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Communication Science 3 international communication

on both sides (communist and capitalist) Propaganda was also a key battle ground during the Cold War Radio Moscow vs. the Voice of America/Radio Free Europe In 1951 the US established a “Psychological Strategy Board’ to advise the/populated cities for large spectator base Require people in a society to have time, money transportation and availability to media outlets (print and electronic) 5. Commercial sports require large amounts of capital to build and maintain stadiums and arenas (therefore naming rights/

Electronic Communication vs. Traditional Print Media: Which is More Effective? Presenters: Christopher Small – GDAIS Jonathan Steele – GDAIS Jim Slavin.

Electronic Communication vs. Traditional Print Media: Which is More Effective? Presenters: Christopher Small – GDAIS Jonathan Steele – GDAIS Jim Slavin – College Board Introductions Who are these guys, and why are they here??? Christopher Small Jonathan Steele Jim Slavin About GDA Integrated Services Market Research Telemarketing Integrated Marketing Plans Direct Mail Integrated Communications Website Design Electronic Communications “Guaranteed Visibility” Printed Communications Public Relations Counsel /

New Workflows for Electronic Journals Joint Presentation of: Digital Acquisitions, OIS Catalogers Discussion Group Standing Subcommittee on Serials, Series.

with libraries to resolve duplicates. Circumstances where multiple records may appear Brief bib contains misspelled words Title loaded with Electronic ISSN vs. Print ISSN Title is a work that contains multiple parts (e.g. Brain Research) Holdings in Aleph includes a/ required include: 655 field 740 field Aleph cataloging (655 field) 655 field for electronic media But note that Bib Standards continues to require for other media. Consult the standards at: http://hul.harvard.edu/cmtes/haac/Form_G enre.htm Aleph/


the reply from the echo server Lines 50-51 print the echoed string Lines 53-54 handle errors Lines/ (RTSP) Session Description Protocol (SDP) Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Electronic Numbers (ENUM) Protocols supporting VoIP Multicast IP efficiently sends data to multiple/Network Ad Hoc Network BSS BSS STA STA Overview, Wired vs. Wireless LANs 802.3 (Ethernet) uses CSMA/CD, Carrier/ see corrupted data through a CRC error 802.11 Media Access Control Carrier Sense: Listen before talking Handshaking to/

Media Basics and Print Media

e.g., Farm Journal and Feed and Grain. Classifications of Magazines Vertical vs. horizontal publications Vertical: contains stories about and info about an industry Horizontal:/ offices (doctors and dentists), direct delivery (company or airplane), and electronic delivery Magazine Advertising: Format Premium positions Back cover, inside covers Double-/ to catch people when they’re shopping. Table 8.6 Print Media Advantages and Limitations Newspaper Advertising Advantages Good for news announcements Good/

GLOBAL FLOWS OF COMMUNICATION Theoretical Approach 3 MEVIT3220/ 4220 Media and Globalisation Carol Azungi, 25 November 2007 MEVIT3220/ 4220 Media and Globalisation.

Regionalism- there is now greater exchange of news, TV programmes, print media, music between regions, e.g. DSTV (South Africa), Nollywood (/movement of currency markets and money, across boundaries  Mediascapes - distribution of electronic capabilities to produce & disseminate news  Ideascapes- movement of political ideas and /cultural and national meanings of identity (global Chinese communities)  National triumph vs. Western imperialism  Articles raises the following:  International news-making (/

Open Source/Open Architecture Low-Energy Printing Prepared Multidisciplinary Senior Design Projects Dean Culver (ME) Shawn Hoskins (ME) Derek Meinke (ME)

fuser prototype EE Student Start researching power transfer from commutator to heating elements Compile electronics vendor list Continue commutator development Create list of electrical components and costs Continue /vs printed boards. Detailed documentation of everything is critical. TT: CPM Business Plan Operate within KGCOE MSD budget Show proof of concept! –Inputs, function, desired outcomes Novel concepts attract attention Increase/generate corporate and internal infrastructure P10506: Print Media/

IPR & Media Laws By Dominic D’souza *Exam on 9 th Nov,2009.

