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Types of Information systems

TPS MIS TPS MIS Order Processing system Sales data Customer file Product Cost data Materials Mgt system Production file Reports Production data General Ledger system Expenses data Mangers A/C file SUMMARY OF MIS MIS is activities to manage information for problem solving and decision making in an entity by managed the following activities: Acquiring information by gathering data and processed the data to be the valuable information efficiently Using the/


2000 2010 Integration Year Ba BIS Economic environment Interior of organization User Internet Interior of organization User Mechanizms of data wholesale management Mechanizms Business Analytics User interface Database System Management Model Base System Management Applications: accounting and finance, inventory control, production management, Human relations. Knowledge Base System Management Model Base Database Ba Marts – branch wholesale Knowledge Base Base of Procedures Decison maker has at his disposal/

1 Part 4 Managing Software Project Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, 6th edition by Roger S. Pressman.

and performance. What function does the software perform to transform input data into output? Are any special performance characteristics to be addressed?  Software project scope must be unambiguous and understandable at the management and technical levels.  Scope:  Context. How does the software to be built fit into a larger system, product, or business context and what constraints are imposed as a result of/

HACCP Manager Software™

supplied Data Entry – Calibration Items Enter Calibration Items here Enter Item No Enter Serial No Enter Description Enter Last Calibration date Enter Calibration Interval Enter Tolerance Scan Certification (If desired) HACCP Manager Software™ will alert you as items become due for Calibration HACCP Manual Documentation Manual Cover. Table Of Contents. Quality Policy. Organisation Chart. HACCP Team. HACCP Plan Scope, Aims & Objectives. Product Definitions/

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Supports server consolidation and simulated loads Car Analogy – Oil pressure, tires, fuel, temperature make up an “application” – a comprehensive view of the overall car health Managing Storage in the Data Center Recommended Product: Storage Profiler Overview Increase data center efficiency by driving down storage costs & increasing utilization of virtual resources with an affordable, powerful SRM solution. Doctor in a busy hospital Alive vs. Healthy/

Roland Berger & Partner GmbH – International Management Consultants

-delivery" NSC, importer Retail Maximum value creation per customer for all products/services Source: Roland Berger & Partners Discussion_Paper_SAG.ppt Data flow E-fleet ordering The core processes will be mapped in detail with special regard to the customer data flow Project example Data flow E-fleet ordering Pre-sales Sales Monitor delivery Fleet manager Dealer Leasing company NSC Receives customer information/ order details from order/

SIAP SE TEM 00720.ppt-1 IEEE Standard for Application & Management of the Systems Engineering Process Robert L. Hobart Deputy Commander, C4I Integration.

Concepts Define/Refine Physical Interfaces (Internal/External) Define Alternative Product & Process Solutions PROCESS OUTPUT Integrated Decision Data Base.. Decision Support Data.. System Functional Physical Architectures.. Specifications & Baseline Baseline System Solution Verification Select Preferred Alternatives Trade-Off Studies Effectiveness Analysis Risk Management Configuration Management Interface Management Data Management Performance-Based Progress Measurement.. SEMS.. TPM.. Technical Reviews/

March 4, 2005 CONFIDENTIAL Ms. XYZ New York, Dear Ms xyzy:

enterprise risk Treasury Operations Improved trade information More timely settlement and clearing Reduced errors and trade breaks More precise and timely risk assessment Accurate product/ business P & L Enhanced forecasting ability Better balance sheet management Tax Technology Operational Data Store Streamlined MIS Better applications/system reliability Reduced cost/heightened efficiency Decreased maintenance of multiple applications Operational Risk Mgmt Legend Suppliers/Inputs To PC/

Technical Workshops | Esri International User Conference San Diego, California Esri Production Mapping – An Introduction Lana Tylka Amber Bethell July.

and cartographic products Platform for managing a production workflow - Data management and editing tools - Quality control processes - Simplified cartographic tools - Industry specific database models Esri Production Mapping Mapping and Charting Solutions Aeronautical Nautical Defense Resource Centers Cartography Editing Workflow Manager Workflow Manager ArcGIS Data Reviewer Task Assistant Task Assistant The Data and Map Production Workflow Collect and Inventory Data Load Data DeriveCartographicData Store/

Using Chemical Lifecycle Management to Minimize the Environmental Footprint of Operations Presented at the DOE/EFCOG Chemical Management Workshop March.

