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mind travel time by road. Places to be visited. The Jantar Mantar is a collection of architectural astronomical instruments, built by Sawai Jai Singh who was a Rajput king. The title of and Sawai was bestowed on him by Emperor Mohammad Shah. – Hawa Mahal, is a palace in Jaipur, India. It was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, and designed by Lal/

Lecture # 09 History of Pakistan III (1526- 1900AD) Recap of lecture # 08 Slave Dynasty Qutub-ud- Deen Aybak (1192-1210) Khalji Dynasty:(1290–1320) Sayyid.

empire started in 1556 with the accession of Akbar the Great. Under his rule, India enjoyed much cultural and economic progress as well as religious harmony Akbar was a successful warrior; he also forged martial alliances with several Hindu Rajput kingdoms Cont. The rule of Shah Jahan, the fifth emperor, was the golden age of Mughal architecture and the arts. He built many splendid monuments/

Chapter 3: Regional Civilizations, AD

empire expanded in the late 600s and early 700s AD, they occupied what is now Afghanistan. In AD 997, a group of Muslim Turkish slaves and their leader Mahmud of Ghazni invaded Pakistan . A group of Hindu warriors, the Rajputs, attempted to defend India from the Muslim invaders, but their old-fashioned tactics were no match for Turkish cavalry. By AD 1200, the Muslim invasion/

India’s Caste System.

caste, priests Kshatriya – ruler, warrior, landowner Vaishya - merchants Shudra – artisans, agriculturalists Harijans – ‘untouchables,’ poor, dung handlers, musicians, really outside of the caste system India’s Surnames Delhi – Hindi(Language)- Sharma, Singh, Agrawal, Kapoor, verma Punjab – Punjabis – Sharma, verma, Singh. Rajasthan – Marvadi’s – rajput, chaudary. Gujarat – Gujaratis – Patel, shah, trivedi, Bhesania*(Iran), ambani. Uttar Pradesh – jatt’s – Singh,rathva, jath,vaidya (doctors) Maharastra/

The Mughal Empire In India 1526-1707. Mughals- Who Are They??? Muslim Turks, Afghans and Mongols Muslim Turks, Afghans and Mongols “Mughal” means Mongols.

Heavy artillery; canons→ break down walls & extend rule into Deccan Plateau Appoints rajputs (sons of kings, old rulers on India) as gov’t officials Appoints rajputs (sons of kings, old rulers on India) as gov’t officials Enables him to unify a land of over 100 million people Enables him to unify a land of over 100 million people Akbar’s Golden Age (1556-1605) Politically Politically Establishes/

1526 A.D. – 1707 A.D.. Babar & the birth of Mughal Empire Babur faced rebellion from his own relatives at the age of 12 when he ascended the throne of.

, under a regent, Bairam Khan, who helped the young emperor expand and consolidate Mughal domains in India.. Akbars army, led by Bairam Khan, defeated Hemu and the Sur army on 5 November 1556 at the Second Battle of Panipat. Akbar conquered Malwa, Jaipur, Chittor, Ranathambore, Gujarat & Bengal. Rana Pratap Singh, a Rajput ruler, however, continuously attacked Mughals and was able to retain most/

Chandragupta : 321 BCE-298 BCE  Unified northern India.  Defeated the Persian general Seleucus.  Divided his empire into provinces, then districts.

great university at Nalanda was destroyed The Hindu caste system became more rigid, women began to wear veilsThe Hindu caste system became more rigid, women began to wear veils The rajputs, khsatriyas, of northern India fought back bravely but were defeatedThe rajputs, khsatriyas, of northern India fought back bravely but were defeated Some lower class Hindus even embraced the equality/

Semantic Web Dushyant Rajput (05005003) Neelmani Singh (05005019) Pratik Jawanpuria (05005022) Jayant Nagda (05D05001) Nirdesh Chauhan (05D05002)

to be exchanged. Semantic Web Components Dushyant Rajput Semantic Web Components Extensible Markup Language(XML) provides an elemental syntax to structure data. XML schema provides and restricts the structure and content of elements in XML documents. Resource Description Framework/  Distrust the cricket news if India makes less than 100 runs.  Distrust product prices that are more than 50% below the average price. Integrated View of Trust Management Each of the above mechanism address the problem from/

Adapting Udaan Approach in Operationalising Special Training -by Seema Rajput Technical specialist, GEP, CARE India

