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to a consortium of US-based Alpha Airports Group Plc and Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd, a Future Group venture. The venture is projected to generate sales of Rs 500 crore for DIAL in the next 39 months. DIAL hopes to extract maximum value from/RFP, inviting proposals from consultants for (09.10.2009) Structuring of the AERA - designing organisational structure and staff responsibilities including capacity building of AERA Define systems, process and procedures for enabling AERA to carry out its /

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head grew by 125% Dr. Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister in 1991 and architect of India’s economic reforms, is the current Prime Minister The Indian Economy: An Overview   • India has a consumer base of 1.2 billion people, and • The youngest population of the world – hence sustainable, long term growth is assured • Modern (organised) retail converging with the consumption boom will open up many opportunities/

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certified entities along with domain knowledge and softskills Objective TBD Focus Areas 3Tier Training structure Level 1 in India Level 2 and Level3 either in India or Abroad E learning – content and delivery Skill Imparted Educational Organisations outside India Joint certification of DAKSHA and international entity Tie-Ups further education in International sphere.– possible opprt for work Value gain to the Trainee **Target Locations - Jalandhar, Gurgaon, Mumbai/

Indian retailing scenario.  According to the report ‘Strong and Steady 2011’ released by global consultancy and research firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Historically cities and towns have been the driving force of overall economic and social development. Currently over 350 million people of India reside in cities and towns, which translates to around 25% of the total population. The rapid growth in urbanisation has facilitated organised retailing in India, and has caused the speedy migration of population into major tier I and tier II cities, which have a significant/

Organisational Analysis & Design 21718 October 2009 Prepared by Whiteman, Medina, Dulariya and Raban For: Derek Sharp.

Australia NZ Asia Shared Services Risk Strategy ANZ India Human Resources CFO Deputy CEO Products Geography Services Distribution The ANZ organisational chart is a hybrid… CEOAustralia CEO Retail Distribution Head of NSW/ACT Local CEO – Sydney CBD BM – Martin Place BM – Macquarie Place Etc (8-16 branches each) Retail Products MortgagesCredit Cards The Local CEO model in ANZ (now adopted by others) makes each local/

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most about your products?  How can these benefits be extended profitably?  What do customers dislike about your organisation or products? How can these issues be removed?  How many customers are retained? How can this retention /from stores and larger retailers. © Increased competition from low cost providers of goods for retail such as China and India. © Increased competition and ease of purchase from ‘internet retailers’. In many cases the larger ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers are also launching internet/

CA N Balasubramanian 6/6/20161. Different Stroke  Service has been defined in clause (44) of the new section 65B and means -clause (44) of the new.

lakh rupees during the preceding financial year; 6/6/201664 Exemptions- Telephone Etc  31. Services by an organiser to any person in respect of a business exhibition held outside India;  32. Services by way of making telephone calls from -  (a) departmentally run public telephone; / by mini- cement plants as well as non-mini cement plants, there were differential rates of duty depending on the Retail Sale Price (RSP) per bag of 50kgs, so far. Moreover, the rates of duty applicable to mini-cement plants/

First World KLEMS conference Harvard University 19-20 August 2010 Productivity Growth in Indian Economy.

Panagariya (2008); Kochar et al (2009). The debate on factors underlying the observed growth in India is far from settled, see Rodrik and Subramaniam, (2005), Panagariya (2008), Srinivasan and / 7.422.00 Wholesale trade and commission trade 7.452.56 Retail trade 6.621.89 Hotels and restaurants 7.973.05 Transport /nec; recycling5.511.91 Value Added Growth Rates for Total, Organised and Un Organised Manufacturing Total manufacturing, Organised and Unorganised TFP growth rates (1980-2004) Service sector driven/

Women’s work & FDI policy in India Seventh Gender and Economic Policy Discussion ‘Politics and Economics of FDI through gender lens’ 9 th April 2013 Anandi.

growth in emoluments lower than growth in labour productivity. Need for skill-development. Average growth in employment in automobile sector Growth in number of automobiles produced in India India’s Export Growth in automobiles ( nos) Trends in Skill requirement by 2022 Initiatives in / training 500 mn skilled persons by 2022- FDI in retail 20052011-122015 Total retail value (Share in GDP) $225 bn(11%)$470bn$660 bn Total employment Nos200 mn225 mn Organised retail Value $ bn827 (31% clothing & apparel and/

