Ppt on rc coupled amplifier lab

1 System-Level Exploration of Power, Temperature, Performance, and Area for Multicore Architectures Houman Homayoun 1, Manish Arora 1, Luis Angel D. Bathen.

memory cells Precharge & Equalization Bitline Mux Sense Amplifies Sense Amplifier Mux Output/Write Drivers Wordline DriversRow Decoders CACTI-/as MASTER Timing Modeling Estimate critical path Use RC delays to estimate time similar to CACTI Area/ and Installing Current version 0.8 available from HP Labs website http://www.hpl.hp.com/research/mcpat/ Download/controlled Caches Software-controlled SRAMs ScratchPad Memories (SPMs), Tightly Coupled Memories (ARM), Local Stores (Cell), Streaming Memories, /

ANALOG ELECTRONICS 1 COURSE OUTLINE EMT 112/4. LECTURERS  Mrs. Syahrul Ashikin Room: KKF2,Seberang Ramai, Kuala Perlis.  Mr. Muhamad.

Devices and Circuit Theory’, 8 th edition, Prentice Hall. LAB MODULES Experiment 1: BJT Common-emitter Amplifier Experiment 2: BJT Common-emitter Gain vs Frequency Experiment 3: BJT Common-collector Amplifier Experiment 4: FET Common-source Amplifier Experiment 5: RC Filter Experiment 6: Class A Amplifier COURSE ASSESSMENT Final Exam: 50% Coursework: 50% Lab work: 30% Theory Test: 10% Lab test : 10% COURSE INFORMATION Lecture’s timetable DAYTIMEVENUE/

BPS Monitors Inductive Pick-Up: experience on CTF3 BPS Monitors Inductive Pick-Up: experience on CTF3 J.J. García Garrigós IFIC, GAP (Group of Accelerator.

f or an off-center beam the currents through electrodes are different and coupling elements between electrodes will be needed to model the device behavior (under /LF wire test-bench  New Wire Test-bench was developed at IFIC labs specifically designed for the tests of a series of 16 BPS units. /f LΣ <10kHz. Pulse of [Σ, ΔV, ΔH]  Droop compensation implemented with RC circuit in the feedback loop of first amplifier stages of Δ channels.  BPS behavior at bunching frequencies:  TBL beam pulses are composed/

PS Seminar – 27/06/2002 SPL status & plans 1 Status & plans of the SPL* study  Why upgrade the proton beams at CERN ? Approved physics programme Potential.

Potential extensions of the physics programme  Why a high energy linac ? Linac versus RCS World-wide context  How ? SPL design R. & D. topics and collaborations Staging/ competence is particularly valuable 4. With a maximum of collaboration/exchanges with other labs 5. Useful for any upgrade of the CERN injectors PS Seminar – 27//housing coupling cell 4 klystrons6 klystrons5 klystrons PS Seminar – 27/06/2002 SPL status & plans 24 R&D collaborations: the DTL test stand (with IPHI) CERN 50 kW amplifier (/

Transferred-Substrate Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Integrated Circuit Technology M Rodwell, Q Lee, D Mensa, J Guthrie, Y Betser, S Jaganathan, T Mathew,

of California, Santa Barbara SC Martin, RP Smith, NASA Jet Propulsion Labs Supported by ONR (M Yoder, J Zolper, D Van Vechten), AFOSR/overshoot in InGaAs Base bandgap grading reduces transit time substantially RC terms quite important for > 200 GHz ft devices Excess / Differential input will partly suppress ground noise coupling ~ 30 to 40 dB common-mode rejection/ICs (not yet working !) AGC / limiting amplifier CML decision circuit PIN / transimpedance amplifier Delta-Sigma ADC In Development (300 HBTs) /

1 Silicon Detector “Basics” The Rise and Rise of silicon in HEP Why silicon?  Basic principles & performance  More exotic structures; double sided, double.

 m – 500  m p side implants + + + - - - Position Reconstruction DC and AC coupled strips 29 Strips: heavily implanted boron Substrate: Phosphorus doped (~2-10 k  cm and ~ 300  /electron charge e. (Here we assume the use of most commonly used CR-RC amplifier shaper circuit) Noise II –Some typical values for LHC silicon strip modules / plastic saga ” Received sensors from vendor, tested and distributed to assembly labs. All = OK Assembly labs got worse results – confirmed at CERN US TO VENDOR: YOUR SENSORS /