Advancing Safer Chemistry in Complex Supply Chains” Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, UMass Lowell Common themes to the chemical management approaches used by these three companies: Common themes to the chemical management approaches used by these three companies: Customized data management systems (not just lists) with product-specific capability; Customized data management systems (not just lists) with product-specific capability; Years-long development cycles; Years-long development cycles; Nike/

Chapter 14:Customer Relationship Management

competencies Incentives and compensation Employee communication Partners and suppliers 5. CRM Processes: Customer life cycle, knowledge management 6. CRM Information: Data, analysis, one view across channels 7. CRM Technology: Applications, architecture, infrastructure 8. CRM Metrics/ to various segments or individuals. Customization occurs throughout the marketing mix, not just in the product offerings. Marketing communication messages can be tailored to individuals and delivered over the Internet in a/

July 2003 Product Suite Overview. July 2003 Impacts of Unmanaged Change What is the cost of downtime in each part of your environment?What is the cost.

a week, when a manual collection occurs. By the time the pressure reading is recorded, four batches of final product is already ruined. RSMACC Automated Asset Manager ‘automates’ the process of data collection. This can be done at shorter time intervals. Because this data is entered directly into the system that makes decisions about maintenance schedules, the corrective actions can be quickly and efficiently/

Paso Robles, CA Chicago, IL Toronto, CAN Taiwan Stockholm. SWE Methods Plastics Processors Utilize to Improve Plant Floor Productivity & Efficiency Glenn.

Paso Robles, CA Chicago, IL Toronto, CAN Taiwan Stansted, UK  Warehouse management provides real-time input of shop floor actions & inventory movements into ERP system to increase timeliness & accuracy of data.  RF technology for use on scanners or PDAs.  Access to RealTime production data including execution of job set-ups, down time entry, production entry, & inventory label printing  Convert sales order demand & inventory availability into/

WHAT IS MYCATALYST Data Driven Achievement of Optimal Healthcare & Financial Outcomes (case studies) Michigan Purchasers Health Alliance September 23,

s Pride, G&P Trucking, Lyondell Equistar, City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, State of Delaware, St. Gobain, and many more; POWER OF AWARENESS STOP YIELD FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS POPULATION HEALTH & PRODUCTIVITY MANAGEMENT (INTEGRATION -- COORDINATION -- EVALUATION) HUMAN – INFORMATION SYSTEM – FINANCIAL EVOLUTION OF DATA INTEGRATION & MANAGEMENT Infrastructure Supports Coordinated Care For Optimal Outcomes BASIC (static) ENHANCED (static) ADVANCED (dynamic) COMPREHENSIVE (dynamic) Population Health and/or/

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systems environment – point to point integration Operational Objectives CM Data CM Data CM Data CM Data 5. Requirements Management 9. Product Data 12 Depot Maint Mgmt 14 Defects & Failure Reporting 4. Maintenance Management Functional Requirements Defects and Failures CM Data Maintenance Mgt Data 1. Support Data Support Data 3. Stock Mgmt 13. Distribution, Transportation 7. FMECA Design Data LSA Data FMECA Results Support Data Distribution Data The main point of this slide is to highlight that/

Chapter 1: Overview Overview of Business Analytics

efforts be applied to specific regions for certain products? Create part of an analytical data mart by combining information from three tables: transactional order data, customer records, and product information. The data for this example can be found in two types of file: SAS data sets Microsoft Excel workbook Input Files Orderinformation.sas7bdat Productinformation.sas7bdat Customerinformation.xls Final Data A Data Management Process Using SAS Enterprise Guide Sporting Goods/

Classification of Processes Order from Chaos Version 2 – Post Harwell update Ian Dalling - Unified Management Solutions CQI Nuclear Special Interest Group.

