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Better Roads. Better World. Green, Accessible, Intelligent Transport (GAIT) -2015 Dr. Hediye Tüydeş Yaman Assoc.Prof. Middle East Technical University.

result of a malfunction between the key elements 3 Better Roads. Better World. Green, Accessible, Intelligent Transport (GAIT) -2015 1.Road/Traffic Safety- WHO Road Safety Report World Health Organization  2009 Global status report  Public Health Issue!  Recommendations: 4 Better Roads. Better World. Green, Accessible, Intelligent Transport (GAIT) -2015 1.Road/Traffic Safety -- Speed Road/Traffic safety and speed  vehicle + driver + road + climate +... Speeding  traveling too fast for conditions or in/

Implementation of the regional road safety Action Plan for the Neighbourhood East and Central Asia – TRACECA Road Safety II EuropeAid/133698/C/SER/Multi.

, 43% reduction in 5yrs Australia 3 Minister* Task 49% reduction in 4 years Force (Victoria State) Malaysia under PM’s Office some improvement (incl. cabinet committee) Innovative funding mechanisms for road safety Road Funds Levy on compulsory Third party Insurance Levies on other payments eg veh inspection / driver licences, etc Development banks and donors ( SDGs TV game show to generate funds for NGOs/

Australasian Road Safety Conference 2015 Dr Barry Watson Global road safety: Challenges for the future and learnings from Australasia.

Source: BITRE, 2013 17 th Maintaining the drive for innovation:  Setting targets for serious injury reduction  Better engaging civil society in advocacy efforts  Better addressing the needs of vulnerable road users Embedding road safety within a broader perspective of ‘safe mobility’ Leveraging more funding from the private sector Continuing to evolve ‘Safe system’ thinking Global lessons for Australasia The Safe System Within a/



BE A DRIVING FORCE FOR SAFETY. Driver Improvement Training Program Driver Improvement Training Advance the program to the next page by clicking your mouse.

Divert your eyes. When you meet high beams head on, dont stare into them. Look to the right edge of the road. Safety experts recommend that you not flick your high beams to warn the other driver, although this is common practice. Never, /. All I can say is please be safe, and DONT DRINK AND DRIVE! Be a driving force for safety. Commercial Vehicle Awareness Sharing the Road with Trucks A recent survey examined crashes involving passenger vehicles (including cars, pickups, minivans and SUVs) and commercial/

Road Safety Action Plan Road Accident Prevention road safety for children, road safety tips, road safety week, road safety essay,road safety videos, road.

Road Safety Action Plan Road Accident Prevention road safety for children, road safety tips, road safety week, road safety essay,road safety videos, road safety measures, road safety rules, road safety campaign, road accident statistics causes of road accident road accident pictures road accident video, causes of road accidents road safety Road Accident Statistics More than 1.2 million people are killed in Road Accidents, worldwide, every year. 3 to 4 % of Gross National Product Is lost in Road Accidents. /

ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE SAFETY MANAGEMENT DIRECTIVE (RISM) Harry Cullen SPM Road Safety, National Roads Authority, Ireland Chairman of CEDR Technical Group.

report provided by consultants or regional road offices. EU Road Infrastructure Safety Management Directive – April 2012 Art 6, Road Safety Inspections Article 6 – Health and Safety at Road Works This Directive means that Road Safety and Health & Safety at road works are coming closer together EU Road Infrastructure Safety Management Directive – April 2012 Art 6, Road Safety Inspections Article 6 – Health and Safety at Road Works –notification of road works schemes –inspection regime –statutory undertakers/

Road Safety Impact Assessment NRA RSA 17-04-2012 KERRY COUNTY COUNCIL KERRY NATIONAL ROAD DESIGN OFFICE The Island Centre, Castleisland, Co. Kerry.

ála, or submitting an application for consent for the infrastructure project under the Planning & Dev Act 2000 Road Safety Impact Assessment NRA RSA 17-04-2012 European Communities (Road Safety Infrastructure Management) Regulations 2011 Road Safety Impact Assessments (3) Any road safety impact assessment being carried out shall— (a) indicate the road safety considerations which contribute to the choice of the proposed solution, and (b) provide all relevant information necessary/

National Road Safety Strategy The Structure for Delivery of the Strategic Vision Chris Turnock QFSM, MA, MCGI, FIFireE, MInstLM Deputy Chief Fire Officer.