Rajput Technical specialist, GEP, CARE India srajput@careindia.org  Free & compulsory education for every child in a neighbourhood school till completion of elementary education  It makes provisions for a non-admitted child to be admitted to an age appropriate class  It provides for development of/ settings  The approaches were relevant because it rested on the universal value of equity and appreciation of the diversity that existed..  The processes designed were reflective, which made contextualisation/

Mughal Empire Invasion of India India had been through a time of turmoil Hindus and Muslims fighting over territory Turkish invaders: Hindus treated like.

days for women only. Culture Many cultures welcomed Persian language Common person spoke Hindi Arts flourished Drew from western influence Literature Libraries Architecture: Akbar period Decline Ended in a patchwork of independent states Trade with Europeans: India’s next conquerors Rajputs rebel! Outbreak of wars with Sikhs and Rajputs War takes money = taxes No loyalty to leader Weakened central state, power/

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X is a practice of honorary mass self-immolation of women of the Rajput clan in order to avoid capture and dishonour at the hands of their Muslim enemies. It was originally the voluntary death on a funeral pyre of the queens and female royals of defeated Rajput kingdoms. This was / and excavations have been made and are being made by the Archeological Society of India (ASI) with the help of the Navy and in partnership with international agencies. The excavations have thrown up evidence that a large network/


holiday. PRESTIGIOUS ANCESTRY Rajputs real or imagined – the Shah and Kunwar Rana claims. Brutus the Trojan as a British ancestor. The Teutonic forest and English freedom. A narrative turned against the narrators by the discourse of indigeneity. PARALLELS (V): IDENTITY ISSUES NEPAL Caste/ethnic identity Pahadi or Madhesi Nepali citizen South Asian (`Indian’ in the older sense) – Not part of `India’ in the modern/

Lecture # 08 Topic: History of Pakistan II (712AD- 1526AD)

Hindu society Stressed on the doings of the individual rather than the superiority or inferiority Islam became for the blessing for lower classes of India Islam showed them a new way of life Islam introduced a respectable way of life Languages like Sanskrit were / occupied the throne of Delhi in 1566, he wanted to promote collaboration with Rajput chiefs for this purpose he married a number of Rajput women and he also appointed Hindus on high level government posts The Hindu courtiers of Akbar encouraged him/

The Fall of China, India, and Rome By: Anabette D’Entremont Period 4.

was reborn (in the Tang Dynasty) Peasants lost farms: became daily laborers and had to sell their kids for services India Cause epidemics Political frantic Invasions by Hun tribes Rajput controlled small states + emphasized military Buddhism declined New Middle East religion  Islam Use of older language (Sanskrit) -> declined Hindu text- written in vernacular language (ex: Hindi) Hit hard by international/trade/economic position/

Presentation for All India Service Officers under PMKSY MICROIRRIGATION FOR ENHANCING WATER PRODUCTIVITY T. B. S. Rajput Emeritus Scientist Water Technology.

India Service Officers under PMKSY MICROIRRIGATION FOR ENHANCING WATER PRODUCTIVITY T. B. S. Rajput Emeritus Scientist Water Technology Centre, IARI, New Delhi Evolution of Indian Irrigation: Era of adaptive irrigation up to 1830 COMMUNITY Evolution of Indian Irrigation: Era of adaptive irrigation up to 1830 COMMUNITY Era of canal construction 1830-1970 STATE Evolution of Indian Irrigation: Era of adaptive irrigation up to 1830 COMMUNITY Era of/SCOPE AND STATUS OF MICROIRRIGATION IN INDIA Govt initiatives /

Abbasid Decline and the Spread of Islamic Civilization to South and Southeast Asia Chapter 7 | The Postclassical Period, 500-1450: New Faith and New Commerce.

not affect the economic and social growth, only add to its diversity From Harappa to the Guptas, India’s history has been one of “the settled” and “the invading” As nomadic people entered into the region, they would eventually assimilate/ Islamic (Turkic or Mongol) invaders to control the region  Hindu Rajput would fight for independence (regionalism)  Collectively, over time, these foreign Islamic rulers would be known as the Sultans of Delhi  Most Islamic converts would be from lower classes in the west/

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Vijay Kumar, Ph.D. Scientist, Virology Group International Centre for Genetic Engg. and Biotechnology (ICGEB) New Delhi, India Virology-2015,

of HBx o  rDNA transcription & cell proliferation Conclusions: Engagement of Pol I machinery by HBx - a novel mechanism of virus-induced oncogenesis. Summary: HBx-UBF-NPM axis in HCC HBx P NPM P HBx NPM cdk2  UBF expression  stability Acknowledgements Richa Ahuja Pallavi Rajput Funding: ICGEB – Core grant CSIR - (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India) DBT (Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India) Thank you Wildflower Hall, Shimla, India

T HE M USLIM E MPIRES OF A SIA & N ORTHERN E URASIA ; 1500-1750 Mr. Ermer AP World History Miami Beach Senior High School.

