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Georgia H.S. Writing Test (GHSWT). 2 How the Writing Assessment is Scored ANALYTIC Scoring Four domain of writing are scored –Ideas –Organization –Style.

Couple of options from here: a) elaborate on why check-ups / immunizations matter b) transition to another specific way to care for kids. Sequencing: Order Matters Here’s what you have so far: One of the many things that the money could go toward / laminate a set of models for students to review in the classroom. Each student paper contains multiple mini-lessons of what to do and what NOT to do in persuasive writing. It is important for students to see the range of writing from actual high school students in/

Writing Text-based Introductions Grade 8 Copyright © 2015 by Write Score LLC.

the reader in. Jack never expected to be in the principal’s office for wearing red, but at his school red is a banned color. Anecdote/ on academics. Next Steps Do dress codes work? Do special programs keep kids on the right track? Can counseling services help reduce school violence? These /and Goals Independent Practice Read the passage and writing task. Craft an introductory paragraph in response to the writing task. Use the checklist below to review your paragraph.  Attention-grabbing introductory sentence/

WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! Getting Ready for the Writing Test.

choose a salad, spaghetti and bread or a bowl of chili with a hoagie would be a nourishing dream for many students. For some kids, lunch at school is actually the only real meal they get in a day. With less hunger pains/ are an extremely popular form of entertainment for all age groups. Write a movie review for students recommending a movie that you have seen. Movies are an extremely popular form of entertainment for all age groups. Write a movie review for students recommending a movie that you have seen/

1 No Such Thing As a Bad Kid Charlie Appelstein, M.S.W. Facebook.com/charlietraining. Using Positive, Trauma-Informed,

limits the child’s ability to maximize his or her potential. As mentioned, Brendtro writes that human brain is like a library. Individuals who have suffered trauma remember everything./ is even more motivational. If circumstances and/or resources do not allow for kids to earn one-to-one time, than earning computer time or time/ahead, stating goals and objectives. In elementary schools, the daily schedule is posted and reviewed._____ 21.My students aren ’ t hungry._____ 22. I regularly circulate throughout the/

Leadership for Excellence in Literacy Course Two – Unit 5.

most learning activities does not appear to put much if any effort into reading assignments Beers, Kylene, When Kids Can’t Read, What Teachers Can Do. Heinemann, 2003. Then this student needs help with gaining /(Hillocks, 1987)  Writing - linked to close reading is the workshop of thought – an almost miraculous effect on students’ critical capacities. (Schmoker, 2006) Unit 5: Leadership for Excellence in Literacy Writing Focusing on Writing to Learn and to WriteReview the Developmental Continuum of /

 SWK 707 Research for Social Work Practice Nechama Sammet Moring CLASS 9.

(your goal) and measurable outcomes More example of intervention definition and goals, measurement  Meditation classes for kids with behavioral health challenges and their parents to provide support. Measured by decreased parental stress, increased reported/ Avoid assumption Literature review  Organizing and synthesizing information  Don’t go down the rabbit hole  Audience: intelligent but uninformed about your topic adult (me) The Brilliant Best Friend System  For each article, write the MAIN findings/

Types of Writing in 7 th Grade English Informational Essay Argumentative Essay Narrative Writing (Use First Person Pronouns)

elementary school. REVIEW: ICER Formula WHAT DOES ICER STAND FOR? I = – Intro Paragraph C = – Claim( explain what you mean ) E = – Evidence R = – Restate the main idea REVIEW: ICER Formula ALWAYS WHICH TWO PARTS OF ICER ALWAYS STAY TOGETHER? C AND E!!!! REVIEW: ICER Formula /CLAIM! (You don’t NEED a transition for your C.) NEVER WRITE: MY “E” SUPPORTS THE “A”BECAUSE………… OR…… THIS CLEARLY SUPPORTS MY “A” BECAUSE …. JUST EXPLAIN IT!!! IS THIS A GOOD C? I: Many kids get less rest than they need. After reading/