Cntd… Repetition of libel is a new libel / publication of libel in news papers Chandrasekara Pillai Vs. G. Raman Pillai sufficient to prove that the paper was delivered in the territorial jurisdiction of the// departments of Government collect information about programmes, policies and activities of the department concerned disseminate it to the print and electronic media. Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity, Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), Films Division MINISTRY OF INFORMATION AND/

Besser--NYU 4/11/02 1 Preserving New Media: Issues in Saving the Orphan/Ephemeral/Experimental Films of the Future Howard Besser UCLA School of Education.

Besser--NYU 4/11/02 4 LIS Graduate School _ Certificate Specializing in “Non-Print Media” _ Film Resources Information Group- _ Funding & managing projects- _ Authority on/that change (dynamic) –Stanford--archiving software tools Besser--NYU 4/11/02 39 Electronic Resource Preservation and Access NETwork (ERPANET) _ Best practices and skills development for digital/ how they’ll be able to deliver higher-bandwidth streams –Delivery Derivatives vs. Masters encoded w/standards –May also want to re-edit the piece/

Preserving Online Evidence St. Mary’s University Homecoming CLE March 22, 2013 Wilhelmina Randtke Electronic Services Librarian and Associate Professor.

unlabeled files – Doesn’t get everything Ways to Print: – Print it out onto paper – Screen Capture – Print to PDF Printing the page out onto paper. Least techy option The/ export. What are your usage requirements? – Total size of archive (individual pages vs entire websites) Perspective: entire St. Mary’s University website is about 6 GB /– Good coverage of admissibility and social media; has Texas cases to the extent possible (most law is federal). Paul R. Rice, Electronic Evidence Law and Practice (2 nd /

MLA Workshop Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. New York: MLA, 2003. Print. Franklin, Phyllis. Foreword. MLA Handbook for Writers.

E1. Print. Weiller, K. H. Rev. of Sport, Rhetoric, and Gender: Historical Perspectives and Media Representations, ed. Linda K. Fuller. Choice Apr. 2007: 1377. Print. / Date of access. Salmar1515 [Sal Hernandez]. “Re: Best Strategy: Fenced Pastures vs. Max Number of Rooms?” BoardGameGeek. BoardGameGeek, 29 Sept. 2008. Web. 5/: Future Work in Rhetoric and Composition, CCCC, Palmer House Hilton, 2002. Print. 11. Electronic Sources One online film critic stated that Fitzcarraldo is "...a beautiful and terrifying /

Electronic Commerce Eighth Edition Chapter 4 Marketing on the Web.

value (key element) Customer perceives a value in buying product Brands can lose their value –Environment changes Electronic Commerce, Eighth Edition62 Electronic Commerce, Eighth Edition63 Emotional Branding vs. Rational Branding Emotional appeals –Work well if ad targets in passive mode of information acceptance Television, radio, billboards, print media –Difficult to convey on Web Active medium controlled by customer Rational branding –Offer to help Web users/

The National Media and American Politics. The Media of Yesteryear The first American newspapers (printed in the 1690s) were often controlled by the government.

of newspapers. Throughout the 19th century, payoffs to the press were common. Yellow journalism today. Pulitzer vs. Hearst Technological Advances Newspapers became cheaper and easier to produce and distribute. The telegraph and telephone made /political attitudes and choices but does not determine them. Government Regulation of the Electronic Media Print media are exempt from most governmental regulation. Electronic media are not. Airwaves are considered public property and are leased to networks and/

Daniel Berkowitz Digilife Media, LLC Boston University School of Education Accessing Higher Ground November 14, 2008 Boulder, CO Digital Accessible.