and Training Insurance Symptom Based Procedures First Aid General Arrangements Emergencies, Crises and Disaster Recovery Standard Procedures Events General Management Classification Product Recall 9 Change 1. Assessment and Controls 2. Personnel 3. Commerce 4. Data 5. Matter and Energy 6. Suppliers 7. Service and Product Delivery 8. Contingencies 9. Change 11. Proactive Monitoring 12. Review and Action PLAN DO CHECK ACT 10. Reactive Monitoring/

Solid Edge ST5 Instructor-Led Training Assembly

covered in this activity are only those that are delivered with the Solid Edge product and does not include other data management products, such as Teamcenter. Please refer to the documentation within data management programs if you have them. Solid Edge supports assembly management, including the process of revising assemblies. View and Markup : revision manager lets you copy an assembly, replace parts in it, and create new revisions/

Quick Business Manager is… … fully functional and integrated … … desktop based … … with a professional commercial offer… … highly adaptable … … with modular.

, roles, alerts, process scheduler,…) QBM Procurement Management Warehouse Management Sales Management Project Management Production Management & MRP Financial Management Master Data Management System Administration Functionality Overview QBM Procurement Management Warehouse Management Sales Management Project Management Production Management & MRP Financial Management Master Data Management System Administration Products:  Products catalogue  Product categories  Units of measurement  Attributes (lot/

BME305 Management Information Systems

strategy for responding to business challenges In addition, managers must act creatively: Creation of new products and services Occasionally re-creating the organization Technology dimension of information systems Management Information Systems Chapter 1 Information Systems in Global Business Today Perspectives on Information Systems Technology dimension of information systems Computer hardware and software Data management technology Networking and telecommunications technology Networks, the Internet/

Health Information Systems Architectures and Strategies Strategic Information Management in Hospitals Manuscript 2010 chapter 6 August 2010 copyright.

productivity of staff. It comprises, for example, staff and position planning, the staff register, staff scheduling, and staff payrol This hospital function can be decomposed as follows: Administration of human resource master data Human resource planning Work organization and time management/administration system, medical documentation system, provider/physician order entry system (POE), and the patient data management system, in order to allow quick access to reports and imaging pictures from every unit /

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projects. 6. Review of Q.I.P’s ( Quality Improvement Projects ) by top management . 7. Recognition of significant achievements. Improvement is an ever flowing stream 7. Factual approach to decision making Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information . This requires : 1. Recording of data on : Quantitative production Equipment failures Process conditions Delivery performance Customer complaints Quality costs Supplier performance. Period/

Part 1: Simulation Modeling

NPV reacts to changes in the inputs. Use data tables to see how the NPV reacts to changes in the inputs. However, TopRank does this easily. Evaluating Uncertainty SIMTEX Product Development Change the input section to reflect uncertainty/ Below. For Excel Reports: Check Simulation Summary . Check Detailed Statistics. Check Active Workbook. Run the @Risk Simulation SIMTEX Product Development To run the simulation, Click on the “Start Simulation” button. In the @Risk Results window To see Summary Statistics/

Outline 1. The “I” vs. “T” in IT 2. Frito-Lay Case

. . . . . . . 130   FedEx was an Aggressive First-Mover In Using IT : COSMOS, the centralized computer system for package tracking on a real-time basis : Launched a proprietary and then-revolutionary data network called Digitally Assisted Dispatch Systems (DADS) which enables dispatchers to use text messages to change drivers’ routes and pickup requests – still in use, DADS led to a 30% increase/the country. He brainstormed with execs and store managers about which products to mark down. A team met over the /

Quality Management & Process Improvement

Product measurement process Data collection A metrics programme should be based on a set of product and process data. Data should be collected immediately (not in retrospect) and, if possible, automatically. Three types of automatic data collection Static product analysis; Dynamic product analysis; Process data collation. Data accuracy Don’t collect unnecessary data/. Change tuning. Topics covered Process and product quality Quality management activities Quality assurance and standards Quality planning /

Competition, Innovation and Productivity Growth

in the late 1980s created incentives to raise prices and that leverage increase led to softer product market competition. Interactions between product markets and factor markets: Labor Market Using data for 867 US firms – including 40 firms that increased debt through discrete changes such as leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, and public recapitalisations – in ten selected commodity industries, Kovenock and Phillips (1995) find that firms/