AN OVERVIEW. FUNDAMENTALS……….HISTORY…. RETAILLIER ’ Retail derives from French word ‘RETAILLIER ’ means to cut of a piece or to break bulk. (WHAT IS RETAIL)…??????????????????……………



in importing goods from India (d) Buying House Agents (e) important Websites available in the Internet Role Of Export Promotion Organisations The Government of India have established a number of institutions and organisations and Corporations for promoting exports from India. Export Promotion Organisations/ RATNG AGENCIES WORLDWIDE –F&D Reports Credit solutions to manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors, and retailers of food, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, apparel and other products. F&D ReportsF&D/

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Mexico has been a prominent defender of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in the battle being waged by some members of the Organisation of American States to curb its authority. Punjab Govt. Increased Minimum Wages on/of FDI policy Global retailers like Walmart and Tesco have sought assurance from India that any change of governments at both centre and states should not result in reversal of FDI policy in multi-brand segment, before taking investment decisions in the country. ANALYTICAL DECISION/

07/07/06Essec, France India Today Prof. Atul Tandan Director, MICA.

call centres in India 07/07/06Essec, France 36 Brands In India 07/07/06Essec, France 37 Brands in India 07/07/06Essec, France 38 Brands in India 07/07/06Essec, France 39 Brands in India 07/07//India 07/07/06Essec, France 42 Indian Retail Scenario: Salient Features Contributions to GDP: 13% Employment Generation: 11% of total work force Current size of the industry: US $ 6 bln. Addition of half a million dollar every year to organised retailing Organized retailing : 3% of total sector 13 million retail/

The 2nd Annual RFID India Informedia India Conference 2008 22-23 July 2008 ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai. ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai. RFID TECHNOLOGY- A LEGAL.

movement is being tracked, monitored and managed Apparel Tracking Using RFID –Pantaloons Pantaloon Retail (India) has piloted an RFID project at one its warehouses in Tarapur using 1,000 RFID tags. The company is starting from where it matters/ companies. As a result,three different levels of representativeness (and thus interests) can be identified in the ISO process: the individual, the organisational, and the national level. Standardisation-The ISO approach RFID ISO standards cover 4 different areas: /


, Cartier, Zales and Harry Winston, Bulgari interested to come to India RETAIL SCENARIO IN INDIA Reliance Retail is planning an aggressive entry into the jewellery retail market through its about 400 to 500 jewellery retail outlets and stores across the country. Damas India part of one of the largest jewellery retail outlets in the world launched its flagship store in August 2005 and is adding 16 new stores. Swarovski, the global/

Trends and Opportunities In International Operations, Service & New Development Wednesday May 25 th, 2011 By Bernard Platt, SVP Franchising, Au Bon Pain.

Booming organised retail industryBooming organised retail industry Eating out in stylized International brands is in vogueEating out in stylized International brands is in vogue Early entrance advantage as Starbucks is delayed.Early entrance advantage as Starbucks is delayed. 14 The Indian Market Very price sensitive marketVery price sensitive market Café format popular among youngsters onlyCafé format popular among youngsters only Café concept in India relates to beverages.Café concept in India relates/


Metro Rail Corporation. Parsavanath Developers Ltd One of the oldest real estate developer companies in the NCR, Ansal API has ventured in to retail shopping malls, township development, hotels, clubs, facilities management, etc. The company has/ Knowledge-Based Industries AUGUST 2012 THE HEART OF INDIA Key Industries – IT, ITeS and Other Knowledge-Based Industries There are a number of software companies in Delhi. These organisations are involved in the businesses of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), /

Distribution channel The management of all activities which facilities movement and co-ordination of supply and demand in the creation of time and place.

retail chains, and also the privately owned large retail businesses. ORGANISED RETAILING Retail chains like Wal Mart, McDonalds brought Rapid Growth and consolidation of Organized Retail Rapid rise of Income levels and accompanying changes in lifestyles greatly contributed to growth of Organized Retail Unorganized Retailing Unorganised retailing/ Subhiksha Indias supermarket, pharmacy and telecom chain founded by R. Subramaniam in Chennai; has 800 outlets spread across more than 60 cities in India, selling/

