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Solid & Liquid Waste Management (SLWM)

Waste Management - Vellore Model (Interlinking & interconnecting web Method) Tertiary segregation & Storage Unit (Recyclable – Inorganic) Processing & Storage Unit (Organic items) Reusable items processing & storage Unit (Egg shell & Citric fruits powdering etc., Storage (non-Recyclable/etc., Responsible for Sale of all end products. SLWM Tertiary Segregation, Processing and storage Unit Vermi - Composting SLWM Vermi – Cast Production Integrated and Sustainable Solid & Liquid Waste Management - Vellore Model/

Glass Recycling Done By Tim King. About glass Glass was discovered more than 5000 years ago. For 2000 years blowing glass was done by hand but now it.

recycle bin. Flow Chart Step 2 Then it is taken to a glass recycling plant. Flow Chart Step 3 After it gets to the recycling/ recycled glass is sent back to the shops were it is refilled. How to Minimize Wastefulness You can minimize wastefulness /with glass by: Refilling bottles with water. Store home made things like: Jam, Tomato Sauce. Even u can use glass for storing nuts, bolts and nails in the shed. Facts Glass can be recycled over and over again W.A recycles/

Invitation for Bid Y15-144-PD Residential Solid Waste and Recycling Collections Options Utilities Department July 28, 2015.

 Mandatory Refuse Program – Started in 1985 – Curbside Recycling began in 1990 – Yard Waste Collection began in 1992 – Competitive bid process began in /recycling Presentation Overview  Background  Bid Options  Bid Options Comparison  Survey Summary  Requested Action Requested Action  Selection of One Collection Option: – Option 1: Manual 2-1-1 Collection – Option 2: Automated 2-1-1 Collection – Option 3: Automated 1-1-1 Collection Invitation for Bid Y15-144-PD Residential Solid Waste and Recycling/

 Solid Waste-unwanted soilds  Municipal Soild Waste-garbage  Industrial Solid Waste-indirect  Hazardous (Toxic) Waste-threatens human health=toxic/flammable.

% burned) Al/tires/diapers/carpet/plastic bottles/Styrofoam/edible food/paper  Waste Reduction  Waste Management  75-90% of soild waste could be eliminated THE FOUR R’s!  Refuse  Reduce  Reuse  Repurpose  Recycle  Items: paper, glass, aluminum, steel, and plastics.  PRE CONSUMER and POST CONSUMER US recycles 30%Japan 50%  Primary-recycled into same product  Secondary-recycled into new product  MSW  MRF’s (materials recovery facilities)  Composting AdvantagesDisadvantages Air/

Lynsey Daly Waste and Environmental Manager. What’s in your bin?

Collection or drop off can be made at the site at no extra cost Items are refurbished by unemployed/probation and skills learned throughout their time with us Banbridge Community Recycling Centre Costs Dedicated costs of recycling and landfill waste All vehicles must be registered to use any of the Community Recycling Centres Waste must be sorted before entering the site

Electronic Waste Sei Tanghui July20, 2009. 2 Outline Questions relevant to electronic waste Relevant arguments Conclusion Q&A.

metal - unevenly distributed - essential for electronic items 14 Negative side Is recycle feasible? –Only 2% e-waste in the landfills –75% in the garages or the desk drawers 15 Conclusion Can we stop using electronic items? Take care of them & Use as longer as you could New policy for recycle(international) We should recycle among small area as if a village. (East Asia, North America/

Busting the Myths Find your way to the truth about waste management and recycling. 1.

Find your way to the truth about waste management and recycling. 1 2 A landfill is not the ONLY way to manage waste. 33 Transfer Station Waste-to-Energy Composting Recycling Landfill [ TRUE ] 4 The main item disposed of in a landfill is PLASTIC. 5 [/ greenhouse gas collects in the atmosphere global warming decreases [ TRUE ] 18 Recyclables are always turned back into the same product they were originally. 19 [ FALSE ] Recycling is part of the global economy and is affected by supply and demand. 21 [TRUE/

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle By Jacob Page. Top 3 Reasons to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle 1. It reduces waste in our landfills 2. Recycling protects and expands.

