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Automotive Electricity and Electronics, 2/e By James D Halderman © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Pearson Prentice Hall - Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 OBJECTIVES.

By James D Halderman © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Pearson Prentice Hall - Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 SUMMARY 1.Most power windows and power door locks use a permanent magnet motor that has a built-in circuit breaker and is reversible. The control switches and relays direct the current through the motors. 2.The current flow through a rear-window defogger is often self- regulating. As the/

ETP 2161C Week #1 HV Power Circuit Breakers (Text book ref.) This course will refer to the following text book, chapter and page #. Power Line Worker:

HV Power Circuit Breakers (Fall Protection) ETP 2161C Week #1 HV Power Circuit Breakers (What is a Power Circuit Breaker) Modern HV power circuit breakers are a heavy duty “electrical” switch designed to break fault current, perform switching duties (open and close), and along with bushing current transformers serve to provide protective relays with secondary current inputs for metering and protective relaying. There are many types of HV power circuit breaker designs and applications, and use many/

SCCR Codes and Standards

our website We list all the major control manufacturers combinations in one sheet 12A IEC Contactor Part # LC1D12 OVLD Relay, 5.5–8A Part # LRD12 15A Circuit Breaker Part # GJL36015 Find the IEC contactor LC1D12 and combination SCCR with GJL breaker at 480V vs Class CC and USFM We can increase combination SCCR from 65kA to 100kA Option 4: Consider using type tested components Branch 3/

LynTec … Simplifies AC Power Control Specializes in remotely operated AC power control of installed audio, lighting and video systems Audio: One-Touch.

remote on/off or reset control of each individual motorized circuit breaker Modular design - mix and match motorized and standard circuit breakers in each panel, buy only as many control boards as needed (1 per 10 breakers) Every relay based lighting control devise MUST be protected by a circuit breaker - using LynTec motorized breaker panels eliminates redundant installation and hardware costs of relay panels Can be controlled using any standard DMX-512 output/

MV SF6 circuit-breakers for secondary distribution

back capacitor switching. Audioscript_3: HySec is also able to perform the fast operation cycle. © ABB Group Month DD, Year SF6 circuit breaker optimized HD4/RE SF6 circuit breaker optimized SF6 circuit breaker for secondary distribution AIS On board relay and CTs/sensors Interchangeable with VD4/R and HD4/R optimized and compact Rated Voltage [kV] 12 17.5 24 Rated Current [A] 630 Short time current [kA] 16 (1s) Mechanical/

Troubleshooting Electric Control Devices Electricity for Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning 7th Edition Chapter 14 Troubleshooting Electric Control.

checked with the device de-energized. Voltage Test of a set of Contacts Coil The coil of a relay or contactor is used to close the contacts by creating a magnetic field that will pull the plunger into the magnetic /. Circuit Breaker The circuit breaker is another type of overload device used by some equipment manufacturers and in many electric panels that are commonly used in the industry today. The circuit breaker is a device that will trip or open on an overload and must be manually reset. The circuit breaker is/

ABSTRACT: Electricity is a form a energy and is playing vital role in the world. Electricity has become a part of human life. Electricity is developed.

switching of isolators is preferred. CIRCUIT BREAKER:  The circuit breaker we use in this 132/11kv switchyard is sf6 circuit breaker.for high voltages such as 132kv and above voltages, we use this circuit breaker.  The sf6 circuit breaker will operate mainly on the principle/ concerned with switching & interrupting current under normal & abnormal conditions it includes CT`s, CB`s, relays and other equipment. Switchyard protects the generating station from the faults. It suppress the faults by making them /

THS Automotive Technology Electrical Circuits Lesson 1: Components of an Electrical Circuit Components of an Electrical Circuit.

contacting the aluminum housing. THS Automotive Technology Electrical Circuits Lesson 1: Components of an Electrical Circuit Types of circuit protection devices Fuses, fusible links, and circuit breakers are located in the fuse block. These devices are designed to open the circuit when excess current flows through. THS Automotive Technology Electrical Circuits Lesson 1: Components of an Electrical Circuit Types of circuit protection devices The fuse is a zinc strip bonded/

This project on Primary sub station of Visakhapatnam port trust at Visakhapatnam. It is 132kv/11kv substation with incoming feeder from APTransco and 11.