Business Environment. INTRODUCTION Every business organisation has to interact and transact with its environment. Business environment has a direct relation.

market, which has encouraged many foreign brands to enter into trade pacts with the Indian companies. Retail has got particular attention, as it is the second-largest sector in India aft er agriculture. Organised retailers although are at a nascent stage, they are bound to have a profound effect on the small retailers, even though the consumers will hopefully be benefited. RECENT ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL ENVIRONMENT/

Empowering Rural India with Financial and Social Inclusion

in India regardless of the changing political parties and bureaucrats. Vakrangee Softwares Limited 27 What is Vakrangee’s Rural Retail Mart? Vakrangee’s Rural Retail Mart will act as a bridge between the Rural India and Modern India by/on reliability, quality and serviceability. Vakrangee Softwares Limited 28 Technology Intensive Rural Retail Mart – One Stop Shop India’s First Organised Rural Retail Mart Technology Intensive Rural Retail Mart – One Stop Shop B2C BFSI–Rural Bank Correspondent G2C Telecom - /


, palletizing, freezing units etc. ii)Pre-cooling units / Cool Stores iii)Reefer Van / Containers iv)Specialized Transport Vehicle v) Retail outlets vi) Auction platform vii) Ripening / curing chamber viii) Market yards / rope ways ix) Irradiation / Vapour Heat Treatment unit/equipment subject to maximum Rs.3.00 lakhs. The organisation willing to avail the financial assistance for bar coding, have to get registered with EAN – India before applying. Grant-in-aid All other Implementing Agencies 33% subject to /

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there a national palliative care association? The Indian Association of Palliative care was formed in 1994 in consultation with World Health Organisation and Government of India Activities are aimed at the care of people with life limiting illness such as/ and Collect consumption figures & reporting to INCB Retail National Competent Authority 2 (Director General, Narcotics control board, Ministry of Home Affairs) Enforcement of drug laws Distribution System in India 19-04-2017 Is the cost of medications or/

This document has been prepared by IDBI Bank Limited (“Company”/ “Issuer”). The information contained in this document has not been independently verified.

Council. Bank is one of the key players in funding green energy projects in India and going forward, Bank is exploring possibility of issuing Green Bonds. 37 38 Improving profitability parameters of the Bank including NIMs, ROA & ROE Enlarging depositors base and aggressively raise more CASA deposits Focus on increasing short-term working capital financing, retail and MSME Lending Generating adequate fee-based income/

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analysis Industry Incremental requirement (in million) Building and Construction Industry33.0 Infrastructure Sector103.02 Real Estate Services 14.0 Gems and Jewellery 4.6 Leather and Leather Goods4.6 Organised Retail17.3 Textiles and /including NSDC Partners Sharing of best practices in training particularly in sectors such as Mining, Construction, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality etc. Training in Agriculture: Sharing International standard training modules for India to learn. 24 Proprietary and confidential./

1 ITC Limited One of India’s Most Admired Companies.

Development Report 2008 published by World Bank –Applauded by President of India Dr APJ Kalam in his “special address during the national symposium to commemorate 60th year of independence” ITC Business Portfolio FMCG, Paper & Packaging Hotels Agri Business Information Technology CigarettesPersonal CareFoodsLifestyle Retailing Education & Stationery Matches Incense Sticks 15 Strategy of Organisation to manage diversity of Portfolio Formal 3-tiered governance structure:  Board of/

Introduction to Rural Marketing. Why should we do this course? Agriculture’s share in GDP is going down, but, India still lives in her villages Agriculture’s.

vision, mission & goals Definitions based on organisational/ institutional vision, mission & goals Need for a comprehensive and modular understanding Need for a comprehensive and modular understanding Rural Marketing is a “ work in progress” Rural Marketing is a “ work in progress” Multi – disciplinary approach is necessary for sharper understanding Multi – disciplinary approach is necessary for sharper understanding Transitions In Rural India Food Grain Crops On land activities/

Rohit Sud: 08FT-039. Rural India accounts for 65% of retail outlets Colgate to derive half its sales in 5 years from rural India Marico pushing into small.