Jacob Page Top 3 Reasons to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle 1. It reduces waste in our landfills 2. Recycling protects and expands U.S. manufacturing jobs 3. It will save energy, conserve natural resources, and decreases emissions of greenhouse gases Top 5 Things You Can Do to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle 1. Reuse or give away things that you are not using anymore. 2. Try/

Electronic Waste Recycling Necessary for a Green Future.

in USA. It is linked with big companies that are certified to the highest standard of data disposal.Electronic Waste Recycling We offer Electronic Waste Recycling for ensuring a green tomorrow. We offer all recycling services at reasonable rate. Electronic Waste Recycling & other Recycling Services Along with Electronic Waste Recycling we also offer e-waste recycling, hard drive destruction, IT Asset disposition (ITAD) and management, re-marketing services for medical equipment, electronic equipment/

1 Supply Chain Network Fenland District Council Workshop 1 “Waste streams and solutions” >Funded By>Delivered by>Partnered by.

2014 Therefore as the market changes companies are beginning to offer solutions to waste problems. Where there was no answer, there is now, and there /Recycled into new plasterboard – paper for animal bedding >Office chairs >Disassembled and plastic/metal recycled. Foam to EFW >Desks >Refurbished and re-sold >Filing cabinets >Recycled 4 5 >Funded By>Delivered by>Partnered by Waste assessment >Identify waste streams >Assess waste according to hierarchy >What in theory is possible for components of each waste/

Workplace Recycling Presentation to Federal Environmental Symposium East June 16, 2009.

Designated Person Designated Person or Team Assess your programs Assess your programs Solid Waste Haulers Solid Waste Haulers Recycling Collectors Recycling Collectors Know Markets Know Markets Collection Collection What? How? What? How? Communications Communications Bins, labeling Bins, labeling Workplace Recycling Keys to Success National Office Paper Recycling Project US Conference of Mayors National Office Paper Recycling Project US Conference of Mayors July 2001 Report: Pilot Multi-Tenant Office Paper/

An Introduction to Pay-As-You-Throw Sarah Nichols Solid Waste Management Specialist, NH RCAP Solutions-The Northeast Rural Community Assistance Partnership.

is any method by which households pay for each bag of waste they generate, similar to how they are charged for any other utility. Pay-as-you-throw creates EQUITY PAYT Will Lower the Municipal Solid Waste Management Budget Reduced waste leads to avoided disposal costs Unit-based fees from PAYT will offset the budget Recycling revenue could increase Households gain more control over their/

Explain what is Municipal Solid Waste and how it should be processed 11720328 Yasufumi Tsuji.

(MSW) Waste Human waste MSW General Waste Garbage Garbage Recyclable garbage Recyclable garbage etc etc Garbage Garbage Recyclable garbage Recyclable garbage etc etc M W S Waste disposal method (JAPAN)  Main method  Thermal disposal  Landfill disposal  New method  Waste power generation Garbage generation Assistance to thermal power generation more(may be) Make energy!! ・ Heavy Damage to environment ・ High cost, No return Waste power generation The basic structure similar of thermal power/

Organics Compartment OUT OF SERVICE When Lit staff maintenance When power off during night = “Unlit” Select Organics Button Organic Button lights All.

Organics Compartment OUT OF SERVICE When Lit staff maintenance When power off during night = “Unlit” Select Organics Button Organic Button lights All Floors -Door Unlocks -use thumb latch to open NO MESS - Goes directly into bin Organic access only All floors - Waste/Recycle buttons lock-out After Last Door Closes System resets Next user selection available Organics System Layout Waste Compactor SELECT WASTE BUTTON Diverter plate/

Jo Holmes Waste Aware North East Tel: 07815 754931.