transformer connected to a busbar to which the 11 feeders at 11kv are connected. In this project about the distribution of power using circuit breakers and relays.In this sf6 circuit breaker is using because of it has more advantages compare to other circuit breaker.Buchholz relay is used to protect the transformers against slow raising faults. INTRODUCTION OF SUB STATION The present Day electric power is generated transmitted/

New Bangkok International Airport (NBIA)

and Digitrip® Circuit Breaker Technology VCP-W Vacuum Circuit Breaker IQ Metering and Protection SPB, Magnum Circuit Breakers and Digitrip® Miniature Circuit Breakers PowerNet Communications System Transfer Switches Vacuum Interrupters Series C® Molded Case Circuit Breakers Power Distribution Examples (cont.) Panelboards and/ series) IQ 7000 Universal RTD Module (URTD) IQ100 IQ Analyzer IQ 7000 Protective Relays and Trip Units Digitrip 310 Digitrip OPTIM 520 Digitrip OPTIM 550 Digitrip OPTIM 750 Adds zone/

The Essential EssentialComponent. No Audio, Lighting or Video System operates without Electricity, but we take its delivery, distribution and control.

ON/OFF Control. You use a modified dimming system. You use Solid State Relays instead of latching Electro Mechanical Relays. Why Not Circuit Breakers? The main purpose of a circuit breaker is for protection from overload and short-circuits. Continual turning off and on of a non-rated breaker weakens the internal mechanism and reduces its protection capability. In most cases, circuit breakers are only expected to be manually operated to facilitate maintenance/

Protection and Relay Schemes. Agenda  Introduction of Protective Relays  Electrical System Protection with Protective Relays  Conclusion.

Detection  Activation  Actuation Protective Devices Comparison Circuit Breakers V.S. RelaysRelays are like human brain; circuit breakers are like human muscle.  Relays ‘make decisions’ based on settings.  Relays send signals to circuit breakers. Based the sending signals circuit breakers will open/close. Transformer Protection  Gas and Temperature Monitoring  Differential and Ground Fault Protection Transformer Protection Gas Monitoring Relays:  These relays will sense any amount of gas inside the/

Power System Analysis/ Power System 1 EEE 4113/ EEE 3131

two currents are equal. But as soon as a fault occurs, this condition no longer applies. If this differential current is equal to or greater than the pickup value, the relay will operate and open the circuit breaker to isolate the faulty section. There are two fundamental systems of differential or balanced protection: Current balance protection Voltage balance protection Thank you

Specification of CTs: CTs are defined in terms of rated burden, accuracy class and accuracy limit. Saturated values of rated burden are: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10,

human error. Protection is the science, skill, and art of applying and setting and / or fuses to provide maximum sensitivity to fault and undesirable condition. ypical power circuit breaker: Protective relays provide the "brains" to same trouble ,but as low energy device they are able to open and isolate the problem area of the power system . CBs and varions types of circuit interrupters are used to provide the "muscle" for/



Upgrade of the Breakers Control Module in 13 kA EE systems Bozhidar Panev TE-MPE-EE 27.03.2014.

of preventive maintenance it has been decided to replace these relays in all EE systems (RB and RQD/F) – 256 relays in total. Revision of the holding coil protection The reason: Two cases in the past when holding coils were overheated and damaged by high current. Question arises: Does the existing circuit breaker provide effective overload protection? Circuit breaker parameters: – “Merlin Gerin” series C60N I = 10A; 400V; 2/

Protection of Power Systems 1. Introduction. Faults A fault is an inadvertent, accidental connection, and flashover between the phase wires or from the.

that will handle higher currents or voltages in the secondary systems, and 3.electrical and magnetic isolation of several secondary circuits. The seal-in (CS ) relay of Figure 1.9 is an auxiliary relay application. The trip and closing relays used with circuit breakers are auxiliary relays. Other Relay Classifications Protective relays classified by input are known as current, voltage, power, frequency, and temperature relays. Those classified by operating principle include electromechanical, solid-state/

Distribution Solution. Distribution Solution - Topics Substation Automation Conventional vs New Technology RED 500 protection relays REJ, REU Multipurpose.

for fault analysis Output relay functions freely configurable for tripping and signalling Circuit-breaker failure protection unit Distribution Solution - Multipurpose Relays Features Binary input for blocking, external resetting, triggering and selection of setting group Optical serial interface on the front panel for communication with portable computer Powerful and easy-to-use software tools for relay setting High system reliability and availability due to continuous hardware and software self-supervision/