J.K. Dairy Eveready has 1000 vans, 4000+ distributors, 44 warehouses Largest company owned van distribution system in India Reach 6 lakh retailers daily Mobile Traders Sell variety of daily need items Carry products on bicycles, mopeds, handcart, etc Visit 1/ (NSVs) on 2 year contract at Rs. 2000/month Required to organise cultural / sports events in 15-20 nearby villages Used successfully by Colgate for distribution / selling in rural areas Emerged as the lowest cost distribution model till date SHGs SHGs/


the small – scale sctor. From 1990’s the Indian economy slowly progressed from being state – led to becoming “market friendly” Conti… The first time organised retailing was noticed in the textile sector. Vivek’s, Nalli’s, Raymond’s, Vimal, Garden etc. This was the beginning of new era in retail in India The vast middle class market demanded value for money products (Post liberalisation). The concept of/

FDI IN RETAIL SECTOR IN INDIA. What (exactly) is FDI ? Foreign direct investment (FDI) refers to the net inflows of investment to acquire a lasting management.

that connects the consumer with the manufacturing and distribution chains. #Quick take: India is the fifth largest retail market globally. Retail contributes to 10% of India’s GDP. India has highest retail density in the world with 15 million outlets. India is a land of retail democracy! ORGANISED RETAIL SECTOR UNORGANISED RETAIL SECTOR Organized retailing refers to trading activities undertaken by licensed retailers, that is, those who are registered for sales tax, income tax/

ORIGIN AND ACTIVITIES OF NSSO, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA By T.J.Rao* Adjunct Professor, CR Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science,

of NSS acts in a supervisory role only, under the Improvement of Crop Statistics’(ICS) Scheme.  Housing and Slums, Disability, Rural Debt and Investment, Social Consumption, Rural Retail prices for the /Organisation has released nearly 550 Reports in its 60 plus years of existence, each consisting of 200 pages on an average. The Reports have been released within one year after completion of data collection.  A law to enforce the collection of statistics which was recently enacted by the Government of India/

Case studies on personal injury in Spanish (and European) travel law

University of Balearic Islands Illness SAP of Alicante 2000, december 7th - A person who takes a legal action because her daughter fall ill during a journey in India. Problem: risk countries: Who is responsible? The organiser, the retailer or the consumer? The travel agency is not responsible. IFTTA EUROPE WORKSHOP University of Balearic Islands Injuries and sea animals SAP of Pontevedra 2003, march 18th/

Redefining Talent…. 1950s-60s Settlers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh 1970s East African Asians arrive 1972 Asians expelled from Uganda and seek.

London to build a conclusive report Few Case Studies: Advertising & Creative Conceptualization Client: Westmill Foods (Vertical: Retail) Services Offered: Creative conceptualisation for the client’s Pakistani Basmati Rice brand, Habib Client: People Interactive Ltd/ and currently in the process of sourcing sponsorships for the client’s event Miss India Angel World Pageants Few Case Studies: Press and Online Articles Client: Mayfair Media Club (Vertical: Entertainment) Services Offered: Organised a Press /

Camson Biotechnologies Limited

in India The country exports predominantly to South-East Asian countries Indian Seed Market Size (Approx. Rs. in bn) Indian Seed Market Farm Saved Seeds – 75% Commercial Seeds - 25% Public - 24% Private - 75% Unorganised (without research capabilities) 43% Organised/ across the country for storage and handling CAMSON Marketing Retail Shops Authorised Preferential Dealer (APD): Larger retailer at taluka level who also supplies to some retail shops Sales Officers Field Assistants Employs Field Assistants at /

CONSTRUCTION SECTOR IN INDIA Chander Agarwal Chander Agarwal Roll#22A Roll#22A.