CFOA roles and work Bring together UKRO and CFOA roles and work Promote & deliver national road safety conference Promote & deliver national road safety conference National Road Safety Strategy National Road Safety Strategy Vision Contribute to a multi agency approach to reducing the numbers of people killed or seriously injured on the roads National Road Safety Strategy Mission Assist the Fire and Rescue Service to engage in a multi agency approach to/

ROAD SAFETY Road Safety tips for Parents, Teachers and Children By

safety ADTSEA road safety foundation road safety organisation national road safety nhtsa national safety american highway indian highway auto safety automobile safety helmet india indian government slideshare powerpoint presentation road mishap distance between road accident prevention tips road safety accident control child children american highway safety indian road safety taffic safety parenting aashto nchrp nhtsa school safety general safety aaa traffic safety ADTSEA road safety foundation road safety/

Road Safety Audit ~ Work Shop Materials ~ 30 th October 2012 Venue at VEC Hanoi Office NK-NE-Chodai-TEC (IDA Credit No. 3843-VN) Consulting Services for.

the drivers immediately and comprehensibly. (Variable message sign board) (Highway-radio) (Time required) Japanese road safety practice 9 DQEDP -WS 30th Oct. 2012 Traffic Information at home Using Internet, highway telephone, /construction members and operation members. - Both side’s aspects discussed for road safety - These discussion and exchange information will lead to road safety and accumulate road safety knowledge. Road safety conscious is necessary at construction stage as well. 4.Recommendation for /


– some context  The ACT is a small City-State, and is unusual in having both “state” and “local government” functions.  We also have good links with national road safety processes through representation on national road safety committees.  Road safety needs to be addressed at national, state and local levels. Scale of the ACT  The ACT is a small Territory of 2,350 sq km Australia is/

The Road Safety Initiatives in Kerala - Lessons Learnt Presented by: SONY THOMAS Consultant World Bank Group.

by the Govt. of Kerala, which provided for the constitution of the Kerala Road Safety Authority. ‘The Kerala Road Safety Authority Act-2007’ provides a legal framework for the Kerala Road Safety Authority (KRSA) and constituting a dedicated ‘Road Safety Fund’ for the road safety activities in the State. KRSA – Functions… Advise Government on Road Safety policies, prescribe & enforce Road Safety standards and procedures Formulate and implement schemes, projects and programs Coordinate functions of/

By the European Transport Safety Council in partnership with 3M Europe and Toyota The Roads to Respect A European Campaign for Better Road Safty Engineering.

by advancements in infrastructure standards. Infrastructure safety: EU Directive In order to increase safety of road infrastructures, the Commission has introduced a comprehensive system of road infrastructure safety management through a directive focussing on the following four procedures: Road safety impact assessments Road safety audits Network safety management Safety inspections Infrastructure safety: EU Directive Road safety impact assessment Road safety impact assessment (conducted before the/

By the European Transport Safety Council in partnership with 3M Europe and Toyota The Roads to Respect A European programme for Better Road Safety Engineering.

has been working with ETSC since 2004 and is delighted to support this R2R Programme Toyota and road safety 3M Europe and road safety 3M is a manufacturer of road safety equipment 3M is a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter 3M works in partnership with a number of stakeholders to promote road safety 3M has worked with ETSC since 2004 and is delighted to support the R2R programme/

Vehicle Safety Policy - Swedish Transport Administration Anders Lie Specialist, Traffic Safety Division.

the responsibility to check and support) All Vehicles Controlled by the Government Decree (2009:1) Environmental and Road safety (Developments because of new Euro NCAP system 2009 / minimum intervention) 31,5 points Occupant protection Euro/ Kingdom Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic France Israel Netherlands Singapore ISO/TC 22, Road Vehicles ISO/TC 211, Geographic information/Geomatics Global Road Safety Forum (GRSF) Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) World Health Organization (WHO) World Bank (WB) The/

Introduction to the Global Youth NGO for Road Safety April 2009.