Clayton Heights Secondary Grade 9 Take Our Kids to Work Mr. Fisher Grade 9 Take Our Kids to Work Mr. Fisher.

community The theme of Take Our Kids to Work 2008 is: Essential Skills for Success. The theme of Take Our Kids to Work 2008 is: Essential Skills for Success. Essential Skills For Success Reading Text Document Use Numeracy Writing Oral Communication Working with Others /regarding workplace safety. 2. Hazards and risks specific to this workplace were identified during this orientation. 3. I have reviewed the fire exits and fire drill with my employer. 4. I know the location of the fire extinguisher and alarm/

Personal Financial Planning for Divorce FPA MA-November 19, 2010

also rewarded the “1997 Distinguished Faculty Member-Teacher of the Year” by Community College of Denver. Writing Personal Financial Planning for Divorce: Real World Solutions – John Wiley & Sons “Rattiner’s Review for the CFP Certification Examination - Fast Track” – (3nd ed.) John Wiley & Sons “Rattiner’s/ address and work related changes including notifying the IRS of an address change. 17. It’s always about the kids. Need I say more? 18. If you are moving away, you better have good reasoning to do so./

Agenda for the day Transformed by Literacy: the Brockton High Literacy Initiative Strategies to Prepare the Students AND the Teachers for the Common Core.

ALL do it THIS way! We reviewed Teach Like A Champion and selected two strategies that would help teachers include ALL students. (It’s about instruction!!!) 25 Remember, it’s not about the kids… it’s about the adults!!! We looked for a couple of strategies that were aimed at success for struggling students. Our first two: Everybody Writes and No Opt Out 26 BHS/

Case Study §Kids Cook is cooking in a 3 rd grade classroom today, there are three parent volunteers. One volunteer speaks only Spanish. The Nutrition Educator.

incidence of discrimination complaints received during the past 12 months §Staff must be aware of procedures for obtaining translation services for applicants or participants §Clients are informed of their Rights and Responsibilities Clinic Reviews continued Data Collection and Reporting Racial and Ethnic Data §USDA mandates the Kids Cook! Program to collect and report racial and ethnic participation data annually and is collected through the/

More Than Just a Book Review Library Time and the Secondary Student Colleen Koch and Kendel Lively

Review Library Time and the Secondary Student Colleen Koch and Kendel Lively ckoch@bcps.k12.va.usckoch@bcps.k12.va.us klively@bcps.k12.va.usklively@bcps.k12.va.us High School Kids Need Library Time Too Obstacles Rationale for/and figurative language to extend vocabulary development in authentic texts. f. Extend general and specialized vocabulary through speaking, reading, and writing. 11.4 The student will read, comprehend, and analyze relationships among American literature, history, and culture. k. General/

Book Reviews What are they? How to write one by Mrs. Cintrón.

Does a Book Review Consist of?  It has three parts which includes facts and opinions supported by reasons. Introduction Body Conclusion Introduction Grab the attention of the reader by:  Including a quote from the book  Telling something about the author Purpose for writing the book Intended /his own? Or will he have to face the “ugly truth“. This is the fifth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Whatever I expected about this book, it was not the book I read. I was expecting a book that cracked me /

Sentence Writing Run-on Sentences.

connected by a conjunction or by a semicolon. Eliminating run-on sentences from your writing will make your thoughts easier to follow and understand. Run-on Sentences This part /a run-on sentence. This is not such an elegant playground, / still, the kids love it. In the sentence above, a slash marks the spot where two independent clauses/ the news feature, and we became organ donors. Review & Practice To see if a sentence is a run-on, check for two or more independent clauses with no conjunction between them/

Chapter 6 Superlatives. Vocabulary Preview Energetic - person who has a lot of energy Energetic kids.

kids Vocabulary Preview Generous - giving or sharing Vocabulary Preview Obnoxious - annoying Vocabulary Preview Patient - is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset Waiting patiently for/ is. She’s the smartest person I know. Closure Write down the correct answer 1.) She is the most (/ on earth. In class Side by Side Page 50 #1-9 Review Smart – Funny – Nice – Big – Energetic – Interesting – Patient/