Berkowitz Digilife Media, LLC Boston/ and satisfaction, in a specified context of use.”  International Organization for Standards, 1998.  Think stick-shift vs. automatic Daniel Berkowitz – Accessing Higher Ground 2008 – 13 of 24 Digital Access Digital = technologically concrete Access =/3][b]). The terms “electronic files” in “specialized formats” refer to digital text that is accessible to the widest extent possible by the largest numbers of individuals with print impairments. The wording moves closer/

Opt 307/407 Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy

of Resolution Depth of Field Light Microscope vs Electron Microscope General Diagram of the SEM System Light Microscopy vs Electron Microscopy Advantages of EM: Resolution Magnification Depth/ or Stop (acid) Fix (thiosulfates) Rinse (water) Dry Scan or Print photographically Good photographic processing results in the best images and are still the/ to point and discuss Web -like journal -can be interactive Presentation Media Photographic paper Photo quality printer output -dye sublimation -ink jet....getting /

The Long Road from Reactive to Proactive: Developing an Accessibility Strategy Korey Singleton, ATI Manager George Mason University 3Play Media Webinar.

OCR) & Media – Provision of accessible text to students, faculty, and staff with print-related disabilities (referral only). – Provision of accessible media: closed / Here’s your roadmap! Compilation of Resolution Agreements... –Establish/Update Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Policy –Establish/Update EIT Grievance//accessibility-working-group/ Issues Identified by ITAG Accessibility vs. Accommodation –JIT vs. Development –Time/Staffing –Inconsistency Compliance/Enforcement Costs/

Reading Preferences: Print vs. Other Formats Karin Gardner Emily Gibson Kathryn McGowan Joanne Teliszewski EDU 738 Fall 2010.

Reading Preferences: Print vs. Other Formats Karin Gardner Emily Gibson Kathryn McGowan Joanne Teliszewski EDU 738 Fall 2010 Problem Statement The purpose of this study is to determine the most resourceful way for librarians to supply patrons with information. Librarians need to be careful that they are allocating financial resources appropriately towards media that will be used by their patrons. It is not only/

Introduction to Wikis: Collaboration, Semantics, and Applications Dr. Milorad Tošić Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis, Serbia.

Information Systems Lab., Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis What is Wiki: Individual vs. Collective Intelligence Wiki is a new/Electronic Engineering, Nis Features: Presenting content - Printing  Pretty printing  Pure text printing  PDF printing  MS Word printing Home 23-May-15 M.Tosic, Intelligent Information Systems Lab., Faculty of Electronic/.): Proceedings of I-MEDIA07 and I-SEMANTICS07, International Conferences on New Media Technology and Semantic Systems, as part of TRIPLE-I 2007, Graz,/

Buon Giorno! Gary HandmanDirector, Media Resources Center The Teaching Library Moffitt Library UC Berkeley

and other dbs) 4 4 Critical evaluation of print/online resources 4 4 Critical evaluation of media (film, TV, video) So... What Goes On In This Place, Anyway? n Electronic reference: The Information Gateway u 60 high-end/n Frequently hamstrung by institutional IT shortcomings: media convergence vs institutional decentralization n Time constraints and institutional pressures often preclude experimentation and change n Narrow discipline focus puts blinders on (research vs known items). n Often hesitant to admit/

Www.medialogue.be 21 - 11 - 20011 Maximizing Print in the Planning Process 10 th WORLDWIDE READERSHIP RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM 21-26 October,2001 The Exelsior.

- NL  PML: Personalised Media List – UK  Measurement of newspaper supplements and sections (including in-paper) – UK, India, Argentina, Denmark,…  Measurement of electronic newspapers and magazines - Norway /3: Title confusion The effects of different masthead card designs: colour vs. Black-and-white Johannes-Schneller, Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach /. Measuring and minimizing positional and title confusion biases in print media audience estimates Marco Vriens, Barbara Graham, Eric Melton, Tony Incalcatera/

Retailing in Electronic Commerce: Products and Services

vs. Back-end Operations Pg 16 E-Tailing Trust Mechanism Types of e-Tailing Models E-Tailing business models Revenue models Amazon.com: The King of E-Tailing The opportunity July 1995, e-tailing pioneer Amazon.com, offered books via an electronic/ Online Delivery of Digital Products, Entertainment, and Media (cont.) Developments in the delivery of digital products Custom CD sites (angelfire.com and grabware.com) Disintermediation of traditional print media (pcai.com and wsj.com) Online Purchase Decision/

