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Presented by Mike Kelly, Institutional Support Office, Chief

Code 300 Education Series GOLD Rules Supplier Conference at GSFC Internal Audit Training Program Mission Operations Assurance February 3,/Assurance Directorate (SMA-D, Code 300) welcomed Mr. Gregory Robinson on September 30, 2008. Mr. Robinson is a NASA Ambassador supporting the Office of Chief Engineer, NASA HQ. He presented “Systems Engineering, with Quality”. NPR 7123.1A: Impacts of the Implementation Architecture, SE Engine, & Application.  Forty attended in Building 8 auditorium. This was the second in/

Software Assurance: A Strategic Initiative of the U.S.

SW Workforce Science & Eng Revitalization SW Engineering Education Understanding Impact of Offshore Outsourcing on Workforce Re-energizing SW R&D SW R&D Roadmap (Grand Challenges & SW capability Business Case Development) Government-led Strategic SW R&D Encouraging Innovation in US SW industry Software Innovation Initiative DHS NCSD has liaison membership on National Steering Group Software Assurance Program Overview Program goals promote security for/

1 www.ing.unifi.it/tne4 Enhancing Engineering Education in Europe (E4) SOCRATES II Thematic Network www.ing.unifi.it/tne4 Università degli Studi di Firenze.

: Giuliano Augusti): a up-to-date survey on recognition and accreditation practices in 23 European countries. 2. Quality Assurance in Engineering Education on a National and European Scale (Rapporteur: Muzio Gola): an overview of evaluation mandate, focus and procedures in the light of quality and quality assurance, accreditation, responsibility, with particular reference to higher education and examples drawn from a number of European evaluation models. 3. New trends on Evaluation and/

1. TECHNO TN MEETING Brussels, February 13th-14th 2004 1. TECHNO TN MEETING Brussels, February 13th-14th 2004 Engineering Education and the Bologna Process:

development threatened Other Challenges: Implementation of new Quality Assurance Systems, in particular Accreditation, Implementation of new Quality Assurance Systems, in particular Accreditation, ECTS Credits and Modularisation, ECTS Credits and Modularisation, Ensuring Attractivity and Comparability, Ensuring Attractivity and Comparability, Quality and Employability Quality and Employability 3. Positions of the Engineering Education Community: The Helsinki Communication of CESAER/SEFI - keep integrated/

1 Outcomes-Based Accreditation of Engineering Programmes L.S. “Skip” Fletcher.

accreditation processes for all countries or regions is essential for the mobility of engineersEngineering education programmes must adapt to outcomes based assessment and continuous educational improvement to ensure equivalency around the world. 50 Quality Assurance in Engineering EducationEngineering education, as we know it today, is facing a major dilemma in the near future. What will become of engineering education by 2020?  The challenge is - how can we address this dilemma and provide/

OHT 2.1 Galin, SQA from theory to implementation © Pearson Education Limited 2004 Software Quality assurance (SQA) SWE 333 Dr Khalid Alnafjan

Education Limited 2004 What is software? Definition of quality Software errors, faults and failures Classification of the causes of software errors Software quality – definition Software quality assurance – definition and objectives Software quality assurance and software engineering OHT 2.3 Galin, SQA from theory to implementation © Pearson Education/ for the information technology industry. DIA was planned to be the largest airport in the United States, to serve 110 000 000 passengers annually by 2020, to/

ISE 428 Quality Professional Interview Mrs. Kathleen Betz, Director of Quality Assurance at Warner Power Interviewed by Luke Morris November 2012.

relate to quality in your company?  Quality Assurance Director  Quality Manager  Quality Process Analyst Interview ISE 428 Quality Interview by Luke MorrisNovember 2012 Slide 10 Corporate Philosophy 4  Education Requirements:  Quality Assurance Director:  A higher level engineering degree and a quality certification of Black Belt or Quality Control Management (QCM) and Organizational Engineering (OE)  Quality Manager:  Must have an engineering degree and a quality certification  Quality Process/

July 2, 2006 - DIESDr. Mohsen Elmahdy Said1 Overview of the Higher Education Enhancement Program in Egypt By Dr. MOHSEN ELMAHDY SAID Professor, Mechanical.

