Ppt on power system stability and control

Www.accesslaserco.com 5603 47 th Ave NE, Marysville, WA 98270, USA 360-651-6141 Robust Stabilized CO 2 Lasers with Line Tracker Access Laser Company where.

laser will start to be tracked and stabilized. Notice that the piezo voltage (blue curve) moves up and down to keep the laser power (red curve) steady. www.accesslaserco.com 5603 47 th Ave NE, Marysville, WA 98270, USA 360-651-6141 Line Tracker- Auto Version With this version of software chose Closed loop on the control box and the system starts to search for a lockable/

Prabha Kundur Powertech Labs Inc. Surrey, B.C. Canada Prabha Kundur

staff formed organized activities into 8 Task Forces Four international experts as advisors Remedial Actions: power system divided into 5 security zones: regions with major generation and transmission system; emergency controls added for enhancing stability improved layout and protection of major EHV substations improved maintenance of substation equipment and protection/control equipment improved restoration plans pk1443 - 30 What Can We Do To Prevent Blackouts? Methods of Enhancing Security Impractical/

A journey through data rate theorems for communication and control Massimo Franceschetti.

The largest instability U over all LTI systems that can be stabilized by unit feedback over the stationary Gaussian channel, with power constraint P corresponds to the Shannon capacity C F of the stationary Gaussian channel with feedback [Kim(2010)] with the same power constraint P. Power constraint Feedback capacity Control over a Gaussian channel Communication using control This duality between control and feedback communication for Gaussian channels can/

Federal University of Juiz de Fora

fast enough Running a real-time Operating System With sufficient I/O capability Simulation solvers capable to iterate the equations of the power system with Accuracy Stability Main components of a power system real-time simulator Other components Automatic test /with Python, ‘C’ or TestStand API of RT-LAB enable control by different software or methods How to use RT-LAB for power system applications? 1- Design your model in Simulink and SimPowerSystems 2- Identify natural delay in your model (ex: /

Frequency Stability Outline

detector Mitigation of Frequency Stability Problems More emphasis on appropriate setting and coordination of protections and controls protective systems should recognize not only equipment safety but also power system performance requirements Design of power plants so as to be able to successfully withstand "partial load rejections" and islanding conditions achieved by proper design of overall plant control, boiler/reactor control, and turbine overspeed control; and ensuring vital auxiliaries will/

TRANSIENT STABILITY STUDIES (POWERTRS) Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED) project Indonesia Wind Sector Impact Assessment Presented by: Dr. Balaraman,

loading acceptable load met n-1 or n-2 contingency not satisfied f, v, loading not acceptable, load not met Power System Operating States DS: Distribution System G : Generator Control Hierarchy Power System Subsystem & Controls Power System Stability Ability of a power system to remain in synchronism Classification of transients : Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Stability classification Transient stability : Transmission line faults, sudden load change, loss of generation, line switching etc. Dynamic/

Ansaldo Energia: Gas Turbine an enabler for intermittent power

ST Startup Time Reduction Power Plant Start-up Curves Results Temperature and Stress History Life Consumption Calculation Simplified Model Validation  Analytical simplified model Metal temperature & stress calculation Cycle identification: Rainflow counting method LCF Life Consumption Calculation New RSE on Automation System X Control System Packages MEL Ramp Stability Perfor-mance Ansaldo Energia Activities & Solutions Control System MEL Ramp Stability Perfor-mance X Control System Packages HUMMING ACTIVE/


: Var Support Capacity Constraints Stability Reserve Capacity Requirements Factors Impacting System Voltage Local Wind Profile (Speed, Turbulence, Shear) Local Wind Profile (Speed, Turbulence, Shear) Size of Wind Turbine to Short Circuit ratio Size of Wind Turbine to Short Circuit ratio X/R Ratio of system X/R Ratio of system Type of WTG and associated Reactive Power Control Type of WTG and associated Reactive Power Control Loading on Distribution Feeder/