QuillQuill Reading and Writing with Microcomputers.

goals Creating a communication environment in which students write for their peers as well as for the teacher. Organizing writing in different ways. Providing easy access to stored pieces of writing Library options See: Read Library entries by choosing keywords or titles Add: Put a new entry into the Library Change: Change an old Library entry Library activities KidsReview Classified Ads Newspaper Animal Encyclopedia How To/

The Read/Write Web: Blogs, Wikis and MySpace. What Should a Teacher Do? Janine Lim Links at

II. www.avln.org My Dream Kids using online tools to share their faith www.myspace.com/youthfest2006 www.avln.org PAIR-SHARE What application do you see in your classroom for students writing blogs or making podcasts? www.avln./ currently teach Internet safety? www.avln.org Review Teachers Reading Blogs Teachers Writing Blogs Students Reading Blogs & RSS Feeds Students Writing Blogs & Making Podcasts Wikis Teaching Safety & Responsible Use www.avln.org The Read/Write Web: Blogs, Wikis and MySpace. What /

CBT For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Leslie Sokol, Ph.D.

daily. CPT Session by Session Session 6: Challenging Questions - Review practice assignment. Review Challenging Questions Worksheet. Continue cognitive therapy regarding stuck points. Introduce Patterns/learned. A modified protocol (CPT-C) is available for individual who refuse to write the trauma narrative CBT For ANGER STEPS 1. A should rule is broken (/cooperative. He should be patient. He should be satisfied. Should Rules for all of his kids: They should be able to self-entertain. They should be able /

4 In this unit you will learn how to: comment on art work

scale Busby Berkeley-esque swing number, ‘W-I-L-D’ are great fun to watch and listen to, both for kids and adults. …………. …………. Vocal characters are uniformly well caste to give continuity to the characters first heard 35 years ago/. concerts 3. books 6. recordings 9. ballets HINT Checklist for Review If you have finished writing your review, use this checklist to make sure you have written all the elements of your review. Checklist for Review Elements Yes No Evidence Orientation: Have I named the art work/

PHOTOGRAPHY & FINAL DRAFTS : A New Vi(er)sion of Literacy An Annotated Bibliography of Resources for a 7th Grade Creative Writing Unit Christy Batelka.

Photography Guide for Kids. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society, 2001. Like The Kids’ Guide to Digital Photography, this source is written for upper elementary and middle school children who are interested in photography. It reviews a much broader/ as “Photographic Storytelling” and “Decoding Photographic Images,” this set of DVDs is sure to support a writing program that integrates photography. Preview a clip here: http://www.films.com/id/5170/The_Language_of_Photography.htm American Photography/

Module 4 Guidance for Completing the SFP and COS Rating Within the Team Process Every day, we are honored to take action that inspires the world to discover,

the system consistently and appropriately (i.e., using definitions, rating similar children in the same ways) Helps identify needs for future training and technical assistance Describes the child’s functioning for new team members reviewing the file Kids Potential, Our Purpose How much to write? Write enough to provide a rich (but not overly long) description of how the child is doing in the outcome. The/

Cartwheels on the Keyboard By Maureen Carroll A professional book club review.

computer to be “intriguing and motivating”. (p. 34) Thus, technology is a natural partner in fostering literacy motivation. Most kids in this generation have grown up with technology. Toys come standard with buttons to push, flashing lights and interactive aspects. /Grade TEKs 18 C, D & E (Revision for various purposes/audiences, and correctness) 3 rd Grade TEKs 19 A, B & E (Writing- Evaluation of one’s own and of others) Grouping (IRA 2.1) for the purposes of writing review of self and peers (IRA 3.1, TEKs/