1 Welcome to the 2013 CTSS Summer Workshop at Rose- Hulman Institute of Technology Mario Simoni Rose-Hulman Maurice Aburdene Bucknell University Farrah.

the first 3 harmonics of the signal. 50 51 A simple 3000 Hz bandwidth RC low pass-filter was used. The ASCII code for “a” i.e. / working with for the rest of the workshop Mario Simoni There are a couple of different technology options to facilitate CT hands-on application oriented activities Signals /Lab 1 focuses on signal modeling and LTI system properties to determine the limitations of the board. Materials2 function generators and 3-channel scope Mini LabStepsQuestions for students Linearity of amplifiers/

Amplitude Modulation.

filter AC coupling High sensitivity for low S/N Envelope Detection Circuit Waveform RF rectifier Filter RC time constant/coupling Performance Sensitivity Fidelity or Bandwidth Dynamic Range Selectivity Adjacent channel Image Rejection IF Spurious Response Harmonics Squelch Noises Static noise from transmission media Motor boating noise from drift in frequency Lab/ Mixer Other Circuit Base band signal modulates oscillator current Power Amplifier Impedance Matching Maximize Power to the Load Impedance Z = /

MODERN 2010 Review ENIAC-120003 MODERN Ref. Technical Annex MODERN_PartB Rev2 v3.3 Review period: m13 : m22 (2010-03-01 : 2010-12-31) WP1: Giuliana GangemiWP2:

Remains challenging task for HV-MOS devices, because of coupling between degradation effects and others (self-heating,…). WP2 Task/ of waveforms –Prototypes for automatic reduction of large RC networks –In depth verification of statistical standard cell library/ Analogue Sensing Memory Circuit with RandomSpice Adapted Sense Amplifier circuit of NMX analyzed with RandomSpice (UNGL) SPICE/TC #1 (32nm CMOS): taped, lab characterization completed –TC #2 (32nm CMOS): taped, lab characterization on-going –TC #3 (/

Signal Processing Electronics

applies to much shorter distances - like nearby labs or instruments in the same room Need to transfer/resistance (though remarkably small) for long cables, RC time constant per unit length becomes noticeable therefore expect/Channel-0 Channel-7 Output Buffer Regulated Cascode Transimpedance Amplifier Differential Amplifier Comparator LVDS output driver Common threshold LVDS_out0 LVDS_out7 /substituted with a counter) Multiple exotic architectures Heavily coupled phase locked loops Beating between two PLLs Re-/

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker Presents The Program For Total Health.

high sodium, lead toxicity (soft water), caffeine Lab: Cardiovascular Lipids, fractionated lipid profile Hs-CRP Fibrinogen/the components and activities of the system.” Bidlack WR, Brown RC, Mohan C. Fed Proc. 1986 Feb;45(2):142/couples.’ Kiecolt-glaser JK, et al Hostile marital interactions, proinflammatory cytokine production, and wound healing. Arch Gen psychiatry. 2005;62(12):1377-84 “Even a modest number of depressive symptoms may sensitize the inflammatory response in older adults and produce amplified/

Parasitic Extraction Luca Daniel University of California, Berkeley Massachusetts Institute of Technology with contributions from: Alessandra Nardi, University.

California, Berkeley Joel Phillips, Cadence Berkeley Labs Jacob White, Massachusetts Instit. of Technology 2/RC tree network for capacitive cross-talk analysis R1R1 C1C1 s R2R2 C2C2 R4R4 C4C4 C3C3 R3R3 CiCi RiRi 1 2 3 4 i 10 Capacitance Extraction Problem Formulation Given a collection of N conductors (of any shape and dimension)Given a collection of N conductors (of any shape and dimension) Calculate the coupling/current loops inside IC (near future) –IC radiation amplified by heat sinks! PCB PCB IC IC IC /

Strips and Pixels Detectors Associated Electronics Jean-François Genat LPNHE Paris Louvain la Neuve, Jan 16th 2008 J-F Genat, LLN Jan 2008.