TOPIC-GAS INSULATED SUBSTATION By : Arupananda Pattanaik 2 nd Year,B.TECH(EEE) By : Arupananda Pattanaik 2 nd Year,B.TECH(EEE) MODERN INST. OF TECH. AND.

a gas blast of sufficient intensity. Circuit Breakers Circuit Breakers with handles Circuit Breakers Current transformer Current transformer (CT) is used for measurement of electric currents. Current transformer (CT) is used for measurement of electric currents. Current transformers are also known as instrument transformers. Current transformers are also known as instrument transformers. Current transformers are commonly used in metering and protective relays in the electrical power industry. Current/

Arc Flash Hazard and Mitigation 2nd Workshop on Power Converters for Particle Accelerators June 14 – 16, 2010 Look at and incorporate Fundamentals of Power.

Protective devices act to clear fault currents Fuses (fixed time-current curves) Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) Thermal Magnetic (adjustable) Electronic (adjustable) Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers (adjustable) Vacuum Contactors with Protective Relays (adjustable) June 14 - 16, 2010 2nd Workshop on Power Converters for Particle Accelerators - Arc Flash and Mitigation Molded Case Circuit Breakers Panel-board with 4 - 800A MCCBs Thermal-magnetic Adjustable with front panel rotary switches/

EE4503 Electrical Systems Design

Circuit Breaker Inverse Time Circuit Breaker (normal) Instantaneous Circuit Breaker Short Circuit Protection Circuit Breaker Overload Protection To protect overheat of the motor Circuit Breaker cannot function well for overload because of the starting current Three methods of detecting temperature Bimetal Thermal Overload Relay Electronic Overload Relay Thermistor Protective Relay/than Ground Feeder CB All motor: 𝐼 𝐹 ≥ 𝐼 𝐶𝐵,𝑚𝑎𝑥 + 𝐼 𝑛 Combination of Motor and other loads: 𝐼 𝐹 ≥ 𝐼 𝐶𝐵,𝑚𝑎𝑥 + 𝐼 𝑛 +1.25 𝐼 𝐿 𝐼 𝐿 is/

Transmission Availability Data System (TADS) TADS Workshops: January 16, 2008 and February 6, 2008 - UPDATED Workshop Session 2: Forms.

one end fails to open due to a failure of a relay to operate properly. A second 230 kV AC Circuit, which is connected to the same bus as unopened breaker, is outaged as a result of the first circuit’s breaker failing to open. The failed relay was manually isolated, and both lines were returned to service with no other repairs.  How many outages are reported/


system so that the remainder of the system can serve without interruption. TESTING AND COMMISIONING DET310 -continue: -In low-voltage distribution systems, lightning (surge) arresters are used for overvoltage protection and fuses and slow-acting circuit breakers are employed for overcurrent protection. -In high-voltage transmission systems reliable sensors, fast-acting relays and circuit breakers are needed to clear the fault quickly so that the stability of the remaining/

PROTECTION scheme for bus bar / feeder


Welcome PanAmerica Supply, Inc. (PASI) is a global electrical equipment supplier who provides quality products and support to companies all across the.

Catalog Marine Generator Contactor, Manual Motor Starter, Overload Relay, Contactor with Manual Motor Starter, and Contactor with overload relay. Catalog Contactor, Motor Starter, Relay Contactors & Overload Relays TR & SWGR, etc. Contactor & Breaker Cable Valve PV, LED & UPS Anti-loose Lock/ 6KV->8KV over 40 AF Catalog Miniature Circuit Breakers Miniature Circuit Breaker: 1, 2, 3 and 4 pole Series up to 125 AF [IEC 60898, IEC 609472-2] Residual Current Circuit Breaker: 2 and 4 pole series up to 63 AF /

Overcurrent Protection: Fuses and Circuit Breakers

dual-element fuses slightly larger than the overload relay provides backup protection If overload relays fail to operate, dual-element fuses will provide backup overload protection Types of Fuses (contd.) Applying fuses and breakers on motor circuits High starting currents of motors can cause nuisance opening of fuses and nuisance tripping of circuit breakers Check time-current curves of fuses and breakers to make sure that they will handle the/

1 The Utility Breaker Tim Heard DDC Engineer AEP Texas SWEDE 2006.

Breaker trip coil. 18 Relay Transfer Switch Operations Utility Breaker CT secondaries are shorted. Utility Breaker overcurrent relay trips remain switched to Utility Breaker trip coil. 19 Utility Breaker Cost Installation costs is 40%-50% higher than feeder breaker due to:  1- Utility Breaker or 2- Feeder Breakers can fit in standard 20’x20’ bay  Breaker, risers, and switches rated for 2000 amps vs. 1200 amps  More cable work for CT and trip circuits/

Power System Protective Relaying-Part One Wei-Jen Lee, Ph.D., PE Professor of Electrical Engineering Dept. The Univ. of Texas at Arlington Tel: 817-272-5046.