1 INSTRUCTIONS: 1.Refer to participant guide page 22 for instructions. 2.Review your weekly afterschool schedule OR use the space provided to write out your weekly schedule. 3.Answer the eight reflection questions individually. 4.You have 5-10 minutes to work. 5.Wait for further instructions from your trainer. 27| BUILDING HEALTHY PROGRAMS FOR KIDS: HEPA STANDARDS TRAINING | ©2012 YMCA of the USA FOOD/

On-Demand Writing What is it? On-Demand Writing is…  Part of tests given at the end of the school year.  It tests your writing skills.  You are given.

your suggestions. Convince them to follow your advice. Key Word Review Prompt Choice #4 Situation: There are many retired adults who are afraid to try the computer. Writing Task: Write an article for the AARP magazine persuading those grownups to try computers. Explain how/or lead!!! DO NOT simply restate the introduction paragraph or lead!!! Let’s Practice Together… Possible lead for Prompt #1: Are you a kid who spends hours watching television and playing video games? Well it’s time to get outside! In your/

Coaching for Differentiation By Lori Comallie-Caplan.

ThinkDOTs pg. 4 Application: 1. Use “ThinkDOTS” to lead students into deeper exploration of a concept. 2. Use “ThinkDOTS” for review before assessment. 3. Use “ThinkDOTS” as an assessment. Think Dots: Grade 2 Math What students should know – Count by fives/Write an Acrostic Poem Be sure it includes alliteration, onomatopoeia, and allusion Write A diamante (check that you have the right pattern) Computer Art Use kid pix or other clip art to illustrate a simile, metaphor, & analogy for one idea or image. Write/

Workshop on Writing. Reference Materials When the Writing Workshop isn’t Working, by. Mark Overmeyer.

Degen)-nice follow- up to Bread and Jam. Older kids like to write rhymes similar to the ones found in this book. Is Your Mamma a Llama- (Deborah Guarino) great book for repetitions, rhyming, interjections, and using quotation marks as/25 questions come randomly from a bank of 200 questions.Biology Review from 2006 VDOE Released ItemsBiology Review from 2005 VDOE Released Items Chemistry Review from 2005 VDOE Released ItemsEarth Science Review from 2005 VDOE Released ItemsChemistry: Acids, Bases, and Salts /

Warm-up: A. Write your name on the outside of your notebook B. Write your name on the inside cover of your notebook. C. PAGE NUMBERS – Label the first.

write CHAMPs. 3. Divide both pages in half horizontally. CHAMPs (Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Procedure) - This system is used to set up classroom procedures for/ONLY ConversationYes - whisper, to help kids, silent when timer goes off HelpNO - Orso YES - notebook, text, other kids Activity Movement Participation Activity  Warm-up/? Directions: - Complete the first two columns. - Leave the others blank until we review. - Add a picture and title to your cover page. Essential QuestionPrediction (8/24/

© 2006 SETTS Write A Paragraph Or Go To The Dentist Your Choice.

organizer software ($75+) © 2006 SETTS Cost  Computer: $600+  Software: $250+ © 2006 SETTS And now, for your viewing pleasure….. …..some examples of what can be done by elementary Special Day Class students. © 2006 SETTS The Old Way/Kids Benefit …  They write more  They write with enthusiasm  They look forward to the next lesson  They learn cutting edge technology  They read what others write  They have a unique product  They acquire and improve skills © 2006 SETTS Review of the Process  Kids/

The Figurative Language Review Volume #2 Fifteen Review Questions Price $1 FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE MAKES WRITING MUCH MORE INTERESTING ! ! ! ************

Review Volume #2 Fifteen Review Questions Price $1 FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE MAKES WRITING MUCH MORE INTERESTING ! ! ! ************ In This Issue: Simile, Metaphor, Alliteration, Personification, Onomatopoeia & Hyperbole! Jacob M. Lightbody © 2014 The Figurative Language Review/Figurative Language Review Question 6.) Which type of figurative language is used in the article? Little Kid Quick as /Miss Ramirez explained. Miss Ramirez said that she asked the librarian for help, but was told that the “snack guy” was the/