. Lutz Semiconductor Radiation Detectors. Springer Verlag 2001 AC coupled strips AC coupled No DC flowing through insulated amplifiers Need for biasing resistors n+ alal al P+ /, max 1MHz) 350  m detector thickness Pixel includes: Amplifier 150 mV/1k e- CR-RC shaper150ns peaking time Discriminator 12bit counter ASI US OKI Japan (/O pads, crosstalk, power, increases speed for same functionnality Ray Yarema, FNAL Lincoln Labs IZM Germany Digital Analogue Sensor J-F Genat, LLN, Jan 16th 2008 Vertical /

Project X ICD-2 Low Level RF Brian Chase Project X Collaboration Meeting September 11-12, 2009.

 LLRF provides the drive signal to the klystron drive amplifier (10dBm FS)  LLRF receives coupled port forward and reflected power signals from Drive amplifier and several waveguide pickups. (10dBm FS @ receiver) / Chase 8 Ch Receiver and MFC Multi-Channel Field Control Module 8 Channel Rc Vector Sum vs. Single Channel Harting IF Mini-coax Connector Measured SNR for/ have 10 working boards. –3 at A0 photoinjector –1 for HTS at Meson lab. –1 for CCII at NML. –Firmware  All basic modules are working. /

Beam LARP Contributions to LHC Phase II Collimation 07 November 2007 ATLAS Forum Tom Markiewicz/SLAC BNL - FNAL- LBNL - SLAC US LHC Accelerator Research.

to project 2005:Conceptual Design Phase II RC using FLUKA, Sixtrack and ANSYS, External Design Review, collimator test lab set up 2006Improved Conceptual Design, hire full/ ADCs Data Acquisition and Control Module 32-Channel Isothermal Terminal Block 32-Channel Amplifier Thermocouples Capacitive Sensors –Vacuum or Nitrogen (?) –Safety Authorization (!!!) Adjacent 16.5/Stability diagram (maximum octupoles) and collective tune shift for the most unstable coupled-bunch mode and head-tail mode 0 (1.15e11 p/b at /

1. General Consideration 2. Choice of Crystal 3. Structure of EMC 4. Quality control of CsI(Tl) crystals 5. CsI(Tl) counter 6. Readout 7. Counter testing.

of a CsI(Tl) crystal Crystal: 3.5cm x 3.5cm—4.5cm x 4.5cm,25cm long coupling two PDs(S2744-08) using 60 Co source with 1.17 and 1.33 MeV γ - rays/to Post AMP Preamplifier Specification Figure 15. Block diagram of the post amplifier ½(A+B), A, B can be selected CR-(RC) 2 with pole-zero cancellation shaping,  =1  s / Calibration Before calorimeter assembling, each counter will be pre-calibrated using cosmic ray in the Lab. Has cosmic ray running for 1 month after the installation of BESIII finished At normal /

LARP Accelerator Systems Synthesis Vladimir Shiltsev bnl - fnal- lbnl - slac US LHC Accelerator Research Program.

Web –FY06 Budget – spending to date –DoE Review Nov’05; RC review + Lumi Review –LARP Collaboration Meeting Apr’06 @ LBL Accelerator /in the US –Of interest for LHC –Collaboration of >1 Lab, Universities welcome –Not at expense of current unfinished tasks –Right /high luminosity operation …Under consideration for LARP Fresh Idea: Couple SyncLite to optical fiber, deliver signal upstairs and process it/resources LARPAC 05/11/2006 - Shiltsev 45 Amplifier average power (W) Damping time, sec Lead ions Undulator: period-=/

J.J. García-Garrigós Septiembre 2008 126/09/2008.

García-Garrigós Induced current/signal Pulse deformation ω low = R/L, and ω high = 1/RC S τ droop =1/ ω low, and τ rise =1/ω high τ droop ~ 10 2 t /1] Tests carried out during several short stays at CERN, in the AB/BI-PI* Labs (Bldg.37) Testbench used to characterize the BPMs for the Drive Beam Linac (DBL) /Σ  f Δ general case and must be compensated by External Amplifier 25 BPS Electric Model II)Displaced wire V,H plane: Unbalanced wall image current (low freq. coupling) Δ ≠0  L Δ ≠0 appears on the pair /

©1997-2005 R. Levine Page 1 Digital Switching EETS8320 SMU/NTU Lecture 9a Switching Software (print slides only, no notes pages)

of the telephone set) * This term credited to John Iwerson of AT&T Bell Labs ca. 1960s ©1997-2005 R. Levine Page 23 Modern Digital Switch Subscriber Loop Block/page. Audio frequency voice signals coupled via transformer. Ringing power, loop current detection (supervision) not shown. Amplifier and A/D converter Amplifier and D/A converter Transmit /): –Low pass filter the audio on analog side of A/D conversion Active RC filter, switched capacitor filter, or CCD (charge control diode array) transversal filter /