Sample Device Numbers Master element: 1 Time-delay starting or closing relay: 2 Distance relay: 21 Directional power relay: 32 Instantaneous overcurrent relay: 50 AC time overcurrent relay: 51 AC directional overcurrent relay: 67 Frequency relay: 81 Differential protective relay: 87 Typical Relay and Circuit Breaker Connections Typical single line AC connection Typical Relay and Circuit Breaker Connections Typical three-phase AC connection Basic Objectives of System Protection Reliability Selectivity/


. (f) In order to make a drawing simpler, graphic symbols for devices such as relays or contactors may be drawn in parts. However, if this is done the drawing must show/circuits and control circuits are shown as single lines SUB – 91, SUB – 82 – Substation 91, Substation – 82 respectively. UNIT SUB – XY (TYPICAL) – A typical Unit Substation. DG BUILDING (TYPICAL) – A typical Emergency Diesel Generator Building. A0, A1, B0, B1.C0 – 230 kV SF6 Circuit Breakers A2, A3, B2, B3, C2 – 34.5 kV Circuit Breakers/

Magnetism and Multimeters

core. Electromagnetism Electromagnets have many uses in electronic devices. Some of their most important uses are in relays, circuit breakers and meters. Relays are electronic switches that are very useful in many places , such as on a main control panel. Circuit breakers electronic devices which open or trip a circuit when an overload condition is sensed. Most meters used for electrical measurements operate on the principle of magnetism/


virtually all types of molded-case circuit breakers. NEC and UL 489 requirements are generally harmonized and consistent NEMA AB3 and AB4 are free standards on application and field inspection/testing of MCCBs. Thermal/relay provides the thermal protection Cannot use as a feeder breaker. In EasyPower treated as “thermal-magnetic” MCP + Overload Relay Motor OL Defined with Bkr Data Advantages of MCPs Special application allows wider range of sizes and trip adjustments than standard thermal-magnetic breakers/

Are you using the right CTs and PTs for your application

other parts of the world. This type of `doughnut C.T. is most commonly used in circuit breakers and transformers. The C.T. fits into the bushing `turret, and the porcelain bushing fits through the centre of the `doughnut. Up to four C.T.s /Use higher ratio CTs Use separate set of high ratio CTs for high fault current tripping Reduce secondary burden Select low burden relays & meters Distribute single phase burdens among phases Increase size of secondary leads Reduce length of secondary leads Use “step down” /

Masterpact LV power air circuit breakers and switch disconnectors

and opening operations can be initiated either from the local push buttons on the circuit breaker front face, or by remote control. Other possibilities Fixed circuit breaker The fixed circuit breaker is derived from the moving part of the drawout circuit breaker by adding a fixing bracket on each side. 1000 VAC circuit breakers/the transmission speed, definition of the address of the breaker, and direct remote of the breaker. Relay module (MR6) For relaying of information from outputs of modules m01 to m31 /

© ABB SACE LPD + ABB STOTZ-KONTAKT GmbH, 05-2004 1 New ranges System proM compact ® and Compact Home ABB BA ATAP – BU 3118 Enclosures & DIN-rail Products.

at a glance: Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) Residual current devices (RCDs) Surge protection devices MDRCs Protection devices Command devices Load management devices Measuring devices Other devices Busbars and accessories System proM compact range/ trips Installation contactors Alarm indicators Pushbuttons, switches, indicator lights Isolators Remote switches Latching relays Latching relays electronic Installation relays System proM compact range New isolator range E200, similar range as E 270 //

Aircraft and Devices Dwg 1Overview Dwg 2Single Power Buss Dwg 3Left Vital Buss Dwg 4Right Vital Buss Dwg 5Starter Circuit Dwg 6Over voltage Protection.