. A lack of one strong voice to advocate on the behalf of youth and road safety. A lack of resources for youth road safety programmes. A lack of a next generation of leaders who are passionate about road safety and involved in decision making within the road safety field. A lack of capacity building. Road safety knowledge and best practices from youth initiatives are not shared in a broader network/

The influence of road solutions on road safety: new tools to design safer roads Francesca La Torre – UNIFI Safe road infrastructure: from concept to realizationSafe.

evaluation tools are available and are under development to assist the designer in choosing the most cost-effective solutions; The influence of road solutions on road safety: new tools to design safer roads Francesca La Torre – UNIFI Safe road infrastructure: from concept to realizationSafe road infrastructure: from concept to realization Wrocław, December 4-6, 2012 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENTATIONS We need to change designers attitude: designing/

WORK ZONE Safety Training

travel way Risk Management Team Legal Consrtuction Enforcement Risk Management Engineers Education Safety Maintenance The Best Defense is a Good Road How to do it right? Train employees Anticipate Problems Audit technical documents Adequate interpretation of specifications MUTCD Construction Codes Standard Drawings AASHTO Roadside Design Guide Road Safety Audit Plan to provide safety for Motorists, Workers and Pedestrians COMMENTS SUGGESTIONS QUESTIONS That is the goal/

38 th APEC Transportation Working Group Meeting July 2013 Rob Klein, ADB Consultant for TA8075-REG: Improving Road Safety in the Association of Southeast.

G: Mobilize international organizations as partners for road safety in Asia and the Pacific Action Plan Targets Regional road safety TAs Policy and advisory, and capacity development road safety TAs Stand-alone road safety investment projects Partnerships/cofinancing for stand-alone road safety projects Inclusion of road safety components in all new road investment projects Increased scale of road safety components ADB/ASEAN Road Safety Background 2003-2006: ADB TA for Road Safety in ASEAN 2009-present: ADB/

Road safety and road user behaviour Focusing on human factors to improve road safety May 14th 2012, Malaysia.

not simple! require taking human factors into account require a proactive approach require combined efforts Dr. Maura HoutenbosRoad safety and road user behaviour26 More information: www.swov.nlwww.swov.nl Factsheets –Up to date information on road safety topics Publications –Reports on SWOV road safety research Library –Netherlands’ largest road safety research catalog Newsletter –Subscribe online (or leave me your business card) Contact: maura.houtenbos@swov.nlmaura.houtenbos/

Road Safety in Asia Pacific Region

October 2014 Road Safety in Asia Pacific Region Intro – Road Safety UNESCAP Transport Division Content What is the presentation about? Road Safety: Global and Regional status Road Safety in Urban Area and vulnerable Road Users VRU situation Improvement measures Road Safety Situation Global /Republic, Sri Lanka Regional expert group meetings in Bangkok in 2010 and 2011 Endorsed a set of regional road safety goals, targets and indicators in line with the Decade of Action and Global Plan and discussed issues /

1 Intersection Safety Hossein Naraghi CE 590 Special Topics Safety March 2003 Time Spent: 13 hrs.

visual cue of the location of the intersecting traffic flows Providing refuges for pedestrians Allow them to cross the road in stages Safety problems can occur if: The merging angle is too sharp The roundabout is of unusual shape 21 Roundabouts / Under right circumstances, traffic signal installation will reduce the number and severity of crashes It is not clear whether road safety benefits will result if the site has fewer than 3 casualty crashes per year prior to signalization 30 Traffic Signals/


practice United Nations road safety conventions  Develop a national road safety strategy  Set realistic and long-term targets  Develop data systems Road safety management Safer roads and mobility Safer vehicles Safer road users Post –crash response 15 S AFER ROADS AND MOBILITY  Improve safety-conscious planning, design, construction and operation of roads  Assess regularly safety of roads  Explore various forms of transport and safe infrastructure Road safety management Safer roads and mobility Safer/

Road Safety Initiatives in Nepal Milan Dharel Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal.

by WHO-World Bank 2004: World Health Day for Road Safety Launched UN Road Safety Collaboration Established 2005 : World Banks’ Global Road Safety Funding Mechanism established 2006: First Make Road Safe Report by Lord Robertsons’ Commission for Global Road Safety 2007: -First UN Global Road Safety Launched. Russian Federation Offers to host Ministerial Conference Global Road Safety Initiatives 2008 :- Michelle Yeoh supports Make Road Safe Campaign as Global Ambassador 2009 :- Multilateral Development Banks/

Road Traffic Accidents

Cars and trucks Motorized two-wheelers Pedestrians and cyclists Road-related factors Inattention to safety in planning new road networks Inattention to safety in designing roads Safety defects in existing roads Lack of remedial action at high-risk crash sites Vehicle/alcohol offenders Interventions for high-risk offenders Medicinal and recreational drugs Setting and securing compliance with key road safety rules Drivers’ hours of work in commercial and public transport Cameras at traffic lights Setting and /