Supported Links between academia and industry Developed pilot modern instructional tools (in electronic format) Introduced institutional self evaluation and quality assurance mechanisms (pilot implemented in three faculties) Established a comprehensive engineering education database accessible to all engineering faculties Initiated Library automation and Internet/Intranet connectivity, linking 18 faculties of engineering July 2, 2006 - DIESDr. Mohsen Elmahdy Said16 ETEP Achievements (TTEDP) Technical/

11-12 November 2011, Moscow, Russia

Definition of Learning Outcomes as Entry Route to the Profession European Quality Labels EQAS Euro-Inf Bachelor/Master Eurobachelor Euromaster EUR-ACE FC/SC ISEKI Food EQANIE European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education ECTNA European Chemistry Thematic Network Association ENAEE European Network Accreditation Engineering Education ASIIN/IFA have developed pan-European LO/QA structures in the field of food science CEPIS, Informatics Europe, ASIIN + many European/

University of Rijeka - Moving Ahead with the Bologna Process in Croatia Consortia Meeting of the Tempus Project UM-JEP 18094 Split, October 20-23 2005.

Hospitality and Tourism Studies European Studies for the Western Balkans Masters Degree in European Integration in Croatia Financial Management of Croatian Universities Restructuring and Updating Civil Engineering Curriculum MSc Programme Sustainable Energy Engineering PARTNER: Aspects of Organization and Information Systems European Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact Development of Quality Assurance System in Higher Education 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 CO-ORDINATOR: Postgraduate Programme on Law of/

Chapter 0 General Introduction.

(computer-aided modeling and design): the use of computers in interactive engineering drawing and storage of designs. Programs complete the layout, /in processing materials by different methods. Some methods require expensive machinery, others require extensive labor, and still others require personnel with special skills, a high level of education/ Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management Total quality management (TQM) and quality assurance (QA) must be the responsibility of everyone involved in the/

PHILIPPINE TECHNOLOGICAL COUNCIL Presented at the COMMISSION ON HIGHER EDUCATION CHED Auditorium, HEDC Bldg, CP Garcia Ave.,Diliman, Quezon City October.

Philippine Technological Council Self Study Report… continued 5 The primary purpose of the new accreditation system for engineering in the Philippines is to assure high quality of engineering education that will enable entry-level engineering professionals to be globally competitive. PTC has been admitted as provisional member of the Washington Accord in June 2013, which means that: The accreditation system appears to be conceptually similar to those of/

Data For Quality Based Ranking of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) Aiming at International Compatibility.

Day 30 One day workshop on “Quality Assurance Practices in Higher Education Senior and new faculty members BU, Islamabad CampusPakistanMarch 20111 Day 31 PIQC Training on Quality Assurance in Teaching 1 Pakistan Institute of Quality Control Pakistan20112 Day 32 One day / Nov 2010 1 Day 63 Two days International Conference of Quality Assurance on “Geotechnical Engineering” 1NESPAKPakistan Nov 2010 2 Days 64 Awareness of Quality Assurance Faculty membersBU, IslamabadPakistan March 2009 1 Day 65 Two Days/

Software Assurance: A Strategic Initiative of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to Promote Integrity, Security, and Reliability in Software Joe.

quality’ can reduce security flaws attributable to defects; yet traditional S/W quality assurance does not address intentional malicious behavior in software 8 Most Important Attributes 9 PITAC* Findings Relative to Needs for Secure Software Engineering & Software Assurance Commercial software engineering/the software functions in the intended manner". Also See Wikipedia.org for “Software Assurance” 15 Disciplines Contributing to Software Assurance * In Education and Training, Software Assurance could be /

January 5, 2007 THEMIS Mission Readiness Review. January 5, 2007THEMIS Mission Readiness Review 2 Mission Overview Mission Science/EPO System Engineering.

FAST Education Activities Examples January 5, 2007THEMIS Mission Readiness Review 51 Public Outreach Examples SAWANO NEWS (WI), Feb-2006 January 5, 2007THEMIS Mission Readiness Review 52 Systems Engineering Peter /Assurance Role for Instruments  Instruments - University of California Berkeley Requirements levied via Product Assurance Implementation Plan Supplier Assurance Contract Assessment performed post CDR GSFC insight and in-plant Quality Assurance representative starting at Probe I&T Participation in/

Dr. Marjorie Peace Lenn Executive Director Center for Quality Assurance in International Education National Center for Higher Education Washington, D.C.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development The World Bank Coordinator: The Center for Quality Assurance in International Education GLOBALIZING PROFESSIONS AND THE CENTER FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE IN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION n n Allied Health (Latin America)   Occupational Therapy (Also Europe)   Physical Therapy (Also Europe)   Speech Language Hearing n n Management & Accounting (Global & C/EEurope) n n Engineering (Global & Asia) n n Architecture (Global & Asia) n n Medicine (Eastern Europe) n/

Revisiting The New Roles and Structures of the RO and SDO in the RSP: Challenges and Prospects.