’s, etc Growth Potential & Expected Trends Increase in urbanization & working population High disposable incomes & aspiration levels Easier access to finance Fiscal incentives on house loans India accepted as most attractive destination for IT & BPO services Residential Office Space Key demand drivers Retail Entry of global brands Organised retailing only 2% of total retail industry India ranked as second most attractive retail destination by AT Kearney Hotels Increased business/

Amul Anand Milk United Limited

the largest food products marketing organisation of India and is the apex organization of the Dairy Cooperatives of Gujarat. With a turnover of INR 67.11 billion GCMMF has created an economic network that links : millions of consumers in India and abroad, 2.8 million/ essence. 2)Value for money Customers get more than what they pay. Keep price fair & do best to ensure that retailers don’t gain at the expense of customer. 3)Availability Brand available when and where customers want. Amul has nation’s finest/

Competition and Regulation in India: Evaluation of Status & Perceptions and Associated Advocacy (ICRR Project, 2011) PROSAIG Advisory Group Meeting 8 th.

RG was organised on 29 th January to launch the project and to deliberate on the structure and contents of the report, methodology for undertaking perception survey and identification of writers/reviewers, etc. Project in Progress January /Developments in India Get Retail Regulation Right, 16 Jun, Business Standard APMCs hold key to Retail Reform, 26 Nov, Business Line Do we need a Retail Regulator?, 2 Dec, Business Standard  Finalisation of the draft report (Competition and Regulation in India, 2011) in /

Government Implications on Retail. The recent announcement by the Indian government with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail, especially allowing.

drain out the country’s share of revenue to foreign countries, which may cause negative impact on India’s economy. Fear also comes that domestic organised retail sector might not be competitive enough to tackle international players resulting not only in loss of market share for them but in closure of their units. There is a possibility of small business owners and workers from other/

Your partner in India ethos. Professionalising watch retail in India ethos.

**11131 Shoppers Stop Source: Compiled from Images Retail 2002 From fragmented to organised The growth of Department Stores The steadily growing consumption Growing infrastructure spending 10,000 Km highway construction by 2006-07 –infuse US$ 8 billion in the economy –spread urbanisation to regional towns and spur retail growth Watch business in India 1999: a turning point 1. The retail revolution and consumer boom 2. Watch business/

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remained unaltered. I wish Reed Manch Exhibitions many more successful events in the years to come and AITWA will surely be a part of/Government Organisations 5.5 Automotive8Others3 India Material Handling & Logistics Show - Participating Companies AbadIndia AshoreBase Resources Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd Agro Tech Foods Ltd Alfa Laval (India) /Ltd. L’Oreal India Pvt Limited Lanco Solar Energy (P) Ltd Landsdown Properites Ltd Lifestyle International, Max Retail Lubrizol Advanced Materials India Pvt. Ltd /

DOING BUSINESS IN INDIA Roma, 7 maggio 2014. About D&B Tangram Our focus areas 2 Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Tangram is a business advisory firm that provides.

consumption trends, distribution system & organised retail of the Indian Apparel Fashion Industry The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Innovative interventions required to enhance global competitiveness and formulation of framework for promotion of innovation in select manufacturing sectors Department of Science & Industrial Research Study on Credit Gaps & Potential in Services Sector in India and 13-MSME clusters across India Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) Study on constraints/

Knowledge Area Review (KAR 022) Lead Conversion Best Practices in Health Insurance June 2015.

Conversion Best Practices in Health Insurance | COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE 17 Source: McKinsey & Company, “Sustainable Health Insurance: Global Perspectives for India,” 2011. COMPETENCIES REQUIRED TO WIN IN RETAIL HEALTH INSURANCE Success in a retail health insurance /acquisition and retention strategy of the organisation © Internal Consulting Group 2015 KAR 022 – Lead Conversion Best Practices in Health Insurance | COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE 41 Source: “Customer Centricity Retail Banking” BCG 2013 B2. Customer/

Talent Gap Study for the Communications Sector in Malaysia Final Report Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Institute of Labour Market.

selected key stakeholders Conduct benchmarking of four (4) chosen countries (UK, USA, South Korea and India) Consolidate and analyse the findings from the surveys and focus interviews Develop a labour market database Develop /communications will drive the growth in the Telecommunications sector. The Telecommunications sector has been significant to the process of digitisation across a range of other sectors. From financial services to retailers, organisations depend on telecommunications networks to /

National Skill Development Corporation Transform India - Village Development International Summit "Our Villages - Our World: What Can We Offer?" Amrita.