Tess Kimbrell and Lindsey Williams ECED 4300 C Dr. Tonja Root Spring 2007 3 rd Grade Correspondence Writing Pen Pal Letters.

a combination of the two things I love most, ice cream and kids. The pay isnt too great but I love the job so much. I hope the summers been going well for you too. Theres only a month and a half left in summer / graphic organizer Show students the graphic organizer Show correct way to write address Show correct way to write address Discuss possible greetings Discuss possible greetings Review the shared prewriting organizer Review the shared prewriting organizer Guide students on how to transfer information /

By Rhian Norman. INDEX Geometry, for the university of oxford. Geotraces in the oceans, for the university of oxford Biofuels, for the university of oxford.

mixed and covers a range of ages for example they have cartoons like Garfield for the kids and the news for the adults and young adults for example 1 directions tour, this helped to/well, nothing bad would be written about the subject. Is it different to a critical review? – yes as people who are not connected to the subject would be the ones/ of primary research, it is when you are part of something, for example if you were to write an article for a festival, you would want to be part of the crowed and/


CREATIVE CHARACTERIZATION SHORT ANSWER PRACTICE ANALYZE THIS ASSESSMENT: VOCABULARY WRITING – PROMPT READING PASSAGE – HANDOUT GAMES REVIEW: FOLDER GAMES BELL RINGERS DAILY WORK ASSIGNMENT SHEET ‘TWAS/for-kids.htm MLA Style "Analogy Examples for Kids." YourDictionary, n.d. Web. 2 October 2015. Read more at http://examples.yourdictionary.com/analogy-examples-for- kids.html#wmqRx5VOr1XZAcvG.99http://examples.yourdictionary.com/analogy-examples-for- kids.html#wmqRx5VOr1XZAcvG.99 Analogy Examples for Kids/

The 411 on On-Demand ARGUMENT Writing Jean Wolph Louisville Writing Project for the i3 National Writing Project College Ready Writers Program, funded by.

for introducing evidence from a source. Try the same kind of sentences in YOUR paper., the Student Work Analysis and Try-Its Goal: Review and revise REAL students’ responses to improve our understanding of how to succeed in On- Demand Writing Discipline and Learning College-Ready Writers Program Writing/saying, “There have been incidents in the hallway that compromise the safety of all the kids, but particularly the smaller kids.” This seems serious, just as the threats to my mother seemed serious. And yet /

Argumentative Writing: Effective Introductions Copyright © 2015 by Write Score LLC.

to play games and watch a movie. For that child, his smartphone saved the day during a long flight. Some people don’t think kids should have smartphones, but I disagree. Smartphones let children keep in touch with relatives and provide learning opportunities. Argumentative Writing: An Example Introduction Writing an Introduction: We’ll use several things to write our introductions: 1) Handout: Drafting the Introduction/

1. Week8! One seminar left!  How is everyone this week?  Let’s get started. I do hope that you were able to complete the readings for this seminar and.

Children’s sports are supposed to teach skills and values – such as fair play, working with others and dealing well with adversity- that kids can draw upon throughout their lives” (as cited in Nack & Munson, 2000, p. 6). What has gone wrong with that purpose/most of all have fun. 33 Part III Peer reviewing Guidelines for responses this week  Make sure your first response is to a classmate who has not yet gotten one  Review ch. 16 of The Kaplan Guide to Successful Writing and the tips we covered in unit 7 /

REVIEW CONFIDENTIAL 1 Review. REVIEW CONFIDENTIAL 2 GREATEST COMMON FACTOR Numbers often have common factors. The greatest of the common factors of two.

-jigsaw/xmas2007-jigsaw-001.html http://www.thekidzpage.com/onlinejigs awpuzzles/kids-jigsaw-puzzles/12- piece-jigsaw/xmas2007-jigsaw-001.html REVIEW CONFIDENTIAL 32 Comparing and Ordering Fractions To compare two fractions, we can write them as fractions with the same denominator. The method used for comparing fractions can be used for ordering fractions. REVIEW CONFIDENTIAL 33 Steps to compare two fractions To compare two fractions/

Grade 8 Argumentative Writing: Conclusions Copyright © 2015 Write Score LLC.