Hindu majority Descends from the Mongols, Timur, Babur conquers Akbar’s dynasty rules most of India Social classes ranked as mansabs Cotton trade booms, exchanged for (inflated) silver Rajputs: Hindu soldiers from the north (15% of army) Akbar fosters good Muslim-Hindu relations Marries Rajput princess, fathers half breed heir Lifts non-Muslim head-tax Sikhism stages strong opposition to Moghals Central government decays and/

Decline of the Classical Civilizations AP WORLD. Fall of Classical Civs Between 200 and 600 CE all three classical civilizations collapsedBetween 200.

princes This control was declining by the mid-5 th centuryThis control was declining by the mid-5 th century InvasionsInvasions Regional Princes, the Rajput, controlled the small states of IndiaRegional Princes, the Rajput, controlled the small states of India Indian Culture continues to evolveIndian Culture continues to evolve Affected by Muslim armies after 600 CEAffected by Muslim armies after 600 CE Roman Decline After/

Kush: Expansion of Egypt Sub-Saharan Africa; Flourished along the Upper Nile Sub-Saharan Africa; Flourished along the Upper Nile Independent Kingdom, hieroglyphics.

the civilization 6 th century it recovers from serious setbacks, but does not have to reinvent the civilization India Gupta empire destroyed by Hun Invasions, many of the invaders were integrated into the warrior caste forming a new ruling group of regional princes (Rajput). Gupta empire destroyed by Hun Invasions, many of the invaders were integrated into the warrior caste forming a new ruling group/

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Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber, the city today has a population of more than 3.1 million. Jaipur is one of the finest planned cities of India, located in the semi-desert lands of Rajasthan. The city which once had been the capital of the royalty now is the capital city of Rajasthan. The very structure of Jaipur resembles the taste of the Rajputs and the Royal families. At/

Chapter -1-Society and culture of Panjab during the Turko- Afgan rule Different rulers.

governer of Bengal in 1225 and again crushed another revolt in 1229. Rajputs: He subdued Rajputs of /Ranthambhor(1226); Mandsore(1227); Bayana and Thangir; Ajmer; Gawalior(1231); and Kalinjar(1232). He suffered reverse in Gujrat under Chalukyas. Malwa: He plunderd Malwa in 1234-35 and destroyed Mahakal temple of Ujjain. The Doab: He recaptured Badaun, Kanauj and Benaras.Avadh was also brought under Delhi again. Mongols: In 1221 the Mongols appeared for the first time in India/

MUGHAL EMPIRE  The Mughal Empire was an empire that at its greatest territorial extent ruled most of the Indian subcontinent, then known as Hindustan.

greatest rulers of the Mughal Dynasty in India. He built Fatehpur sikri which was his famous work. JALAL-UD-DIN MUHAMMAD AKBAR BRIEF HISTORY OF FATEHPUR SIKRI Fatehpur Sikri is located UTTAR PRADESH at 35 km away from agra on the vindhya mountain. Fatehpur Sikri and built by Maharaja sangram singh who is the last emperor of Rajput Raja.Akbar attacks at this city many/

We are Different: Descendants of the Girmitiyas (Fiji Indians) in Aotearoa; Identity, Health & Social Wellbeing Jennifer Janif – Relationship Manager,

and teachers to recruit the more militant and strong Punjabis, Pathans and Rajputs Calcutta, Madras and Bombay were the holding centres 5 year contracts which could be renewed for another five years Ratio of 100 men – 40 women Ship Brothers “The close face to face / the voyage led to strong ties amongst them. The kin-caste group in India was to be replaced by jahaji bhais or literally ship brothers in the lines of Fiji” (Source : Violence of Indenture in Fiji by Vijay Naidu, 2004, p. 30) Indenture in Fiji/