Maintain Aircraft Control Take appropriate action

Stabilizer Trim Wheel Grasp & hold Wheel well fire Landing gear lever (270 knots / .82M maximum) Down WARN BELL CUTOUT WHEEL WELL Landing gear lever (270 knots / .82M maximum) Down Land at the nearest suitable airport Cargo Bay Smoke Detection and Fire Suppression Aircraft must land within 60 minutes of initial discharge of the fire suppression system Flight Controls/ If on the ground Standby Power Switch BAT If required, refer to the passenger evacuation checklist Fuel System Max Fuel Tank Temperature +49/

Active Control of MHD Stability, Austin, 3-5 November 2003J.A. Hoekzema, FZ-Juelich / IPP Association EURATOM-FOM FOM-Instituut voor Plasmafysica “Rijnhuizen”

line: –Grating to deflect a small fraction (MTP coupler) –Dielectric Screen to (partly) reflect ECE frequency and transmit ECRH frequency Removal relatively high power ECRH frequency from the detection system –Notch filters (e.g. dielectic screen as first stage) Complications from Remote Steering Launcher Active Control of MHD Stability, Austin, 3-5 November 2003J.A. Hoekzema, FZ-Juelich / IPP Association EURATOM-FOM FOM-Instituut voor/

Present status of the laser system for KAGRA Univ. of Tokyo Mio Lab. Photon Science Center SUZUKI, Ken-ichiro.

is modulated for control Phase difference is kept by feedback system Yb-doped fiber 10mW40W Mixer Oscillator PD EOM Phase adjust Output Previous Work Output power of 78W and efficiency of 95% have been obtained Continuous operation for 4 hours was realized Drift of the phase difference was observed Control range of the PZT limited the operation time Wider control range and better temperature stability are necessary for/

Introductory comments on: “ How will the low level rf systems required for bunch compression, cavity tuning, machine protection, etc. be designed so as.

are quite close to one another, a single klystron provides the main power for both cavities, with a small “trim” klystron providing pulse-to-pulse corrections to one of the two cavities…” COMMENT: the phase control system is well understood and described, clearly based on great experience at SLAC. However, the required stability seems difficult to reach in some areas (note that crab cavities at/

Excitation Systems Outline Functions and Performance Requirements

Regulator: processes and amplifies input control signals to a level and form appropriate for control of the exciter Terminal voltage transducer and load compensator: senses generator terminal voltage, rectifies and filters it to dc quantity and compares with a reference; load comp may be provided if desired to hold voltage at a remote point Power system stabilizer: provides additional input signal to the regulator to damp power system oscillations Limiters and protective circuits/

High-power and high-stable Yb fiber laser for KAGRA

frequency stabilization: frequency stabilization of NPRO with a fiber ring cavity High power Yb fiber laser & amplifier Optical frequency comb metrology: Absolute long distance measurement Fiber ring cavity for laser frequency stabilization 1/08 ps2) - Environmentally-stable operation (single polarization operation by controlling AQWP angle G. H. Jang and T. H. Yoon, Laser Phys. 20, 1463 (2010)) - Temperature controlled compact system (All system can be integrated within A4 size plate) Two-photon absorption /

Master Flowchart The West Unit 2. Classical South and East Asia

power, but at terrible cost (FC.130B) (FC.130B) Stalinist system overthrown by more liberal democ.(1991)  Problems in transition to mkt. econ. (FC.149) Vladimir Putin tightens polit. control to help Russia’s transition to mkt. econ (FC.150)  Rising educ. middle class that will want more democ. govt ? FC. 130A THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION AND/winsStrict fascist dictatorship until his death in 1975Liberal Const. Mon.  Spain stabilizes and starts to prosper. FC.136 WORLD WAR II IN EUROPE (1939-45) Hitler invades/