North East Jo@daxi.co.uk Tel: 07815 754931 Community Recycling Network North East (CRNNE) CRNNE has now launched Business Plan and a Mapping Exercise of the Sector. Approx 40 Community Waste and Recycling Projects in the North East Community Recycling Network North East (CRNNE) New Co-ordinator in post – Sue Robertson Sue can be contacted on: Tel: 07587 639669 Email: sue@crnne.org.uk/

Durban, South Africa, 9 July 2013 E-waste in emerging markets: an opportunity Ruben Janse van Rensburg, Environmental Manager Africa, HP

in Kenya, a role model Treatment Center & Trading Platform operating under strict recycling standards Collectors Collection centres X 50 20 scavengers for each collection point Scope : all e-waste, including ‘problematic fractions’ Goal : self sustaining business model, supporting “EAC” Enabled by draft regulation Creating THOUSANDS of green jobs in Kenya $$ 7 ”E-waste solutions Alliance for Africa” Reclaimed Appliances (UK) Ltd Leading, not following/

Paschal Buckley After Sales Manager. Reduction in Waste Costs  2007 - €14,326.00  2008 - €12,328.79  2009 - € 7,771.58  2010 - € 6,419.00 In 4 years.

by Pat Kelleher and used in his Tyre Recycling plant, PK Rubber, to make shredded rubber utilised in Equestrian Market, Landscaping market, Sports facilities & Playgrounds etc. Metal  2007 Waste metal used to go to landfill  Today Cork Metal provide us with a skip Collection of skip is Free of Charge All metal is now diverted from landfill Waste Oil & Batteries  Collected by Enva Ireland Ltd/

Greening Your Home Presented By: Josh Simmons Environmental Manager Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians [Insert DATE]

/107 www.syrwd.org/view/107 Waste Management Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Composting & Green Waste Household Hazardous Waste  Fluorescent Lights, Electronics  Cleaners, Paint, Used Oil  Hazardous Waste Collection Day Waste Management Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Composting & Green Waste Household Hazardous Waste Green Purchasing  Organic & Local  Recycled Content  Recyclable Materials Waste Management Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Composting & Green Waste Household Hazardous Waste Green Purchasing Websites  www/

ISO 9001:2000  ISO 14001:2004 IAER Certified Electronics Recycler  E-Scrap Recycling Monitor/Glass Recycling.

/ manuals –Loose in gaylords –Sell through brokers CDs –If destruction required  Waste to Energy –If recycle  plastics recycler (Polycarbonate). Packaging materials ISO 9001:2000  ISO 14001:2004 IAER Certified Electronics Recycler  E-Scrap Recycling Summary Responsible E-Scrap recycling means: –Knowing where and how the material is processed –Secure handling of personal/proprietary information –Maximum recovery of value to minimize costs Primary economic drivers –Resale –Precious metal recovery

THE ZERO WASTE CAMPUS Brigitte Morin Waste Diversion Coordinator uOttawa Sustainable Development www.sustainable.uOttawa.ca.

2010 there are almost 40,000 students on campus in 2010 the campus has grown to 550,000 m 2 WASTE DIVERSION TIMELINE campus population: 24,317 1990-1991 introduction of desk side recycling vermi-composting pilot 1994-1995 spread of recycling on campus e-waste Recycling 1995-1996 started centralized pick-up of recycling bins skids 1999-2000 scrap metals campus population: 31,439 2004-2005 large-scale/

SAVING OUR ENVIRONMENT. Do you know what is recycling? Recycling is making your used items or materials into something useful, in order to prevent wasting,

raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution, water and soil pollution. Why do we need to recycle? Making products from virgin or raw materials results in pollution and uses more energy. When we recycling, we can save energy. What are the benefits of recycling? Recycling reduces waste, which in turn reduces the need for landfills and dumpsites. It also reduces pollution and saves energy. How/

Northshore Senior Center Activities occurring throughout the event: Electronics Recycling (Parking Lot) Batteries Recycling (Parking Lot) Medicine Return.

a food scrap box as well as offering more information on composting. Hazardous and Electronic Waste Recycling Day Organized and Coordinated by: University of Washington | Bothell Beta Alpha Psi in Partnership with the City of Bothell With Funds from: The King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program and King County Waste Reduction & Recycling Grants ITINERARY Friday, April 1 st, 2011 10 am – 2 pm Thank you for/

Shingle Recycling Husnu Kalkanoglu November 2, 2007.

shingles contain similar raw materials as hot mix; asphalt, glass mat, granules and limestone stabilizer Recycled plant waste hardly makes a dent - Annually an estimated 10 million tons of asphalt shingle tear-offs are disposed as landfills - Annual plant waste is reported to be about 1 million tons Adding tear-offs from re-roofing has its challenges - Tear-offs usually contain various contaminants – nails/

Household Waste in Devon  8 District Councils – collections/local advice  Devon County Council Responsible for Waste Local Plan & Disposal landfill sites.