Grade 8 Argumentative Writing: Conclusions Copyright © 2015 Write Score LLC Review: Elements of Argumentative Writing  Claim (versus thesis)  Logic (versus emotion in persuasive writing) – based on evidence  Explanation of how evidence supports the claim  Counterclaims/ are someone who can’t afford to have all the things that everyone else has. Some people think it is important for kids to be able to have choice and express themselves through their clothing. Being safe, able to focus on your schoolwork, /

How to Read the Bible So That It Makes Sense. Review of previous “Munches”

prove” these things, it’s still reasonable and in fact most reasonable to believe them both. Review of previous “Munches”  Last year we looked at two assumptions that we make at a church/ of God sent out into all the earth. - Revelation 5:6 Derek Zoolander Centre for Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too /interpretation of the mighty deeds of God. Where do Bibles come from? 1.Why do these writings exist at all? – Luke Timothy Johnson  Because God did stuff.  The Bible is /

Reading in the Content Areas Working together to help our kids become better readers.

Maximize Comprehension by Marking Your Texts." Cuesta College. 11 Nov. 2003. Web. 12 Oct. 2009.. “Mark it Up” Strategies for Kids Write questions as you read. Questions help you think, relate new material to what you already know, and wonder about implications and / Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2010. Print. Pages 295-296 To Review: 9 Simple Ways to Help Your Students Become Better Readers 1.Teach/Model reading strategies 2.Read aloud to your students/

Tips and Tricks For Explaining Grammar to Kids Ideas from Getting it Right: Fresh Approaches to Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Correctness (Smith & Wilhelm,

Errors of college freshmen p. 65  Tips for Proofreading for Fragments p. 97  Lists of transitions p. 111  Principles for promoting confidence and self-efficacy p. 123, 139 Interesting Activities/Helpful Pages for Kids:  Sensoriums pp. 34-38, with examples in Appendix  Combining/Writing Descriptive Sentences pp. 40-44  Sample Spelling Rules pp. 68-69  Dual Grade Sheet with Peer Review p. 79-80  Peer Revision/Editing/

 SWK 707 Research Methods for Social Work Practice Nechama Sammet Moring Class 5 Zombie themed!

wrote you a note!)  This time, I didn’t take off any points for writing but I do want everyone to be aware Pick a specific population  Geography (specific/ zombies don’t have proper hygiene and often lack parenting skills for teaching their kids to look acceptable for school, which leads to social problems at school.  Vs/notes) 3. Re-read (look for themes within transcript)  Re-read (look for themes across transcripts)  In grounded theory: Sensitizing concepts 4. Review your thoughts with your team  Do/

E XPERIENCING A M INI -U NIT C ONNECTING E VIDENCE TO A C LAIM Jean Wolph Rev. July 2016 Jean Wolph, Louisville Writing Project, for NWP CRWP funded by.

students the sample responses. The second example could be done in pairs, again with sharing of responses before reviewing the model. The third example might be completed individually, then discussed in whole group. Authorizing: Repeat the process/://WWW.NBCNEWS.COM/HEALTH/KIDS-HEALTH/FIRST-LADY- PROPOSES-BAN-JUNK-FOOD-MARKETING-SCHOOLS-N38201 Jean Wolph, Louisville Writing Project, for NWP CRWP funded by the Department of Education Wootan: nutrition policy director for the Center for Science in the Public /

Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to. Section A ( 1 a- 4) Go for it G9.