New Developments in Large Area THGEMs & APV Exercise INFN – Sezione di Trieste Carlos Alexandre Fernandes dos Santos 11/December/2014.

resistor at the PCB rear surface) ◦Red pad: signal induced by RC coupling 5 Motivation of the Exercise Analogue Readout: Charge Sensitive pre-amplifier Cremat (CR110/111) + Ortec Amplifier + Amptek MCA Readout through 16 pads connected together by the connector shown/6 Motivation of the Exercise What causes such high noise level?! Detector? Electronics?! Coupling of a hybrid detector to our digital electronics?? APV Test @ RD51 Lab (thanks for the help provided) 7 Differentiated noise threshold: [~7;~12] fC/

® © 2003 Intel Corporation Silicon Photonics Applications Research Results & Integration Challenges Berkley Lecture Series: 4/27/04 Mario Paniccia, PhD.

Transmitter + Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) + Drive Electronics Communications Technology Lab © 2004 Intel /Lab © 2004 Intel Corporation 24 Novel Intel Capacitor Phase-shifter Device x-section is transistor-like & operates in accumulation mode Uses Majority carriers, so speed is determined by RC/Lab © 2004 Intel Corporation 42 Coupling to Planar waveguide devices Coupling loss  Solution to large coupling loss is to taper from large input waveguide to smaller bus waveguide  Showed decrease in coupling/

MIMO radar: snake oil or good idea?

accuracy? signal processing design MIMO radar* requires much tighter coupling between design specialties than boring old phased array radars antenna/ nuts & bolts hard boiled system engineering perspective. BACKUP MIT Lincoln Lab radar combining algorithm (Coutts, Cuomo, McHarg, Weikle & Robey,/ standards, EMC, ducting 7. Time & frequency agility Decorrelates RCS for phased array (PA) to enhance detection probability 8. / of one waveform generator and high power amplifier for the case of a staggered linear /

373 Project Overview W14. Picking a Project Idea: Think BIG to Start Thinking Big: Segway ExampleSimplified 373 Project Problems Scale: To Big…Accommodates.

.zzounds.com/item--AUTATR1100 – List Price: $9.95 – Image: Miscellaneous Analog Components (lab supplies) – Audio Amplifier: 2, LM741 or equivalent – Bypass capacitors: 100uf – Audio Coupling Capacitors: 1 uf – Resistors: Assorted – Potentiometer: 10k Component List Display: Character Display /” style Great Maneuverability DC motor control with H Bridge Lots of room for components Powered by standard RC batteries Displays: Character NEWHAVEN DISPLAY NHD-0216K3Z-FS(RGB)-FBW Serial interface: I2C, SPI or RS232/

Beam Control and Manipulation June 21 – July 2, 2004 at Madison, WI instructors: Michiko Minty (DESY) and Frank Zimmermann (CERN) this is a 2 week course.

of measurement techniques presented in many conference proceedings and lab internal notes attempt to provide (easy-to-access)/ by L: intermediate regime: R/L <  < 1/RC – for high bandwidth, L should be large and C should/is zero) induced voltage usually detected directly through a high impedance amplifier long versus short bunches: Beam Position – Capacitive Monitors (2)/(usually small to avoid reflections between the edges and the output coupling) example – capactive split plate: the voltage on a single/

1 Welcome to the 2014 CTSS Summer Workshop at Rose- Hulman Institute of Technology Mario Simoni Rose-Hulman Maurice Aburdene Bucknell University Farrah.

harmonics of the signal. 65 66 A simple 3000 Hz bandwidth RC low pass-filter was used. The ASCII code for “a”/(ECG), 1 st order filter) 4 Harmonic distortion and SNR (distortion of input amplifiers and noise added to signal) 5 Aperiodic signals (speech via microphone) 6 Modulation/ Pass V_OUT to EE- Board Scope CH1 with DC coupling YIN to EE-Board AWG2 Set up the Digilent Waveforms/ setup and start both channels Synchronize phase of each channel Lab 2 focusses on periodic signals with DTMF signals and musical /