 Technology has changed the way that we interact with each other  Media is also expanding the boundaries of our social circles; how we perceive and.

continual OS and lack of support for prior generations  Upward compatibility only  Technology and media are interwoven and are rarely separated  Media – refers to all print, digital and electronic means of communication  Technology has influenced how and where information is shared  From phone/news, the audience can now choose specifically what it wants to hear and what it wants to avoid (Fox vs. MSNBC vs. CNN vs. NBC/CBS/ABS news)  Television and Radio  Both shaped people’s lives in much the same way/

1 The League for Innovation in the Community College CIT 2003 102E, Convention Center – Monday, October 20, 2003 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM Digital Media Formats:

storage media. Examples Examples Text on paper Electronic text stored on a computer’s disk Photographic elements stored in a digital camera. 17 Digital Media Formats/ combine these two types of information in one file to enable you to print pictures with text and illustrations. Vector based files are a set of mathematical/supposed to license the use from Unisys.* lossless compressionpixelslossless compressionpixels 53 JPG vs. GIF vs. PNG PNG Short for Portable Network Graphics, the third graphics standard /

Module 2: Printing Processes 1 Module 2: Printing Processes Instructor: Doughlas Remy.

and artwork before and after the invention of photography Relief (Flexography, Letterpress) Planographic printing (offset litho) Gravure (Intaglio) Screen printing (silkscreen, stencil) Digital (electronic) printing Spot colors and process colors Continuous tone vs. halftone Quiz Answer Forms for Printing (major printing processes) Module 2: Printing Processes 3 What you should know about the U.S. printing industry It has a very low profile. It is composed mainly of small/

Social Media and Digital Evidence: Evolution or Revolution John GREGORY, Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario)

Media 4 scenarios For each scenario: a)Scenario + questions b)Group work c)Discussion 2 1 st scenario During a hearing, a party wants to produce electronic evidence: an e-mail and an Excel file. 3 Questions 1.What will you accept: a)The original electronic document? b)A PDF file of the original electronic document? c)A printed/ in court in Canada… why? Wikipedia: 2 ways to see it: encyclopedia, dictionary VS community pages – Veracity of the information (source, history) Google Street View/WayBack Machine /

Herding eJournals & eBooks (it’s tough enough herding ‘em, but how do you keep ‘em in the corral?!) presented by Stephanie Nicely Aken Electronic Resources.

Commons Attribution 3.0 License notedCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 LicensenotedCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Electronic vs. Print Print Print Archival copy Archival copy For many journals, still the “official” published copy For many journals/; whine BEFORE you sign!  Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 criminalizing breaking encryption on any media, even if purchased legally  Print can (illegally) be scanned without encryption; most encryption schemes have been “cracked”  Adds cost/

Unit 3 Review Political Parties, Elections and Campaigns, Interest Groups, and the Mass Media.

—FDR 1932—FDR Dealignment Dealignment Rise of independents Rise of independents Interest Groups Parties vs. Interest Groups Parties vs. Interest Groups Parties run candidates for office; Interest groups support candidates for office / Creation of political forums Structure of the Media Structure of the Media Print Print Electronic Electronic Internet Internet blogs blogs Mass Media Government Regulation of the Media Government Regulation of the Media Prior Restraint Prior Restraint Confidentiality of sources/

Unit 3: Parties, Interest Groups, the Media (Wilson 11-13, L & G 7-10)

“hired guns” (L &G p. 507) [T. Dashale vs MADD mom] Lobbies may also lobby each other to change their /Defense Contractors Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Nortrop-Grmman, McDonnell Douglas, Hercules, Electronic Boat Parties of War and Peace? the Defense Iron Triangle tends to/print for information and influence. Internet: Tends to be a mirror of Broadcast and Magazines. New notable exception is blogs which tend to be more up-to-date and less edited commentary sites What have I left out? Gotten wrong? Many media/

Chapter 13 Electronic Work Flow. Chapter 13 Electronic Work Flow.