Aircraft and Devices Dwg 1Overview Dwg 2Single Power Buss Dwg 3Left Vital Buss Dwg 4Right Vital Buss Dwg 5Starter Circuit Dwg 6Over voltage Protection Dwg 7Trim Dwg 8Flap Batteries – (2) Odyssey PC-625, 16 AH rating Alternator – Mitsubishi /Relay PB - Pull Breaker A – Alt Light Connection B – Alt Source Connection BZ - Buzzer S2 R1 S1 5 BUSS OVERVIEW #4 #22 1/2A Non-Vital Buss 10 PB 7 PB 20 PB RIGHT LDG LIGHT 10 SB PITOT HEAT STROBE LIGHTS NAV LIGHTS (2) #10 10 SB 10 PB10 SB SPARE BOOST PUMP Starter Circuit/


the lines. They are provided with by pass circuit breaker and protective spark –gaps. NEUTRAL GROUNDING EQUIPMENT Neutral Grounding Equipment are Resistors and reactors. They are used to limit the short circuit current during ground fault. They are connected between neutral point and ground. OTHER SWITCHYARD EQUIPMENTS. MARSHALLING KIOSKS. STATION EARTHING SYSTEM. POWER CABLES. CONTROL CABLES. INSULATORS. METERING, RELAY AND CONTROL PANEL. SUPPLY SYSTEM  PLCC is mainly used/

Neptune Power Versions compared 1 All rights reserved © 2003, Neptune Power sub-system Versions 1 and 2 Key features V2 is functionally equivalent to V1.

Power Versions compared 1 All rights reserved © 2003, Neptune Power sub-system Versions 1 and 2 Key features V2 is functionally equivalent to V1 in safe mode (mostly) Operation of/relay closes Control To Science +500V Neptune Power Versions compared 16 All rights reserved © 2003, Neptune Circuit description Fault Location mode Zeners power control if fault Control I +500V Neptune Power Versions compared 17 All rights reserved © 2003, Neptune At the end of Fault Locating sequence: All backbone breakers/


offers high impedance to high frequency communication signal thus obstructs the flow of signals into the substation bus bar. RELAY The relays detect the abnormal condition in the electrical circuits. A Protective relay is a device that detects the fault and initiates the operation of the circuit breaker to isolate the defective element from the rest of the system. measuring the electrical quantities i.e. voltage, current/

Transducers – changing one form of energy to another Piezoelectric Microphone Ultrasound Motors/Generators Switches Solenoids Relays EAPs Overview.

Relays EAPs Overview Logic-level outputs can’t drive a motor directly. Solution: RelaysRelays allow one circuit to switch a second circuit –isolates circuit from potentially dangerous voltages Main types of relays –Reed Relay –General Purpose Relay –Solid State Relay/Circuit Breaker Why? Chip Substrate Collapse Melting Fire Why not Fuses? Fuses: Inexpensive Fuses: More Reliable CBs: Can be Reset Circuit Breaker/refrigerators, washing machines, fans, pumps, and computer equipment Advantages - No fossil fuels/

© 2008 Eaton Corporation. All rights reserved. IZMX trip unit, settings, tripping curves Ralf Nikolic/ PM ACB (air circuit breaker) December, 15 th 2011.

, Pressure, Forces of magnetic fields. Additional protection in cases of maintanance IZMX16 and IZMX40 circuit breaker Digitrip trip units 39 ARMS Arc Reduction Maintenance System IZMX16 / IZMX40 ARMS can/and application at the trip unit…. or with the communication bus function remotely“ 56 External power supply for P-trip unit IZMX16 (NF) One PT module supplies 16 breaker Rate to 690Vac, One PT Module for 16 breaker Switches integrated, Compact housing, DIN rail mounting on back 57 To be highlighted: Relay/


Application of Current Transformers Used for Protective Relaying Purposes C37.110 INTRODUCTION Bushing, internal to Breakers and Transformers Free standing, used with live tank breakers. Slipover, mounted externally on breaker/transformers bushings. Window or Bar - single/BURDEN N1 N2 I1 Ze LB POLARITY DEFINITIONS EXCITATION CURVE EXCITATION VOLTAGE EXCITATION CURRENT EXCITATION IMPEDANCE EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT/DIAGRAM BURDEN - NEXT BURDEN The impedances of loads are called BURDEN Individual devices or total /

Smart grid devices AMI LTC Voltage Regulator Cap Bank RTU Xfmr Sensors Relays & IEDs Integrated Network Manager Operations EMS/DMS/DA Utility Enterprise.