Plymouth (Dec 2015) - Plymouth, Torbay, South Hams, West Devon and south Teignbridge DCC – Waste Management facility visits Experience the sights, sounds and smells of waste! Recycling centre / landfill site Energy from Waste facility DCC – Waste Educators Resource Futures 4 year contract Devon Community Composting Network (DCCN) Funded by DAWRRC (Devon Authorities Waste Reduction and Recycling Committee ) Community composting scheme / School advisors Devon School Sustainability ‘Bulletin’ Half termly email/

Presented by He Min From Nantong Middle School. Drought Flood Sand-storm Rubbish Waste air Waste water Revision: disasters.

raw materials. Cut back on production, recycle rubbish, teach people about environmentally friendly ways of living recycle rubbish, effective laws, control, heavy taxes on the factories producing pollution. Put the subjects each speaker talks about in the correct order. Liu Shuiqing Qian Liwei recycling industrial waste population fishing water pollution production __ 6 1 5 3 2 4 Taxes recycling factories production laws __ 5 3/

Go Green Do you recycle? Recycling is good for earth.People in the united states recycle every day,You should recycle too. By:Michelle C.,Daniel G.,Omar.

S. and Elizabeth G. r ecycle About 60% of people in the United States recycle. You should recycle in school in home and everywhere.You could recycle by puting the rigth trash on the recycling ban.You could make things by recycling a bottle and make a watering can, by puting / Paul Keyes elementary is maybe use less water some kids play with the water in the restrooms and waste it. Another thing you can do is not waste food kids sometimes don’t eat what’s on their plate and just throw it away maybe we should/

Waste Reduction Group Services, Products, Equipment and Consulting to Reduce Waste and Improve Recycling.

using Totes & Gaylords Industrial plastics & stretch wrap Document destruction & paper shredding Polystyrene Packaging Home Multi-Material Recycling in Trailers Picture of trailer and gaylords Home Waste and Recycling Processing and Transfer Stations Electronic waste is handled and processed in Canada. We do not ship electronic waste to landfills in China. Fluorescent lights, ballast and batteries are also processed in Canada using special processes and facilities to/

Www.dnr.maryland.gov/boating Maryland Clean Boating Lesson Plan Section 3 WASTE CONTAINMENT AND DISPOSAL.

blows overboard, retrieve it. Pack food in reusable containers. Buy products without plastic or excessive packaging. Buy drinks in recyclable containers and recycle them. Dispose of all trash on shore. Dont toss cigarette butts overboard! They are made of plastic. www.dnr.maryland.gov/boating Waste Containment and Disposal: Recycle Cans, glass, newspaper, antifreeze, oil, oil filters, lead batteries and monofilament fishing line can all be/

Joining forces in the waste chain Export of Dutch waste knowledge.

on legislation and enforcement Waste collection Waste to Energy Baling techniques Automotive recycling Construction waste recycling Slag recycling technique Waste Drying technique Waste digestion technique Gypsum Recycling Joined waste management techniques and know how Recycling of Car tires Engineering WTE Solid waste sorting techniques Landfill and landscaping Air separation technique Composting organic waste Mattress recycling Plastic recycling ARN AVR Bammens BOA Recycling BRBS Decistor BV Cristiaens/

Where does our recyclable waste go?. We contacted OZO waste who collect the school’s waste. Here’s what they told us….

or reduce. Recycling all the recyclable waste we create in our school involves using a lot of energy. Recycling all the recyclable waste we create in our school involves using a lot of energy. Using up lots of fossil fuels and polluting the atmosphere. Trucks to Recycle Plant… Recycle plant to UK and Northern Ireland…. Recycle Plants Using Energy What’s the Solution? Try to reuse instead of recycling. Try to reuse instead of recycling. Try/

Construction Waste Management in Hospitality Industry Paul Cetola - LEED AP Allied Waste Services.