RF Circuit Fundamentals

all Ports Isolation Application of broadband RF system Very low LO noise NO RF Signal /Stability and Un-stability Region Stability circle를 이용하여 쉽게 Unstable 영역을 찾을 수 있음 Unstable 영역에 Load Network 구현 FET Oscillator (3) Procedure DRO (1) Stabilized DRO 발진 주파수를 안정시키기 위해 출력 단에 DR를 위치시킨 것으로, 이 때의 유전체 공진 기는 대역 통과 필터로써 역할 한다. 단점 Phase Noise가 나쁘고, Tunning 범위가 좁다. DRO (2) Parallel Feedback DRO FET의 Gate와 Source 또는, Drain 과 Gate 사이에 DR를 위치시킨 것으로, 이 때의 유전체 공진 기는 Feedback 요소로써 사용한다. 단점 Tunning 범위가 좁고, 상대적으로 Output Power/

“Importance of Reactive Power Management, Voltage Stability and FACTS Applications in today’s Operating Environment” Sharma Kolluri Manager of Transmission.

Applications UPFC STATCOM BTB SSSC Voltage Control Power System Stability SSSC S/S UPFC Power Generation Load Increased Transmission Capacity Inter-area Control Inter-tie Reliability Power Flow Control System Reliability Improved Power Quality Enhanced Import Capability Inter-connected RTO System Power System BTB STATCOM Static VAr compensator (SVC) Variable reactive power source Can generate as well as absorb reactive power Maximum and minimum limits on reactive power output depends on limiting values of/

Context-Dependent Network Agents Specific technology goals of funded effort: distributed computation and control applications of synchronized sampling.

(RPI, UIUC) Subtask 1.4: Tools for CDN Agent Construction Evaluated various algorithmic tools for constructing agent capabilities (CMU, RPI, TAMU, UM) Task 2: Restructured Power System Modeling Subtask 2.1: Definition of Operating Modes Examples of operating modes for TCSC control for voltage and stability transients (RPI, TAMU) Use of Markov decision models for defining operating modes (CMU) New method for evaluating safe transient/

Power System Voltage Control and Stability

Ajjarapu (with support from EPNES ISU faculty) Graduate/Undergraduate Students from these Universities Research : POWER SYSTEM SECURITY AND CONTROL: Main Area of Expertise : Voltage Stability , Oscillatory Stability, VAR Planning and dispatch , ATC : Sub Area: Power Electronics and Real Time Control The group is developing a comprehensive approach for voltage and oscillatory stability analysis and control. This group is also actively involved in the Available Transfer Capability(ATC) evaluation as limited/

Surveillance MAV Project – Road Map Research Testing & Documentation Finalize with Propulsion Team Wing Stability Analysis Wing Development Research –

- Large enough to carry all components - As small and compact as possible - Drop test (10’ vertical drop) - Static load (G test) - Failure - Pod shock/compression test - ANSYS models - Construction tools - Feasibility - Material documentation/knowledge/experience - Connect wing to pod - Shear landing test - Maintain stability/lift/drag for the duration of the flight UNDER CONSTRUCTION Control Power Camera System Skin Propu- lsion Wing/ Pod Flight - Yaw/

RF Systems and Stability Linac Coherent Light Source Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.

to structure input/output amplitude and phase, global temperature variations and beam-based parameters to control to 0.08% and 0.07 o LCLS margins. X-Band RF System: Required for improved bunch compression. Phase and amplitude stability requirements not as tight as the S-band system  phase stability of 0.5 o looks achievable. 120Hz operation of XL-4 klystron not proven, but providing power is limited to <30/

Power System Security Security of power systems depends on three factors: The Physical System the integrated generation, transmission and distribution.

assessment to determine stability margins and identify any corrective actions 5. Implementation of a Reliability Management System (RMS) for setting, monitoring and enforcing security related standards 6. Development and application of real-time wide area Monitoring and Control an emerging technology Widespread use of distributed generation COMP - 3 Power System Controls and Protective Relaying COMP - 4 Normal State Controls Generator controls: Transmission controls: excitation controls: AVR, PSS prime/

Seatel Stabilized Antennas

. Level cage is ONLY driven to initialize or change the ELEVATION angle of the dish. Basic System Components Above Decks Equipment (ADE) 28VDC Pedestal power supply has voltage select/fuse block which must be set correctly. Pedestal Control Unit (PCU) initializes the antenna pedestal, is solely responsible for stabilization and carries out commands sent by the ACU. Pedestal multiplexer (MUX) - 9600 baud asynchronous FSK modem/

Stability Control System for a Propeller Powered by a Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) Codey M. Lozier Christian A. Thompson Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Saadeh.

