is an entrepreneurship joke that economists are very dangerous people armed with an invisible hand given to them by Adam Smith. 6/10/201672Henry M. Bwisa NEOCLASSICAL ECONOMISTS Neoclassical economic thought is more explicit about the role of an entrepreneur in economic development and can be categorized in three general schools: the Chicago, Schumpeterian and Austrian schools. The Chicago school represented by Frank Knight focuses on the/

Chapter 1 What is Economics. Objectives 1)Explain why scarcity and choice are basic problems of economics. 2)Indentify Land, Labor, and Capital as the.

in research and development Society makes a choice to produce guns or butter…… a country can not provide programs and fight a war Opportunity Cost The most desirable alternative given up as the result of a decision. Thinking at the Margin Instead of/ of economics. 2)Indentify Land, Labor, and Capital as the three factors of production, and identify the two types of capital. 3)Explain the role of the entrepreneur. 4)Explain why economists say all resources are scarce. Objectives Explain the concept of /

TEKS 8C: Calculate percent composition and empirical and molecular formulas. Standard USHC 4: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the industrial.

goods and the rising standard of living, the role of entrepreneurs, the rise of business through monopoly and the influence of business ideologies TEKS 8C: Calculate percent composition and empirical and molecular formulas. Capitalism has played a central role in the development of the U.S. economy since the first settlers landed Capitalism is: an economic system characterized by private ownership of property and the use of that property to make a profit/

John Aderibigbe +2348033746076 john@dutconsulting.com Entrepreneurship Development: Challenges and Prospects for Nigeria’s Emerging Economy John Aderibigbe.

beyond the absorptive capacity of the economy (Central Bank of Nigeria, 2003). These developments have eventually worsened the unemployment situation in the country. Role Entrepreneurs in Solving Poverty and Unemployment The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, a research program aimed at assessing the national level of entrepreneurial activity in selected countries, conducted an entrepreneurship and economic growth study on 48 countries in 2008. According to the study, the economic growth of a country is/

Economics CRCT Review.

Arabia has made owning and operating a business very easy compared to the world average. What impact does this have on the role of entrepreneurs in both countries? Entrepreneurs are not affected by government regulations. It will limit efforts of entrepreneurs in both Iran and Saudi Arabia. Entrepreneurs will be able to make significant contributions to Saudi Arabia’s economy but not to Iran’s economy. Both Iran and/

January 2, 2008; revised February 15

investment in R&D produced 50%+ of U.S. economic growth. Increased SI economic growth requires innovation Source: The Alliance for Science and Technology Research in America, 2007 The Role of Small and Large Businesses in Economic Development, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas /investors in the region, but no formal network Rate of Business Startups ? Region lacks a system to track or measure the quantity of business startups Partnerships and Community Outreach Entrepreneurs in the region are unaware of /

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Neglected engines for local re-generation in the Alpine Arc? Session #6, Polo, 09:00-10:30 alpweek2012, 06.09.12 D.

towards protection Finally, if we consider the role of entrepeneurs and SMEs in peripheral regions, we have to adopt a comprehensive perspective that incorporates not only economic, but also social and environmental considerations! 19 Discussion questions In what ways do local economic actors such as entrepreneurs/SME owners impact local society and vice versa? In what ways do local economic actors such as entrepreneurs/SME owners use local resources and/

The Financial System: Opportunities and Dangers Chapter 20 of Macroeconomics, 8 th edition, by N. Gregory MankiwMacroeconomics ECO62ECO62 Udayan RoyUdayan.

economic growth Case Study: Microfinance In poor countries, financial markets are undeveloped, primarily because of asymmetric information problems and weak or nonexistent government efforts to deal with asymmetric information In 1976, Muhammad Yunus, and economics professor in Bangladesh, started Grameen Bank to remedy the situation Case Study: Microfinance The Bank was successful in enabling entrepreneurs/ in Asset-price booms and busts In the Great Recession of 2008-09, a speculative bubble developed in /

Attraction Strategies: Recruiting the Right Things Jerry Hembd Associate Professor & Director Northern Center for Community and Economic Development University.