Customer Data Integration & Master Data Management Summit London 2006

strong SI channel Under invested in marketing Lack of CDI references © 2006 The CDI Institute The-CDI-Institute.com Field Report: i2/Teradata Master Data Management Strengths Full lifecycle Integrated customer, product & vendor master data Full SOA Retail & mfg expertise Data model flexibility Focus on MDM Teradata partnership Weaknesses Lack of strong SI channel Under invested in marketing Lack of CDI references © 2006 The CDI/

AMD OpteronTM Overview

IPSec. AMD-8131™ PCI-X Tunnel System Strengths Ideal for systems where large flat memory is important (16GB of SMP memory) Data mining Rational Data Base applications AMD-8111TM I/O Hub PCI 33/32 EIDE FLASH LPC SIO USB1.1,2.0 AC97 ACR 1.0 MII/ AMD-8111TM I/O Hub Legacy PCI FLASH LPC SIO Zircon BMC USB1.0 AC97 UDMA133 MII 100 BaseT Management LAN 10/100 Phy April 16, 2017 Computation Products Group AMD Opteron DP - 2P Server with SSL/IPsec encryption Security Macro Processor RM9000x2 DDR SDRAM SysAD Bus /

THE PREMIER SERVICE MANAGEMENT EVENT May 18 - 22, 2008 | Orlando, Florida Business Partner Summit Maximize Your Sales with Business Security Solutions.

Employees and consultants have access only to applications related to their responsibilities Account holders can create and change their passwords faster, increasing employee productivity and strengthening security. 16 Data Security Our Value Consistently control access to both structured and unstructured data across all environments, including System z Tivoli Access Manager (with FileNet), Tivoli zSecure DLP (Partnership), Records Crawler, IBM Classification Module Encryption, Key Lifecycle/

Fraud Management and Operations Training SAMPLE ONLY.

Fraud Advantages: Marketing Product Manager deals with only ONE representative from Fraud Control Department. Makes for easier implementation of prevention processes when the vulnerability is a Process Vulnerability because Marketing is actively involved. Makes it easy for product profitability evaluations. The fraud analyst has the fraud data specifically for the product. Disadvantages: More difficult when implementing preventive measures against technical vulnerabilities. Network Engineering and Ops/

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology OODT and PDS: An Infrastructure for Management.

knowledge discovery Develop software frameworks for data management to reuse software, manage risk, reduce cost and leverage IT experience OODT Initial focus Data archiving – Manage heterogeneous data products and resources in a distributed, metadata-driven environment Data location and discovery – Locate data products across multiple archives, catalogs and data systems Data retrieval – Retrieve diverse data products from distributed data sources and integrate National Aeronautics and Space Administration/

Management Information Systems II. Oskar Szumski, PhD

less money it costs. What types of costs might result from a quality problem in customer profile data? In the packaging of a household cleaner? What types of quality problems in products or services have students encountered in their own experiences? 82 Quality management (cont.) Total Quality Management (TQM): Achievement of quality control is end in itself Everyone is expected to contribute to improvement/

Project Management Training

planning parameters Monitor commitments Monitor project risks Monitor data management Monitor stakeholder involvement Conduct progress, technical and milestone reviews Manage corrective actions to closure Analyze issues Apply appropriate corrective actions Manage results of corrective actions BPD Reference: Project Monitoring and Control Process Area Requirements Development Purpose: To produce and verify customer, product and product component requirements Goals: Develop customer requirements Elicit needs/

© 2007 Prentice Hall, Inc.1 Using Management Information Systems David Kroenke Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Chapter 9.