KLOE II Inner Tracker - FEE Status Antonio Ranieri RD51 Collaboration Meeting Paris 13-15 October 2008 INFN-Bari S ervizio E lettronico L aboratori F rascati.

a semi-gaussian shaper (CR- RC) circuit providing noise filtering 2 A leading-edge discriminator designed in fully differential mode AC-coupled with previous stage for reducing the channel to channel offset variations 3 typePre-amplifier (cascode configuration) Feedback capacitor150 fF/fC)  25 chips (2’nd release) have been already delivered  We are waiting to receive the new FEBs  Lab tests will start soon and if successful the new FEBs will be mounted on the detector for new integration tests  Proceed /

CSE 466 Communication 1 Serial protocols RS-232 (IEEE standard)  serial protocol for point-to-point, low-cost, low-speed applications for PCs I2C (Philips)

sensing You will build an electric field sensor in lab  Non-contact hand measurement (like magic!)  /decays to within 1% of its final value within 5 RC time constants Capacitor charge/discharge e-cap.html Applications of /!) ~10uF-100uF Power supply filtering  10uF-100uF electrolytic “AC coupling” between amp stages “Bypass”  0.1uF ceramic or polyester/Differentiation (AoE 1.14) / integration (AoE 1.15) Operational amplifiers Amplify voltages (increase voltage) Turn weak (“high impedance”) signal into /

Ting-Chi Lee OES, ITRI 11/07/2005 GaN-based Heterostructure Field-Effect Transistors.

communication system, especially in the base station power amplifiers, high Vbk is required n Next generation /Lab. u USA: US Naval Research Lab., Hughes Research Lab., Lucent Technologies Bell Lab., TRW, nitronex u USA: Cornell U., UCSB, RPI, U. Texas, USC, NCSU u Germany: Water-Schottky Institute, DaimlerChrysler lab/ decouple the ion energy and ion density u Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) u Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) /- 10 1 300 5 15 - 30 1 300 5 15 - 50 1 Rc (Ω ‧ mm) ρ s (Ω/ □ ) ρ c (  Ω ‧ cm/

April 26, 2006Bill Wisniewski1 Run 5 progress Operations and Safety Systems Status SVT Intervention Decision DCH Front-end electronics upgrade DIRC EMC.

(continued): updates of ongoing work, reports discussion of general lab safety issues as they pertain to BaBar work: changes in / line supervisors for this activity shifter training session by RCs: review ESH issues for IR2; walk the site /are sent to Front End Cards (outside the detector) and there amplified and discriminated. A completely new electronics has been developed to readout / Remaining lifts are ordinary lifts, which would require a couple of hundred lift plans. Project schedule threatened by H&R/

BME 301: Biomedical Sensors Lecture Note 2: Sensor Characteristics, Transducer Systems, Displacement and Temperature Sensors BME 301 Lecture Note 2 - Ali.

 =RC. 39BME 301 Lecture Note 2 - Ali Işın 2014 Example 2.2 A piezoelectric sensor has C = 500 pF. Sensor leakage resistanse is 10 GΩ. The amplifier input impedance/BME 301 Lecture Note 2 - Ali Işın 2014 Optical Measurements Applications: 1- Clinical-chemistry lab (analyze sample of blood and tissue) 2- Cardiac Catheterization (measure oxygen saturation of hemoglobin and/Note 2 - Ali Işın 2014 X-ray Imaging System 83 In optically coupled CCD X-ray imaging system, X rays are impinged into a fluorescent screen /

Design and Layout Guidelines

RFI issues. New Reference Designs and Tests Schematic Signal path RC filter, Ferrite bead, Schottky Diode Array RC filter with cut off frequency is about 36Hz(differential signal)/generator, Power amplifiers, An isotropic field sensor, etc. For lab test, use Walkie Talkies to simulate the test environment. EMI/RFI Test IEC61000-4-3 For Lab test, /discharge to the insulating surfaces of EUT Contact discharge to horizontal and vertical coupling planes. IEC ESD Test: IEC-61000-4-2 Standard ESD compliance test/

Sebastian Böser Development of glaciophones and acoustic transmitters for ice 1 st International ARENA Workshop Zeuthen May 2005.

 well understood  cheap Housings:  thick walls or  solid (cast out) Amplifiers:  custom build Simplicity vs. Suitability Acoustic sensors and transmitters – 6 sboeser@ifh.de/with temperature, time, … manufacturing variations problem: input impedance of voltmeter  decharge = RC ≈ 3  s  charge integration Acoustic sensors and transmitters – 11 sboeser@ifh/ inverse transform Problem noise recording from water tank lab self noise higher due to EM coupling Equivalent Noise Level [mPa] Frequency range [kHz/

ULTIMATE Design Review Outline  STAR Pixel Sensor Evolution  MIMOSA-26 Design  ULTIMATE Design & Optimisation  Pixel, Discriminator, Auxilliary Functional.