ABC’s (Asphalt, Brick & Concrete) Metal Cardboard Drywall (Gypsum) Trash U-Waste & E-Waste Recycling On-Site Site Separation – Process by which waste is sorted and disposed of individually by type of waste. Pros: Higher recycling rates & lower tipping fees Cons: Large area consumed by multiple containers Recycling Off-Site Off-Site Separation – Process by which comingled waste is sorted at an offsite disposal facility to reclaim as much material/

Why we Recycle? What if we don’t recycle? What can we Recycle? Images What will it change?

waste is being put in landfills there is less space for any more rubbish, if we recycle we can reduce the landfill space. We also recycle to produce more cardboard or paper through renewable materials. We also recycle/Glass Bottles Aerosol Cans Plastic Bottles More………… Home What will it change? By Recycling Through out the years, it would make a change to landfills, also it/ Home Images Home What if we don’t recycle? If we don’t recycle the consequences could be to losing fossil fuel quicker, resulting in no /

Duong Duc Secondary School ENGLISH 8 LESSON 4: READ Vocabulary: Unit 10 Unit 10 : RECYCLING - a pipe : - to refill : - to melt : - a deposit : - to break.

broken up, melted and made into new glassware. 4. Drink cans are brought back for recycling. 5. Household and garden waste is made into compost. LANGUAGE FOCUS: FURTHER PRACTICE: Put the words into Passive sentences a. cloth bags/ use/ instead of plastic bags. Cloth bags are used instead of plastic bags. b. milk/ contain/ paper boxes nowadays Milk is contain in paper boxes nowadays/

Building the Infrastructure Beyond Recycling GRRN National Zero Waste Action Conference Saturday, July 30, 2011 1 Ruth C. Abbe National Practice Leader.

13 Facility Costs Per Ton FacilityCost per ton (net) Recyclables processingPays $10-30 Composting$35-60 Resource recovery park$50-100 C&D processing$30-40 Anaerobic digestion$100-130 Mixed materials processing$40-60 Local landfill$35-50 Remote landfill$80+ Zero Waste Infrastructure Social Infrastructure Alignment of Goals –Local Government –Generators –Service Providers Rate Structure Signals Community-Based Approaches New Rules/

Christmas Campaigns Marten Gregory Waste Reduction Officer Dorset Waste Partnership.

Trophy! Thorncombe St Mary’s Primary School Reduced school food waste by 95% WEEE Campaigns “WEEE Recycle” Campaign: TV Campaign 26 Dec – 23 January –Raise awareness of waste electrical recycling facilities Weee connect – industry alliance promoting responsible recycling of weee WEEE industry funded (inc W&S Recycling – SWWMG member) WEEE Campaigns Campaign Aims Raise awareness (especially in light of higher UK targets by 2016) 800 ads – 4 weeks – 34/

First annual, nationwide, K-12 school recycling competition Join in on the fun, score big and win! 1.

module No certification module required Weigh recyclables and/or convert from volume- weight Provide published population figure if winner No published population figure required Verification of dataNo verification of data Listed in official statewide rankings Listed/Resources 13 Recycling activities o Logos and Slogans o MRF in Action o Plastics by the Numbers Waste Management Activities o Source Reduction o Recycling o Composting o Waste-to-Energy o Landfills Recycling Jeopardy MRF Video Recycling Stats /

Jason Sanders TDS Green School Solutions 14 th Annual Texas Recycling and Sustainable Summit Oct. 4 th, 2011.