. © 2007 Prentice Hall, Inc.91 Summary (Continued) Data warehouses and data marts are facilities that prepare, store, and manage data for data mining and other analyses. Data Market-basket analysis determines groups of products that customers tend to purchase together. Decision trees are used/save time and money. In truth, skill is required to develop a good sample. The product managers should have listened to the data miners’ sampling plan and ensured that the sample would be appropriate, given the goals of/

Ahead of the Game Technical Series Sharon Bennett SMB Product Technology Advisor October 15, 2014.

platform. Offer the peace of mind from hosting on a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Local currencies Global datacenters Global support 24 x 7 x 365 support Over 1 billion customers, 20 million businesses 90 markets worldwide 280 years of combined industry experience in infrastructure, security, product dev, and global ops Local account teams ₩ ¥ € руб $ $ £ $ Rp TL chf kr $ R $ $ Microsoft/

Analytics Driven Manufacturing

power user and study improvements. Ferring – Endeca Process Manufacturing Extension Really focused on batch management. Easy to identify the batches having issues. Easy filter with all the filters available. Useful for people working on production Ferring – Endeca Inventory Extension Really focused on item management. Used by our Master Data Management team The main feature used is to compare item attributes across inventory organizations Within the/

BPD Configuration Management Training

identification rules to digital documents and files Applying disciplined version control Providing controlled access to data Using agreed-upon rules for data change management and archiving Maintaining product-data relationships Protecting and applying appropriate markings on data Assuring accurate data transmittal Begs standardization of DM tools to the degree feasible Data Management The Software Library Each program should designate: A single person responsible for maintaining library Responsible/

Prof. Witold Chmielarz, PhD , Velimir Tasic MSc, Oskar Szumski, PhD

into a uniform and enterprise wide system environment IFS App Component Chart Example – IFS App for automotive industry CRP (Capacity Requirements Planning) - planowanie zdolności produkcyjnych PDM Product data management PLM Product lifecycle management Example – IFS App for aviation Example – IFS App for Defence Basic Data Required (BDR) Example – IFS App for telecommunications Thank you very much for your attention! Witold Chmielarz Questions - vitec@post.pl/

Part 4 Managing Software Project

is lost 9.The project team lacks people with appropriate skills. 10.Managers [and practitioners] avoid best practices and lessons learned. Common-Sense Approach to Projects (Project Manager) Start on the right foot. This is accomplished by working hard to/ per month, the cost per line of code is approximately $13. Based on the use-case estimate and the historical productivity data, the total estimated project cost is $552,000 and the estimated effort is 68 person-months. Estimation with Use-Cases /

Integrated Production Processes (IPP).

in Manufacturing Product innovation Production process innovation Supply chain management Management accounting systems Product Innovation Enterprise systems facilitate the integration of product design, manufacturing and marketing Innovation in value chain, from product design through purchases and servicing product Collaboration between design and manufacturing for defect-free products Product lifecycle management (PLM) software organizes data by product Production Process Innovation Managing throughput/

© 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved Siemens PLM Software What’s New in Teamcenter 8.3 Presenter NameTitle.

Software Inc. All rights reserved Siemens PLM SoftwareConfidential Bill-of-Materials Management Page 16 © 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved Siemens PLM SoftwareConfidential Teamcenter Bill-of-Materials Management Whats New in 8.3  Product configuration and enterprise BOM management  Process-specific data structure and data management  Lifecycle representation managementManagement and Reconciliation of MBOM from EBOM for large assemblies  Enabling EBOM/

2 nd GGF School on Grid Computing – July 2004 – n° 1 A.Fanfani INFN Bologna  Introduction about LHC and CMS  CMS Production on Grid  CMS Data challenge.

on MDS o Monitoring based on MonaLisa + Ganglia o VOMS from EDG project o Etc.  Additional services can be provided by the experiment, i.g. o Storage Resource Manager (SRM), dCache for storing data  CMS Production tools on MOP master 2 nd GGF School on Grid Computing – July 2004 – n° 21 A.Fanfani INFN Bologna CMS/Grid3 MOP Tool  Mop_submitter wraps McRunjob jobs/

Joint meeting of Anesthetic and Life Support Drugs and Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committees May 6, 2008 Review of Fentora® and Actiq® Adverse.