Different classes of amplifiers: 1.Cascode 2.Common source 3.two stage (source follower AC coupled to cascode) 4.amplifiers with load in / voltage are applied to 960 discriminators (~ 2 cm long)  Have to consider RC distribution line + successive charge rejections  Even an ideal source cannot provide stable references/(schematic + layout): cross-talk, parasitic capacitances, radiation tolerance beam-test and lab test to choose the optimal version  Discriminator timing diagram: Reduced threshold dispersion/

Chem. 133 – 2/25 Lecture. Announcements I Exam 1 –is scheduled for Tuesday –will cover Electronics plus some of electrochemistry (up to but not including.

Lab –Finishing Set 2 Period 1 labs today (still make up day if needed) –On Tuesday we start the Set 2 Period 2 labs –I will Add to the table (for Period 3 and Period 4 labs/ (E º ) is cell potential when reducing electrode is coupled to standard hydrogen electrode (oxidation electrode) Large + E º/Transformation of time dependence to frequency dependence) 3.RC Circuits (know quantitatively for for step changes /work + how signal is measured) 7.Operational Amplifiers (know general uses) 8.Noise (know how/

ASIC Review July, 2015 ASICs: DCD and Switcher. ASIC Review July, 2015 DCD.

1 V Comparator simulation with different corners – OK Comparator simulation with added 5fC coupling capacitance – the coupling capacitance can contribute to systematic offset (5fC – 2uA) – however in reality/) The chip works after the irradiation Bumping: bumping so far done in HD-lab, this works well for prototyping but is slow for production Bumping with the required/ V. ADC RC ASIC Review July, 2015 102 Problem of low ADC end M1 current too weak Resistance Sw too high Out too low (Amplifier A saturates) /

1 20090323 16722 sound & tactile sensing & sensors sound & tactile sensing.

time-dependent amplification receiver amplifier gain is typically “ramped” approximately linearly with time after acoustic pulse emission this helps suppress direct coupling (i.e., not /(now by startup SenSation) UC Berkeley Robotics Lab virtual reality people with disabilities John Hopkins University Somatosensory Labs and mine ~1985 75 20090323 mws@cmu.edu/so high impedance measurement techniques must be employed and time response (  = RC) can suffer 88 20090323 mws@cmu.edu 16722 sound & tactile sensing & /

Measurements of the 1/f noise in Josephson Junctions and the implications for qubits Jan Kycia, Chas Mugford- University of Waterloo Michael Mueck- University.

 V  0 Transport Measurement Circuit with filters Sample Cu filters RC  filters LC  filters 20 mK 4.2 K 300 K /circuit. V rf ƒ mod rf SQUID and FET amplifier circuit Comparing the zero-voltage noise measurement method to the/ to superconducting qubits. - Present results on 1/f noise measurements. Tunable coupling via curent Bias current: Screening current: Extra flux at constant bias directly /the out-of-phase component will still be observed Lab at Waterloo Dilution refrigerator (Base temperature 12 mK) /

Online Electronics Laboratory Core Technology –Consumer Electronics, Computers, and Communications Future Projects –Alarm, remote control, robot –Equalizer,

Lab Final (30 pts) Attendance counts Reports to be Written in Turns by Team Members EE352 – Exp. 4 or 6; not both Writing Reports – http://www.studygs.net/labreports.htm Experiments Introduction to Electronics Laboratory RC Filter and Bridge Circuit Operational Amplifier/ Time Base Adjustment –5-10 cycles of sine wave –Clearly measurable rise or fall time Sensitivity, Position DC or AC coupling –AC coupling: high pass filter; droop Trigger Source –A, B, line, external; low or high pass filter to get stable /

1 Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs). Copyright  2004 by Oxford University Press, Inc. Microelectronic Circuits - Fifth Edition Sedra/Smith2 Introduction.