- Padres Middle School Pilot Program- AISD 4 Elementary Schools 4 Months Implemented Single Stream Recycle and Composting Trained and Educated Students, Faculty, and Staff Diverted over 50,000 lbs of food waste School Recycling Program Magazines Newspaper File Folders Office Paper Paper Products Food Boxes Shipping Boxes Cardboard/ Boxboard Plastic #1-7 Metal Aluminum Glass Empty Containers School Composting Program Vegetable Scraps Proteins Dairy/

Zero Waste, Zero Haz-waste, Zero Packaging Waste Mrs Almitra H Patel, Member Supreme Court Committee for Solid Waste Management

homes, offices, businesses, factories, campuses.  Haz-waste and nuisance wastes can be minimized  Packaging received and shipped out should be fully recyclable  CII can help promote policies for this 2 BECOME A ZERO- WASTE ‘FAMILY’ ALL YOUR EMPLOYEES MUST PLEDGE HOME COMPLIANCE TOO  Just keep kitchen, fruit, flower and leaf waste free of plastics and other non- biodegradable waste. Dry waste can be stored onsite for weekly collection/

Organics Recycling Program Food to Flowers. Our Food How do we close the loop?

Springs Organics... which is located in Thurston County. The Sort Line a new way of handling your trash 1.SILVERWARE 2.TRASH 3. FOOD & PAPER including milk cartons 4. RECYCLABLES Garbage Food and Paper Recyclabes Silverware Sort at your tables Don’t Waste Food Don’t rush it! Pack a “Waste-Free” Lunch Durable Forks, Spoons and Knifes Cloth Napkins Refillable Drink Containers Reusable/

Types of Recycling. Paper Recycling  Office paper  Newspapers  magazines with glossy pages  plastic-lined paper drink cartons (food stained paper.

 aluminum cans  aluminum foil and foil packaging  paint cans and aerosol cans Glass Recycling  ­Glass is recycled according to color: brown, green, clear (container glass)  lightbulbs, sheet glass, mirrors (may/may not be accepted)  fluorescent lightbulbs. Trash Recycling  ­Can be recycled different ways.  In-vessel Composting: mixes food waste with garden waste to become compost for plants.  The second is anaerobic digestion: uses microorganisms to break/

Educating the World about Globalization and Recycling Kira Alexander Sharon INT 301 9 Nov 2015.

 Overreacting environmentalists? Recycling Benefits Renewable Energy  Solar Renewable Energy  Wind Renewables Graph Solutions-ISWA E-World Recyclers Works Cited  Cohen/Fava, Philip. "E-Waste: The New Frontier in Global Business." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 12 July 2012. Web. 02 Nov. 2015..  Fava, Philip. "Plastics Recycling...A Bigger Business Than /National Geographic Society, 15 Oct. 2015. Web. 02 Nov. 2015..  "Recycling Basics." EPA. United States Environmental Protection Agency, 21 Oct. 2015. Web. /

2013 CASBO ANNUAL CONFERENCE & SCHOOL BUSINESS EXPO Recycling & Reducing Trash Fees APRIL 3-6, 2013, LONG BEACH, CA These materials have been prepared.

& SCHOOL BUSINESS EXPO What to Look For? What is in your waste receptacles? What can be recycled? % of recyclable types? 2013 CASBO ANNUAL CONFERENCE & SCHOOL BUSINESS EXPO Explore the different providers Do they recycle all wastes? Determine the costs Choosing a Provider 2013 CASBO ANNUAL CONFERENCE & SCHOOL BUSINESS EXPO Be Careful! Is there a recycling program already on campus? Who are they? Political impact 2013 CASBO ANNUAL/

Recycle Kaiomi Nicole Rivera Garcia 6grade health Ms: mathis.

Rivera Garcia 6grade health Ms: mathis 3R`s Recycling-is processing used materials waste into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption. Reduce- to reduce water and try to do it in acceptable amounts. Reuse- reuse plastic water battle cardboard or other reusable stuff Part 2 The organization responsible for families recycling in Atlantic county are acua. The items that/

Arial Bold 17 point ZEUS Lives !!! Attaining Sustainability Zero waste: Reduce waste to landfill by 25% by 2014. - SA Strategic Plan How much waste? Why?