The 3 Es and Road Safety Policy Developing a road safety audit

The 3 Es and Road Safety Policy Developing a road safety audit Traffic management and the Environmentt The 3 Es and Road Safety Policy Developing a road safety audit Dr Charles Musselwhite Content Reason for accidents Road environment Skill Attitudes Interventions for improving road user safety Education Enforcement Engineering Policy and Strategies for road user safety UK policy Vision Zero Road safety audit Road casualty causation Skill Experience and development Training Attitude Norms and peer pressure /

Road Safety Council of Northern Ireland Barry Griffin – Executive Officer.

Statistics, the Committee formulate a Strategic Plan, to address the key collision causation factors. KEY ISSUES: Promotion & Encouragement of Road Safety Promotion & Encouragement of Road Safety Road Safety Education Road Safety Education Engineering Issues Engineering Issues Enforcement Issues Enforcement Issues We work in local communities addressing local issues regarding road safety WHEN? All year round…… With a combination of local heats and the province-wide finals, events and activities occur/

Fire Safety of Road Vehicles Status and Trends Fire safety road vehicles Japan, September 2014 Presentation given at Tokyo September 2014.

-racks, heating and ventilation pipes materials Test result satisfactory if average value of CFE* > 20 kW/m 2 Fire safety road vehicles Japan, September 2014 Amendment of Regulation No. 118 Proposal Norway and Sweden from the SP study Smoke generation and /configuration Test result satisfactory, if average value of CHF > 4.5 kW/m 2 (CHF = critical heat flux) Fire safety road vehicles Japan, September 2014 Amendment of Regulation No. 118 Proposal Norway and Sweden from the SP study Test to determine the/

Integrating Safety into Tribal Transportation Planning Supported by: FHWA and the Transportation Safety Planning Working Group June 10, 2009.

Citation data and court disposition records Data sharing among agencies 35 Overcoming Data Deficiencies Public input Law enforcement Hazardous elements review Narrow bridgesNarrow bridges Guardrail terminalsGuardrail terminals Sharp curvesSharp curves Road Safety Audits Safety studies 36 Use of Data Example – Menominee Reservation (WI) observational survey of occupant restraint use 22 percent belt use 22 percent belt use 9 percent child/

Arab Mashreq Road Safety Partnership Workshop

Research SWOT Analysis Stakeholder Engagement Driver Observation Prioritise Critical Issues Target Setting Management Structure National Road Safety Council Strategic Safety Unit Stakeholder Buy-in Funding Monitoring Roles and Responsibilities Five Year Action Plans Budgeting /2016 compared to the 2006 base line was set. A new road safety management structure has been approved with a National Road Safety Council. A Strategic Road Safety Unit is approved to assist in the implementation of the Strategy/

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - Transport Division 1 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe “Improving Global Road Safety: setting.

of holidays,but… about 150 deaths a year caused by falling coconutsabout 150 deaths a year caused by falling coconuts Road safety and risk perception Source: UN World Tourism Organization United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - Transport Division What actions to / - Transport Division What actions to improve future? Define a number of targets in terms of different road safety problems or groups of road users –e.g. separate targets for drinking and driving, use of seatbelts and child restraints and /

1 Africa Road Safety Corridors Initiative SAFE WAY RIGHT WAY UGANDA.

Post crash response and Rehabilitation Curriculum development Funding through Uganda Road Fund National Road Safety Policy & Authority being developed to guide and manage Road Safety actions The Global Road Safety Partnership approach Six steps of the Proactive Partnership Strategy (PPS) A systematic approach to Road Safety intervention 8 Road Safety Management Road Safety Policy & Regulation and Enforcement Safer Roads and Mobility Policy on Road design and FundingBlack spot mapping, light engineering for/

Rating the Road for Vulnerable Users February 17, 2011.