I can dance to. Section A ( 1 a- 4) Go for it G9 band As the name Wild and Windy suggests, the // prefer? I like ________ music. Betty: Oh, look! There’s the new Cool Kids CD. Tony: The Cool Kids? Do you like ________? Betty: Oh, yeah. They’re my _________ band. I like music ______ I/Carmen likes Dan Dervish because the music is __________________ and he plays _______________________. Review of The Modern and Dan Dervish quiet and gentle write their own songs Xu Fei loud and energetic different kinds of music Read/

Copyright 2006 Washington OSPI. All rights reserved. Elaboration – Week 2 OSPI High School Instructional Support Materials for Writing Version 2 These.

2006 Washington OSPI. All rights reserved. Agenda – Day 2 Review elaboration strategies Quick write Identify specific details vs. general language Show, dont tell Reflect 29 Copyright 2006 Washington OSPI. All rights reserved. Where is the elaboration? The main reason I love Halloween is the candy. Oh my gosh, its like heaveneven for big kids. What Im trying to say is that my mom lets/

When My Students Cant Read, What Should I Do? A Summary of Important Strategies from When Kids Cant Read, What Teachers Can Do by Beers When Kids Cant.

you model a strategy. Connecting When Kids Cant Read, What Teachers Should Do to Reading Next (continued) INFERENCES Types of Inferences Skilled Readers Make Recognize the antecedents for pronouns Recognize the antecedents for pronouns Figure out the meaning of unknown/use which will maximize writing instruction for low achieving writers in particular. Nor do they know which combination of elements works best for which types of writers. The eleven elements are part of a literature review which aims to /

Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT). 2 Table of Contents Part I:IntroductionIntroduction Part II:Persuasive WritingPersuasive Writing Part III:Writing.

Team Convened in July 2005 Primary Responsibilities: –Review existing Georgia High School Writing Test –Align assessment with the Georgia Performance Standards –Develop structure for new Georgia High School Writing Test –Select genre of writing: Persuasive –Draft new GHSWT scoring rubrics Analytic/ alternative solution. Varied transitional elements link parts of the paper and ideas within paragraphs (As the wealthier kids, When visitors walk, I propose, Now, At that point, there is a flip side). Style Score/

ENG 100 Week Eight. INDEPENDENT WORK Practice Writing Thesis Statements for the Following Prompts (Pick two). Should schools start later in the day? Should.

there wouldnt be anything for kids with extracurricular activities after school, the school would lose money from the sales and I believe if they want to buy it, they should be able to because its their decision. INDEPENDENT WORK Thesis Review – 1 st Pd./ can afford to have it, and it helps wakes people up to do work in school. INDEPENDENT WORK Practice Writing Thesis Statements for the Following Prompts (Pick two). Should students grades in gym affect their grade point averages? Should girls be allowed/

Summer Reading Program 2010 Workshop NLLS. Ice Breakers Know Your Neighbor 1. Separate into groups of five. Ask each person to write down something interesting.

around the world but stays in the corner? *Excellent idea to get kids thinking ( pick riddles depending on the age category, for example an easier one for kids would be: What is an ancient invention still used today, that allows /own reviews and personal writing, participate in online chats, discuss books with peers from all over Canada, and win prizes for the reviews they submit. Teen Reading Club Booklist Moderators Check for new reviews daily Preview the reviews, ensure suitability and post the reviews /

Vision for Further Education

JupiterImage and is used with permission under license Further Education Interests I want to teach little kids; but I don’t know If I can make it In college because my reading /review all input from their outer circles to make summary statements for 1) strengths input circle 2) interests input circle 3) needs input circle. Vision for Further Education Statement After reviewing everyone’s summary statements for your interests, strengths and needs and their input about your further education vision, you write/

Gifted Education Program Design and Administration

drop out because schools dont meet their intellectual needs. According to an article entitled, "Kids who Know Too Much" in the January 22, 1989, issue of Northwest Magazine, it/ the Gifted Child Series Share the Plan Writing Process with parents Hold meetings in other languages to provide information for second language parents Parent Involvement http://www/Accountability IV-G 4. Evaluation of the program includes an annual review of pupil progress and of the administration of the program. (5 CCR 3831[j/

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