The Muslim Empires Chapter 21. The Ottomans  After the destruction of the Mongols 1243, another Turkic group moved into the Middle East and took advantage.

for years was a trarget for its neighbors and nomad invaders. The Mughal Empire  Founder of the Mughal Empire - Babur – part Turkic and Mongol, Babur moved into India in order to claim an empire – NOT because of religious motivation.  Bengal  Deccan  Punjab  Rajput  Kashmir AKBAR  Humayan – son and succesor of Babur – he assume dpower in 1530 – large empire but it needed bureacratic reform. Humayan was/

Daivi-Varnashram Module 3 Practical Application From The Teachings of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada Originally Created in 1983 by Mother Gandhari.

or security job does not make a Kshatriya Kshatriya Training Program Importance of Garbhadan Samskars Remnants of Vedic Kshatriya Caste E.g. Rajputs of India (utube – rajputs) Histories are available on U-tube Parasara Samhita – uploaded on Hanumat Presak Maharaj –www.jayarama.us Kshatriyas thing of welfare of his kingdom 18.44 Vaishyas Passion and Ignorance – Level of Manomaya Farming, cow protection and business are the natural work for/


AX R ULES, 2015. CA PRADEEP KUMAR RAJPUT (CA/CS/CMA) 8130682696 CAPRADEEP1986@GMAIL.COM R ULES : 1. Short Title and commencement. 2. Definition. 3. Fair Market Value. 4. Tax Authorities. 5. Notice of demand. 6. Appeal to Commissioner(Appeals) 7. Appeal to Appellate Tribunal. 8. Form of Tax arrears. 9. Declaration of undisclosed assets located outside India under section 59. 10. Educational Qualifications. 11/

Chapter 8 China. China Reunified In the Tang (TONG) and Song Eras, the scholar- gentry as the political and economic elite of Chinese society, replaced.

pass the time. From this tradition appeared one of the world’s great novels, The Tale of Genji, which was written by Murasaki Shikibu around the year 1000.Tale of Genji, India After the Guptas Followers of Mahayana saw Buddhism as a religion, not a/temple in Thailand. The Rajputs were Hindu warriors who resisted the advance of Mahmud of Ghazni & the Muslim rule he brought with him. Rajputs Southeast Asia Followers of Theravada see Buddhism as a way of life. Timur Lenk was the ruler of a Mongol state based in/

Instructional Objectives Understand how the Ottomans built and administered their territorial empire Understand the rise of the Safavids and the role.

, preferring to allow Europeans to serve as carriers Hindus and Muslims The violence and destruction of the Mughal conquest of India horrified Hindus, but they offered no concerted resistance. Fifteen percent of Mughal officials holding land revenues were Hindus, most of them from northern Rajput warrior families Akbar was the most illustrious of the Mughal rulers: he took the throne at 13 and commanded the government on/

Post-modern and contemporary painting in Germany

much of India 1526-1857) miniature painting of divine Krishna and Radha, 10th book of Bhagavata Purana (Hindu) (center) The Adventures of Hamza, commissioned by Mughal emperor Akbar c.1557 (right) Shahzia Sikander, Intimacy, 2001, watercolor, dry pigment, vegetable color, tea, and ink on hand-prepared wasli paper, 11 x 8 ½ in. (right) Rajput (Hindu) miniature painting of the Army of Tamerlane storming the walls of the Rajput city of Bhatnair/

The reign of Aurangzeb and the Marathas. Ascended throne in 1658. Mughal empire- single largest state India 2 parts of his reign Early (1658-82) Later.

and the Marathas Ascended throne in 1658. Mughal empire- single largest state India 2 parts of his reign Early (1658-82) Later ( 1681-1707) 1. Ahom ruler-Assam -Marathas ( after Shivaji) 2. Arakanese,/ after his death) 8. The Rajput War (Marwar)Ajit Singh-Jaswant Singh’s posthamous son not acknowledged by Aurangzeb -Start of rebellion -He conquered Jodhpur, imposed Jaziya -Ruler of Mewar, Raj Singh, supported Ajit Singh -Mewar was attacked -Prince Akbar joined the Rajputs. Later fled to the Deccan. /

Section 3 Rulers United India and Began a Golden Age.