High EFA performance results. Effective management of schools & LCs DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION C ENTRAL OFFICE  Set overall education agenda, directions and policies  Formulate systems and standards for national adoption  Perform investment programming  Articulate national frameworks to guide the organization in the performance of its core functions and the provision of support  Oversee quality assurance and performance accountability  Build Partnerships with GOs & NGOs R EGION O/

Program Assessment Process for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Prepared by: Abul Fazal M. Arif Member, ABET Steering Committee November 16, 2008.

Uses principles of sciences and engineering in solving engineering problems. 3. Combines scientific and engineering principles to formulate models of /Quality Assurance Committee & ELC 9-5-2009 6Final Self Study Report ReadyAcademic Departments30-5-2009 7Preparation of the final ReportsDean Of Engineering Office 15-6-2009 8Dispatch The Final Reports to ABET HQ Dean Of Engineering Office 20-6-2009 ABET Steering CommitteeProgram Assessment Process 47 Tasks to be done Task 1: Review Program Educational/

Copyright © 2009 by ABET, Inc. 1 Dave Holger, ABET President-Elect ASEE Global Colloquium on Engineering Education October 14, 2009 Budapest, Hungary ABET.

. 4 Typical Elements of U.S. Accreditation Quality Assurance Constituency Based Criteria Development and Implementation Processes Self-Assessment Peer Review (Academic and Employer) Continuous Improvement Expectation Periodic Re-evaluation Copyright © 2009 by ABET, Inc. 5 ABET Est. 1932 as ECPD Primary organization responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and certifying the quality of engineering, engineering technology, computing and applied science education in the United States Federation of 30 technical/

Chapter : 16 Software Quality Assurance. Background Issues Software Quality Assurance is an umbrella activity that is applied throughout the software.

logic (EDL) Incomplete or Erroneous testing (IET) Inaccurate or Incomplete documentation (IID) Error in programming language translation of design (PLT) Miscellaneous (Misc.) Six Sigma For Software Engineering Six Sigma is the most widely used strategy for statistical quality assurance in industry today. It is popularized by Motorola in 1980s. Six Sigma strategy is a rigorous and disciplined methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to measure/

1 S2ESC Quality Management Planning Group John Walz Quality Management Planning Group Chair P730 Vice-Chair S2ESC ExCom 30-Jul-08 Melbourne, FL.

practitioners, organizations, and educators in understanding and applying our standards. 4 IEEE SA S2ESC ISOIEC TC176 JTC1 SC7 IEEE CS IEEE / ANSI Related SDOs on Quality ISO 9001, ISO 9004 ISO 100xx IS 90003:2004IEEE 90003:2008 IS 90005:2008 5 S2E Quality 6 7 Life Cycle Processes for Quality IS 12207 Software Engineering Life Cycle –18 processes, including Software Quality Assurance IS 15288 System Engineering Life Cycle –25/

1 Convener: Houman Younessi Convener: Houman Younessi Software Engineering Management Software Engineering Management Course # CISH-6050 Lecture 5: Software.

resource:  At some point, adding more resource is no longer productive; more time spent educating new members 8 CISH-6050 - Software Engineering Management Software Project Scheduling … Basic Effort vs. Schedule Concepts, applying productivity: -1 Person/ not after -Change control processes are in place -Testing emphasizes all high risks areas -Each task successfully completed before starting next task 41 CISH-6050 - Software Engineering Management Software Quality Assurance … SQA ensures that … -Deviations/

January 20, 2000 CSE 7315 - SW Project Management / Chapter 12 – Software Quality Engineering & Assurance Copyright © 1995-2000, Dennis J. Frailey, All.