and explain its importance to prepress production. Describe the basic creation, transmission, and output of electronic media. List proofing methods used in the printing industry. © Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only. /raster image processors (RIPs), imagesetters, and platesetters. Define digital printing. © Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only. Analog vs. Digital Most images enter the work flow in analog form /

March 2008 Gauteng Wealth Survey. Avusa Media, (previously incarnated as Johnnic Media Investments, …, SAAN) has a proven track record among advertising.

research objective was to provide the market place with valid and reliable media consumption for cinema, internet, outdoor, print, (including free sheets and community papers in the relevant areas), radio/electronic device in HH % WM-A – most prosperous group WM-H – least prosperous group PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor Vehicles Make of Motor Vehicle % 1 041 000 (48%) personally own a motor vehicle; 1 923 000 (89%) have at least one vehicle in their household Rebased on those who personally own a motor vehicle vs/

Electronic Commerce Ninth Edition Chapter 4 Marketing on the Web.

) Customer perceives a value in buying product Brands can lose their value –Environment changes Electronic Commerce, Ninth Edition63 Electronic Commerce, Ninth Edition64 FIGURE 4-10 Elements of a brand Emotional Branding vs. Rational Branding Emotional appeals –Work well if ad targets in passive mode of information acceptance Television, radio, billboards, print media –Difficult to convey on Web Active medium controlled by customer Rational branding –Offer/

EBook vs. Printed Textbook IMCAT Dec 10, 2013 Chromebook iPad Win 8 Tablet.

from Print to Digital Shift from Physical to Digital Media Music Movies Textbooks Shift from Physical to Digital Media Media Categor y Dominant Physical Media Company Market/Oregon 23.New Jersey 24.Connecticut 25.Alaska 26.Indiana 27.Texas Print vs. Digital Digital – More than an eBook Digital eBook Video Power LessonsPowerPoint/Print to Digital Florida has mandated that all K-12 instructional materials are required to be provided in electronic format by 2015-2016. West Virginia replaced social studies print/

Electronic Commerce Economic Aspect of Copyright Protection.

product of mass printing A market incentive for profits Traditionally, the book trading industry emphasized the property aspect over the intellectual perspective. Electronic/digital communication is fundamentally different from paper media in printing and distribution. / law deals with inventions that have useful functions; Differences between patent and copyright “ science/technology ” vs. “ useful arts ” “ inventors ” vs. “ authors ” Trademark law gives a monopoly right to any word, name, symbol, or device/

E-LAW… What is the Law? Electronic Signatures, Clickwrap Terms and Conditions, and Privacy on the Internet David T. Ullmann Minden Gross Grafstein & Greenstein.

through the use of some mechanical means such as a rubber stamp, printing, typewriting, or fax What is a Signature?................  Any mark adopted/Second Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed.  See also Ticketmaster Corp. vs. Tickets.Com, Inc. Amendments to Electronic Contracts  Canadian Case: Kanitz v. Rogers Cable Inc. / Direct Corporation  Plan/Strategy: Abacus Alliance. DoubleClick  Result: Unfavorable media coverage 3 state and federal investigations and several class-action lawsuits Abacus Alliance/

Best Practices for Evaluating a New Electronic Resource Sponsored by The Committee on Relations with Information Vendors (CRIV) Prepared by: Rob Myers.

or "guidelines" or "standards.“ From “Library Best Practice for Print and Online Periodicals.” Montgomery College Libraries, Montgomery County, Maryland, viewed / other media. Many of the principles also transfer to e-books, CD-ROMs, and other media. The/and analyzing information gained from the trial, completing an Electronic Resource Evaluation Checklist, reading/evaluating the license agreement, / Subscribe just in case someone needs it (mainly Academics) vs. Being able to obtain an item just at the time/

The Media An Introduction AP Government Chapter 12, Theme A.

of media outlets Leaks are commonplace FOIA allows media to force transparency Types of MediaPrint media: magazines, pamphlets, books, and newspapers Declining in importance Many print resources folded or no longer in print Advertisers have abandoned for electronic media Almost no regulation Types of MediaElectronic media: Television/headings.  Read and complete the CT packet on hard vs. soft news. You cannot do this assignment correctly in one night. It is an assignment that stretches over 3 days/