Stability Control System for a Propeller Powered by a Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) Codey M. Lozier Christian A. Thompson Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Saadeh Introduction Objectives Control Systems Lift Force Experimental Setup Components Testing of Components Controller for One Motor Controller for Two Motors Objectives A brushless DC motor is attached to a propeller, and fixed onto the end of a horizontal beam. A shaft will be fixed onto the horizontal/

1 © Alexis Kwasinski, 2011 DC micro-grids comprise cascade distributed power architectures – converters act as interfaces Point-of-load converters present.

voltage collapse are observed due to constant-power loads in micro-grids without proper controls Controls Characteristics 6 © Alexis Kwasinski, 2011 A system with f is locally Lipschitz and f(0,0) = h(0,0) = 0 is passive if there exists a continuously differentiable positive definite function H(x) (called the storage function) such that Linear controllers – Passivity based analysis Stabilization Initial notions 7 © Alexis Kwasinski, 2011/

1 V. Ajjarapu Iowa State University Reactive Power, Voltage Control and Voltage Stability Aspects of Wind Integration.

Power Capability of DFIG – Voltage security assessment and Penetrations levels Wind Variability on Voltage Stability Conclusions and Discussion 2 3 IEEE/CIGRE View on Stability 1 Power System Stability Rotor Angle Stability Frequency Stability Voltage Stability Small Disturban ce Transient Stability/machines becomes a critical issue – Recent advancement in wind turbine generator technology provides control of reactive power even when the turbine is not turning. This can provide continuous voltage regulation./

Stability and Security of Power Networks G. T. Heydt Arizona State University ECEDHA 2004 Annual Meeting March, 2004 Orlando, Florida.

of operating an AC network with all generators in synchronism, retaining synchronism even after a large disturbance Stability  Each synchronous generator has a ‘Newton’s law’ second order nonlinear differential equation that describes the machine angle – and control systems (e.g., power system stabilizers) also contribute a higher order nonlinear controller to the dynamics  A large interconnection (WECC, e.g.) may have about 200 generators + 150 PSSs = about/

1 VOLTAGE STABILITY Ph.D. Seminar Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay Jignesh M. Solanki.

sags of transmission voltages. generator farther away must then provide reactive power this is inefficient and ineffective no longer support by generation and transmission system. partial and complete voltage collapse. 13 RELATION OF VOLTAGE STABILITY AND ROTOR ANGLE STABILITY VOLTAGE STABILITY Pure voltage stability  transient voltage stability  reactive power control  concerned with load area and load characteristics  load stability  voltage collapse in load area  without loss of synchronism of any/

I P t e l e p h o n y s o l u t i o n s HiSeasNet Training Seatel Stabilized Antennas Series 9797, 4996, 4006, & 6006.

. Level cage is ONLY driven to initialize or change the ELEVATION angle of the dish. Basic System Components Above Decks Equipment (ADE) 28VDC Pedestal power supply has voltage select/fuse block which must be set correctly. Pedestal Control Unit (PCU) initializes the antenna pedestal, is solely responsible for stabilization and carries out commands sent by the ACU. Pedestal multiplexer (MUX) - 9600 baud asynchronous FSK modem/

P. Ribeiro June, 2002 1 Lecture 3 Advanced FACTS Devices and Applications: Performance, Power Quality and Cost Considerations Paulo F. Ribeiro, BSEE, MBA,

Source Converters P. Ribeiro June, 2002 23 FACTS Technology - Possible Benefits Control of power flow as ordered. Increase the loading capability of lines to their thermal capabilities, including short term and seasonal. Increase the system security through raising the transient stability limit, limiting short-circuit currents and overloads, managing cascading blackouts and damping electromechanical oscillations of power systems and machines. Provide secure tie lines connections to neighboring utilities/

Power System Dynamics -- Postgraduate Course of Tsinghua Univ. Graduate School at Shenzhen NI Yixin Associate Professor Dept. of EEE, HKU.