, Dennis J. Frailey, All Rights Reserved Slide # 45 Quality Engineering Goal: Build Quality In as Part of the Software Engineering Process A philosophical change that relies on the professional pride of the software engineer Engineering staff define and execute the quality assurance tasks Team approach to quality, with rewards based on quality Quality professionals are more like coaches and educators than evaluators Quality Control Quality Assurance Quality Engineering January 20, 2000 CSE 7315 - SW Project/

Development of Human Resources Involved in Nuclear Power -関西電力における事例- October 2015 Nuclear Power Planning Group Nuclear Power Division Kansai Electric.

of General Administration Office of Fossil Fuel Office of Research and Development Office of Civil Engineering and Architecture Office of Internal Auditing Career Development Center Human Resource Development Group Nuclear Power/ training for newly assigned employees: general training for new employees, education immediately after joining, education in health and safety, education of nuclear material protection, training in quality assurance, reception training, and training for new employees assigned to the/

U.S. Army Engineer Regiment 1 Engineer Credentialing 9 Dec 2015.

the people and promote wellness within communities. Target Populations: 12A w PAB-accredited degree 12A degreed in Architecture or Environmental Design, Geography, History 120A w extensive contingency basing exp Possible Coop Degree Program/, systems integration, quality assurance, and specialty engineering. Target Populations: ECCC grad,Any 12A, 120A (12P, 12R) Possible Coop Degree Program: N/A Reimbursement-eligible Fees: Exam Prep Exam Certificate Application and Renewal Continuing Education Req’t Talent /

Modul ke: Fakultas Program Studi QUALITY SYSTEM ISO 90000 ISO 14000 The Deming Prize Baldrige Award Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari, Dr. 11 Ekonomi dan Bisnis.

Quality-consciousness and participation of employees 50 4.3 Training and education concerning quality 30 4.4 Personnel assessment, motivation, award system 30 4.5 Unique and innovative strategy concerning utilization of human resource 10 Check list of application for Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award, 3 5.0 Quality assurance/ engineering, audit, recording  linkage with proper technology  safety, health and sanitation,,environment  quality analysis, process analysis  approach to quality assurance of/

Software Testing and QA Theory and Practice (Chapter 1: Basic Concepts and Preliminaries) © Naik & Tripathy 1 Software Testing and Quality Assurance Theory.

quality management work as shown in Figure 16.2, rather than assign quality management task to system test engineers. Figure 16.2: Structure of software quality assurance group. Software Testing and QA Theory and Practice (Chapter 1: Basic Concepts and Preliminaries) © Naik & Tripathy 433 Quality/customer’s satisfaction level. Perform internal audit. –Example: Find out whether or not personnel with adequate education, experience, and skill have been assigned to a project. Monitor processes by using a set of /

Chapter 1 Software and Software Engineering - Dual role of software - Software questions havent changed - A definition of software - Differences between.

Analysis Questions 1)Are the users trained professionals, technicians, clerical or manufacturing workers? 2)What level of formal education does the average user have? 3)Are the users capable of learning on their own from written materials or/quality assurance in an organization Developed by the SQA group to serve as a template for SQA activities that are instituted for each software project in an organization Structured as follows: –The purpose and scope of the plan –A description of all software engineering/

Committee of Pro Chancellors of Federal Universities in Nigeria CPC CONFERENCE 2014 1 st – 2 nd July 2014 Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja FCT Graduate.

such as the Washington Accord, by acquiring status as a signatory. International standards and accords for accreditation and quality assurance (Engineering) WASHINGTON ACCORDSYDNEY ACCORDDUBLIN ACCORD International standards and accords for accreditation and quality assurance (Contd..) Arusha Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education in Africa The African Higher Education Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM) The Bologna Process/Accord, etc The Washington, Sydney and Dublin Accords The/

" Learning Outcomes" in program planning, delivery and evaluation based on National Qualifications Framework Facilitators: Prof Gina Wisker & Gabriel.

Devise a search strategy using library and the internet Access and search relevant databases and search engines used in clinical and scientific research Appraise data (understand strengths and limitations) from the literature Understand different / for accreditationand quality assurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is designed to ensure that the quality of post secondary education and training is equivalent to high international standards, and is widely recognized as such in the international academic/

Prof Syed Sabihuddin Department of Civil Engineering PRMCEAM,Badnera 1.

Quality through Training and EducationQuality based on Data and Facts  Leadership through quality.  Three Ss hold the key to improvement in quality. These are:  Specialization.  Standardization &  Simplification.  Vertical integration:  IS:456-2000 code incorporates quality assurance measures. 19  PROCEDURE FOLLOWED IN/ shall be in accordance with the stipulated specifications, drawings, orders etc. 21  DESIRABILITY: Engineer-in-charge should finalize the quality Assurance requirements at /

What is quality?. sparqs Our aim is to enhance student engagement in Scotland. We are funded by the Scottish Funding Council and managed by the sector.