(increasingly, electric bikes) – Motorscooter/cycles Star Ratings concept Road Inspection Data Road Safety Investment Plan Road Protection Scores Star Rating Sources of data Examples: –Elvik, R. and Vaa, T. (2004) The handbook of road safety measures –Ogden, K. (1996) Safer Roads: A Guide to Road Safety Engineering. A World Free of High-risk Roads Road inspections A World Free of High-risk Roads Along Across Pedestrians Speed Sidewalk provision – left Sidewalk provision/


New contract will include quarterly feed-back/awareness presentation to drivers Road Safety Monitoring Team Coaching the drivers Road Safety Monitoring Team Class ‘A’ Defects - Shaming Graph Road Safety (4) Roadworthiness Assurance Scheme (RAS) Audit of the system confirmed/ HSE-MS req’s (especially HEMP) Start competence training/assurance of contract management Continue focus on Road Safety Further shift to implementation support Corporate HSE plan 2001/2 (3) Further shift to implementation support /

1 Country Road Safe Driving: Campaign Tracking Research Pre and Post Campaign Results 18 th December 2008.

risk 46 Best description of the campaign Q23. Can you tell me which you think best describe the road safety advertising campaign? DescriptionTotal Post Thought Provoking40% Straightforward39% Realistic39% Attention grabbing37% Puts its message across in a clever/in attitudes amongst those aware of the campaign – could be result of seasonality or cumulative effect of multiple road safety messages. BUT given level of discussion and change in campaign-specific statements  could impact be going beyond /


these recommendations  Global Road Safety Facility generates funding and Technical Assistance for country road safety efforts  Road safety management capacity reviews done in many ECA countries  World Bank-supported road safety investments in transport and health/system reforms and modernization, technical assistance to strengthen public health programs, national and regional road safety strategies, and organizational arrangements for first aid emergency responses; funding for ambulances, medical /

Bangladesh Community Road Safety Initiative Project Presentation to Stakeholders Venue: MC 13-800 Washington DC. November 11, 1999.

analytical work, legislation and proposal for action have been made under the Road Safety Action Plan National Road Safety Council has been established Rising support exists for road safety Can raise profile of Road Safety among decision makers Provide funds, expertise for implementation of Road Safety Has good understanding with other donors on Road Safety Can provide links with Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP). The CRSIP is a pilot initiative of GRSP OPPORTUNITIES FOR/

SAFETY AND ACCIDENT REDUCTION Transparencies 2003 EU-funded Urban Transport Research Project Results www.eu-portal.net TRANSPORT TEACHING MATERIAL.

Traffic environment Perception Information processing Decision making Handling Vehicle speed, heading, etc. Intention DRIVER SAFETY AND ACCIDENT REDUCTION ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGNS impaired driving speed Safety campaigns on: Research on road safety campaigns required aggression mastery of traffic situations Setting up road safety campaigns SAFETY AND ACCIDENT REDUCTION EFFECTS OF ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGNS long-term effect  possible unfavourable side effects due to reactance, comparative optimism, illusory/

Road safety and speed management – Highlight on an EU funded program implemented in Romania by UNTRR Istanbul, 11 May 2011 Roxana Ilie Project coordinator,

. Man factor, essential element in ensuring the stability of the MVR syst. Professional drivers’ role in road safety Professional drivers’ role in road safety Road transport company’s role in road safety Road transport company’s role in road safety Road factor Road factor Road signsRoad signs Road wearRoad wear Weather conditionsWeather conditions (c) IRU Academy 2011 Practical Module - Road safety and speed management (c) IRU Academy 2011 Practical exercises and case studies:  Examples: Exercise 1/

PIARC INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR Road Safety Education & Awareness and Appropriate Road Infrastructure 10 May 2011.

Solutions that balances mobility and accessibility needs. Solutions not limited to the National Road reserve. Combining road safety infrastructure provision with appropriate road safety education and awareness programmes is essential. – Comprehensive School Road Safety Education programme 2.Road Safety Education and Awareness Programme Road Safety in Schools – Integrated with Road Safety Infrastructure Projects in Communities – In SA Road Safety not part of the School Curriculum – However, it can be a Theme/

Department of Consumer and Employment Protection Resources Safety 1 Please read this before using presentation This presentation is based on content presented.