became the leading religion of India. Science, Math, and Astronomy flourished Creative time for art, architecture, painting, sculpture, poetry, drama, and fables In the 400’s the Huns – a tribe from Asia- began to raid and terrify India and Europe. By 600 they brought about the fall of the Gupta Empire Some of the Huns became wealthy warrior princes Became known as Rajputs – Close knit warrior/


TEMPERATURES IN DELHI’S ENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES HOW WAS DELHI FORMED? VARIOUS RAJPUT RULERS IN DELHI DELHI UNDER THE RULE OF MUSLIM KINGS WARFARE AND ARCHITECTURAL INFLUENCES THE HINDU IDEA POLITICAL AND HINDU INFLUENCES/ 2012. Web. 12 May 2015. "Best Showcase of Indias Diversity – The Golden Triangle Tour (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur) | I ndia Travel Blog – The Other Home." India Travel Blog The Other Home Best Showcas e of Indias Diversity The Golden Triangle Tour DelhiAgraJaipur Comments. Web. /

By: Shannon Starr Colonial India. Information about the Flag Colors: – Saffron – courage, sacrifice, patriotism, and renunciation – White – symbolizes.

them Hindus to convert to Islam After the death of Aurangzeb, the Mogul empire started to decline even more under the power of Bahadur Shah Decline of the Empire Bahadur Shah was unable to prevent the decline of the empire He tried to impose control of the Rajputs – Members of northern Indias Hindu warrior castle – Served as Indias first line of defense against invaders from the north The Mogul Empire/

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MANAGEMENT FOR TEMPLES JATEEN RAJPUT Director – Creative Services January 28, 2006 www.consumerlinks.co.in 2 3 What is event Management “ The use of unconventional media / method involving people witnessing a happening within a capsule of time, for the purpose of communication of a message.” www./ make- up www.consumerlinks.co.in 6 God helps those who help themselves In a country like India where political will influences citizen welfare and largely charters the national development. It is very important to /

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© Copyright 2008 All rights reserved 2 VO-India Project Started in 2002 as a collaboration between IUCAA and Persistent Systems Ltd. Part of International.

the data. Make the technology available for use by other fields, like remote sensing, population studies, which involve large amounts of data. © Copyright 2008 All rights reserved 3 VO-India Team Prof. Ajit Kembhavi IUCAA, Pune Persistent Systems Limited (PSL) Lokesh Rajput Snehal Valame Vishal Methi Vivekananda Moosani Mukund Deshpande Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) Chaitany Sathe Tushar Agarwal Deoyani/


vegetation. Yet, it yields salt and gypsum. This area was originally a secure fortress for the Rajput princes. Today,it has 23 species of lizards and about as many snakes. Birds are seen everywhere. There are also gazelle, sand grouse, and other animals. Western India: . In this section of India, there are plains and highlands that produce millet, wheat, and pulses. There is also a/

Health Implications of Female Dignity across the Life Span

the same as those performed in immolation Jauhar: Simultaneous, mass immolation of Rajput women, children, the elderly and the sick, at the death of their fighting men and defeat in battle against Muslims Abortions (Estimates - annual)   Worldwide – 42 million abortions South and Central Asia – 10.5 million abortions India – 11million abortions Two thirds in India are “alternative methods” such as force, causing risk to mothers/

History and culture of the Punjab Part - 3

from September to December 1947, and resettled in various parts of India. The Problem of Rehabilitation of the Displaced Persons in the East Punjab The catastrophe of such a nature ruined the economy of the truncated state, the recovery from which was an uphill task/having an equally important shate in the life of a man. At the time of Manu Smriti, restrictions began to be imposed on freedom of women. The condition deteriorate much more in the time of Rajputs. Marriageable age lowered to as much eight years/

Portuguese decline in Asia opened trade for the BEIC in India, while the Mughals’ decline forced it to defend itself with natives trained like European.

victims vary from 40,000 to 2,000,000. Before the British came, India had been under the Mughal Dynasty, which had overseen a blending of Muslim and Hindu culture Mughal Dyn. (1526-c.1700) rules most of India w/wise policies Use Hindu rajputs as allies & officials Religious tolerance & intermarriage Further blending of cultures: Art, architecture, & music Persian + Ind. Lang’s  Urdu Akbar, his son/

1 About Colors Corridor Colors Corridor is an e-art gallery purposely positioned to promote various art forms, primarily paintings of the contemporary.