Its engines - pieces of machinery that keep the plane in the air and heading towards it destination. But what drives communities forward? Education - education informs, /education is working properly, so we have to make sure theyre involved in these processes of Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement. Student Engagement is how students, either individually or collectively, are involved in improving their learning experience. Underpinning principles of QE&A High quality learning Student engagement Quality/

Part 9 Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

and analysis of incidents and accidents that have occurred in the institution or elsewhere. Part 9. Quality Assurance A note of qualifications of others There should also be a process in place which ensures that outside contractors on whom radiation protection may depend (e.g. service engineers) are appropriately trained and qualified. Part 9. Quality Assurance EDUCATION AND TRAINING In addition to the staff working within the nuclear medicine/

Managing Quality Integrating the Supply Chain S. Thomas Foster

as materials management, supply chain management, finance, accounting, operations management, HRM, strategy, and industrial engineering. The goal is to completely immerse the organization in quality thinking and commitment. What is Quality Management? The Three Spheres of Quality Quality Management Quality Control (reactive) Quality Assurance (proactive) © 2007 Pearson Education What is Quality Management? Quality Control The control process is based on the scientific method which includes the phases of/

How I Passed the CISSP Test: Lessons Learned in Certification

in information security education and certifications Often described as the “world’s largest IT security organization” Based in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA Offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vienna, Virginia Over 85,000 certified professionals in 135/managing risks Process People Reasonable assurance Objectives If moving money, probably want to use this Capability Maturity Model Developed by SEI (Software Engineering Institute) Based on TQM concepts (Total Quality Management) Framework for improving/

The P2P Initiative: Performance-based Specs for Concrete NRMCA Continuing Education Series © National Ready Mixed Concrete Association All rights reserved.

handling, using, distributing, or dealing in any material or product. Introduction Continuing education for engineers and architects Length of Presentation: 1 Hour Architects Earn 1 LU Engineers Earn 1 PDH NRMCA is an /are essential to achieving meaningful results. Quality Assurance (cont’d) Pre Installation Conference: Require representatives of each entity directly concerned with cast-in- place concrete to attend, including: Architect Structural Engineer Contractor Installer (Concrete Contractor) Pumping /

The Future of ET – A National Initiative Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration Orlando, Florida February 3, 2008 Presenters: Robert Herrick,

Conferred by Discipline 1998-2007 Source: “Engineering & Technology Degrees 2007,” AAES EWC Number of Accredited TAC Programs and Institutions Source: 2007 Accreditation Statistics, http://www.abet.org Source: “A Proud Legacy of Quality Assurance in the Preparation of Technical Professionals,” ABET 75 th Anniversary Retrospective Increase/Decrease in Number of Accredited Programs, 1996-2006 Source: “A Proud Legacy of Quality Assurance in the Preparation of Technical Professionals,” ABET/


education in the region. To build capacities for education quality assurance systems To develop action plans on quality assurance of higher education institutions. To enhance international cooperation in fields of Higher education quality assurance. Role of AARU in Quality Assurance Due to the importance of the topic of quality assurance, the Council of AARU agreed in its meeting in Algeria 2006 to establish a council for quality assurance/ of Engineering, which is hosted by the Faculty of Engineering at /

Managing Quality Integrating the Supply Chain S. Thomas Foster

as materials management, supply chain management, finance, accounting, operations management, HRM, strategy, and industrial engineering. The goal is to completely immerse the organization in quality thinking and commitment. What is Quality Management? The Three Spheres of Quality Quality Management Quality Control (reactive) Quality Assurance (proactive) © 2007 Pearson Education What is Quality Management? Quality Control The control process is based on the scientific method which includes the phases of/

Title Slide Higher Education Office of Information Technology Management Methodology By James M. Dutcher.