Electronic Commerce Tenth Edition Chapter 4 Marketing on the Web.

open advertiser’s page 49Electronic Commerce, Tenth Edition49 50 FIGURE 4-7 CPM rates for advertising in various media Electronic Commerce, Tenth Edition50 Online Advertising Cost and Effectiveness (cont’d.) New metrics to evaluate advertising yield /4-10 Elements of a brand Electronic Commerce, Tenth Edition67 Emotional Branding vs. Rational Branding Emotional appeals –Work well if ad targets in passive mode of information acceptance Television, radio, billboards, print media –Difficult to convey on Web /

Chapter 4 Hardware for Educators. System unit Boxlike case that houses the electronic components of the computer that are used to process data The System.

text and graphics on a physical medium such as paper or transparency film Hard copy (printout) Portrait vs. landscape Printing requirements vary What are Output Devices? Nonimpact Printers Do not strike paper Much quieter Ink-jet printers Spray/ inflexible, circular disks, called platters Magnetic storage device Formatting Storage Media and Devices Miniature and Portable Hard Disks Miniature hard disks are found in consumer electronics and have greater storage capacities than flash memory External hard disks/

EC(II) - 1 © Minder Chen, 1996-2008 Electronic Commerce: Business Models, Strategies, Investment and Implementation in the Network Economics August, 2008.

Purchasing a storefront at a virtual mall. Publicizing your web sites through traditional marketing media, such as printed brochures, business cards, newspaper ads. Sites to Help You Submit Your: SiteThese sites/Application vs. Intangible AssetsIntangibleAssets E-Commerce Applications Sources of Value Customer relationships Web-based sellingIncreased revenues; More efficient order fulfillment Customer information PersonalizationIncreased revenues per customer Supply purchasing volume Electronic procurement /

August 30, 2015 Using Electronic Evidence in IP Litigation Tips, Tactics, Technology Presented by Christopher Wall, Esq.

media. Court required electronic / Secure Web- based Repository Printed Paper Litigation Support Database Stage/electronic document issues early –Negotiate scope – seek a protective order early if necessary –Propose culling techniques Data sampling De-duplication Keyword searching –Use technology to increase speed and accuracy of document review Technology & Costs General Rule – Producing Party Pays Inherent Power of Court to Shift Costs The Texas Solution – Tex.R.Civ.P. 196.4 –“Reasonable Availability” vs/


prints @ 5% coverage –High capacity (C, M, Y & K) : 4,500 prints @ 5% coverage * - same as magicolor 2400-series 14 magicolor 2500 Series Color Laser Printers  Toner consumption & remaining life tracked electronically/ 4" x 6" borderless prints with special media – Batch print – Fit-to-page – Index prints – Multiple copies – Plain paper or photo media – Varied or duplicate images on/Laser Printers 24:0026:0028:0030:0032:0034:00 magicolor 2500W vs. HP 2600n Speed Benchmark: QualityLogic test suite – 12 files,/

Chapter Eight Media Basics and Print Media. Prentice Hall, © 20098-2 When we talk about media, we are referring to the way messages are delivered, and.

Print advertisements Prentice Hall, © 20098-10 Print media includes all of the following except: a) Billboards b) Newspapers c) Magazines d) Packaging Prentice Hall, © 20098-11 Print media includes/except: a) Visual quality and multiple magazine formats b) Lower cost vs. network TV to reach a broad mass audience c) Ability to/any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Printed in the United States of America. /

Convergence, media regulation and policy 匯流、媒體規管與政策 甄美玲 2010 春 媒体规管与政策.

bus services) * telecommunications (telegraph, telephone) * electronic media (radio and television) national monopoly 國營壟斷 (operated or/, tight-touch approach) Public sector vs. Private sector (III) Regulation /media subject to different degree of regulation- Traditional scene Print 報刊 (least regulated) Cable TV ( 有線電視 ) Broadcast( 廣電 ) (strictly regulated) Telephone 媒體規管 - 近年發展 Print 報刊 (least regulated) Cable TV 有線電視 Broadcast 廣電 (strictly regulated) 電話電訊 Telephone? 網上媒體 Online media? (akin to print media/