@docep.wa.gov.au or visit www.docep.wa.gov.au/ResourcesSafety Toolbox presentation: Road safety on mine sites – part 2 Traffic safety on mining operations October 2007 Department of Consumer and Employment Protection Resources Safety 3 Road safety on mine sites toolbox series 1.Road safety issues on WA mine sites 2.Traffic safety at mining operations (Author: Damir Vagaya, ARRB Group) Department of Consumer and Employment Protection/

1 2015-06-01 Swedish Road Administration State of Occupational Road Safety Globally – Policy Perspective Claes Tingvall Professor, Dr Med Sc Director of.

on cars and products, this will stimulate development, alcohol interlocks is an example 24 2015-06-01 Swedish Road Administration Summary Major organisations are investing in improving safety at work Road safety policies have not fully picked up the potentials in stimulating better safety at work OHS regulation not used to full extent Governments have not used the potential in setting the example ISO 39/

Transport Canada Transports Canada Road Safety Sécurité routière Canadian Speed Management Overview James G. White Engineering Advisor Road Safety and.

data o Enforcement –Optimizing resource uses –Coordination with public education and infrastructure improvements Transport Canada Transports Canada Road Safety Sécurité routière New technologies - Adaptive cruise control (ACC) Research review findings o ACC may/ –Object acquisition –Performance in rain or snow –Technology-specific differences (radar, laser) Transport Canada Transports Canada Road Safety Sécurité routière New technologies TC Current research o Intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) –GPS + maps/

Road Network Risk Assessment and Index Zhang Tiejun 13911024196.

RIOH Risk Assessment Research 1 Before 2003: Traffic safety audits, and safety influence analysis of individual road or traffic factors. Beginning of the performance of traffic safety audit. Got some basic safety influence characteristics of individual road and traffic factors, such as the safety influence of gradient. 2 2003 to 2008:”Road safety assessment in west area” and “Research of Highway Safety Manual in China” supported by MOT, systematic research/

Winter Safety Briefing 1 In The Republic of Korea.

pair of sunglasses handy WEAR QUALITY SUNGLASSES Good quality sunglasses help highlight changes in the terrain and road surface, even in low visibility conditions Winter Safety Briefing 6 Dress Properly  Wear several layers of thick, loose-fitting clothing.  Wear /.  Unless absolutely necessary, don’t stop on any freeway or other heavily traveled road.  Consider postponing your trip until the fog clears. Winter Safety Briefing 61 WHEN DRIVING AT NIGHT - Leave your headlamps on low beam when driving /

The role of multilateral development banks in improving road safety and road transport efficiency Road Transport Professional Training May 8 th, 2012 Amman,

– Systems and Technology Introduction Cumulative project financing 1975-2010 Islamic Development Bank 5 Outline Introduction: MDBs and road transport Importance of road safety and road transport efficiency MDB Shared approach to Road Safety: the Decade of Action Selected initiatives for efficient and safe road transport Conclusions Islamic Development Bank 6 Road safety Road traffic fatalities forecast to rise from nearly 1.3 million deaths each year to more than 1/

Measure 49 Road Safety Measures 13.6.2012 Katerina Oktabcova Usti nad Labem Municipality.

a „Cycling License“ and CIVITAS presents Children with low score repeat the training Measure 49 5.10 Road Safety Audit & Actions Exploitation of results of the road safety audit Development of the action plan for road safety improvements Analysing and developing suitable road safety strategy and setting goals Identifying measures for safety improvements suitable for local conditions Recomending specific actions –Prevention, enforcement, traffic education, supervision, international and domestic cooperation/

COUNTRY REPORT ON ROAD SAFETY IN CAMBODIA Representative of Cambodian delegation National Road Safety Committee.

the public, teachers and officials. 4. Collect statistics on road accidents and casualties. 5. Build capacity of road safety human resources. 6. Ensure regular coordination between road safety implementers in our jurisdiction. Road Traffic Law Implementation 1.NRSC coordinates and manages Road Safety. 2.Road Accident Data Systems. 3.Road Safety Funding. 4.Road Safety Audit and Hazardous Locations. 5.Road Environment and Road Design. 6.Road Safety Education for Children. 7.Traffic Law and Regulations. 8/

CEDR SG Road Safety Meeting April 6th 2005 Safey Audits. E xplanation of Audits and the Requirements at each Stage of the Audit Process. Presented by Harry.

the scheme as the design progresses. There may be a number of pre stage 2 and stage 3 road safety audits. CEDR SG Road Safety Meeting April 6th 2005 Skills required –Road safety engineering experience –Knowledge of design standards –Knowledge of current road safety research –Diplomacy –Teaching / Learning CEDR SG Road Safety Meeting April 6th 2005 Cost Costs small in relation to over all scheme costs. –1500 to 6000 Euro/

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