Part I: Power system element models 1. Synchronous machine models 2. Excitation system models 3. Prime mover and speed governor models 4. Load models 5. Transmission line and transformer models Part II: Power system dynamics: theory and analysis 6. Transient stability and time simulation 7. Steady-state stability and eigenvalue analysis 8. Low-frequency oscillation and control 9. *Voltage stability 10. *Subsynchronous oscillation 11. Improvement of system stability Summary Part I Power system element models/

CT Seeram: Components of a CT Scanner. Major Components Scanner room Imaging system Generator (?) Electronics Room Power Computer (?) Generator (?) Operator’s.

system Generator (?) Electronics Room Power Computer (?) Generator (?) Operator’s Area Display / recording / storage Computer (?) Gantry Provides Structural Framework for x-ray tube modern tubes very large & heavy external cooling (oil heat exchanger) generator / transformer (slip ring technology) Extreme mechanical stability/ interface laser printer Quality control equipment phantoms software Remote Diagnostics/? And when does ownership transfer? service manuals diagnostic software operating system Property/

© A. Kwasinski, 2014 ECE 2795 Microgrid Concepts and Distributed Generation Technologies Spring 2015 Week #8.

for a more effective capital investment management and a better planning of the entire facility power installation. Well designed dc grids can achieve both hardware and operational cost savings over equivalent ac systems. Power conditioning to improve quality tends to be simpler in dc systems. Stability control tends to be simpler in dc systems. Microgrids architectures and operation © A. Kwasinski, 2014 Stability issues Stability issues are more prevalent in microgrids than in/

Quick Start for Using PowerWorld Simulator with Transient Stability Thomas J. Overbye Fox Family Professor of Electrical and Computer Eng University of.

. The mechanical power output is slowly decreased by the pitch control, which cannot respond quickly. The right figure shows the voltage magnitudes at the terminal and high buses. 37 Bus Case Next we consider a slightly larger, 9 generator, 37 bus system. To view this system open case GSO_37Bus. The system one-line is shown below. 60 To see summary listings of the transient stability models in/

Demonstration of PSAPAC: A Case Study on Its Application to Three-Gorges Power System Zheng Yan Center for Electrical Energy Systems The University of.

and system reduction Three Gorges Power system User Defined Controls 3. User Defined Controls  For implementing advanced power system components, HVDC converters and controls, so that PSAPAC can handle models not included in the program Individual Phase Control (IPF) HVDC model IPFLOW Results ETMSP Results BPA ResultsETMSP Results BPA ResultsETMSP Results Some Comments  IPFLOW and BPA power flow program have the same calculation results in engineering accuracy.  ETMSP and BPA transient stability/

23 rd SOFT 20-24 September 20041/31 Control of non-axisymmetric magnetic fields for plasma enhanced performances: the RFX contribution P. Sonato, R.Piovan,

-24 September 20042/31 Outline Introduction to MHD instabilities in tokamaks & RFPs –Error field control in tokamaks –RWM stabilization in tokamaks –Error field reduction in RFX –Control of m=1 modes in RFX The new experiments on the modified RFX –The machine modification and the saddle coil systemPower supply –Magnetic measurements –Control systemControl strategies Conclusions 23 rd SOFT 20-24 September 20043/31 Introduction: MHD plasma instabilities/

ECE 692 20091 Power Control for Chip Multiprocessors Xue Li Oct 27, 2009.