Media Arts Becoming an Intelligent & Critical Consumer of Information & Entertainment.

an Intelligent & Critical Consumer of Information & Entertainment What We’ll Tackle... Asking the tough questions Politics & the Press Advertising vs. Editorial/Entertainment Print Media Electronic Media Creating our own Media “Product” Asking the tough questions... Who’s delivering the message? What path does the message follow? Who gives them money? Who owns them? What are their motivations? Who’s their /

Splash Screen. Chapter Menu Chapter Introduction Section 1:Section 1:Forming Public Opinion Section 2:Section 2:The Mass Media Section 3:Section 3:Interest.

In a democratic society, various forces shape people’s ideas. Section 2-Key Terms Guide to Reading Content Vocabulary print media electronic mediaelectronic media public agenda leak prior restraint libel malice Section 2-Key Terms Guide to Reading Academic Vocabulary acknowledge benefit regulatory A./ lead to corruption and should therefore be outlawed? A.Agree B.Disagree A.A B.B Section 3-End VS 1 VS-End Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 TIME Trans DFS Trans 1 DFS Trans 2 Voters strongly disagreed about whether/

Mass Media History of Mediated Communication PR 203 - Intro to Communication Dr. P.M.G. Verstraete WEEK 10.

view -Micro-analytical view Print Media: books newspapers magazines pamphlets comics Broadcast Media: radio TV film recorded music Electronic/D igital Media: Internet mobile phone video game Organisation of Mass Media Outdoor Media: billboards signs plackards / a radically opposed reading of the text. Stuart Hall The History of Mass media Technological Advances of carriers vs. recorders of communicationof carriers vs. recorders of communication of capacityof capacity of size (portable, moveable)of size /

Staple your green rubric on top of the final printed copy of your DOAS essay and turn it into the front basket. Do not ask me to go print it or to go get.

Fri 8 - Multi-Media Lab (Needed???) Fri 15 - Multi-Media Lab Mon 18 - Multi-Media Lab Wed 20 - Multi-Media Lab Thurs 21 - Multi-Media Lab Mon 25 - / next slide) Instruction: Obtain I Do How do I cite electronic sources? (handouts & model) Use OWL: Purdue’s On-/ sign-up: Wednesday, April 20 th Works Cited page (printed word doc, 4 sources): Thursday, April 21 st Outline of/ minimalist straight forward little punctuation, etc. literally happening vs. how its written fragments Post- modernism futility, pessimism/

What is a Computer? A computer is an electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory unit, that can accept data.

Four general operations of computer Input Process Output Storage Data Vs Information Data is a collection of raw facts, figures, / Nonimpact Impact and non impact printer Impact printer prints by striking an inked ribbon against the paper /a collection of computers and devices connected through the communication media such as cables, telephone lines, modems or other means /web page Microsoft Internet Explorer is a widely used browser Electronic Commerce Conducting business activities online Three types of e- /

EMS Summer 2011 July 2011. EMS has been running for 15 years and is conducted by Synovate. It is used by the majority of pan- European agencies & media.

Items (Luxury): electronic/technology, luxury items, watches, –Sports/Leisure: sports, arts, events, music, theatre culture, casinos, restaurants –Travel: air travel, class of travel, business/personal travel, destinations, hotels, holidays Multi media consumer survey The /the highest of all print title website (150% bigger than economist.com) Coverage of total EMS universe (%) and Audience (000) Base: All respondents (7,317) Media Platforms International dailies vs International weekly International /

About Video Media Concepts The Spill Resource Page.

color balance is expensive and time consuming. The Spill Resource Page Video vs. Film Continued.. Continued.. Titles and effects cannot be added in real/prints are made, edited, and completed with a film negative is cut to match the tape. Special effects are created electronically and then transferred to film. Special effects are created electronically/Video – An audiovisual medium that records on magnetic tape of other media by electronic means; also, single camera taped program creation in the manner of /

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