Reserved. NSDC Presence in Kerala Number of Operational Partners = 5 Active Centers = 22 Total people trained = 14,221 (approx) Total people placed = 8,379 (approx) Major Sectors for Training Automobile / Auto-components ITES/BPO Organised Retail Building and Construction Telecom/trainees to industry Train the Trainers Blended Learning: Broad Plan for India ICT based tools for training Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Innovative solutions available in the market like Liqvid, etc that are both tablet- and /

Indian Footwear Industry

conversion costs Relaxing FDI limits in retail may bring in more international competition Major Brands Low cost comfortable slippers For men, women and kids Available in different shades and designs Relaxo is the largest producer of Hawaii slippers in India Price range ₹70- ₹115/ Womens share of 30%. Indian footwear retail is mainly an unorganized market with around 60% market share. The size of the organised sector which was around 7500 crores in 2010 increased to 10000 crores in 2011, growing at a CAGR of/

1 Fueling Growth in Petro-Retailing: New Business Opportunities.

delivery of the ‘freshness promise’ through strong backward integration Might not work in India in the short-term because of low non fuel sales Petroleum marketers in India would need to develop other consumer hooks such as “consumer experience” to build customer loyalty 19 In conclusion..… The next generation petro-retailer will adopt a consumer centric organisational model aligned to a distinct value proposition “Cookie cutter” approach won/

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Capania Korea: Gyeonbuk Korea: Capital region Korea: Jeolla Korea: Gangwon Korea: Jeju United States China India Japan Germany UK France Russia Brazil Italy Indonesia South Korea Mexico Canada Venezuela Malaysia Poland Barbados Hungary/ICT; Life sciences; Packaging Services: Contact centres, Financial services, Logistics, Retail, Tourism Regional function works with municipal, county and regional-level organisations in Sweden to provide: Skills and expertise development, After care, Regional cluster /

CONTENT Situation today Achieving impact in health systems reform

Plan and prepare for pilot of new health system in one region Ambulance development Design & costing of package design Organisational impact interventions Short-term, high reform Primary care/ Tazi-Riffi North Africa Rui Diniz Iberia Maria Marquez Iberia Tilman Ehrbeck India Thomas London France Paolo De Santis Medeter-ranian Chinta Bhagat Singapore Yael / managers in a large number of areas both in retail and wholesale banking. In the last 1,5 years Paolo has led the openings of the McKinsey office in Cairo /

Kolkata… … the myth of a metro, Kolkata is a city that wallows in past glory – be it in movies, literature, theater or even music, everyone knows that.

India and holding regular shows in New York is one example of how a band emerged from performing in open mic festivals. Shaair+Func now organises its own open mic movements in nightclubs in India and NYC. Open Mic as a concept became so popular in/ RJ mentions –Commercials –Capsules Collaterals –Flyers –T-shirts –Watches –Wrist bands –Caps –Posters – in store Out of Home –Hoardings –Banners Retail/Store Branding –Flyers –Standees Promotional Elements (Contd.) Print –Print ad PR –Press and media coverage /

Investment Climate and Business Opportunities in Jordan

, Sudan, Lebanon, Romania USA, Oman, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Japan, Germany, Ireland Syria, Yemen, India, Indonesia, South Africa 2003-2005 Jordan, Portugal, Bahrain, Belgium, Botswana, Brunei Dominican Republic, Estonia, Hong Kong (China), Hungary, Iceland/Garment and Apparel Market JOD 1M Apparel retail organisation with the ability to organise and development a combined indoor and outdoor market. The investment will be in the property development and facilities management./


in USA 36 % of NASA Scientists in USA 35 % of Silicon Valley Start-Ups are by Indians India emerging as outsourcing hub BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Opportunity in various Industry Sectors Software Biotechnology Outsourcing Retailing Real Estate Auto Components Telecommunication Media & Entertainment Opportunities in Software The Software industry in India/of bicycle and bicycle parts SUPPORT FOR SSI Dedicated Ministry and allied organisations offer Policy Support - Reservation, Priority Sector Lending, SEZ, Labor/

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