Entrepreneurs are a key in the development of the creative economy Develop leadership – The seeds for developing creative assets often come from the vision of either a single person or group of people. Continued leadership is necessary to ensure that initiatives maintain momentum Resources – Leverage grants, angel investment networks, and federal funds Time - Just like any economic development/Expand role of artists through business development support Expand role of artists through business development /


recommend SSIs for financial assistance from banks. To enlist entrepreneurs for participation in Government stores purchase Programme. Conduct economic and technical surveys and prepare techno – economic reports for selected areas and industries. Identify the potential for ancillary development through sub – contract exchanges. Organize seminars, workshops and industry clinics for the benefit of entrepreneurs. Proces Cum Product Development Centres (PPDCs) Six PPDCS established across the country provides/

Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth A Review of Current Findings and Implications.

Entrepreneurial Framework Conditions – Entrepreneurial Opportunity – Entrepreneurial Capacity – Social Legitimacy – Finance – Information Technology Demographic * GEM 2000 Economic Order Government Presence – Tax revenue as a % of GDP is lowest in “High” group – Role of the state in the overall economy is less in countries with “High” levels of entrepreneurs Employment – High cost of employment, rigid labor markets are deterrents to new, growing firms Education – Strong link between post-secondary education/

Business Ethics: A New Style of Management and Investment

success. Purveyor: 伙食承包人,供應者 Committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our business. Understanding of environmental issues and sharing information with our partners. Developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about / microfinance through Comilla Co-operatives in 1960. Principles Tool for socio-economic development with emphasis on Building Capacity of Micro Entrepreneur, Employment Generation, Trust Building and Help to Micro Entrepreneur on initiation and during difficult /

Section 1-4 Producing Goods and Services Economic output includes goods, or tangible products, and services–work performed for someone else.  Four factors.

, they could lose part or all of their investment. The chance of loss is the risk investors take in hopes of earning a profit. Features of Capitalism (cont.) (pages 434–436) Section 3-14 The Spread of Capitalism Capitalism developed gradually over hundreds of years.  Two concepts underlie the market system: people can work for economic gain and government should have a very limited role in the economy. Click the mouse/

An Agency of the Department of Economic Development – Government of Dubai STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL: WHAT KINDS OF SMES DO BEST IN THE MARKET? - THE FIRST.

YEC Incubation, Idea Lab, Entrepreneur Capability Development, YEC An Agency of the Department of Economic Development – Government of Dubai Our Roles: Dubai SME develops/enables the:  Entrepreneur as a person (domain knowledge, selling skills, business financial literacy, decision making, intelligent risk taking, business planning, forecasts, how to use different business tools, diagnostics, etc)  Their business (commercial, corporate, organisation) – guidance & advisories in execution from legal set-up/

Getting Business Finance

economic development path From “Bigger” to “Better” Dubai’s current situation in key sectors, e.g. Real estate Decreasing returns for each additional unit of labor and capital Increasing macroeconomic challenges (demographics, environment, infrastructure) → Rising cost of growth Arabic Reaching optimal scale Reaching minimum scale Inputs (Labor and capital) 2 Vision, Mission, Roles & Core Initiatives Dubai SME 100, Gov. Proc. Prog., YBL Incubation, Idea Lab, Entrepreneur Capability Development/

PIER ANGELO MARIA TONINELLI Growth and entrepreneurship in Italy: a regional approach El empresariado español en el contexto regional Alcalà, 5-9 July.

or institutional failure probably referable to the role of conditioning variables, such as low levels of social capital or institutional failure Indeed during the 1973–98 years the south’s rate of growth was approximately on the average of western Europe; but its product per capita was just two-thirds Some basic facts of regional development (2) Workforce in agriculture (%)Workforce in industry (%) 19111951197120011911195119712001 Piedmont 55.4 34.813/