in Gwalior. He has participated in more than 20 group shows across the country and has participated in more than 18 Art Camps in India. He enjoys good reputation among young artists and has been recipient of L S Rajput Memorial & ACRON awards. His works are in private collection in Gwalior, Mumbai, Chennai, Ujjain and Indore. Meditation in Love – Acrylic on Canvas – 120/

Observed Social Customs GWU School of Business India Trip Travel Guide 2006/2007 Lighting Lamp In many Hindu homes a lamp is lit daily before the altar.

then for its architecture and the humdrum of everyday life. Sightseeing Ideas and Options in New Delhi Jantar Mantar, Delhi : Within Connaught Place is the Jantar Mantar Observatory built by the Rajput King of Jaipur Sawai Jai Singh in 1724. It/ shopping place for tourists, which not only offers various arts and handicrafts of India, but also a taste of the ethnic cuisine. Visitors can also witness the different performing arts of the country. Sightseeing Ideas and Options in Bangalore, Lal Bagh Gardens Lal/

A Long View of South Asian History, from the Mughals to Partition & Independence Prof. Ned Bertz Department of History, UHM Infusing South Asian Studies.

& Muslim civil law codes (1860s) The Peoples of India (1868)The Peoples of India (1868) Census of India (1871)Census of India (1871) Survey of India (1878)Survey of India (1878) 1877: Queen Victoria declared Empress of India M. G. Ranade SOCIAL REFORMERS Reform and Revival in Late Nineteenth-Century India [W]hat shall we revive? Shall we revive the old habits of our people?... With too many of us, a thing is true or false, righteous/

CTMS_S4071 “Portals of Education” Key-note Address at State-level seminar By Dr T.H.Chowdary * Director, Center for Telecom Management & Studies * Chairman,

, the other Maratha noblemen and the Rajput Kings were fighting the battle on the side of Mogul Emperors. When the British were trying to destroy the Sikh Rulers, Gulab Singh, their principal commander, sat silent and did not help to save the Sikh Kingdom. In 1857, when a large part of India had declared a war of Independence against the British, the Sikhs stood and/

DIFFERENT PEOPLES, ONE WORLD Diversity and National Identity: The Case of India HARI SRINIVAS ROOM: I-312 / 079-565-7406 Studies in Multicultural Societies.

models for the ideal ruler (Rama) and the ideal mate (Sita) India: Art Folk/Traditional art Rock paintings Rangoli (floor art) India: Art Tanjore Style Rajput Paintings India: Architecture Agra Fort, 16 th Cent. Kangaikonda Cholapuram Hindu Temple, 11 th Cent Sanchi, Buddhist, 3 BCE Church Our Lady of Health, 18 th Cent. India: Architecture Modern Zoroastrian Temple Lord Bahubali, 11 th Cent, Jainism Church Our/

Late Indian History Caste System Patterns of Indian Civilizations.

China & Rome Spices, cloth, and luxury items Empires of India: The Gupta Empire Chandra Gupta in 320 CE “Classical” Age of India Arts Literature (Kama Sutra) Philosophy Mathematics (decimals & 0) Empires of India: The Gupta Empire Favored Hinduism Emphasized the caste system Buddhism declined Empires of India: The Gupta Empire Huns invade in 535 CE India entered their “Dark Ages” Rajputs 10 th Century CE Warrior kings Many small states/

© 2006 Pearson Education, Inc. CHAPTER 8. © 2006 Pearson Education, Inc. 1.What general description is indicative of ancient India as a political unit?

declined C.It was, rather, enriched by Gujaras & Rajputs entering western India D.They were attacked and never recovered © 2006 Pearson Education, Inc. 10.How has the history of India been generally interpreted and written? A.From the perspective of the Ganges Valley B.From the perspective of the Indus Valley C.From a Buddhist perspective D.None of these © 2006 Pearson Education, Inc. CORRECT ANSWER = A/

© 2015 albert-learning.com Indian History. © 2015 albert-learning.com Indian History " India is the cradle of human race, the birthplace of human speech,

replaced by the Mughals. 3)The Turks’ dominance ended in 1526 with the invasion of Mughals from central Asia. Muslim period : 4)Muslim period nomadic people of central Asia. 5)The first invader was Babur Akbar, related to Genghis khan. 6)He defeated Rajputs and Afghans and ruled in India Babur’s successors: Akbar and Shahjahan are the most prominent in Indian history. 7/

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