Workload is unpredictable at design time. Online parameter estimation Control accuracy and system stability is critical Theoretically guaranteed control performance and stability ECE 692 20097 Temperature-Constrained Power Control MIMO control loop invoked periodically –Power monitor sends the chip-level power consumption to the controllerController reads temperature and performance metrics of each core –Controller computes new DVFS levels based on MPC control theory –New per-core DVFS levels are sent to/

Power Control for Data Centers Ming Chen Oct. 8 th, 2009 ECE 692 Topic Presentation.

Power Model 10  System model:  Uncertainties: g i is the power change ratio.  Actual model: the total power of PDU the power change of rack i the change of power budget for rack i Model Predictive Control (MPC) 11  Design steps: −Design a dynamic model for the controlled system. −Design the controller. −Analyze the stability and accuracy.  Control objective: MPC Controller Design 12 Least Squares Solver Reference Trajectory Cost Function Constraints System Model Power budget Measured power/

Real-Time Simulation: Applications to More Electric Aircrafts Embraer March 10, 2010 Christian Dufour, Ph.D. Senior Simulation Specialist, Power Systems.

stability of this wind- farm with a real STATCOM D. Ocnasu, S. Bacha, I. Munteanu, C. Dufour, D. Roye, “Real-Time Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop Facility for Shunt and Serial Power Electronics Benchmarking”, Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE-2009), Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 8-10, 2009 Example of PHIL testing (L2EP, Lilles) Distributed Energy Storage Systems Application Used for frequency control/

P. Ribeiro June, 2002 1 "An Overview on FACTS and Power Quality Issues: Technical Challenges, Research Opportunities and Cost Considerations." Paulo F.

Source Converters P. Ribeiro June, 2002 35 FACTS Technology - Possible Benefits Control of power flow as ordered. Increase the loading capability of lines to their thermal capabilities, including short term and seasonal. Increase the system security through raising the transient stability limit, limiting short-circuit currents and overloads, managing cascading blackouts and damping electromechanical oscillations of power systems and machines. Provide secure tie lines connections to neighboring utilities/

1 Application of Synchrophasor Technology To CREZ System CREZ Technical Conference January 26, 2010 Navin Bhatt American Electric Power.

data from AEP stations (including Ajo) in ERCOT Control Center PMU Data to Control Center The ‘Last Mile’ is bringing the PMU data into the Control Center for Wide Area Monitoring and Control 16 3. Applications for CREZ System Potential Applications to Consider –Visualization –Small Signal Stability Performance –Model Validation –Voltage Stability Performance –Advanced Automated Controls –…….. 17 3. Applications for CREZ System Visualization –RTDMS already deployed at ERCOT –PMU Data/

International Monetary System & Foreign Exchange Market An efficient International Monetary System is a necessary pre condition for the smooth functioning.

gold of US. Foreign Exchange Markets became hectic in early 1971, and Central banks, with the strongest currencies, had to buy massive amounts/ Economic Community) established a common exchange rate system. In 1979 New arrangement EMS (European Monetary System) was introduced – stability of fixed exchange rates among themselves & having flexibility/in different markets. Determination of Exchange Rates Purchasing Power Parity Theory – In the absence of govt. control exchange rate between two currencies is determined by/

1 A stable and low power on-chip system clock circuit for sensor nodes and low Power Timers Aatmesh Shrivastava Robust Low Power VLSI Group University.

current will change.  8 bits are used which can give different weight of the constant current.  Digital control bits Using Binary weights a desired current is obtained 10 Obtaining accurate frequency Mismatch b/w current source will result /what type of clock it needs, based on power or stability criterion 24 Questions 25 References [1] Y.-S. Lin, D. Sylvester, and D. Blaauw, “A Sub-pW Timer Using Gate Leakage for Ultra Low-Power Sub-Hz Monitoring Systems,” IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conf., pp.397-/