PDA Data captured Extrapolation MSW data ofwhole metro 6 councilsfigures ZEUS extrapolates EnteringLeaving Processing Point Data Categorisation Purpose: regular or audit Period: time Source of data: MRF, Transfer station, etc Location: Spatial! Reprocessed? Direction: entering or leaving the source Tier / category Value and Units Measured? Regular data Audit data MSW Waste flow map Recycle Resid. Challenges Federal Government o Emission Trading o Australian/

1 Waste Minimization and Recycling Program- USDA Headquarters Complex Federal Environmental Symposium – East Recycling Track 17 June 2009.

Green Team, cont’d 43 Goals For FY 2009 Training for Janitorial Staff Supporting the Greening of the Mail Center Increasing revenue from recyclables Trash Sort in 2009 Obtaining additional recycle containers Improve Signage for recycle containers Outreach Effort in November (America Recycle Day) Recognizing outstanding efforts in Waste Minimization Efforts & Recycling. Incorporating Headquarters Plan into the new Headquarters EMS Program. 44 Contact Info Ed Murtagh – 202/

THINK OUTSIDE THE DUMPSTER By Michael Patton Reduce Regroup Recycle May 3, 2013 OU-Tulsa Schusterman Learning Center.

Policies Commodity vs. Capital Karma Markets in Oklahoma Plastic Pallets Plastic Wood 3 Glass Plants Tulsas New Recycling 95-Gallon Carts Once-A-Week Cereal Boxes Plastics 3-7 All Cans Corrugated RFID Tags Glass Bottles Bars/ receive prizes! Household Hazardous Waste Permanent Facility 4 million City of Tulsa Capital Improvements Program Election Special Collection Events Tires Appliances Mercury Devices THINK OUTSIDE THE DUMPSTER By Michael Patton RecycleMichael@yahoo.com Reduce Regroup Recycle May 3, 2013 OU-/

California Integrated Waste Management Board 1 CAs E-Waste Recycling Act Update and Status Report for the CRRA Annual Conference August 1, 2007 CIWMB Electronic.

Update and Status Report for the CRRA Annual Conference August 1, 2007 CIWMB Electronic Waste Recycling Program www.eRecycle.org California Integrated Waste Management Board 2 Electronic Waste Recycling Act Intended to fund the recycling of certain electronic waste: –Cathode ray tubes (CRT) televisions and computer monitors); –Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) televisions and monitors; –Laptop computers; –Gas plasma display televisions –Personal DVD players (July 1, 2007) California Integrated/

A Free, Confidential & Non-Regulatory Program Smart Waste Management alternatives for Iowa business & industry Reduce Reuse Recycle.

TONS diverted from landfill disposal $87,251,878 in cost savings to companies Jim Reimer Area 6 Resource Specialist 641-938-2845 jimreimer.iwe@gmail.com  Types / quantities of wastes generated  Recycling markets for wastes  Re-usable materials to meet your needs  Waste reduction strategies  Waste Audits / Waste management plans  Funding opportunities  Educational programs Economic  Avoid disposal cost  Avoid material purchase  Receive payment for re-usable and/

Sustainable work practices How can you reduce the environmental impacts of your work? Save water Save energy Reduce waste Use chemicals safely.

(not natural forests) Re-use materials where possible, eg use scrap paper for notes Home Reduce waste Throw out only what cannot be reused or recycled.reused or recycled Avoid creating waste in the first place. Conduct a waste audit to check what waste you actually create! Use emails instead of printed documents Read on the screen whenever possible Use Print Preview to check documents before printing/

Recycling Program Overview WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES.

efficient home improvements INCENTIVES FOR RESIDENTS Larger bins More frequent collection dates Expanded lists of accepted materials Comingled recycling IMPROVEMENTS TO PROGRAM MaterialPreparation CansRinse clean; remove lids Glass bottles/jarsRinse clean; remove/ 14, 28December 15, 29 RECYCLING DATES FOR 2011 WASTE MANAGEMENT OPTIONS Most Environmentally Sound Least Environmentally Sound  Reduce landfill use by 60%  Achieve 95% participation in recycling program FIVE-YEAR GOAL NameLocationPhone Number/

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