Security Gartner’s 21 Best Practices EFQM Six-Sigma Page 9 The Processes - Putting IT all Together COBIT Framework  ITIL/ITSM PMI – Project Management – ISO 9001 Quality Management »CMMI-SE/SW & Application Services Library (ASL) »  Investors In People (IIP) »--  ISO 17799 Information Security »----  Gartner’s 21 Best Practices »------  EFQM »--------  Six-Sigma Page 10 COBIT Framework COBIT Framework - Control Objectives for Information Technology/

Detailed Fact-base: Post-Secondary Online Expansion in Florida

Pest Control Technology Positive Behavior Support Certificate in Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Chemistry Professional Writing Certificate in Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology Project Engineering Certificate in Soil Ecosystems Services Public Administration Certificate in Solar Energy Public Procurement (Grad) Certificate in Sustainable Construction Quality Assurance Certificate in Sustainable Engineering Reference Services Certificate in Sustainable Land Resource and Nutrient Management School Library/


visits conducted periodically, by the National Universities Commission, the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council, the Council of Legal Education, the Council for Registration of Engineering in Nigeria, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, and other agencies from outside the universities, are examples of “External Quality Assurance” procedures otherwise called Accreditation. 3.2 JUSTIFICATION AND LEGAL BASIS FOR ACCREDITATION As indicated earlier, there are 117/

HEDP YEMEN NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN YEMEN Higher Education Development Project Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific.

study (in Jordan there is a far higher proportion of students in engineering and technical subjects), or it may reflect the perceived quality of the education they have/education provision, and even though there is now a formal process before private universities can be created, this does not include a full evaluation of the quality of their inputs or processes. HEDP YEMEN There are examples of good practice in quality assurance in Yemen - the private University Science and Technology has a quality assurance/

Web Engineering and The BaBar Web 30 April 2003 Yogesh Deshpande School of Computing and I.T. University of Western Sydney.

and time schedule is developed to implement the sub-processes. Use the well-developed techniques for project planning used in conventional engineering. Based on the project plan, development activities can take place. Web ilities 29.4.2003(c) Yogesh Deshpande65/ Organizational policy and procedures Human Resources Development Training and education Web auditing 29.4.2003(c) Yogesh Deshpande91 Web Auditing Web site auditing can be carried for quality assurance of new Web system or for evaluating adequacy of /

Chapter 1 Differing Perspectives on Quality.

are different perspectives on quality There is disagreement on the definition of quality Functional perspectives on quality vary greatly Quality control, quality assurance and quality management focus on different aspects of quality Quality improvement requires a complex mix of system design, organizational design, rewards design, and process design ` All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by/

1 DoD Systems and Software Engineering Taking it to the Next Level 25 Oct 2006 Mark D. Schaeffer Director, Systems and Software Engineering Office of the.

Skalamera SES Deputy Director Developmental Test & Evaluation Chris DiPetto SES Deputy Director Software Engineering & System Assurance Mark Schaeffer (Acting) SES Deputy Director Assessments & Support Dave Castellano SES CORE COMPETENCIES SE Policy SE Guidance SE in Defense Acquisition Guidebook Technical Planning Risk Management Reliability & Maintainability Contracting for SE SoS SE Guide SE Education and Training DAU SE Curriculum SPRDE Certification Rqmt Corrosion R-TOC Value/


, etc.) in the work place Summary The COE department is seeking accreditation from ABET EC 2K as one quality assurance for its BSc program The COE department is determined to improve its program both the technical and behavioral components to meet EC 2K New instruction techniques for outcome-based education will be gradually introduced at all levels to improve the quality of the Computer Engineer to/

Overview CSE 465 Information Assurance

quality also contributes to the overall information assurance of the information systems and networks. S.S. Yau CSE 465/591, Fall 2006 National IA Program The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education /and Ethical Issues: Information assurance policy [textbook1-ch4, textbook2-part3] Security audits and accident responses [textbook1-ch21, textbook-ch24] Managing security projects [textbook1-ch17.2, ch26, textbook2-ch29] Security requirements engineering [textbook1-ch17.1] /

Aspects of British Higher Education

things move on – sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Quality Assurance It is claimed that the UK Higher Education quality assurance arrangements are unrivalled in Coverage Sophistication Rigour This indicates the importance attached to protecting quality and standards in all UK universities Quality Assurance – External Quality Assurance Agency The quality of the teaching and learning in each university is monitored by the Quality Assurance Agency It has traditionally looked to key aspects of the higher/


in the country Indonesia is now implementing Higher Education Long-term Strategy. The Ministry of National Education is focusing on integrating internal and external quality assurance in higher education institutions and also developing HEI data base. Malaysia has launched “Malaysia’s National Higher Education Strategic Plan (NHESP) in 2007 -- to make Malaysia a “Hub of Higher Education Excellence” in/Strong links with Australia Key research strengths engineering, technology, energy, economics, metallurgy & /

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