of solid-state circuits. Bardeen, Shockley, and Brattain at Bell Labs - Brattain and Bardeen invented the bipolar transistor in 1947. The/RF circuits, very-high-speed digital logic circuit family, such as emitter-coupled logic. BJT+CMOS = BiCMOS : high-input impedance, low-power /Figure 5.2 A simplified structure of the pnp transistor. Amplifier Switch Limited application Electrons and holes participate in the current-conduction/temp). - For a given V CC, to increase V RC, we have to operate at a lower V CE. -/

01/18/2000 1 Optical Networks: The Platform for the Next Generation Internet Andrea Fumagalli Dept. of Electrical Engineering University of Texas at Dallas.

Maximum bandwidth up to 100 nm n Gain fluctuation, polarization dependent, high coupling loss 01/18/2000 8 Doped Fiber Amplifiers n Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA) –Conventional (C) band ~1530-1565 nm –Long (/ per link and per node 01/18/2000 25 WMM Sub-problems n Ring Cover (RC): –select the rings to cover each link carrying a working lightpath n Working Lightpath (/ packet switched ring 01/18/2000 50 CORD n By UMas, Stanford, GTE Labs in 1996 n Two nodes with ATM-sized packets at two different ’s n/

PIP FY15 Q4 Report W. Pellico PIP PMG November 5 th 2015.

specification document Compatible with PIP-II+ requirements –Internal lab review completed –Harmonic Cavity Design near completion Working/ in Feb) –Cooling seems to be adequate –Amplifier has been ordered –Mechanical engineering design underway –Working/PIP II Booster era and an eventual new RCS. Participation is open to those interested or have/=10547 StudiesPeopleTimeWhen Magnet MovesKiyomi, Todd2 shifts (orbits/Moves)Next couple of weeks CollimatorKapinNot SurePri Coll not completed Lattice/Tunes/LOCOTan,/

SiD Muon System LOI Plans/Status KPiX-RPC R&D SiPM Generic R&D Status G. Fisk, C. Milstene, A. Para, P. Rubinov - Fermilab D. Wright – Livermore Nat’l.

Co-extrusion of scintillator around WLS fiber using the Lab 5 extruder is in the future. Improved WLS / Concept” RPC interface board 64 channels First tests -AC coupling 1.Optimize resistor/capacitors values 2.Protection circuits 3.KPIX /cap. large KPIX inputs unstable – power chip earlier, reduce RC time, reduce R Pedestal wider than expected Isolate HV Compare transition/Faster (~10kHz) Lower HV Smaller signal (~1pC) Needs pre-amplifier Better long-term prognosis No multiple streamers Streamer mode Slower (~/

H.-G. Moser Semiconductor Laboratory MPI for Physics, Munich 3rd Workshop on Advanced Silicon Radiation Detectors Barcelona April 2008 3D interconnection.

, 2003 Long Connection Low Density RC Delays High Impedance High Power consumption Poor Heat Dissipation Large Area Challenging Interposers I//single FE chip (ATLAS FEI2)  The active identical to standard Atlas pixels: DC coupled, isolation by moderated p-spray, punch-through biasing  Added a guard-ring structure /ILC – R. Yarema Complex processing (time stamp) Processed by MIT Lincoln Lab No Sensor yet! Amplifier CDS discriminator Time stamping Storage Sparse readout H.-G. Moser Semiconductor Laboratory MPI/

D.Breton, Orsay SuperB Workshop – February 16th 2009 Ongoing R&D in Orsay/Saclay on ps time measurement: a USB-powered 2-channel 3.2GS/s 12-bit digitizer.

bus is a RC delay line:  delay depends on the sampling cell position.  the overall bandwidth also, especially if it is not limited by an input amplifier or that of/ Chip Dual 12-bit ADC 1 GHz BW amplifier. µ USB Reference clock. Up to 200MHz => 3.2GS/s 2 analog inputs. DC coupled Trigger comparators Ext clk & Trigger inputs Pulsers /, Orsay SuperB Workshop – February 16th 2009 Recording of a MCPPMT pulse in Jerry’s lab Unfortunately, the board was equipped with a 100 MHz oscillator => the wave was sampled /

II – 17-18/07/02 ACI GRID ASP Client-Server Approach for Simulation over the GRID Frédéric Desprez LIP ENS Lyon ReMaP Project.