File: VONA 2008-223 oxycodone comp AC 3-5-08.xls Joint meeting of Anesthetic and Life Support Drugs and Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committees May 6, 2008 141 Prescription Data: Total Dispensed Prescriptions for Fentanyl Products from U.S. Retail Pharmacies, Years 2000-2007 Verispan Vector One™ : National (VONA). Extracted 2/2008 Fentanyl Transdermal has replaced Duragesic ® as leading Fentanyl/

Cooperative Agreement # NNS04AA78A 1 Applying NASA/EOS Data to Coastal Zone Management Application Developed from Integrated Analyses SENSOR TO USER Progress.

from Integrated Analyses SENSOR TO USER ACT’s REASON Web page Is up an running http://www.actgate.com/reason Provides: Report Summaries Actual Data Access DST Demos Products Tutorials … …LIVE DEMO … Cooperative Agreement # NNS04AA78A 38 Applying NASA/EOS Data to Coastal Zone Management Application Developed from Integrated Analyses SENSOR TO USER NRL Related –Work over WIPE enhancements/customization requested by NRL-SSC Custom/

Data Mining Tools Overview & Tutorial Ahmed Sameh Prince Sultan University Department of Computer Science & Info Sys May 2010 (Some slides belong to IBM)

make useful information easily accessible to authorized users  help managers make informed decisions 58 Benefits of Data Warehousing zPotential high returns on investment zCompetitive advantage zIncreased productivity of corporate decision-makers 59 Comparison of OLTP and Data Warehousing OLTP systemsData warehousing systems Holds current dataHolds historic data Stores detailed dataStores detailed, lightly, and summarized data Data is dynamicData is largely static Repetitive processingAd hoc, unstructured/

© 2006 Wellesley Information Services. All rights reserved. Dr. Bjarne Berg Lenoir-Rhyne College Implementing a global Data Warehouse: Approach, architecture.

and Decision Support Framework R/3 Legacy Systems External systems Internet Messaging Source Data Data Extraction Transform and Load Processes Extract Summation Marketing & Sales Purchasing Corporate Product Line Location Operational Data Store Translate Attribute Calculate Summarize Synchronize Transform Summarized Data Data Subsets by Segment Data Warehouse OLAP Data Mining Batch Reporting Managed Query Env. Access Data Marts Vendor Provided Reconcile Finance Supply 14 * Rapidly improving content Where do/

Dell Precision T1600 Sales Training

professional grade graphics Professional 2D and entry level 3D designs Outstanding performance and protection of data with RAID (select configurations) Fast problem resolution thanks to trained technical support with ProSupport/Higher performing professional-class workstation graphics card options Select ISV certified applications More manageability features More security features Benefits: Increased productivity from faster graphics performance Peace of mind from ISV certification Workstation class Consumer/

COMP 3710 Software Project Management S2 2003 Lecture 1 Professor Ross Jeffery K17, Rm305, 9385 6182, Mike.

US Navy Washington Department of Information Services Waynesburg College Xerox Corporation 31 CMMI Project Management Process Areas Project Planning Project Monitoring and Control Measurement and Analysis Risk Management Integrated Project Management Configuration Management Product and Process Quality Assurance Decision Analysis and Resolution Supplier Agreement Management Data Management Quantitative Mgmt of Quality and Process Organizational Training Organizational Process Focus Organizational Process/

Caro-COOPS Data and Information Management in Support of Integrated Ocean Observing System Efforts Part I: Where we are Scientific Advisory Board Meeting.

-Ensuring long-term archival of contributed data A comprehensive data management system A comprehensive data and information management system consisting of three primary components: 1. Reception, management and transfer of primary and ancillary observation data 2. Delivery of QC’d data, metadata and data products to a Web-based data and information portal 3. Provision of user-friendly tools and information products for model output Data and Information Management Subsystem Scientific Advisory Board Meeting/

Customer Actions Taken After Site Unresponsiveness

sales, there are five key elements to e-Business — product offer, order capture and validation, payment processing, order management, and product fulfillment. Conclusion Customer Management Systems Service Management Systems Network Management Systems Enterprise Management Systems Service Management Systems Customer Management Systems Business Management Systems Call Centres Customer Care Systems Sales Force Automation IVR Billing System Data Warehouse OSS SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, etc. Customer Relationship/

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