24.9.2002 The PITZ Timing System Frank Tonisch DESY - Zeuthen.

.Tonisch10 OCXO Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator Frequency Stability: –Aging Rate/Day: 5*10 -11 –Aging Rate/Year: 3*10 -8 –Thermal Stability: 2*10 -10 –Short Term Stability: 2*10 -12 Phase Noise (from Specification): – 1Hz -90dBc – 10Hz-120dBc – 100Hz-140dBc – 1kHz-155dBc – 10kHz-155dBc –100kHz-155dBc Frequency Power fcfc 24.9.2002The PITZ Timing System, F.Tonisch11 Frequency Multiplier Direct Frequency Multiplaction on non-linear/

Essential Question Essential Question: Which was the more powerful force during the Era of Good Feelings: nationalism or sectionalism?

powerful force during the Era of Good Feelings: nationalism or sectionalism? What contributed to the rise of sectionalism???? Over the next two weeks: Fill out t-chart- social, political, economic and/ a slave state & revealed U.S. sectional rivalries: – North resented Southern control of presidency & its 3/5-inflated representation in House of Reps – South/one party. Factionalized over time Domestic stability led to focus on economic growth Clay’s American System……Hamilton’s Plan American SystemHamilton’s /

NSTX-U 5 Year Plan for Macroscopic Stability J. Berkery (Columbia University) J.-K. Park, A. Boozer, S.A. Sabbagh, S. Gerhardt, and R. Raman for the NSTX.

Gas penetration dynamics Disruption simulation Second switching power amplifier (SPA), MGI disruption mitigation system Second switching power amplifier (SPA), MGI disruption mitigation system 2014-18 Macroscopic Stability Research Timeline NSTX-U PAC-33 – NSTX-U 5 Year Plan for Macroscopic Stability NSTX-U 38 Thrust MS-1: Understand and advance passive and active feedback control to sustain macroscopic stability Vary q (via B T and 2 nd NBI), plasma rotation (via/

Tom Powers LLRF Systems for Next Generation Light Sources LLRF Workshop 2011 18 October 2011 Authored by Jefferson Science Associates, LLC under U.S. DOE.

% rms ? ? cavity by cavity stability or ensemble of cavities ? ? Temperature stabilized LLRF systems probable. For slow drifts remember one bad cable can ruin years of design and implementation. DISTRIBUTION STATE A T. Powers, LLRF Workshop 2011  Loop phase and amplitude control signals available in control room.  Tuner control algorithm -- may need fast adaptive controls for pulsed machines or ERLs.  Loop gains, bandwidths, etc. control available in the control room.  Filter for rejection/

Stochastic Network Optimization and the Theory of Network Throughput, Energy, and Delay Michael J. Neely University of Southern California

during slot t t 0 1 2 3 … Time slotted system (t {0, 1, 2, …}) rate  i power P  (P(t), S(t)) Good Med Bad 1 2 N rate  i power P Good Med Bad 1 2 N Control: Allocate Power (P(t)  ) in Reaction to Current Channel State And Current Queue Backlogs. Goal: Stabilize with Minimum Average Power while also Maintaining Low Average Delay. rate  i/

Second Switching Power Amplifier (SPA) Upgrade Physics Considerations Discussion S.A. Sabbagh 1, and the NSTX Research Team 1 Department of Applied Physics,

control capability  Simultaneous odd/even n field spectrum for NTV rotation control  Greater rotation control flexibility for real-time rotation control  More flexible field generation for ELM control  independent n = 1, 2, 3 amplitude and phase control/primary PP external system nn growth rate  [1/s] /power supplies  RWM stabilization up to the with-wall beta limit (  growth < 1 ms)  Greater control capability for RWMs with fast growth (  growth < 1 ms)  Potential for control/

2001 South First Street Champaign, Illinois 61820 +1 (217) 384.6330 HVDC Modeling and Analysis in Transient.

of equal rating – The junction between the converters is grounded – Normally, there is no ground current HVDC Overview 4© 2014 PowerWorld CorporationTransient Stability The most comprehensive book on this type of analysis is by Prabha Kundar and is called Power System Stability and Control published in 1994. Book is too detailed for a classroom textbook, but it is a really great as a reference book once you/

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