Enabling the ‘Smart Grid’ Objective: Maximize Customer Return on Assets and Operating Efficiency Execute by Delivering the Smart Grid … And Critical T&D Network Equipment Anticipated Smart Grid Benefits* Relative potential / Bank Critical Asset CBM Recent CBM Project Circuit Breaker Life Curves Circuit Breaker Wear Application Issues Variations in Circuit Breaker & Interrupter Design CT Saturation; Relay filtering & sampling Arcing time versus circuit breaker mechanism operation & 52a/b contact Variations /

Eaton Air Circuit Breakers Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance System

Tag-out procedures ARMS is available on Magnum Digitrip 520MC & 1150, as well as Series NRX Digitrip 520M and 1150 Digitrip 520MC ARMS Features ARMS features in white area of trip unit to separate it from normal trip / Relay Remote Mounted Control Switch Via Communications: PowerNet, Modbus, Profibus Lock-out/Tag-out Maintenance Mode Application Typical application: Magnum breaker equipped with ARMS feeding multiple Molded Case Circuit Breakers. If an MCCB needs to be serviced you can work on the breaker /

SR489 Generator Management Relay

4/16/2017 Show Generator Theory General Overview and Typical System from Training CD Internal and External Short Circuits SR489 4/16/2017 Generator Protection Internal and External Short Circuits Generator Protection Review SR489 4/16/2017 Generator/reliance on breaker auxiliary switches, yard distance relays, etc. If breaker is not tripped rapidly, mechanical and electric damage can occur to machine in fractions of a second! Pole flashovers must be cleared by high speed breaker failure, as the breaker is /

Chapter 3 Components & Units 8/25/201511 July 2010-30 June 2014 Technician Diodes, Transistors and Integrated Circuits Resistors, capacitors and inductors.

-30 June 2014 Technician Fuses Chapter 3 Components & Units 8/25/2015181 July 2010-30 June 2014 Technician Circuit Breakers GFCI Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker Panel Chapter 3 Components & Units 8/25/2015191 July 2010-30 June 2014 Technician Use properly sized fuses and circuit breakers. Never replace a fuse or circuit breaker with one of a larger current rating. Fix the problem instead of trying to work around the problem/

Testing and Development Activities of Meter-Base Switches for DER Applications Power Systems 2005 Conference, Clemson University March 9-11 2005 Panel.

GridGateway™ CT 200 A 30 A GridGateway™ FCG ICE Disconnect Switch Disconnect Switch Internal Relay Interface Board Optional External Generator Relay Surge Protection Board Connector for Generator What It Is A device that provides a gateway /select "utility preferred" or "generator preferred," and can lockout either source via local circuit breakers. Eventually control wiring will be required between the GG and the DG for voltage regulator and governor control following standards for parallel interconnection./

Industrial Electric Mfg. (IEM) IEM is the nation’s largest independent full-line manufacturer of electrical distribution and power quality equipment. Tradition.

or draw-out configuration Voltage ranges 240V to 600V; Ampacity 800A to 5,000A 16 MV Metal-Clad Switchgear (Circuit Breaker Assemblies) Voltage 2400V to 27kV Ampacity 1200A to 3000A Available vacuum circuit breakers with optional choice of manufacturers Multitude of relay and metering options Rear access for load and incoming connections Compartmentalized construction with breaker compartment for each device Unit substation primaries Indoor, outdoor non walk-in/

New proposed BU circuit and control logic design University of Washington.

detection –Fault identification –Fault isolation BU controller Microprocessor + peripherals logic circuit + relays BU controller function and design The controller can be implemented using microprocessor or logic circuit and relays. Advantage of using microprocessor: –Only software programming is needed. –/is in current limit operation Regardless of whether a fault is present –Positive voltage is sensed –Backbone breaker is closed –Science node connection is closed (opened) (If there is a fault, its location/

Protection of Power Systems 9. Differential Relays.

shown. The method is repeated for the other two phases. When the relay in any one phase operates, all three phases of the main circuit breaker will open, as well as the generator neutral and field breakers (not shown). The condition for relay operation is then Taking the square root: where Note that differential relaying provides primary zone protection without backup. Coordination with protection in adjacent zones/

G GE Power Management 269Plus Motor Management Relay.

-pressure switch), or a specific contact input (circuit breaker/contactor status) = 52b contact from a circuit breaker = positive identification of the position of the breaker(open or closed) MAIN g GE Power Management 269Plus Motor Management Relay Outputs  4 Output Relay Contacts  Trip Relay as main latched output relay  Alarm output relay (latched or unlatched)  Auxiliary 1 output relay (latched or unlatched)  Auxiliary 2 output relay  Analog output  Used to indicate motor/

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