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UTD Leveraging the power of ideas and technology to create new ventures and add economic, social and.

customers and build relationships Develop limited organizational capabilities Develop limited organizational capabilities Leader’s Role Leader’s Role Doer/Decision-maker Doer/Decision-maker Clearly in charge; making all of the Clearly in charge; making all of thedecisions Rest of the organization reports Rest of the organization reports to one leader TIME SALES 9 Key Questions: Is it Right for You? Amar Bhide argues that, for entrepreneurs, setting a direction involves/

Institutions and Entrepreneurship in Transition Saul Estrin, London School of Economics 1 Slides for presentation at AISSEC conference, Perugia, June 2009.

of failure is much higher in TE 7 and some countries have more entrepreneurs than other... 8 Source: GEM 2007 There is less entrepreneurial entry in TE 8 Literature May 29th 2009 9 General Institutional Theory – North (1990, 1997) Role of entrepreneurs/ relies on more developed formal financial sector 17 For high-powered entrepreneurship that generates growth and change, formal institutions matter more: complex forms of economic activity require complex contracts, and those in turn are conditional on/

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.. Right? Beliefs about entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs are INDEPENDENT Entrepreneurs are INDEPENDENT Entrepreneurs.

Motivation Growth Growth Stages of development Stages of development Area Area Gender and age Gender and age Classification of entrepreneurs Clarence Danhof –on the basis of economic development. Clarence Danhof –on the basis of economic development. Innovating entrepreneurs Innovating entrepreneurs Adoptive/Imitative entrepreneurs Adoptive/Imitative entrepreneurs Fabian entrepreneurs Fabian entrepreneurs Drone entrepreneurs Drone entrepreneurs Role and importance of entrepreneur Entrepreneur is the cause/

Entrepreneurship. Concept of entrepreneurship Richard Canilton conceived of an entrepreneur as a ‘bearer of risk and uncertainty. This definition explains.

, perceptive. Importance of Entrepreneurship The entrepreneur is an innovator. The entrepreneur stands at the centre of the whole process of economic development. Entrepreneur is an agent of progress in the society. Kinds of entrepreneurs  Innovating Entrepreneurs  Imitating Entrepreneurs  Fabian Entrepreneurs  Drone Entrepreneurs Role and Functions of an Entrepreneur Innovation Bearer of Risks and Uncertainty Promoter Supplier of Capital Management Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur Wide knowledge/

(To What Extent) Should I , As A Citizen, Respond to Globalization?

around the world. Each team’s job is to develop a display that will communicate the history, culture, geography, and economic conditions in the region. More importantly, each display should communicate how geographic and social conditions in a particular region affect the lives of Kiva entrepreneurs. Be sure you include the title of your region! Day 5-7 Kiva in the World Procedure 3. Upon completion, each group/

By Itay Goldstein and Assaf Razin.  The last few years have been characterized by great turmoil in the world’s financial markets  These events exhibit.

which very small changes can lead to a market freeze. 117  Two prominent views about financial markets have been established in the history of economic thought: 1.The view promoted by Hayek (1945) is that financial markets aggregate information and thus track fundamental developments in the economy. 2.The view promoted by Keynes (1936) is that financial markets are like a beauty contest, where participants/

Grow Local Entrepreneurs with Economic Gardening 1 Michael Stumpf Place Dynamics Joshua Clements UW-Extension 2011 Wisconsin Conference on Downtown Revitalization.

and knowledge resources for a culture of entrepreneurship- for both new and ‘serial’ entrepreneurs. Provide Support for Second-Stage Businesses, where Entrepreneurial Ventures Typically fail Aid Entrepreneurs begin new ventures through technical support Aid Entrepreneurs/Owners in making transition from start-up to second stage Partner new ventures with older existing firms to develop local supply chain (ideas, expertise, and product) Economic Gardening Tools 5 “Traditional” Community/