Résédas) Based on CORBA NEOS, Meta-NEOS (Argonne National Lab., USA) Combinatorial optimization problems RCS (ETH Zürich) ScaLAPACK Servers NIMROD, NIMROD-G (Monash University, /coupled microwave circuit/components design Coupling between oPhysical simulator of HBT oCircuit simulator oThermal reduced model derived from 3D Finite Element simulation  Integrated simulator Analysis tool, predictive and “process” oriented (co design of the circuit and the transistor devices for a given application: amplifier/

C. Cattadori GERDA Phase II FE electronic- MiB 16th april 2010 GERDA Phase I: Status Carla Cattadori, Alberto Pullia, Stefano Riboldi, Alessio D’Andragora,

& Detector) With prototype naked detector in LAr in Gerda Underground Detector Lab: 2.6 keV @ 60 Co 1ch CSA based on PZ0 ASIC / 300K and 77K of a single PZ1 very promising No need of RC stabilizing network Able to drive 50  cable at 300K and 77K Noise/) Detector Input Contacts Pin Connector Minimum CSA BOM 3 JFET 3 Operational Amplifiers 3 Tantalum Capacitors (LV decoupling) 13 Resistors 3 Discharge Protection Devices (/Ct= 0.2pF) a 3 ch CC2 CSA will be coupled to a naked BEGe detector in the next days C. /

DNA microarrays to determine the effect of histone deacetylase inhibition on host response to adenovirus gene therapy vectors http://www.kimicontrol.com/microorg/adenovirus.jpg.

Current Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics 2:540-554 Cancer Tseng JF & Mulligan RC. 2002. Gene therapy for pancreatic cancer. Surgical Oncology Clinics of North America/ to experimental time course Prep and purify RNA Amplify RNA Clean aRNA Dye Couple Hybridize RNA to post-processed microarray slide Clean /deacetylation Drug Development Acknowledgments NSF Fawcett Lab Jen Drake, Jen Feitweiss, Joe Bertsche, Nusara Satproedprai Barbour Lab Valerie Lab Beth Rosenburg Heilemann Lab Pat Bohdan Jeff, Sheryl, Jenn/

C HAPTER 10 Computer Organization and Architecture © 2014 Cengage Learning Engineering. All Rights Reserved. 1 Computer Organization and Architecture:

the far end of the tube, it was picked up by transducers, amplified and fed back to the other end of the tube. © 2014/, 1 st Edition Clements Figure 10.5 illustrates how two cross-coupled inverters are converted into a practical static memory cell. Two transistors / of the timing parameters we will be using are: t RC maximum time required for a read cycle t RAC time between/ properties is the chalcogenide glasses, investigated by Ovshinsky at Bell Labs in 1968. If a chalcogenide glass is melted and cooled /

R&D for Future Accelerators at IFIC Scientific Staff: A. Faus-Golfe, C. Alabau, J.J. García, S. Verdu, J. Alabau Technical Staff: J.V. Civera, C. Blanch.

Pulse deformation ω low = R/L or f low = R/ 2L ω high = 1/RC S or f high = 1/2RC S τ droop =1/ ω low and τ rise /Balanced wall image curent II)Displaced wire: Unbalanced wall image current (low frequency coupling) f high = 1/2R e C S Cut-off Frequencies: GDE Meeting / short stays at CERN, in the AB/BI-PI* Labs. Testbench used to characterize the BPMs for the Drive Beam/compensation of droop time constant, τ droopΔ, with the external amplifier. GDE Meeting Madrid34 BPS: Future Work Open issues for improvement /

An Assortment of Electrical and Computer Engineering Topics in Biomedical Engineering Edward (Ted) A. Clancy Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

standard deviation of EMG signal” Original estimator: Inman et al. [1956] –Analog full-wave rectify and RC low pass filter Electrode-Amplifier (From Liberating Technologies) – Varies with force Limb Prostheses Nerve Re-Innervation for Myocontrol RIC Arm; www.popsci/, R2, LED1, Q1, 9 V battery EAC10–101 Bitar Heartbeat Monitor Lab (3) Hold finger over LED, monitor collector of Q1 EAC10–102 DC coupled, low gain AC coupled, high gain Active Research in Limb Prostheses Walter Reed Hospital, Military Amputee /

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