1. Unit III: The Individual, The Government, and Mix Markets Key Understandings: 1.Both economic relation and political relation represent cooperation.

lunch.” 16 System of Limited Government Private Property Freedom of Enterprise and Choice Motive of Self Interest System of Markets and Prices Competition Free Market Principles Government Economic Roles Mixed markets attempt to/in many cases supply additional goods doesn’t add to cost Rationed by congestive pricing What type of goods are roads? Explain your logic 44 Freedom of Enterprise and choice: Entrepreneurs transform innovations into new economic goods and/or growth. Sometimes entrepreneurs develop/

Page 1 Abstract. Our field research is increasingly clear – communities in Rural America with energized entrepreneurs typically have successful entrepreneurial.

we can fully understand and appreciate the role of entrepreneurial support organizations. Measuring the impacts of these ESOs, both quantitatively and qualitatively, is the next step toward a better understanding of their role in entrepreneurship development. Emerging evidence from our field experience strongly suggests that ESOs are critically important to stimulating entrepreneurship, building supportive entrepreneurial environments and helping entrepreneurs succeed in rural areas. If you have information/

Adding Economic Justice to a Social Justice Teaching Agenda: The Role of Clinics Representing Non-Profits, Microenterprises and Social Enterprises Barbara.

Law and Social Work, 33 U. Arkansas L R 377 (2011) (with Dr. Shirley J. Jones). Supporting Urban Entrepreneurs: Perspectives on Small Business Development - Law, Policy & the Role of Lawyers, 30 Western New England L.R. 71 (2008). Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy: An Economic Justice Imperative - Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Speech, 2004-2005, Seventh Annual Public Interest Law Speakers Series, Access/

CONTENTS I. Foreword II. Experience of Taiwan’s Economic Development

of Economic Affairs Taiwan November 27, 2007 CONTENTS I. Foreword II. Experience of Taiwan’s Economic Development III. Government Policies IV. Role of SMEs in 2006 V. Policy Formulation for Fostering SMEs VI. Key Measures for SMEs Development /of Innovation and Entrepreneur 4-1 Incubation Services (1) Purpose A. Help SMEs Access Resources of Innovation and Entrepreneur B. Enhance SMEs Ability in R&D and Start-up New Business C. Facilitate More Competitive SMEs and Promote Economic Development (2) Goals of/

State Programs to Promote the Growth of Innovative Firms in the United States Charles Ou, Ph.D. Office of Economic Research U.S. Small Business Administration.

factors will affect the costs of production by affecting the demand and supply of in the product and the resource markets, and thus affecting the development and the growth of new products and new businesses. Role of entrepreneurs in the development of new products Different types of entrepreneurs — Schumpetarian (or innovative) entrepreneurs versus life-style self- employment Catalyst: organizing economic resources to produce new products for the markets Creator of production capacity: forming a business/

G.V. Montgomery National Center for the Study of Veterans’ Education Policy Mississippi Entrepreneurial Alliance Leadership and Education Programs Commission.

of the state; Have as a part of their mission economic & community development; Are deeply involved in economic development efforts; Have a highly successful track record in economic development activities; Are headed by leaders who know that economic development increases the tax base, thus helping the college as well as the county, state, and people Advancing CJC’s Economic Development Missions No Involvement Reactive Proactive WFDC Advanced Technology SBDC/MEA Capacity Building Role of CJC Entrepreneur/

7th Annual National Value-Added Ag Conference Indianapolis, Indiana June 16-17, 2005 The Role of Practitioners – Influencing the Entrepreneurial Culture.

working group (broad representation from community) to complete survey Discuss specific responses to identify strengths and weaknesses in community’s support of entrepreneurs Assessment What are your assets for supporting entrepreneurs? – Think more broadly than traditional economic development assets; include entrepreneurs, quality of life, Internet access, etc. Who are your entrepreneurs? – Understanding your entrepreneurial talent Tools Tool #3: Asset Mapping Worksheets Organize a facilitated focus group/

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